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Old Man, Old Bike
Date of Scene: 23 August 2020
Location: Garage
Synopsis: Logan works on his bike with Lorna, Remy, and Negasonic making entrances. Logan evidently is 'cool enough' for the teen. Remy taunts with an explosive cigarette. Lorna informs Logan about the monsters emerging from the deep. At least one joke about Namor is made.
Cast of Characters: Logan Howlett, Lorna Dane, Negasonic, Remy LeBeau

Logan Howlett has posed:
Some days Logan just enjoys being surrounded by the smell of motor oil, anti-freeze, and exhaust. However, the Canadian doesn't seem entirely pleased with his current situation. A mumble and grumble followed by swearing echoes through the garage originating from the berth, which contains his 1948 Harley.

A wrench clanks upon the polished granite of the floor followed by the spattering of what can only be oil. The Canadian stands beside his ride rubbing his face with a cloth, his overalls and arms covered in grease. "Come on, baby. I just wanted to give you a good cleanin'. Doesn't mean you've got to fight me every step of the way!"

He sighs and kicks the wrench away, then kneels down with a small wire brush as he attempts to scrub away years of accumulated oil and road dust.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna had been back in the Mansion for the day, picking up and organizing supplies, she'd taken a break from the chaos of Genosha. It had to happen eventually. She plopped down with a soda and a bag of chips as she looked for a place where people might not come hassling her for five minutes. And hopefully lacked students.

Cue the garage. She plopped down on a nearby empty crate, which is about when Logan kicked away a wrench. She blinked, her eyebrows shooting upward. "Need a hang?" She offered, wiggling her fingers. Cars were easy by her measure. It helped when you could magnetically move bits and parts.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie has never quite felt at home at Xavier's, replacing her harsh childhood with sudden affluence that felt as farther apart from everything she ever experienced. This has given her occasion to skip on classes, roam about, and whenever possible escape to Salem and New York City depending on if she happened to have train fare at the time.

Today she had no such luck as train fare or a ride, so she wondered about to areas she hasn't yet ventured to. Bringing her today, to the garage, mostly attracted by sounds nearby. "Yo, anyone in here...?" She then stops right about the doorway as she gets inside, not having expected to find royalty therein. Oh, and there's also that gruffy guy people been talking about, but she hadn't stumbled about quite yet.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Party," Remy says as he comes out one of the side exits into the garage. Everyone has their own reason to be out here, his reason is because they don't allow smoking in the house. He nods to the people already in there and seems to take a special interest in Logan's bike. There's a catcall whistle towards it, "Dat yours, Logan. Sure is a byoot."

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan puts the brush down and rubs his hands in a cloth. He eyes Lorna for a moment and looks toward the engine. "Eh, I'm sure you could, but this is a journey. Plus, if this thing breaks down, I only want havin' myself to blame for it. This is.. kind of a ritual for me. Everyone few years, this old gal and I have a showdown to figure out who comes out on top."

Squinting, he rubs oil from his nose onto a hairy forearm. "This year, I think she's winning."

He responds to Ellie, "Yea, people are in here. Feel free to saddle up and enjoy the show. Rated-R for profanity."

Remy gets a raised bushy eyebrow. He nods toward the cajun with a grunt. "Yea, she is. Got my hands on her right after the war. I've managed to hold onto her ever since. Runs like a dream when she's clean."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna crossed her legs as she cracked open the soda and bag of chip she'd snagged from the kitchen, and shrugged once at Logan's insistence that he didn't need help. "Well okay.." She squinted briefly and ran her gaze over the car, stretching her senses out over it to consider what there was in terms of problems. An eyebrow shot up, but she didn't comment on it further.

Ellie's appearance earned a tilt of her head. "Hey, who you looking for?" She drawled, briefly noting Remy's presence with a nod.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie looks aside at Remy as he joins, and she wonders how much she missed by never venturing to the garage before, sure seems a popular spot. "Frenchie comes in here too?" Ellie mutters, not that she really knows much about Remy, but the accent was any easy thing to comment on. "Hey, just because I'm a Freshman don't mean I'm too innocent for profanity, fuck that." Although she does look about confused about the mention of the war. "What war?"

"Honestly," Ellie murmurs at Lorna, "I was just exploring, didn't really think I'd bump into anyone..." she then ventures further into the garage, eyeing Logan, "so you're the always angry teacher everyone talks about? You look okay to me."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy makes another sound with his mouth, this time a Tt with his tongue as he shakes his head. "Prolly worth a fortune, ami," he says. As he brings the cigarette to his mouth he has no idea that the comment may or may not bring immediate suspicion upon him.

The match lights the cigarette and is put out quickly before Remy's eyebrows ping upwards at Ellie dropping an F bomb out of the blue. "Oh, la la," he says with a bit of a chuckle. This one seems to have a lot of life.

Remy nods to Lorna, noting her presence as well. "We keep runnin' into each other, chere."

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan glances between the bike and Lorna, one more time. His brow furrowing, "Eh.. maybe I'll change my mind. Some of these bolts are pretty caked on. I imagine those tricks of yours are better than any wrench."

He takes a break from his herculean trial and spritzes some de-greaser on his hands before massaging them thoroughly with a towel. Logan can't help but chuff a laugh at Ellie's f-bomb. "Hey kid, watch it. Don't want you gettin' in trouble on my account nor do I want to get a lecture from Jean or Chuck about bein' a bad role-model."

Logan squints at Remy, "I'd be worried with a comment like that from you.. but I know you know better than to shit where you sleep. Eh, Cajun?" His bushy eyebrow raises as if he might need some convincing that he's judging the situation right.

Ellie gets another glance, "People really talk about that much, huh? Yea, I've got a bit of an infamous anger problem, especially when students give me more work to do. Less teacher, more groundskeeper. Though occasionally I'll take someone through some paces." This ends in a glance toward Lorna. "Some even learn a thing or two."

He finally head nods toward his bike, "If you'd be willing to torque off the nuts and bolts on this thing. I'd appreciate it. Forget rituals, I need backup on this one."

Logan Howlett has posed:
"Second World War, kid. Sure you've heard of it." Logan grunts.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Another sip of her soda and Lorna cast a glance briefly at Ellie. "Exploring the garage must be a fun unique adventure then." She mused, her voice dry as she glanced briefly at Remy as he noted her presence. Another shrug followed as she grabbed a handful of chips and she seemed unconcerned.

"I have a room here. It's bound to happen eventually." She glanced back at the bolts as Logan spoke of them, and she smirked before setting her soda down. Green clouded her fingertips and with a flick of her wrists, the tricky bolts in question came off with a pop and squeak of metal to drop to the garage floor with a soft plunk.

"If only everything could be solved that easily.."

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie furrows her brow as she looks at Remy casually light up a cigarette, and asks, "smoking allowed?" Seems like a silly question, what with Remy clearly being older, and having been in the Mansion well ahead of her. She should trust he knows what's up.

"Hey, you said it's R-rated in here, didn't you? I'm just following the rules of responsible adults," Ellie says with a saintly look of innocence on her very unsaintly looking face.

Nodding at Logan, Ellie smirks, "a lot of the students are quite scared of you, like you're the worst since thing since homework...of course unlike them, I know there's a lot worse than just stupid homework." Ellie laughs, "groundskeeper? So what's their big deal, if you don't even assign homework, we should be just fine."

"Sure did," Ellie replies quietly at Logan, althought she gives him an odd look, "wasn't it like a billion years ago though? Like...how are you still not old as fuck looking?" At Lorna's words about the garage exploration, Ellie points out at Logan and Remy with her thumb, "...did you see these guys? Of course it is."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Tah be completely honest, mon frere, ole Remy prefer his chest witout three holes right tru da middle, if you reckon," the Cajun says with a grin. "Sides, you right wit de whole sleepin' part."

"Suppose'n you're right, Lorna." Remy tilts his head, "How everyting goin' over dere on Genosha?"

He tilts his head to Negasonic, "Fraid if ah cant smoke nowhere, ah'll be headed back to de streets. You wouldn't wish dat on me, would you?"

Logan Howlett has posed:
"You are a doll, Lorna."  Logan picks up the nuts and bolts, depositing them in a jar of vinegar with the rest of their family, a little blood from his knuckles mixed with the concoction. "Yep, take a lesson from this, Lorna. Sometimes you've got to give yourself somethin' solvable to reset your mind. Like I said, a ritual. Japanese taught me the value in things like this. Don't matter what it is. Tea. Banzai trees. Cleaning. It's good to have somethin' that brings you zen."

Grinning at Ellie, Logan shrugs. "Eh, point taken. And yea, smokin' is allowed in here if you are old enough. I mean the damn place is full of car exhaust, and I need somewhere where I can smoke my god-damn cigars." He shakes his head, "No homework from me, just the occasional bruises."

"As for my age, well that's complicated, cause I don't remember everything." He grunts. Having a soft-spot for students, especially blunt one's that ask direct questions, he shrugs. "I remember fightin' in the trenches of the first world war, representin' Canada. My 'gift' is a healing factor. I age slow and knit back together."

He doesn't mention the claws, but he demonstrates them, conjuring one of the deadly blades and cutting a very neat slice into his forearm. The wound begins to knit back together before everyone's eyes. "What makes you special, kid?"

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna rolled her eyes briefly as she took up her soda again and sipped at it. Her expression thoughtful for a moment as she listened to Ellie speak of all the ways students were scared of Logan. "It's what... seventy, seventy-five years? My father lived through that war..." She mused, so had Namor and she wasn't about to get into that. But then again, she'd been spending far more time with the 'Greatest Generation' and older these days. "And for some mutants that's not that long." She paused, and glanced back at Logan, her lips twitching with a smile as he spoke.

Remy earned a briefly shrug and another sip of her soda.

"Genosha is still there, for now."

Negasonic has posed:
"No," Ellie answers Remy short and simple, though her follow could have been read a mile away, "so...since it's allowed an ol', how about you spot me one?" She at least tries, extending her hand towards Remy as if it was no big deal.

"You've been studying in Japan...?" Ellie looks oddly at Logan, starting to piece a puzzle that suggests he's absolutely not what he seems. She gives Logan a look when he mentions getting bruises from him, wondering if he was joking or not, but not wanting to ruin her 'cool' image, she foregoes asking about it.

"Wait...the first one? Fuck you're old!" Ellie seems genuinely preplexed, "you must know a whole lot about everything, don't you? Got any cool war stories?" But she forgets about the question when Logan does a claw demonstration, "sick! You could totally shank someone, I guess that came handy in the wars, huh?" Asked about her own power, she shrugs, before muttering, "I make stuff explode."

"He looks way younger than the Emperor," Ellie snaps at Lorna, again pointing at Logan, as if to be sure they're talking about the same person.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
There's a deep drag of the cigarette as Remy moves out to the edge of the garage and the driveway. He looks back at Lorna with a nod. "Better den d'alternative."

"How old are you, child?" Remy says as he gives Negasonic a long look. It appears like he's not buying what she's selling. Although when she mentions she makes stuff explode, he raises his cigarette as if it's a drink to toast the art of making things blow up.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan nods, "Spent some time there. Trainin'. Livin'. Probably one of the more interestin' times of my life minus a certain mansion full of interestin' folk."

He head nods toward Remy and Lorna. "Like I said.. My memory isn't always the greatest. Lot of history, I... don't quite remember and honestly a lot of it I wish I could forget."

"Yea, I've got some war stories, but honestly, hard to say there's anythin' -cool- about, kid. Ain't like the movies, but I've been a soldier long as I can remember.. and well, better me doin' it than others, cause I have a habit of making it back." He steps over to a wall and leans against it, crossing his arms. "Eh, the claws have their uses.. but plans win wars. Funny someone who can make things explode would say they come in handy. Last I check, militaries spend on their effort at makin' bigger and betters 'booms', not attachin' knives to people's hands."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna leaned back on the crate she'd taken to sit on, leaning back against the tool shelf behind her with ease. She'd heard all kind of things from Logan over the course of their training in the past month or so. Which meant nothing he was speaking of earned a look of surprise or shock from her. The way Ellie snapped at her though, earned a pause, and the magnokinetic set her soda down carefully, followed by her bag of chips. "She's not eighteen," She offered softly, and tilted her head in consideration.

She shook her head and sighed softly, crossing her arms as she pursed her lips together. A glance spared back toward Logan as if she were looking for someone else to speak to the spitfire of a teenager. "Emperor my ass."

Negasonic has posed:
"Does it really matter? It's allowed in here, you said so yourself!" Ellie tries to pick on Remy's words, and hope he doesn't insists on that 'age' thing. She already knows her estimation of what she can pass off as isn't accurate. "Come on...just a puff of yours then?" Hey, she can haggle! But then Lorna helps with her input, and Ellie sticks her tongue at her, "thanks a lot, your Highness."

Noting Remy's gesture, she asks, "you also explodiate stuff?"

"We should talk more..." Ellie remarks to Logan, "I mean if you're not too good for that." She's used to adults not having the time of day to give her, especially with all the machinations about the Mansion and the many thing that happens in this tempest of a schedule most keep. At that part about wishing he could forget, Ellie stresses further, "we definitely need to talk more." First time she met someone she felt like she might have something in common with, even if indirectly so.

Ellie giggles as Logan expresses wonder at how someone who can make stuff explode would be impressed with his retracting claws, to which she notes, "your claws are hidden and can pop out, surprising someone thinking you're unarmed...when I get going, there's no second guessing that, everybody in the area knows." She does lose abit of that seeming mirth at the point Logan made, all of a sudden becoming quite sullen and reserved. Something about his second point apparently hit very close to home.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Ah do," Remy replies to the girl as she tries to get him to give her a drag. He gives Lorna a knowing look and reaches his hand out to her with the cigarette, looking for all intents and purposes as if he is going to let her take the cigarette.

But a split moment later, he flicks the cigarette out onto the driveway. In mid-flight the white from the end, as well as the yellowish-orange butt, turn colors to a flickering purple. Just as it's about to hit the ground it pops like a firecracker and turns into ash.

Remy exhales and nods to Lorna and Logan, "Good luck wit de machine. Iffen y'eva wanna have someone take it off ye hands, just let ole Remy know."

The Cajun reaches for the door and disappears inside.

Logan Howlett has posed:
"Scares off some of the other kids, but I've got a cabin out in the woods near Breakstone lake. You ever feel like you need to talk, just step by." Ellie's complex range of emotions isn't lost on Logan. He offers her a look of sympathy and a nod. "If you've got demons, I've got experience livin' with 'em. For a.. long time."

He frowns as she becomes sullen. He rubs the back of his head and sighs. "I'm also unfortunately acquainted with havin' been turned into a weapon once or twice in my life. So yea, stop by sometime. You look like someone with.. a story."

"Over my dead body, Cajun." Logan calls out to Remy as he departs. He pushes off the wall and sits down on the granite next to his jar of de-greasifying metal bits. He pulls one out, inspects it, and then applies a brush to it. "There's also the present. I'm here right now."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna looked utterly unimpressed with Ellie's words and she shook her head in response, picking up her soda again and taking a sip. "On school grounds I try to not piss off the various telepaths in charge around here by breaking the law." Her voice dry as she grabbed another handful of chips. Remy's movement and fake out earning a small roll of her eyes. She offered him a flap of her hand in a wave, and glanced back at Logan with a raised brow.

"If it was anyone else but you, I'd say don't tempt him."

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie reaches for the cigarette, surprised that Remy would actually give her a drag, but then he completes the psyche as he demonstrates his power. "Show off," Ellie grumbles, looking quite disappointed. As Remy departs, Ellie snorts, "douche." She is happilly distracted by Logan accepting her not so subtle request, "I'll be sure to drop by, expect me."

"Yeah, a real shitshow," Ellie murmurs in a barely audible voice, clearly not too keen to share, but Logan has struck a chord with her.

"I didn't break any law, I only asked a question, Frenchie said smoking was allowed in here..." Ellie groans, and sighs, "I think I'm gonna go listen to my music for a bit, I'm Ellie by the way, nice to meet you, angry claws guy."

Logan Howlett has posed:
He offers a simple one-word reply of 'Logan' as Ellie offers her a name. He turns back to the task at hand, beginning to slip various nuts and bolts back into the assembly of his bike engine. Since she's already declared she's off to go listen to her music, he leaves things there. No point in adding extra words to a conversation destined to continue later.

He grins at Lorna, "Well, if Remy can figure out how to kill me. He probably deserves the bike.. "How's training?"

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna glanced briefly at Ellie's form as the young teenager left and she shook her head, grumbling as her focus returned to Logan. She snorted a laugh at the comment about Remy and the bike. She let it fade for a moment, and she sipped at her soda again. "She's a good kid. Had a rough ride of it all." A pause, "She's Genoshan." She offered, as if that would explain it, and in someways it certain would.

"Training? Like I've had much time. Between meetings with Latveria and other diplomatic meetings, rebuilding, oh--and helping fight off monsters from the deep... Not much time."

Logan Howlett has posed:
"Monster from the deep, huh? That's a hell of a thing to say about your boyfriend, but you said, I didn't." He chuckles wryly then frowns, "Joke aside, I figure you mean something actually did crawl out of the ocean besides Namor?"

"Well for your sake, I'm tryin' not to say the 'G' word around you, Lorna. Figure you aren't in the garage because you wanted to work on your statecraft, huh? So I figured I'd ask about your trainin'. Goin' about as well, as I'd figure." He chuckles continuing to tinker on the Harley, from the look of things, Lorna probably saved him an hour of yelling over a wrench.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna burst out into snort of laughter at Logan's words, rolling her eyes. "He's not my boyfriend. We're not dating exactly... We're.." She trailed off, her features twisting slightly. "Enjoying each other's company." She coughed, taking another sip of her soda and severely wishing it had something else beyond sugary caffeine in it.

"But all joking aside, no, there are things popping up and attacking the coasts all over. Lurkers. Hope, Kitty, and I fought off a Siren? There's something that's gotten loose down there, and its a threat that's got Namor concerned enough he told me about it." She pursed her lips together and she bit back the urge to curse.

He earned a side eye for the comment about her training. "Well unless you want to know that Doom invited me to tea and was adamant that he sees me as the 'rightful' Queen.." She drawled.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan nods in understanding, "Ah right. Well, I couldn't hold back that joke, but yea, I get it. Sometimes it's nice just to enjoy someone's company in between savin' the world or rulin' nation states."

There a deep hum regarding the creatures emerging from the depths of the ocean. He scratches at his cheek. "Siren, huh? Do I need to be worried about gettin' sung to a watery grave?"

He actually shudders at that one. He can actively swim, but water isn't exactly his favorite place to fight. He sinks like a rock if he sits still.

"Doom, huh? You know, Lorna... You are developin' a habit of hangin' out with narcissistic old people. Present company probably included. Glad you were out fightin' with Kitty, cause you really need to find yourself some more grounded folks to hang out with." He leans forward and squints at his bike engine for a moment, then picks up his wrench to tighten something.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna arched a brow as she considered Logan from over her can of soda, "Well it's not like either of us could ever make it work long term. He's going to have to marry someone that benefits him politically, and a surface dwelling mutant isn't one of them. And with Genosha, and my political issues? It doesn't make much sense either." She rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"Yeah a siren, she slaughtered most of a cruise liner and we ended up having to take her down. It was pretty nasty. And in Kittery Maine, there was a sea monster attack." Her lips pursed together. "Not a good thing for anyone."

The comment about her spending time with people her own age earned a look. "Right, because people my own age include Warren and Scott. Real paragons of stability there." She drawled, and shook her head. "I don't have a place with people my own age Logan. I've never fit. I'm either too serious, not serious enough, or too weird."

Logan Howlett has posed:
"Reminds me never to try rulin'. That's one job I can definitely claim to have never tried out. Though, there was this one time in Madripoor where I guess I was close to bein' a king against my will." He shrugs and stands back up, picking up his towel once more to wipe off his hands.

"What you are doin' is probably not the worst idea considerin' your lifestyle. I've found steady relationships to be uh.. challengin' in my life." He makes a pained face regarding the cruise liner. "Yea, I'll leave that to people without metal skeletons."

He holds up his hands defeated. "All fair point, Lorna. You just stick with us complicated weirdos then. You'll always fit here. I hope you know that."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna arched a brow upward as she considered Logan's story about Madripoor and she clearly wanted to press for more details, but at the same time knew better than to ask. She reached up to rub the back of her neck at Logan's commentary about relationships, and sighed. "Kinda just hit me when everyone else was hooking up all the time, and well," She shrugged. "I've always sort of been on the outside."

As Logan continued that she'd fit here, at the school she shot him a dubious look, picking up her chips as she stood. "I don't think I entirely do Logan, but I know at least when it matters that everyone here will help try their best.. and I guess that's all that matters at the end of the day."