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Seeing if the Cat Came Back
Date of Scene: 10 September 2020
Location: Sunny Rose Antiques <Closed>
Synopsis: Gar gets up off his green butt to go see if April O'Neil has changed at all recently. Donatello also shows up to check on her. A glimmer of hope is found.
Cast of Characters: Gar Logan, April O'Neil, Donatello

Gar Logan has posed:
"Hi, April. It's Gar. Beast Boy. I know we don't know each other all that well, but I was hoping I could come talk to you about...you know. Would that be okay? If you're up for it? The last few days have been really tough, but there's something I need to find out. If you can't, I understand, but I think it's important. Please?"

The text came through earlier, and all Gar could do was wait to see what she had to say. But, he had a hunch about something, and if it played out the way he was hoping, it could shed a new light on what happened in space. He prepared himself to go wherever April wanted him to, cleaning up, shaving off whatever it was that had grown on his face the last few days, and picking out some clean clothes from the safehouse. Anticipation built, along with nervousness.

April O'Neil has posed:
April was down in the Antique Store today, she'd gottena call from a neighbor who said that they were looking for some furniture to replace the stuff that they lost in a storeroom fire. Normally april didn't like to let go of the stuff in her mother's old store, but when it was for the community like this, it felt like a good time to maybe do just that.

So this is where April is when Gar messaged her. He was of course invited right over, and by the time he arrives, the truck that came to pick up the bedframe, a few tables, and a set of chairs out of the furniture section of the Antique Store, was pulling away, April standing out on the stoop of the Store's front door. One hand on her hip the other waving to those in the truck as they pull off with a nice new load of furniture that's been collecting dust since April's mother passed away and the store was closed-up there-after.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan could have taken the Hyperloop, but that would have been a bad idea. Too many people would see him, recognize him, want to either talk to him or offer him condolences, ask this and that, and it wasn't something he was ready to deal with.

He could have driven, but that would have taken too long.

Good thing he's got flight on his side.

Before too long, after confirming things with a simple "Thanks. I'll be there soon," he lands in an alley close to the place and hurriedly makes his way out to the front of the antique store that doubles as an apartment on the second floor. When he sees her he gives a muted wave, a forced smile added that doesn't quite reach his eyes. They're not as bloodshot as before, but it shouldn't be hard to tell sleep has not been that easy to get for the last few days. "Hi, April. Thanks. I really appreciate this."

Already, however, he's...studying her, as if looking for signs of something.

April O'Neil has posed:
When April turns to see Gar arriving from around the corner of the building, she doesn't accept 'Hi' as enough of a response. No, instead she raises both of her arms and walks over to him to embrace him. Doesn't matter to her if they know each other personally that well, they're connected by the love for her cousin that they both share.

So Gar gets a hug from the Reporter. She tries to keep her strong face on though,m and then pulls back from him.

"Come on inside, I think Harley is playing Fortnight upstairs, we can talk down in the store." She pushes the Antique Store door open further and then moves inside. The store lights are all on, since the windows have curtains over them, which gives the store a nice orangey-golden glow hue inside over all its shelves, loaded with old stuff.

"Do you want something to drink? We have a kitchen down here, mostly functional." April asks while closing the front door behind them. "I gotta keep this shut, or I get all kinds of middle aged women wandering in to ask if they can pick through the stuff." She says with a smirk.

Gar Logan has posed:
Normally quick to do something like hug another, Gar hesitated long enough that it took April to be the one to initiate it. She would sense in him, and his body language, someone close to being on the edge, a lot of emotions pent up inside, held in check, carefully let out. There is tension in his shoulders, a contrast to the visual of them having given him a slumped look before that.

But, hugs carry with them something else, something much more important: support, the sense that one isn't alone, that there's someone else there to share something with you. April might have needed it as much as Gar. "Yeah, I..I'm not sure I'm ready to see her. Not yet. I just wanted to talk about something," he explains. Oh, he knows all about how much time someone can lose in a game like that. For all he knows, he could have come across her avatar in that game, or some other.

Stepping inside, he looks around at all the stuff. Some would call it junk. Others would call it treasure. "This is nice, here. I bet there are a lot of memories. Water's good, thanks." He does look formal in a white button-down dress shirt and black pants, but it also makes him look like some weird Mormon missionary. He wasn't really thinking when he got dressed. At least there's no tie.

Donatello has posed:
    Donatello's entrance is a lot simpler. One moment, April's window might overlook the outside world -- perhaps an alley or street -- and then, suddenly, there's a shadowy figure crouched in its frame. Anyone walking into the kitchen, or kitchen-adjacent, would see a man-sized turtle in the window, peering inside, and hoping to get in.

    Unlike Beast Boy and his valiant efforts to be presentable, Donatello looks like a wreck, you know, for a mutant turtle. His purple eye mask hangs in a ring around his neck and his face seems to have the sagging wrinkles of someone who just hasn't gotten a lot of sleep lately. Dark green rings form what humans might call 'bags' under his eyes.

April O'Neil has posed:
April walks to the far side of the store from where the register and counter are, there's a small archway that leads into the kitchen appliance area and some of the kitchen stuff is all setup to create a little kitchen oasis, with even tile floor replacing the wooden floor in a small square of the room's floorspace. April walks on to the tile floor and over to the fridge that the window Donnie peers through is at.

She jumps at first, and then turns to look to Gar. "Looks like we got another one." She says as she moves to unlock and open the door to the alley. "Hey, come in. There's kids been playing soccer in the alley all day, if they see ya they'll wig out." She shows a small smile to Donatello.

She opens the fridge and getse out a few bottles of water, and hands them around. "Gar, have you met Donnie?" She figured he probably has, with Terry's involvement with the turtles lately.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan makes his way along, distraction threatening him as he slows own for a few looks at things that catch his eye. One of them, a small statue of the Cheshire Cat, ends up in his hands without a word said about it. Perhaps it was meant to be for him to walk through that part of the store and just happen to glance that way at that moment. He cradles it against his stomach as if it is suddenly important.

"Hmmm?" comes a wordless question as his focus then shifts toward the window, April letting Donatello in. "Mikey?" he asks, before the turtle is named. No, this one has a slightly different coloration to his skin at second glance. Now there are two green ones in the place, and they both look like they've seen better days. "Ahh, I don't think I have, actually..but hey. It's good you're here too. Vorpal..Terry..he told me a little about you guys."

A pause, further focus put on Donatello's own condition, and he wets his lips first with his tongue, then with the bottle of water once opened. "He sent me a video, and I'm guessing I'm not the only one who got one. Did you guys have, ah, any questions about what happened?"

Donatello has posed:
    Donatello is let inside through the door, which is actually an upgrade for him! He manages a meager smile in response to April -- it's the smile of someone who just maybe doesn't know the right thing to say? "April..." he begins, his voice a little hoarse, as he takes a couple of steps to follow April inside.

    And then, the turtle looks at Gar. There's a small touch of recognition. They've never met, but Donatello keeps up with current events, mostly.

    "Oh..." he mutters, connecting the dots in an instant.

    The turtle raises a three-fingered hand to offer up slight wave. "Yeah, uh, not Mikey. Donnie. Donatello," he answers, his plan suddenly shifting a bit.

    "I, uh, came to just check in, April, you know?" he adds. "To see you. See how you're doing..." His eyes lower a bit, but then flick upward to watch Gar's reaction to that. It's clear that Donnie did not come here to check on Gar, but certainly understands his position in all of this.

    "Yeah, yeah, he sent me a video," Donnie answers, bringing a hand up to rub his eyes for a second.

April O'Neil has posed:
April of course has to move to Donnie now and offer him a hug too, now that she sees his demeanor is one of 'understanding' about what happened. She wasn't sure how close they all were with Terry, but she knew how quickly he grew on people when he was around them. Larger than life personalities tend to do that.

So April embraces Donnie too, and puts her arms around his shoulders, then pulls back a few moments later to give his shoulders a squeeze. "Lots of us did. Harley watched hers just the other day, I uh---" She glances down and then over to Gar as she turns to face him.

"I haven't watched mine yet." She admits. "I'm gonna need some time. I'm more... in the phase that I think, it'd just ruin me right now." She draws in a shaky breath, not wanting to be the type that breaks down and cries in front of others... it goes against her style all around.

She crosses her arms over her stomach, her Karate Kid tshirt rumpling up a little as she does so. "We all have questions, I think." She asks. "Were you out there, on that mission?" Is her first question for Gar. "What happened, and are we sure... they're gone...?" Are her follow-up questions, from a woman who asks questions professionally.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan watches the interaction between April and Donatello as he finds something to lean against, still holding the small statue close. Is there any question at all that he's going to ask to buy it before he leaves?

"If you got a video from him, that means you were important enough to him for it," he begins, as his eyes begin to find the floor before he forces them back up so he can look from face to face, human and humanoid turtle. Seeing Donatello does not appear to faze him in any way.

He exhales, telling April, "You should, soon. But, maybe..." He shakes his head, pushing a thought away. Not just yet. They need answers first, Donatello too even if he doesn't realize it yet.

"Yes, I was there. Most of the Titans were in space. We were fighting back against the War World and all that. Some of us were infiltrating the thing, and another group was taking down shields. We had a plan, and it worked. But.." His eyes shift elsewhere, down to the statue. It may be serving as an anchor point for him right now. "Vorpal teleported back in to meet up with three of our teammates to do one last thing." Their identities have been in the news. "But suddenly their comms got all distorted and there was this huge flash, and one moment they were there, then they weren't. There was nothing."

His voice is quiet, monotone, as if he's reading from a story. "I don't remember much after that, just that I ran away as soon as we landed. You're the first people I've seen except for someone who came to make sure I was.." He waves a hand dismissively.

Donatello has posed:
    Donatello raises his brow as April comes in for the hug. He brings his arms around her, briefly, and gives her a good natured squeeze. He takes a breath and then leans against the refrigerator door. "Well, I can't say I was expecting one," Donatello explains, referring to the video itself. "I didn't know Terry...Vorpal...too well. But, I suppose that brief time was more impactful to him than I thought."

    Donatello reaches up to bring his purple mask back over his eyes. After all, April has company.

    But then, Donatello forms a frown of consideration, listening carefully to Gar's words. "So, no one actually saw them..." he begins, quietly. The word he's looking for is 'die'.

    Donnie takes another lungful of air. "I mean, isn't it possible that they're just...well, look. Terry's shown me things that I just find a little difficult to believe..."

    "But..." he begins, looking at April. "If you don't tell my brothers I said this... I can't argue with what I've seen. So, isn't it possible that he's still out there?" He looks between the two.

April O'Neil has posed:
April moves over to where there are a selection of chairs pushed against a wall. she starts to unstack three of them and then moves to set them next to the kitchen table for them to all enjoy. She flips the little lamp on the table on to give additional lighting to the otherwise dimly lit room they're in too.

When she sits down on the edge of her chair, she's looking between Donnie and Gar. "When Terry first showed me his abilities, I was... of course shocked, stunned, worried, but once I got the full scaope of them, or at least what I thought it was... part of me felt relief. For his safety." She explains.

Her water bottle is twisted open and she holds it between her knees. "I thought, with that kind of 'escape' power at his fingertips, he'd never be in danger that he probably couldn't easily get away from. But now, whatever happened up there? I guess that's not the case."

She nods softly a pair of times to Donnie. "I refuse to think they're dead, this is why I also don't wanna watch his video. Not until we get some kind of... proof, otherwise he'll always be alive to me. Out there, somewhere, with the others, saving people. Trying to get home. I can't understand what happened up there, it's far beyond me, I'm an ant in relation to all of that." She motions 'up', then takes a sip from her water.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan gratefully takes up the seat offered, and he sets the statue down in front of him on the table, spending perhaps an abnormally long few seconds making sure it looks just right by repositioning it slightly this way and that, as if to 'see' both April and Donatello from its perspective, grinning madly at them.

The Titan seems distracted by this, their words taking a bit longer to register with him before he looks up again. "Donatello, April and Terry are related. I guess you know that. But he knew what all of you mean to her, so." He studies the look of the mask in place, which has the effect of making the ninja turtle look a little more mysterious even if it's just a piece of cloth.

"Well...I mean, anything is possible, but.." He lets the two have a moment where Donnie implores her to keep a secret, and Gar rubs the back of his head slowly, then 'round a pointy ear. "No, we didn't /see/ anything, but that's something I've been kind of thinking about. I had this dream with him in it, and I know dreams can be a bunch of nonsense, but maybe sometimes they're not. I don't think it was really him reaching out to me somehow, but what if it was?"

He lets that sit there for them to process, because the next part? Well.

Donatello has posed:
    As April gives her take on Terry's abilities, Donatello nods along. "His abilities are easy to understand, though -- really, not too different from an Einstein-Rosen bridge. I told him that once," he explains. Of course he did. "What I could never quite wrap my mind around was how the bridge could be created without, well, a...a something." He brings his hands together to gesture to an invisible, imaginary invention he could be holding. A something.

    "Shrodinger's Cat," Donatello mutters, his eyes rising to look at April. "Vorpal exists in the superposition, then, until you watch that video." He then lowers his eyes, immediately questioning whether those words could bring anyone any comfort whatsoever. The turtle reaches out to take one of the magnets off of the fridge door and begins to idly move it between his fingers. When April unstacks the chairs, Donnie snaps the magnet back onto the refrigerator and claims one of the chairs for himself. It's too small, but he'll manage.

    And then, Gar makes his point about dreams and their power to connect people. Donatello takes a breath and shakes his head a touch. Resisting the urge to give a lecture about the pineal gland, Donatello instead tries diplomacy. "You know, Gar," he begins, trying to purposely make his voice sound a little less hoarse and more agreeable, more comforting. "You might consider talking to my brother, Leo, about that. He, well, he has some thoughts that might align with your own on that." It's a fair, diplomatic way of saying it. Donatello was there that night with Master Splinter, sure, but there's got to be a reasonable explanation and today's not the day to search for it.

April O'Neil has posed:
April softly nods in affirmation about being related to Terry, if Donnie hadn't known that, she wasn't sure really. She raises her water up for a sip before sets it back upon her thigh, then looks to Donnie as he responds to the other.

"Dreams are complicated, but in a world where Terry can drop out of thin air in the middle of my living room. Then proceed to go into my bathroom and use the mirror to turn himself into-- what I thought was a mythical persona --and proceed to ... benefit from all kinds of new powers, seemingly randomly?"

"Anything is possible." April adds a little smirk. "We live in a weird world, I mean I saw Spider-man swinging down the streets just the other day. I see people flying over the East River, like it's no big deal. If Terry was capable of contact people through dreams? Well, I wouldn't be shocked at this stage of my life."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan's head tilts a little toward Donatello when he goes into a few personal thoughts about the powers, the potential significance of not watching what's essentially a death video, and his opinion about dreams and how real they can be. "I dunno, man..it's just kind of too much to be just a coincidence. But that's not, you know, the main reason I came here."

He takes in April with a serious look, though a threat of a smile creeps in at the imagery created by Terry simply dropping in like that. "Yeah, and look at Donatello here. Who would believe a mutated turtle could exist? But we have aliens in the Titans, and I can turn into any animal I can think of because of a virus that almost killed me, and a cure that saved me. But..."

Here, he runs a hand through his hair, eyeing the small statue again for a time. "The thing is, Terry told me once about how this all works. He really does seem to be the Cheshire Cat from Wonderland, like some kind of split personality thing. Trust me, there are differences between Terry and Vorpal, but he said there can only be one Cheshire Cat, and his dad had it before, but his dad was gone by the time he was born. It got passed to Terry, and he never knew about it until things started happening when he got older."

Now, his attention shifts directly from Donatello to April. "If he died, I believe you or his mother should have got it transferred to one of you, and unless you're really good at hiding things, you don't seem any different to me."

Donatello has posed:
    Donatello responds by shrugging his shoulders just a touch. "Well, I'm just saying -- Leo might be able to talk with you more about your dream -- that's all. He's..." Donnie begins, looking for the right word. "...Spiritual." The word rolls off his tongue like acid. Still, Donnie was there for the astral projection, so it's kind of a hard thing for him to refute.

    As Gar begins to make his case, thereby bringing him into it, Donatello manages an embarrassed smile. Who could possibly believe he exists? This earns a nod of agreement from Donnie, but then he squirms a little. Stackable chairs tend to be designed for one very specific body type and it's not his. Not by a long shot.

    As the discussion of Terry and Wonderland continues, the turtle remains quiet. He stares, simply, and doesn't let off that he's at all surprised by Gar's conclusion. He's heard this before. Instead, the turtle turns his head to watch April and her reaction to this. Has she been exhibiting any cat-like behaviors? The delicate antiques seem, for the most part, to be safely on display and totally not knocked to the floor for no reason.

April O'Neil has posed:
April leans back in her chair and focuses on Gar's explanation of how Terry's gleamed persona works. She frowns softly at first, then tilts her head forward as she looks to Gar. "I'd definitely know if I'd gotten those abilities, I imagine. I haven't spoken to Terry's mother yet either, because she never liked my side of the family. She hated my mother, and through that, didn't like me that much either. I'm not sure she's... even aware of any of this. Though I imagine Terry's auto-messages has sent one to her too." She draws in a breath, shakes her head and raises her water up for another sip.

"There are more people in our family too, there's a lot of cousins. My sister out in Cali, she's eleven years older than me and has two kids. I haven't spoken to her since July."

A glance to Donnie, then back to Gar. "I could start sending out calls though... or, I dunno, Facebook messages. I haven't seen any family updates about Wonderlan Cats popping up on my feed though." She smirks very faintly. "If nobody in my family has inherited it though, that... means he's still alive, right?"

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan confesses to Donatello, "I'm not really the most spiritual guy around, to be honest. I'm used to going by what I can make sense of around me. I don't know if there's someone upstairs or any of that, but sometimes things happen that I don't have an explanation for. Maybe I'll meet your brother sometime and see what he thinks of all this." He tries a smile again, but it's still a struggle. This is someone, normally so upbeat and cheerful, just trying to make it through a difficult conversation.

April's affirmation that she's unchanged leads to Gar shifting around a little in his chair, coming up with something kept beneath the table in his hands. "I've..never even met his mother yet," he says with a gravity to it. "Just imagine how /that/ conversation might go. 'Hello, I'm your son's boyfriend, and oh by the way, he was also a cat from a fictional story and I'm here to see if you are now or not.'" His expression shows how awkward that sounds, because it is.

He subtly sets a pouch of catnip atop the table, studying April's response. If she /does/ have the Cat in her, things could be about to get a lot more interesting. Meanwhile, Gar says, "That's a lot of family, and I don't know how far it could go. Maybe it's limited to someone he's closest to. It's not much, but right now it's all the hope I've got that he and the others are okay."

Donatello has posed:
    Donatello nods his head at Gar. "Well, yeah, Leo. Maybe you'd like him," he offers with a shrug. Maybe someone would.

    Donnie returns April's glance. They may be family, but it's different. There is zero chance that Donatello is in line to inherit the Cheshire Cat mantle. Still, Donnie carefully listens to April's description of her family -- it's so large, diverse, and perhaps even fractured. But, it's family, right?

    And for family, he's willing to drop the mister-know-it-all schtick, even if for just a few minutes. He'll bite. "I could have the Miyagi AI comb the net for any mention of feline mutations, powers, abilities, and so forth. If the Cheshire Cat appears, anywhere, we'd find out," he declares, his brow rising as he watches Gar and April's reaction to that offer. It didn't matter that the Miyagi AI, presently, is junk not even worth mentioning. Still, it heats the Turtle Lair.

April O'Neil has posed:
April considers quite a lot of things but ultimately just puts her eyes on that bag that Gar randomly takes out and sets down on the table. She isn't sure what it is, it looks like a gaming bag, for D&D (she used to play D&D with her dad when she was younger).

"I'll uh... check Facebook. Aga is on there a lot, she likes to comment on everyone's everything. If she's not active, or... missing, well then we definitely know something is up, in which case I'll call her and, hopefully not end up getting berated for not calling her enough."

She shows a hint of a grin before looking to Donnie. "It's worth a shot." She tells him. "A Cheshire Cat is liable to make headlines, if someone-- who is just completely not ready for such a change --suddenly finds themselves in that form. I mean really, all things considered, Terry handled it extremely well. I don't know /what/ I'd do if it happened to me."

She shakes her head and raises her water bottle up again. "Most I can do is... ride my bike without using the handle bars." She smirks then and takes another sip.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan opens the dice bag to tip a little of its contents onto the table. "Catnip. Sorry, April, but I had to do a little test. I think you passed." This time, the smile is less forced. Hope can be a miracle drug at times.

"So that means I'm gonna have to go see Terry's mom, and if she's already seen a video from him that's gonna help explain a little, but I don't see any way this won't be super awkward," he explains, leaning back in the chair. "But if..if she checks out as fine, I think at least I'd be sure he's still out there, somewhere. We'd just have to find him..find them."

He says to Donatello, "Hopefully once this is all taken care of, if Terry does make it back with the rest of them, we can hang out sometime and get to know each other better. We're kind of all connected through April and Terry. If you have something that can help find some more answers, please.."

Then he remembers something, biting his lip as he looks to one side. "I..sort of shut down all my social media stuff. I wasn't up for handling a bunch of messages. I think I'll leave it down a little longer, so I don't have any distractions."

Donatello has posed:
    "Not all cats react to catnip," Donatello reminds, pointing a finger straight up into the air. His eyes shift from Gar to April, back to Gar. He puts his finger down.

    Donatello manages a faint smile and nods at Gar. "Yeah," he agrees. "We green dudes have to stick together!" The turtle lowers his eyes, though, suddenly aware that he might be trying to add more cheer to this than would be appropriate. His eyes shift back to April and offers her a nod. "I'll set Miyagi on it once I get home!" Not that it'd help matters, but he'll do it! It might just end up printing out John Mayer lyrics again.

April O'Neil has posed:
April shows a faint smirk at the catnip as she reaches out to pinch some of it between thumb and forefinger, then draw it up to sniff at it. She shakes her head softly then and drops it back where she'd found it. "Smells fresh, but doesn't do anything for me." She has a hint of a visible grin there-after.

"Social media is as much of a disaster as it is a blessing. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen anything quite as terrible, and quite as wonderful at the same time... as anything that falls under that banner. So I understanding, entirely, wanting a bit of a vacation from it's darker elements, at least for awhile. I'll let you know if I see anything come up that I think warrants your attention."

Her gaze goes back to Donatello, and she smiles at him. "Is Mikey okay? I heard he was there in Metropolis, with your van no less, during the invasion. That was so dangerous..." Not that Mikey needs to hear that from anyone else, she imagines they've all already told him as much.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan sends Donatello a look, but it's not exactly an angry one. Just a mild eyeroll, really. "Yeah, but..heh..it works on Vorpal." Let them fill in the blanks as they will.

April confirming it has no effect on her at least takes care of that, and he leaves it there. "I saw a few cats in the alley when I flew in. You can have it. By the way, can I buy this from you?" he asks of the Cheshire statuette. "Maybe it'll be a good luck charm for all this."

Donatello does get an agreeable nod about sticking together, then he admits, "I, uh, don't like being alone usually, and there's almost always someone to talk to on one of my accounts. The news has gotten out by now, and I haven't been back to Titans Tower since we landed." A guilty expression creeps in, though he raises a brow about talk of Michelangelo. It makes sense there were other things going on while the Titans were in space.

Donatello has posed:
    Donatello stares at Gar. It works on Vorpal. What could that mean? He gives the briefest Raphael squint before turning to April. "Yeah, Mikey's okay," he replies, a touch of annoyance in his voice. "I really wish he wouldn't run off and get involved in things like that. One, it's dangerous." He stops for a moment, embarrassingly looking over at Gar for a second. Back to April. "...But, two, he took the van. He ruined the tires, brakes, you name it. I...honestly have more important things to deal with right now."

    Donnie lowers his eyes. "Sorry," he adds. "That was...kind of selfish of me." He manages a covert yawn and lifts his head. "Gar, how should I reach you if Miyagi finds something?" Doesn't matter -- it won't.

April O'Neil has posed:
April's eyes go up and over to the Cheshire statue that Gar found, she hadn't seen it in ages, but she remembered it. She smiles at him. "Take it, its yours." She says, apparently not needing any money for it. "We used to have a bunch of things from Alice in Wonderland laying around, some of it might still be here. I mean, clearly." She grins again befirely before looking back to Donnie.

"Do you want to take the van to Casey's Shop and park it in the service area? I'll get him to fix those things, as they're more his level. He likes to feel like he's pitching in, even if he comes off as an ass while doing so."

Another glance is given back to Gar. "You know, I know you're hurting and all... but I just think your teammates probably could really benefit from you going back to them. They're likely concerned, and would want to see you too. But, yeah, I understand."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan shifts in place again as Donatello gets himself worked up a bit over Michelangelo. "Try not to be too hard on him. He seems impulsive, and wants to be in the middle of everything, and I kind of..I get it, you know?" Gar and Mikey might not be all that different, in ways. "I think he meant well, but I've been kind of selfish too. I just..I felt the same things I felt after Doomsday happened, and it was even worse this time because of Terry. But I think maybe this time is also going to be different."

He takes April's suggestion quietly, nodding a couple times. "I know. I just..I just reacted. I wasn't thinking. I didn't want anyone to see me.." He bites his lip and looks away. "..having a breakdown." Not crying. Definitely not crying.

There was a lot of crying.

"But I'm going to try to be positive about this, and when everyone's back again we should have a big pizza party and stuff. Okay? And thanks." He holds up the little statue before pocketing it. See? Green, loves pizza, there must be a connection. He gives Donatello his social media accounts, promising they'll be up again soon, but also a couple numbers to the Titans.

Donatello has posed:
    Donatello tilts his head at April's suggestion, as if it's completely alien to him. Another man...Do his machines for him? Donnie's face sours for a moment before he completely considers it. This could afford him more time to pursue other more meaningful things. There are a lot of soups on the burners, right now. His features soften.

    "Yeah, maybe," he replies. It's not a total agree, but it's close.

    At the mention of the pizza party, Donnie manages a polite smile. He's uncomfortable, but managing. "That sounds good," he agrees. It's true. It does.

April O'Neil has posed:
April just grins at Donatello's response to her. She knows him well enough to knwo that that translates to a 'No thank you.' she's seen him and Casey argue about mechanic work before. "Fair enough." She replies quietly before looking back to Gar. "Let me get you a bag and wrap that up for you." She states as she stands up and sets her water bottle aside.

"You know you're all welcome here any time you want to come over, and if you wanna do a pizza party somewhere, I'm all for it. I much prefer to be around all your pretty faces in person, than on the terrible internet." She says as she walks back out to the main part of the store to go get some stuff to prepare that Cat for Gar to take back home with him.

"We just gotta setup the plans!" She shouts back as she goes.

Gar Logan has posed:
"Yeah. I'm sorry it took this to get me to come around. I'll try to be better about that," Gar apologizes, for really that's what it was all about: checking to make sure April wasn't catty all of a sudden. Sure, there were other reasons to talk to her, but it centered around that. It was for a good cause!

He gets up to his feet, considering Donatello before offering a handshake. "I'm glad we met. Tell Mikey hi, and try not to worry. I'm gonna try not to either, but there's someone else I have to go visit before I'll feel better about all this. And thanks, April." He'll have a hug for her again, this time one she doesn't have to initiate. Of course, if Donatello prefers one, that'll be fine too.

Donatello has posed:
    "I can't just let you get away with saying something like that about the Internet," Donatello replies, forming a slight smile. As things appear to be winding down, he stands up along with the others.

    Donatello returns the handshake with his large, mutant hand. "Me too, Gar," he agrees. "Take care, out there."