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Most Popular Soda Machine in Midtown
Date of Scene: 07 March 2020
Location: Midtown - New Troy
Synopsis: Sif and Heidi mull over plundering a soda machine and Singularity comes along to help out in this process. Achilles is a gentleman and suggests the food carts in response to that dastardly soda machine not sharing!
Cast of Characters: Heidi Ingerdottir, Sif, Achilles, Singularity

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
Midtown is a popular area to be in. People milling about at peak hours of the day. Later in the evening, though, when stores are closing down a bit, there's a few less people here and there. So it's not altogether notable when there's a soft thud of metal against concrete. Tucked around a corner in a little nook between shops that leads towards a fountain, Heidi is assaulting a vending machine.


She jostles the machine a few times, doing her best not to absolutely break it. She's aware of how it's supposed to work... and more aware that it's /not doing its job/. "You thief!" She's giving it /eyes/.

Sif has posed:
"I do not believe that is how this machine will agree, Lady Heidi." Standing off to one side, dressed Midgardian in a brown peacoat with golden fur at sleeve-cuffs and neckline, is Lady Sif. The dark-haired Goddess of War still gives the vending machine a good eyeing as well, her brows knitted.

"Do you have more currency to put within? Perhaps a reset of the internal mechanisms might inspire it to be generous?" she suggests as she glances over at her fellow Asgardian, wearing a small smile now.

Achilles has posed:
    So, not so much physical assault as a verbal one. Achilles has finished his day at the office. He hears the voice as he moves along the sidewalk. Pausing as he hears the voice. One he does recognize... a bit. More the accent than the voice itself.
    So he turns a corner... okay, more peeks around the corner while dressed in his business suit. "Well there. If it isn't the world's most polite Valkyrie to be." he says.
    And then Sif speaks, and he recognizes the same sort of accent, "Well, it does seem as if the Asgardians are multiplying. Here, let me help." he says as he draws a few dollars out of a pocket and approaches.

Singularity has posed:
    From point to point, across the globe, she's been searching for people she remembers. Everything is so different! The world is different. Back to a planet undivided by walls, segregated by the will of a tyrant with the powers of a god. The timeline has completely changed.

    Which, Singularity decides, is a good thing. This seems like a happy place. Not as happy as the one she remembers, but no zombie invasions and giant sharks either. She thinks. She hasn't SEEN any so far anyway.

    That said, the changes have made it difficult to follow the signatures she remembers a bit. So it's taking a bit of searching. Also a lot of distraction, as the world is just interesting! And she's sometimes easily distracted.

    But she does sense something that reminds her, at least, of one thing from that other world.

    Close to where the vending machine is, a glowing blue point appears in midair then expands rapidly, before its spits out a glowing blue girl as she appears in a flash. "Thors!" Yes, she used the plural

    She halts just of Sif and Heidi, blinking at them curiously. These Thors don't have the hammers though. And the funny helmets.

    She liked the helmets.

    "Thors?" she repeats, more questioningly this time as she cocks her head.

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
"I'm not going to give it any more of my currency, it took the first one I put in!" While Heidi's not angry, she does seem a little frustrated, her face twisted in a weird look of mild anger and sheer distain for the metal box in front of her. "It's a thief." She doesn't immediately turn around and face Sif, even though she acknowledges her, and she gives the vending machine a tiny kick before she turns. "I do, however, appreciate your wisdom, Lady Sif." Her face has already brightened.

Her gaze is further pulled away from the offending box when she hears Achilles. "Ah, Ac..Angelo." She smiles broadly again. "I do warn you that this is a /monster/ who only wants to steal from you, as it did to me." As she's about to speak, there's the sudden apperance of... something she's not sure what to call her. "... I am afraid you are mistaken. I am Heidi and this is Lady Sif of Asgard. There is only one of Princce Thor."

Sif has posed:
Turning in place, it will become clear quickly that Sif is as militant as her reputation belies at first glance. Her spine straightens and her arms more firmly cross beneath her chest as she gives Achilles a level look on his approach.

"I suppose this is a rare collection of us," she allows quietly. Her pale eyes, blue as glacier-ice, run down and up him, seeing if she can mark weaponry on his person. With Heidi introducing all through her respective greeting to this Angelo, she nods her head towards him. "Well met, Angelo."

The newest arrival out of the blue aperture has the Valkyrie blinking at her. "The Lady Heidi is correct. There is only one Prince Thor as of late."

Achilles has posed:
    As Sif whirls his way, Achilles lifts his hands defensively. Two one dollar bills in one hand. The appearance of Singularity makes him take a half step back. Not in fear so much as... merely because there's only so much room around that soda machine.
    "Easy now." he says. "I am only trying to help. But it appears that you have more.. urgent business anyway. Perhaps you ladies might let me treat you at one of the food trucks around the corner?" he asks, gesturing that way.

Singularity has posed:
    Singularity clasps her hands behind her back, bouncing on her toes as she examines the three with a very open, curious look. "One. Thor." she repeats, turning that over in her head and looking vaguely disappointed. Well, one is good! But is the the dazzling, pretty Thor? Or one of the other Thors? Like the horsey face one. Hmm!

    She does repeat the names to ehrself, as if committing them to memory. "Heidi. Sif. Angelo." She looks at Angelo curiously, then back to Heidi, then back to the machine. "Help!" she notes cheerfully, then holds out her hands as there's a flash around her!

    Followed by a loud clatter as all the sodas inside the machine are abruptly OUTSIDE the machine and landing in a rough pile to the left of the machine, several promptly rolling off in all directions where there's smooth pavement to do so on.

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
Heidi is about to speak more when... the sodas. The sodas are free. Her eyes go from Singularity to the sodas and back. "I like this one," she says, pointing at the blue girl before she goes to fetch one of the sodas. "Thank you!" She does, however, look a little guiltily at the other sodas. Her attention moves back towards the non-blue crew for a moment. "You mentioned food? I would be fine with food."

She looks towards Singularity again. "And what might you be called? We have shared our names, we would hear yours, if you wish to share it."

Sif has posed:
And then there are cans scattering about everywhere like roaches when a light is flipped on. Openly nonplussed, Sif lifts a booted foot to let a red and silver can roll past and beyond her person, watching it as it goes.

"...yes, food would be delightful. Thank you, Mister Angelo." She looks to Achilles briefly and gives him another nod, this time wearing something more akin to a smile. Heidi asks a good question, however, and it brings the Valkyrie's attention back to Singularity with her...well, singular appearance. Sif waits patiently to hear if this individual identifies with a name.

Singularity has posed:
    An easy, pleased smile as the response to Heidi's approval. "Singularity." the starry girl says laconically. A girl of few words, it seems. Or at least, simple ones when she uses them. Vocalization is hard! Or rather, stuffing thoughts into particular noises is hard. She's still getting the hang of that.

    She will reaches down to stop the can rolling past Sif, picking it up to examine it curiously, then shakes it experimentally, listening to it, then turning it over to look at the top, then the underside, before poking at the tab at the top.

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
Heidi glances between Sif, Achilles, and Singularity, her gaze and attention hovering on the last. "Well met, Singularity." She notices the way the soda can is handled, then she smiles like she knows a secret. "Are you perhaps also new to Midgard... and curious to try their cuisine?"

She turns back to Sif and Achilles, smiling broadly and gesturing towards Singularity. "We can all go together, yes?"

Sif has posed:
"Yes, well met," echoes Sif of the greeting. "Might I suggest, Singularity, that you place that particular can aside to rest and choose another? I have seen when they are disturbed or shaken, the contents of some cans have a tendency to explode all over the drinker. It does end up rather messy." She stoops and offers a different can out to the young woman so very blue.

"Together might be best, yes," the Valkyrie agrees as to Heidi's suggestion as she glances over at her fellow Asgardian and Achilles in turn.

Singularity has posed:
    Singularity looks curiously at Sif at her suggestion, then crouches down and sets the can carefully on the ground, watching it closely, before standing up and taking the new can offered to her. "Explode." she repeats, looking it over. But not shaking it this time!

    She looks back to Hedi, then nods eagerly at the suggestion of trying things! New things are always interesting. Granted, her taste buds aren't exactly the same so just about everything she ingests is interesting.

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
Heidi seems more than content to include their new blue friend in their number as she begins to lead the way to what she assumes is the food carts. "I will never get tired of the food. There is nothing I have tried that I have not enjoyed. Some more than others, I admit, but all enjoyable. I like to experience things."

She seems more than willing to give things a go, regardless of what they are or if they steal her dollar bills. "I have not been terribly impressed by their alcohol so far, but Midgard at least knows how to do their cuisine right."

Sif has posed:
"Yes, explode," Sif confirms to Singularity. "If you are not fond of someone, shake up a can before you offer it to them." This she says with a face painted in utmost innocence. Someone //has// been hanging out with Loki lately, apparently. Ah, the accidentally-amusing inventions of Midgard: canned carbonated beverages.

"There are few places here that impress with alcohol. I do like the wine offered at this small cafe over in Chelsea, but by taste alone. Nothing compares to a freshly-cracked cask of Asgardian mead. I do miss its taste while here on Midgard. It is hard to find. You did like the lamb gyros though, Lady Heidi?"

Singularity has posed:
    Singularity seems content to follow aloing silently, listening to Sif as she explains and pondering that. Does she not like someone? It seems messy! But, then, she supposes there are worse ways of showing you are not fond of someone. She'd rather just be fond of them though.

    She doesn't really offer anything on the quality or types of alcohol, being mostly unaware of how that works, thoughs he does perk up as the scents of the food trucks wash over the group as they approach.

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
"I hope to never get soda sprayed on me by you, Lady Sif," Heidi sounds mildly alarmed at the idea that it would ever be possible. "Ah, but yes, I did like those lamb gyros. They were delicious. I would partake of those again, given the opportunity. Perhaps I'll even /make/ an opportunity." The discussion of mead, however, has Heidi holding up a finger in the 'hold on' motion to Sif.

She fishes around in the pockets of her coat before she pulls out a flask, and then just holds it out to the Valkyrie with one hand. "I always keep some with me. Sometimes it's vitally important to have a bit of mead on you." She glances back towards Singularity. "I'm sure we'll find something good here. You could always take a peek at what there is and find what you want."

Sif has posed:
Heidi's praise of the gyros is also praise to Sif, at least in the Valkyrie's estimation of her own personal cuisine choices, and so more of a smile shows, enough to be visible upon her fine lips. She does pause, however, when the gesture appears before her fellow Asgardian.

"Oh -- thank you kindly, Lady Heidi, I shall indeed imbibe of some. I promise not to drink it all as that would be rude of me," the raven-haired woman reassures Heidi before she opens the flask. A sniff ascertains that it is, in fact, mead, and the Valkyrie takes a grand pull from it before licking at her lips. "It tastes of home," she murmurs to herself before glancing between Heidi, Achilles, and Singularity again.

"Indeed, be bold in your choices. There is but one way to learn and that is to try new things," she agrees towards the blue young woman.

Singularity has posed:
    Singularity watches curiously at Sif takes a drink from the mysterious flask! And obviously looks quite interested in what's in it. Mystery. She nods firmly in agreement to the idea of trying new things and learning...it's what she's here for, after all. That and being like the people she most admires, the heroines and heroes who do good and put themselves between other people and danger.

    She's not sure if these two are that sort of person, but they certainly seem nice thus far. Even if they don't have hammers and aren't Thors like she remembers.

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
"I am glad to offer, Lady Sif." Heidi takes a swallow of it herself before tucking the flask carefully away within her jacket again. She doesn't, however, offer it to Singularity. Not because she isn't being polite, but because she doesn't entirely know if it would be /safe/ to. She's an unknown entity. "So Singularity..."

Heidi moves the tiniest bit closer to the blue girl. "You do seem to be a little newer here. What is it you've come for? To taste the food? How did you know of Prince Thor?"

Singularity has posed:
    Singularity cocks her head, peering up at Heidi. "Singularity. Finding. Friends." she says, her brow furrowing slightly, then gestures to the area around them, or the block, food trucks...everything! Universe, perhaps. "Different." She perks. "Thors! Yes! So pretty! Shiny!" she says excitedly. "Alison. VERY. Shiny."

    Of course this will very likely mean absolutely nothing to Heidi...or really, anyone else in this timeline.

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
Heidi listens. She nods eagerly. She interprets. "So you're here on Midgard to meet new people, to experience all the realm has to offer, and to find this 'Alison' who is 'shiny' like the Asgardians?" She thinks she's got the general idea of things. "Well, you sound like a fine friend indeed. While I am not here /just/ to make friends and enjoy food and the excitements of this place... I am very much enjoying all of these things in the process."

"Especially," she adds, "the friends part." There's a knowing nod in Singularity's direction.

Sif has posed:
Beside Heidi, the darkly-haired Asgardian warrior nods. "In my experience, it is not terribly over-difficult to makes friends here in this world, especially within the boundaries of New York City itself. You are sure to find friends if not these other beings you seek."

She frowns again. "I am uncertain as to this...particulary shiny Thor you speak of, Singularity, or this Alison, but if I do get word of either and we manage to speak again in the future, I shall remember to pass on any information." Sif tilts her head slightly as she looks at Singularity. "Is this Thor you speak of particularly shiny because of his ability to manipulate lightning? Or is it a different type of shiny?"

Singularity has posed:
    Singularity gets a faint cute furrow on her brow and sighs inwardly. Words are hard! Well, she /is/ interested in meeting new friends, to be fair. Just she's looking for specific friends first. Who don't seem to remember her much thus far!

    But this is okay. Because they're all safe, and that's more important to her. "Yes. Friends. Safe." She beams at Heidi and Sif, then considers how to explain. "Dazzler Thor. Shiny." She makes sort of jazz hands to emphasize the shiny. "Do. The Will. Of Doom."

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
Perhaps Heidi can't do the translating as well as she'd like, especially when some of it kind of goes over her head. Either way, she smiles. "I am sure if we hear anything we will be able to point you in the correct direction." She might not entirely know what direction that is, but there's no way Heidi is going to refuse to help.

She at least knows how to keep a keen ear out for the strange things, like a Dazzler Thor.

Sif has posed:
Sif's pale eyes do slide to Heidi questioningly for a second. Then they return to Singularity again. In agreement with her fellow Asgaridan, she adds, "Yes, especially of a Thor who dazzles, or one who has a Will of Doom. The Thor I am aware of is currently in possession of a hammer rather than a will and I have not yet seen him be shiny beyond his summoning of lighting."

It might be an odd conversation to anyone off the street on Midgard, but Asgard has long been aware of the spaces between realities and dimensions sandwiched between shadows and light, even if Asgard's own people don't idly toy with these places.

Except for Loki.

It's the wafting of pretzels, of all things, that pulls Sif's attention away from the conversation at hand and towards the food carts. "I believe I will indulge in a pretzel or two with honey mustard sauce. If you have not tried one, might I recommend it," she says to Singularity in particular.

Singularity has posed:
    Singularity hasn't even though to bring up Lady Loki yet, either!

    She smiles at Heidi and Sif, nodding again at the offer. More new friends make it easier to find old friends, obviously. It's certainly nice to find people who seem to know something about what she's talking about instead of looking very confused.

    She perks and nods eagerly, following over towards the pretzel vendor as well. Though the question is how she'd pay for it, as she doesn't appear to have pockets. Or, well, clothes. Not that this matters considering the lack of detail her body has. If she even has money stored somewhere.

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
Heidi, while she might be new to Midgard as well, is beginning to fully understand how the currency here works. She heads right over to the vendor after checking the prices. While the coins are the confusing part, dollars at least make sense and she slides a few dollars to the vendor. "For my new friend," she gestures to Singularity. "Let them know what you'd like."

Heidi's not entirely sure how that will go, but it's a learning experience. Maybe it's good to let her communicate and learn. She looks to Sif. "I have tried one of these pretzels before. It reminds me of..." She's searching for the right word, something she's tried. "... a chewy bagel?"

Sif has posed:
Sif orders two salted pretzels and three honey-mustard dips with the certainty of having enjoyed them before. "A chewy bagel is an excellent manner of comparison, yes, Lady Heidi," she comments as she hands over her own collection of bills and coins, a touch more experienced in the monetary exchange having been here for several weeks now on an errand. "But perhaps more savory depending on which dip or drizzle you apply to it."

Having been handed her two crinkly paper satchets of preztels and able to cup the closed containers of mustard dip in her other hand, she then nods to both Heidi and Singularity. "Forgive me now though, my companions, I must return to my temporary abode. It was good speaking to you." Turning precisely on the pad of her boot, Sif then continues on down the street, heading for some manner of transportation to the neighborhood of Chelsea.

Singularity has posed:
    Singularity leans up on her tiptoes to get a better look at the pretzels, her eye slighting up at the three being chosen, then accepting the one given to her along with the mustard, sniffing at both with interest. She's not entirely sure how these are to be eaten yet! But she figures she can watch Heidi or Sif....but Sif is leaving. "Bye!" she says, smiling at Sif as she waves at her. Now that she's met her, she can find her again, after all.

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
Heidi glances to Singularity, grinning as she realizes figuring out the pretzel is challenging. She's already feeling odd being the one who knows slightly more. "I believe the idea is to pull part of it off and then dip it." She makes a motion with her hands, though she's not interested in the food.

"So if you are not from Midgard, where did you come from? Most I have met here have belonged to Midgard, but you are as new to it as I am, perhaps even /moreso/."

Singularity has posed:
    Though she seems to be having trouble communicating back, there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with Singularity's ability to understand what other people are communicating. Chalk it up to the oddity of being a sentient quantum singularity. After the explanation, she carefully walks over to a nearby table so she can set down the mustard, then pulls at the pretzel until a piece comes off.

    The first piece, she immediately pops into her mouth, chewing. Oddly, she does have teeth and a tongue, but there's just sort of a white space back behind that. She mmmms, enjoying it, then tries tearing off another bit, this time experimenting by dipping it in the mustard and trying that. Perhaps a bit TOO much mustard, from her expression and the little cough cough that comes after that as she blinks, then tries to open the can of soda she's been opening like she observed earlier and drinks from it.

    She pahs a bit, then tilts her head at Heidi, frowning in thought. "Singularity. Here. Before." She shakes her head a little bit, trying for a bit less mustard this time and finding that more to her taste. "Different. Now. All different."

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
Heidi leans forward a bit, tilting her head to the side. She's really not sure /what/ Singularity is, but she's strange and weird and she finds that sort of thing delightful. It's not hard to make Heidi happy, but finding the bright and vibrant and beautiful things in the world /especially/ do. "So you were here before now... and you came back and things are different. Or maybe you're different? Or both."

There's a lot to it. It could be the passage of time, it could be that she changed herself and doesn't understand things. Whatever the case may be, the Valkyrie-in-training seems at ease, her questions only bordering on curious and not prying. "Is that why you're looking for your friends? Because things are different?"

Singularity has posed:
    Singuarly nods firmly. "Yes. Things. Different." she responds, breaking off another piece of her pretzel to nibble on after dipping it lightly in the mustard. Trying different levels of spice. "Friends. Before different." she says, her voice a bit muffled since her mouth is full, before she swallows. "Friends safe? Now." she says, emphasizing the questioning tone for the first part. "Safe. Good."

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
The flaxen-haired Asgardian nods in agreement. "There is plenty of this realm I wish to see, so if I find any of your friends along my way, I will make sure that they are safe, perhaps send them your way, if they will be able to find you." She points at the pretzel. "What do you think? Midgard certainly has some interesting food."

Singularity has posed:
    Singularity nods firmly in agreement! "Good. Salty." she lists as her review, then peers into Heidi's eyes. "Friends. Jennifer. Carol. Alison. Nico. Medusa." she lists off, one after the other. "Migard good." She beams at the Asgardian, obviously taking full enjoyment from the pretzel she's munching on as if it's one of the best things she's ever eaten. In fact, it is the only pretzel she's ever eaten, so it's right up there!

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
Heidi commits them to memory. "Jennifer, Carol, Alison, Nico, Medusa." She does seem passionately inspired by that. "I do not feel as if friends should be lost to each other. Life is not meant to be lived alone." She looks to Singularity. "And I should go find mine. I shall keep an eye and an ear out. Enjoy the..." She's already forgotten what it's called and has to read the sign. "Pretzel." With that, she's headed off, the can of soda still in her pocket.

Singularity has posed:
    Singularity smiles sunnily and waves as Heidi gets up to leave. "Bye!" After all, anyone should be able to go find their friends if they know where they are. "Thanks!" she adds, in reference to the pretzel, as she returns to making it disappear with obvious enjoyment.