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Heidi Ingerdottir (Scenesys ID: 698)
Name: Heidi Ingerdottir
Superalias: Saga
Gender: Female
Species: Asgardian
Occupation: Valkyrie-in-Training
Citizenship: Asgardian
Residence: Asgard
Education: Asgardian schooling
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Asgardians
Apparent Age: 1248 Actual Age: 1248
Date of Birth 12 August 772 Played By
Height: 6'1" Weight: 200 lb
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: Flight of the Bumblebee - Rimsky-Korsakov - https://youtu.be/M93qXQWaBdE

Character Info


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Heidi Ingerdottir, also called "Saga" for her poetry, is an Asgardian who has worked her entire life towards becoming a Valkyrie. Starting in the stables, she has become renowned for her skill on a pegasus as well as her strong shot with a bow. She has fought many battles and struggled many years in pursuit of her goal. She is bright, joyful, and full of life while trying her very best to contain herself in the powerful yet serene package of a proper Valkyrie.


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* 772: Born to Inger, a Shield-Maiden of Asgard.
* 792: Starts working in the stables as a stablehand, works her way up to train Asgard's winged horses. Starts training with the bow.
* 802: Finds love of poetry. She begins to write poems about the exploits she hears about Midgard.
* 805: Learns to play the lyre, as an accompaniment to her poetry.
* 1050: Considered to be one of the most skilled trainers of Asgard's pegasi. She still desires to be a Valkyrie.
* 1075: Continues combat training specifically to use the bow in combination with a flying mount.
* 1100: Spends years traveling and defending Asgard, proving herself many times in battle.
* 2015: Travels briefly to Midgard for the first time in the midst of Thor being cast out. She does not intervene, but observes the goings on? as well as getting a taste of Midgard.
* 2020: Travels to Midgard in an attempt to aid in Asgardian affairs there and prove herself a Valkyrie.

IC Journal

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Be it for animals or for people, Heidi is a caring soul. Her compassion for people and drive to aid others in finding their own joy and fulfillment in life allows her to understand the situations of others. She tries to find ways to assist people however she can, though she is at least aware when she's pushing a little too hard to express her compassion.

Heidi is full of life. She revels in living it, she finds joy in song and poetry, the beautiful things all around her are appreciated. Her general attitude is bright and vibrant, the type of person whose smile and laughter tend to be infectious. When she's a little bit too excitable this can come off as a bit airy or ditzy for those not paying attention, though it's far from the truth. She is aware of the world around her and she /loves/ it.

Naturally Graceful:
While bright and even bubbly, Heidi might seem so up-in-the-clouds that she might totally forget what she's doing or even stumble. It's not true. Truthfully, she's got a natural grace to her. Her mind and her body work quickly with her to ease in and out of situations in ways that might not be expected. While she may not always know the right words, the way she says them can be crisp, flowing. She may not know what the dance moves are, but the way she sways makes up for it. Somehow, in most situations, natural grace smooths things over.

If something looks like a game, Heidi is more than happy to revel in it, or join it if it seems something she's interested in. She likes to have fun. Activities, games, music, laughter, people? it's all in her wheelhouse and she likes it that way. While sometimes enjoying quieter sport and games, she enjoys the louder stuff that might get a little more combative. So long as no one's getting /seriously/ hurt, everyone's having a good time.

Strength of Will:
Heidi has a stubborn will to live and will to persevere. She is honestly of the belief that you can get through anything with enough will to do it and enough hard work. You can knock her down, but she'll keep getting back up and keep trying. Nothing keeps her down, and nothing keeps her from doing what needs to be done.

Character Sheet


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As an Asgardian, Heidi has the gift of Allspeak, which allows her to communicate in every language and be understood by others in their respective languages.

Asgardian Physiology:
As with all Asgardians, Heidi ages at a rate much more slowly than those of Midgard. She is resistant to non-Asgardian diseases and has a faster healing rate, and is gifted with strength, agility, and speed that puts the average Midgardian to shame but stands about average for an Asgardian.


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Animal Handling:
Heidi has spent hundreds of years working in Asgard's stables, both tending to the animals as well as training them. When she wasn't fighting, she earned her way to be one of the most skilled trainers of the winged horses in particular. She handles them well, and she can befriend and soothe most equine creatures with a fair bit of ease.

To become a Valkyrie and prove herself in battle, Heidi has spent hundreds of years training with a bow in both mounted and unmounted combat. She has both practice and practical experience, honing her skills to be the strongest she can. Her accuracy is high, rarely missing, and she is particularly skilled when firing off of a pegasus. Combined with her skill atop a pegasus, her archery skills should win her the honored title of Valkyrie in no time.

Although her specialization is in archery, Heidi has also trained in the use of both sword and shield, as well as club, axe, and spear. She is proficient in the use of all of these, though the focus of her training has always been mounted archery.

Poetry and Music:
A lover of poetry, Heidi found her voice through the written word. When she began to show skill in it, her friends began to call her "Saga". Saga wrote many pieces over the years, but her most well-known were the chronicles of Asgardians on Midgard. They were tales given to her second or third-hand, but ones that many on Asgard have heard or could quote from. When she refers to her poetry she usually refers to herself as Saga. To accompany herself on recitation of her poetry, she learned the lyre, which she still plays from time to time.

Riding and Flight:
As Heidi has a hand in training Asgard's mounts, she is very familiar with both riding horses and flying with them. She is a capable rider and an extremely capable flyer, able to do tricks and moves in flight that only a skilled rider /and/ mount could accomplish. She not only trains the mounts, but she also teaches people how to ride them.


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Heidi is from Asgard, and as such, has access to her own personal resources and connections from there. While she is not of a high social status, her mother is a warrior which gives her access to basic weapons and armor, and her work at the stables allows her access to resources there. While she doesn't have a great deal of connections in high places, all Asgardian connections are certainly worth something.

The bow Heidi primarily uses is a gift from her mother, a Shield-Maiden of Asgard. While intricately carved for beauty's sake, this wooden bow was custom made as a gift. She has used this bow for many, many years and is quite familiar with it.

Literary Fame:
Heidi, often referred to as "Saga" in literary circles, is an accomplished poet and well-known for chronicling the adventures of Asgardians in Midgard. While not always useful on Midgard, Saga may be well enough known in Asgardian circles to have some sway or potential pull, at least enough to get an in somewhere she might not have ordinarily.

The Stables of Asgard:
Heidi is considered one of the most skilled in training the winged horses ridden by the Valkyries. She has access to the stables and the mounts themselves, both regular horses and pegasi. She is familiar with many of them, and there's one winged horse that she considers her own--though she has yet to earn her.


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Asgardian Duty:
When it comes down to it, Heidi's loyalty is to Asgard. If Asgard should have need of her, she has no choice but to come to its aid. Should a situation occur where she feels conflicted, it would take a very, very dire circumstance for her to turn against the will of Asgard.

While she's not naive enough to fall for the most obvious of distractions, Heidi's attention can be led away from a task easily if someone's trying hard enough. She's not very good at narrowing her focus to one specific task and often finds she has to do three things at once to focus on one of them.

When it comes down to it, if it be by social status or from her personality, Heidi is often overlooked in the grand scheme of things. Some people brush her off by assuming her joyous nature is frivolity and perhaps treat her as if she were stupid. Whatever the case, people tend to not find her important which means she has to fight twice as hard to prove herself in both combat and social situations.

Newer To Midgard:
While Heidi has heard many tales of Midgard and /written/ many tales, she has visited very rarely. This means there's a lot of the custom and ways to which she hasn't entirely gotten used to and she sticks out like a sore thumb when she doesn't catch on what she's supposed to be doing. Often she'll keep doing it wrong until someone corrects her.

Overly Excitable:
Heidi often feeds off the positive energy of a group. This means when her companions are in a good mood, her own good mood tends to be amplified. Unfortunately, this can sometimes mean that she's got a little too much energy which she has to find a good way to expend. Usually, this ends in training exercises.

People Pleaser:
Heidi is not fond of the feeling of having done something wrong unintentionally. For the most part, she likes to make sure everyone around her is at their best. If someone doesn't, for some reason, seem to be going along with things, she finds she has to go out of her way to make that person happy, often to her detriment.



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Heidi Ingerdottir has 63 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Uncanny Assassination October 14th, 2020 Sally is assassinated by Deadpool. It doesn't take.
Kicking the Habit (And Columbians) September 3rd, 2020 No description
Mead and Cupcakes! August 13th, 2020 Heidi celebrates surviving another year while her friends cheer her on.
You're gonna what August 10th, 2020 Sally and Heidi talk about cloning. Sally's cloning, specifically. Oops!
Confession!! July 16th, 2020 Sally and Heidi tell Kaminari that they are dating. Also, Asgardian Mead cupcakes are gonna be a thing.
Totally Their First Date July 8th, 2020 Sally and Heidi take a trip across dimensional boundaries for a date. Yes, you read that right.
Midnight Raider July 6th, 2020 Thor is tricked by evil Heidi.
Obliviousness June 8th, 2020 Sally and Heidi have a conversation about the nature of many Sallies. There is also a food fight.
Asgardians on Midgard June 6th, 2020 The Asgardians throw a party for their embassy opening!
Sturgeon's Law is Multiversal May 30th, 2020 A Faceplant is fought. Also, Sally's Secrets Are Revealed to Heidi.
The first Oni Jar, JFK Airport May 26th, 2020 Three way battle in JFK, the contents of the oni jar escaped.
NYC - Japanese Appreciation Society - Ken Hashinari's Wake May 26th, 2020 Kaminari meets Ken's brother Shiro and learns of Ken's wasteful death - and the arrival of part of an Oni next week by airplane.
Cupcake Delivery May 23rd, 2020 Sally, Heidi and Kaminari have cupcakes. They are delicious. Also, Heidi is gonna be Kaminari's bodyguard. This won't end in disaster at all.
A Catch Up May 18th, 2020 Alexander and Heidi chat about how life and recent events are going.
Not One To Miss Out May 15th, 2020 Sally and Heidi take a ride on Eira (for real this time) and have a picnic. Stars are discussed. It is very cute.
Don't Get Blood On The Tiles May 10th, 2020 Kaminari takes Sally and Heidi to an underground gambling den in Chinatown with cage fights. It doesn't take them long to cause a scene and be asked never to return by the Triad boss who owns the place.
The Bells: Metropolis Overrun May 8th, 2020 Shadow monsters assault Gateway bridge, and heroes respond with firepower.
Softly the Petals Fall May 5th, 2020 No description
Fear of Missing Out May 4th, 2020 Heidi takes Sally flying... only it's not Sally. It's other Sally. Oops.
A Different Kind Of Thunder God May 1st, 2020 Sally's video game session with Heidi is interrupted by the arrival of Kaminari, seeking respite from the Japanophiles that hound her every move. They wind up consuming machos, making plans for sushi night, and playing Monster Hunter World.
Accidents Happen April 27th, 2020 Sally and Heidi meet. Nachos are eaten and absolutely no one is dangerously thrown in the air for no real reason.
Asgard Past: Coming Home April 18th, 2020 Heidi and Sif finally return the missing box of memories to Einherjar Valdar, he most grateful for it. With the spirit laid to proper rest, life continues in glorious Asgard.
The Jerk and the Chick that Stole the Seat April 15th, 2020 Alexander gets a dawg and is a jerk.
Asgard Past: A Double-Edged Present April 14th, 2020 Sif and Heidi descend into the hidden passage in the Armory again after nearly six-hundred years to find...history repeating itself? A new and honorable task is gained.
Asgard Past: Sword in the Dark April 11th, 2020 A young Sif and Heidi both discover a secret beneath the armory of the Royal Barracks in the Golden City. They bring with them a weapon from another time and while it is left roughly where they found it, it won't be left alone forever. Spooky sword is spooky!
Enter Molo April 9th, 2020 Heidi is tricked into doing Hades' BIDDING!
The Bells - Pristine Horns Necessary April 3rd, 2020 Despite the challenge and sheer rugged defiance of the Skirranas creatures, Sif and Heidi both succeed in gathering four necessary horns.
Missing Spots 1 April 1st, 2020 Where to begin and who will do what to chase the missing Snow Leopard is decided on.
Amazonians, Asgardians, and Angels, oh my. March 31st, 2020 Angela mistakes a strip club for Heven. After a confrontation turns to drinking, some things are hard to swallow by everyone.
An Asgardian Angel in Midgard's Court March 25th, 2020 Angela arrives on Earth. She's not happy. And she ruins Heidi's day. But Diana and Naomi help make it better!
Lions and tigers and bears - oh my! March 25th, 2020 Heidi and Jessica Drew find exotic zoo animals loose in Central Park. There is suspicion that the animals were left out to cover the theft of a valuable Snow Leopard. Could this put them on the trail of a rich collector or something much worse?
Going Public March 24th, 2020 No description
Endless Embassy Encounters! March 23rd, 2020 While Acting as the Receptionist for the Embassy, Cassie recieves and Entertains A Variety of Guests.
Aftermath: Prom Edition March 22nd, 2020 Alexander and Heidi chat post-prom about parties, legacies, and the ever-moving journey called life.
Flying High March 21st, 2020 Caitlin's flying experiment crashes and burns, but Heidi swoops in to save an experiment gone wrong.
Happy Harbor Prom 2020 March 21st, 2020 Much fun was had by all and with minimal property damage!
Just A Walk In The Park March 20th, 2020 Heidi is suprised to meet another Asgardian. She shares some tips with Toril and they eat pretzels.
Artistic Ennui March 19th, 2020 Sif and Heidi bring news to Loki (Thoki).
Cool People Doing Cool Things! March 19th, 2020 Jessica and Thor catch up on what passed and Heidi shows up and is a nerd.
Which Sandwich March 18th, 2020 People converge over sandwiches and talk superheroes and those maybe not so heroic.
I Don't Mean To Boar You March 18th, 2020 Some ladies defeat a giant rampaging boar in a park, then proceed on to relish their victory over pub food.
So Anyways, My Point Is... March 16th, 2020 Up on the rooftops, pegasi shenanigans. Sif is a fuddy-duddy. Heidi is correct in noting that Midgardians flaunt in the same manner. Regardless, both Aesir warriors share mulled wine and camaraderie as well as trust in lesser-knowns.
Biker Biker Biker March 14th, 2020 BAR FIGHT!
Maker's Debutante March 13th, 2020 Zatanna hosts a party for some of the magically inclined, and a new magic user gets to show off and make contacts!
Night Flight March 13th, 2020 Look up in the sky, it's a bird, no, it's a plane... nope, just two chicks talking.
Asgardian Urgent Care March 13th, 2020 After finding Nightwing in a pile or rubble, Heidi brings him home to patch him up and a date may be offered -- but would he ever see her again?
Late Night March 12th, 2020 No description
Outfitting March 11th, 2020 Finding a proper outfit is hard to do!
Stupid Emotions March 10th, 2020 Alexander and Heidi talk, share nachos, and play truth or dare (mostly truth).
Poetry March 10th, 2020 Poetry is shared, tears are shed, laughs are had, no one is dead.
Battle of the Boning March 9th, 2020 Illyana battles a corset and loses. Heidi and Zatanna meet and become friends. Flying ponies are promised!
Quiet Conversations March 8th, 2020 Heidi and Alexander share a heart to heart after pizza.
Cait and Heidi Meet March 8th, 2020 Heidi and Sif meet Caitlin at the stables in Asgard
Another Day In Happy Harbor March 8th, 2020 Mel and Heidi show up at Alex's school while he's talking to Christine and hassle him.
Most Popular Soda Machine in Midtown March 7th, 2020 Sif and Heidi mull over plundering a soda machine and Singularity comes along to help out in this process. Achilles is a gentleman and suggests the food carts in response to that dastardly soda machine not sharing!
Food is the Bestest March 5th, 2020 Two Nosy Valkyries hassle Alexander
Rooftop Rumbles March 5th, 2020 Warriors from multiple pantheons spell the doom for a revenent creature. Sif is her usual cool self. Heidi is a ray of sunshine. Poor Alexander, he must put up with cracks at his height.
Runaway in Central Park March 4th, 2020 An overturned truck, some Asgardian lore, and a secret revealed.
To Catch a Cumulus Cloud March 4th, 2020 Sif and Heidi take to the skies on their Pegasi and enjoy the freedom of open air and conversation.
Memories of the Battle Maiden Heidi March 4th, 2020 23 December 2019: PFC Flash Thompson is saved in Iraq by an Angel of the Battlefield - a Valkyrie in Training that would be redacted from the offical report.
Unexpected Sightings March 3rd, 2020 The sight of a pegasus in Central Park brings a few people together.
Streets of Hell's Kitchen March 2nd, 2020 Cartel Ambush at the Bagel Cart gets thwarted by a polite Asgardian, an incognito immortal, and Spider-Woman.
What's a Few Centuries Between Valkyries March 2nd, 2020 Heidi and Sif find one another on Midgard and Sif treats the younger Asgardian to lunch. Loki briefly shows, charming as always, before leaving the ladies to their tete-a-tete.


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Heidi Ingerdottir has 63 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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