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=A Bizarre Robbery
Date of Scene: 15 September 2020
Location: Arnaud's Diamond Market, Midtown, NYC
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Winslow Schott, Johnny Gallo, Achilles, Hercules, Sara Pezzini

Winslow Schott has posed:
It was very unusual for Toyman or any of his sordid associates to leave Metropolis to commit crimes. Tonight however, was an exception to this normal rule. Arnaud's Diamond Market was selling a rare set of uncut diamonds that were worth a fortune once cut. Toyman wanted these jewels, though not for the money, but for use in future creations. That was how a red van full of Toyman's goons found itself driving through Midtown's surprisingly empty streets towards Arnaud's, which was closed for the night.

The Van stops with a light screech and a large, muscualr, bald man with a handlebar mustache wearing a red lab coat comes out of the van and starts to haul out large, almost comically oversized Jack-in-the-Boxes. Once the boxes were set up, which took the large man about two minutes to do so, five more men came out of the van and began to stand on the boxes. Once the large man got on his box the ringleader of this heist, a tall, scrawny, Jamaican man with sunglasses and short, black hair wearing the same lab coat as his companions chuckles lightly as he says,

"Alrighty boys, get ready to fly onto da roof!"

Suddenly, the cranks of the boxes suddenly started to move by themselves, playing Pop Goes the Weasel as they do. Suddenly, the Boxes pop open, revealing flat platforms causing, no doubt much to the surprise of those observing, the six men to fly up into the air onto the roof of the store. Once on the roof, the men made their way to the roof access door and one of them began to pick the lock.

Johnny Gallo has posed:
Johnny Gallo was out on patrol tonight as the Silver Spider. He was in his full silver and white get up, running and leaping across rooftops. He was getting close to calling it a night, or at the very least, taking a break to go get some grub, when he heard the music playing down the road. Curious, he altered course, high speed flying into a wall and turning at the last minute to plant his feet and ricochet off of it towards the sounds of children's toys.

He made it just in time to see the crew landing on the roof top and head for the door. He found himself a spot across the road to watch for a bit, and call in the break in to the Spidey Web folks. Once he let them know when, and where, he pulled out a small, flat, throwing disk, and took a deep breath, watching the crooks to figure out what exactly they were up to, and who they might be.

Achilles has posed:
    Well, with the hour it's not like Angelo would be doing any actual banking. ATM's are primitive things these days too. He doesn't put on spandex and go on patrol either. As a recently added member and agent of SHIELD, he doesn't do superhero patrols. What he -is- doing, is catching up with a distant relative.
    The fact that Angelo doesn't have a costume and doesn't do the whole Secret ID thing makes it simpler when he showed up and invited Heracles, okay that's the old version of his distant cousin's name. But they have been sharing a meal across the street from the bank at Planet Krypton.
    "Do you remember the look on Jason's face when he realized the rope he was reaching for was really a snake?" he asks Herc, laughing as he takes a bite of his steak.

Hercules has posed:
Hercules laughs loudly. He's a big guy and the roar of his jubilation can be heard above the other patrons, perhaps drawing a stare or two, "He'll fall for it again too! We should arrange it cousin!" He takes a long swig from his pint of beer before turning to his own steak.

"We should go find a pizza when we're done here. They bake them differently everwhere and it is an ambition of mine to try them all!" The god is obviously unaware of the goings on outside, "But before we leave I plan on trying all of these ales and beers." He flags down a waiter.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Off-duty, Pez is in what she wore to work, a nicely fitted jacket in a blue-green that fires the green of her eyes over darker green jeans and low shoes. Running in high heels just doesn't make it. She hesitates in the doorway, searching the room for Angelo when a loud laugh draws her attention to the bar. Without a doubt, the man with him must be the kinsman he texted mysteriously about to her. She works her way through the room to stand at Angelo's shoulder.

"Hey. Got here as soon as I could but I parked illegally." With a faint smile, she gives him a quick kiss on the cheek and then turns to the man next to him, offering him her hand. "Hi, I'm Sara Pezzini."

Winslow Schott has posed:
The six men were completely oblivious to the presence of the nearby heroes. Instead, they were more focused on getting the roof access door opened. Suddenly, a click is heard and the lock-picker lets out a triumphant laugh. The ringleader seems to grin as he suddenly turns back to the gathered crooks and says with a confident smirk,

"Alright boys' we are only here for da uncut diamonds. Mr.Schott said not to take anythang else, understood?"

With that, the men began to make their way into the building.

Johnny Gallo has posed:
Johnny Gallo gave a nod, "Yeap, time to go to work!" He heard the ringleader talking, and then bounded across the street, his silver spidey outfit not all that great for stealth most of the time, easily catching the light as he twisted through the air.

Landing feet first against the back of the last thug through the door, he bounced into a backflip to land on the rooftop, hoping his momentum piled them up on the staircase. "Alright, go ahead and line it up. Silver Spider's here, no need to let this get ugly!" He called out, spinning the disc on his finger as he waited to see what their reply would be.

Achilles has posed:
    Leaning in to the kiss, Angelo grins and reaches up to rub the back of his hand against her arm. Just enjoying the contact. "Heya Sara." he says as he stands with old world manners to pull the chair out for her. "Glad you could join us." He seems completely unaware of the nighttime bank robbery going on around the corner for that matter. "I thought it might be a good idea for you to meet my cousin." He pauses a beat, gestures to Sara and says, "Cousin, this is .. well she just gave you her name. She is a Detective with the New York Police Department." he adds. Then he gestures to the big guy and says, "Sara. This is my distant cousin. My Great Grandfather on my mother's side is his father. His name is... well, you may have heard it before." A beat, "Heracles." Yeah, again with the -old- way of saying it.

Hercules has posed:
Hercules grins wide, taking a swig from his beer as Sara introduces herself. He sets the mug down, careful not to break it as he extends his own VERY large hand, "I am Hercules, son of Zeus, it is an honor to meet the mate of my cousin." Wrong or right it's what he assumes and he's hardly one to shy from the obvious.

Hercules gestures to a menu, "Buy what you want!" His booming, jovial voice is nothing but inviting, "This table could never be full I assure you! After this we will seek out whatever pizza is best in this city. As I told my cousin, it is made different everywhere!" He laughs heartily and grabs his mug.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Pumping the huge hand that engulfs hers, Sara smiles at the larger than life man. Mate, wrings a laugh and a hitch of her eyebrows at Angelo. So this is what meeting the family will be like.

"That would make him your first cousin three times removed, right?" Her smile dims momentarily as the Witchblade pulses on her wrist, involuntarily she glances around the room trying to gauge what caused it. After another sweep of her eyes, she slides into the chair next to Angelo, facing Hercules. "Pizza will be great. We are always questing after the best. Did you tell him about the place we like in Brooklyn?"