36/I Think We're Not In Kíansas Any More

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I Think We're Not In Kíansas Any More
Date of Scene: 20 February 2020
Location: St. Martin's Island
Synopsis: Kían arrives on Earth. It's awkward.
Cast of Characters: Colette O'Connail, Kian, Carol Danvers, Leonid Kovar

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    The storm has passed, finally.  It had set in around 5 am, pounded the water to fury and churned the dark sand to a sticky paste, but it hadn't lasted too long.  The clouds have broken out over the sea, and the thin light of early morning paints the beach in melancholy tones. The skies are clear, and birds wheel over the beech, eyes open for anything the wild sea may have thrown up on the strand.
    A lone figure steps out from an old paint-peeling band stand, where she had sheltered from the rains.  Eyes look up at the clear sky, and she steps out across the sands to follow the retreating sea, a line of footprints behind her as her feet sink a little in the wet sand.  Colette stops a few feet from the wave line, hands folded into the pockets of her leather jacket, hoodie pulled up over her ears, and hunched against the morning cold to stare out across the limitless Atlantic blue.

Kian has posed:
    Lightning can sometimes outlast a storm's fury, lighting up the sky even when the clouds have passed with a faint intimation of the meteorological violence that had been.
    Whatever this is, it's not lightning.  Lightning comes in bolts and streaks, hot white strands connecting the ground to the clouds, followed by anything from a low grumble to a sharp clap that drives the eardrums deeper into one's skull.
    This is neither.
    There is a blue flash in the clear sky, brief and painfully bright for the merest fraction of a second that it is there.
    And then it is dark again.
    The keen-eyed, however, just might see a faint speck of sky-blue falling in an awkwardly tumbling spiral from where the flash had been.

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    Blue light dances a brief reflection on the surface of the sea, and the sky flickers.  Colette looks up; a fireball? The thought enters her head—'wish upon a falling star'.  She wonders if it counts when it's a fireball, rather than a shooting star burning its brilliant moment of life across the night's dark.  She can't think of what to wish for anyway.  She smiles wryly at her own thought process, scanning the sky, her hand drawing her phone out of the pocket of her jacket ready to film the spectacle she hopes to see.
    There's no ball of fire to see, no trail of smoke indicating a passage she'd missed.  The sky still seems clear.  The birds above are perhaps a little perturbed in their flight, but Colette sees nothing worth pulling her camera out to film.  She had hoped for a moment's excitement to end a rather dull night, but sees nothing to encourage her.  Sighing gently, she slides the phone away again.

Kian has posed:
    The small blue wisp continues its slow and awkward tumble to the sea… and then, and then of all things it moves, it levels out into a plane parallel to the surface of the water, circling in a wide arc.  The sharp-eared might hear after a moment a startled keening, like the cry of a hawk but not quite.  The pitch is too deep to be a bird.
    The light moves uncertainly, but only a moment, then it heads in the direction of the nearest land.
    At the rate it's losing altitude, it's anyone's guess whether it will reach land before it hits the water.

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    Colette finally becomes aware that there IS in fact something happening.  The dark form tumbling from the sky, the wings spread as it tries to regain composure.  Maybe not as exciting as the hoped-for fireball, but reason enough for Colette to stay her hand as she was sliding her phone back into her pocket, and start filming.
    As she zooms in on the distant figure, shape resolves in her eyes.  Her brow creases into a frown as she tries to make sense of the pixels on her screen.  As the distance closes and the figure becomes clearer, her head tilts curiously.  That bird looks strangely… unbird like.

Kian has posed:
    Gravity appears to be winning, though not for lack of effort on the glowing blue dot's part.  As it approaches—and it's approaching quite fast—it will, for sufficiently good eyesight or magnification, resolve into a definite birdman: to wit, one humanoid with avian wings.
    Almost to the shore, gravity wins.
    The birdman gives one keening cry of—terror?  Despair?—and hits the water, skipping once, twice, thrice, and almost making it to the beach.  He claws at the water desperately, dry land so very, very close, so very very barely out of reach… really, one or two more meters would've done it.  Instead, the tide is having its way….

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    Confusion registers on Colette's face as the figure comes fully into focus.  It takes her a few moments to process what she is seeing.  A mutant, maybe?  She is frozen while he crashes into the waves, and it takes the sight of him struggling against the tide to bring her out of it.  She quickly shucks her jacket to the sand and drops her phone on it, then wades out into the tide to reach him.
    It takes a minute or two.  The tide is pulling the bird-man further and further away from land, and by the time she reaches him she's barely able to touch the ground any more, waves are welling up around her neck and she is starting to panic a little.  Nevertheless she manages to reach out a hand and grab hold of his arm.  "Don't struggle!" she yells out over the sound of the breakers.  "You'll make it harder.  Relax!"  Slowly, foot by foot, she drags him against the tide, her own breath increasingly ragged.
    Shock after shock.  She's an alien.  There's no question of it.  She's the wrong size, the wrong shape, disturbingly lacking in wings.  She speaks strange words, harshly.  And yet she's silent.
    At the moment the alien hand touched his arm, there was a whispering static where understanding should have been.  A carrier wave.  There's something there—it's not like touching an inanimate object—but no emotions, no thoughts, no images or memories.  As if contact had been made, and a wall of silence slammed down between them before any recognizable though could pass the connection.
    The water level goes slowly lower—to her chest, her waist, her knees.  It should get easier, but it seems to get harder for her.  Exhaustion setting in.  Finally she feels the resistance of land dragging on his body.  She strains to haul him a few more feet, to where the water just washes over his legs but does not risk inundating him fully, and lets go his arm.  She drops quickly to her hands and knees in the surf, breathing heavily, her body shaking.

Kian has posed:
    Too panicked to really register much, the little birdman essentially goes limp when he's taken in hand, and allows himself to be dragged to the shore without any apparent comprehension.  The water washes over his legs, but his hands dig deperately into the sand as if trying to anchor himself.  "h'Okh'taíAsh tyr'taí?"
    Whatever the words are, they're not Terran in origin.  The little birdman falls silent, gasping for breath, shuddering violently whenever the waves wash over his legs.

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    It takes Colette a little while.  She kneels there, shaking with exhaustion and adrenaline, his words washing over her.  Gradually her gasping breaths slow, and she pulls herself to her feet again.  "C'mon buddy, we've got to… make the last…."  She takes hold of one of his arms again, heaving him step by step, just a few more feet up the beach until they are fully out of the water, then lets his hand go and drops into a crouch beside him.
    Slowly exhaustion gives way to curiosity.  "Those wings are uh… real, right?  Never seen a mutant like you before.  You okay there buddy?  Can you hear me?"  She puts her hand to his cheek, gently turning his face to face her, checking if his eyes are open, if he's breathing properly.  "I uh… guess I should call an ambulance.  My phone… phone's over there."  She raises a hand, pointing in the direction of her jacket, a dozen or so feet away.  "Jacket.  I should… you probably need… keep warm."

Kian has posed:
    The little birdman is non-responsive, other than clutching fitfully at the sand and breathing gaspingly.  Occasionally he says something in his own language, usually repeating "Ash tyr'taí?"
    He is also limned in a blue glow… whatever that might mean.  He also feels warm—not fever warm, but like under a sunlamp.
    He pushes himself up a little and opens his eyes.  They keep getting wider as it slowly registers that where he is, is not the observation deck of an Akiár starship.  "c'Rhys'yw…!"

Carol Danvers has posed:
    Meanwhile a good ways off in New York one would find Carol trying to duck out of the Triskelion to get a Starkbuck's venti mocha expresso.  Yes, she knows she will have to wait in the early morning rush line to get coffee with all the people starting their day in the rat race.  Yes, it is worth it she thinks to herself as she waits in line.
    Right on cue as she is nearing the front of the line her phone rings and she palms it out of her pocket, the ringtone is the klaxon siren from Star Wars.  "Yes?" she answers.  Honestly, only picking it up because that particular number only rings when there is a problem somewhere.  "Uhuh… some sort of explosion sighted.  Falling UFO… personal craft sized at best… uhuh… Metropolis waters… okay send me a pin in the map for it."  She looks at the location that pings next.  "Okay.  I'll go look."  She hangs up the phone.
    There is a deep sigh as she steps out of line and walks to the street, her jeans, ballcap disguise she learned watching Rogers, and jacket shimmering with a field of cosmic energy and turning into her flight gear.  With that she is in the sky clearing Manhattan airspace before putting on real speed… real speed… to go check it out.  It won't be too long really.

Leonid Kovar has posed:
    From some distance, a red glow of its own appears in the sky, growing closer.  This one doesn't appear to be falling, however, but directed.  Leonid had been getting to know his new home when the sight of a figure falling through the sky caught his attention.  While he was fairly far away, that was hardly an impediment for the hero known as Red Star.
    He streaks to land not far away from Colette and Kian, the crimson radiance around him dying down but lingering in his eyes . He's wearing civilian clothes, jeans and sneakers along with a tank top that says USA.  His father's idea, thinking this would make him fit in.  Leonid felt a little self-conscious about it, but it is what it is.
    "It is miracle that he's alive," he says.  "I do not think he is from around here, as saying goes."

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    "D… do you speak English?  Parlez-vous FrançaisHablas InglesNi shuo Putonghua ma?" Colette tries.  When the glowing blue becomes apparent, she pauses doubtfully then adds, "Utwa des Interlac?"  She clambers to her feet to retrieve her phone, and immediately stumbles on shaking legs and drops to her knees, breathing heavily.  Her body still shakes from the adrenalin of the rescue.  Her hands steady herself in the sand and she looks down, taking slow, deep breaths.
    Another flash of light, red this time.  Colette gathers the energy to raise her head and look up, to see Leonid.  She blinks tiredly at him.  "He fell into the water," she explains.  "I… I dragged him out."  She looks up and down the beach, uncertain what caused the red flash, as she wasn't looking.  Her eyes return to him.  Not far from him, the line of her own footprints are visible in the sand.  His, however… "Who… who are you?  How did you…?"

Kian has posed:
    Kían stares at the woman with total incomprehension.
    No, not quite total incomprehension.  Total incomprension comes at the sight of someone glowing kind of like he himself does, except red… and flying without wings.  He pushes himself away, speaking rapidly in his own language.  No translation is necessary to understand that he's terrified.

Leonid Kovar has posed:
    Leonid Kovar sees the panic in Kian and can't deny it's understandable.  He's something of an intimidating figure.  He holds his hands up, palms outstretched, in a 'no harm' gesture that he hopes is somewhat universal.  In the literal sense.
    "I flew.  I am Red Star.  I am metahuman.  Superhero," he says, then adds sheepishly, "Mostly in Russia, but I move here now.  I am only here to help," he says.  He pitches his voice as softly as he can, the natural deep tone of it tempered to sound less threatening.  Although, who knows, to an alien species, high pitched voices might be MORE frightening.  Leonid's only 18, he's doing his best.
    "Here, I will sit," he says, legs folding under him and pushing to the ground.  "I will not come any nearer."

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    "Red Star," Colette repeats.  "Okay."  She makes another attempt at standing, succeeding this time, and trudges on shaking knees to retrieve her jacket and phone.  She makes her way back to Kian, stumbling only once, and holds her jacket out flat.  "Look.  To keep warm, okay?" she says softly.  She clutches her arms to herself, miming shivering with cold.  It doesn't take much miming, she's soaked to the skin.  "Brr.  Cold.  So calm down a little okay buddy.  You need to warm up."
    Colette drops down to her knees beside him, holding the coat out to him again, but not trying to push it on him.  He seems panicky enough already.  As if just remembering his presence again, she looks over to Leonid.  "Maybe w… w… we should call him an ambulance or something?  I don't… I th… thought he might be a mutant but…."  She takes a deep, shuddering breath.  "Not sure."
    She's still shaking.  It's possible she needs her jacket more than Kian does, but that doesn't seem to have occurred to her.

Kian has posed:
    Kían watches Red Star sit down, and relaxes just a little.  He's still clearly very freaked out.
    He does not reach for the jacket, although he does look at inquisitively.  It probably looks wrong to him, judging by his shirt: sleeveless, open at the back for his wings.  Oddly enough, despite just having been in the water, his shirt and kilt look to be dry already.  "P'akh'taí?" he says, looking back and forth between the two.  "Na h'okh'taí?"  He still sounds scared spitless.

Carol Danvers has posed:
    There is a very faint pop noise from high altitude really, basically high enough to make sure no civilians are in danger.  Then it looks a bit like a shooting star… this one golden and sparkling though not blue… which swiftly descends towards the Island.
    Of course she is coming in between thhe rising sun and the… well everyone is pretty distracted.  She might be not actually be noticed until she touches down near the three of you there on the beach.  Then again maybe she is.
    Still it is very fast and she manages to catch the last bit from Kian and looks puzzled for a moment.  "Téra"  Pause.  "Mar'vel q'ten takh.  P'akh'tai?'
    It… well she sort of looks like Ms. Marvel, but didn't she die?

Leonid Kovar has posed:
    Leonid Kovar nods to Colette.  "Perhaps you are right.  Although I am worried, turning him into the authorities, while the right thing, might be dangerous for him.  He seems harmless.  I would not want him to be dissected," he says.
    Still, he's about to reach for his cellphone when Captain Marvel suddenly arrived.  He had heard that she'd died, but maybe it was just American state propaganda to cover up something.  Regardless, he is wide-eyed at the sight of her, standing up on his feet, "Bozhe moi! It is Captain Marvel!  Hello!" he says, waving a hand and then realizing what he's doing, "I mean… perhaps she can help," he says to Colette.

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    Colette pulls the jacket over her shoulders and huddles beneath it, a demonstration.  "See buddy?  Warm.  Warm."  Speak slowly and repeat yourself, that way even an alien can understand, right?  She takes the jacket off again, and holds it out to him.
    "Don't wannim dessic… dissected," Colette agrees with Leonid.  "I mean if he is an alien.  Looks like he just got here.  Kind of rude way to greet a visitor."  There's a nervous giggle.  She's handling things fairly well, but there may be a little delayed shock going on there.
    Colette doesn't notice Captain Marvel until the landing, but the landing itself is pretty hard to miss.  "Another one.  Whee.  Everyone can fly but me.  Wish one of you guys got here a few m… minutes earlier."
    While Leonid's Russian expostulation doesn't phase her, Captain Marvel's words do.  "You… you speak this guy's language?" Colette asks, blinking up at her.  Suddenly she's rather glad that nobody had arrived yet when she tried speaking Interlac to him earlier

Kian has posed:
    More wingless flying people—what is this place?  And then it sinks in—she was speaking his language!
    It comes out in a mad rush, the words half running together: «What am I doing here, I was on a transport to the homeworld and then everything went crazy when the stardrive engaged and I don't know what happened what am I doing here and how do I get home and why don't you have wings and how can you fly without them I don't understand!»
    He pauses a moment to catch his breath, and adds a little sheepishly, «I'm Kían.»  He points at Colette and Red Star.  «Who are they?»

Carol Danvers has posed:
    "Well he isn't in Kansas anymore," she murmurs in English.  Then she smiles to Leonid giving a little wave back with a note of amusement.  Then nods to Colette.  "Sort of, Universal Translator Implant, very useful for meeting aliens."  Yeah, one would suppose she is supposed to 0-8-4 something like this and not talk about aliens, but yeah that isn't her.  No black suit MiB agent is Captain Marvel.  "Who are you kids?"
    She looks back to Kian.  «I'm not really sure how you got here from your ship.  You are definitely not home though Kían.»  Pause.  «Not sure who they are yet, I'm inquiring.»
    She lifts her hand up and turns it towards Kían and there is a scanning light, there is a beep and a "No File, threat unknown" in english emitted from the sleeve of her costume where a little holodisplay hovers.

Leonid Kovar has posed:
    Leonid Kovar is on his feet again and, at the request from Carol, his arms go behind his back, his posture upright.  Bespeaks his military school background.  "Leonid Kovar, callsign Red Star.  I am a metahuman hero and I came to see if there was need of help.  The winged creature fell out of the sky.  The young woman here was tending him when I arrived.  I do not know her or her name, but I believe her intentions to be good."
    He looks down at Colette and kind of sidemouths, "You are good, right?  You have to tell me if you are not, I do not want to look bad in front of Captain Marvel."

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    "Uh Col… Colette… I'm… nobody… I was just…."  She gives a shrug of her shoulders.  Translator implant, huh?  Interesting.  She needs to pay more attention to the whole superhero thing, it occurs to Colette.  The idea that there were people around on Earth who have standard galactic technology such as universal translators hadn't occurred to her, and she can't immediately decide what to think about it.  "I was on the beach.  W… when he fell.  Pulled him out of the water.  Can you ask him if he wants my jacket, please?  To stay warm?  Because if he doesn't I think I'd… you know."
    Colette shrugs, dripping wetly.
    Colette turns to Leonid, and gives him a little nod.  "Fine," she replies whispering.  "Um.  I mean… the tide… tide was stronger than I expected.  Just kinda sh… shaken up a bit.  Adrenalin.  Wasn't expecting… But…."  It slowly occurs to her that she doesn't need to be suffering this much.  She closes her eyes takes a couple of deep breaths, and a bit more color returns to her cheeks.  Nothing sufficiently out of the ordinary to raise suspicions, but she seems to recover a little strength and composure.  "Fine.  I'll be fine."  She gives Leonid a nod and a slightly sickly smile.

Kian has posed:
    The birdman isn't even going to try to tackle the unfamiliar syllable combinations.  Instead, he manages to get himself into a more or less seated position and nods at Leonid and Colette.  «How… how do I get home?  I was only going to the homeworld, to the university—oh, Gods.  If I'm here, what happened to the ship?  Or am I just missing?»
    He swallows hard and looks up into the sky.  «They must think I'm… I'm… oh, Gods.»

Carol Danvers has posed:
    Carol is doing her best to split her attention between civvy minding and alien minding as far as she can tell.  She nods to Leo.  "Thank you," then pauses before continuing, "He is scared but seems harmless, I think he is a university student on his planet," she explains, that will calm any worry in the teenagers right.  Right?
    She looks to Kian.  «I don't know where your home is, you aren't in the Kree database.  Which honestly is pretty rare so you must be from a fairly isolated system.»  Pause.  «Be calm.  Are you cold?»
    "I think you can use your jacket, worst case I'll start a small fire while I figure this out to warm everyone up with some driftwood.  You okay?"  Concern to Colette.  "You may be in shock from the cold water… please use your jacket, Colette."

Leonid Kovar has posed:
    Leonid Kovar nods.  "I will gather the wood!" he says, getting quickly to work.  He runs around the beach with great alacrity, moving a bit faster than an ordinary human would be capable.  Some of the wood is a little hefty, notably a large log that he dislodges easily from the sand, probably eighty to a hundred pounds that he yanks free easily with one hand, shaking off the sand and a few stray crabs as he starts to build, frankly, more of a bonfire than a small fire.
    "I can ignite it, do not worry.  Tell him he has my sympathies and that we will do our best to make sure he is well-treated.  I hope your government will not quarantine him for long!"

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    Colette doesn't take much urging to sling the jacket back over her shoulders.  It's the only thing she has that's dry, and it's not exactly warm out.  She checks her phone has survived the water—it has, luckily she kept it mostly out of things—and returns it to a jacket pocket, and drags herself to her feet, taking a couple of steps over to stand just behind Captain Marvel.  "I'm fine," she repeats a little louder, to Carol.  "Just a little… the adrenaline, I think.  I… didn't really think it through, just kind of went in."
    Colette offers her hand to Kian.  "You wanna get up, buddy?" she asks.  Hopefully whatever the words he and Carol have exchanged are, it's enough to let him know their intentions are good.  "So uh… what do we do?"  She keeps her eyes on Kian, but the words are obviously for Captain Marvel and Leonid the Beachcomber.  "I mean, clearly not an alien invasion.  Should we report it?  Or do you superhero types have some kind of protocol for this?  Um."  She tilts her head to look at Carol.  "Should we be worried about alien viruses, or something?"

Kian has posed:
    «Thank you, no, I am not cold,» Kían says, watching the giant lift impossible weights.  «One of the few good things my Gods'-gift did for me.  But it seems you all have them too, to fly without wings?  And you two,» he continues, addressing Red Star and Captain Marvel, «you both have a glow like mine—» and he is still limned in a faint blue aura, «—but different colors.»
    He turns and smiles at Colette, then addresses the Captain.  «Would you please tell her for me that if she doenn't have one, she's lucky.  And I thank her for pulling me out of the water.  I would have drowned if she weren't here.»

Carol Danvers has posed:
    "Well, SHIELD has a protocol for this, 0-8-4 which is bring it in and put it in a glass box for scientists to make sure it isn't a threat.  He really doesn't seem like a threat so I'm talking to him for now," as she keeps an eye on the log gathering.  "I probably would have worried about that before touching him, but hopefully not."  Of course Colette brings it up and now Carol is worried she will have to 0-8-4 the bird.
    «The female is Colette and the male» and yes she points, «Is Leonid, called Red Star.»  She indicates Kian.  "This is Kian.  He says thank you for saving him," before looking to the birdboi.  «Gods' Gift.  That is a new one to me.  I'm able to control cosmic power specifically, not sure what Red star's power is.  It is a burden but a responsbility.»
    Once the wood is gathered she turns her hand, and doesn't scan it but rather blasts it with a lot of heat igniting it.

Leonid Kovar has posed:
    Leonid Kovar tosses the last log onto the fire.  "Oh.  I was going to do that," he says, with a little bit of disappointment as the blaze rises up.
    He doesn't give specifics on his power, simply because he was trained and instructed to keep mum on the subject.  Captain Marvel probably has every authorization in the world, of course, but it isn't only her listening.
    "Is there any other way I can be of assistance?" he asks, resuming his attention pose.

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    "Didn't really have time to worry about it before touching him," Colette replies to Carol.  "The tide was dragging him out.  I just…."  She falls thoughtfully silent for a few moments.  "Instinct, I guess," she concludes.  "Besides, I thought he was probably just a mutant or something. Tell him he's welcome."
    Colette takes a couple of steps back and folds her arm, watching Carol and Kian interact in whatever language it is they are talking.  "Um.  Please don't put him in a glass box.  He's obviously not a threat, and HOLY FUCK!"  The sudden expostulation is probably not good for Kian's nerves, but then the sudden blast of heat and flames wasn't great for Colette's nerves either.  She takes three rapid steps back until her feet splash in the surf, and she stops, blinking, and holds up her hands.  "Sorry, took me by surprise."

Kian has posed:
    Kían's eye widen at the use of the Captain's power, but it's Colette's outburst that startles him, and he moves back just a little.  Ah, she wasn't expecting the use of a rhy'thar, a Gods'-gift, and was only startled.  He moves back a little closer, spreading his wings slightly to catch the warmth.  «Burden… more of a life-altering disaster,» he says quietly.  He finally notices his glow, and it flicks out.  «And why can't I hear your minds?  Do you not have either of the normal Gifts?»

Carol Danvers has posed:
«I have… a lot of gifts… more every day experimenting, Kian.  Not sure what you are referring to.  Also, these gifts mean I can help people and keep everyone safe.»  She offers a toothless smile, not sure what might worry the alien.
    "Sorry Colette… Leonid," about not letting him light it.  She is amused though, there.  "I think I'm going to have to call for retrieval though.  We should really make sure he isn't carrying any contagious diseases now that you point it out."

Leonid Kovar has posed:
    Leonid Kovar nods.  "Of course, Captain," he says.  He has no particular way of checking him for diseases, but intends to follow Captain Marvel's lead on the matter.  In the meantime, he stands at attention and regards Kian with cool curiosity, but not anything resembling hostility.  He knew of the existence of aliens, of course, everyone did.  And he'd encountered an alien spaceship himself.  That's how he'd gotten his powers.  But it was a different thing to see a real live alien in person.

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    Colette sucks her teeth and walks back, out of the surf.  In the thin morning light, the shadows are long.  The bonfire crackling on the beach casts more shadows.  Colette looks down at the sand, at the dancing shadows cast by Carol as she stands there in front of the alien.  Her eyes flicker up to Kian then back down to those long shadows.  She takes a deep breath, then nods her head.
    "Okay," Colette says slowly.  "But… you'll look after him right?  Captain Marvel?  Because he's obviously…."  She gestures towards Kian.  "He's harmless.  I mean I understand you've got to take precautions, but you'll make sure nobody hurts him, right?"  She smiles thinly, then glances upwards as if expecting black helicopters to be arriving on the scene already.
    There's a shrug of her shoulders and Colette huddles more deeply into her jacket.  "I better… really wet.  Better go get dry."  She starts crunching up the beach, not looking back.  "Take care of him, right?" she calls back over her shoulder.

Kian has posed:
    Kían bows to Colette as she goes.  "Kié, Kó-let."  It translates as 'Peace, Colette'; not bad for a first try pronouncing a Terrestrial name.
    «I… don't know where I should go.  If I were home, I would check in with Imperial Emergency Services, but I don't know what your equivalent here would be.  If you even have an Imperial Emergency Services.  Or an Imperium.»  He pulls his wings in tight, looking distressed.  «No wings, no telepathy… what am I to make of this world?  And I have already run into two holders of Gods'-gifts—I was the only one on both worlds to have one.»
    He looks up into the sky.  «Well, since I'm here, I suppose that means there aren't any now… oh, Gods.»  He does not cry.  But he looks like he wants to.

Carol Danvers has posed:
    "He says 'Peace, Colette'," translating for the birb boy now.
    "At ease soldier," to Leonid.  "Aren't you a bit young to be a soldier?"  Then she looks to Kian «Hey kid, it will be okay.»  Pause.  «I work for the Government, you should come with me so we can make sure everything is safe.  You'll be fine I promise.»
    Then back to Colette.  "I'll make sure he is taken care of."  She doesn't make it sound ominious at all.  "I know a bit about being on another world alone and scared… he will be okay."

Leonid Kovar has posed:
    Leonid Kovar shakes his head.  "Not in Russia, I am not," he says.  "I went to military school.  It is… ingrained," he says.  He looks a little embarrassed, perhaps, but he has been taught to act this way around authority.  With Carol taking control of the situation somewhat officially, he feels a bit of relief.  As powerful as he is and as hard as he tries, he's still just a kid and he had no real idea what to do about Kian's situation.

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    "Tell him… tell him peace, too.  And good luck."  Colette keeps marching up the beach, not looking back.  So Captain Marvel knows about being on another world alone, and scared?  There might have been the word 'Kree' in amongst the alien words she had been exchanging with the bird-alien, too.  Interesting.  Non-human vistitors to the Earth seem to be more common than she thought.  She's not sure whether that worries her or gladdens her.
    Her footsteps keep crunching into the distance, Colette's steady march away doing nothing to draw attention to her.  Which is the hope.  Nobody has mentioned anything about quarantines just yet, and that suits her just fine.  She'll be gone by the time anyone does.

Kian has posed:
    «Ah, you do have an Imperium?  I trained with Emergency Services a bit,» Kían explains.  «No one else knew what to do with my Gift.  Well, other than study me at the university.  I helped out during the stormy season last spring, clearing damage.»
    He spreads and re-folds his wings, looking into the sky.  «If you'll lead the way… obviously I don't know where I need to go.»  He bows to Red Star.  "Kié, Mys'téo"—'peace, Red Star'.

Carol Danvers has posed:
"He says 'Peace, Red Star'."  She smiles to Leonid.  Also making a mental note to look up Red Star's file after the comment of being effectively a child soldier, or military academy student with superpowers.  That sounds too close to things she has heard.
    Turning back to Kian and considering the translation «I'm in the Imperium,» she notes.
    Actually seeing how well he flies would be useful.  Cap nods.  «Follow me,» intending to fly him back to the Triskelion for someone team like FitzSimmons to run tests.  "Thanks, Colette, Leonid.  Call the SHIELD number if you have anything about this, just say blue bird to dispatch okay if anything odd happens or you feel like you might be sick."
    Then she hovers off the ground and rises up slow, taking it easy at first on Kian.