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  Colette O'Connail  
Colette O'Connail (Scenesys ID: 311)
Name: Colette O'Connail
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Questionable.
Occupation: Spoiled rich kid
Citizenship: American
Residence: Metropolis
Education: Literature major
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Happy Harbor
Apparent Age: 24 Actual Age: 24 / c.3 billion years
Date of Birth 21 Aug 1999 Played By Virginia Gardner
Height: 5'7 Weight: 120
Hair Color: Bleached Eye Color: Black
Theme Song: Dirty Dice - Katy Melua ( )

Character Info


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Colette is a perfectly normal human, just like you! Honestly. She's not actually the product of the ancient magics of the Empire of Tears, reshaped by the stolen mind of a green Martian. No, she's a normal decent American and has the paperwork to prove it. True the paperwork includes the words 'adopted' and 'blood parents: unknown', but that's no proof.


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* Long, Long ago: During the war against the Guardians of the universe, the Empire of Tears attempted to create a Golem of Darkness with blood magic. The vessel on which the work was being done was destroyed before the Golem was embodied, leaving its sorcerous 'soul', the Dark Heart, stranded in space.

* The intervening millennia: A consciousness without knowledge and driven only by the nature of its essence and an overwhelming desire to embody itself, the Dark Heart drifted through space, occasionally meeting and magically devouring the souls of those travelers it encountered in a vain attempt to somehow become one of these entities with physical bodies it jealously regarded.

* The not so distant past: Shortly before the massacre of the Green Martians, one of their number voyaging in space, Kal'at Varr, encountered the Dark Heart and was consumed. Unlike previous victims, her powerful psychic nature was not subsumed by the Dark Heart's own mind, but hybridized with it. This new two-in-one entity drifted onwards. The Dark Heart's intellect finally gained knowledge rather than being purely instinct. Kal'at's personality, the mind of a deeply moral warrior, rebelled against the Dark Heart's inherent nature. The gestalt drifted, its two natures in perpetual debate.

* 1999: Resolving to solve their dilemma by introducing a third element, the gestalt using the Dark Heart's magic and the Martian's knowledge forms itself a body. Rather than embodying itself as is, it creates this body as an infant on a passing world, to give itself the opportunity to develop anew in its combined form, to bring nurture in as a counterbalance to the two opposing natures. She embodies on the steps of a hospital and is believed to be an abandoned baby. She is adopted by a childless couple, Mary and Simon O'Connail, and is given the name Colette.

* 2000s: The child grows up normally; the memories and intellects of Kal'at and the Dark Heart have been suppressed, to allow her to develop without consideration of her two natures.

* 2011: Colette first starts to believe that the odd dreams she has been having as long as she remember are more than just dreams. The temporary suppression of her true nature is starting to fade, and she becomes increasingly withdrawn as a feeling of alienation increases. She begins to be aware of two separate 'voices' in her mind that seem both part of her and yet so different in character, and wonders if she's crazy.

* 2013: Trailing behind her parents on a hiking trip, Colette stumbles across a rattlesnake. Momentarily blinded with fear, the Dark Heart's instincts lash out and she stuns the snake. The most shocking thing to her is how natural it feels. She no longer doubts what she is, and memories start to return.

* 2015: There are ancient blood magics and wise old Martians, and then there are teenage hormones. Colette gets tired of being withdrawn and antisocial, and reinvents herself. She decides that being part alien and part construct of dark magic is no reason not to be human and have fun. This comes as something of a shock to both those older sides of her.

* 2018: Colette graduates high school with good but unspectacular grades. She starts studying English Literature at Metropolis University.

* 2019: Close to the end of the year, Colette witnesses a mugging and intervenes without thinking about the consequences. When the mugger doesn't just run away, she unleashes her power. The Dark Heart is still far from fully reformed in her and she can channel only a fraction of its power, but it's enough to make it easy. For the first time it really occurs to her that what she has is a /power/, like those superhero guys have...

IC Journal

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Colette knows what she is. She isn't human. She is a self-created creature, mimicking human form so accurately that her doctors never suspected a thing. She is made of dark magic and has greedily swallowed many a soul. Even only partly restored, she is powerful and dangerous. She is very, very, ancient.

Colette knows what she is. She is dead. She once was a Martian. She lived, she loved, she fought. Above all she fought for justice and happiness, the two things most worth fighting for. Even though she is dead, somehow her mind has lived on and can continue the fight.

Colette knows who she REALLY is. Yes, she's those two guys. But that's the past. People change. She's Colette. She's American. She loves partying, she's a bit of a Harry Potter geek and a film freak. She wouldn't be caught dead without her phone, and couldn't last a day without sharing some snippet of gossip with her friends. She can have bursts of vivacious activity, but generally she's content to be in the background. She can seem serious and intense at times, but punctuates it with moments of humor. Her friends would probably call her a decent person, but would be puzzled by the question. Her moral compass points both north and south at the same time, and she has up to now mostly coped with this by avoiding moral decisions.

Nature One:
The Dark Heart is a construct, darkness and blood magic formed into a being. Without memory or knowledge, it is a thing of instinct, formed of its nature. It revels in destruction, but its only true desire is the one imperative left over from its incomplete formation. It was going to be a Golem of Darkness; it's supposed to have a body. Being embodied in her is its driving desire so woe betide anyone who threatens that, but having to give up on the freedom to revel in destruction freely is a price worth paying for the Martian's cooperation in the embodying. Of course a true nature such as this can only be suppressed, not changed...

Nature Two:
The Bright Mind of Kal'at Varr, the Green Martian, stands in almost direct opposition. In her youth she had been a warrior fighting for justice. In her age, a deeply moral philosopher. She believed that 'Good' and 'Evil' were meaningful only in motivation, and that cruelty was the only true evil. Submerged into the Dark Heart, as she learned its nature she was forced to develop a new philosophy; that evil was not a purely abstract notion, but had some empirical existence. The Dark Heart, she concluded, was a product of Evil. But if that evil derives from something beyond individual motivation, could she teach it to have good motivations? In her undying death, this became her new battle to make the universe a better place.

With both two natures heavily suppressed, Colette grew on Earth in ways quite distinct from the two conflicting natures. She learned Terrestrial ideas and Terrestrial morals, and they were her formative experiences. As the gestalt entity's memories reasserted themselves, they did so in a framework that was steeped in American culture and shaped by a Christian moral. The 'new' knowledge and ideas changed her slowly, but they were reconstructed and inserted into that new framework that is Colette.

The Two Dualities:
Colette is defined by two fundamental dualities of nature.

=The first is the duality of Dark Heart and Light Mind - an intellectual desire to do good, and a nature that revels in destruction. She internalizes the debate by personifying the unified but contrasting parts of her psyche - the old archetype of an angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other is something she finds irresistable. She tries to listen to both sides of her nature. If she sometimes thinks of them as separate voices whispering in her ears, she understands that they are simply aspects of the being that she has become, and struggles to find how she can be true to herself when what makes herself contains such opposites.

The second is the duality of human and inhuman. She knows she is not human, that this is just a temporary arrangement she came up with to discover herself. On the other hand, humanity is what she knows and what she feels comfortable with. She wants to fit in. She wants to be accepted, to be part of the human race. She fears rejection.

Character Sheet


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Ersatz Body:
Colette is not truly human. Her body is a constantly renewing magical construct that simulates humanity. She does not actually need to eat, or breath, or feel pain, for example. These she only does to fit in. Toxins, pathogens and physical damage impact the body as it is at the moment, but as long as she is still alive, such things fix themselves pretty rapidly. Even major physical trauma can be repaired given a bit of time. Broken bones can be reknitted in a few hours - if she thinks she can get away with nobody noticing, at least.

Colette is functionally immortal - she has already lived for countless years. However if she needs to fully recreate her body rather than simply patch it up, there is a price. Her body is a creation of dark magic, and while it is new, it is more strongly under the influence of the dark part of her nature.

Golem of Darkness:
Colette can to some extent reform her body into the form she was originally intended to be - the Golem of Darkness. However this is not under her conscious control, nor is it an exactly good thing. The more intensely she uses her power, the more she starts to resemble this form. The more she adopts this form, the closer to her current peak her powers reach. The closer to the true Golem of Darkness form she adopts, the more the Dark Heart dominates the Light Mind.

As the effect grows, she appears increasingly /not right/, swathed twisted flesh and darkness, and becoming slightly but not wholly intangible. At this point it is basically for effect, but the idea is that it would eventually become an extremely dangerous 'powered up' state that might well cause more problems than it solves.

Colette isn't a sorcerer. She has no knowledge of spells. However she IS raw magic. She is able to manifest this as a dark magical energy and manipulate it in a relatively crude fashion.

At this point in her (re)development, all Colette can really do with this is fire bolts of this dark energy at relatively short range and a maximum power roughly equal to of a hand grenade, or project short-lived shields a few feet wide capable of resisting a similar amount.

As she reintegrates her power, her manipulation of darkness will grow considerably stronger and more subtle, but that's for the future.

Martian Inside:
The mentality of the hybridized martian mind is locked inside her own mind, and its psychic powers cannot manifest externally. However they can act as a very strong barrier to anyone attempting to impinge on her own mind.

Night Vision:
Her human eyes see light; her magical nature sees darkness. A lack of light will stop her from reading words on a page or knowing what color someone's shoes are, but she can see shapes and motion perfectly clearly even in pitch blackness.

Shadow Walking:
Colette can walk into one shadow and out another, as all shadows are linked to darkness.

To perform this feat, she must be aware of both the shadow she enters and the shadow she exits. There are two ways she can be aware of shadows: either because they are in line of sight (which generally means as far as the horizon in open ground, or a block or three in city, but oddly does mean she can get to the moon), or because she is able to sense them through her supernatural link to shadow-stuff. At her current level of attunement to her true self, she is now able to sense shadows at short range with a few moments concentration -- she can feel out a shadow on the other side of a wall, for example. Practically the range is about 20 feet right now though it will grow in time.

She has now relearned enough of her ability to directly manipulate shadows to cause them to move short distances, and with some time and concentration can cause nearby shadows to pool around her to use for shadow walking. Mostly this just kind of looks spooky and cool, but it does mean she can shadow walk through shadows she couldn't otherwise reach, such as those on the ceiling.


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Colette has the knowledge of two 'lives' beyond her own. The Dark Heart knows nothing but its own nature. This gives her some very abstract insight into the nature of darkness, a feeling for other dark magics, but no actual knowledge. The Martian part of her mind recalls (if a little patchily) a life as a warrior and philosopher of the Martian people, with the knowledge and skills that went with that. The martian was well traveled in the galaxy and has a good knowledge of galactic issues, though that knowledge is by now a good couple of centuries out of date.

Colette speaks English just great. She can manage basic conversational French and Spanish thanks to an expensive education, and a tiny smattering of Mandarin she made an effort to learn once in an attempt to reconnect to an assumed heritage she now knows is fake. She also speaks Martian and Interlac, which is generally pretty useless on Earth and she's kind of rusty from lack of practise. Her Martian side traveled widely through the galaxy, but telepaths don't have any great need to learn a wide range of languages. At this point she has no access to those telepathic abilities, and for now at least is stuck with the languages actually in her brain.

Social Media:
Colette does the social media thing. She writes pithy bits and pieces wherever seems trendy. She instagrams glamorous vacations with a moderate degree of success. She has a few followers in the way that people sometimes do for no particularly good reason. She's no social media star, but she knows how to play the game.

As far as she has any plans for her future, they involve writing. She's pretty good at it. She's a student of literature and harbors dreams of becoming an author one day.


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Too Much Money:
Colette's adoptive father, Simon O'Connail, is the scion of O'Connail Construction, a Metropolis construction firm founded in the early 20th century which shucked off early criminal connections in the 30s and got fat off the post-war construction boom. While it's no global corporation, it's one of the larger regional players and daddy is wealthy. Colette doesn't have access to unlimited funds by any means, but for the normal day-to-day things like fancy cars and expensive vacations, she's pretty well set.


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Dark Heart, Light Mind:
Colette is fundamentally torn between two opposing natures; if not quite good and evil, then darkness and light at least. While the light is her guiding principle, the darkness encourages a very fluid morality. She finds it hard to understand why foul deeds should not be done for fair purposes.

Due to the fine balance of these two aspects, Colette is susceptible to external influence, be it situation or persuasion. The environment she is in will tilt the balance one way or the other - with the right encouragement she can be a force for good, but if the encouragement is wrong, she could as easily embrace the darker aspect of her nature.

Empire of Tears:
Few have even heard of the Empire of Tears. Fewer still would ever be able to recognize its handiwork. If one of those few meet Colette, she's going to have some difficult questions to answer. She is, after all, the remains of a WMD created by an ancient empire of evil.

Light Magic:
As an entity constructed from dark magics, Colette is particularly susceptible to the effects of opposing forms of magic. In the presence of magic that is particularly beatific or life-based, her powers are weakened, even if the intent of that magic is not to harm her. Healing magic would actually hurt her.

Not Actually Human:
Colette is a magically self-created simulacrum of a human. The reproduction is convincing enough to pass a normal level of scrutiny, but anyone looking too closely will soon learn that she is not what she appears to be.

Colette has inherited some of the inherent martian pyrophobia implanted in the race by the Oans. As she's not actually a martian this is a purely psychological thing. It doesn't do anything to her powers, but can be mentally crippling.

Short Term Frailty:
While her body is a magical construct that self-renews (see +ski Colette/Ersatz Body), in the immediate term, it's a human body. She'll heal the damage quickly, but she can be stopped by a bullet for a while. She is only as strong, fast, resilient etc., as a normal human body would be.

Smells a Bit Evil:
While Colette would not register as demonic to those sensitive to such things, they would be aware that there is the metaphorical scent of brimstone about her. It might be suspected that she was the victim of some dark magic, or that she was under the influence of some dark force.

Wild Magic:
The Dark Heart is a creation of an era of wild magic, long since tamed. The Guardians of the Universe ended that era long ago, and she is one of the few survivors of that chaotic form of magic. Sorcerers in the current era mold and form magical energies through spell and ritual; she is unchained, primal magic given will and intellect. She knows nothing of those spells and rituals - everything she does, she does through instinct and the rules and rites of other magic users are entirely foreign to her.

As a source of this potent wild magic, she may be rather tempting target to sorcerers who understand how to manipulate such forces. To those who dare the dark taste of it and the risky rituals required to tame such a wild force, she would make a powerful source of energy indeed.



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Colette O'Connail has 127 finished logs.

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The Four Treasures: Masquerade (Group: Thing Two) June 19th, 2023 The Titans find some very important clues towards the greater puzzle of the missing Treasures. Also, three Titans break the rules and fall into a magical sleep. Also: none of them turn out to be Vorpal. I KNOW, RIGHT?
Happy Harbor: Prom 2023 May 27th, 2023 Prom for HHHS is interrupted by the Puritans...and justice is served!
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Good Intentions: Part Two April 18th, 2023 The protest is over. Though it's not really the end is it?
Let's do a National Treasure March 28th, 2023 When a mysterious package arrives for Jinx, everyone immediately assumes Trap. Seems likely, but a fellowship is born and a treasure hunt is begun.
You Should Have Been More Precise March 21st, 2023 Terry is ambushed by Colette, who has cracked his deepest, darkest secret: it's (almost) his birthday!
There's a starman waiting in the sky January 24th, 2023 The Titans can't take Colette ANYWHERE. They also run into a new face who makes a breezy entrance.
The Title Of That Irene Cara Song December 5th, 2022 Sight-seeing is a fun thing to do, unless you end up being the sight being seen.
Tell Me The Wonderland Nonsense is Over, or You're Paying for the Pizzas. October 12th, 2022 Terry and Colette go to Giorgio's for one of their regular grisini-eating contests, which Colette won because Terry didn't know he was supposed to be competing. Terry shows up covered in a coat (of paint) of many colors, and Colette is half pre-prehistory major and half Ferengi. Which is quite normal for both of them.
Happy Harbor: School's Back In Session! August 23rd, 2022 The first day back to Happy Harbor High School goes off without a hitch! Or anything exploding!
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Happy Harbor: Cairo By Night June 10th, 2022 The Happy Harborites are out for a night of fun in Greater Cairo, but fate is about to intervene. Macha returns from her dead sisters essences that have stored away in Morrigan and they both die as a result. Teens and Faculty are heroic, but sadly death takes Morrigan in the end.
Happy Harbor: Cairo By Day June 6th, 2022 Day One of Happy Harbor's end of the year trip goes off without a hitch. Which could be bad!
The Last Titan: New Kronos 2 May 30th, 2022 The Titans who didn't go on the Tereshkova mission find themselves dragged into it anyway. First they find themselves on New Kronos -- the REAL new Kronos. Then they find themselves helping out their team-mates on the planet below. Much is revealed, though it may take some discussion and thinking to figure out exactly what.
For Once, the Tower isn't Full of Nonsense. May 28th, 2022 A rare day of normality at the tower, that stays at the tower. Garth and Mary have a scoop, Colette didn't really eat the Tiramisu, Bart has been visiting dinosaurs, and Crush has been punching steel beams in half. Terry rolled an eight but did something unwise anyway, so America went rushing after him.
Fit the Last: The Finding of the Snark May 17th, 2022 Everyone has given up on Snark hunting, apart from Captain Drum, and a bunch of very stupid aliens. Vorpal baffles the aliens, Tabitha threatens them. Kian and Victor try to keep the peace. Colette denies being a famous Snark hunter, but refrains from murdering everyone. Gunna eats a barrier, some concrete, and a tree.
Time to Wake up and Smell the Trouble April 29th, 2022 The Titans check in on Crush, find her mostly recovered. Conversation leads toward the half-Czarnian planning to hang out at the Tower, learn to fight with a team, and other entertaining things... oh, and apparently she's going to learn how to paint miniatures... thanks Maddie.
Probing the Boardwalk April 10th, 2022 An impromtu gathering on the boardwalk is disrupted when a glowy flesh ball with tentacles falls from the sky. It is promptly sent to Death Valley before being returned to the sky.
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Heroes Assemble Anniversary: The Watchers February 5th, 2022 The two year anniversary of Heroes Assemble Mush sees Uatu the Watcher showing three of his colleagues various moments from the last two years of Earth's history.
Path of Glory: The Good Fight January 26th, 2022 Donna Troy calls on Michael to speak with him about the nature of the campaign he has presented. She too learns of the scope and gains insight into the mind of the General of the Hosts.
New Year, New Ire: Part One January 25th, 2022 A rather snow filled day at Happy Harbor turns into a slight medical concern. A tingle is felt by some.
Just who's asking the questions here December 22nd, 2021 Colette goes for a therapy session with Jonathan, and suggests that he should stop listening and start talking.
Welcome back to Earth, TRAITOR! December 6th, 2021 Colette admits the WHOLE truth to Carol, tells her to check the moons of Saturn for solutions to the Thanos problem, and tries to get her drunk.
The King Goes to School November 10th, 2021 T'Challa visits Happy Harbor High School for an assembly, a donation, and a demonstration. Awkward questions included.
Teaching Kids is an Adventure! October 18th, 2021 A normal, average day in the teacher's lounge. Colette approaches Lara to ask to join her Adventurers club, and the football coach is intensely jealous!
One of these days, Alice- September 14th, 2021 Terry comes to apologize, but it's met with moon logic.
Another You: Which One's Evil September 9th, 2021 Colette meets Colette, and everyone gets angry with everyone else. Apart from Bart. Bart's good. And honestly Colette is probably the second least angry at anyone, which is weird and everyone else should take a good long look at themselves in the mirror.
Il Mutante: In Fire August 31st, 2021 The Titans chase down Il Mutante at his new lair to discover he's about to open the portal at last, despite not having been able to figure out the dimension-bridging part required to create a doorway to the ZZGU doppelganger universe. It turns out he has changed his plan -- and intends to bring THIS universe's version of Zhed'Zhud'Ger'Uth to Earth. Spoiler alert: He fails, the world didn't end.
In Erebos: Outside Looking In August 12th, 2021 Kate and Cassie take not-Pandora's box to Diana for safekeeping, and to discuss the Titans who've managed YET AGAIN to get trapped in some crazy dimension. It is decided that a trip to Themyscira is in order. More importantly, Ferdinand is catering the journey.
Mars Bars Are Made On Earth August 1st, 2021 J'onn stops by the tower and people gather. Predictably, it all ends in pizza.
Happy Harbor: 4th of July Celebration July 5th, 2021 The Four...Fifth of July happens in Happy Harbor and there's an uninvited guest.
Summer Science Fair July 2nd, 2021 The Second Annual Happy Harbor Science Fair happens. Ants cause Chaos. Madison wins a Scholarship and Morrigan finds the end of her rope!
Good Guys, Bad Guys and Explosions July 2nd, 2021 The heroes (and Colette) heroically (and 'not' heroically) defeat the bad guy by...using their brains and describing what Tindr is. In looking up the details on his phone the wizard is attacked by his own creation only to go mad from Lego Ghost Rider's stare. The brazier is brought to the real world, the threat ended and most of them go to get drunk for saving thousands and thousands of Metropolis citizens.
The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Continued Living and Became Mixed-Up Titans or Schoolteachers. June 24th, 2021 Kian, Colette and Terry discuss the advantages of regular trade routes, the impact of Catholicism on the teaching of philosophy, cultural stressors in hominid clan-groupings, and the problems of being a vegan who likes red meat and bacon.
Breaching The Fortress June 20th, 2021 The Order of St. Dumbass is foiled finally and Tyler is regained (sorta), but sorcerors are slippery. Kids are saved. The jury is still out on Wizards vs Sorcerors.
Lego Master Builders June 20th, 2021 The heroes win and are LEGO MASTER BUILDERS, but then....INSANITY!
Malta Bound June 19th, 2021 Operation: Deus Vault goes to Malta!
Everything Is Awesome June 4th, 2021 Our heroes get the Brazier back, stopping Grodd and the Vizier...for now. They are truly Dream Warriors.
When In Rome: Part Two June 1st, 2021 The students and faculty of Happy Harbor get to visit the catacombs, but not without it becoming a bad time fast. Oh and the Punisher blows someone up. They probably deserved it though!
The Raven's Tale May 17th, 2021 After waking from an all-too-real dream, the dreamers get together to hash out a plan. Colette requests a cute redhead for purely strategic purposes.
The Vizier of Ennui May 17th, 2021 The group fights the Vizier of Ennui after resiting his initial salvo of terrible ennui, getting so much attention that they are all moved...elsewhere
To the Zeitgeist Sea May 3rd, 2021 The dreamers get on board a ship and head for the waking world, trusting the captains odd compass.
The Sane Asylum April 22nd, 2021 Cliff, Kate, Hope, Michael and Colette wake up in the Sane Asylum. The heroes show the kidnappers why this is a terrible idea. Cliff begins the long quest to take the Brazier to the waking world.
Knocking on Doors April 21st, 2021 Colette visits Mo to discuss promotions, alien birds, and dumbas... sorry, the Order of St Dumas.
Getting To Know (Another) You April 19th, 2021 Alt-Colette comes to visit the tower.  There is some speculation involving laboratories and… never mind.
Cube: a Play in Four Dimensions April 19th, 2021 The group find more questions than answers.
Roland to the teacher's lounge came. April 17th, 2021 Colette gives Roland the tour of Happy Harbor school and introduces him to some of the madness.
First Blood, Final Warning April 13th, 2021 The Order of St. Dumas thinks that second time is a charm. It isn't. Things go downhill fast, but the Order has a new weapon to try out among it's other defenses now. Tyler is fine. Morrigan is shot. But the kids are safe!
Doppelgang: The Story Changes April 3rd, 2021 Terry consults with alt-Colette on the latest info from the Doppelgang schemes. She informs him that the gate Doppelgang are making seems to be designed to be very big, but there's something up with the magical aspects of their design that needs further analysis. Terry suggests they find a graduate of Hogwarts to ask, and she totally believes him.
DoppelGang: A Den of Thieves March 2nd, 2021 A friendly doppelganger gives the Titans a lead on an undercover DoppelMission to do... something. Portal technology is involved. An Italian mutant who thinks he's the Pope is involved. DoppelPrisoners are taken for questioing, and DoppelTech is taken for sciencing.
Happy Birbday, Kian February 21st, 2021 It's Kian's first Earthday, because he doesn't have a birthday. The birb is joined by Wally, Colette, Terry and Gar to celebrate!
Even the Moon is No Escape. February 17th, 2021 Carol discovers that Colette's doppelganger is a meddler too, but at least this time it's her own life she's meddling with. Kind of. Look, doppelgangers. It's confusing.
Good to hide, and hear 'em hunt January 27th, 2021 Terry Sees Shadow People
Who's The Fairest.... January 17th, 2021 Kian and Vorpal discover that Colette has a doppelganger after all - and not all doppelgangers are alike.
The Longest Morning January 6th, 2021 The morning after the encounter of the docks. Wally, Kori, Harley and Siobhan stop by. Then Damian and Terry get into a fight and Colette drinks.
Attack of The Clones January 5th, 2021 Vorpal warns Colette about the attack of the Doppels
It's in the Stars. December 27th, 2020 Apparently Ursa Major looks very similar from Delta Pavonis.
The Colette O'Connail Fan Club December 11th, 2020 Terry will destry Colette. And that is all you need to know.
The Apocalpyse of Terry's Apartment December 8th, 2020 Terry's behind on the rent. Drama ensues.
I'm Not Meddling! October 20th, 2020 Colette and Carol join a very exclusive club. There are ballcaps. Or there will be.
One is the loneliest Number October 18th, 2020 Colette, Gar and Kyle go for pizza. Kyle learns a little about his ring, Gar gets a little more hopeful, and Colette manages to only swear once.
Why Did Nobody Mention The Cat Isn't Dead September 24th, 2020 The Meddler visits Titans Tower to explain to Kian that magic is math, to interpret nonsense for Kate, to be baffled by Kyle's unconventional ringing, and is almost murdered by Kori's sandwich. Why do all the Titans have names beginning with K?
The Shadow of No Cat September 9th, 2020 Colette hunts down Gar to try to... she doesn't even know what she's trying to do, but she's gotta try, because Terry Pratchetted her.
Hogwarts invitation for beginners September 8th, 2020 if you need an explanation, you shouldn't read this.
Among The Shadows September 8th, 2020 Terry goes and Pratchetts Colette before she starts going postal. He makes sure everything is up to snuff.
The Blue Light August 10th, 2020 Colette and Terry have a quiet dinner together. God-killing, city-dooming and crotch-kicking are but some of the topics touched upon this very normal conversation.
An Alien Display August 9th, 2020 Colette attempts to convince a group of Titans that the most moral course of action is to perform a heist on a museum. They do not agree, because Superheroes don't do situational ethics!
Did You Just EAT the Rosette Stone, Birb July 19th, 2020 Kian outrages his English tutor by speaking perfect English. Luckily Kate is there to stop Colette from rampaging.
Citysoul: The Isolation July 13th, 2020 The Heroes of the City face their own demons within the Heart of the Threefold God!
Citysoul: Vayechi July 13th, 2020 Infinity Watch is born!
Citysoul: A Wound in the Soul July 13th, 2020 The Heroes of the City gather to witness the birth of a new, dark god ... and get more than they bargained for!
Citysoul: Soul Survival July 4th, 2020 A group of mystics gather to manifest the Genius Loci of Manhattan. Hands are held. Magic is done.
Too Many Cooks June 15th, 2020 Picnic at the beach! Gar gets sappy, Terry gets advice, and Colette avoids explaining anything at all again.
Happy Harbor: Shark Week June 3rd, 2020 Sometimes kids are TOO hard headed...
Afternoon Delight (Derby) May 25th, 2020 Where to even start... Supposing at the beginning. Harley was involved in roller derby which Terry, Gar, and Colette went to spectate. After the departure of the fellas, Harley and Colette embarked upon a scheme to get shirts made.. After hearing the product request, that's when Harlan knew that things had gone astray. To foul to be repeated, to vile to be spoken, it was written as a labor of love and thus forgiveable by all but the most easily offended.. From there it was a trip to get Wangyu noodles... Wangyu, yes, they paid me extra to say that.. Wang. A cowboy, a bar fight, two pitchers of beer, twenty two asahi, and two bottles of sake.. two bowls of noodles, two plates of wangyu (that's the last time) and we still don't know who fell out first. All we know is that James Earl Jones passed up this role, and I should've too. Also, Gar and Terry were fu-...
Shadows from Newcastle May 23rd, 2020 Constantine bumps into a friend from his past with an annoying accent and a very bad habit, who has mistaken Colette for his next fix.
I'm Going Through Changes May 17th, 2020 Andi has a discussion with members of the Happy Harbor school staff about what's been going on. It's a little tell, but also a little show. Concerns are expressed.
Happy Harbor: Rising Tide May 14th, 2020 Morrigan takes a few of the teens out on an adventure. Nothing bad happens.
One Day the Birb will English Good. That Day is Not Today. May 3rd, 2020 Colette visits the tower for Kian's latest English lessons, while Gar actually refuses food and isn't entirely overwhelmed, Naomi learns that you don't get detention for saving the world, Terry attempts to induct an alien into the Cult of Carol Channing, and best of all Caitlin bakes EXCELLENT cookies.
Let's Make A Scene April 30th, 2020 No description
I Turn My Back for FIVE Minutes... April 26th, 2020 Carol goes to find Colette AGAIN, to ask her why the hell her name keeps popping up in all kinds of odd reports. Colette explains far more than Carol was expecting.
A Friendly Word April 24th, 2020 Colette and Caitlin compare notes about Sam Morgan following his 'visit' to Titan Tower.
Happy Harbor: What's This April 24th, 2020 Samuel and Colette get things sorted. Morrigan has a moment. In the end, nothing gets wrecked!
Where's Wally April 19th, 2020 Colette's Titan-wrangling schedule brings her to Wally West. They meet in a coffee shop and discuss cakes, philosophy, and Wally's return to the Tower.
Scenes From An Italian Restaurant April 14th, 2020 The codenaming of cats is a difficult matter, it isn't just one of your holiday games. At first you may think I'm as mad as a Hatter when I tell you a cat must have the perfect codename...
A Mutual W.T.F April 11th, 2020 Nightwing seeks out Colette to berate her, and Colette berates right back. Seeing eye to eye is apparently not on the agenda.
Star Light, Star Bright April 5th, 2020 Starfire returns to the tower. Hugs are given. Pizzas are eaten. Starfire takes the entire jar of mustard, and nobody minds.
The Other Side of the Coin April 4th, 2020 Colette pokes the bear, but not the Bear.
Talking with the Tallest of Titans April 3rd, 2020 Colette bumps into Caitlin in the teacher's lounge at HH and they talk Titans. Caitlin agreed to visit what remians of her old team.
Getting To Know You April 1st, 2020 Gar's plan was so simple - spend some time socializing with Kate to see whether she and he will gel, because Gar wants there to be a Titans again. Bring Terry, Colette and Kian along. Eat Churros. Then Spider Robots happened, and Gar's plans seem to have suddenly moved rather faster than intended.
'Twas Brillig April 1st, 2020 Terry and Colette catch up after a day full of a metric-ton of crazy
Archer Scout Cookies March 30th, 2020 Kate shows up to see what the Titans are about and if Colette is being real about them maybe getting going again. Plans are made. Pizza is ordered. Seems pretty Titan-y.
Let's Try Again With Less Stabbing March 29th, 2020 Colette and Damian talk Titans, and it's clear they're talking about different things.
Happy Harbor: Bird Plans March 28th, 2020 Kian's finally got a plan nailed down.
Srsly Terry March 28th, 2020 Colette goes to visit Terry, who turns out to be suffering from a severe case of paws. Partying with his murderclown buddy is strictly off the agenda, even if she /does/ have a demonically possessed limo.
I Used to be a Gangster, but I Took an Arrow in the Knee March 25th, 2020 Colette and Terry go to visit another, friendlier gangster. Everything would have been fine if some Russian gangsters hadn't turned up. Kate turns up too, to the gangster's chagrin. Kate gets a new nickname, and a suggestion she visits Titans Tower.
The Cape Doesn't Make The Man March 24th, 2020 The moral of the story is to never let Colette
Little Monsters March 23rd, 2020 This Is How We All Almost Died
Spread Your Wings March 22nd, 2020 Apart from minor fainting accidents, the long-anticipated meeting of Bird and Beast (Boy) is a success. For once Colette is better at keeping secrets than Carol. Terry gets his car towed.
Happy Harbor Prom 2020 March 21st, 2020 Much fun was had by all and with minimal property damage!
All About the Birbs and the BBs. March 18th, 2020 Colette calls on Terry and Gar. Terry's not there. Colette is an ass, but occasionally she has a point.
A Lonely Bird March 16th, 2020 Colette finds Kian at last. They talk about wings and lying. Much is learned about alien psychologies.
A Call to Arms March 14th, 2020 If it were Clue, it would have been Damian, in the Library, with the concealed blade. At Happy Harbor it was just a nice chat with no school rules being broken at all. And maybe the start of something new.
Yet Another Awkward Drive Home March 13th, 2020 Sometimes the road more travelled is the hard road - but at least it ends in pizza.
PTSD and the Art of Van Maintenance March 13th, 2020 Colette goes to check on Samuel after his emotional exit from class. They exchange frank views in very veiled language.
Just Waltz In March 12th, 2020 Just when you think you know someone, they turn into a ninja.
You Were Looking a Little Green... March 12th, 2020 Colette checks up on Megan after her rapid exit from class. Megan manages not to ask why the hell the TA's mind is wrapped in psychic concrete.
Maybe You Could Essay Slower... March 11th, 2020 Colette checks up on Vivian, largely to ask her how she managed to write an essay in 67.4 seconds. They discuss the nature of mind and the infinite.
Hey, I just met you... March 10th, 2020 Colette and Terry have a moment to catch up. Colette manages to resist not punching Terry through a wall. Colette harbors secret homicidal fantasies instead of punching. Be more like Colette. Wait.
So You're Interested in Capes... March 9th, 2020 Colette and Sanjeev take a study group with Alton, Christine, Sam, Vivian and M'gann. Only two of them suffer psychological trauma.
Happy Harbor: Meet and Greet March 7th, 2020 No one gets murdered at the first meet and greet. Someone does get punched though!
Birb's in the Wood. March 7th, 2020 Carol brings Kian to the amusingly-named Cheesequake State Park for a quiet meeting in the woods with Colette, to prove to her the birb hasn't been dissected.
Mascarpone, journalism, and the problems of heroing. March 5th, 2020 People talk. Things happen. After that Gar and Terry take a dread ride home, while Colette sips coffee thoughtfully.
The Consequences of Blabbing to the Press March 2nd, 2020 Captain Marvel visits Colette to discuss the wisdom of talking to journalists. They discuss galactic politics, sort of.
Downtown...Dinosaurs February 24th, 2020 A bunch of dinosaurs attack downtown but thanks to the actions of the heroes onhand, the dinos were stopped and so was a bank robbery. Who knew?
Have you Heard about the Bird February 23rd, 2020 Terry and Colette meet. Colette has a scoop for Terry - ALIENS HAVE LANDED! Well, Kian fell out of the sky anyway, which comes to the same thing.
Beyond Good and Evil February 22nd, 2020 Damian is tormented by a voice from the shadows that questions him, one weapon to another, whether he's really a person.
I Think We're Not In Kíansas Any More February 20th, 2020 Kían arrives on Earth. It's awkward.


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