3623/Getting the band started

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Getting the band started
Date of Scene: 29 September 2020
Location: Staff Lounge
Synopsis: Scott Summers meets Remy and Rogue to talk about that super team up.
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Scott Summers, Rogue

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Well, teaching is too much work, as Remy reads over the guidelines, shaking his head."No, no, not for me, I will have to tell Dr. Grey, I'll do it on de down low, I aint' going to hit dat many books. Or maybe, find another way to get docs, I'll make some calls." Remy is walking the halls as he sees a door open. As he peeks inside of it with a wave of his hand as he moves forward into the staff lounge.

"Coffee, don't mind if do." Remy is reaching up to grab a mug at random, as he looks at the purple unicorn at the side, with a quizzical look, as he shrugs, pouring into it the liquid fuel, as he walks over to a chair to sink into it, kicking his feet up on the table in front of him, as he sips the coffee slowly."I dis might work out, free coffee, snacks, dis teacher thang might be all right."

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott was the one that gave Remy the whole documentation about being a real teacher. Which yeah, New York state's demands are not a joke. "Really? Because Xavier pays for the courses, and there might be a point in your life a college degree could be very useful. There must be something you enjoy learning."

Scott is not known for his sense of humor. Usually. In fact, it is very difficult to realize when he is not being serious. He looks serious. But he smirks when Remy turns to get coffee.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is seated at one of the chairs in the Staff Lounge with her phone in her hands and her legs crossed at the knees, wearing blue jeans, a half-zipped hoodie and a pair of forest green gloves. Her hair is loose around her shoulderw with her white bangs framing her face. She looks up at Remy and smirks at him. "You can do college online, ya know. It might help keep ya busy and give ya somethin' t'focus on. Occupy that mischievous mind'a yours." She smirks at the Cajun.

Her eyes drop back down to the phone. "I'm doin' it, and if I can do it, anyone else can. Not like I'm some kinda Rocket Genius." She taps away at her phone before looking over at the coffee and snacks. "Yeah, I was thinkin' about bein' a teacher for a long time, but now my... well, I'm thinkin' all about the Avengers now, admittedly." She says with a sly grin.

Scott probably hasn't heard that Rogue's been given an invite to the Avengers.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Dis is not Remy, not book learn, I like to be street smart. But, fine Remy give it pardon the pun, the old college try, I guess." Remy sips out of the coffee mug, as that shiny unicorn dances around, given the heat, circling the mug, with each slosh of the liquid."Dat is a neat cup; I like sit."

Remy looks over at Rogue, and than back at Scott."Do you think Remy, would be a good teacher, for I was told not to teach theft, card tricks, or scam large casinos? That is my best quality, no? I can teach hiding in the society, I can teach French, and how to be stylish."

Looks between Rogue and then at Scott, as he throws himself up as he spins slowly landing, without spilling a drop of that precious dark liquid."But, on a side note, I wish to help dem X-men, as well. So, that is why I seek you, Scotty. I'm told, you big man on campus with dat."

Scott Summers has posed:
"Well, I want to be a space pirate," shoots Scott to Rogue. Obviously he has not heard about the Avengers invite. Except the one Hank have. And Scott -could- be a space pirate. He has a standing invitation from dad.

He nods at Remy's words, though. "I am not adverse to have you teaching, ah... street survival techniques. But maybe not to the younger students. Most kids desperately need regular academic skills. Get them ready for college or normal jobs. Now the X-Corp is up and running there are actually places they can go without having to hide their mutancy."

That aside, "Jean is the one to talk about specific classes, though. The X-Men are my business. How much have you been told?" He glances at the skunk-haired young woman.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue leans forward to the plate of fruit she has sitting on the table in front of her and she grabs a piece of pineapple with a small fork, then places it in her mouth and chews on it while she listens to the two of them chat. After she clears her palette she grins softly. "Space pirate. Yeah, lemme go with ya, I'll wear a frilly shirt and a long skirt, carry a space sword'n stuff. It'll be great." She /might/ not believe Scott about that, and may have thought it was him trying to tell a joke!

A glance is given to Remy then. "You're sellin' yourself short, Handsome." She smiles at him. "You'd be a bangin' Gymnist teacher. I've seen ya jump around, it's like you're made outta rubbah!" she says it in a flirtatious way, of course, but means it as well.

"Gotta be ways you can put those magic skills t'use too, other than just a fun Youtube channel."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I will go with ya on space adventures as well, I've already have a pirate coin." Reaches into his left pocket as he brings out a silver coin. "Well, a bit about the x-men, I have vague notice, I was there for dat fight with the pale man. The one with the cape, dat' looks like a vampire, yes him. But, no no, nothing exact." Remy nods slowly, his eyes moving to Rogue with a little smirk, as his hand brings that coffee up to his lips, as he slowly sets the empty mug down on the table.

Remy's hand is running through his hair, pushing it back as his lips curl into a sly smile as he waits now for Rogue to respond as he slides out of his pocket a silver doubloon, as he flicks it over his fingers. As he slides down into a chair, kicking his foot up again, his fingers moving with the coin quickly, around his head, as he flicks it towards Rogue with a wink."Trinket, for Mi Pettie, dat one I found treasure hunting in da Bayou. Not stolen, legal."

As he watches Rogue with a little chuckle, as he listens to her words, as he nods again sighing contently."Ya should brag about me, then Mi self. My head is big enough from my own braggadocio. Thank you Mi Cherie."

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott is going for 'not too much', since both seem to prefer to flirt with each other instead of explaining much. Rogue has met her match. He clears his throat, and goes on, "well, first thing I would like to run a few Danger Room scenarios for you, Gambit, to see how well you handle yourself. Then team sessions are at five in the morning Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. For the first six weeks I'd like to see you in all of them."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just grins at what Remy says before she sets her phone down so she's not /quite/ so distracted. She exhales and looks over at Scott. "When I met Remy, he was in a card bar in Manhattan. He... well, yeah, it's probably obvious where my mind was immediately. But as we got t'know each other, my goal was t'help him find a place that could give him meanin', like this place helepd give me. I didn't tell him /everything/." She insists. Which is true. She didn't, but he has figured a lot out since being here and has been taken on a few excursions which taught him even more.

"It's hard t'explain. He's got some great combative skills, is what it really boils down to, Scott. He'll be immensely useful on missions, and he's good at avoidin' detection. Which is exactly what we need on the team, yeah?" Her eyes go from Scott then, back to Remy. She smiles at him. "He's fun too."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I can do that, I will sleep after. That is so early, so very, very early." Remy nods slowly, as he looks at Scott, as he reaches into his pocket to produce a single card the Ace of Spades, as he twirls it slowly around his fingers, as he thinks for a moment."Tell me of this danger room, what makes it so dangerous, no?"

Remy nods slowly his hand is flicking that card around his fingers, as he watches Rogue speak softly."If, you wish me to show now, I can, No? I will hit this dangerous room, hard right now. I'm bored, and it might be fun, care to watch me in action Mi Petit? My staff has not seen any fun as of late." His eyes moving towards Scott, as he grins at the man with that boyish charm."So, what say you is the dangerous room open for play?"

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott read the mission reports when Remy was invited to go, so he knows a little bit about the Cajun. "No one took you yet to the Danger Room? Well, it is a high-tech hard-light environmental simulator. It is not a playground but some people are known for programming it for... lets just say not very realistic training runs."

One of those 'people' might be sitting in the room right now.

"We can go," he checks his cell, "tonight at nice, it should be free. It sees near constant use for a variety of reasons."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue picks the coin up off of the floor at her feet that Remy flicked at her, it having bounced off of her arm and down on to the floor ner the tip of her heeled leather boot. She rolls it over in her gloved fingertips and smiles at it before she sets it on the table in front of her. Rogue looks up at Remy when he speaks of his boredom and his staff's lack of fun. "You poor poor thing." She tells him in a sassy sort've way beofre leaning back in the chair and putting her hands into the pockets of her hoodie, her left leg coming up to cross over her right at the knee.

Her green eyes raise up to look at Scott, who gets a smirk. "Hey, be glad I don't know how t'work the computer. I'd have that place doin' all kindsa fun stuff. I go t'the mornin' sessions, and Remy's usually asleep, or not even in his room at all, so I've never gotten around t'invitin' him along with me."

Another glance is given to Gambit. "Mister Mystery." She says in a coy tone.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"OH, sounds like a blast, training and training, like in da sport game." Remy nods slowly. His hand is sliding along the side of the chair as he pushes himself up into the air with a twirl as he lands right on the table, rolling off of it, grabbing the mug, refilling it slowly with a chuckle."So den, it's quiet and fun, and I can show off, sounds like good night. Lead on Bossman."

As he grins at Rouge, as his eyes twinkle with mischief, as he speaks softly."Of course, ya would have it no other way, no?"