4370/A Succubus, A Phoenix, and an Imp walk into a Sanctum

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A Succubus, A Phoenix, and an Imp walk into a Sanctum
Date of Scene: 11 December 2020
Location: Sanctum Santorum
Synopsis: Rogue gets driven by Jean while dragging Remy to the Sanctum to find a sorcerer to exorcize their pet demon. They go get ice cream.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Jean Grey, Stephen Strange, Remy LeBeau

Rogue has posed:
Skik the Imp woke Rogue up this morning, standing on the foot of her bed and spraying her with a water gun that he filled up with not water.

Rogue had spent the rest of the day trying to find someone magically inclined who could send the Imp back to his place of origin. She liked him, but... he's proven to be a bit of a chore.

Back in February the X-Men had been on a mission to Genosha, and on that mission a mysterious Sorcerer had flown past Rogue, and she'd watched him do a number of impressively magical things. A month or so later and he randomly appeared in the Study Hall at Xavier's School, where she'd gotten a chance to speak with him-- along with Illyana who was unreachable at the present time.

Rogue used that day to help her track down the mysterious mage's place of residence, here in Greenwich Village.

Now, with Skik in a backpack designed for a cat, his little Imp face staring out the back of it where a plastic bubble-window allows him to look out at the world, Rogue steps out of a school SUV, and looks over to who she coaxed in to coming with her...

"Here's the place." Rogue says, looking up to the Sanctum. "Looks like ... a real party house." She mutters, holding Skik's backpack over her shoulder as the Imp looks around at the city from inside it, laughing inside the bag.

Jean Grey has posed:
Mystical nonsense is definitely one of those areas where Jean, normally so very competent, assured, capable of doing anything... has no clue whatsoever. While they'd muddled by in the incident that originally brought the imp into the world, she'd left the cleanup to those who seemed properly trained - like those nice WAND people that seemed to exist for that sort of thing.

But none of this addressed the madder of Skik.

Well, it could- she could probably call them up and tell them they had one of the rogue imps in Rogue's company (har har), but that seems like it would end poorly for the imp, and for whatever reason, they've all gotten a soft spot for the little creature. Or at least, to a certain degree. Jean has given Rogue some pretty strict duties in terms of keeping it under watch and out of trouble.

So as long as it's only pee super soakering her...

"Party house? It does sort of look like a fraternity building," Jean muses, following Rogue from the car. She walks past the woman and the backpack imp toward the door, and gives it a knock. "Do you know much about this guy?"

Stephen Strange has posed:
    It's been a hell of a year, and as it draws near it's end and in the post election calm and in the spirit of the season, Stephen finally is hanging up his christmas lights on the outside of the sanctum. Some people in the neighborhood are decked to the nines. The neighborhood tends to be a veritable feast for the eyes and Stephen isn't going to get another letter from the HOA this year. No siree.

    Stephen is on the third floor of the brownstone, the flat of his feet suction cupped onto the brick as if he was a spaceman on the side of his ship. He's not, he's a wizard hanging up his lights. He has the multicolored huge bulbs of christmas past on the green strand of lights and he's walking along the side, hunching into a crouch every few feet and 'stapling' the lights into the sides of the house with a touch of his finger before moving onto the next.

    At the sound of the knock on his house, a sound that rarely ever happens, Stephen stands up/sideways and looks down to his right with a lift of his eyebrows, "I'm afraid no one's going to answer." Stephen explains down towards Jean.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I t'ink both of have no excuse not ta know what a party house looks like." Remy is just sort of here. Tacked on. And looking super bored. Wearing winter clothes, sweater and slacks and a long black wool coat that feels entirely wrong, he strolls along with Jean and Rogue with eyes cast down on the sidewalk. "Dis looks like a Fraternity house? Seriously? Dere aint a single red solo cup anywhere..." Waving a hand indifferently, dismissively, "Brownstone house in da middle of New York looks like a Fraternity..." Said under his breath, rolling his red/black eyes.

Then Stephen is talking from the side of the building? Hanging Christmas lights... Remy glances up at him, blinks a few times, and looks over at the girls.. "Maybe a lil bit of a party house..."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue adjusts the backpack with the Imp inside of it on her right shoulder by it's white strap. She looks over to Jean and smiles at her. "Next t'nothin'." She answers about what she knows about the Doctor. "He can fly? And teleport. And wears a cape. So...."

At Remy's words, Rogue's eyes dart back to him and she grins at him. "Beer pong t'night?" She asks, glancing up to Jean again. "Ever played it before? You'd be able t'totally dominate at it." Telekinesis powers!

Stephen's... sudden voice, makes Rogue look right up at him. "Oh, hey. Uh. Surprise visit!" She raises a green gloved hand up to sweep her hair out of her face. "Remembah me?" She asks him. "You came t'Xavier's lookin' for Illyana Rasputin, and ya found me instead? Lucky you."

She motions to Jean then. "I brought my friend Jean." Then back to Remy. "And my man servant Remington Steel." She's kidding, of course, but it's fun!

Rogue's backpack is still laughing. "Oh, and... another... person? Was hopin' you could help us with somethin'."

Jean Grey has posed:
"I certainly know what a party house looks like," Jean confirms to Remy. Her father in a college professor, and while she never exactly had the 'traditional' experience herself (the entirety of her official education has been at Xaviers'), her work for Charles has taken her all around the campuses that dot New York, both downstate in the city and upstate- Vassar and Bard, or even as far as Binghamton, Syracuse, Rochester, Conrell.

And so, she feels justified in saying to Remy: "I think it looks a lot like the big older houses you'll see some chapters have. Or at least a couple that I've been to." Incriminating statement! "I don't know anything else like this down here. Most of the homes from this era they built really narrow and tall, cramming them all in next to each other as these downtown neighborhoods started getting fashionable when the city first took off."

Jean Grey, telepath, cosmic host, and NY history buff!

Of course, when her knock receives no answer from behind the door, but rather up on the wall, she does the sensible thing and looks up. Not /too/ much shock at the man's position, considering two out of three of their own little party flies. Rogue makes introductions, and she smiles charmingly as they go on. "Sorry if we're interrupting your holiday preparations. But yes, it's this last 'person' we came about. Sadly our own warlock is unavailable, and Rogue recommended you."

Just to make it clear this is not your typical house call. Well, maybe for the Doctor it's pretty typical.

Stephen Strange has posed:
    "I don't think I'd call it a frat or party house, but it is beyond wild in there... In every way." Stephen says, as he steps up the wall away from the ground and in the next moment he's stepping up behind the group on the sidewalk. "Ah yes, Illyana..." Strange notes aloud as he lifts his fist to cup his chin as he ponders, "My history seems to be ... changed." Stephen purses his lips in thought before looking to Rogue past the others, "We did meet once, but ... things have changed." He shrugs his shoulders as if to dismiss his oddities."

    The lights on the wall dangle down to the ground half finished, likely to be forgotten and never touched until February. "Fascinating you know so much about your history." Stephen compliments Jean, offering his scarred hand to take hers and kiss her knuckles if she'll allow. "I'm Doctor Stephen Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts at your-- Who's your friend in the backpack?"

    "What did you do?" Stephen asks, looking from Remy, to Jean, and finally Rogue, figuring she's the one in charge of the creature thus she must be the most involved with it.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Mm." Remy grunts at his introduction, hands in his pocket, and inclines his head at Jean's dissection of New York History with a ruthless fact knife. "So you sayin' cus it looks different than the rest of dese houses it has to be a frat house?" Wry little smirk, one brow raising just so. "What would Xavier t'ink of you profilin'." Teasing, obviously, his attention moves from Jean to Stephan, to Rogue's back packet.

Back to Stephan. "Eh? Do?" He looks down on himself, then around at the sidewalk, "Listen, I don't even know what in dat backpack, mon amie. I thought we was here to play beer pong." A revelation that has him quite perplexed and not just a little disappointed.

Whipping a hand out to show he's holding a small grey sphere with a Rose-Skull on one side. "I even bring my own." It's a ping-pong ball. So these are your options. Either Remy just has pockets full of shit, which is possible, or he really thought they were just here to play beer pong.... which is also possible.

Nobody really tells him things. They just assume he'll figure it out as they go.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's big take away from Jean's rundown on the Sanctum's facade in relation to party houses just makes her grin. "Interesting..." She says about that incriminating statement part, filing it away for later.

Instead, she focuses on Strange coming down and instantly choosing to approach Jean-- the elder of this trio of visitors --to fancy her with an offered kissed and a dashing introduction. "Well this is fun." Rogue says to that. When Remy shows off his custom beer pong ball, the Belle just shakes her head with a snicker.

Her backpack is brought up though, and the Imp within it. "Can we come in, Doctor?" She asks of Strange. "I'm wantin' t'send this lil' fella back t'where he belongs." Skik, of course makes a cry of pain when she says it, as he doesn't want to go home and leave his Southern Belle, having gotten rather attached to her.

"An... event happened, in Westchester, a buncha these things got loose, but this one, I dunno, sorta warmed up t'my southern hospitality... so t'speak." She tells the good Doctor. Of course, Remy's getting filled in at the same time now too!

"And we're uh... gonna go get ice cream after this too." The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop is just down the street! Also, Skik hears this and muffle-whines even more! Poor Imp.

Jean Grey has posed:
"I think you're a little too stuck on the college sex romp movie definition of the term, Remy," Jean chides. She holds her hands apart. "I just meant the building looks rather impressive. A lot of organizations use these old houses, and you don't see many that are private residences."

She turns about to face Strange as he appears amidst them, her smile broadening at his very formal and gentlemanly sort of greeting. Jean's no one to complain about a touch of social grace and flattery. "Doctor Jean Grey." Everyone's a doctor around here! Well. Ok, just them. "Headmistress of Xavier's School for the Gifted." Maybe it's not quite as fancy as 'Master of the Mystic Arts', but she offers it with a bit of pride.

And then there's Skik.

Turning as Stephen takes note of the backpack riding Imp, she nods along with Rogue's explanation of it. "There was some sort of a portal and a whole bunch of them came through, along with a larger entity. It was, well, you could say -disarmed- and sealed out," she says with a bit of humor. "But all the little ones stayed. Many were hostile, but she managed to befriend this one."

Jean gives a bit of a frustrated sigh. "He's a bit far from housebroken, though. We were hoping to send him home without having to do anything harmful, since he's behaved- well, better than the others. Good behavior should be returned, I'd say."

Stephen Strange has posed:
    "Ah, yes, where are my manners." Stephen says, as he steps up towards the doors and then without moving a hand he steps through the doors. "Remington, do feel free to practice your 'beer bong' in the main landing here, there's plenty of space for the table, just, mind the opponent, it tends to mimic yourself." Stephen notes with a glance over his shoulder as he leads the x-men into the Sanctum.

    A grand place that could no way be inside the brownstone they were just looking at, the architecture is all wrong as are the halls and doors. It's impossible. The split level foyer leads up a handful of steps before they're on the main landing with two large stair cases going up from the checkered tile floors into what could look like a museum from below. "Careful to mind the table, it tends to get snappy at about this time." Stephen says as they walk past an ornate table with what looks like snakes for legs, only they seem to be moving slowly, as if alive before the foot opens it's mouth and hisses at the passing x-men.

    Stephen leads them to the main landing and turns around and frowns. "So you've a summoned being in your backpack that you have been treating as a pet..." Stephen says with a deadpan look towards Rogue, then Remington, Jean and back to Rogue. "And there's more in our realm..." Stephen lifts his hand to rub at his eyebrows and forehead. "In Westchester..." Stephen sighs. "It's a good thing you came to me... How long ago was this?" Strange asks reaching for the backpack, or at least motions for Rogue to open it.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Oui, I am certain dat is what you meant now dat you have said so." Remy drops his hand back into his pocket, disappearing the ping-pong ball. "I never worried much about college sex romps or movies.. I didn't go to college, prefer whore houses, an' only watch movies when Rogue makes me."


"Remy." To being called Remington.

Launching the ping pong ball at the floor, bouncing it off the wall, and catching it in a fluid motion. Turning to look around the much bigger interior of the otherwise nondescript house he'd seen outside.

Is he considering stealing something?

Who knows, probably.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue agrees with Jean about the Imp, nodding a couple quick times to the redhead's words before she follows the doctor inside of his home also. It definitely feels off, but Rogue doesn't immediately realize that it's 'wrong' from the outside appearance. Instead she's preoccupied with look around the place. "Wow." She says quietly in fact, because well, it feels like a place out of Harry Potter.

"Nice... place..." The Belle tells the Doctor (the Strange one) before she offers him the backpack when he asks to see Skik. Her eyes drift over to the snake legs on the table which makes her furrow her dark eyebrows before she looks back, because, well, Skik.

"But yeah, he's sweet, friendly. Super silly and mischievous, but he doesn't belong here, ya know?" She says as the Doctor, if he opens the bag, will find the Imp crawling out of it to look around before he starts to laugh.

"He says his name is Skik, but I've taken t'callin' him Lewis, cause I found him wearin' a pair of glasses and watching that old Nerds movie on tv one night, he wouldn't stop laughin' the whole time durin' that damn thing. I've had t'replay it like 80 times since then just to pre-occupy him from gettin' in ta stuff."

Rogue's hands go to her hips, she glances over to Remy and smiles at him before looking back to the Doctor and the Imp. "This was... two weeks ago?" Rogue answers, regarding Jean for confirmation on that since they were both there for it.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean lets her attention wander some as they do likewise through the strange house, full of both unusual geometries and apparently a variety of living furniture. "Well, I take it back," she offers, glancing back at Remy. "It's not really like any place I've seen, fraternity or otherwise."

Rogue's inquiry earns a brief consideration, but ultimately a nod in confirmation. "That sounds about right. For what it's worth, I think WAND was involved and I assume they cleaned up the majority of whatever sort of incursion it was, and what it might have left behind. I haven't heard of much trouble in the area since. So we're not really here for aid with some dimensional invasion, or anything- we got that the first time around, although the help was pretty unusual itself."

"Just..." And again, she gestures toward the carrying pack. "What to do with him. Obviously I don't want to put anyone at risk if his presence is going to cause some larger problem in the long term, but as it stands, he does seem fairly harmless. So I'm willing to extend a bit of the benefit of the doubt. Our school welcomes the wayward and unusual, after all."

Stephen Strange has posed:
    "I assume a specific type of unusual and wayward." Stephen says towards Jean before the whole room around them shifts in a fit of reality, stomachs might turn and feel a touch queezey as Stephen suddenly moves the trio of mutants and one demon with him to the library. He lifts up his hand to a book to turn to a few pages and hrms to himself before slapping the book closed with a second fit of reality. "Skik appears to be a fledgling demon, most likely in a basic roll with little to no hope of advancing into a more powerful creature. They tend to be the fodder in the wars of certain hells." Stephen says, stepping from in front of the group to standing behind the Imp and a mystical strand held between his hands and Stephen is ... measuring the creature, shoulder to shoulder and then top to toe. Like some sort of mystical tailor, then he squints a Rogue and motions for her to hold her hands out and stand in a t-pose as he measures her from fingertip to finger tip and then head to toe again. "Interesting." Stephen remarks.

    "He's old." The wizard remarks, "Likely why he imprinted on you to try and stay away from his duties, like a vacation." The wizard frowns, as he starts another spell, a circle appearing in the air and growing into a size large enough for the humans to crawl through, but tall enough for Skik to walk through. "Lets go Skik, you don't want me invoking any names, now do you."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy is pretty cool about the whole thing, all things considered.

He very well may be impressed with the Sanctum, but he's not going to SHOW it. That's not how you walk out of a place with pockets full of magical do-dads and trinkets. Play it cool, check things out, do your circuit while tossing the ping-pong ball at the trim of the wall to catch in an outstretched hand.

Nothing to see here from the ragin' cajun, nope. Certainly not casing the joint.

When he finally joins the others, he's not yet weighed himself down with sorcerer swag, but he's definitely picked out a few things he's pretty certain would net him a small fortune back in Naw'Lens. "Dis a nice place ya got here, boss." Pointing around at the interior walls.

It's all business in here though.

"Jus' like Rogue ta attract a couple millenia old demon." Murmuring, so as not to interrupt Stephen doing whatever it is Sorcerers do with said millenia old demons. "Yeah.." Pointing at Skik, "He'll use your full name if yer not back in whatever hell ya come from before dem streetlights is out."

Rogue has posed:
Skik's eyes are looking around the Sanctum as he observes the place himself, seeing about a billion things he'd like to get more intimately acquainted with, but he seems to behave here even better than he does at Xavier's... maybe he understand something about this place that the X-Men don't even fully see or feel. His little green hands smooth out his robe though, and he stands perfectly still for Strange when he's measured. "Skooooga." Skik says, lowering his hands after being measured, at least for a moment before he looks at Remy and starts to pick his nose again.

Rogue's arms go out, awkwardly, as she stands there, awkwardly, and allows the Doctor to measure her next. "Uh..." She glances to Jean while this happens, then lowers her hands down to her sides again. "I don't wanna send him back if he's just gonna get f'ing killed. He doesn't deserve /that./ But like, he woke me up t'day sprayin' me with a water gun that was most definitely not filled with water, if ya catch my meanin'."

She looks back to Remy then and flashes him a grin. "Attracted you too, remembe'ah that, Cajun." She tells him, sassy-like!

Jean Grey has posed:
"Well, the help called itself Lucifer," Jean answers, as if that should clarify the degree of 'unusual' involved. "I don't know if that was just a flamboyant nome d'arte or..." The OR is probably rather worsisome to consider. "That said, he was very helpful. Shut the gate that was being opened right as the, well, whatever it was, was sticking its arm through."

And here Jean gestures, holding her own arms wide apart, to try and impart some sense of scale to this arm. She can't exactly do it but uh... the impression is that it was very large!

Although she's probably not quite so fond the creature as Rogue is, her reaction to his likely fate in the depths of whatever hell he calls home does cause her to frown. In all likelihood she's more upset because Rogue might be upset by it, than out of missing the creature herself. "I don't suppose there's any way to, I don't know... house break him?" They really are treating this demon like it's a pet dog! "Minus the mayhem, he's not too bad."

Stephen Strange has posed:
    "Where did you get him dying from? I said he's using this as a vacation..." Stephen frowns and shakes his head towards Rogue before he motions again towards the portal, "Go on Skik-" Stephen stops mid thought before looking back to Jean with a lift of his eyebrow, "You want to housebreak a demon..."

    Stephen takes a deep breath and then rolls his eyes upwards.
- Mortals.
- They don't know better.
- They don't know what they're saying.
- He releases his breath.

    Stephen shakes his head. "For a wizard or witch it wouldn't be out of the question, for you three... I see him devouring your souls before the next proper solar elicpse." Stephen then looks back down to Skik and then motions towards the portal that remains open.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I said what I said." Remy retorts at Rogue, unbashfully lumping himself in as a millenia old demon. All grins despite artificially aging himself by a substantial margin. When Stephen gets going, the Cajun shoves his hands in his pocket, with a trinket he swiped from one of the counters while Stephen was rolling his eyes.

"Devour our souls, eh?" Wibble wobbling an out stretched hand at the Sorcerer, "Yer often mistaken for the life of the party arent' you, mon amie? I can imagine your summer gala super bash is da talk of the nine realms."

Rogue has posed:
Skik looks at the portal, then looks back at the people who brought him here, then to the Doctor and then finally back to the portal. He seems reluctant.

"I just saw how they behaved, treated each other." Rogue replies to Stephen after nodding to Jean's housebreaking. "They acted like none of'em were important, like they were just ants... Made me think that that was why he 'latched' on ta'me. Like it was a way outta that life. Guess it was just a vacation though." She seems set back by this a bit, but that's just because she's one of those people who is naturally the best kind of pet owner out there, the one's that have more love for their pets than they do for themselves.

"But yeah, it's too dangerous." The Belle says. She smiles at Skik then. "Go on." She tells him, motioning him. "We'll meet up again someday, probably. Not like I don't end up in 'that place' in the end anyhow." Apparently she thinks she's going to Hell! "Go find yourself a Misses Skik, make Baby Skiks'n."

Skik, once more looks back at everyone. Then tears off his BAby Yoda robe and tosses it aside, standing there in all his tiny glory, everything out and on display. He then pauses and reaches in to that backpack to pull out the black framed glasses that don't have any lenses in them, and raises them up to put on his face.

"Soap on rope!" Skik says as he waves to the X-Men, before he starts to run toward the portal and jumps through!

Once he goes through, Rogue smirks and starts to walk toward that backpack, as it belogns to Jubilee and she has to get it back to her. She picks up the Baby Yoda robe and starts to stuff it inside the pack, seeming a bit DOWNTRODDEN by the Imp's absence now!

Jean Grey has posed:
"Well, this is precisely why we came for your advice," Jean points out, crossing her arms when the good Doctor gets a little dramatic about the whole thing. "How are we to know just how harmless - or dangerous - it might exactly be? From what we saw, they were more of a nuissance, but if it's going to slowly devour all of our souls, then that does seem like a good argument for sending him back where he belongs."

With the decision made, all that's left is to coax the little guy through. It seems Rogue really has made a connection, as her gentle effort seems to have more of an effect on him than threats of whatever magics and true names that Stephen wields. The pair say their goodbyes, such as they are, and then he's gone!

"Well, at least he left the robe," Jean remarks. She's moved up beside Rogue, and lays a careful hand on her shoulder, reassuring her in the loss of her brief, hellish companion. "You did a nice thing for him. I don't know if demons appreciate kindness, but still."

Stephen Strange has posed:
    Stephen, not one to read a room turns around and when he does, the three are back in the main landing between the two framing stair cases. "He was likely thriving on your kindness like a meal. Might even have grown into an incubus." Stephen waves a hand to dismiss the whole notion. "I suppose I should go check in on Westchester and make sure there's not any more around, as they're likely to be doing the same thing with others, or worse." Strange sighs.

    "I'm not much of a party go-er, not any more." Stephen says, returning the handwobble towards Remy, showing off the intense scars covering his hand. He's learned that he's likely not to find much companionship out there in the world and he's not going to skulk around regaling the mutants with his tales of sorrow, "Was there anything else I can do for you?" Strange asks, pondering stealing more measurements but knowing that that moment has certainly passed.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Mon amie just said soap on a rope." Remy points out, pointing out towards the portal where skik has made his very dramatic, if anticlimatic, escape. Glancing around Rogue, Jean, and Stephen, "That's not weird to anyone else, huh? Okay.. cool, just wanting to see where the line is."

Seeing as Rogue is, understandably, upset at the loss of her tiny, weird little friend, Remy starts forward.. but Jean's in there giving the comfort. So he up nods agreement and looks around the room again with a raised brow over a black/red eye.

To Stephen's question if that's all, the Cajun glances over with a brisk nod, "Yeah, actually, is dere like a gift shop in dis place?" Pointing around, "Feel like ya make a killing selling babbles wit no real magic, ye no?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks over at Jean and shows her a smile before she glances to the Doctor and shakes her head. "I guess that makes sense. First thing I did was offer him some candy, so he probably latched on t'the kindness train from there on." She pauses then as she considers. "If ya do end up in trouble in Westchester and need help, don't hesitate t'reach out t'us." She says as she puts the backpack on both of her shoulders now, the white straps going over her black biker jacket that she's wearing over a white tshirt.

Remy's comment makes her laugh. She glances in the direction the portal had been. "He'd been watchin' a lotta Netflix. It was helpin' him speak english, but it was makin' him... ya know... act like Netflix shows. And that thing has a wiiiiide array'a characters t'latch on to."

With a heavier exhale then, Rogue smiles to Stephen. "Thanks for the help, Doc. I think we agreed t'all get ice cream after this. You're welcome t'tag along for that." She states before looking to Jean and Remy to see if they're ready to head out.

Jean Grey has posed:
"I don't think we have anything more that requires your particular expertise," Jean tells strange. "But by all means, you're welcome along with us." She's quite enthusiastic on this count, once Rogue has declared their intention to travel on to the next, somewhat less mystical destination on their little outing.. "Our treat? It's the least we can do. This has really been a big help, and it sounds like you might have spared us some far bigger problems down the road."

Noting Remy, she gives him a brief, sheepish look and steps back to give Rogue just a leeeetle more space.

As for the imp and his peculiar range of vocabulary? "I think we're lucky that's all he came up with if he was watching prison shows." It really could have been so much worse! "Shall we?"

Stephen Strange has posed:
    "I..." Stephen bites his tongue and doesn't think it important to burden these kind people with the weight of his life. "I just ate, but I wouldn't mind spending some time with some pleasant company." He says, at least hopefully he can avoid having to eat while not making them feel awkward about it. Just another day in the life of a sorcerer. "How gay /is/ this place?" Stephen asks as he moves the crowd outside the house with another one of those jolts and he waits for them to take the lead.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy glances over to Jean and waves a hand sideways through the air. Dismissive, reassuring, flampant.. uncaring. A mix of many things in that simple gesture. Like his grin, lopsided. "Yeah, mon amie. Ya helped them send a demon back to its closes plain of origin, least we can do is get ya some ice cream." Listen to the words, not the tone of his voice.

Hands once again in the pockets of the big wooly long coat.

He opens it and looks down with a little frown.

"Hey, ya t'ink you can reconstruct somet'ing if I give ya a slip of fabric? My coat was destroyed an' I'm startin' to feel a little naked.. It was sort of my safety blanket..." Raising a brow at Stephen, "I can get ya a snickers bar."

He's being a jerk again.

Regardless, he's going where the girls go. Until something tickles his distraction fancy enough to lead him on a Cajun adventure in the big apple. A kid, missing his flight to a tropical christmas vacation, is being chased by criminals through the Big Apple? It could happen during the holliday season.

"On a scale from one ta Ellen degeneres it's a second hand Portia."

Mandatory Popculture reference.

Stephen Strange has posed:
    "I could." Stephen says with a look over towards Remy and then a hint of that playboy he used to be back when he was still a surgeon peeks through, "If I can get the pleasure to knowing the doctor over a moonlit dinner?" Stephen asks, taking a risk with being so brazen towards Jean, before looking back towards Remy. They're friends right, why not test that a bit in the same kind of way that the world seems to constantly be testing him as its guardian.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Well that took a side street to not expected avenue.

"Well, dat be up to her, mon amie. Don't t'ink my coat is enough to sucker a lady inta a date if she don't wanna go on it, ye no? Dis ain't a romcom with low key rapey undertones." Not that he's saying that ABOUT Stephen, just this hypothetical (literally all of them) rom coms.

Jean Grey has posed:
"I didn't realize the particular coat was that important. I thought it was more, just a style thing, and we'd see you with a new one of the same general shape in a few days," Jean admits as Remy's coat saga begins to unfold. "It gave its... stitches in noble fashion, at least?"

Although the idea that Strange could just magic it back is a curious one, causing her to glance over. "Technically, I could probably put the pieces back together if we still have them all," she muses. Phoenix-y molecular TK gets fancy. "Although fully turning back time is bit beyond my purview, if there's not enough left."

As for Stephen's suggestion, she just laughs it off, as they set out on their way. "Lets try ice cream first!"

Stephen Strange has posed:
    "Yeah, I'll fix your coat." Stephen says with a nod as he continues to walk, seems as if he's not going to fix it now, but seems like it's a busier day than the wizard expected it to be. The strand of lights continues to dangle from the sanctum only half finished. He laughs off his own awkwardness as well, "Of course, naturally." Stephen says, before falling silent and walking behind Rogue and the others, feeling quite the fool. Too many movies.