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Danger Room: Oh Hello
Date of Scene: 11 March 2020
Location: Danger Room
Synopsis: The tropical beach was already in the program! (Lorna meets Jubilee and Rogue.)
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Jubilation Lee, Lorna Dane, Andrea Marguiles

Rogue has posed:
Rogue and Jubilee had finished up an X-Men training session a little bit ago and were still inside of the simulation itself. The doors to the X-Men bunker are open, the hallway is visible outside, but inside of the Danger Room is a city scape, like New York but more generic city than that.

Rogue is seated on the edge of a building and she's got a Danger Room control tablet on her lap and she's using it to summon things. She's snickering as she summons a Ford Pickup Truck and watches it hover in the air for a moment before it suddenly falls all the way down to the street below and lands on a crowd of people.

Then it explodes.

Basically, she's doing what people do in a GTA game when they get bored. Messing with the AI and the 'fake people' of the city that the alien tech powered chamber is creating.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
Meanwhile, Jubilee is sunbathing in the simulated sunlight. Because she cannot do this in the brisk cold of New York late winter. She is keenly aware that she is not actually getting any sun, but there's a certain amount of joy that comes from the act.

"Hey Marie, summon me up a Mai-Tai huh?"

Said with her pink glasses down over her eyes, fingers laced behind her short black hair. Her yellow jacket is open on a pink croptop and shorts that are entirely (ENTIRELY) too short for the weather outside. Her high-tops are set off to the side, out of the way.

"Oh, shit, it sounded like a zit popping down there... ya ever think whether they have souls?" Meaning the projections created by the Danger Room.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna was hoping for a work out. She had energy to burn and the need to get as physically exhausted as she could get without causing others to worry or fawn over her. So.. Danger Room it was. Not that she had been in the Danger Room for some time, but her pass codes still worked and she was still a member of the X-men..

Even if she was a traumatized one.

The green haired woman stepped into the open door, glancing around the city scape and already dressed in a generic X-men suit. Black with a blue X across the chest. She stopped at the sight of Rogue and Jubilee, lofting an eyebrow upward as she spotted each of the women. "I see you're both working hard at training in here."

Andrea Marguiles has posed:
Andrea Marguiles has been encouraged to start thinking about whatever she's going to do after graduation. So, naturally she's going to avoid such weird, uncomfortable thoughts, and goes to do some training. She drops down, checking on what's going on in the danger room, slipping in in a black combat suit tailored for her needs. "Whoa bright, I hope I won't melt..." she blurts out, flailing her arms.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks over her shoulder at Jubilee and she grins at her. "Does food and drink work in this thing?" She asked. "I mean, it's not -real- so wouldn't it ya know, not like... I don't know, this place is weird." She stands up on the ledge of the building and turns around to see Lorna striding in. She recognizes her from around the school. "Well hey there, Greenie." She says to the woman with the dark green hair. "We finished our trainin' session already, and we got told t'shut this place down. But... before doin' that, I figured, what the hell, why not have a little fun, yeah?"

At Andrea's entry, Rogue smiles at her. "Hey t'you too. Wanna summon a school bus and throw it across the fake city?" She asks, offering the control tablet computer out with an extended arm.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"I guess I see your point." Jubilee pushes her glasses up with the tip of her index finger and squints at Rogue standing on the ledge of the building when she starts greeting people.. But she's not suddenly deactivating all the dangerous stuff done to poor fake people, so it's probably not a teacher.

With a little grunt, she moves over to the ledge in a crouch and swings her legs over the side of the building to look down at Lorna and Andrea, waving to both before turning to lounge out along the railing. One foot dangling, the other up on the ledge with her, and her fingers once again laced behind her head.

"I always root for the En. Pee. Seas."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna arched a brow as she swept her green eyed gaze about the scenario and landed on the Southern-belle. She tilted her head and only just restrained herself from putting her hands on her hips or crossing her arms. She didn't want to be like Scott or Jean, who might give a lecture.. and it wasn't like she had spent all that much time in the Mansion or X-men grounds previously.

"I see.." She offered, "And uh... what's your name again? I'm afraid I never got it the last time I saw you." She coughed lightly, settling her weight on the back of her heels briefly. It wasn't like she'd had much interaction with most of the 'newer' recruits to the X-men. There were plenty of new faces she didn't know.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks over to Jubilee and she just grins at her. "Don't fall off'a the buildin', okay. It probably won't kill ya cause the safety guards are on, but it'll still probably be kinda, ya know. Scary?"

She looks back to Lorna then and sees that the green haired woman looks less than pleased. She steps off the ledge and walks to her. Her right hand comes upa nd she offers it to the other mutant in the black and blue X uniform. "I'm 'Rogue'." She says and looks to Jubilee, motions toward her. "Thats Jubilation Nation." She then looks back to Lorna. "You're... important, right? From the mutant country everyone's been talkin' about?"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
Jubilee barely lifts her head, but does lift her glasses, to look at Rogue. "I aint afraid of no gravity." She rightly should be, she certainly can't defy it like SOME OTHER PEOPLE WITH OMEGA LEVEL ABILITIES... Not that she's green with jealousy or nothing.

Likewise, she glances over at Lorna when she's introduce, "Sup. I'm Jubilee from the Nation of Jubilation." Finger waving, wiggling them in a little rolling gesture. "Just suckin' up the artificially created sunlight as if it'll somehow tan me, even though we all know it wont." Head back, fingers pillowing behind her neck.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna considered Rogue, and took the offered hand to shake with only a brief moment of hesitation. "Lorna, er... Polaris. I guess. Officially. And no I'm .. no one important." She muttered, and shrugged weakly, looking ill at ease with even the thought that some might consider her important indeed. She bit her lower lip, and glanced toward Jubilee as she introduced herself.

"Hi." A glance was spared for the brightness of the Danger Room's simulated sunshine and she made a face. "It's not warm enough to even merit pretending that it'll tan you. You need some place tropical. And this room can make hard light illusions.. So I'd imagine you can sustain some kind of a burn from too much fake sunlight if you turned off the safety settings."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is of course wearing a glove on the hand that she shakes Lorna's with, and after doing so she turns to have Lorna on her left and Jubilee a bit further way on her right. She grins from one of them to the other but lets her gaze settle on to Lorna. "We're all important somehow, Sugh." She tells her in that sassy southern voice of hers. "Trick is just figurin' that 'how' part out."

At the exchange with Jubilee from Lorna, Rogue looks back to her Asian American friend and grins at her too. "If you turn the safety off on that, please don't dial the sun up t'levels that'll roast us? That is not how I wanna end my days, as a burnt up pile'a ash on the floor'a this XBox One Billion."

Rogue looks back to Polaris then. "I dig that name, well both'a your names, Lorna... Polaris. Buuuut, I'm stubborn and I think I'm still gonna call ya 'Green Peace'." The Belle grins from ear to ear. "You need us t'change the room t'something else for ya? Hawaiian beach maybe?"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
Jubilee rolls off the side of the ledge onto the roof and climbs across towards the tablet, which she settles into her lap to fiddle with when Lorna mentions turning off the safety guard. Glancing up, with her tongue stuck out the side of her mouth, only when Rogue mentions them all being important. "I'm not. I fart colorful bubbles... literally the lamest ability on the face of the earth... and there's a kid going here whose power is actually farting noxious gasses.. Like that's his thing. He farts and can knock people out."

Fiddle fiddle.

Glancing back down, she shifts the surroundings to something tropical, with a surf and sand and some sunbathing chairs made of wood and maybe there's some half naked bitches walking around serving drinks she can't actually drink.


tablet tossed over her shoulder, Jubes leans forward and pushes up from her ass to go over to one of the chairs, rolling onto it into a lounge with her ankles crossed out ahead of her and her fingers again behind her head. "Even /that kid/ who farts noxious gasses, has a color ability than shooting bright colored flashes.. I'm basically the mutant version of turning the lights on too quickly... or Ocular malformation."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna's weight shifted on her heels. "Uh..." She tilted her head unsure what Rogue's powers were, or how close she'd come to something dangerous if the other woman hadn't worn gloves. Still, she reached up with a hand and pushed her hair back from her face as Rogue glanced to Jubilee and asked to not be roasted, before she was complimented regarding her names.. and then was promptly given a new nickname. She blinked repeatedly. "What? Seriously? Just because my hair is green...?" She shook her head, looking stunned and utterly confused. Which is when Jubilee turned the whole of the simulation to a tropical beach. Her chest squeezed sickeningly, the tropical sands and surf just //too// close to home.. or what home had been for the once-island-Princess.

Her expression crumbled, and she exhaled a rough breath. "I was being sarcastic. You'll get a lecture about misusing this place if someone bothers to check the logs you know.."

Rogue has posed:
When the tablet is tossed over Jubilee's shoulder, Rogue lunges forward to catch it and she baubles it a few times but finally does manage to catch it--though it probably would've just landed in the sand and been fine anyway!

"Yeesh. And they say /I'm/ careless." She retorts to Jubilation. "Your powers aren't lame either, I've seen ya sparkle people t'the point that they had headaches. I think thats pretty awesome. Plus, they're pretty, so I'm a fan." With a look down at the tablet, Rogue fiddles with the simulated people levels and she has a few shirtless hot men show up and start to run on the beach together. She admires them with a smile.

"Wh-what?" She asks, turning her green eyed gaze to Lorna. "Oh, uh, I mean, yeah, probably. But ya know, we're just tryin' t'get comfortable with how this whole thing works, right? That way we can figure out how t'best test our mutations out here." Bullshit, but continue.

"I mean, if we can get comfortable with this Dangerous Room, then we can become better X-Women."

There's a nod then and Rogue smiles to Lorna. "You okay? You seem a bit stressed ooout."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"I'm use to it." Jubilee says from her position on the beach, "Besides, the program was in the database, not like I coded it... probably a ninja program or whatever. Who even knows, this place is chalk full of hypocrites." Amongst them, herself. She's unafraid to admit it!

She does not realize that she's inadvertantly hit too close to Lorna's sad buttons, either. She's got her head back angled up at the warmth spilling off the light construct, listening to the sounds of pretend birds with a grin. Absently chewing her bubblegum with her back teeth. "Besides, I'm definitely going to say it was a team building exercise." Pointing backwards at Rogue's expert alteration of facts to suit their needs.

"Already building team comradery." As for her powers, "So I'm occular malformation AND a hangover. Hey, I wonder if that can be my superhero name: The Hangover."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna's sad button it seemed was constantly at the surface of her thoughts these days. She pressed her hand against her lips, closing her eyes as she shook her head once. She inhaled and exhaled repeatedly, going quiet for a long while abruptly as she sank her mind into the magnetic fields rather than have a surprise panic attack over how it was both //too// similar to Genosha and not similar enough.

Finally she let her hands fall back to her sides and looked between the two.

"I'm sorry, I-I.. can't. I'm sure it's fine.. but I can't.." She shook her head again and turned on her heels to speed walk out of the Danger Room to leave behind the two other X-women and the tropical island paradise behind.