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Escape From Granola
Date of Scene: 29 December 2020
Location: Recreation Room
Synopsis: 'Adults' mix with 'kids' and some of those may be adults and some of those may be kids. The benefits of granola are discussed, Senor Scratchez makes his debut in public.
Cast of Characters: Negasonic, Maxwell Wave, Noriko Ashida, Jubilation Lee, Simon Lasker

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie has managed to get away from classes and teachers and homework and all the noise. She's taken control of her own territory, namely the comfy bean bag, and she's busy texting away on her phone, rather oblivious to anything else around her.

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Maxwell isn't a student, but he's a semi-known quantity at the mansion. He's been on a few missions with some of the seasoned X-men, and he regularly is working in Hank's lab for one reason or another. If you've met him, he's kind of hard to forget. It's the glowing eyes. Swirling pools of changing color that match mood and manifestation of power. He's dressed plainly today in a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, and some sturdy boots. A pair of welding goggles sit situated on his hand, the band making a mess of his brown hair. Upon arriving, he true objective is revealed. He raids the free snacks and drinks at the bar, quickly opening a granola bar with a crinkle of the wrapper and snapping off a bite.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko is, well, snoozing.  It's just one of her many naps she takes throughout the day, or likes to.  Who knows if she actually needs them, but she's been out for five minutes, which is palpable.  Her metal gauntlets are resting on her stomach.

She starts suddenly, eyes darting around in a blur, chest up and down like a hummingbird.  She's in some cargo pants and a hoodie.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilee leaps into the rec room and lands on one of the ping pong tables. It shutters a little against her momentum, sending a ball pinging and ponging off into the hallway. It's Monday evening, which means that the floor is hot lava. Jubes calls her shot -- a single index finger pointed at an armchair -- and totally goes for it! She lands on the armrest in a crouched position. Jubilee stands tall, balancing herself on that armrest and poses heroically.

    From her perch, Jubilee spots Maxwell totally going for the granola bar. "YOU!" she exclaims. Jubes hops onto her next platform, an ottoman, and transitions to the next, a side table. "Put that /down/!"

    Jubilee springs into the air, just barely landing on a beanbag that separates the fun area from the food area. "You are about to make a most egregious error, my dude. How...HOW can you just dive right into a granola bar of all things -- a granola bar -- when a fresh four-piece snack pack, chocolate, is just on the shelf staring you right in the face!"

    "A granola bar!" Jubilee whines, calling out for Noriko to set the guy straight.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie doesn't seem to be aware of Maxwell coming in, though she certainly hears the crinkling wrapper as she gives a bit of an eye roll, aimed at no one specific. The sound from Noriko shifting, does reach Ellie's ears, as she quips, "you gotta find some mode between mega-hyped and dead asleep, Nori."

Then comes Jubilee with her magical entrance, and a ping pong ball happens to fly right at Ellie's head, and with her eyes on the phone, she really isn't prepared as it bonks her real good. "Ow! What the fuck!?" Ellie snaps, looking up and frowning at Jubilee, "you're just a walking disaster wherever you go, huh?" Ellie groans, not looking very happy. But at least she concede a good point made, as she adds to the granola bar comment, "yeah," aimed at Maxwell, "that would be a tragic mistake."

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon Lasker is wearing his casual black leather jacket (as oposed to the formal and work ones) and jeans. He enters and plops down on the sofa. Heroing has been rough on him. Something about getting shook up by Giganta's footsteps and watching a building partially vanish from the world thanks to Scarlet Witch is bound to make a guy feel insignifigant-- And that was just yesterday.

"Hey now Jubilee... What did Hank say about religious debates in the rec room?"

There was a big arguement a while back. Some people prefer chocolate... and other people are wrong. That said he wasn't complaining, besides that meant there might be some left for him.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"The Gushers!"  How this granola bar = Gushers math works, well it just does.  Noriko blinks and zips over to grab all the granola bars in a big serving basket.  Half of them disappear in her quest to find zeh gushers.  She's moving /very/ fast, like someone who might jump up and run into the wall after being suddenly woken from a nightmare fast...but for someone who can go 760mph!

Maxwell's granola is a victim in this quest for food, gushers, and granola.  She snatches the granola bar out from his hand, takes a bite, puts it back in his hand, and proceeds to spit it out just before she appears back next to Jubes with a trail of wrappers on the snack table.

"I tasted them all.  Here.  This is the best," Noriko says so rapidly she's barely intelligible.  She dumps a small avalanche of granola bars onto Jubes' lap.

"Why?  It's so exhausting?"  Noriko's head is suddenly twisted toward Ellie.  "And you /aren't/ a disaster everywhere you go?...I mean, disasters are fun."

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Max stares at Jubilee. His jaw works over the crunchy and allegedly 'healthy' snack. His eyes glow just a little brighter in his surprise, but he manages to feign a stoic calmness. "You've got... a very impressive jump there. Near locomotive perfection." As he goes to take another bite of granola, he is startled by the sudden burst of movement from Noriko. His eyes narrow as he murmurs off a series of numbers and mathematical formulae. His burrows. "Wow... that was fast."

He tilts his head, "Neat." He then goes to bite his granola bar again, but it's shorter then he expected and his teeth clack. He frowns lightly at the bar, realizes its been chewed upon by another mouth then casually tosses it to a nearby trashcan. "I blame a combination of unreasonable expectations for physical fitness and the fact that I'm doing my best to look good in skin tight jumpsuits. Eating isn't always about taste, you know!" He waggles a finger then grabs a bottle of green tea, unsweetened.

Negasonic has posed:
"There's only one thing to say to religion," Ellie just has to add her two cents when Simon comes in about 'religious debates', at least her reply isn't verbal, because she's simply holding her middle finger up. Classic.

When Noriko quips right back at Ellie, in a way, requipping her own quip at Jubilee, Ellie shifts her already upheld middle finger towards Noriko, "fuck you, that was Arms' fault and you know it. I stay out of trouble, haters hate just because I look different. Well, they can suck my dick, how do you like that?" Not that Noriko even asked, but there you have it. The complete Ellie counter-measure, profanity jarrs everything into resolution.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilation stares at Ellie and shrugs. "It's only an issue if you decline the Jubilee insurance when you pick up your rental," she explains, giving the other girl an apologetic smile before hopping off of her perch.

    "I'm sorry, Simon, but I can't sit idly by when a heathen is in our midst!" she exclaims, almost lunging towards Maxwell as she does. "You must save the very threads of your soul! Repent! Repent!" she cries out, falling to her knees and putting both arms into the air. "Choc-o-late Pudding!"

    It's only a moment or two before Jubilation gets bored of this and makes her way over to a couch and claims a seat for herself. She opens her mouth, as if to say something more ridiculous, but then an avalanche of granola bars are poured into her lap. "...Thanks...Nori..." she replies, flatly, looking up at the other girl with a weary look. "...Granola bars..." She furrows her brow. "....Who even /are/ you!" Granola bars? Seriously. Jubes reaches out towards Nori. "What have they done with you!"

    Jubilee blows a big pink bubble, letting it reach a decision point before physics pops it for her. "Thanks -- locomotion is my favorite way to get around..." she replies to Max, shrugging her shoulders at him, unimpressed, perhaps. She might say more but...

    "Woah, woah, woah!" Jubes cries out, waggling a finger at Nega's direction. "That's a dollar for the swear jar," she decides, spinning a little so her finger is now pointing at a mason jar that has recently been set up on a table. It reads 'SWEAR JAR' and is written in totally-not-jubes-handwriting-i-promise. Jubilee looks over at Nori and winks in her direction, grinning.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Pretty good!"  Seems like Noriko has some twisted purpose (perhaps even misunderstood by herself) to her instigation with Ellie.  She holds up an electrified middle finger in response with a smile.  Translation: thumbs up...though a lot of things are lost in translation, or at least that's what Noriko calls it when she gets into fights and arguments.  "Hell yeah it was Arms' fault."  She shrugs.  "You know I've never given a fuck how you dress.  It's you," she says as if it's as clear as the sky is blue and she's sporting some strange social logic just beneath the surface...if there is a beneath the surface.

"Don't fall for it Ellie.  She makes all the kids in your grade do it.  I've never seen her put anything in once," and Noriko beeeeams at Jubes.  She air-swats at Jubes' Nori-health-detecting hand or other-motives hand (make your choice!).  "She won't fall for that shit Jubes.  Hey Ellie, do you know which kids in your grade are gullible?...also, seriously Jubes.  5.  5 /dollars/.  Go big or go home."  She must have picked up that idiom /somewhere/.  The girl has the faintest trace of a Japanese accent.

Maxwell Wave has posed:
     Sipping from his green tea bottle, he glances toward Negasonic and chuckles a little bit at her statement about religion. It might be obvious that he doesn't disagree. He winces a little bit at the f-bombs that follow, taking a deeper drink of tea to hide his discomfort. An eyebrow raises over an glowing eye at Jubilee. He swallows and 'ahems'. "Look... I won't disagree that many things taste better then granola.. but granola itself... tastes pretty good in my opinion! Especially with a little honey or milk."

    Max gazes between the others for a moment, frowns, then lets out a soft sigh. He's seen this play out before. He is just way too much of a 'good kid' for a crowd like this. Fortunately for him, he's a college graduate and can 'elevate himself' above it all. Though it does bring uncomfortable flashbacks to his own highschool days. He sticks his fingers into his ears and goes 'Lalala. Not hearing this. Not going to tell any of the lecturers about this. Nope."

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon Lasker grabs one of the bars as it going flying past. It almost looks impressive. Then, in a death defying act of bravery he opens it and takes a bite with out looking at what it is.


Fig. Not ideal but not the worst.

"Well Mrs. Warhead, I see you have chosen the path of greatest resistance, but there is no need. These haters of yours cannot reach you in here."

He continues to munch on his fig bar. Being a member of a crowd is a step in the right direction. Soon enough they will be a 'Bad' crowd and the transformation to full blown delinquency will be complete.

"So, I got attacked by evil santas. What's been happening in your lives since christmas?" They didn't need to know that Johnny Storm made him look like an amature there. He was going to take full credit for it.

Negasonic has posed:
"They probably fucked up with her head in the secret rooms where they do experiements on you," Ellie remarks about Jubilee's comments to Noriko, and from the deadpan delivery, it's tough to say if she's being serious or facetitious.

"Fuck the swear jar," Ellie snaps at Jubilee, glowering at her, "I'm not some baby that grown up dictates language too, we live in a fucked up world, and my using 'bad' words isn't going to change a thing about it."

When some supportive comments come out of Nori, Ellie simply mutters, "thank you," but doesn't prolong the topic, letting it be at that. She shrugs when warned of Jubilee's schemes, "I won't fall for something stupid like that, but I don't hang around much with other Freshmen, so I honestly can't tell or have any fucks to give about which of them is gullible, none of them are living in my world."

When Maxwell notes he won't disagree with Ellie's assessment of religion, Ellie quips, "that's the first smart thing I heard in this room today."

"Hell no, Simon, path of greatest resistance choose me, because I made the mistake of being born a mutant in motherfucking Genosha...if it weren't for Magneto I'd be long dead."

Ellie gives Simon a skeptical look, and quickly lifts her phone to snap a picture of him, before lowering it again. "Stunning news." Away her thumbs work.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilee's mouth hangs out of her mouth. "Et tu, Nori?" she says softly -- she wouldn't believe it if she didn't hear it for herself. She doesn't dwell on this for long, though. "Foiled again!" Jubilee calls out, snapping her finger in a show of mock disappointment.

    Jubilation stands and walks towards the swear jar. She picks it up, rattles it next to her ear. Lots of change, few bills. "I guess we've all just been on our best behaviors, recently," she adds ruefully. Jubes doesn't react or respond to Ellie -- she looks over and acknowledges that the other girl is talking, though. She's not ignoring her.

    With the jar gripped with both hands, Jubilee lets out a mock sigh and flops backwards onto an empty beanbag, her legs sticking up into the air for maximum effect.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Do evil Santas throw ornament grenades?  Because I want an ornament grenade."  Noriko scribbles something really quickly on her hand and looks back over to Ellie.  "Damn.  True.  Stupid question."  It's not like Nori hasn't seen Ellie /also/ not interacting with her class.  Jubes is the only one Noriko ever hangs with or has really for the last year since she's been here.

Noriko salutes to Ellie casually at her thanks as if it could be directed to anyone, but the timing is in perfect response to the muttering.  "She doesn't think you're dumb specifically, but that everyone in your grade is dumb, and it sounds like she's not wrong, save for the obvious exception."  Noriko is /not/ one to buff up people's ego.  No, she's the one to tear them down, so...just get ready for the apocalypse.

At Simon's question, Noriko twists /every so slowly/ (for her, which is about normal velocity for any human).  She stares at him like he has 20 more eyes than the last guy she saw with a headful of eyes in Mutant Town a few years ago.  "Uhh."  There's literally nothing she can think of that won't incriminate her.

"I plead the fifth."  Thank you American movies.  Upon seeing Jubes go a little mock-sigh-sadface-or-something, Noriko pulls a backscratcher with a little red plastic hand on the end of the plastic telescoping body to pat-pat Jubes on the shoulder...and for good measure, a pat-pat on her head.  Okay she didn't pull it out of nowhere...she ran all the way back to their room to grab it and tried to appear like she went nowhere at all, which she'd pull off if she didn't seem to blip into a slightly different position.

Maxwell Wave has posed:
    Max reaches for the chocolate four-pack, sighs, and unwraps it. He's hungry and now all the non-bitten granola is on the other side of the room. He munches on the chocolate and follows it up with swigs of green tea. Humming, he gazes toward Noriko. "I met Lorna a couple of times. Helped send a few folks to Genosha... before the second time things went to hell. Glad you found your way here. Kind of wish I'd gotten the chance to live there."

    Max is startled once more by Noriko's movements. He gasps and shakes his head, rubbing his eyes. He grunts a little and mutters about 'something hurting'. He blinks his eyes, the glowing orbs briefly concealed by his eyelids, as if he'd just looked into a really bright light. "Fuck."

    Laughing a little to himself, he reaches into a pocket and pulls out a quarter. He tosses it in Jubilee's direction. Instead of superfast, it travels in 'slow motion' hovering through the air as if floating through zero-g. "For the jar."

Negasonic has posed:
"It's only thanks to the X-Men I'm here and not dead in a ditch, they found me buried under a building or whatever..." Ellie doesn't quite recall much, only waking up at the scary looking lab. "No you don't, it was hell," Ellie quips her correction to Maxwell's wishing. She then frowns at a beeping from her phone and works herself out of the bean bag, "sorry losers, but looks like I gotta get going, see you later..." no further explanation given as she walks out of the rec room.

Simon Lasker has posed:
He hears her comments, but it is hard to imagine that a mutant run nation could be that bad. These days Pyro wishes he could live in a mutant nation. Less likely to get arrested for Breathing While Mutant.

"I am glad you asked nori. They use freeze rays and then attempt to explode the place when they get stopped." He then hears the rest of her comment and laughs. "I'm not a cop. The fifth ammendment won't protect you from me. Do you think I'm a rat? I am insulted."

"Jubilee, what do you even do with the money?" He tries to imagine, but all he comes up with is chocolate and heelies.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilee turns her head to watch Ellie go. "See ya!" she says, blowing a large, slow gum bubble. It lingers for a moment before popping with a satisfying snap -- a parting gift.

    "Senor Scratchez!" Jubilee greets, grinning over her shoulder at Nori and her backscratcher. "I've missed you!" Jubilee tosses the mason jar up into the air and catches it. She does it twice more before suddenly sitting up from her bean bag. She reaches out to take the quarter and stuffs it into the top of the swear jar with a clink.

    "I'm supporting several Nigerian princes!" Jubes explains, grinning at Simon as she moves back to the snack table. The mason jar is placed on the counter top before Jubilee walks towards the rec room's door. "Well, it's been a barrel of monkeys, but I need my beauty sleep!" she announces, sticking an index finger into the air to reinforce the point.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko frowns when Genosha is brought up.  It's a flash of a frown, but it's there.  Dark eyes flick over to Max.  "What's your problem man?"  Noriko is not the best at...tones.

"Seeya," Nori calls out cavalierly to Ellie with a squeaky wiggle of her fingers punctuated by the little pops and rumbles of the mini lightning storm between her digits.

"If you didn't grab a freeze ray you should just stop talking right now...Look.  Anyone can take shit to the cops man.  It isn't personal.  I don't trust anyone."  Tiiiiny hop skip beat and a thumb shoots out to Jubes, "Save for her."  The words sound forged by experience, too emphatic to budge.  "And I'm pretty sure I met a cop dude here so you better not squeal under pressure.

The girl seems to jump around in her multiple conversations effortlessly, like she's just waiting for the person to finally answer.  She appears again with her feet up and a whole bunch of bananas.

Senor Scratchez pops up for a little wave again as Jubes heads out.