5046/Where do they get those doctors

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Where do they get those doctors
Date of Scene: 06 February 2021
Location: Clinic <Mutant Town>
Synopsis: Illyana cam by and donated supplies to the clinic where Bruce and Robert Marksman are working. A quiet get to know you sort of thing without getting too in depth.
Cast of Characters: Bruce Banner, Illyana Rasputina, Robert Marksman

Bruce Banner has posed:
The clinic is a bit crowded. A few people are mentioning a new doctor that nbody is overly familiar with. He's a little rough around the edges, but he always seems to have the answer to problems no matter how strange. He steps out from the back of the clinic to stretch his legs a little and see how many are still here currently.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Mutant Town and Bushwick's suffered a lot in the last year. Something about interdimensional aliens bottling up parts of town shrunk to a tiny size will do that. One of the unsung heroes for breaking down that curse occasionally walks through the neighbourhood. Better not to be seen by anyone she actually knows doing a good deed, Illyana has already circled the building a few times to make sure she isn't about to run into a classmate. Only then does she actually bother heading toward the reception area carrying several large boxes that make it hard to see past. Probably why she pauses to turn more sideways every so often to avoid running into the patients and guests headed inside. Half the cardboard boxes are taped up and totally anonymous in shipping, the top one marked with Hindi and English descriptions like 'this side up' and 'for medical use only.' She looks at the door and the snaking line, giving a mild shrug. To the back of the line then. And then some. It's around a corner, in sight of the opposite wall. How many?

Probably more than a few sneaking in late having seen their peers go inside and come out again. Whatever the blonde carries earns her a berth. It also rattles, just a little, like so many beans hidden in cardboard swaddling.

Bruce Banner has posed:
Taking a look at a clipboard, Bruce studies the symptomology of the next patient. Noting the arrival of another carrying a large pile of boxes to the back of the line he does what any good gentlman might do. He's not really a good gentleman persay, but he does try some. He motions towards one of the orderlies and indicates him to follow.

The pair come outside to try and help her with the boxes,"Here. Let us help." he comments to her when they approach since startling anyone in this area could be dangerous to everyone present.

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman has not been on duty for a couple days, handling a few things with his brother and his business, but he is supposed to be here today, and so the young thug looking fellow walks in. He stops and chats to one of the patients in the waiting room, asking how they and the family are doing, before noticing the new doctor, and the girl with the boxes. His brow raises behind his shades.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Illyana is not a nice young lady either, despite having an angelic visage and the endowment of frosty Russian poise. She probably might have won a Gerber baby contest if ever entered, and now can simulate being an amiable young thing when called upon. But an attempt to help her out earns a look over those boxes, her hair pulled up into two pointed cones with the excess falling. It's more the pointed buns that are markedly visible. "Da."

Yup. Russian. Slavic overtones slide in and out. "For the clinic." She doesn't offer explanation past that, but boxes of generic medication have some weight to them. The bigger box below is stuffed to the brim with bandages, masks, latex-free gloves, the basic supplies someone needs to function in a medical setting. A nested little set of vials in a miniature cooler handles serums of the sort that need injection; flu shots and the like. She stands there calmly until they've got it all distributed between Bruce, his companion, herself. Robert isn't quite noticed yet until they head inside.

Bruce Banner has posed:
One patient holds the door so the boxes can be brought into the clinic. Bruce walks towards the back of the clinic and to a large storage room just past the doors to the back. Another orderly arrives and they start carrying the boxes to the back. Bruce waits for them to get everything unloaded and turns towards Illyana and admits,"I'm not the best with words, but thank you very much. This will go a long way towards helping a lot of people." he finally manages.

It isn't that he snubs Robert so much as he just assumes another face here to get some care and will contend with that when the time comes. He considers her for a moment longer and adds,"Russian accent unless I miss my guess. I'm not good at accents, so in that instance I could be completely wrong."

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman walks over to the two, hearing what is being said and makes his way over. He does stop at the nurse station and removes his leather jacket and trades it to the nurse there for a lab coat. He will walk over towards the other two now. His jacket proclaiming him Dr. Robert Marksman.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Illyana's nature is laconic, given how few hellos or chipper greetings she dares to throw around the others. It's all business at first, the offloading of her unwieldy box to an orderly performed in near silence. An upnod of her chin or a cool, succinct smile will serve where necessary.

But Bruce doesn't warrant any rudeness, and so when he addresses her, she inclines her head. "See they are put to good use?" she says, the laboured backbends of English syntax and colloquialisms apparently not nearly so hard as they can be for some non-native speakers. "It is only right."

A wave of her hand banishes any further need to thanks, perhaps like the fae traditionally don't like someone showing gratitude verbally in old stories. "Da, Russia. Is it a problem?"

Bruce Banner has posed:
Not talkative by nature himself, Bruce does try to at least be somewhat sociable, particularly with so many offered donations,"I'm sure they will be put to good use and sooner rather than later." he replies to her. He gets the message on the no more thanks.

When she asks about the problem he shakes his head,"Not at all. I just wanted to make sure. I don't have the best ear for music or accents, so I just wanted to see if I managed to get that one right or not." He glances towards the magic trick in the office and the new doctor's appearance,"I wonder if that is the one that is supposed to relieve me." he thinks out loud. He looks back to Illyana and adds,"I have been to Russia before. It is beautiful. Harsh, but the a quiet beauty to the harshness. Quiet. Very appealing."

He's not the best at manners so it takes him a moment to remember,"I'm Bruce Banner. Sorry. I miss the social cues most of the time."

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman looks to the two, and offers "If you need to get any paperwork for the donations Nurse Chapman, can get you what you need he offers. I did not get to see what all it was, but I would like to thank you as well." He offers to them. To Bruce he says "Probably, me, I am supposed to come on duty in 30 minutes or so, but got here a little early."

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
"Endless sky and long horizons. Black earth and dark forests, Mister... Doctor? Banner." A poetic elegance this is not for Illyana, but it's the closest she might come without being convinced to speak of Pushkin in her native tongue. She stands back a step or two for anyone else to divert around her to seek medical attention without interruption. The slightest shake of her head sends her blunt blonde locks swaying over her shoulder. "Donation? Nyet, no need. Too much paper. What else is missing?"

Both men are addressed equally, and once she is out of the way, her stock stillness might be even more pronounced. No unnecessary gestures impart their restlessness, and neither has she any evident need to fidget. Just that watchfulness, a certain wary sharpness behind the seraphic countenance, lingers. A kick in memory. "Illyana." A pause, subtle, but oh so telling. "Rasputina."

Even the English world knows the surname.

Bruce Banner has posed:
"Doctor Banner yes." he replies to her inquiry. He nods and admits softly,"Quiet. Low populations. Fewer surprises that way." He doesn't really expand on that last part,"There is nothing missing that I know of."

He looks towards Robert and nods,"I will stay for a while to help you if you want. The line isn't slowing down any time soon. In honesty it will probably get longer after dark." He doesn't really have too much of a life to speak of so this might suit him well.

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman nods, and says "After dark the type of people we see does change a bit." He admits "As for if we need anything else." He turns towards the place where the boxes were taking staring into space a moment and then turns back "No seems you did a good job on getting some of the things we were getting low on, thank you. To Banner he will add "Never turn down extra help but if you need to go understandable.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
"Doctor, then." Illyana corrects herself without any kind of offense taken. The familiar rough edges of the word land hard on her tongue, weighty, purposeful. She casts a look to the side at the other mutants, some of them visibly augmented, different, sharply drawn in bright lines or strange features or sizes. Nothing in her genetic code betrays just how much of a monster lurks in the heart of a young woman who could fit in any borough.

Robert and Bruce she assesses at a polite social distance for quite some time before speaking up again. "Things do not get worse?"

Bruce Banner has posed:
He nods to Illyana and tells her,"Bruce is fine too for most. I don't practice medicine as much as other aspects of my degrees." he assures her. Glancing towards the extending lines,"More mutants will come that are more obvious. Those that get shunned more than others." He takes the next clipboard and turns towards the next person,"Illyana is was a pleasure. Thank you again." Then off to the back again.