5154/Attack of the Shannon

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Attack of the Shannon
Date of Scene: 13 February 2021
Location: Downtown Manhattan
Synopsis: Omega Shannon is sent to Limbo
Cast of Characters: Shannon Davis, Megan Gwynn, Luke Cage, Hank Pym, Nihil, Saeko

Shannon Davis has posed:
All over the news are reports of another villain attack, these were common, to some extent, in people's daily lives. Heroes show up, beat up the villain and save the day. Then a while later another villain shows up and so on. This time it was a woman in a slimy neon green suit, her hands firing blasts of what seemed compressed air and making holes in buildings. She only had one purpose, it was to attract attention and draw heroes in. She only had one, well, two purposes in coming here. The main one was to enjoy herself. "Come one everyone! Let's have some fun!" She shouts at the camera.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn had only met Shannon once, and had bruised herself up pretty bad before fleeing the scene. All the same, she was still concerned that the girl beneath the slimy green goop was being possessed or something. Surely there's a way she can be helped? Either way, Megan is keeping an eye out for the girl in green as she hovers through the area, all too aware of news reports about her.

Luke Cage has posed:
Luke Cage comes up out of the subway not too far away. He'd been going to get some paperwork finished regarding his bar and keeping all of his licenses updated and kosher. He had in a pair of earbuds, his canary yellow hoodie standing out in a crowd, even if his massive broad frame didn't. When he sees the holes popping out of buildings, he tugs out his earbuds.

"Damn," he mutters to himself, breaking into a low sprint and starting to head towards the trouble rather than away from it.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym always marveled at Reed Richard's facility with kit bashing. But he was no slouch himself. In fact he was a pack rat collecting odd pieces of odd equipment in villain lairs. The device he readies now looks more like a blow dryer or hand held searchlight. Now clad in his Yellowjacket uniform he steps out of his lab and takes to the skies, flying South. In all this he realizes he has no idea of Shannon's condition or location and he hopes she stays far away. He's also burning with anger at his own weak response to this girl beast. That's twice he failed to science his way to win. He doesn't much like it.

Nihil has posed:
For Nihil it is as natural as walking to fly. So, right now Nihil is floating into the area while standing in air. Arms are crossed as it moves, floating down toward the scene that other Shannon is making, head tilted and currently dressed in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

Nihil approaches Shannon in the air, it's white face staring at the damage before saying, "I am sure you do not belong here and that you should not be doing that." It nods its head, "I would recommend you stop before I am forced to stop you."

Saeko has posed:
These days it wasn't quite as hard to summon Saeko. Her more recent appearences had a few more people locally believing in Kitsune now, and she was still bending the rules a little listening out for people pleading for 'anybody' to help.

That said, sometimes the simplest ways were the best. After what had felt like a long week, the woman had been lounging in her hotel suite, absently laying atop the covers of her bed as she flicked on the television and took a bite of the cookie she'd procured earlier when that broadcast had come on.

No rest for the wicked and even less for the rightous, the Tenko exhales a sigh before she disappears from her reclining in a flash of light, reappearing at the site of the chaos wrapped in her yukata and with both tails and ears clearly visible.

She'd even had to leave the cookie behind. How awful!

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis twists her neck to the left, then the right, popping it a little. "Mmm, just you by yourself?" She says predatorially, her tone was dripping with excitement and malicious intent. Her hands opened and closed, eagerly, fingers flexing and tensing. She was not playing around this time, she was here to have some *real* fun.

The alien would be able to hear a low swooooooooosh sound for a just a moment before a hand is pointed towards her. It forms a cupping position and with a bit of focus, an enormous blast of compressed air is shot at her, the shockwave about strong enough to blow off a wall from a building. SHe knew more were coming, and the thought made her heart race, her brain starting to slowly fill with the adrenaline she sought like a crack addict.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn blinks as she sees another hovering in the sky nearby, and she follows Nihil towards Shannon, frowning. "You again! Why do you keep causing chaos? This is Soo pointless!" unfortunately she doesn't move enough quickly as that blast is aimed at the alien. "Hey, look out!"

Eyes narrow as she realizes how Shannon operates. Best to keep her distance. "Alright, let's see if I can calm you down.." with that, The faerie flutters her wings more quickly until they're a blur of pink, attempting to shower Shannon with a cone shaped, focused spray of pink hallucinating inducing faerie dust.

Luke Cage has posed:
Luke Cage arrives in time to see the floating figures, notably a kitsune and a fairy attacking Shannon with what appears to be pixie dust and pauses for just a moment, "Wait a minute. Am I dreamin'? Is this a dream? Am I bein' punk'd?" he says, taking a moment to look around for the cameras.

"Superheroin' is turnin' into a damn whole bunch o' nonsense," he mutters but, nonetheless, reaches over and casually rips a light pole out of the ground, preparing to swing it like a bat once Shannon gets in range.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym enters the area swooping in. He isn't sure what that gust is and deploys his facemask. Then he pulls the trigger on the pistol he is armed with and... nothing happens. "Hello Omega Shannon. Sorry I was late to your en core. Let's see how you handle a surprise." He continues sweeping the gun with no beam, or blast apparent.He tries to keep away from her front and the air blasts. His wings aren't that strong and he's not the best flier. That's more a girl thing among the insect emulators.

Nihil has posed:
A blink at the reaction from Shannon, Nihil stares, "Yes, jus-" And then Nihil misses everyone else's reaction or arrival as they go flying backward into a wall and through it. There's a crashing sound from the hit and inside the building, Nihil blinks several times from under some rubble. Slowly they lift their arm up and look at it. It is snapped. Nihil let's out a pained noise and then sits up, rubble falling away.

"So, that is both pain and a broken arm. These are unpleasant sensations." Nihil nods slowly even as the arm begins to pull back into place.

Saeko has posed:
Thankfully, Nihil wasn't on his own for very long! As the other heroes arrived, some known and some new to Saeko, the tenko catches Luke's comment, a little laugh coming from her lips as a glowing ball of magical fire springs to life between her fingertips.

"It is a weird and wondeful world?" she offers before lifting her hand and extending it towards Shannon, a concussive blast rippling out towards the villain.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis is covered in pixie dust. What she sees is a portal. Several of them, actually. From within these portals come out certain things that she had battled many, many times before. The servants, minions and abominations that served the being that conquered her world. Her face contorts in horror and panic, then it's clear she's about to go into a crysis.

"No, no no no no NO. IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN, I TOLD ALL OF YOU IT WOULD." She says, hyperventilating. She gets hit by the blast and knocked over but her horror is so great she barely notices it, the symbiote around her was quite efficient at being an armor. There's a very loud woooooooooosh. That keeps on building and building

All around her are the warriors of the presumably tentacled space god of darkness that destroyed her civilization. "Ha...hah.....you are not doing this again. YOU ARE NOT! FUCK OOOOOOOOOOOFFF!" She screams out, the wooshing sound getting deafening before there's an equally loud THUNK.

Everyone around her is immediately in danger as she charges herself as hard as she can. The function of her powers are the same as normal Shannon's but they're so much stronger she can launch a car with her basic blast. At this point, she sees the creatures approaching and surrounding her. "YOU ARE NOT GETTING MY MIND, I REFUSE TO BE A SLAVE!" She shouts but it's barely audible, because the air around her turns into a dome, and then that dome expands outwards like a bomb.

It's a pressure explosion, a phenomena that is often seen in the real world in very specific situations. In this case it was just forced to happen due to the air being accelerated massively. It sends cars flying, rips lightposts in half and craters the ground immediately below her.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn blinks, darting back as Nihil gets blasted, glancing over them eyes widened. "Heey! Are you okay?!" but it seems they are, as the arm slowly seems to repair itself. She doesn't wait too long to figure out that one, as Omega Shannon is already readying another attack.

She frowns, glancing around anxiously as more heroes move to join the fight. Okay, not good, gotta think quickly! She holds out a hand towards Shannon, eyes narrowed. If she can port her away somewhere, maybe with less people. "Si...Sihal Novarum Chinoth!" a column of blazing pink energy surrounds Shannon and her air dome before it has a time to expand, sending her at a safe distance..Trying to maintain the force dome without getting blasted back herself though, makes it hard to se pond her too far away!

No doubt at least some of the force, though minimal will still blast out, and Megan staggers back, crashing to the ground..

Luke Cage has posed:
Luke Cage finds himself flung along with a lot of the other stuff on the ground, crashing into a wall and bouncing off. Luckily, his form is fairly hard to damage, letting him pull himself up to his feet and dust himself off, shaking his head, "Yo, Tinkerbell, I don't think that magic wand shit is helpin' much. Lemme try somethin' more direct," he says.

At which point he grabs one of the nearby, freshly wrecked cars, gripping it by the axle and doing a couple of rapid rotations before flinging it straight at Shannon with surprising accuracy. Or it would have if Shannon hadn't been teleported away right before the car hit her.


Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym's eyes widen over the gun sight as a car is flung towards him and Shannon vanishes. He quietly expresses a sentiment similar to Luke's and shrinks to avoid the missile. He manages to barely dodge out of the way. Six inches tall, Yellowjacket lands on Saeko's shoulder. He shakes his head to clear it. "We... need to attack with a plan, like all together... overwhelm her. She can repel anything with mass, the sonic doesn't work on that ****ing symbiote. My bio blasts seem to freeze her for a moment. I'll try a strafing run and when you see her lock up -hit her."

Nihil has posed:
Getting out of the rubble completely, Nihil steps out into the path of a flung car and goes flying once more. Nihil flips head over heels with the car into the ground and the car keeps moving. A groaning noise comes out of Nihil and it blinks slowly as it pushes up slowly to a sitting position.

"I am learning a great deal about pain today." Nihil nods slowly and then progressively pushes back up to a solid base. There is a moment of reflection on the damage done to its body.

Saeko has posed:
With the tiny Hank touching down to her shoulder Saeko turns her head, lifting her hands defensively as the sonic wave moves towards her only for the threat to be teleported out of range (and car targeting distance).

Tilting her head, those tails waver a little behind her in thought.

"I could try and restrain her, but if she fights hard enough I will not be able to move while doing so..."

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis appears at a faraway rooftop, she screams out in a mixture of rage and horror, a savagery overtaking her as the top floors are reduced to rubble. She turns around, looking for the spot she came from, the teleportation was a definite issue.

THUNK. She accelerates, soaring through the air. She accelerates more, like a missile she starts flying back, roaring throughout. She zeroes in on Pixie from afar, directing herself towards the girl at very high speeds. Her armored, massively physically enhanced body was bound to cause enormous damage should it succeed at slamming the girl, it was also being guided. The good news was that it was coming from far away, and so, there was a bit of time for a reaction to assist her, though definitely not enough to get another incantation off like before.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn grunts, pulling herself out of the rubble that she landed on, and while the garbage is smelly, at least it broke her fall. "Phew.." she wrinkles her nose, climbing shakily to her feet and wiping herself off. "Ew, that was sooo not fun!" glancing around, she sees that at least they avoided getting blasted to bits.

But Shannon is already flying rapidly towards her and the others. She licks her lips, tensing slightly as she hovers off the ground a few feet. "Umm...Well, I dunno if my soul dagger would do anything, it's pretty unpredictable against non magical creatures, even though I once used it to exorcise someone from psychic control.." she shrugs helplessly.

"Umm Okaay, well..If you can slow her down and the others can distract her long enough, I could probably port her to Limbo, only a bunch of angry demons there for her to mess with."

And probably a very angry Illyana. She winces as she anticipates how she will react.

Luke Cage has posed:
Luke Cage sees the screaming re-approach of the incoming monstrosity and shakes his head, "This crazy ass bitch just wants to fight and fight and I ain't been able to lay a finger on her yet, but that's about to change, y'all hear me, change is comin' and I'm the one what's throwin' it. Now," he says, grabbing another car and trying again, hefting steel and glass and flinging with an overhead motion to cut off its charge at Pixie, "Happy Valentine's Day, bitch." Yeah, he's a couple of days off, sue him.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym gives Saeko a pat on the cheek and shoots up into the sky, flying at Shannon. After all she seems to b directing her power behind her? No massive air wall to drown out the weapon's sound waves. He'll only get one good shot, from the side. He fires the weapon into her face, holding down on the trigger and moving aside at the last moment. The wake of her passing knocks him head over heels and he falls to the ground unconscious, growing after he hits.

Saeko has posed:
Hank landed a pretty good hit, but he was quickly out of the fight. She'd tend to the injured later, for now the Tenko was going to do exactly what she promised and try and tie down Evil Shannon so she'd be easier to land a few solid hits on. At least Luke had those covered, and Megan had some sort of idea to get her out of the city and away from innocent bystanders. Works for her!

That eerie glow spreads over Saeko as she channels her magics, blue-white light flaring behind her eyes and then errupting from her aura.

Those lights twist and shift, forming chains of her spirit magic that snare and wrap, intending to pin Shannon down to earth and unable to aim her blasts.

Nihil has posed:
Standing up completely, Nihil stares at its still broken arm and then down at its body before looking up to Megan. It raises its good arm

"Please be careful, moving things through time and space is very dangerous." It nods and then looks over to see Shannon coming back. Nihil frowns and approaches the target zone and then Luke attacks. A blink follows.

"Well, that may be effective. This is far more difficult than intended."

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis lets out a distorted screech that echoes and shrieks in a doubled voice, the symbiote oscilating all over Shannon's body. This causes her to miss the car coming entirely, it crashes right into her, and she goes through it, then rams into the ground, creating yet another crater. The horrid screeching continues but starts to die down as she recovers, and around that time the chains come up, surrounding her.

There's a roar and she begins to strain against them, putting her highly enhanced strength to the test and tugging on the chains, and accelerating herself upwards to help break free. They had little time, but now was the opening they needed. It all rested upon Megan's shoulders.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn watches the well timed attacks as the heroes spring into action, each playing their part to either slow or restrain, or simply distract the possessed mutant. She licks her lips as she keeps track of Shannon flying through the air..Gotta time this just right, or else..

Its only when the Kitsune captures her in glowing magical restraints, that Pixie springs into action, rushing  to meet her in a blur of pink faerie dust, hands clenched as she focuses on the struggling girl before her.

"Alright...Here goes nothing....Sihal Novarum Chinoth!" she points a hand at Shannon, surrounding her once more in a column of pink energy, this time the spell is a bit more powerful as she has to focus a bit more on sending her not only several thousands of miles away, but to a completely different dimension altogether.

Luke Cage has posed:
Luke Cage watches the car pass through Shannon and sees the creature crashing to the ground as Pixie starts to do her work, "Yeah, that's what I said!" he says, punching a hand into his palm.

Nihil has posed:
"Again, I cannot stress enough the dangers of opening portals to other dimensions or locations." Nihil states after watching the actions of Megan. All of this while part of its jeans and shirt are ripped. There are obvious gashes and damage. Not to mention that arm still looks rather unhealthy.

"I do understand the danger, however, posed by that woman who was not from your dimension." Nihil nods.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis let out horrendous sounds, her voice of raging anger, cries of fury echoing and mixing with the distorted sounds of the symbiote's own screeching. The chains keep her down thanks to their magical nature, even with the massive straining that would snap any common chain. Then comes the pink flash, her screeching fading gradually for a moment, then stopping suddenly as she is flung across dimensions, ending up all the way into Limbo. There she appears her anger subsided by sheer confusion and intrigue to find out what kind of place this is. She had a feeling it would be fun.