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Nihil (Scenesys ID: 2281)
Name: Nihil
Superalias: Nihil
Gender: Other
Species: Construct
Occupation: Construction Worker
Citizenship: None
Residence: Metropolis
Education: Complicated
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 0 Actual Age: 0
Date of Birth 02 Dec 2020 Played By
Height: 6'0" Weight: 250 lb
Hair Color: White Eye Color: White
Theme Song:

Character Info


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A being from between universes, a thing created by the universe in order to help fix it. Nihil is basically part of the Universe's immune system and is now within reality rather than outside of it. For those that can sense magical things, it resonates. For those that can sense androids. It resonates. Nihil is a strange construct given a life it never should have had.


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* 2020: Nihil hasn't existed for long. Created specifically for the purposes of helping to seal up the many cracks made by the constant dimension jumping that happened at the end of 2020, the being soon to be known as Nihil was simply a nearly formless thing, floating about and working on sealing up various cracks. Unseen by most, existing outside of the universe while being a part of it. Between dimensions.
* 2021: By this time, the amount of cracks that Nihil had to fix seems to be growing. Having taken on a more humanoid form, Nihil didn't even realize that it was slowly evolving to look more like the humans that it had been around, even if not interacting with them. Nihil's work might have gone on and on if not for a visit around a young mutant girl with the power to interact with beings like Nihil. Nihil became aware of her and gained something that it never thought it'd have. Curiosity. Still, Nihil went back to its work right up saw an attack by a villain and realized a child, much like the girl that had interacted with Nihil, was in trouble and Nihil attempted to fix that issue, too.

IC Journal

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A New Soul:
Nihil is a being that existed for a simple purpose. It was never really meant to have a personality or any form of feelings. As such, in a way, Nihil is a blank slate. However, that isn't completely true. Watching humanity and the like as it worked, Nihil progressively absorbed the idea of humanity and a direct interaction with a human caused it to realize that these beings could move and make decisions. Worked and acted upon something beyond simple instinct. Nihil gained the capacity for choice. Given Nihil's tasks included necessary information for its life and it could absorb more information from the universe as necessary, it quickly gained a great deal of basic information about what it means to be human the more it saw of humanity and interacted. The only thing keeping it from learning more is it is now cut off from the universe. Meaning, it has to learn the sorta old fashioned way. So, Nihil is a curious new soul. A learner.

While it might seem strange that Nihil would want to be a hero. It has no original motivation to do so, to Nihil, it makes sense. Nihil was a being that existed to heal cracks in reality in order to help keep the universe safe. People are part of the universe. Thus, they should be kept safe. It only makes sense and as such, Nihil will fiercely defend people. Of course, the problem is Nihil might go too far in this endeavor. Those seeking to do harm can be seen much like the cracks in reality, things to be permanently fixed. While Nihil is not by any means bloodthirsty, there's nothing stopping it from postulating that damaging someone doing bad things to the point where they can't any more is a bad idea.

Motion of Emotions:
Something wholly new to Nihil are emotions. Nihil can experience them but they are analyzed and looked at much like one might look at a rock or study a tree. Slowly, though, they are going to become more a part of Nihil's personality and reality. It's a thing Nihil is trying to figure out. Trying to get a grasp on to and understand. It's not like just feeling happy as people do. For Nihil, happy comes and then Nihil has to figure out what that means. Why is happy? What is happy? Why do I feel happy? These are questions that hit Nihil when it happens and Nihil almost has to ponder whether or not to even use them.

Character Sheet


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Alien Mind:
While she is not immune to psychic powers, her mind is a far different thing than most psychics would understand. Her mind is a maze of structure and logic. Going into it isn't easy and neither is controlling it, not due to any great resistance but due to how different it is. Like telling a race car driver to fly a plane. Totally different set up.

Analytical Mind:
Nihil has a mind that is fast. Computer fast. She can learn at an incredible speed and can read far faster than any normal human. While it'll still take her some time to learn things, she could likely do what most would take a full school year to learn in a matter of days.

Nihil can fly. It was a necessary thing to be able to reach cracks in reality no matter where they might be. Nihil is capable of flight without effort or issue at roughly half the speed of sound without seeming any type of regard for gravity. This self propelled movement can also work as a sort of weird swim while underwater though the resistance of the water can slow them down.

Simply put, Nihil is not human and had to be able to handle and react to situations that might come up. As such, Nihil is physically stronger, faster, tougher, and just generally more powerful than any normal human. Since leaving behidn its direct attachment to the universe, however, much of its power has diminished.

Strength: Lift/Move around 5 tons.

Speed/Agility: Nihil can run at roughly 40 to 50 mph, capable of doing so near indefinitely and agile enough to react at this speed without issue.

Toughness: Nihil is as tough as it is strong. Capable of taking hits that would otherwise incapacitate a human, Nihil is not something easy to break, easily as tough as stone.

Biology: Normal poison and disease have no effect. Nihil does not require food (though it can eat), gaining its nutrients and the like from natural radiation and elements. Only the highest levels of radiation effect Nihil and normal heat/cold extremes have little effect. No need to breath at all. Nihil also heals at a highly accelerated rate, capable of recovering from even the most devastating attacks over time, though high levels of destruction to its form could be potentially fatal if Nihil does not have time to recover.

Prior to leaving its connection to the universe, Nihil had the capacity for more but now it can only do some adjustments to itself. Capable of altering its body to create weaponry or tools. It can morph fingers into screwdrivers, for example, or turn its arm into a hammer. It also can perform some consmetic changes to itself, unable to copy another person but certainly able to mimic humanity to a degree.

Nihil's sensory capabilities are absolutely insane. Due to the nature of its original function, Nihil required the ability to see in all spectrums and even see at microscopic levels and at vast distances. Its sense of hearing can run the breadth from the quietest sound to the nearly highest pitch. Nihil's sense of smell is something that would be likened to a shark in water.

Nihil can also sense quantum and mystical events. The range effects how capable of pinpointing/understanding these events Nihil are. Something that happened within a quarter of a mile? Nihil could pin point it. Up to a mile, Nihil could tell general direction, at one mile to 25 miles Nihil would simply know that something has happened in the area. Anything beyond that would have to be massively powerful to trip Nihil's senses.


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A Breadth of Basics:
Nihil doesn't just know what anyone graduating high school would know (minus history and social studies) but has a general idea about many wide ranging subjects. Nihil is no expert in the area of, as an example, biology or occultism or the like but Nihil is aware. Aware that magic is a thing. Aware of its basics. Aware of biology and its basics. Aware of medical fields and their basics.

Quantum Mechanics:
Nihil understands quantum mechanics at a fundamental level. Not because it was trained but because it was born into it. For Nihil, quantum mechanics is as normal and obvious as tying a shoe. Nihil would be considered and expert in the field if only because that's just something Nihil was required to know.


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While it might seem strange, a lot of what makes up Nihil's form is mystical in nature. Nihil is a construct of the universe and the universe used all of its tools to make Nihil, including magic. As such, anti-magic fields or attacks that hurt magical beings harm Nihil more readily than other attacks and potentially slow it down heavily.

Nihil is still stunned by emotions. It's something that Nihil has just started to have upon entering reality and Nihil doesn't get it. Often trying to shove emotions to the side in order to move forward, Nihil still is caught off guard by them and potentially could be overwhelmed by them if something particularly devastating were to happen.

Nihil not only has lost its connection with the universe but also its connection to a plethora of its abilities. When it was connected, it could learn anything, create constructs at a whim, was stronger, faster, and even capable of teleportation. All of this is very jarring for the freshly sentient being. Lacking these things was akin to losing multiple limbs and it has left Nihil confused and feeling vulnerable. A truly strange feeling for a being that didn't even think death mattered as it was going to cease to exist eventually anyway.

Nihil has nothing that is its own. It started with nothing. Came from nothing. It merely stepped out of the space between and became. Nihil, at its core, doesn't even fully understand the concept of ownership and is lacking in that area completely.

Strange Land:
Nihil stepped into reality and has no idea how to exist in it. No idea about social norms or societal norms other than the bit it picked up while being around humans in secret. Nihil doesn't understand culture or even the reasons people might, as an example, wear clothes. It just seems like an unnecessary step and while Nihil might wish to learn, it is all quite foriegn.



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Nihil has 6 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Nihil's Day Off February 20th, 2021 Sam Wilson and Nihil decide to get some grub in Brooklyn so that Nihil can experience a slice of normal human life. Batroc the Leaper shows up to complicate matters--but only momentarily.
Nothing taken to SHIELD February 16th, 2021 No description
Anomaly: The Findening February 15th, 2021 James Rhodes finds a Nihil and decides to bring it to SHIELD
Attack of the Shannon February 13th, 2021 Omega Shannon is sent to Limbo
A Strange Non-Dimensional Being in a Strange Dimension February 10th, 2021 Kian and Mary properly meet Nihil. Nihil meets an apple.
Another You: Let The Fur Fly February 9th, 2021 Gar vs. Gar. May the best Beast Boy win! Hint: it helps to have a team backing you up. Plus, a strange observer gets involved.


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