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Afterlife: SHIELD Arrives
Date of Scene: 23 February 2021
Location: Afterlife Settlement - Nepal
Synopsis: SHIELD finally arrives at Afterlife, and they aren't immediately attacked. That's progress! But the situation is tense.
Cast of Characters: Daisy Johnson, Matthew Murdock, Bobbi Morse, Melinda May, Elena Rodriguez, Leopold Fitz

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The quinjets appear up in the sky just as dawn is coming to this idyllic little corner of the world. Some forgotten village near Tibet, one that doesn't show on any known maps but has come into SHIELD's radar. Specially after the radiological tracker that had been injected into both Agent Morse and Johnson came to work and allowed them to track the duo in the Tibetan mountain range.

Gonzales, director of SPOT has taken control of the operation, having chosen a quick response team to assess the situation and what they may find. A mix of scientists, field agents and even those who have had closer contact to both Agents. He's taking no chances with this one. As for the target itself? That will be the so-called Afterlife settlement. One where previous reports show there is a group of Inhumans living in secrecy. For how long? Unknown. But first points of order will be to establish diplomacy and retrieve their Agents.

As the jets are coming down to land tiny dots are seen near the houses, some gathering, clearly the approach having been noticed. And they are waiting..


Daisy herself is on her way across the settlement, running almost, a sense of urgency to her. Oh, how she wished she'd have had more time. Hopefully it won't all implode. She looks at Matthew near her, "She is going to blame me for this." with 'she' being her mother of course.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Robert Gonzales, cane in one hand, his other gripping the back of the pilot's chair stands the lead quinjet surveying the village below him, seeing the little dots begin to move. His eyes narrow a moment studying them for signs of aggression, when he finds none he says, "Agent May, put us down over there," he points to an empty patch of ground at the village's edge. "And have the other quinjets remain airborne for now," he instructs calmly in tha gravely tone of his . "Once we're on the ground, we'll deploy with our team and see if we can start a dialogue with these people, if not then our priority is to get Barbara and Agent Johnson back at all costs."

Looking back at the team in the bay of the Quinjet he continues. "But we're not here to start a fight," perhaps why Lance isn't on the roster for the mission today. "But if they start one I want to finish it quick and clean and get our people out of here, understood?"


On the ground Matt keeps pace with Daisy, not bothering with his cane as he jogs along beside her, dressed in hoodie and jeans, red shades still over his eyes even if the people at Afterlife know he has his own powers and senses beyond what most could claim. He reaches for Daisy's hand. "We'll make her understand, and we'll keep this from getting bloody," he promises as they reach the landing zone, lifting up a hand to shield himself from the dust kicked up by the vehicle's jet wash.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Jia sitting behind her desk. Gordon and Mark sitting opposite her. The sound of the quinjets is unmistakable. Jia scowls and her fists actually clench. "Morse," she j'accuse. She looks to Gordon, "I thought you said you stopped her. Let their majesties know we've been found and return immediately." She looks to Mark, "Gather the families with children, prepare them for a trip to the moon colony."

    Bobbi is less at a run and more at a walk after being strong armed to 'have a rest'. She feels fine though just excessively without sleep. The arrival of SHIELD is what she had been trying to stop - however, Gordon was insistent and what is she going to do about a teleporter without resorting to permanent solutions? As she exits the main building of Afterlife, the light hits her eyes and she pauses at a pond of water to wash her face.

Melinda May has posed:
May has never liked people standing over her shoulder when she's flying. There are some people, however, she must make exceptions for -- grizzled old Gonzales among them. That's not to say she likes it any better (she doesn't). It just means she's got her neutral game-face on instead of a warning scowl. "Understood," she says in response to the old man's orders. (Old man... he's what? Ten years older than her? Details!)

She brings the lead plane in gently, hovering the VTOL engines to set the big machine down carefully in a clearing at the edge of the village. As the plane settles, she glances over at Gonzales. "Wheels are down, Director."

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
Elena isn't sure how she got chosen for this mission, certainly doesn't feel like she should be here, and is sitting in the back of the Quinjet like a nervous wreck. Chewing on her nails, one leg up in the bench seat with her, eyes darking hither and fro constantly. Just waiting for someone to come up laughing and tell her it's time to wake up. It's the nature of the beast.

All the more so when the wheels touch down.

Standing up from her seat, smoothing her palms down over her black coat and cargos, waiting to be told what to do.. Like a good soldier!

Leopold Fitz has posed:
On the road again. Just can't wait to get on the road again...

So once more Fitz finds him pulled from the idyllic comfort of his lab to be flown half-way around the world. That would normally be good cause for a little grumbling, mutterings under his breath about the importance of the projects that he has been torn away from. All of that might be true of course, but there are a couple of big differences on this particular mission.

For one, Robert Gonzales is in charge. And he doesn't seem like the sort of man that takes good intentioned, well meaning complaints in the spirit that they are intended.

And of course, the other big difference is that Fitz is part of the SCIENCE portion of the response team. After spending a little time undercover as of late he can appreciate any assignment that doesn't lead to him getting shot at or having anyone try to blow him up. It's amazing how a little life experience can change one's world view right quick.

So one of SHIELD's premier big brains lingers in the back of the transport, going through his pack, making sure that he has everything ready to go for once they are wheels down.

Which, apparently, is right now. Time flies when you're having fun.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Gordon, a man dressed with a trenchcoat with the disturbing feature of having no eyes offers a firm nod at what Jiaying says. "I did stop her." But he won't discuss it further. There are other priorities now. The man takes a step back and just as the quinjet is landing he is surrounded by a flash of blue and disappears from sight.

Mark is there too, dressed in a doctor's coat, slightly unkempt beard, worried as he looks at the landing jet. He nods resignedly, "The safety of the people is the most important thing." perhaps a reminder to Jiaying. Then he starts to walk towards the settlement to start preparing the people.

A small gathering of curious Inhumans have gathered about too, some with those distinct marks on their body that tell of their 'differences', others looking 'normal'. But all seem tense. This is something unexpected.

Daisy finally arrives near the table where Jiaying is, covering her face at the landing of the jet and exhaling. "You knew this would have to happen sooner or later." the nod offered showing Daisy is there to support her though. Eyes go to the quinjet as it's doors begin to open.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Gonzales nods, finally moving away from the back of May's chair as they touch down. "Excellent, Agent May, lower the hatch, you'll be with me and the team," he looks to the co-pilot. "Agent Davis, I want you to keep the engines running until you hear otherwise, we're in unknown territory here," he says, before heading back into the bay of the craft trusting May is following. "Alright everyone, let's get out there, I want us all to give these people a good impression, we're not an invading army, just people coming to visit and pick up our friends." He looks to Fitz, "Agent Fitz, I want you to keep an eye out for what these people's technological capabilities are, and Agent Rodriguez, your priority is getting eyes on our people, if things get hairy, I want you to get them to the quinjet ASAP."

Then as the doors open he leads the way down the ramp heading towards his missing agents.

Matt for his part stays quiet, neither an Inhuman or a SHIELD agent he just sticks close to Daisy's side, senses open for signs of trouble.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Jia wears her scars more menacingly at this very moment. She stands up sharply as Daisy enters her office without invitation. Her look broaches a distinct lack of interest in discussing what has just happened with anyone. Her worst fears are coming true.. again.

    "The metal men have come," she says parroting Reina's words, "did you know Morse had called them?" Jia, it seems, is not entirely happy with her daughter either. Jia adjusts her clothes and walks stately out of the office past Daisy, her demeanour suggesting that the last thing she wants is her daughter, an agent of SHIELD, involved in this right now.

    At the door to her chambers she stops and looks to Daisy as if to change her mind, "I'll tell them to leave, politely." Her gaze drifts to Matt for a moment and she says in greeting, "Matthew." ...progress!

    Bobbi is dressed much like the locals, an almost medieval kimono style top and pants probably made here in what looks very much like a remote commune of people from all over the world. Her phone she slips in to her back pocket even as her mind is wandering again.. those symbols, the new ones from when she touched Daisy.

    Her small knife she twirls around her index finger idly as she wanders toward the gates of Afterlife, to where SHIELD has landed. The motion of time seems to speed up as her mind wandered and she finds herself at the the edge of the village square. Her eyes look back over to the main building and she realises this is.. new. "Wake up Bobbi you're not _that_ tired."

Melinda May has posed:
"Sir," May says simply in affirmative. She slides out of her seat and gives Davis a meaningful look: No screwing around while she's gone. Then, she's moving at Gonzales' right shoulder, effectively playing bodyguard. She wears a SHIELD tac suit with a black jacket over top, since she's on duty. There's an ICER on her thigh, yes, but it's noticably bound in place with a leather strap and her hands are relaxed by her sides.

Of course, any of the Agents there know she doesn't need the weapon to be dangerous. But she's trying *not* to look *too* dangerous. She's not good at looking friendly, mind. But she isn't scowling, anyway. Hers is a neutral, faintly curious expression, dark eyes searching for the faces of her friends.

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
Elena's lip tucks back between her teeth as Gonzales and May pass her on the way to the ramp, sparing a glance over to Fitz, she shrugs and follows along behind them. A few steps back, hands down at her sides. She's also wearing an ICER, bound up nice, ready to.. do what she's told. Going off the rails has proven to be properly bad for her. Also, gets her in trouble.

Also international incidents.

And Gibbs smacking.

Leopold Fitz has posed:
Under most circumstances touchdown would mean that Fitz would be prepping that small drone army for deployment, to spread out and get the lay of the land. That might not be the most advisable course of action at the moment however, not with them touching down right outside what looks to be a most unlikely settlement.

So instead of racing to get his little mechanical bodies up and airborne, Fitz merely nods his head at the instructions and hefts his pack up over one shoulder, falling in behind the lead contingent of SHIELD agents. As he walks down the ramp at the back of the plane he flips sunglasses down and into place to shield a little from the change of lighting, eyes darting immediately around to take in the scene.

It is highly unusual afterall, and certainly looks a great deal more pleasant then most of the locales they find themselves in. He's not sure why he finds that surprising, but he does. Maybe it's just experience at this point. Certainly looks can be deceiving.

On the plus side, no one's shooting at them yet. Fitz is more then happy to chalk that up as a victory.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy gestures towards the opening doors of the quinjet while walking alongside Jiaying and Matt, "They will want to talk with you. And us. They aren't here to destroy this place, they are here to help. It's what SHIELD does." firmness in her voice, "Also, Bobbi didn't alert them. She was going to tell them we were fine and didn't need rescue." she says, not hiding some accusation in her words.

Spotting the people coming out of the quinjet, specially her friends, brings a warm smile to Daisy's expression. Yes, she was sure things would be fine now.

The locals shift with unrest as the SHIELD team starts to unload, watching their holsters, their guns. Some scared, others looking as if they could use a fight right now. Some in particular, like a rather feral looking man, tall and with wolf features, claws and eyes. He almost appears to snarl at Gonzales as he's the first to get out of the jet. But no attack. Another, a woman that is spiked like an hedgehog is smiling, almost as if she had been vindicated by the arrival of SHIELD. Triumphant!

A few children are noticeably in the back too, beyond the larger throng of people, looking under the tall people's legs curiously.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Coming down the ramp, Gozales squints in the sunlight before taking a full look around at the idyllic surroundings, spotting agent Johnson he nods for the team to head in that direction, greeting, "Agent Johnson," he says. "It's good to see you're well, we worried when we didn't get a report. Can you introduce us to your friends," Matt Murdock he knew from the mission brief, but not the woman with the scars, who he can see the others seem to defer to.. Looking past them though, he spots Barbara making her way in this direction, he gives the woman a nod.

Hanging back still Matt surveys the SHIELD agents with his senses at the moment more worried about them than the Inhumans, as seems to be relayed by the wary expression on his face.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Jia looks less than pleased to see any of the SHIELD agents, much less some old man who seems to be in charge that she has no intelligence on. She shakes her head to Lash though and says, "I am going to be very clear, so please pay attention." Her arms fold in front of her, "You are not welcome here and are uninvited. If you leave no harm will come to you."

    Pretty confident for a woman defending a village filled with families, children, and zero guns in sight. Bobbi catches up just in time to hear that declaration and her eyes widen a touch more. She tucks her knife away and says, "Ahem. Gonzales.. a word if I may." She gives Jia a pointed stare and then nods to Daisy and Matt.

    Bobbi smiles though, because.. her friends are here. They found them. She steps past the line between Afterlife and SHIELD and gives May an arm squeeze, definitely glad to see her again. Much to her surprise, especially since this is barely a day old for her, she feels that nausea sweep over her again as her minds eye is filled with strange alien symbols. She stumbles against May and then drops to a knee, hands planting to the ground.

Jia frowns, though not in annoyance but concern and a touch excitement. It's happening, the thing she had hoped would happen. "Agent Morse," Jia says in much softer tones, "you're going to need time to adjust. That is what Afterlife is for."

Melinda May has posed:
Reading bodylanguage and subteties of expression -- May has the advantage of being Asian, which makes Asian microexpressions easier for her to see and interpret -- May can tell that the woman with the scars is less than pleased by their arrival. But Gonzales is being remarkably diplomatic. So, there's not really anything May feels the need to say or do to interfere there.

Her eyes move slowly over the crowd, taking in the strange appearances of some of them. It's no wonder these people are wary. She would be too, living in a place like this, sheltered from the often prejudiced eyes of outsiders. (Just try being visibly ethinic in America.) So, she allows her features to relax just a little more so as to help diffuse any sense of tension. Maybe she doesn't smile; everything's still a little too uncertain for that rare privilege. But her brows aren't knitted together and her eyes aren't tight.

She glances to Bobbi, as the blonde squeezes her arm. Her eyes convey a sense that she's glad to see her... and that she's still very concerned, despite the outward attempt at neutrality. Then, of course, Bobbi is all but collapsing in front of her.

May's arms reach out reflexively. She catches the other agent around the shoulders, lowering to her knees beside her automatically. "Hey. You okay?" The concern that was only in her eyes a moment before is written all over her face now. "What's wrong?" She looks up, towards Jia, since she seems to have some clue what's going on. "What's happened to her?"

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
Elena frowns at their less than warm greeting and glances around at the gathering of Inhumans, nodding to those few she knows.. Daisy... basically just Daisy. Though she's right up beside May when Bobbi starts to fall, stopping just short of reaching out with a deepening frown on her face. This is a precarious situation, that much is clear. Kneeling down with her arms braced on her thighs, ready to lend a hand if May requires it, she's still looking around... now worried there might be trouble... and desperately not wanting to be the cause of it.

Leopold Fitz has posed:
Curiouser and curiouser.

Whatever it was that Fitz expected they would be walking in on, this clearly was not it. Understandable really. The setting is unexpected and the people are unexpected. The only thing that isn't all that unexpected is the welcome. Oh, there's less of a hostile reception then the young scientist was prepared for and he can't really emphasize enough how much he appreciates not being shot at. But even standing at the back of the response team it isn't exactly difficult to tell that they are not particularly welcome here. Which he gets. They're not exactly welcoming of strangers who just decide to touch down at the Triskelion. They don't roll out the red carpet for every strange group that invades their 'home'.

But there friends are here, so they are too.

While not the best medic on the team by any stretch of the imagination -- metal is better then meat afterall -- Fitz edges his way through the other SHIELD agents when body collapses.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
With the question coming from Gonzales Daisy nods her head, gesturing towards Jia, "This is Jiaying, she is the leader of this village." she explains, just a brief hesitation before she reveals. "She is also my mother." no hiding the fondness in her tone when she says that. And for those who know Daisy, they will be aware it's been someone she has been looking for a very long time.

"This place is called Afterlife, and it's a settlement for people like us." her eyes going to Elena when she says those words, "Where Inhumans have been living safely."

With Bobbi wandering in and collapsing Daisy blinks, fighting the urge to rush off to help the woman up. But she is in good hands now. "You should be resting." she murmurs, then looks up to May to answer. "She is becoming aware of her Inhuman powers." a glance then done to Jiaying, clearly not happy at all with something.

Lash, the one with wolf features, stands back when Jia tells him to but continues on circling the group of agents, watching, waiting. Perhaps expecting this little meet to turn into violence. Claws open and close in anticipation. Gordon comes walking from inside a building shortly after, knowing better than to just teleport in the middle of it. Better keep that trick a secret for now. He joins Jia, that no-eyes expression grim and eery.

"And this is Gordon." Daisy adds when the man finishes approaching. For her to have introduced him directly means he's someone of import in this whole thing too apparently.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Gozales grows reserved in the face of the cold welcome, though as Daisy steps up to make introductions, he seems to put on a more genial expression as he offers to shake hands with Jaiying. "I'm Director Robert Gonzales of SHIELD, it is a pleasure to meet you, your daughter, Daisy, is an excellent agent and has helped a lot of people," he says before addressing Jaiying's comments "I understand," he says. "We do not wish to disrupt your community, we only want our agents and Mr. Murdock returned to us, and we'll happily leave you to your own affairs," he says before Bobbi approaches he, looking at Jaiying, "Excuse me a moment-" he begins before Bobbi collapses and he joins the others by her side. "Agent Morse, Barbara, are you alright?" he asks, before looking to the others. "This might be one of her incidents, Agent Fitz, Agent Rodriguez,, can you help her?" We need to get her back to the quinjet." Whatever Jaiying has to say about Afterlife being the best place for her falling on deaf ears.

Matt for his place steps forward, adding his words to Daisy's. "She's not having a heart attack, she's developed new abilities and it's been a rough couple of days." He looks to Jaiying, "If you can get Lash to stand down I think we can calm things down here."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi takes a moment to catch her breath. True to what Matt can hear with his ears, Bobbi's heart rate monitor is reading only slightly elevated heart rate. "I'm fine," she says after a moment and pushes herself back up. Nauseating .. she knows exactly what kind of jokes Lance will be throwing her way. "It's just some nausea."

    And she's starting to suspect it's touch based. She frowns a moment and says to Gonzales, "It's highly classified.. just." She dusts her hands down and perhaps to the surprise of Jia says, "Afterlife and SHIELD need to work together. Sir, Afterlife is highly specialised in their ability to help Inhumans, far better than we are. We should come to an understanding with them."

    Not what she would have said several days ago. Now that she's found herself in need of their expertise and having spent some time here getting to know them - she can appreciate how precarious their situation is. She looks back to Jia, "I was trying to get a message to SHIELD - to tell them not to come."

    Jia's arms tighten in their fold a little more as she watches Bobbi try and speak for her people. She looks between Daisy and Gonzales and gives a little motion to Lash to tell him to back off.

    "Enter this village without invitation and I will not guarantee your or your agents safety," Jia says as her eyes look to Elena, then Fitz, then back to May. "This is your only warning," she says and a look of annoyance and confusion crosses her face as she looks to Daisy. She turns abruptly with a swish of her long robes and walks back in to Afterlife.

Melinda May has posed:
May's brows rise at Daisy's explanation about Bobbi. Inhuman powers? She fixes her friend with a wondering look. There is, however, no sense of rejection from her. Just concern and curiosity. She's not precisely happy when Gonzales implies she should leave Bobbi's care to Elena and Fitz, though she doesn't argue. She does, however, whisper softly in Bobbi's ear: "Why are we always picking you up off the ground?" It's at once chiding and almost teasing. Almost. There's real concern behind the words, after all.

Nevertheless, as the other agents come to help Agent Morse to her feet, May rises as well, stepping back to give them room. As they retreat with her, she resumes her place at Gonzales' side, eyes tracking Lash, since he seems to be the most overtly agressive of the... eh... *pack*.

She's decided, unsurprisingly, that she doesn't much like Jia -- even if she is Daisy's mother. She's not sure she trusts her, either. She certainly doesn't trust Lash, even as he does back off.

As the leader of the Inhumans retreats, however, May glances to Gonzales. Her expression is clear. So... what now?

Their talks obviously aren't getting very far.

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
Director of SHIELD says to do something, doesn't matter what someone else says right? Elena, keenly aware that this situation is not going well, still intends to help Bobbi off the ground.. whether they make it to the quinjet or not is a whole other bag of tea. She crab walks forward close enough to get her arm around Bobbi, ready to stand up with her, "Just put your arm around my neck..." And please don't get me shot. It's unspoken.. mostly implied. Brown eyes watching Jia and the other Inhumans. Ready to run if need be, but genuinely hoping it wont be necessary.

Leopold Fitz has posed:
There is certainly no evidence of an abundance of high technology about. But then Fitz is kind of getting the impression that these people don't need it. They certainly do not seem particularly impressed by either the SHIELD agents on the ground nor with the plane that they arrived in. Add in the obvious differences in appearance and the fact that they have such a pleasant setting without any of the apparent advantages of advanced technology, and, well, it's not exactly a leap to guess that there is something else going on with them.

But assumptions are bad science and so unsurprisingly Fitz will hold back judgement for now. Maybe he can get his drones airborne after dark and do a more thorough sweep of Afterlife. Doing so right now, in the light of day, would seem a tad undiplomatic and while that is not generally the young scientists concern, in this case it kinda feels like discretion might be the better part of valor.

Making his way through the collected SHIELD agents that flank Gonzales and May, Fitz again gives a brief nod at the instructions and turns his attention towards Agent Morse. Despite her insistence that all is fine, he furrows his brow slightly. "Are you sure you won't return to the plane with us? We have some heavier diagnostic equipment on board for emergencies," he suggests. He has a portable unit as well, but results tend to be less accurate and take longer to tabulate.

Biology is yucky. Engineering is so much cleaner and more efficient. But Fitz is willing to make an exception under the circumstances.

Besides, the plane offers a degree of privacy from their unwelcoming 'hosts' and that might be a good thing at the moment.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Lash does take a step back, gesturing for the rest to do the same and move further away, in the direction of where Jia went towards. Gordon also moves, walking out with Jia. But Daisy then speaks up, "Afterlife needs SHIELD, mother..." watching her go. She takes in a breath, perhaps trying to not get angry at the stubborness. It's hard sometimes. Though Daisy supposes she had to inherit her own stubborness from somewhere.

"Sir." She then addressing Gonzales, "I will talk with her and see if we can .., sit down to talk at the same table." she looks around, "And she did say you can't enter the village, not that you can't wait on the outskirts." she suggests. "I will go and see what I can do." though she does wait for approval. Because of rankings and all that. There's a director here afterall!

A glance then to Fitz and Elena and she says in perhaps an attempt to defuse some of the tension. "I hope you guys brought me some food ..." she can't always be the Bringer of Food!

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Gonzales nods, "It seems the two of you are in agreement," he says as Daisy echoes Bobbi's sentiment. "Agent Johnson, see if you can get your mother to change her mind, and let us have access to the village. Agent Morse? Can you stand? I'd like to get you to the quinjet at least to make sure you're alright," he says. "And we'll have a lot to talk about."

In the meantime though he pulls out his radio and signals the hovering Quinjets to peel off, trying to lower the temperature of this situation a few degrees. He looks around to May, Elena and Fitz "Let the others know we're staying longer than we planned, and that the name of the game is intelligence gathering and diplomacy, let's see if we can make use of our time here and find out a bit more about our hosts, though keep comms with you at all time and if you're outside the jets, check in regularly."

Matt for his part follows after Daisy and her mother, hoping there was someway to salvage this mess.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    When the arm goes around Bobbi, yet another wave of nausea hits her and she wobbles against her. Yet more strange symbols. Different again. A fourth set. She takes a moment to catch her breath and hold down last nights snack. It has been a while since she last ate.

    "Quinjet.. so good to see you all again.. just.. no one else touch me," she says imploringly with an eye roll. Whatever is going on with her, Mark hadn't warned her about it. May be Jacob didn't have this much trouble. Or may be he did and this was a messy detail they didn't want to scare her with.

    With Elena's arm about her, they head back to the quinjet. In there, Bobbi slumps in to one of the seats. "Hello Agent Morse," Davis says from the pilots seat. "Hey Davis," Bobbi replies with a tired wave. She lets her eyes droop shut.

    "No sleep, big fight, weird things going on with me, very tired," she says to Elena and Fitz. "I'm going to get some rest. It's important we stay and talk this through with Jia and her people. Really important," she instructs.

    Jia says quietly as they walk back in to the village, to Gordon, "start moving families to the moon colony.. discretely. Those who can't help us fight back if they make a move. Afterlife..." she wants to say 'may be over' but it hurts too much to consider that yet.

    Mark falls in to step with them and says, "Preparations are underway, people are gathering their things." Jia replies, "I need to think." She looks back to the gathering just outside the village, "I will talk to my daughter later. Mark."

    With a nod Mark turns and holds out his hands as if to block Matt and Daisy. He says sympathetically, "Your mother needs some time to think. I've seen her like this before. Give her an hour.. she'll be easier to talk to them." There's a small shrug from the man and he says, "Temperatures are running high everywhere," he says and motions to the people in general. "Best you two go back to your guest house. I'll come get you when Jia is ready to talk."

Melinda May has posed:
They've been given their orders. May gives Gonzales a silent nod, and then retreats toward the jet. She radios the other two jets, instructing them to find a landing spot a discrete distance away, so the other agents on board can setup camp -- not that they brought much in the way of camp, since they really weren't planning on staying. Still, Quinjets have emergency supplies.

She watches as Elena and Fitz get Bobbi settled. There's not much more she can do, since she doesn't think pestering Bobbi at this given moment is the right call. Instead, she takes up a watchful position at the base of the ramp, leaning against the hull and staring out into the Tibetan village beyond.

What the hell have they gotten themselves into?

Elena Rodriguez has posed:
Elena treats snacks like the American Express card because she never goes anywhere without some. There's a subtle grin, a fractional nod to Daisy, and then her expression goes serious again. Helping Bobbi to the Quinjet and down onto a seat, for now unaware that contact is causing her to get sick.. Her palm slides back over her hair, few loose strands of bangs pushed out of her face, "I'll get you some water." It's the best she's got for medical treatment, looking to Fitz with a small shrug and glance back down the ramp. A lot not said before she's off to go retrieve a water bottle for Agent Morse.

Leopold Fitz has posed:
Well, that was a whole lot less resistance then he was expecting. Anything that makes their lives easier though. With their hosts willing to let her go and with Bobbi likewise willing to return to the Quinjet that means no tense standoff. And Fitz won't be complaining about skipping that! There seems to be enough of that going on without adding anything more to the pot. Ugh, social interactions. Such a pain. Give him some nice, simple rocket science anyday! With Elena having Agent Morse in hand, Fitz does take a moment to unsling his pack, letting it slide down his arm and depositing it gently on the ground. He does through it for a moment before tugging out another sack from that tightly packed bag, holding it out towards Daisy. "Would we let you down," he says, offering up the satchel of goodies. And not a single healthy option in the mix.

Never let it be said that Fitz comes unprepared for a mission.

With that taken care of he quickly falls back in with the agents heading back to the waiting Quinjet, trotting up the ramp and quickly setting his pack aside. Oooof. That was a lot of weight to haul around for little purpose. "You know the drill Agent Morse. Have yourself a seat over there and we'll take a look and see what's going on," he intstructs, prepping the diagnostic scanner and the suite of associated computers.

His bedside manner is a little... lacking. There's a reason he generally deals with machines beyond the fact that biology is messy.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
There is a moment there in which Daisy just considers going past Mark. Really? Of all people to stop her she sends Mark? But fine, maybe Jia knows Daisy wouldn't try to go against the good doctor. So she steps back and nods, "I will return in an hour." a promise in her tone.

And with them being barred from going to meet Jia she starts going back, touching Matt's arm, "Well, I suppose it will be a somewhat unorthodox way of introducing you to my friends and family, mmm?" clearly not how she was expecting it to go.

But things never went as expected with SHIELD.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Gonzales watches Jaiying go before he too turns and goes with his people, following them up to the quinjet. Once there he sighs, looking around at his fellow agents, "Obviously this is not going as we hoped, but we'll sit tight and see if we can work things out," he explains before heading to the cockpit and report back to Fury.

Matt smiles wryly at Daisy, "It's definitely been memorable," he says of meeting her friends and family, before taking and squeezing her hand, "But like I said, we'll figure this out," Somehow...