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Elena Rodriguez (Scenesys ID: 1648)
Name: Elena Rodriguez
Superalias: Slingshot
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: SHIELD Agent
Citizenship: Columbian
Residence: New York City
Education: Streets
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: SHIELD
Apparent Age: 27 Actual Age: 27
Date of Birth 18 April 1993 Played By Natalia Córdova-Buckley
Height: 5'9" Weight: 135lbs
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Agent of SHIELD, Yo-Yo Rodriguez (Slingshot) has the ability to run at incredible speeds only to snap back to the original place from which she started. She comes off as harsh, but she's actually a very gentle and caring individual who has Faith in a higher power to guide her.


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* 1993: Born in Potosi, Columbia
* 2008: Parents are killed, suspects include one of the Columbian Cartels
* 2009: After living for a very short time in foster care, a Cousin she didn't know about brings her home to Potosi to be raised by family.
* 2010: She gets a job working as a curator owned, though she does not know it at the time, the Cartel who killed her mother and father.
* 2012: She accidentally discovers the identity of the individuals responsible for her parents death and attempts to go to the police with evidence only to find out deep ties of corruption in the Policia.
* 2016: She joins a group fighting against the Cartels and is trained in hand to hand and marksmanship by guerilla fighters.
* 2018: After being exposed to an unknown substance, she develops powers that allow her to move at incredible speed. She begins using these powers to fight the cartel, stealing weapons. This also lands her on SHIELDs radar.
* 2019: An incident in Columbia draws the full attention of SHIELD, including Daisy Johnson, who come to confront her when she loses control of her powers and accidentally causes large amounts of structural damage. Daisy helps in training her in the use of her powers and she's brought into SHIELD as a level 1 agent.
* 2019-2021: Works for SHIELD, largely overseas in Columbia, further refinement of her powers, combat, and spycraft.

IC Journal

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Elena is a very spiritual person. She sees her powers as a gift from God to do good in his name and acts accordingly. She also sees the work that SHEILD does as important because they take care of the things that would otherwise harm individuals who are unable to defend themselves.

Elena is honest, almost to a fault. She views lies as a personal afront, even amongst her allies, and rarely sees the benefit of outright deception of the truth. This is a razors edge with her work in SHIELD that relies on deception, but she justifies it so long as the goals and the means are good. She trusts hard and holds grudges against those who break their word.

Once someone has become her friend or earned her trust, there is almost no lengths she wont go to for them. She holds these people close and will go out of her way for their benefit, short of matters that go directly against her faith.

Character Sheet


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Force Generation:
Due to the nature of moving at increased speeds, Elena can throw a mean punch. She builds up force quickly and her body creates a kinetic field around the point of contact that protects her from the increased energy of impact. To her, a 200 mile an hour punch feels like a normal punch. Same as snapping back against a wall. Otherwise the act of moving would kill her when travelling at such inhuman speeds.

Elena came in contact with a substance that altered her and gave her the ability to move at incredible speeds (roughly 400 miles per hour). The caveot to this is that no matter how fast she goes or how far, she always returns to the exact spot of origin. Her body will attempt to move her along the safest possible route (for her), but it pays little concern for things that might be in her way, so travelling great distances is still largely hit or miss what she'll run into when yo- yoing back.


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Elena grew up in Columbia and so she speaks her native Spanish, but she's picked up English as well from work with the museum and further with SHIELD.

Elena is a well trained marksman, specifically on long barrel, scoped, rifles. She spent a decade in a guerilla war against Cartel and has many hours of practical training. She can also use handguns with deadly accuracy.

Martial Artist:
Elena has a decade worth of dirty fighting and several years of martial arts defense training with SHIELD. She knows how to use her powers in a fight, as well, which gives her a practical edge in almost every physical engagement.

Elena has several thousand hours of Quinjet training, including practical application in the field. She might not be their best pilot, but she's good enough to rank out and class on them.

While it is not her favorite, Elena is still a spy, and as such has a great deal of training in spycraft. She can blend into a crowd, use disguises, and has a number of cover identities provided to her by SHIELD to use in the pursuit of her job.

Elena grew up in the streets of Columbia and honed this skill further as a guerilla fighter. She knows how to survive in an Urban jungle, but more over, she knows who to survive that jungle amongst the brutal monsters who occupy it. She can fight a war on the street, directly beneath the noses of the underworlds elite.


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Membership in SHIELD has afforded Elena a great deal of benefits. This includes further training, both martial and with her powers, backup when she needs it, and access to their wide umbrella of resources.

Over the years fighting Cartel, Elena has amassed an armory of weapons that are all her own... Most of them are destroyed, of course, but a few have found their way into her personal stockpile. You can take the dog out of the fight, but you can't take the fight out of the dog.


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Everything about Elena moves faster, including her blood. This includes passing deadly toxins faster, bleeding faster, and any number of dangerous side effects of blood moving through her body more rapidly than a normal persons.

Due to her increased speed, Elena burns calories at a rapid rate as well. She must consume more food than any normal person to counter burning through reserves and causing her blood sugar to drop to dangerous levels.

Elena doesn't trust easy and once someone has broken that trust it's hard for her to forgive them. Honesty is important to her... things don't have to be right, but they have to be right enough to tell the truth about it, in her eyes.



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Elena Rodriguez has 15 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Coming in for a Landing April 2nd, 2021 Elena arrives back in New York after a brief sojourn in Colombia, only to discover that SHIELD is in shambles and her friends have been put through the wringer. And the one to break it all to her? May.
We're all hungry here March 13th, 2021 Daisy and Elena catch upon telemundo, then discuss the future of the Secret Warriors over chocolate!
Snack Shack March 8th, 2021 Elena and Ward have lunch and negotiate the future reveal of the hither unnamed shop of coffee
Afterlife: Old Name, New Face March 7th, 2021 The finale of the Afterlife plot. Negotiations between Gonzales and Jiaying are going well until Dr. List's Quinjets attack with the intention of capturing Inhumans, bringing an old enemy with it: Gayle Trushot. SHIELD joins with Inhumans to stop the threat and while many lives are saved Afterlife is no more.
Afterlife: A stroll through the village March 6th, 2021 Elena goes for a walk with Mark and they talk about what their expectations, life, faith and how it's all a game of Poker.
The Spy who wasn't March 2nd, 2021 After the events at the HYDRA's hidden base. Elena waits for word from the rest of the team. May, having escaped her own situation, comes to collect the agent only for them to be chased by a team sent from HYDRA. Elena dreams of double hamburgers.
The Afterlife Finally Takes the Old Lady March 2nd, 2021 Peggy stops in at Afterlife to see if she can help with the situation and is met by Gonzales, May, Bobbi, and Elena. The ladies give her a good debrief if just how bad the situation is. Still more skeletons in the SHIELD closet, it seems.
Afterlife: Updating Commander Gonzales March 1st, 2021 Gonzales is caught up on the mission status and a plan is hatched to smother Afterlife with friendship and love and M&Ms.
The Paraguay Hardening Mill February 26th, 2021 Peggy's special group stumbles upon a very old HYDRA temple, painting a picture of HYDRA that extends far before World War 2. Chaos ensued, but it appears they got away with it.
After Hours Work Club February 24th, 2021 The SHIELD Agents aware of HYDRA's possible infiltration of their ranks get together to do some good old fashioned data analysis. They discover a few interesting things on Vogel Enterprise's laptop, including a strange meeting in Vatican City. Further plans are made.
Afterlife: SHIELD Arrives February 23rd, 2021 SHIELD finally arrives at Afterlife, and they aren't immediately attacked. That's progress! But the situation is tense.
Shhh. We're Hunting Warehouses February 21st, 2021 May and Peggy confirm that Lance and Elena aren't HYDRA agents in the worst of ways. Then they go hunting for evidence none of them wanted to find. HYDRA and SHIELD share a Quinjet supplier...
Interview with the Vanisher February 20th, 2021 Telford Porter comes to SHIELD to talk about the rising problems between mutants and the Friends of Humanity. He gets to walk away with his raisins. Lucky.
Someone Had A Real Blast February 15th, 2021 Daisy and Yo-yo investigate the van bomb that went off at a high school in Mutant Town, while Eddie Brock goes to investigate as well, looking for bad guys to sate Venom's hunger.
Dropping the Mic February 13th, 2021 May leads a team of agents, including Hunter, Yo-Yo, and Daisy, down to Texas to retrieve an 0-8-4: Hitler's Berlin Microphone, a strange artifact with the ability to make people do whatever anyone who speaks into the microphone suggests. Something like that doesn't need to be left in the hands of a disaffected Army washout with an axe to grind against anyone with superpowers.


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Elena Rodriguez has 15 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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