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  Leopold Fitz  
Leopold Fitz (Scenesys ID: 733)
Name: Leopold James Fitz
Superalias: None
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Citizenship: British/Scottish
Residence: New York
Education: 2 Ph.Ds, Graduate of SHIELD Academy
Theme: Marvel (AFC)
Groups: SHIELD
Apparent Age: 24 Actual Age: 24
Date of Birth 19 Aug 1995 Played By iain De Caestecker
Height: 5'7" Weight: 165 lb
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Fitz is an Agent of SHIELD. One of their resident scientific geniuses, he specializes in designing equipment for field agents and dealing with inquiries around scientific phenomena that come up during the course of an investigation. He works closely with his partner, Jemma Simmons to the point that they are frequently just identified as 'FitzSimmons'.


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*1995 - Leopold James Fitz is born in Glasgow, Scotland

*2005 - His father, Alister Fitz walked out on him and his mother.

*2012 - Fitz would complete his pair of doctorates and demonstrate an exceptional aptitude for engineering at the precocious age of 17. Those gifts would bring him to the attention of SHIELD, earning him an invitation to the SHIELD Academy of Science and Technology. An offer to good to pass up, Fitz joined up eager to prove himself.

*2014 - After a successful two years at the Academy, Fitz would be paired up with a gellow genius in her field, Jemma Simmons, something that he initially had some difficulty with. Used to being the proverbial smartest one in the room, he found himself challenged. But the pair would come to work extremely well together, to the point that many at the Academy would come to just call them FitzSimmons.

*2016 - Fitz graduated at the top of his class at the Academy, along with Jemma, becoming the youngest graduates of the SHIELD Academy. He would be assigned to the Triskelion to help design various equipment used by agents in the field.

*2020 - Fitz continues to serve with distinction, primarily in designing equipment for use by field agents and lending technical and scientific know-how to other agents on their assignments. With more experience comes increasing responsibility including more field assignments that take him beyond the familiar confines of the lab.

IC Journal

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For all his reserve at times, Fitz is extremely eager to prove himself and his abilities. While he has always excelled in the lab and controlled environments he is increasingly driven to show that he can offer more then just a calm, rational perspective on problems that are removed from him. He is eager to show that he can deal with high pressure situations and that he can provide value there, out in the field, in addition to the lab.

Good Heart:
At his core Fitz is a good person, and once someone can get past some of the barriers he errects, he is a very good friend, a surprisingly optomistic individual despite that more rational exterior. It takes a lot to get on his bad side once in good with him and there is little he would not do for his friends.

Socially Awkward:
Fitz is not always comfortable in his own skin and it sometimes takes him a little while to warm up to people -- or vice versa. He has always been a little more comfortable around things, objects that he can take apart and put together and generally understand all the pieces that make them work. Science is clean and makes sense. People... not always so much. He can be a little reserved at first, but that hides a surprisingly good sense of humor and fierce loyalty to his friends.

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Fitz's genius is not limited to the theoretical. HIs gifts run more towards engineering. He is a SHIELD gadgeteer, coming up with any number of useful devices for agents in the field and almost always collaborating with Jemma Simmons to create devices that utilize the best of both of their respective fields. He has put increasing focus in the past couple of years of applying those skills to field work when there is not always days, weeks, or months to come up with practical solution, but only minutes or hours.

As a SHIELD Academy Graduate he has been trained in firearms and has maintained those skills. He is an above average shot, in the marksman range. Though there is a difference between qualifying on the range and utilizing in the field as he is well aware.

Fitz is a genius. He completed a pair of PhD's before his eighteenth birthday and was one of the youngest graduates of the SHIELD Academy ever. When it comes to the hard sciences he is one of the brightest minds in SHIELD and, if everything he did wasn't classified, would surely be recognized as one of the leaders in his field. He thrives on problem solving and has yet to come across a problem that he can not crack given time.

As a SHIELD Academy Graduate Fitz has received the full suite of training in hand-to-hand combat along with self defense. He... tries hard. Compared to his fellow agents he is decidedly unimpressive and knows it is an area of improvement. Compared to the general public... well at least he has training.

Fitz has demonstrated a gift for languages and tends to pick them up fast. In particular he is fluent in Arabic and Hebrew, as well as at least basic coversational skills in a variety of Europena languages.


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While Fitz does most of his work in the lab, he has collaborated with Jemma to design a lot of cutting edge equipment with Jemma, equipment that he has made good use of on those occasions when his experience has been required in the field. The ICER pistol is his weapon of choice, a non-lethal weapon while DWARFs (Drones Wirelessly Automated to Retrieve Forensics) is his most common way of pursuing his more scientifc mandate when it isn't practical for him to be directly on site.

His best friend and partner, Fitz has been working with Jemma Simmons since their 3rd year at the Academy, combining their two areas of scientific specializations to make tremendous advances on behalf of SHIELD. Their abilities compliment each other extremely well, to the extent that most simply refer to them as 'FitzSimmons'. More then a few agents have expected to find a single person, such is the level of their team work.

Fitz is a SHIELD Agent, Rank 5 with all the applies access and resources that come along with it. As one of the lead researchers he has access to cutting edge equipment and technology developed for the organization and the security clearance that goes along with it.


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Abandonment Issues:
Ftiz's father walked out on them when he was ten and that unsurprisingly created a few issues. It is probably at the root of a lot of his social awkwardness, his tendancy to be reserved, or to try to hard at times. It also makes him a fiercely loyal friend, something that could pose problematic if he gets his wish and sees more action in the field.

Fitz is a science nerd. That comes with many of the stereotypical drawbacks. There are times that he deals better with objects then people. He can forget his audience and either get lost in details or areas that others have no interest in, or start talking over their heads in technical terms. He can be shy and reserved at times, and over eager and trying a little too hard at others.



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Leopold Fitz has 36 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Dollhouse: The Incident July 15th, 2021 The team shore up the building as an Inhuman decays it away. Daisy holds the building in place with the help of her quaking ancestors. HYDRA's plan to destroy the building and blame Inhumans and act the heroes has failed.
The Framework: Race Against The Machine July 8th, 2021 As the world of the Framework begins disappearing all around them, all of the agents trapped within its twisted version of reality fight to hold on to what matters most and finally escape to the real world.
The Framework: The Doctor's Doorway to the Universe July 7th, 2021 May goes back to the Triskelion to rescue Dottie... and ends up bringing in Leopold Fitz in the process. (No one is more surprised than she.)
The Framework: Double Agent Double Jeopardy June 20th, 2021 The Doctor attempts to extract information from Dottie Underwood, the one insurrectionist Radcliffe has left available to him. He learns... much more than he expected. And perhaps not from the source he expected.
The Framework: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner June 1st, 2021 In the Framework, The Doctor and the Sky Commander pay a surprise visit to Peggy on Memorial Day. They find Melinda May there and lay out some very clear threats. There is no time to waste in getting Peggy and her children out of the country.
The Framework: Sky Commander Morse May 17th, 2021 Sky Commander Morse leads the HYDRA fleet to Nepal where they engage in battle with the Inhuman settlement: Afterlife. Glorious victory is granted to the saviours of the free world. The terrorist Jiaying is dead and her follows either captured or killed. Hail HYDRA.
The Framework: Eliminating Resistance May 16th, 2021 Commander May, Agent of HYDRA, leads a crack team against a pocket of SHIELD resistence, saving the world from those who would destroy the peace HYDRA has fought so hard to build. Chief Daniel Sousa, Agent of SHIELD, has a very, very bad day.
The Framework: Time to Break the News May 16th, 2021 The Doctor and Commander May go to visit Peggy Sousa-Carter in the aftermath of her husband's death. May breaks the bad news. The Doctor breaks everything else.
The Framework: Decent Into Hell (II) May 15th, 2021 Fitz leads a recovery team to find the Sphere's manufacturing hub so they can steal the schematics they need to better understand the immersion pods. Unfortunately, walking into the manufacturing hub means walking into the spider's lair... Retrieving the data doesn't go quite as planned.
Time and Travails April 27th, 2021 May checks in with Fitz, who is trying to explain to Daisy just why the new lab setup at the Playground is inadequate, to find out if building a new time machine is possible. He tells her all the reasons why it may not work. That doesn't stop him from working on it, however. Which is just as well, since Daniel and Peggy show up, having gone through an interesting time loop, to ask for Jemma's help with Daniel's leg.
Afterlife: Old Name, New Face March 7th, 2021 The finale of the Afterlife plot. Negotiations between Gonzales and Jiaying are going well until Dr. List's Quinjets attack with the intention of capturing Inhumans, bringing an old enemy with it: Gayle Trushot. SHIELD joins with Inhumans to stop the threat and while many lives are saved Afterlife is no more.
Iron Fortitude: Six Underground March 6th, 2021 The legendary black market known as Six Underground is no more. SHIELD has shut it down for good and arrested the man behind it. May meets a member of the Cabal. Finally, SHIELD has recovered their stolen technology.
Afterlife: SHIELD Arrives February 23rd, 2021 SHIELD finally arrives at Afterlife, and they aren't immediately attacked. That's progress! But the situation is tense.
Iron Fortitude: Proof Positive February 20th, 2021 Fitz and Hunter use their cover identities as new recruits of Iron Fortitude to enter and explore their Head Quarters. Hoping to find incriminating evidence against the senator, they instead find the man who had been ahead of them all along.. but had finally run out of luck. Beaten and tortured by the senators men, he held on to his secret until SHIELD arrived to rescue him. Now the incriminating evidence of Iron Fortitude hangs over the senators head like the sword of damocles.
Iron Fortitude: Overtime February 12th, 2021 Having flipped the tables on the job, Iron Fortitude and the two undercover SHIELD agents defend their position, then take out their ex-client to fulfil the new contract. They're in.
Times that Bind: Epilogue January 18th, 2021 The best of SHIELD gather at the SWORDFISH to welcome Agent May back to the present. Cake is had. Whiskey and shots. And a very surprising hologram.
Iron Fortitude: Working Interview January 17th, 2021 Fitz and Hunter ingratiate themselves in to Iron Fortitude. The pay is big, the work is messy. They inject a bit of morality in to the mix. The mission doesn't entirely go off without a hitch.
Let's Do The Time Warp Again (Part 2) January 16th, 2021 Under heavy fire from Leviathan, a determined corps of SHIELD agents defends the 2021 anchor site of the mysterious time anomaly that swept Melinda May away so many weeks ago. Once she's safely home, in finest SHIELD style, they blow the thing to kingdom come.
Escape from Bunker BT-0! January 2nd, 2021 The SHIELD team makes their strategic retreat from Bunker BT-0. But they will surely be back...
Time for an Update December 14th, 2020 Agent Morse gathers her troops -- in this case, Agents Carter, Croft, and Fitz -- for a situation update regarding the retrieval of Melinda May from out of the past. When Fitz delivers a time phone, things get a whole lot more interesting... and Agent May gets the present in the past.
Locking Down the Site November 30th, 2020 Agents Morse and Fitz join Agent Carter at the site of the anomaly that ate Agent May. Readings are taken. Memories are jogged. And clues are suggested.
Diplomat Killers November 19th, 2020 Bobbi, May, and Fitz hunt down the head of the mercs who attacked the diplomat's son. They were surprisingly chatty but unwilling to engage against SHIELD directly.
R&R at R&D November 11th, 2020 Daisy the Bringer of Food has offerings for Fitz after the last mission. They are joined by May and Bucky and talk about demons, advanced AIs, sharpshooting and how May is being adopted as a mom. (Ok, maybe not that last part).
Diplomatic Immunity October 31st, 2020 While investigating an attempted assassination of a diplomats son, three mercenaries brazenly pretend to be SHIELD agents but are caught in the act.
Wing Stop at R&D with Nth Metal flavoring October 20th, 2020 Fitz scans some wings, finds out they are a bit more than wings.
Ancient Agent Rescue October 13th, 2020 SHIELD is able to rescue one of their own, after dealing with a couple of snippy guards.
The Drones Come Home October 5th, 2020 SHIELD faces the might of a full drone army, inside the Triskelion. It attempts to take control of the quantum computers and become unstoppable, but agents faced the drones down and stopped it at the very last few feet.
Close Encounters of the Stabby Kind September 23rd, 2020 Carol brings Fitz a very stabby present with a nice Russian Escort
Hunting the Myasnikovs (1 of 3) August 22nd, 2020 Fitz and Tampambulos attempt to track down one of the Myasnikov brothers' potential targetts... and risk blowing themselves to Kingdom Come in the process.
Recovering SHIELD Tech July 24th, 2020 SHIELD takes out an AIM facility in the Amazon forest, but faces off against The Preda... The Hunter. Three agents lose their lives.
The Search for Hulk: Part 2 July 17th, 2020 SHIELD learns something new about the Hulk, and know Banner is now on foot instead of bounding across the country side. Power Girl has questions.
SHIELD Briefing - Earth's Latest Peril June 21st, 2020 Carol shares what she knows to some of the best and brightest of SHIELD. Hopefully they can pull some tricks together and help stop Brainiac.
The Power of Chocolate June 15th, 2020 Daisy and Fitz go their separate ways.
An Ice Cold Shock May 5th, 2020 Nick Fury sends his best science team to investigate a failing cryopod in an ancient storage subbasement of SHIELD. What they find is Margaret Carter coming out of the freeze. Simmons, Fitz, and Foster jump through several impossible hoops to save the thawing woman's life.
The Suit Makes The Girl April 19th, 2020 With the latest FitzSimmons suit in hand, Jennifer and Carol depart to start testing some limits...
It's just a small favor! April 10th, 2020 Daisy comes bearing bribes for Fitz & Simmons for favors.


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Leopold Fitz has 36 finished logs.

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