5323/Secret Doors: The Haunted Mansion

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Secret Doors: The Haunted Mansion
Date of Scene: 23 February 2021
Location: Avengers Mansion - Back Yard
Synopsis: The Avengers take on the eerie creature haunting their mansion, having forced it into the back yard and into solidity!
Cast of Characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Hank Pym, Wanda Maximoff, Bruce Banner, Nadia Pym-van Dyne

Tony Stark has posed:
"Alert, to all Avengers .... our haunting guest has been relocated OUT of the Mansion. All rooms are currently designated as safe. Yay me."

Tony on the communicators, sounding very self congratulatory, still pauses, and there's a dry intake of breath. The other shoe is about to drop, certainly....

"However, it is currently infesting the lawn, instead of being destroyed as expected. I have some mobile packs with me here that can be used to cattle-prod the thing and force it physical, but it has moved very much /away/ from the tech trap set up in the study in the west wing of the mansion. If anyone is on hand to contain it while I move that outside of the barriers to the garage, that'd be well-timed..."


Outside, on the lawn, the local area appears to have been twisted into it's own sort of reality - where it is a weird, twilight-like reddish tone, the surface of the exterior pool is rippling with mirrored shapes of twisting, ethereal shaped eyes, and the bushes are starting to tug out of the ground by supernatural, frustrated wind. The eyes, gleaming in the pool, turn around the yard, and focus on the closest building -- is that the mobile Pym lab right there?...

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve Rogers is in his room when he hears Tony's message go out. He slips out of what he's wearing and pulls on a more star-spangled ensemble. Finishing it off with a shield which leaps to the magnetic hook on his back as he reaches it back there.

Though he doesn't add his helmet, he does insert a comms piece into his ear and heads down the stairs.

<< Why isn't it that we can't have normal kinds of infestations, Tony? Mice. Maybe a few bugs. Is it us, or did Howard build this place on a Native American burial ground?>>

Steve takes the stairs down two at a time, stopping when he sees the contraptions. "I really hope this is as simple as pointing and shooting," he comments as he picks one up. Steve's expression makes the bit of high technology look as welcome as the aforementioned mice and bugs.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym was coming for a plasma arc and industrial press he needed at the new lab, bearing a suitcase to carry them on the subway.

And... this.

Okay he was just in Limbo so this is not quite overwhelming. Not quite.

"A fricking Shoggoth. Gotta be. This is a new one for me. Nonono! Not my lab!" He throws a Pym field, trying to shrink the lab towards him, away from the Hentai storm coming. Hopefully he can grab it once he's got it tiny and play keep away.

"Where is everyone! Did I need to bring refreshments? Honest to GHU we get attacked more times in our HQ!... your HQ." Shrink shrink shrink!!

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff and her brother have opted for sleeping in a hotel set up and aside by Tony, and avoiding the Mansion pretty much all together unless absolutely necessary. It has done her a slight bit of good, sleeping a few hours at a time rather than lying awake and hearing and seeing/not seeing phantasms as the curl through her awareness, and thus invade her consciousness.

Now, however, seems to be one of those 'absolutely necessary' moments?

However she may have gotten the message regarding the rooms now being designated as safe areas, the idea that the yard out back is now 'infested' isn't quite as horrifying. It's daylight, and it's more open in terms of space, and as a result? Wanda appears through a portal, looking all the world as if she's walking through a sliding glass door from the house onto the back patio. She's dressed down; jeans, sweater, boots with a winter jacket that reaches her knees.

The moment she's through, and the shredding of dimension (or however that works!) is closed to travel, Wanda surveys the immediate area, doing something of a headcount. One.. two..

And then, the .. pool.

Bruce Banner has posed:
All things considered, it would be a good idea for Banner to sit this one out. The very idea of paranormal has it's own stigma. He settles a new looking heart monitor on his wrist and heads towards the yard and the gathering that is starting.

Before leaving hte room, he grabs two electronic devices. Good idea or not he's on his way. Once he reaches the exit, he turns on one of the devices and looks up at the eyes, then back down again. The monitor already beeping quicker than an average pulse should, but steady.

Tony Stark has posed:
<< It's us, this place was extremely, unrelentingly boring before the Avengers, >> Tony answers Steve evenly. He'll directly flash a smirked grin at the Avenger leader while he's gearing up, and a similar nod gets sent to Banner, without too much of an eyebrow raise. Maybe Hulk can smash eyes later on, might not hurt. Best to just wing it.

"Don't let it touch you if possible; it's made a few people pass out," Tony says, uncessarily to Steve -- that was mostly at the others, really, that may not be aware that it gave Captain America (and technically also Tony himself) a time-out. "Two modes - blue button will put it into steady stream if on. If off, it'll do short little bursts at longer range." Tony himself has been joined by a squad of bots, who are being ordered about to carry equipment and cables outside in top-hustle form.


In the yard, ghostly ripples of movement continue through the lawn, as if it were anchoring itself there partially, but the focus is still in the pool. Most of the presence of it is there, as if it needed something to haunt. However, part of it lurches forwards, with a wave of supernaturally-propelled water, attempting to drench Pym and his shrinking lab where he stands. Water splashes against the shielding, but there's more attempting to soak in underneath via the grass and ground at shoe-level.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve Rogers identifies the buttons after hearing Tony's instructions. "Right. And then just hope it doesn't explode," he comments as he looks at the 'gun' part of it that looks more like a flamethrower to Steve than a regular gun.

He steps outside in time to see the creature going after Hank Pym. Steve gives Tony's death ray one more look and then turns it on, aiming at the ground nearer to his feet to assure it's going to come out straight. Once he's got a beam of energy shooting across the lawn, Steve walks it up towards the creature, moving it momentarily between Hank and the creature, as if trying to give it a warning shot.

"Listen, this is isn't your home. It's time for you leave now!" he calls towards the creature. "We don't want to have to rough you up. But if that's what it takes, then that's what we'll do," he calls to it.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia comes flying in from the sky on her way to her father's laboratory. You would think she would have caught the comms chatter about the situation, but the Titans have introduced her to the full range of pop music that exists beyond just Dazzler and it has been playing through her helmet the whole way to the mansion.

When she see's the state of the yard though the Waspette comes up short, hovering in the air. The music volume in her helmet is killed as she changes her comms to Avengers channels, <<Umm guys? Hi, is the yard supposed to be like that? It looks like it might be trying to eat people or something.>>

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym sees the water stream coming at him and has a bad tenth of a second before he remembers he's wearing the Yellowjacket suit and can fly a little in it. He lifts up. Not too high. He rather fly by ant. "Hah! guys can have wings too! Hah and hah yet again my tenebrous grabby tourist of many eyes. Stay fixed on me! You mediocre eldritch spawn. I know a cute Russian blonde who's scarier than you! I hah yet again! And if I can find a spot to put this down, I'll show you a ****ing death ray... ooops!" Language Henry, your kid is here.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:

Wanda looks at the men and their weapons, brows rising even as Bruce turns his on, the color cutting the air gaining her attention quickly. It's only briefly, however, as she takes a couple of tentative steps towards the pool, choosing her path carefully. Her hands are held low, the soft, airy wisps of red beginning to encircle them.

As more rays come to life, the one in Steve's hands, and Tony gearing up, she's looking for the best use of her shielding. "I will keep it from touching anyone," sounds as a Eastern European lilt. "You do what you must."

Bruce Banner has posed:
The gadget in his come to life and Bruce starts to study it thoughfully, moving it around the air and mostly in the direction of the thing over the pool. Everything isn't a weapon. Well, not in the conventional sense. His opposite hand starts another scanner device.

The heart monitor is still a little faster than normal, hence everyone can hear it beep. Annoying? Probably. He frowns and studies the screen thoughtfully and the monitor slows down again, hopefully that means he's calm. Deep in his nerd out, the beast still sleeps.

Tony Stark has posed:
Either the lab is out of range, or too small, or Hank insulted the pool water appropriately, but the water stops surging that way, and orients onto the direction of Captain America. The reason may become apparent: where the gun splashes onto the zone just above the water, a bulky, strange form of monstrous mass manifests! It is as if the gun were turning a large bulky shape that was invisible ... visible. Claws sprout out along the revealed shape in a cruel row, as the water surges up and into the shape. It looks very much like a reddish jellyfish, the surface visible and tangible where Captain America is pelting it with energy.

It is Wanda, perhaps, and in a way, Banner - that will get a true scope of the whole thing. It is very massive, partially out of phase, but occupying all of the pool: above and in the water. Strange limbs are extended out; one had reached for Pym's building but has retracted to block Steve's energy assault. It is gearing up a large amount of water, though, twisting and swirling, perhaps intended to overwhelm Captain America in a sneak attack.

"Heyyyy Banner. Got some new data we can use? If it's /finally/ getting physical, we can use that to calibrate!" Tony calls, finally coming outside. He technically called through the Avenger communication, while directing his drones physically... and then leaving, falling back, while the robots construct the new containment zone. Tony's suiting up.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve sees where the death ray - as he calls it - is having some kind of effect. Though he intended to try to warn the creature off and get it to withdraw, as he sees the beam is revealing the creature more clearly, Steve leaves the beam activated and swings it long the pools edge. Obviously trying to get a better idea of its size and shape.

That's when he notices the water suddenly welling up, and the beam reveals one of those wicked looking claws as well. Steve jumps back in a tremendous leap as the water crashes down right where he was!

The beam slices across the creature, waving about wildly but the super soldier managing to keep it on target at least during his leap. Revealing the gigantic claws that tried to snare him and yank him towards the creature but for his evading it.

"Uh, Tony. That's a lot bigger than the last one. Are you going to be able to hold this one?" he asks, keeping the beam hitting it, but not sure if it's really hurting it or not.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym notes the change in focus. "Ah of course the Captain gets the attention. But in this case not a good thing. Well Nietsche said not to battle monsters... but he made a lot of shi... stuff up." Yellowjacket stops flying, growing to let his feet touch the ground, twenty feet, thirty, sixty foot. It makes his head reel a little. The brcelet on his wrist beeps a warning but he's been here before. Hank the giant steps up, cracking his knuckles.


Keep it off Steve. A giant is a great distraction!

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
That is a monster, that is definitely a monster! Really in some ways it is a nice change of pace from killing extra-dimensional doubles and the manipulations of Russian secret agents to face a good old fashioned monster.

The Waspette swoops down out of the sky. <<Hi Dad!>> She waves at Hank when she locates him among the melee before bringing up both of her gauntlets and unleashing a pair of energy blasts at centermass of the part of the creature that has become visible.

<<What the heck is this thing? Is there a plan? There's a plan right?>>

Bruce Banner has posed:
Busy in his own thoughts, managing the devices and taking the data to the depths of his mind to analyze Bruce mutters,"Jarvis. Upload the readings to the Iron Man." Just too busy to be scared, though he does glance up once when Wanda starts to move in on the thing. He watches and the heart monitor picks up again, so he forces his eyes away. That's just what everyone needs. A big green monster too.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
It's strange, looking at the creature in the water. It's the creature of one of her many nightmares; the being that she'd seen on just the edges of her awareness, never to truly come into full focus. Until now.

Well, mostly full focus.

Wanda does take a step back now and raises her hands, the red wisps coalescing into something darker crimson. "It is like iceberg, Stark," she reacts to his words to the.. one of the scientists. "There is more we do not see. Is not all here." And who knows what happens to the parts that are out of phase?

Calling out to Steve, Wanda lifts her hands in order to keep those wisps from getting near anyone, "Is larger, yes, but I can contain it." There's a moment just after that red-tinged shield rises to keep her teammates safe. "Pretty sure."

Nadia.. she hasn't seen the young woman in quite some time, and calling out, "Do not shoot it. You will only distract, and will not help. Is large, dangerous and if you are touched, will send you to a dimension that I cannot go." Easily.

Tony Stark has posed:
The parts that are visible seem to ignore all verbal taunts (perhaps it can't hear?), and all attention is on Steve's current weapon: because that is what is making it exposed. The creature seems to have preferred NOT to be physical, and is highly overreacting to that attention there. Hank's size does not seem to have caused a response.

The whole of it looks much stranger now, with Wanda's red-wisp-shield coming over the rear of it, but the front area that is engaging directly with Captain America seems to be solid - in terms of being animated water mixed with the mass of the thing that is being forced to be tangible. Energy blasts cause another limb to sprout on that side, tangible at first then invisible, as it swats with sudden ethereal menace at the tiny flying energy-maker. Should it impact, with invisible tendril, it will cause a very disorienting psychic mental trauma to explode in the poor girl!

"Really, Banner? is this right?" Tony chatters at him, dismayed. "There were six different configurations, but this last one is it? Figures. Um, okay, on the fly adjustments; we need to change the power core out. I might attract it with energy while I'm doing that. Wanda, are you confident on a forcefield on this side? I don't need a second vacation of starvation."

Iron Man has appeared in a blaze out from the garage area, suited fully, to glide and land among his robots, physically moving in to change the equipment over.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve Rogers is trying to keep track of what is going on, but at the moment he's far to busy dodging ectoplasmic watery tentacles and claws that are slamming down as Steve leaps about to and fro, erratically jumping to make it difficult for the creature to hit him. It's like the extra-dimensional being is playing a giant game of Whacka-a-Cap.

Steve keeps the beam firing, though it's starting to turn into more of a defensive measure, revealing the parts of the creature that are attacking him. "I hope all of that meant you've got the solution worked out!" he calls as he dives and rolls, avoiding another bit of water and creature that slams down. As he does, his aim with the beam suffers, it zipping across the backyard and hitting a statue of Howard Stark, cutting it in two. "Sorry Howard," he grumbles, getting the beam back on target.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
It seems like Nadia is just about to say something back to Wanda, that may or may not have included a chipper greeting, when the very clear and present danger of the tentacle suddenly requires the sum of her attention. Evasive actions are a basic reflex for the Waspette as she shrinks in an attempt to give the thing less surface area to impact with. Unfortunately it is incredibly difficult to effectively dodge what you can't see no matter how acrobatic and the invisible carress effectively knocks her out of the air as psychic venom explodes in her mind with the mother of all headaches.

"Augh!! I thought brainfreezes were bad..." Nadia pushes herself unsteadily to her feet, "Okay, need a new plan, or a plan." She staggers over towards Bruce, "Dr. Banner, talk Science at me, what is this thing."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym decides to shrink back down when it is evident he is not needed in giant mode and hears the warning to Nadia about not touching. No shooting either. He shrinks back down and moves towards Bruce hoping to keep him safe from the water and tentacles. He sets the lab down and looks over Bruce's shoulder. "Reed would be good at this. My multi-dimension theory mainly applies to the Microverse... maybe it's changing it's phase cycle, like frequency jumping to avoid detection of radio signals. Can you broaden the bandwidth on this thing?"

Bruce Banner has posed:
Still looking at the readings, Bruce comments to Hank,"I can't say it would kill it, but we could certainly cause it some grief if we heated up the water under it." He looks up and suddenly realizes that it is a lot closer than he thought. The heart meter gets faster and louder no matter how hard he tries to control that. Stress is stress and adrenaline is adrenaline,"Anyone able to heat the water? Hot fast?" he shouts and eases back a little, trying to slow the pulse.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda steps forward, her hands up and gesturing as if she's forming the shield from the very air itself. She is, in a way, and as the red wisps are carried upon the breeze, they look to find their strength in the area that Tony has mentioned. "I am, Stark. You will have to trust me," comes softly in concentration. Her brows crease, and her tones lower, sounding as if each word is pushed through in effort.

"Be careful, Steven.." and with a push of her hand, an invisible forcefield pushes up and against a tentacle that had not only been poised to strike, but would have possibly found its target with a speed that belies its size.

Her expression changes, however, and to look at the woman's face, her eyes are glowing a deep red. "Stay out.." she growls softly. "It wants back to mansion," is forced out. "Is afraid, angry and desperate. Will do anything to survive." In other words?

The shields are holding, but when Nadia gets hit out of the sky, her hand looks to sweep and gesture in a 'cradle' so she doesn't crash to the ground. It's enough, however, that she's momentarily distracted, and when she looks back, Wanda has to lift that shield once more to keep Tony safe.

"Quick, before it goes back to pool.."

Tony Stark has posed:
"Heat, Banner? .... I mean.... you could overload those guns and blast the pool, it'd probably evaporate into a steam treatment that might peel all the paint off the mansion, but it'd do it," Tony immediately answers. "Particularly easy if Hank supersized them, but.... then they'd be huge and heavy." It may not be a problem for huge people, though, to fire such a thing.

"If you do that, though, it might easily be small enough for Wanda to herd it, and I'll have this ready. I like this plan. It involves dangerous overloading without safety---" Tony spots Wasp having issues, but popping up. "Janet, can you help Pym with that?"

Tony was mostly paying attention to his own task, which is spitting energy out in thick pulses that bounce off of the Iron Man armor and absorb into the chest, making his zone very dangerous for the moment.... and attractive, like a bug-zapper.

Tendrils give Steve a reprieve to bash at the barrier Wanda erected for Tony. It's seated in the pool still, frothing and moving, as if it were a ghost possessing the very water itself, and some of the concrete around. One of the deck chairs gets pulled in ... and vanishes, ported into some other place of headaches and starvation.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve hears a crackle of energy and whirls, seeing Wanda's shield go up just in time to save him from ending up like a potato after the masher has had a go at it. He tosses Wanda a salute and then retreats away, listening to the chatter from the scientists.

Even if Steve is a little dicey on the whole dimensional theory thing, he does seize on the plan of action. "Alright, we're evaporating the pool like Tony said. Dr. Pym, take this and try to not overdo it TOO fast. Shoot in pulses so we don't all scald to death." Steve unslings the backpack from the Ghostbuster rig and passes it over to Hank Pym.

As he does, Steve's foot kick the shrunken lab. He picks it up to get it out of Hank's way so Hank can grow without crushing it.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"Heat the water..." Nadia nods her head while shaking it from side to side trying to clear it, "So... like thermal explosions?" She asks while reaching into the storage pockets of her Waspette armor and coming out with one of go to favorites, suddenly full sized 'sticky bomb' explosives are hurled towards the pool, followed shortly by "Where did Cap get that super cool SCIENCE! gun anyway?!" And once she has that answer, she is winging it towards the mansion door to find one of her own.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym does know how to use weapons. For a while he was stuck normal sized and that was his jam. He nods and grabs the gun. Then he begins to fire and grow.

OKay heat the water, not too fast. Can't stir the water. He plays the beam across the pool, not lingering on any one spot. He has no idea of the power of the gun, quite a lot but water is hard to heat. Water stops lasers and Barret fifty bullets. It is far more resistant than people realize. He gets an idea of the power of the gun and fire.

He grew too much before and now he's doing it again. His bio readings are giving a serenade of warnings. The pain starts in he legs and back and across his head almost immediately.

Sweat breaks out on his upper lips. His monitor is seeing red. He stands resolute. He keeps playing the beam as steam and water vapor rise. He will not black out. When the Captain gives you a shot you take the shot!

Bruce Banner has posed:
So the rest of them seem to be getting into the burning zone, Bruce turns the sensors on the creature again. He still stays mindful of it. No desire to add to the disaster. Instead he watches the readings change when the heat starts to rise and he backs towards where the weapons are to take one up and modify if this doesn't put the stop to the creature.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda can actually feel the pushes against the shield under her hands. Her head is canted, and she has a look of determination, even if there is just //something// else in those eyes. They still burn red, but it's a dull color; there is some energy being expended, and she's being very, very careful. There are too many friendlies around, and to pick one, two locations where a great deal of power will sit and do as she bids it.

The shocks, the pulses that now bounce from Tony's chest .. that's new, but it means that the shield that she's using to protect him has to be just that much stronger as the creature begins to wheel around to pay more attention there. Steve's wave of thanks is given a quick nod in return, more an acknowledgment really. She's watching him, watching Nadia, Bruce, Hank.. and that creature.

The only science she knows and understands?

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Poke a bear, and it'll strike back.

What she's not used to, not prepared for is Hank's growth. It makes it a touch more difficult to shield, and pulling her own briefly to try and enlarge it, it's looks as if the creature has a chance to actually escape through the guns in her eyes. Red and green eyes widen as she pushes back, and a call of warning that only sounds like a call of distress comes from the witch. Pushing a hex bolt into the air, it looks all the world as if she's firing wildly at something, though the path is such that it leads to one of the buildings further out back. "Is running!"

Wanda takes a few running steps in that direction and flings her hands up, forming another barrier; everything behind it pulses, showing the energy waves like heat waves in a summertime desert.

"Quickly!" She's got it cut off from escape, but the witch is tiring. The dimension plays around her, and she can still see the edges, the shadows where the creature wants to go, was cut off from, had been from.. all a jumbled mess in her mind. What she needs, she doesn't have... not right now.


Tony Stark has posed:
The monstrous entity formerly occupying the Avengers mansion as a delicious home has been forced outside so /rudely/, not even into a nice mobile lab, but into a pool.

Certainly you'd have a bad day if you were downgraded from a mansion into a bucket of water. Particularly one that is now starting to boil!

As warned, the gun when supersized and blasted in that way -- overcharges, sparks, and starts to shudder! Massive energy hurls from the oversized gun that Pym is holding, and it suddenly bursts, oozing into a mixed explosive horror! That might sting, even through a super glove, depending on how quickly Pym lets go.

The other gun fetched by Nadia - and then another by Bruce - deters the creature from trying to scramble towards the garage, or the other way, as the group surrounds it, and it retreats some towards the pool, eyes blistered in the water ... which is rapidly emptying in sheets of steam. It floods skyward, while the creature gets lower.

All of the beams now on it, it is fully visible. It is not tentacles, not truly: it is more of a giant crab-like creature, that huddled, with no shell, in the pool, phased out. All of the eyes are stalks that litter its back, fluxing with energy and power as it collects itself to try to escape. It did bolt - almost too quick to see and follow, rushing, but Wanda is right on it, watching it and dragging it backwards...

Into the energy field that is FINALLY up and running. Blindingly, the trap goes off, in the mass of steam and blasts, leaving the yard thick with scalding water, pool emptied except for one little pool-floatie down at the bottom....

"GOT IT!" announces Stark into the communicator!

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve takes on the role of bystander, calling out adjustments to help the group work together as a team and hem the creature in. "That's it, Hank, keep it up. Doctor Banner, stay on it's right side!"

He moves around, dodging Hank's feet as Giant Man's attention is on the creature, making sure he doesn't deserve the giant creature's Whack-a-Cap only to get squashed by a giant scientist.

As Steve hears Hank's gun start to make different noises, he backs away, still carrying Hank's lab. "Dr. Pym, I think maybe that is about to-" is all that Steve gets out before the signs of the weapon going critical reach the point of action.

Unable to do anything to help Hank, not even able to reach the weapon, Steve rushes over towards Bruce who is nearby, tackling him as gently as possible to get him out of the way. Steve's trying to keep him from being caught in the blast and Hulking out, so doesn't want to set him off with too hard a tackle.

Life is never easy.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
The gun charges up and then emits a massive blast of energy at the creature. "Woohoo!" Nadia cries out lauching into the air having finally shaken off the other of all headaches. She watches for a moment wide eyed as her father does the grow and blast maneuver, genius even if it costs him his gun. Nadia continues to dive this way and that zapping and zapping as things finally build to a crescendo and Tony manages to trap the thing.

Finally descending back to touch down on the ground again, she is breathing heavily in the aftermath, "Dad! Are you okay? This SCIENCE! gun is so cool, can I take it apart?" Priorities. "What even was that? An experimental pool float gone out of control?"

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym drops the gun as it explodes. He's usually more mindful of equipment. He'll have to apologize to Stark. He's already shrinking... how big did he get? He hardly notices his hand at first. The boom took his attention. Oh... glove is on fire. Crap.

As he shrinks back down he gets the glove off. At twelve feet tall he stumbles and sits down hard and feels the crack and the crunch.

Fuuuuuuu...wait... it was that ugly lawn chair Tony always sat in. The lab survives.

He gets up and starts fishing in his belt for the first aid kit. This is why the Urgent Care has a mug with his name. Really a wonder the hands still work. He quickly wraps some bandage around his palm and the bracelet, covering it."You have to ask Tony. It's his gun. We done here? I need to do some things." Throw up, pass out, writhe on the lab table. Full day.

Bruce Banner has posed:
The readings are getting very interesting and then...tackle. Down the duo goes to the ground out of the way of danger. Bruce is a bit startled initially, but he figures out it isn't the creature getting corporeal and attacking him. He sighs softly as they crash,"A little heads up next time Captain." he comments almost amused,"Hate for that to be the thing that causes the change."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
The trap thus sprung, Wanda looks away, her hand whipping up to shield herself. There, twisted, she holds the position for several heartbeats before she begins to straighten, a look of fatigue and disbelief on her face.

"Is gone?" is murmured, and those emerald eyes of hers holds no magical crimson within. Instead, Wanda looks a little shell-shocked, a touch worse for wear.

She takes stock, inventory even without truly seeing what she's seeing. No, no water in the pool any longer. No matter. Is still winter! Those in attendance are still here.. and her expression is such that she's trying to concentrate on the topic at hand.

Rather than wait for a debrief, or take anyone up on an offer of going out to a diner for a quick bite, Wanda excuses herself with a murmured, "Excuse me, if you will..". She needs to leave. That was too close for her!