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3 Card Monte!
Date of Scene: 28 March 2021
Location: Main Foyer
Synopsis: Remy shows off a game of skill, ends up coming up with a worse idea
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue, Simon Lasker

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    A foldable table that's scene better days is now kept just inside the front door of the entrance to the Xavier's school, and a scruffy looking man with a jacket folded over the banister behind him, and a fancy three button vest on over a bright pink with purple candy stripes with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Remy's arms are fully exposed in this situation, as he's taking kids to school. Street school.

    "Step right up, step right up." He says in a showman's voice as Hambone walks away with a sad look on his face, and Remy points at the boy with a grin, "You'll be a winnah next time, and if not, you'll always be a lady killer buddy." But then he's shuffling the three bent cards on the table, trying to rope in the next kid. "Step up, win a buck! Have some fun!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is coming down the western side of the grand staircase with her gloved right hand on the wooden railing. She's dressed in a shoulderless green shirt that has the sleeves moving down over her gloves, a pair of blue jeans and boots, her hair combed smooth and parted down the right side of her head. She hears Remy's voice and looks out over the foyer to where he's doing his street show.

She smirks.

The Belle continues on down the staircase at a leisurely pace, watching and listening to this 'show' as it unfolds....

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy has his hands on the table, shuffling the cards back and forth, but not exactly quickly. He's letting passers by notice the cards and feel like they can keep up and be able to guess the card without a problem.

    "Step up, win a buck." Remy repeats as he moves the outside in, and the inside card out, grasping the bent cards with little effort as he shuffles them about, lifting a finger to point at one of the 'popular girls' and she simply rolls her eyes before flipping her hair and talking to her friends. High school girls will always be high school girls. The cajun hardly notices, and if he does, he doesn't seem bothered by it.

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon is not in just because he has nothing going on on a saturday night. He is in because... because shut up thats why. He is wearing his casual leather jacket and jeans with some red converse. He heads down to the foyer.

The first thing he sees is Remy in what he swears is the brighest shirt he has ever seen. The second thing he sees is money and cards. Well that is interesting. He doesn't remember anything specific about it, but he swears somebody said gambling was against the rules. Now Simon is no narc, but that kind of out in the open rule-breaking isn't something he is used to.

"Wait we're /allowed/ to gamble?" He would feel like an idiot if he were. Not because he wants to gamble, but because then he would have lost a fair bit of money on something that /wasn't/ against the rules, and that would make him feel like an idiot.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is making down to the bottom of the main staircase now when Simon arrives to talk to Remy. She pauses there and folds her arms over her stomach to just smirk at all of it. She just stands there and listens for a few seconds before she looks over to that little clique of High School girls. she knows them, doesn't really have any feelings for them either one way or the other!

Rogue looks back to where Remy and Simon are then and she starts to walk toward them. "Can play card games, not supposed t'be doin' it for money around here though." The southern girl with the brown and white hair chimes in and up to the two.

She glances to Simon and smiles at him before looking back to Remy, and his shirt...

"Where do you even do your clothes shoppin'?" She asks the Cajun.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Non, but dis, dis ain' gamblin." Remy says, looking up, towards the staircase at the sound of the voice, then a twist around as he realizes Rogue snuck up on him and he smiles, a hint of his teeth between his lips aimed at the southern belle. "Ah, mon amour."

He grins deeper, the dark floral pattern in his dark blue vest, contrasts heavily against his bright button up shirt below, and the silver chain across his belly resting in the pockets glints in the light. "Ah, dis is custom. Ah don' buy off the rack when Ah can afford to." He winks before shifting back to Simon, "Dis is a game-a skill, not chance. Therefore, it can' be gamblin." Remy says, flipping over the two outside cards, a 3 of clubs, and a 7 of spades.

    "All ya gotta do, is fin' da red queen." Remy jumps his eyebrows on his head, showing off the Queen of Diamonds before flipping them all over and rearranging them again. "Find the lady, get a dollar."

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon at last settles on a likely looking spot near the entry on one of those marble ... things. He has asked a couple times what they are called and he even remembers hearing an answer at some point, but he doesn't remember what it was.

Simon returns Rogue's smile, although his has a quality to it that implies he was told to smile more and didn't understand why people though it was so important. That isn't really what is happening, but you could be forgiven for the mistake.

"You shouldn't be so lax, they will take away your adulting privileges." It is still a little odd to have someone whose arrival as a student he remembers, be a responsible adult. The ages makes sense, but the feeling is still odd.

"Does poker count as a game of skill? Not that I am planning on playing it of course. Pure idle curiosity." He definately hasn't been playing in secret with other students because he thought it was breaking the rules.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just stands there and watches, listens to Remy's rundown on the game he's got going on. The words to Simon makes her look over to him where she nods once.

"Poker is like pool, or bowlin'. It seems pretty straight forward at first sight, like you're barely doin' much more than layin' cards down and drawin' new ones. But there's a lot more skill in it than ya might think. I've... been interested in it." She nods toward Remy.

"Since watchin' this guy and all his tricks." She states with a big smirk at Remy. "So seriously, did you rob a barbor shop quartet?" She asks him then, teasing.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "It depends on who's playin'. You and ya friends, non, y'all ain't good enough for it t'be counted as skill." Remy says with a playful wink towards the mutant, before he looks back to Rogue and looks her down, from head to toe, and then back up, smiling easy when looking at such an impossing and dangerous woman. She may not trust him very far, but she has him wrapped around her little finger. For the most part. "And what the heck are adulting privileges, you mean they gonna make 'er do homework again o' somethin'? Dat don' make a lick-a since." Remy says with a lift of a singular eyebrow but looks back down to his cards and shuffles the three again.

    "A quartet? Non, dey wear red an white... And what's the problem wit' my clothes. Ah t'ink Ah look dashin'..." Remy then frowns and looks down at his sleeves, but tugs at his vest to make sure it's smooth.

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon nods his head. Yup he is definately versed in all the subtle strategems of poker. "Yeah you just remember the probablilities." He also didn't just make that up.

"Whats a barbershop coretet?" He thinks he knows what they are talking about, but he isn't sure. He is pretty sure it doesn't involve dressing up like Waldo, which is what Remy's comment makes him think of. Simon is rearing up to join in the roast, but he isn't sure where they are going with this. "Nah, I think he got it from a construction site. They use those things to see in the dark with."

He doesn't know quite how to take Remy's jab. He doesn't know Remy well enough to know if he is one of the cool adults and he is supposed to take this seriously. "Now that is uncalled for. You have no idea how good I am at poker." He remembers that Rogue is supposed to be one of the responsible adults. "... Because I don't play." Smooth.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just shakes her head at Remy's response and then laughs softly at Simon asking what a barbor shop quartet is. She once more shakes her head. "Nope, nevermind." She says. "Forget I mentioned anything. Or said anything, or whatever." She grins at the both of them as she uncrosses her arms and pushes her finger tips in to the front of her jeans pockets.

"Sounds like you two should have a poker tournament. Obviously no money, play for cookies, or something suitably borin' for a school?" The belle seems to be in good spirits either way.

"Still though, if the Professah rolls out here and sees ya takin' money from kids he's gonna be cross. Por Hambone looked like he lost all of his gamin' money t'ya, Cajun."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "May be, but Ah t'ink Ah have a pretty good idea." Remy says, with that coy smirk on his lips, no teeth, just a tug at the corner of his lips. A shuffle of his hands and the face down cards on the small table get rearranged again, and the man lifts a hand to rake his fingers through his hair, and back down to the table.

    "Look, if da professah rolls out 'ere, 'e won' see me takin' any money offa no ones. Hambone was up, and den he wasn'. He didn't give me a dime." Remy smirks and then goes back and ponders Rogue's idea a few moments before looking a Simon, "Ah t'ink Ah might be makin' us a school wide bracket... Or a riverboat shoot out. Yeah. that'd be a great way t'spend a weekend!"

Simon Lasker has posed:
"No but seriously. What is it?" He is actually curious now. He feels like he should know what that is, but inadvertantly showing his zoomer-ness.

"I am sure we can figure something out." He is getting the impression that Remy might be one of those adults who is sufficiently 'cool teacher' that he might be able to get booze from him, but he isn't stupid enough to say that quite yet.

Simon kind of feels the challenge. He isn't prepared to back down here even if he probably should. "Bring it on." He wonders if there is a youtube video to study up shortly. He know wishes he had tried harder to learn from the people at the sites he used to work on.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just shakes her head and rolls her eyes at Remy. "Oh sure, rent a river boat too. I'll fly it over t'the lake for the affair." She teases, not realizing what she might've done. But hey, how much does a river boat weigh? She may not even be able to lift it!

At Simon again, Rogue just grins. "It's a four part harmony singing group that sings like, old timey songs called barbor shops. I think that's what it is anyway. I seen one in Salem Center last year around this time, they were singing in downtown for some big sale going on, a fair thing. It was pretty neat, in a weird nerdy old world way."

Back to Remy, Rogue tips her chin up. "ISpeakin'a that, I'm goin' t'town for a couple errands, you wanna go?" She asks the man as she starts to turn around and aim herself toward the west wing hallway that eventually leads to the garage entrance.

Before going though, Rogue says to Simon further. "Look it up on Youtube, they're cute." She says of the singing style, knowing full well that Simon would hate it.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "It's a group-a people that would sing songs together, like, pitch perfect, but usually old farts. Dats about all Ah know." Remy notes before he stacks the trio of cards and with a motion, the table and it's legs are folded up and clasped to itself.

    Reaching behind his back, the table is hooked onto something, hanging from the back of his vest, and the coat he's been wearing, the pea coat, is thrown over his shoulders, arms stuffed into the sleeves. "Keep an eye out, I gotta go make flyers."

    Stepping away from the foyer towards the west wing himself, "A-course Ah wanna go. Ah need t-go to tha Kinkos and make up some flyers, an Ah need a woman's touch." Remy winks, refusing to explain that part further as he hooks his elbow out for Rogue to place her hand in, if she so chooses. "You drivin' non?" Remy asks as he walks away, leaving Simon to ponder what in the hell just happened, or move on with his life. It's up to the young man.