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Suck Perfect
Date of Scene: 19 March 2020
Location: Burger Joint
Synopsis: 'Karen' comes in making demands of the Burger Joint employees while they're under seige by the new Burger Time opening across the street. Steve is a hero. Fin.
Cast of Characters: Jubilation Lee, Rogue, Raven Darkholme

Jubilation Lee has posed:
It's not terribly long into Jubilee's shift and it's already dead as walmart during Corona-season in the resteraunt. So she, Curtis, and Steve are all standing outside leaning against the entrance watching the lines forming over at the newly opened Burger Time. "Welp, so much for advancing career options in a competative managment environment." Jubes breaks the silence, popping her gum with her tiny little arms crossed over her chest.

This is exactly what happened at Spatula City when Spoons and Thangs opened across the street. Clearly she's bad luck for the service industry. "So, if we're gonna close down, you think I can take the frosty machine home with me?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue was out enjoying the nice weather today, she'd been at Apple Park and the skatepark that is beside it most specifically. It often is visited by some attractive guys who like to fawn over her, one of them even gave her a board, so she's on said board now and riding it to check in at Burger Joint and her friend in the Ukulele Lee.

The sound of skateboard wheels on pavement can be heard down the sidewalk, Rogue in blue jeans and a green tanktop that leaves her shoulders and upper chest bare skinned since it's sunny and warm out today. The tanktop shows off just the barest amount of her stomach as she has her hoodie tied by it's sleeves around her waist, with black gloves on skin tight up her forearms to her elbows and a pair of loose fit leather boots on her feet with the sends bent down and the long leather tongues hanging floppy over the laces. Her hair is flowing over her bare shoulders as she rolls up on the Burger Joint employees and stops a few feet away.

"Heya, Burger Flippers." Rogue telsl them all, tapping her board's butt with her boot's tip, causing it to pop up into the air where it's caught by her gloved right hand. "What ya'll doin' out here?" She tries to follow their gaze, raising her aviator sunglasses up off of her eyes and peering over at Burger Time across the street.

She reads their ad sign.

"'Try our cheesey fries with bacon and... BBQ mashed potatoplosion?"

"Ya'll are gonna go outta business." She says back to Jubilee and her co-workers.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"I was literally just saying that." Jubilee is lazy about leaning against the doorframe of the main entrance, fiddling with her phone. A huge bubble extending out from her lips that she chews back in with a noisy pop of released air, "How you doin', Marie?" The wonderful thing about Jubilee's is that they always bounce back. If she loses her job at Burger Joint, there's still the library right?

Everyone reads right?

That's still a thing people do right?

She slips her phone into the back pocket of her jeans and recrosses her arms, grinning with a chewing mouth at her friend. Lucas does too. Steve is just being Steve. All curmudgeon and whatever. Sour puss McGee over here. "Is it traitorous that I want to go see how good those fries are?" Steve shoots her a stare, Jubilee raises her hands defensively, "I'm just asking, Jeez..."

Rogue has posed:
A look to Burger Time.

A look to Burger Joint.




Rogue grins when she looks at Steve. He's so awkward and nerdy, it's one of her favorite kind of people to mess with and flirt with.  She walks over to stand beside him, and she just grins at him until he makes awkward eye contact with her. "Heya, Steve." She says, her eye contact unwavering.

When he speaks back at her she doesn't let up either. Keeps staring.

A hand comes up to sweep some of her white hair out of her face, out of the way of her pale green eyes.  "Sorry about the competition for your burger hold on this side'a town.  Least ya got Jubilee t'help draw in customers though, right?" She glances to Jubilation. "They might have a BBQ Potatoplosion... but you got a hot young asian girl who is quirky and unpredictable.  That ain't nothin' t'overlook so easily."

Rogue's gloved hand raises up and she pats Steve on his shoulder then.  "You'll be fine." She rubs his shoulder lightly then, and tests it with finger squeezes. "You been workin' out, Steve?"

He blushes and shrugs, then says 'A little'.

"Mmm hmm, keep it up." Rogue says in a sassy voice before lowering her gloved hand down to her side again and glancing back to Jubilee.

'Why are you wearing gloves? It's like 75 degrees outside.' Steve then asks.

Rogue glances down at her gloves and at the skateboard in her right hand.  "I'm unusual, that's why, sugah."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
Jubilee watches Rogue flirting with Steve over the lowered frame of her glasses and smirks with a shaking head and a raised brow, the poor guy never stood a chance. He practically melts despite his best attempts to stay stalward in the face of such overwhelming flirtitude. Stammering that he agreed and that she absolutely was their best employee. Also that he had been working out and that he was glad she'd noticed.

Lucas rolls his eyes and heads back inside to pretend like they're working despite the fact that they've got no customers. Jubilee is just standing there watching the lines form up outside the news establishment. "Imma grab my Ukulele."

Darting inside after Lucas, she turns her feet up and rolls towards the counter. Stopping her forward momentum with both hands laying against it and then bending over the top to grab the small instrument hidden beneath.

When she returns, she's grinning and craddling the plucky little plastice/wood instrument against her chest.

Tickling cords and tuning it while Steve becomes one of Rogue's loyal followers.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is just happy to flirt with anyone and make them melt like this, whether it's man, woman, or well... that's probably it really. Anything more than that and we're getting into weird places.

She reaches up to brush Steve's bicep again as Jubilee comes bounding back outside with her Ukulele. "Here we go, now we're gettin' somewhere." Marie says as she steps over to sit down on one of the table edges on the front patio and place her skateboard over her lap, to hold it there with both of her gloved hands.

She watches as Jubilee gets a song going. "Pluck them strings, Heartbreaker. Do it to it!" She chants after her friend. Her eyes sweep from Jubilee over to Steve. "What da ya think? If the weather holds up like this, I could go down t'the store and get myself a bikini. Maybe stand out here in it with a sign, tellin' people t'come t'Burger Joint and get a nice Song and a Dance from me in the bikini?"

She bites her bottom lip to try to hide a big silly smile at watching Steve's reaction to that before she looks back to Jubilee. "We're gonna revitalize this business before Potatoplosion puts my good friend here outta've a job!"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
Steve, that poor silly bastard, is nodding his head so hard he's going to get whiplash, let me give you the money for the bikini he says, Jubilee is rolling her eyes, absently plucking at her Ukulele until she's certain that it's in tune.

And once she is, she picks a set of cords and starts producing a plucky little tune, standing on the sidewalk outside with Rogue, who is flirting with Steve (who's name might be Curtis, aledgedly). Burger Time is killing it across the street on their grand opening.

"If you lookin' for a bur-ger to eat..
And you dont like my-stries in yur meat
Stop the time, and come and dine
The Joint is where you wanna be."

She wiggles side to side, "Sing it with me guys."

Pluck pluck pluck.

"We're Burger Joint and we're the flavor'bomb
The frosty fries that all you wanna nom nom...
If you're hungry and you know it..
And it's not Time to show it...
Stop payin' for their cheesy wiz chili, eat our meat, it'll drive you silly,
We've got beef..

And Steve neeeeeeeeeds..." pluck pluck. "The money."

Pluck pluck.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    And with suck prefect timing a 'Karen' saunters up to the door of the restaurant and looks at the impromptu serenade and rolls her eyes as she keeps her hand on the handle of the front door and asks in that rather rude tone Karen's master at birth, "Excuuse me. You all are open, are you not?" She says with a bit of pomp and attitude in her voice as if the gathering of teens is keeping her from getting her 'big burger'. The woman's eyes linger on Marie with her hand on Steve's bicep and she scoffs before looking away with a roll of her bright blue eyes.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue drops her hand from Steve's arm after the woman saw her toying with the Burger Joint's manager and she looks over to Jubilee and her song. "That was fantastic. You got my vote, dawg. You're goin' t'Las Vegas." American Idol is still relevant, isn't it?

At Karen though, Rogue tilts her head to the side just a little, reaches a hand up on to her forehead to adjust her aviator sunglasses which are nestled in over her hairline of bright white hair and then she nods her head to Karen. "They're open." She says. "They're just gawkin' at their inevitable demise, cause the new place opened up over there." She points across the street to Burger Time which has a trendy cafe outside of it too. Burger Time is amazing.

"I bet they'll grill ya some chicken tenders, if ya ask nice though." She sasses the older, angry looking, woman.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
Jubilee might not actually be Employee of the month, but she do like getting paid. So when a customer shows up, she opens the door for her and points her Ukulele at the counter, "The food is served right over there, hold on, HEY LUCAS DROP SOME FRIES WE HAVE A CUSTOMER!" Pause, looking up at Karen, then leaning back in, "SPECIAL FRIES." Whatever that means.

Afterwards, she's rolling along the floor on her heeleys towards the counter and hoping over to put her Burger Joint apron back on. Steve is behind the counter so fast you'd think he has teleportation. "Welcome to Burger Joint, where we're very blunt about how delicious our food is. Would you like to smoke out with one of our many selections of speciality burgers?" Chewing her gum with a rapid 'pop pop pop'.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    Karen stands aside and allows Jubilee and her co-workers to get to work though she does cross her arms across her belly in a huff and stands with one foot out to the side as she seems to be put out by Jubilee taking her long time to do something rather quickly. "Yeah, I need five number two's and no salt on the fries." She says before looking back to the young mutant and clicks her tongue, "And I'd like all my drinks comped. I shouldn't have to wait this long."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue stands up off of the table and walks further into the restaurant now that business is back on. She listens to the food getting ordered by the bossy woman and just smiles lightly to Jubilee, her apron and the boys in the back cooking up the order. "I'll take a order'a Chicken Nuggets too while you're back there, Lucas Baby!" She shouts over the counter back to the young man at the fryer. She then looks over to Karen and smiles at her. "I'm gonna pay for my food though, because these kids need t'be able t'afford stuff in life like the rest've us, ya know?" Rogue doesn't work here, she can be rude to another customer if she so desires to be!

Jubilation Lee has posed:
Jubilee peers at Karen over the top of her glasses, tapping them down with the tip of her finger as she chews her gum. When she pushes them back up it's with her middle finger, totally coincidental promise. "Three number fives, no fries, extra ice in the drinks?" She asks of the attitude laden customer, "We pride ourselves on supreme service here, ma'am. Here is a complimentary ketchup packet and straw." Reaching beneath into the condiment corner beneath her counter to produce one ketchup packet and one paper wrapped straw which she holds out expectantly for Karen.

STEVE however steps up quickly, I am /so/ sorry for your long wait ma'am... Scolding Jubilee with a glare, "No, no don't do it, Steve.. don't bend to this tyrants attempts to get free stuff! She's a villain! She's the problem with capitalism!" Says the Chinese American. "Socialism. Socialism." She does blow a playful kiss towards Rogue, while being ushered back towards the back with Steve's hand on her shoulder and a lite shove in the direction of the fry pit. "Order of fresh chicken nuggets coming up!"

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    "Ugh, NO!" Karen says with a roll of her eyes and a complaint in her stance alone. "I ordered-ah. five number two's, and no salt on the fries and now I'd like you all to take care of me for not being here like your supposed to be." She says with a look over her shoulder towards Rogue and openly looks the girl up and down before smacking her lips open, "I didn't think prostitution was legal. Hmph."

Rogue has posed:
"Yes, FRESH please!" Rogue adds on after her order is announced.

Her smile goes to Steve then as he tries to recover the situation with the bitchy customer (whether she has any right to be or not!) and she just shakes her head until the woman makes a comment to her about prostitution.

This makes Rogue look up at Jubilee first like 'Did you just hear what she said?' She even laughs after cracking a smile and then averts her stare over to glare daggers at the woman. "You think I'm a hooker?" She asks the woman. "Fascinatin'..." Rogue turns to face her fully now, her right hand on the counter and the other on her hip.

"You wanna pay for me, huh?" She asks. "How much ya got, Soccer Mom?" This isn't going well for Steve (Curtis?) and his desire to keep this restaurant from being shut down!

Jubilation Lee has posed:
Behold, a rare moment of Steve being an okay dude.

Ma'am, I can appreciate that you had to wait and for that I'm greatly sorry, but you will not talk to one of our loyal customers like that in this establishment. As the sign on the door says- pointing towards it, then up above him between two segments of th emenu, we have the right to refuse service. Well, consider service refused.

Both Lucas AND Jubilee are struck stupid by this sudden show of testicular fortitude from the usually agreeable night shift manager... Their jaws, in unison, are hanging open, but it's Jubes that bounces back. "You heard the man, lady-" Making shooing motions with her waving hands towards the door, "Don't let the door hit ya where the Judeo Christian Deity split'cha."


Rare moment of showing him the respect he duely deserves, "Sorry, Steve!"

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    Mouth agape, Karen looks from Steve, and then to Rogue and then to Steve again. "I will be getting in touch with your boss. He knows my husband, and you're all going to get fired and then you'll have to find another place to peddle your ... trade... Hussy." She says to Rogue in a stern huff as she spins on her heels and starts to march away rather quickly with a whip of her purse over her shoulder and clicking heels as she storms to her large SUV.

Rogue has posed:
So Rogue has this look of 'what just happened' continue on her face after the exchange with Manager Steve and then with Karen. She watches Karen make an angry exit from the building and then just waves at her. "Bye bye now." She says on her way out before she looks over to Steve across the counter.

Rogue raises her right hand and does a 'come here' finger gesture to Steve until he steps up to the counter closer. Rogue shakes her head. "Closer." She says, then leans over the counter until her mirrors her and they're face to face. He looks like he's sweating bullets now.

Up close and person with Rogue like this, she lets her pale green eyes search him over over, like she's investigating /all/ of his face. "That was sexy." She says in a husky voice. "If I didn't have a boyfriend, I'd kiss ya." Truth is, she can't kiss him, but Steve doesn't know that about Rogue just yet.

So instead, Rogue raises her fingers up to kiss her gloved tips, then turns them around to press them against his lips. "Thanks, sugah." She flashes a grin and glances back over to Jubes. "I can kiss you though, Jubes, you're a girl, so it doesn't count." She's back to being herself now and just leaning against the counter all casual like.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Stephen McDurmont McConuaghey-" Curtis Adams, Jubilee, my name is Curtis Adams. "No sir... No, you are a god amongst men right now..." Coming around the back of the line to slide Rogue her chicken strips and lean over the counter to see where Karen head off to, "I don't know what kind of super heroic energy drink you squirt up your butt, but I need to see a whole lot more of /that/ behavior!" As if /she's/ the manager.

Which is just about when Rogue is leaning over the counter to give him his reward. He blushes a beat red and smiles, rushing off to do some paper work. The Asians mutants eyes go all wide at Rogue, "Well that was fun, but I guess Imma probably going to have to put in an application somewhere else... you think the movie theaters hiring? I'd be a great concessions server..."

Making kissy faces at her friend the whole time.

"Oh, I can work at Burger Time! I bet they're hiring!"