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Raven DarkhÖlme (Scenesys ID: 605)
Name: Raven DarkhÖlme
Superalias: Mystique
Gender: Other
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Mercenery
Citizenship: Genoshan
Residence: Genosha
Education: Some College
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Groups: Brotherhood, Xavier's School, X-Men
Apparent Age: 141 Actual Age: 141
Date of Birth 08 Mar 1879 Played By
Height: 5'6" Weight: 94 lbs
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Yellow
Theme Song:

Character Info


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The dangerous woman who plays by her own rules in a game she made up. She seeks to take what she wants and serves the only master of herself.


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* 1879: Mystique born to a poverty level class family in Germany.
* 1890: Mystique develops her mutation over the course of several days where her fingers and toes turn blue and then it 'spreads' across her body until her whole self is blue with red hair.
* 1900: Ostricized by her family, Mystique meets and has relations with Destiny for years, having found out about others like herself.
* 1914: Mystique gets pulled into espionage work for the first time and using her abilities and skills, she learns the power of information.
* 1939: Having picked the wrong side in the last war, Mystique picks her own side and plays the spy game for all sides that she can, but upon learning of the experiments on mutants, Mystique sides with the allies for the short term.
* 1994: Mystique, under the name Raven, gives birth to a child that ends the relationship with a great Duke and barely escapes with her life having had to leave the child with another woman to protect the boy.
* 2016: Mystique adopts Rogue and teaches the girl about her mutant powers with plans already in motion to remove Carol Danvers from future events.
* 2018: Rogue attacks Carol but runs away and Mystique grieves while sending the brotherhood after her 'daughter'. Mystique gets captured by the US and has been confined since.

IC Journal

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Mystique has for a long time learned the value of the word, spoken, written or even motioned, she constantly reads people like news papers and subtext is her currency. The devil is in the details, but the angels have long since left leaving only the minutes.

Mystique has long since burried her emotions with the dangers of her work and the length of her life, the shape shifter has more than lost her humanity, she's nearly lost her soul. There are times where she seeks pleasures in the moment or in the flesh, but it's all fleeting at this point.

Mystique remembers the idea of emotions and can even feel them in the extremest of situations, as she's hollow to the point of anger and depression being her near state of equilibrium, she will still use the facade of emotions to work the will of others to her own bidding.

Character Sheet


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Mystique, through her shape shifting ability is also able to copy a person's voice, though the limiting factor for this is she's had to have heard them speak at least, and the more words the better she is.

Simple as that, Mystique can change her form at will making a near perfect replica of the person she's looking at, or remembered. She doesn't have to see them currently, or have seen them in person, pictures will suffice, but in person helps her recreate the individual more perfectly. She maintains her mass, though her height and even clothes are maleable as it's all to do with the cells of her body.


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Mystique is a master spy, not only because of her powers, but because she's learned her craft, she's an expert level information dealer and a well respected and infamous sell-secret. The woman is able to use and build cyphers as well as intricate knowledge of electronic trojans and back doors. She's a fierce study when she needs to be and is always playing the game of lives.

Mystique is willing and capable of finding out what it is people like to hear and telling them just enough to get them to wrap themselves around her finger, she will use blackmail, forgeries, and even hostage situations as well as kidnapping to get what she wants.

Martial Arts:
She's not the strongest woman on the planet, but she is one of the most experienced, having learned jiu jitsu and judo in order to be able to use her momentum and the momentum of her foes in hand to hand combat, the woman is more about fighting the fight before she has to throw a punch or shoot a gun.

Weapons Master:
As a master spy, and long time mercenary, Mystique has extensive experience with all sorts of weaponry from small arms hand guns to machine guns, rifles and even the occasional grenade launcher has been held by these ever changing hands.


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Mystique doesn't have a whole lot while she's not materialistic, she does want for a few things, safety of her and hers generally being number one. That said, her long life has given her many faces to wear and many faces to speak with in regards to getting access to tools or vehicles or anything she might need, even if she's never met that person before.


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Mystique is quite vulnerable to intense volume, as her ears are never truely damaged they're quite sensitive and will be injured for some time, causing her to loose focus as she repairs her ear drums, the shapeshifter will loose her form should she be assaulted audibly.

Mystique has basically lost her humanity and her former self is one she has to kill every morning in order to keep doing what she does. She's still and has always been a lost little girl in several regards and never once looking back to face that demon will sooner or later come back to haunt her.

Mother of the Year:
Mystique has had a few children, some biologically, some not, and yet they all run away from her, or she runs from them. The shape shifter has made her own world shift constantly and there is almost nothing in her life that is solid or constant and she's ever in danger of being swept away forever.



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Raven Darkholme has 42 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Going deep March 20th, 2021 Mystique and Quake finally meet up at a Brotherhood club where an agreement of minds is struck.
Old Times March 9th, 2021 Mystique recruits Mastermind for the new brotherhood
Look who is over for dinner March 8th, 2021 Mystique comes to visit Rogue and catch up on current events. It is not a hallmark moment.
Tensions Rising February 15th, 2021 Violence sparks at the Mutant Care Center and a skirmish errupts between Friends of Humanity and mutants. When police get involved, Magneto appears to prevent the hostilities getting further out of hand than they already were.
Retaliation February 9th, 2021 Anti-mutant protestors come to a high school fundraiser in Mutant Town and things get blown out of preportion.
Cloak and Dagger: The Hunt Continues February 5th, 2021 Cloak and Dagger make headway into the kidnappings around New York and run into another Spider-Person! Also, Slips! Talks of a teamup is solidifying.
Peaceful Protests February 5th, 2021 At a Senator Kelly rally, a riot breaks out.. and the brotherhood of mutants make their presence known.
Blind Fury December 29th, 2020 Ruth and Mystique do a bit of training
The Brotherhood of Evil Doughnuts November 24th, 2020 Mystique hunts down Quentin Quire, Quentin Quire reveals he knew she'd probably come, she reveals that she knew he knew she'd come, and they come to an understanding.
Six Arms, One Brotherhood November 14th, 2020 Mystique recruits Spiral into working with the Brotherhood
The Day After Halloween November 1st, 2020 There's someone coming to the school that Raven wants, Ruth has been put on notice..
Big Top Follies:Part 1 October 16th, 2020 Lighting fire, missing people, but now with clues.
Prelude to a Circus October 14th, 2020 It's off to the circus we go!
The Blind Leading October 8th, 2020 Mystique draws Ruth under her wing
X-men Road Rage: Vulture and Goblin scene2 September 24th, 2020 Cyclops, Iceman, and Beast take on Green Goblin, with the help of a freelancing Mystique, while the rest of the team focus on Vulture and saving Spider-Man.
Don't Judge Me August 6th, 2020 Mystique judges Rogue.
Genosha Burns: Revenge of the Brainiac Phobiacs July 11th, 2020 The Titans, X-Men, and more of Earth's heroes make Brainiac regret he ever chose to mess with Earth. But surely there are more threats out there aside from Brainiac...
Mutant Unrest and Unruly July 3rd, 2020 Tensions get high and explode when mutant supporters and officials get into a fight and lives are lost on both sides.
The Bavarian Standoff June 5th, 2020 Cheetah and Mystique get off to a rocky start, but soon take a liking to each other.
Triskelion Physical Security Audit May 29th, 2020 SHIELD security passed the test. There was cake. Mystique didn't get any...
An Old Dawn Rises. May 19th, 2020 Mystique brings Joan to Genosha for rebuilding..
So What Happened May 15th, 2020 Mystique checks in with Lorna.
Take Me Home Tonight May 10th, 2020 Beers and pool at Harry's. Wagers made, and lost. Good times were had.
WHEEL of FACTIONS May 6th, 2020 Mystique invites Rogue to help with a project.
Movie Night Pt 2 April 29th, 2020 It's May the Fourth and that means it's time to watch Star Wars at Xavier's. It also means time for some duel-related shenanigans.
A New Stoodent April 19th, 2020 Rogue and Mystique's latest alias to get close to her, i.e. Charlotte the young teenage Xavier's School student, eat snacks and watch tv in Rogue's room!
Warm-Up to the Stark Expo April 18th, 2020 The lines cross for an agent provocateur, a princess, a prodigy, and a spider-geek. Tech, Tony, and tips.
Meeting with an old friend. April 18th, 2020 No description
Brotherhood vs Xmen: Sentinel Payback April 6th, 2020 Mystique acts!
Checking on the prisoner. April 3rd, 2020 Daisy goes to the prisoner's hold to have a word with Mystique.
Suicide Isn't Painless March 29th, 2020 Mystique finds Carol and surrenders, falling on her sword and requesting help in finding the mutant murderer: Sinister.
Rogue One: Breadcrumbs carry Mystique March 27th, 2020 Jessica sets up a breadcrumb for Mystique to follow, and eventually gets a tip in regards to Rogue, but for the price of a meet up between Carol and Mystique. But first, she'll need to double check on Rogue.
Totally Trustworthy March 27th, 2020 Mystique tells Jean who was behind Genosha, and gives Jean a bit of practical advice to boot.
We Need an Army. March 26th, 2020 Mystique shows up to ask Rogue for her help, Rogue still harbors some anger at her for the past.
Digital Spelunking March 25th, 2020 Doug and Mystique find the next clue on the attack on Genosha
Subterfuge, the Name of the Game March 22nd, 2020 Lorna, Emma, and Mystique meet up on Genosha and discuss plans moving forward.
Suck Perfect March 19th, 2020 'Karen' comes in making demands of the Burger Joint employees while they're under seige by the new Burger Time opening across the street. Steve is a hero. Fin.
A wolf and a rebel survival edition. March 15th, 2020 Rogue and Logan share dinner with Mystique who learns about Rogue's adventures.
A Royal Request March 13th, 2020 Mystique barks at Lorna who begins to snarl back.
Dirty Deals Done Dirtcheap March 13th, 2020 Ben tracks down some gun runners. Mystique gets some revenge. Ben tries to appeal to her humanity.
Blue and Green and Everything in Between March 11th, 2020 Lorna gets tracked down by Mystique and Gabby interrupts.
Mystique's Escape(Rescue) March 5th, 2020 Hydra and Weapon Plus have an encounter on the boarder and Mystique escape when Diana, Carol and Agent Venom all come to the engagement.


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Raven Darkholme has 42 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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