6339/A Mouse among Titans

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A Mouse among Titans
Date of Scene: 26 May 2021
Location: Lobby - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: The Titans have a mouse in their house. Food was served.
Cast of Characters: Kian, Kaida Connolly, Gar Logan, Irie West

Kian has posed:
    Usually fairly active, Kían is taking a lazy day today, mainly puttering around the lobby and playing with the various taps at the 'bar'.
    So far, nothing approaches the perfection of purple Kool-Ade, but if you don't explore, you don't learn.
    Half whistling, half chirping something that was on the Akiár hit parade about a year and a half ago, he looks well self-entertained.  Looks like the next combination he's going to try is fruit punch and root beer.  He's definitely off in his own little world, and it's not on Earth.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
    Kian had told Kaida to stop by.  She hasn't had a lot of time to do so.  Now that she has a free moment, Kaida has made her way out to the tower and peers up at as she approaches.  She tilted her head at the design, standing up straight and putting a hand on her hip.  She shakes her head a little and then scrambles along the ground, zipping closer and then finding the entrance designed (like usual!) for people who are much taller, she squeezes her way in through a gap she finds and finally plops into the lobby with a sigh.
    "Now, if I were a bird person where would I be?"  She is barely audible at her size and distance from most ears but when she notices said bird person getting sodas out of a fountain, she blinks in confusion.
    "Getting soda in the lobby of a huge tower was not first on my list."  She shrugs and then scrambles over, going to all fours for a moment as she approaches quick and then zipping up the counter fairly easily before she lands on the bar and puts her hands on her hips.
    "Kian!  I Have arrived and have a great many new tales to tell!"

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan flies down the open elevator shaft, floating back up upon leveling out in the lobby.  Currently as an owl, he spots Kian over in the bar area and comes over to circle him.  "Whooooo are you, who who?  Who who?" he sings, making light of a famous song by, who else, The Who.
    A few seconds of this, then he morphs back into normal with costume in place, hands resting at his hips.  "What song are you singing?  I don't recognize it."  Eyes shift and narrow upon the drinks Kian's mixing up, but before too much else can follow he's alerted to the arrival of someone else who has presumably been allowed past tower security.
    A mouse?  Well, bigger than a normal one, and dressed as well.  And… familiar with Kian?  "Whoa, dude.  It's Reepicheep!  Or maybe… did he have a sister?"

Irie West has posed:
    There's a streak of yellow as Irie flashes her way out of the tower headed who knows where, leaving little arcs of electricity in her wake, as people who use the Speed Force are wont to do.  She doesn't bother waiting for the doors to open, rather electing to just phase through them.  She makes note of who's in the lobby as she streaks by.  Kian, Gar, and a mouse girl.  Or is that a girl mouse?
    Wait.  A mouse girl?  EEEEEEEEEEEE!
    She streaks back in and stops right in front of Kaida, her eyes big and sparkly and her hands clasped together in front of her in glee.  "Oh.  My.  God.  A mouse girl!  She's so cute!"  She looks up at Kian and asks, "Who is she?  Can I pet her?"  She then decides that it's better to ask the mouse herself, and lowers her gaze to her.  "Can I pet you?"

Kian has posed:
    It's a barrage!  Kían blinks, wings spread a little as he's caught between three sudden arrivals.
    First things first—Gar gets a quick hug.  "Kié, tenár'h.  I was just seein' if there was anythin' as good as the purple Kool-Ade.  So far, there iss not.  An' this," he continues turning and bowing to the mouse, "iss Kaida.  I think I tol' you I met her?  Kié, Kaida.  It iss good to see you again."
    He still hasn't fully gotten used to the way speedsters appear, and he jumps a little at Irie's appearance.  "I, uh, think that iss goin' to be up to Kaida if you can."

Kaida Connolly has posed:
    Kaida is also under a barrage!  She blinks at the arrival of the green owl and a tiny hand immediately goes to the sword at her hip as she eyes the flying predator only for it to turn into Gar Logan.  "Whoa!  Hey!  You're Beast Boy!"  She grins and then blinks.  "And hey!  I'm not Reepicheep or his sister!  I'm way cooler."  She nods her head and then spins at the arrival of Irie and then suddenly Irie is there.  Kaida leaps from the bar to the top of the soda fountain in surprise.
    "Whoa!  I'm fast but not that fast," she states and then clears her throat before she stands up straight.  "And I'm a noble warrior and heroine!"  She nods her head.  "I have fought the likes of Dr. Doom…"  She then mutters, "…bot," under her breath before nodding again.  "I am not for petting!"

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan gives Kian a quick mussing of the hair, squinting at the purple drank, presumably grape.  Hug is had, and space is made.  "Yo," he adds, but as Irie speeds her way in and Kaida begins to reach for an actual sword he stares.  "Uh, yeah, he is I and I am him and… is that a tiny little sword?"  He's pointing at it, head tilting as questions of petting are raised and declined.
    "I don't remember," he admits following Kian saying he may have mentioned her before.  "But she's right there… now up there."  He points at the soda fountain.  "And… how do you even exist?" he asks her, flabbergasted.

Irie West has posed:
    Irie's disappointment is palpable.  "Awwwww."  She even pouts a little.  Who could resist that face?  But the boast of fighting Doom (bots) does garner a nod of respect.  "Yeah.  Doom bots are nothing to sneeze at.  Not that I've tried sneezing at one."  She nods.  "That's legit."
    At the question of how Kaida could exist Irie perks up again.  "Ooh!  Maybe she's a mutant mouse!" she hazards.  "Or a mutant human!"  Her voice then turns into a tone of awe as she suggests.  "Maybe she was cursed by an evil wizard to forever wander her days until she can find the kiss of her one true love to finally break the curse."

Kian has posed:
    "Everyone iss for pettin' with the right person," Kían remarks obliquely.  "I think she said when we met before that she was human an' there was a lab an' a mouse, and I do not know anythin' pas' that.  Iss that correc', Kaida?"
    He blinks rapidly and adds, "Oh.  I hope that was not suppose to be a secret."

Kaida Connolly has posed:
    A quick blink and she leans back a little, her taken aback body matching her face.  "How do you exist?!"  She points at him and nods.  "Green person who turns into an owl."  She then looks over at Irie and then she sighs and shakes her head.  "What Kian said.  There was a mouse that might have been magical and there was a huge lab accident and I woke up like this."  She then pauses and looks down to the side for a moment in concern.
    "Though, given the nature of that mouse, technically she could be right about that curse and kiss thing.  I have not tried it and that mouse might have been magical."

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan grimaces briefly.  "Ahh, magic.  Something I really don't understand all that much, and I have Vorpal as a boyfriend," he says, spreading his hands apart.  "And I can turn into a lot more than just an owl, and I guess you have a point.  There's a reason I'm not a big fan of labs.  Weird things happen in them sometimes."
    He's still peering at that sword, to determine whether it really is just a miniature version of a real one, or some sort of pokey thingy that's simply mouse-sized.  Well, half-foot-tall mouse-sized.  "What brings you here, anyway?  We've got cheese if you're hungry."  A too-wide grin.  He's not trying to be rude, but he can't be sure how that will be taken.

Irie West has posed:
    Irie nods her head vigorously.  "Mmhmm.  Mmhmm.  Okay.  We need to find your one true love then.  So do you like boys?  Or girls.  Or either?"  You can tell that Irie is already making a mental list of possible suitors.  "And then we've got to make you all pretty for them.  Get you new clothes."  She starts rapidly pacing back and forth as she mumbles to herself.  "Maybe a pretty dress.  Nothing too tight.  You'd still need to be able to fight Doombots in it.  Maybe a flower to put behind an ear.  I wonder if I know anybody who can sew?"
    She gasps at Gar's suggestion.  "Don't be rude!" she chides.  "Everybody knows that mice like peanut butter.  Which we've got."  She turns to Kaida.  "We do have cheese though if you prefer."

Kian has posed:
    Kían cuts through the peanut butter and cheese and just asks the question directly: "Iss there anythin' you would like, Kaida?"  Maybe he has the advantage that since almost everything is weird to him, that's like nothing being weird to him.
    He grins at Gar.  "Terry iss not suppose to be understood, I think."
    Also to Kaida, he remarks, "You do not haf to take their clothin' advice."  He straightens his kilt.  "I do not."

Kaida Connolly has posed:
    A blink at Gar and then Kaida rolls her eyes.  "I do like cheese but that has nothing to do with being a mouse."  She then looks to Irie and waves her hands wildly in front of her, shaking her head.  "No no no!" she states simply enough, "no dresses or flowers or any of that.
    "I also am into…wait!  This is getting really personal!" she states simply enough and then looks over at the food before looking to Kian, "I would like some cheese."  She shifts slightly in her spot.  "And peanut butter."  She nods her head.  She then looks carefully to Gar.  "Why do you keep eyeing my blade?"

Gar Logan has posed:
    "…how did we get to talking about mouse makeovers?" Gar asks, a little dumbfounded by this.  Oh, right.  Magical curses and Irie's imagination going rapidly wild.  Waving a hand, he adds, "Forget I asked that.  And I'm trying to figure out if that's a real sword or like some letter opener.  Do people still use those?  Do people still get letters?"
    Without waiting for the answer, he rolls his eyes at Kian and goes to grab some of the food that's requested.  "Are you thinking about wanting to become a Titan?  I'm usually the one running around here in the fur.  Or, yeah, Vorpal."  And no, Terry is definitely not to be understood by many.

Irie West has posed:
    "Okay.  Pants then," Irie concludes.  "Snazzy pants.  And a new cape.  You also need a fancy hat.  A swashbuckling hat.  Because it looks like you buckle swashes."
    When food is mentioned Irie nods.  "Maybe we should all go up to the kitchen?  I can make us a charcuterie board.  I can cut up the salami and cheese and crackers into mouse sized pieces for Kaida."  She nods as if this has already been agreed upon.  "Okay.  I'll get it started then."  She then zooms up the wall and through the ceiling.

Kian has posed:
    Kían watches Irie zoom away, and just shakes his head.  "I will never get use to that," he remarks.  "An' I thought letters where what your alphabet was made from, Gar?"
    He folds his arms and leans on the bar top near Kaida, his wings slowly flexing and folding.  "I am sorry to haf to tell you," he says with a grin, "that this iss fairly normal for here…."

Kaida Connolly has posed:
    "It's my sword!" she explains unhelpfully before she looks to Irie with a hmm and then stares as she goes up through the ceiling.  "That's cool."  Her eyes a bit wide with that before she looks over to Kian again and giggles, "Sounds exciting."  With that she leaps down to the floor and idly rests a hand on her hilt, her head tilting up.
    "I had not thought much of it, Beast Boy, but if you wish me to join I will put a great deal of thought into it.  As for now.  There is food to be had."  She points a hand up.  "And that is very important."  With that, she suddenly races off at fairly incredible speed to the open elevator shaft and then disappears up the shaft with far greater speed.