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A Titan-sized Tour
Date of Scene: 29 May 2021
Location: Main Room - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: Nightwing gives Batgirl a tour of Titans Tower. Kara has awesome PJs, Gar makes Terry blush, and Donna is perceptive.
Cast of Characters: Dick Grayson, Stephanie Brown, Kara Danvers, Terry O'Neil, Gar Logan, Donna Troy

Dick Grayson has posed:
It's a little bit of an unusual day. Nightwing is at the Tower, which isn't that strange, but he's got a guest that he's showing around, which is out of the ordinary. After walking her through the lobby and labs (which probably got a little extra attention from the young woman, given her interest in forensics), they've come into the main room.

Nightwing looks around then shakes his head, "I was hoping a few of the Titans might be around to introduce you to. Well, this is where I spent a lot of time, actually." With a boyish grin he adds, "That entire wall id a big screen, makes for killer video games."

"And of course, over here is the kitchens, we tend to keep a lot of food in stock, got some big appetites on the team... Careful if you feel like grabbing anything, Kori apparently has discovered jalapeno and other peppers and seeks to integrate them into otherwise normal foods."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Batgirl's cape hangs along her back as she comes through the doors to the Titan's main room. The yellow of her utility belt and the matching garter on her leg offset the deep purple and black of her costume. "Pretty nice digs," she says. "Was this all funded by, certain individuals, or did the group come up with funding somewhere?" she inquires.

A quite chortle is given about the use to which the giant screen gets put. "I hadn't really thought about that until now, but I suppose it's quite a bit more of a... well, teenaged clubhouse vibe than the Batcave," she says. Her blue eyes sparkle over at Nightwing as she turns from the wall he mentioned to look around the rest of the room. "Yes, would like to get to meet up with some that I haven't met," she agrees of the Titans roster."

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Sitting on the shelf next to one of the big windows is the Supergirl lego set from the NASA mission to build the Watchtower Moon base. There's a little Batman, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl figurines on there, a shuttle, a Watchtower in partial construction. It's adorable.

    Kara herself wanders out with her eyes half shut wearing a white onesie with grey sides and an embroided red S on the left breast. Her hair is not perfect and she gives a casual wave to Dick and Steph, "Hey Nights, Bats."

    A hand covers her mouth as she yawns and she opens the shelf in the kitchen to take out SuperMunch, the Superman breakfast cereal. She pours some and adds milk, grabs a spoon and then plops down on the couch in front of the currently off giant TV.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing chuckles, "Well, there you go, one Titan on demand." He looks at the clock, then grins and asks Kara, "Fighting the good fight in Australia yesterday?"

He turns to Batgirl and says, "We don't exactly keep normal hours around here, as you can imagine. Never know where and when some of us might be needed, though the majority tend to hover in the area of a Metropolis schedule. Thus the big kitchen, people making different meals all the time."

He gestures to the couches and other seating as he smiles warmly at Steph, "Grab a seat, we can hang out a little while and see if anyone else puts in an appearance."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Batgirl stands with her hands on her hips, looking around the facilities as Supergirl comes in. The blue eyes light up at the sight of her. "Oh, but I already know this one," she says, though there's a warmth and laughter in the words as the familiar Kryptonian comes in.

"Supergirl, great to see you again," she says to the other blond young woman. "And, appreciate the help you gave me last time we met up," she says. Stephanie's hand goes to her back without really thinking about it, along with a slight wince as she remembers how Bane nearly broke her spine.

She nods to Nightwing and heads over to the couches, settling into one, a leg crossing over the other. "It's a great facility. And that it's kind of... all there where everyone can see things is such a different way of operating," she says. "I think that would take me a little getting used to."

Kara Danvers has posed:
    "Genetically engineered super sharks were mind controlled to attack tourists on a beach down under," she says as if it were a completely normal thing for her to have to deal with. Which is sort of true. "The sharks were quite apologetic once I found the source of the signal." *munch*

    Kara pulls her legs up under her to make more space for Dick and Steph. She reaches out awkwardly, finger tips barely touching the tip of the remote control and manages to pull it over enough that she can press the on button.

    The news comes on and it's a story about her.. in China, catching a sky scraper as it was falling as a large gorilla rampages in the streets below. The cell phone footage is accompanied by someone speaking Mandarin and subtitles talking about Supergirl v Gorilla.

    Kara looks up and pulls hair off of her eye and says, "Oh yeah. And that. Grodd in China for some reason. He left when I stopped. I have no idea what I stopped. The building falling over? Eh. That gorilla is confusing."

    She covers her mouth with a lazy yawn while trying to say "Don't mention it," to Steph but it comes out as gibberish.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Looking over at Kara with a grin, he shakes his head, "You're making the rest of us look like underachievers. Must be nice to be able to zip around like you do." He looks to Steph and adds, "You know, I don't mind being me, but every once in a while you kinda wish you could fly or something. Trouble in Australia... boom, there. Swing by China on the way home for an authentic meal."

"But yeah, it's way different from the whole bat vibe. Titans don't need to hide in the darkness and mystery, we get to be superheroes. It's kind of a nice change from Gotham. I mean, it's home and all, but man, it can be depressing there."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
"Wow," Batgirl says as she watches the footage. "And here I was just clobbering some Maggia goons and drug dealers. Catching skyscrapers, a whole different level of difficulty there," she says. "No wonder you get your own cereal!"

Batgirl motions to what Nightwing said. "I know, right?" she says. "If I could fly like that you probably wouldn't see me for the next year because I'd be off exploring the world," she says in a voice that sounds thrilled at even imagining it. "Of course I'd probably put on weight from eating everywhere to try their food. Unless... does flying burn calories? What would it compare to, like jogging or more like a walk? Or I suppose flying to China you'd probably be ravenous if it burned any thing like that," she asks Kara.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara looks up and then back over at the fridge. "There's left overs from Shanghai in the fridge," she says as if Dick had accused her of not providing for the Titans family. She lifts a finger and says, "Also, only some of the Titans are open to the rest of us about who their secret identities are. And some of us are even public about it - like Terry. So, this is usually a masks on kind of place. Which is easy for me, since... well..."

    She lifts up the bowl and says, "This is for Superman. He's had a lot longer for people to commercialise off of him." There's a grin and she munches some more of the breakfast treat.

    "It's not all its cracked up to be. Yes I'm fast, but when things go wrong, they really go wrong on so many levels. Villains even try to test me just to see what I can do, which puts people in danger.. it's a lot of weight on your heart when people die and you couldn't save them," she says with a sigh. The tragedy of being a hero - Gotham or otherwise.

    She rubs her eyes and stretches a bit, "Mmhm. Interesting question." She raises an eyebrow and turns her body to face Dick and Steph, "I'm solar powered. I could even go without food and water if I really had to. I really really wouldn't want to. Flying and my other abilities use up the solar radiation stored within me." She pats her chest and says, "And standing in the sun recharges me."

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing chuckles, "Yeah, just cause you don't have to eat doesn't mean it'd be fun to stop doing it. Even if just for the fact that you probably enjoy the taste of things, and why give that up? Besides, you'd miss out on whatever glorious disaster Kori will whip up next."

He's talking to Kara, who is on the couch in a Super-onesie with a bowl of cereal. Batgirl is on another section of couch, and he's seated beside her. "Trust me, I understand. It may not be at your level, but people always want to test us in Gotham too, we just don't normally get the skyscraper dropping types as the ones doing it."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
It is said that some supernatural entities can be summoned by the simple speaking of their names, to the dread of others. One might say that this is the reason for what happens next, as a Rabbit Hole opens into the room and out comes the team's resident Cheshire Cat, covered in bright green and pink confetti from head to toe, and spitting out a small cloud of them.

"Sassafrassin' copycat Trickster wannabes, why I'd oughta-"

He stops mid-stride and mid-invective when he notices there are faces around, and he quickly adopts a less angry, more congenial attitude. "OH, hi there! I didn't know we had visitors!" he hastily brushes off some of the paper apocalypse off his uniform. Being covered in fur, however, a good chunk of it ends up sticking to his fur. He tried, at least.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Batgirl can't help but give a grin. "I should have known," she says with a grin towards Supergirl. "Even her powers are environmentally friendly," she tells Nightwing before turning her teasing grin back to the other woman.

Though the grin does fade at a bit at the mention of villains testing her. "Yes, Gotham has more than its share of that happening too," she says with a sigh infused with enough emotion to suggest she's remembering moments of her own as well.

Whatever else she might have intended to say takes a backseat as the glitter-covered hero appears. It causes a wry grin from the blond Batgirl. "Yeah, see, we just don't get as much glitter-heroes in the Batcave," she comments to Nightwing as if in reference to some earlier comment she'd made. She lifts a hand to wave toward Terry though. "Hey there. Batgirl," she offers, if that wasn't obvious enough.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara points a spoon at Steph, "Batgirl is here," she warns Terry too late of course. There is of course the lingering question of 'why is batgirl here?' but Kara hasn't asked. She likes Batgirl and is glad she's here. The purple is a great color and goes well with the yellow utility belt.

    "Batgirl, Terry. Terry, Batgirl," she says waving her spoon about. There's a nod given to Nightwing and she says, "It's heart breaking. But thankfully rampaging gorilla kings and mind controlled super sharks aren't that common. Also Terry is a journalist so be careful what you say..."

    She's teasing of course. Terry is a very trusted ally. Kara looks like she only just woke up, but her mood is picking up a bit as food is shovelled in to her mouth. "And also I love food, even Kori's disasters. I miss the foods of Krypton, but Earth has amazing variety.

    "The Batcave is dark and gloomy and filled with impassionate computers," she reminds Nightwing and Batgirl - "This place is very lived in and no Batman getting grumpy. Though we do have Robin getting grumpy. Nightwing has grown out of being quite so grumpy. Batcave breeds grumpy," she teases full on now though somehow with a straight face.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing starts chuckling at Terry's entrance, then looks to Batgirl, "You see, this is the kind of thing we're used to around here. Heya Terry, you've got a confetto in your nose. Fighting off high school cheerleader squads again?"

He looks over the Cat, who doesn't appear to be bleeding or otherwise wounded, so remains seated while he says, "Just thought I'd show Batgirl the other place I work, give her a little break from the gloom and doom of Gotham."

He rubs his chin, thinking for a moment, then says, "I winder if it's the cave itself or Batman who sets the mood and causes the grumpiness." He snaps his fingers, "I know, what say we get Terry to do a little interior design work there? I bet Batman would love bright colors and lots of lights." He smirks a little at the thought of the Dark Knight's reaction to a Vorpal designed Batcave.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Hey, Batgirl! Big fan!" the Cheshire says, clearly giving up on getting himself cleaned up for the moment. "Welcome to the Titancave. Which isn't a cave. But excuse me for a second, I want to make sure Vic doesn't scream at me for clogging his Roombas."

He turns the cuff on one of his fingerless gloves and stares into the reflective band hidden there. "We're All Mad Here!"

There is a brief lightshow, and the Cheshire cat is replaced by his red-headed human counterpart, complete with the Junior Reporter Kit look including the messenger bag.

"I'm a reporter, but I also have a self-preservation instinct, which is why your deepest darkest secrets are safe with me." Beat. "And it's also why Nightwing's suggestion is something I might actually /dream/ of doing as the perfect prank, but never actually carry out."

He gives the first Robin a look, "You're still sore about me finishing the last of mom's tiramisu before you had a chance to eat it, huh?

He ambles over and sits down at the nearest available spot, "I ran into a wannabe who wanted to be a new Trickster but he was rather heavy handed in the ... sprinkling stuff department. What are the three of you up to?"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Delighted laughter issues from Batgirl at the thought of the Batcave turned into, well, she's picturing it as something with a 70s disco feel to it. Lava lamps and groovy colors and lighting. "Oh, I don't know if moodiness can make a brain meltdown, but that would definitely find out for us," she say still engaged in quiet cackles even as she speaks.

As Terry changes into his human guise, Batgirl keeps herself from showing any signs of recollection. Though he looks familiar, she's going to have to dwell on it a bit to figure out why.

"Yes, Nightwing is just giving me the tour, so to speak. Figured, there may be times we end up working together, so good to have a little familiarity before that might actually happen," she says with a smile. "Really nice to meet you," she tells Terry.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing gestures to Terry while explaining to Steph, "I've been working with Terry on his acrobatics and hand to hand. He's got the whole cat thing going, so he's got the dexterity, balance, flexibility, all that, so just been working on technique. Then add his Rabbit Holes and he's getting pretty impressive. I see him getting to the point he where can tumble and teleport all around a whole crowd and leave a bunch of people on the ground."

He turns to Terry and adds, "Pity, I'd love to see the look on Batman's face in the few moments before he killed both of us. It might almost be worth it."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Nice to meetcha too, BG- anything I can get you? We've got peach tea and soda and those snacky shakes that Caitlin makes that are a meal in a mug." Terry stands up to head for the fridge, to get himself one. "And Mexican chocolate. I forgot about that one. Unless gar has already inhaled it. Or Kori. Or Vic--"

He opens the fridge and starts perusing the options, searching for the chocolate. "And that's all your credit, Wings. I may have the natural talent but you're the expert. So, with BatGirl- have I met the entire Bat-Contigent yet? I've met Nightwing, and Robin has snarled at me on the regular. I've also met Red Robin- Yuuuuum"

He pauses and looks over his shoulder, "I promised I wouldn't do that, but he's not here to know it right?"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
"Nightwing's the one to learn from," Batgirl agrees after hearing about the training that's been going on. "And I don't really think I want to attend your funeral," she adds to the costumed man, poking him in the side playfully. Though body armor makes tickling ribs much more difficult to pull off.

She climbs to her feet at the offers from Terry. "Oh that peach tea sounds-" she manages to get out before something else said cuts right through her reply. "Chocolate?" she repeats in a tone of interest, wandering over towards Terry, doing her best to make it a nonchalant stroll.

"Oh, there are a couple more, but not too many," she says to the feline hero. And then comes a second round of controlling her expression as the comment about Steph's old boyfriend tickles her something tremendous.

Gar Logan has posed:
The elevator opens, and a green man steps out. No, not a Martian. Not an Incredible Hulk, either. Just Garfield Logan, otherwise known as Beast Boy, in nothing more than a red speedo and a beach towel. His hair is still wet, and it looks like he's been in the shower or the pool. The towel is draped over his shoulders, the white a contrast to the green and red.

His destination? The kitchen. He doesn't get more than a few steps before he stops and looks ahead, as the room is most definitely not deserted. "Oh. Hey. S'up?" he asks, as if everything is completely normal. Batgirl gets a second glance, a tilt of the head. "Have we met?" He flashes the rest a wide grin. "Yo."

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing watches Batgirl be drawn towards the kitchen by the concept of chocolate with a warm smile, then nods, "Yeah, there's a surprising number of socially maladjusted night dwellers in Gotham." As the elevator opens, he looks over and waves, "Heya Gar, how's it going? That would be Batgirl being lured in by the promise of chocolate. Wanted to show her the other place I work, maybe have her meet some folks, never know when we might work together."

Raising his voice slightly, he calls over, "Batgirl, meet Gar Logan, resident DJ and general troublemaker, after Terry, that is." He grins.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Yep, chocolate! Here-" the human redhead brings out a pitcher he had hidden at the back of the fridge behind Cait's shakes. "Chocolate maya- dark chocolate, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper. It's supposed to be served hot but... I like it cold too, just perfect for summertime!" as he turns around from the fridge to face the room, Gar comes in and the redhead almost drops his pitcher. It is hastily deposited on the counter and he finds himself busy with procuring the glasses, his pale skin suddenly very red. "OH hey Gar just grabbing some chocolate-"

He starts pouring. Pouring is good, it means his eyes are on the glass. One for Steph. One for himself. "Hey! I take objection to being called a troublemaker. I'm a troubleshooter, if anything. I shoot all the trouble."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Batgirl turns over towards the new arrival as Nightwing makes the introduction. "Hey, I love some of your movies. Not that, I only love some of them, just I've only seen some. But the ones I did? Loved," she tells him, casting a grin over at him that is revealed by the cowl that covers just the top half of her face.

As Terry brings the chocolate shakes over, she grins and says, "Thank you, that looks fabulous." She'll take one when it's ready and turn back to face the group as a whole. "So, you guys have a really nice facility here. I can see the appeal of it. Even to an old man like Nightwing," she says, grinning over to the senior Titan.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan rubs his hair with the towel, which doesn't do much to make it look any less unruly. That's just the way it is. At least he isn't leaving wet footprints behind as he goes. Terry's reaction certainly doesn't go unnoticed, and he twists the knife in a little deeper. "What's the matter, dude? You look a little shaken."

Batgirl, and Nightwing for that matter, get Terry off the hook, however long that lasts for. "Oh, you're a fan? Thanks for checking them out. Thanks to you, I probably made.." His eyes swivel toward the ceiling and he scratches at the side of his face in thought. "..half a cent, and that might be me forgetting to carry the decimal far enough. Either way, that's cool."

He adds Nightwing's way, "Trouble? Never heard of it." He throws a hip-bump at Terry in passing, leading to him rummaging around in the fridge and deliberately shifting in place to perhaps cause Terry to turn even more red. One of the famous shakes is withdrawn.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Superhero landing! Donna arrives, hurtling down the empty elevator shaft from the roof, and lands with a thump.

    She doesn't exactly *look* like a superhero, though. She's dressed in fashionable ankle boots, black pants and a smart red blouse. She has an armful of paperwork with her. It's kind of like office workers have started doing superhero landings now. It may take Stephanie a moment or two to recognize the woman who she last saw lassoing demons at the Gotham museum of history.

    "You're not fooling anyone Terry. Definitely a troublemaker," Donna says. Apparently her hearing is pretty good. She joins Gar at the fridge and fishes out a snacky shake for herself, which she downs in one go. "Hi everyone. Hi Batgirl. What's going on? Emergency or just a visit?"

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing is over on the sofa, looking towards the crowd by the kitchen, and speaks up to answer Donna's question, "Just a visit. Showing off the Tower, having her meet a few people and vice versa, just setting up a few lines of communication in case anyone needs to work together. Besides, everyone deserves to escape Gotham now and then and discover non-gargoyle based architecture. What's with the flying lawyer look? Our lease on the Tower running out or something?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry shoots Gar a look. "You're going to catch your death of cold, Beast Boy," he says. Uh oh, the moniker is used! The redhead steps away from the refrigerator so Gar can have his fill, and sits down at the counter.

"Donna, you besmirch my name, stain my reputation, and do other things to my good name that will require cleaning appliances to restore it to its unblemished, sterling glory."

He glances at Steph, "We spent three months adrift in outer space, and she still thinks I am some mischievous imp from hell. And this is after working with Gar during the previous team."

Donna's armload gets a curious glance, however. "What's with the paperwork, Donna? Are you starting an official branch of the Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love Elvis Fan Club?"

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Batgirl flashes a grin to Donna as she nods along with what Nightwing says. "Yes, figured it's better to meet people like this in advance. Instead of when there are demons roaming a museum setting things on fire," she says, grinning a bit wider as she adds the last part. "Also, good choice on the chocolate shake," she says, indicating that's what is in the glass that she has, and also Terry has one as well.

Her gaze goes back to Terry. "As someone who had too much firsthand experience with imps from hell, I will throw my support behind you that you aren't one," she agrees.

The costumed blond young woman falls silent then as she watches the interaction between the team. It is as interesting to her as the facility itself is.

Gar Logan has posed:
"Hey, Donna," Gar grins as she shows up, and Nightwing's commentary on the attire leads to him giving her a closer look as well. "Yeah, what's up with all that? Reworked royalty contracts, I hope? New revenue streams? Am I getting a paid podcast or a Twitch stream with Vic?" he asks as he gestures to the paper. He doesn't take a lot of time to deal with his shake, but it's certainly not as fast as Donna devours hers.

Sticking his tongue out at Terry, he rolls his eyes. "As if this is the first time I've gone around here in this." Barefoot isn't even uncommon for him. He adds to Batgirl, "Meeting under normal circumstances is /much/ better than abnormal ones, but abnormal is the usual around here. You Gotham people know that as much as anyone. Batman's probably watching us somehow right now. Let me show him my good side."

At this point, he starts to pose facing in different directions.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Gods. Imagine if we had to lease this place Nightwing," Donna says. "It would cost... I don't know. A lot. Thankfully we seem to have a few rich benefactors." She glances at the stack of paperwork, making eye-daggers. "No, just some embassy business I'm dealing with. Diana is a fantastic ambassador when it comes to charming everyone, but when it comes to keeping the paperwork up to date? Not so much."

    "As for new revenue streams, Gar... I hear the bobble head Titan dolls are selling well, but don't ask an Amazon to handle your finances. I just hit things."

    She fetches herself a second snacky shake, a sure sign she's in need of a solid hit of calories, and collapses comfortably onto the giant sofa. "It's true, Batgirl. Terry is not an imp from Hell. He's a fiend from Wonderland, they are far worse. The stories I could tell you. He mentions those three months in space as if they would clear him from accusations of impishness and fiendery, but it's quite the opposite. Sometime he may tell you the story of the planet full of people with cat butt tattoos."

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing just shakes his head with a grin. This is why he loves being here, the attitude is so different from how the Bats interact. Which is probably influenced by their rather grim patriarch, honestly. Hard to be too lighthearted with the Batman looming over everyone. "But Troia, doesn't that basically cover all of us? One way or another, we hit things. Do we even have an accountant? I'm thinking maybe we should for things like royalties."

When the Amazon plops onto the sofa, he chuckles and says, "He's not that bad, just a little mischievous. It's a nice break from all the serious crap we have to deal with every day. Though I don't think I've heard this tattoo story, now that you mention it."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"You say that as if I am the only person who ever branded a planet full of warlike numbskulls with the tattoo of a chocolate starfish to their foreheads," Terry says, crossing his arms. And then he glances at Gar, and reddens a little more.

"Garfield. You're going to get us all Bat-bombed with some sort of gas weapon." He stands up and walks over to Gar, putting an arm around him and raising an eyebrow. "... you went to the pool and didn't invite me. You are /so/ in the doghouse. Meanwhile I had to deal with a confetti bomb. I ask you- is that justice?"

He remembers something, and asks, "Donna... how are things going with the arts center?"

Gar Logan has posed:
"I'm staying out of talk about cat butt tattoos," Gar says with both hands up, one with the near-empty shake before he finishes it off and starts to rinse it out.

Eyes roll at Terry, the arm about him leading to a stealth-tickle at one side. "A confetti bomb is small potatoes compared to that glitter phase you went through, and it /better/ have just been a phase."

Good chance Gar would never make it in the Bat Family. He's just not serious enough all the time. "We have bobbleheads? How did I miss this?"

Donna Troy has posed:
    "The Themysciran Arts Center is coming along very well," Donna replies to Terry with a smile. "We're having an opening party in a couple of weeks. You're all invited, of course. But don't think you can sidetrack me with questions of Arts Centers when the real issue here is catt butts."

    It's not every day you get to hear the words 'cat butts' spoken in a Themysciran accent, but it is today.

    "You're the finance expert not me!" Donna objects in Nightwing's general direction. "There's the Titans Foundation. They have accountants and lawyers and things. I get involved as little as possible. Sometimes they email me to ask me who's actually part of the team today, or to question Wally's expense claims for food. Sometimes I email them back with supplies requisitions. Often they email me and complain about having to deal with me instead of you, Nightwing. So far all merchandising and royalty payments have gone into paying our running expenses. As I understand it, three years being inactive depleted the accounts quite a bit, and the investment portfolio was not being managed so great at that point either. There should be enough money to cover reasonable expenses claims, but I have no idea if there's enough to start paying members a dividend or not. Someone else should ask."

    Donna sits back in her seat, puts her feet up, puffs her cheeks out and then takes another swig of her shake. "I headstrong and irresponsible. Everyone knows this. I'm bad with money, due to having been brought up in a palace. Someone else should take responsibility for these things!"

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing grins at Donna, "Fine, fine, point out that it's my job. Be that way." He shakes his head, "Geez, show the slightest bit of financial knowledge and suddenly the paperwork piles up on your desk." He leans forward a little, "I'll talk to them, we should be able to at least provide a little something for our members so that they have pocket money, at least."

He glances over at Steph as she works on her chocolate shake and nods, "Well, there you are, she's an imp expert, so Terry, you're clear. And I'm kind of torn on the tattoo story. I want to hear it, but at the same time, I don't."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"How about we don't discuss my embarrassing but awesome stories in front of guests? This is a family affair!" Terry grins, and jumps when Gar tries to tickle him. "... SO in the doghouse, Logan," the redhead smirks.

"We're all invited? Well, I might actually enjoy an event because this is big enough that they'll probably get Clark to cover it. Or Lois. So I can play the gadfly and mingle at the arm of my gorgeous boyfriend." Pause. "Who I hope will not show up in--- you know what?" he turns to Gar, "Maybe we should go with Hawky again and get you another outfit."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan raises his hands, whether in innocence or refusal being unclear. "Someone to crunch the numbers? Definitely not me!"

He winds the towel up, keeping it around his neck with both hands holding the ends. "That's also not /my/ story to tell, and I don't know what I need another outfit for, dude." He's not thinking much about that or of anything else beyond the moment, though he does add, "I'd better go put something on before I scandalize Terry here further. He's been looking a bit like a lobster."

As he turns to go, the towel is used to snap at Terry's backside, Gar whistling as if he's innocent.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "You know when I first arrived in America," Donna says with a smirk. "Mother had sent me here with a pocket full of Macedonian gold staters as spending money. I thought I could buy myself an apartment in Manhattan with them, which I couldn't. On the other hand Diana thinks I may have paid the cab driver from the airport about three thousand dollars. Diana was not happy with mother about that. "

    She gives a laugh and folds an arm behind her head. Here eyes go to Terry and she smirks slightly. "He's not going to tell you about it Nightwing. So I'll have to. There was a Dr. Seuss planet. Only instead of stars on their bellies they had stars on their foreheads. Or crescents. Everyone on the planet had to have one, and there was an eternal war between the two sides. A war with very strict rules to make it basically like a game. We didn't want to play, so we sabotaged the machine they had which assigned the forehead tattoos. Vic reprogrammed it so everyone would have the same mark, but Terry's contribution was the design of that particular mark. An entire planet of people who are doomed to spend the rest of their lives with the tattoo of a cat's butt on their foreheads. We probably shouldn't have let him do it, but you know what Vic's like when someone suggests a piece of mischief to him. Besides, I was kind of annoyed with everyone that day so I didn't really mind."

    "You know you guys could always turn up in costume to the opening," she points out. "Tuxedos aren't necessary. They're not exactly a Themysciran tradition, after all. Most of the girls came back from Themyscira with a few extra items of clothing, I won't be surprised to see a few Titans dressed Themyscira style, but I won't offer you a /chiton/, Gar."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"I will!" Terry suddenly pipes up. Then, that slow crawl of redness across his face at the realization that he just said that out loud. Then, the towel makes contact and he jumps, "Augh! Gar, why I'll-"

He waits until Gar leaves for his room before he stands up. "I'll... be back later. I still have /one/ glitter bomb I haven't detonated." A grin forms on the redhead's face. "Would be a /tragedy/ to get it on him while he's still wet."

With a quick wave to his team-mates and their guest, he makes his way towards the dorms, a wicked look on his face.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing grins and watches the pair make their separate ways out of the room, murmuring, "Gar should know Terry's always got glitter somehwere."

He looks to Donna, then shakes his head, "Well, the basic idea was sound, but yeah, letting Terry pick the new symbol was probably a little bit of a mistake. I wonder if they'll ever realize exactly what it is they all have on their heads. I'm surprised Troia, you're usually the one stopping him from doing that sort of thing. They must have been real pricks to even get you in on it."

He considers for a moment, "I'll give the opening some thought, dunno if I want to do it as Nightwing or my alter ego." He looks over to Steph and adds, "Yes, this is the way we normally act, and you wonder why I like it here so much."

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna watches Terry depart after Gar, then turns back to Dick and Stephanie with a grin. Their antics amuse her. Even the cat butt thing, though she'd never admit it. "Totally the way we normally act," She agrees with Dick.

    Donna's eyes catch Stephanie looking away for a moment, and her eyes quickly find Dicks. Then they dart back to Stephanie, and back again to Dick. She raises one eyebrow.

    Donna and Dick have known each other for a long time. They have fought at each other's side since 2012 and been team-mates, friends, confidants. Basically family. They know each other well, and don't always need to use words. Donna doesn't need to do any more than those gestures and to Dick the meaning - the question - is perfectly clear. It would take the slightest motion of Dick's head to nod the affirmative, but it would be significantly harder effort to disguise the mutual smirking that's likely to follow.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown was looking away so misses that look shared between Donna and Dick. "This is a good shake," she says, going over to pick up the container it came in to check out the nutritional content. "A lot better than the energy bars and drinks I normally grab after a patrol. May have to see if we can stock these." Or knowing Alfred he'll start making up his own high energy smoothies for them if he gets the idea.

She turns back then, finishing the drink and taking it over to wash the glass out like a good guest. Though as she does, she wonders if they have staff that work there. Given how many many are teens, she has a hard time picturing it staying this clean without a cleaning crew.

Batgirl turns back, moving over to join them again. "Have enjoyed getting to meet everyone," she says. "Thanks for letting me come get a look at the Tower."

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing's gaze is directed to Batgirl by Donna's eye movements, and when he's looking at the blonde girl, his face softens for a moment, which probably tells Donna all she needs to know in answer to her unspoken question. But just in case, there's also a tiny nod. It's Donna, after all, she might as well be a sister.

"Caitlin would probably be glad to whip up a batch for you, she does most of the cooking for the Titans when she can. And yells at us for messing up her kitchen when she isn't around. But she really does seem to enjoy doing it."

He nods, "Feel free to drop by, we can add you into the system as a guest. Maybe another time you'd get to meet a few more of the folks you don't know."