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Donna Troy (Scenesys ID: 1140)
Name: Troia
Superalias: Troia
Gender: Female
Species: Demi-Titan
Occupation: Photojournalist
Citizenship: Themysciran
Residence: Themyscira / LA / Metropolis
Education: Journalism BA (incomplete) Metropolis University
Theme: DC (FC)
Groups: Themyscirans, Titans
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 08 Dec 1994 Played By Conor Leslie
Height: 5'9" Weight: 135 lb
Hair Color: Brunette Eye Color: Brown
Twitter: TowersOfIlium
Theme Song: Guetta/Sia - Titanium ( )

Character Info


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Donna is an orphan who was lucky enough to be taken in by the Themysciran royal family and raised on Paradise Island - or so she believes. She (nor any but a very few people in on the deal) is unaware that she is the offspring of theTitan (of myth) Phoebe, raised into the Olympian tradition by the Amazonians in compliance with an ancient pact. She is one of the few Amazonians to have visited the world outside, and even before the recent revelation to the world of Themyscira's existence, she spent time with the Titans (of Earth) as the hero Troia.


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Timeline 1:
1994: The birth of Troia.

After the Titanomachy when the Olympians defeated the Titans of Myth, the Titans were obliged by the Olympians to stop breeding. From time to time this rule has been broken, and it has not gone well for those offspring. In this case, Lachises of the Fates added a complication - a prophecy that this child would in the future play an important role in the final fate of the Titans. Vague as the prophecy was, with no indication if that role would be positive or negative, Kronos leader of the Titans decided the child needed to be spared. He petitioned Olympus, pleading the prophecy. The Olympians agreed, on the condition that the child be raised without knowledge of her heritage, in the Olympian culture under the auspices of the Amazons. Donna is adopted and raised by Hippolyta, and as she grows older told the story that she was an orphan rescued from the world of men.

2011: Leaving Themyscira.

Growing ever more curious about her origins, Troia pleads with Hippolyta to be allowed to go to America to seek out her real family and experience the world outside, which Diana had made sound so interesting. Hippolyta is reluctant to allow it, but it's hard to deny Troia's request while keeping up the pretense that such a family might exist. At the age of 16 Troia finally persuades Hippolyta that with Diana back on Themyscira, she would simply be taking Diana's place in the world of men. She is allowed to go and study in America under the assumed name Donna Troy, on the strict understanding that she reveals nothing of Themyscira.

2011-12: The Other Titans.

Donna meets with the Titans in America. Not the Titans of Myth, her 'true' family, but the small group of young heroes and sidekicks who have increasingly been working together. She joins them as the group becomes a more formal proposition and becomes a publicly known super group. Donna uses her real name, Troia, as her codename, and claims to be a warrior from a secret mystical order based in Turkey, 'The Knights of Ilium'. Even her friends in the Titans are not told about the Amazons.

2017:Return to Themyscira.

While studying at Metropolis University, Donna unwisely becomes involved with one of her lecturers, Marv Long. He's older, but not as old as his equivalent in the comics, because that was super creepy and wrong. This is a little bit less super creepy and wrong, though still somewhat super creepy and wrong. Her friends discourage it, but she's infatuated with his knowledge and experience. She is smart enough to avoid the relationship becoming serious while she's still his student, but the pair talk about what will happen once she graduates in the summer. As the time approaches, she starts to feel increasingly awkward about this. She has been ordered by Hippolyta to return to complete her training, and will have to go back at the end of the year. She has told the Titans that she will be leaving them in December to resume training with the 'Knights of Ilium', but said nothing to Marv. An added complication arises when she realizes she has growing feeling for one of her team-mates. Rather than face up to the complicated emotional issues, she leaves early for Themyscira, just weeks before she would have graduated.

2017: Doomsday.

With Troia back in Themyscira, Hippolyta's strict one-in, one-out policy towards visiting the World of Men leaves Diana free to return to America. She is there for Doomsday, Donna is not. During the actual events of Doomsday, Troia is taking her turn at the duty of guarding the Doom Gates to Tartarus. During this sacred duty, none are permitted to approach the gates but the appointed guardians; Troia does not hear of Doomsday or the fate of her old team until long after it is all over and the team disbanded. Guilt weighs heavily on her; had she stayed as long as she was permitted to, she would have fought Doomsday with them, and maybe Dove and Kole would still be alive. On the other hand, if she'd still been there, Diana wouldn't, and maybe that would have resulted in an even worse outcome.

2019-20: Return to the World of Men.

With Diana now officially known to the world as Wonder Woman and the Themysciran embassy open in America, Hippolyta's limits on how many Amazons are allowed to leave at one time is eased, very slightly. Troia is given permission to visit the world of men again. She spends half a year traveling the world and working as a freelance photojournalist, finally making it back to America in early 2020. She is tasked to aid Diana with duties at the embassy as Diana requires, but she also has unfinished business with the Titans to face

IC Journal

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Donna is generally a calm, friendly and easy-going person, but she has a distinct stubborn streak when she's sure she's in the right, and can be driven in the pursuit of what she believes in. She is fiercely loyal to her friends, and treats complete strangers with compassion.

The ethical code of the Amazons is thoroughly ingrained in her mind, and she believes deeply in striving for a better world, helping everyone she can help, redeeming those who need redemption, and so on. She has a sense of being a bit of an outsider amongst the Amazons, and feels the need to prove herself to them, particularly to her 'big sister' Diana. This need can at times drive her to recklessness.

Donna's quite a nice person. She thanks you for reading her sheet. Here's a smile for you -> :)

(Note: Blame Pratchett for this entry.)

Regrets (She Has a Few):
Donna's years in the World of Men and with her teammates the Titans have left her with certain guilts and regrets. She has come to believe that Hippolyta was right to try to persuade her she was too young after all. She feels that her sudden return from America was a betrayal of her friends, and an act of personal cowardice, and she carries guilt for the lies she told them - and to a lesser extent the necessary lies she told them to keep Themyscira a secret.

Most burndensome of all is the fact that she was /supposed/ to have been there during Doomsday, when two of her former team mates, Dove and Kole, were killed. She knows she was one of the Titan's powerhouses, and cannot help questioning whether her presence would have made the difference - at least enough to keep them alive. She suffers from survivor's guilt, and this is exacerbated by the fact that she was away for years on Themyscira even after the loss the team suffered, and had lost all contact with the people she felt of as a second family in their time of grief.

Character Sheet


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Gifts of the Goddesses:
Raised as an adopted daughter of Hippolyta, Donna has been granted a more limited blessing of the Goddesses.

Donna can fly faster than the speed of sound and move at great speeds on the ground. She is extremely agile, can cover small distances in the blink of an eye, and dodge bullets. However she's well below Diana's top speeds, let alone anyone with the speed force.

Donna's senses are heightened to well above human levels, but are not as supernaturally sharp as someone with the full blessings of the goddesses.

Gifts of the Titans:
Just as she has a limited set of the gifts of the goddesses, Donna also has limited gifts of the Titans - although they are inherent to her, Kronos keeps her Titanic powers checked back.

Magic resistance: Donna is harder to harm magically than other beings. This is far from an immunity to magic, but she is more able than other people to resist magical effects for short periods, particularly at a lower power.

Truth sense: Donna is able to discern when something she hears is an outright lie.

Titanic Physique:
Donna is a physical powerhouse. She is capable of incredible feats of strength and physical resilience. She's in the upper echelons of heroes, but a tier below Wonder Woman.

As a demi-Titan, Donna is an immortal. She regenerates from damage a bit more slowly than an Amazon with the full blessings of the gods, but will regenerate from most things in time, even capable of regrowing limbs, and has a significantly greater resitance to toxins, diseases etc. than a normal human.


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Donna has been trained from a young age as an Amazon warrior. While she doesn't have the experience of older Amazonians and indeed the greatest fighters from outside Themiscyra, she is formidably talented in both unarmed combat and traditional weapons.

Donna is an excellent photographer, with an eye for well-timed photographs that tell a story. Since returning to the man's world, she has been doing some work as a photojournalist.

Donna can speak Amazonian and English fluently. She has a decent conversational grasp of modern & Attic Greek, French, Arabic and Turkish.


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Amazonian Gear:
Donna has a suit of armor, shield, sword and spear of Amazonian manufacture. These have the standard enchantments that make them considerably superior to any manufactured equivalents, but they don't bear any uncommon enchantments.

Bracers of Submission:
Donna has the standard bracers of the Amazonian warriors. Forged with a tiny fragment of the shield Aegis, these bracers are virtually indestructable, and can be used to block and deflect small arms fire and even lower-level energy blasts. As standard issue bracers they do not have the higher-end capabilities of Diana's such as projecting shockwaves or deflecting extremely high power attacks.

Golden Lasso:
Donna has an Amazonian lasso of a relatively standard issue. It is virtually unbreakable, light yet very long, and glows with a pretty golden glow. It can be used to channel or drain energies to some extent, but large amounts of power will overwhelm this capacity and arc off it. It does not have the additional blessings that Diana's or Cassie's lassos have. If she ever receives her canon Lasso of Persuasion, it will be through RP.

While her position as an adoptee of the Themysciran royal family is a somewhat odd one and she doesn't really count as royalty or grant much authority, it's still a pretty major resource.

Titans of Earth:
As an early member of the Titans, Donna had access to the considerable facilities and contacts of that group. At the time of her return to America she doesn't have that access any more, though she hopes to get it back.


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Amazonian Code:
Donna is bound to the code of honor of the Amazons. This is not so much a duty as something that has been instilled within her over her entire life. As with other Amazons, she would find it extremely hard to go against her instinct to behave with honor and to follow the sometimes strict rites of Amazon duty.

Donna doesn't know about it, but there's a prophecy regarding her. It's always awkward being the subject of a prophecy that powerful individuals may one day wish to manipulate, but more so if you don't know about it.

Neither Fish Nor Fowl:
Donna is regarded with some suspicion by both her adoptive people due to her Titanic heritage, and her original people due to her Amazonian upbringing. She isn't really aware of this, though she does feel she doesn't quite fit in on Themyscira and assumes this is because she is a regular human adopted into the Amazonian culture as an outsider.

Pointy Things:
In common with the Amazonians, Donna's general physical resilience is notably less effective against pointy things. She doesn't like being stabbed.



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Donna Troy has 208 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Green as a gooseberry. October 19th, 2021 The Titans celebrate Damian and Gar's birthdays. There is sugar. There is a /lot/ of sugar.

So much sugar.

Roomba Uprising Pt. 2: 2 Fast 2 Roomba October 8th, 2021 Vic's Roombas decide to play football. There is paint and glitter and pizza, Donna talks to the hand, and several bad ideas are bandied about. Terry being responsible for the Titans' Halloween costumes is a terrible idea.
Roomba Uprising! October 6th, 2021 Vic's Roombas start fighting each other. This makes Robin flee to the labs to save his test-tubes and Donna to give a motivational speech. Another typical day at Titans Tower.
Maiden Voyage: The Plain of Ranagar October 4th, 2021 No Unicorn Kitties were harmed in the making of this episode.
Maiden Voyage: Welcome to Rann October 3rd, 2021 Our intrepid explorers help Sarnath test his Zeta Beam technology allowing Cyborg and Vivian Vision to join them on Rann. Then an alien feast is enjoyed and plans are laid to go see the 'unicorn kitties'!
Paradise Island, Acrobat Style September 30th, 2021 In Themycira, Donna shows Dick the Great Arena and lets him play with her childhood toys.
Cultural Flexing on Themyscira September 27th, 2021 Diana, Caitlin and Donna torment Terry and Gar on Themyscira. Terry torments Gar, too. Gar flees.
GIRL: Maiden Voyage September 27th, 2021 An intrepid band of GIRLs set out on the maiden voyage of their spaceship and arrive at the planet Rann. What adventures await them there?! Tune in next time and find out!
Titans Tower: September Meal September 24th, 2021 Caitlin feeds the Titans, and she gets a nervous breakdown for her troubles (Good Job, Terry)
The Day Without Invasions or Crises September 18th, 2021 Donna and Kian let Kara know they are still alive. Nobody attacks the Tower.
A Little Bit Of Conversation September 14th, 2021 In which there is much talking through of things. And then Damian goes and breaks Kate.
Welcome Home, Everything is Entirely Normal. September 12th, 2021 The returning Titans arrive back at the tower to find Raven in an unusually good mood. Kian and Gar are sentenced to death. Do not look up the Greek word /louri/.
Themyscira: Traditions Are Made To Be Broken September 7th, 2021 Donna tells more of her experiences in Tartarus to Diana and Hippolyta, and the family tries to figure out what in Hades Hekate was up to.
In Erebos: The Bargain August 31st, 2021 Raven is made a very strange offer on her way out of Tartarus. She crosses the Acheron, but perhaps not all of her makes it to the other side.
Themyscira: It's Raining Men August 28th, 2021 Caitlin and Donna report to the council on Themyscira, where a war of words breaks out and shift in ancient political balances take place.
In Themyscira August 26th, 2021 On Themyscira, Titans talk of swords and size and lights leading the way.
Fashion August 26th, 2021 Kara and Donna talk new costumes and good friends.
Themysciran Vacation: MEN! August 18th, 2021 The Titans are taken to the Palace on Themyscira. Donna visits Terry, Gar and Kian to help them settle in. Kian gets drunk, Gar doesn't get a dress, and Terry faints again (kind of).
Erebos: Themysciran Epilogue August 17th, 2021 After enduring the steps of Erebos and the battle on the island, Cait and Donna reflect on their trip up the steps and what it means for their path going forward.
In Erebos: Catching Caitlin August 15th, 2021 Caitlin falls, Donna flies. They almost fight, but end up hugging instead. Nadia joins them, and the three go Up.
In Erebos: The Gates of Doom August 13th, 2021 The Titans in Tartarus reach the top of the stairs just minutes ahead of the army of undead centaurs, but fortunately Diana has already sent word home to be on the alert, and brought extra Titans as reinforcements. The army of Themyscira and the Titans join together in an epic battle for the defense of Paradise Island, and a law that has stood for two thousand years is set aside - for the first time since the rise of Rome, men step foot on Themysciran soil, in recognition of the service they have done the Amazons.
Shi'ar: Reckoning August 8th, 2021 Several X-Men and their SHIELD allies follow Jean as she races to save her parents. The Titans arrive to assist. While they're able to defeat the remnants of the Death Commandos and several strange Shi'ar androids, Davan Shakari brings a mysterious young man to the encounter. Jean calls upon unknown aspects of the Phoenix to revive her father, dying from a heart attack from the stress of the attack, but is then seemingly destroyed -- or absorbed -- by the mysterious figure.
Mystique goes under the Lasso of Truth August 8th, 2021 The truth shall set you free, unless of course you are Raven Darkholme admitting all the wrongs you've done... in which case, Diana Prince and Donna Troy take you to jail.... justice will be served.
Heartbeats and Airwaves August 7th, 2021 Kara scans other dimensions with a magic rock. Caitlin, Bart, and Donna have questions.
Shi'ar: We Come in Peace, Part II July 28th, 2021 Diplomacy breaks down over the value of life, and the Justicue League comes to blows with the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. The battle sprawls across the moon and space, almost threatening to destroy the former as Kryptonians and Strontians trade mountain-cracking blows. In the end, Superman calls a retreat, and with the aid of the Brotherhood, the Justice League regroups on Asteroid M rather than seeing the Watchtower or the whole moon destroyed. Now both sides lick their wounds, the Leage looking to reclaim their home and drive off these invaders, while the Shi'ar begin their hunt for the Phoenix.
Shi'ar: We Come in Peace, Part I July 19th, 2021 The Shi'ar arrive around Earth, announcing their hunt for the world-destroying Phoenix, and are met by its many heroes, who draw some firm boundaries around their beloved homeworld. Tense diplomacy ensues, while the Guardians of the Galaxy arrive bearing their own Shi'ar refugee, Lilandra. Ultimately, Superman and the Shi'ar ambassador agree to a formal meeting on the moon, while Terry O'Neil communicates with Rocket to teleport his passenger off the Milano and past the Shi'ar blockade to Earth.
In Erebos: The Decision July 16th, 2021 The Titans travelling through Tartarus are standing on the threshhold of the way out when they decide to take the long way around to the Bronze Gate instead, in the hope of saving Themyscira. Except for Raven, who opts for the Iron Gate in the hope of saving reality.
In Erebos: The Ascent July 16th, 2021 Some of the Titans climb a staircase.
Wonder Wellness Check July 9th, 2021 Donna gives Irie a visit to check up on her and how's she's doing in the present. A heart to heart happens, and Donna tells Irie that she's an official Titan, now. Hooray!
In Erebos: Tartarus Awaits June 28th, 2021 The Titans travel through Tartarus, and it's a surprisingly peaceful journey. They charm a three headed dog and almost get in trouble for having picked the wrong name, but finally get to the Gates of Iron - where a mysterious woman tells them they're at the wrong gate.
A Tale of Trevors June 18th, 2021 Donna tells Diana that she got married. Diana, that is. Diana didn't know this before. That's doppelplots for you. Then they go for Korean food.
Scenes From An Italian Restaurant (Trap Remix) June 17th, 2021 Toni's birthday party is a reasonable success. Gift bags are given out. Linguistics are raised. A warm vibe is established, and much delicious food is had. NEXT ISSUE - A TITAN *DIES*
Titan Memories 2015: The Tower. June 12th, 2021 Caitlin, Dick and Donna get to visit the finished Titans Tower for the first time.
Rooftop Cookout June 11th, 2021 A peaceful rooftop gathering for food and companionship. And the mention of a suspicious underground sale...
In Erebos: Pandora's Box June 5th, 2021 The Titans bust an underground sale of magical artifacts, and some of them get eaten by a box that sends them straight to hell. Or to be more accurate, Tartarus.
Uncanny Quietness June 3rd, 2021 A plan starts getting chalked up!
The Art of the Lasso June 1st, 2021 Donna does lasso training at the Themysciran Arts Center. Cassie turns this fact into a ploy to convince Diana to agree to embark on a noble quest for Big Gay Ice Creams.
A Titan-sized Tour May 29th, 2021 Nightwing gives Batgirl a tour of Titans Tower. Kara has awesome PJs, Gar makes Terry blush, and Donna is perceptive.
Themysciran Arts May 26th, 2021 The Themysciran Arts Center debuts its offerings to the public. The Center will be a bastion of immersing the public of the mortal world in all things related to paradise island. Caitlin Fairchild is welcomed in to the Amazon ranks, and a squirrel eats a hot dog that is bigger than its own body.
Another World May 20th, 2021 Kara and Donna get some training from Philippus on Themyscira. Then they go for a walk in the enchanted forest and discuss the nature of the divine.
Titan Memories 2012: Donna and Caitlin Meet Again May 16th, 2021 Back in 2012, Donna and Caitlin meet in less stressful circumstances. This time Caitlin manages not to tear her hair out, and Donna manages to wrangle a discount.
I See Skies of Blue May 10th, 2021 Raven and Donna go for a walk on Themyscira. They run into Magala who shares a few moments of mystical insight with Raven
No, You Can't Keep a Megalodon. April 30th, 2021 Donna and Cait introduce Nadia and Vivian to the delights of Amazon SCIENCE! There are giant sharks, superblacksmiths, steam engines and the distant descendents of the Antikythera mechanism
Home Sweet Home April 24th, 2021 Shortly after arriving on Themyscira, Donna calls on Kara to ask her about the trip to Krypton. It's an involved and emotional discussion.
Even the Lab is Full of Glitter April 23rd, 2021 Fragments of broken Zodship make their way into the hands of the lab-geeks of Titan Towers, where Cyborg promises not to instantly integrate them into his hardware. Damian is grumpy, but actually manages to say something nice about Vorpal.
The Last Night April 22nd, 2021 On the last night of the Themysciran vacation, the two sisters find time alone together to talk.
Forged in Fire April 9th, 2021 Themyscira: Caitlin and Donna discuss their voyage to the heart of the Amazon's sacred island, and Caitlin is presented her first set of personal armor.
Krypton or Bust: Zod Returns April 8th, 2021 Zod turns up in a Kryptonian warship of design and capability never before seen by those on Earth. It was a good thing the Kryptonians weren't there to kill and conquer. They searched Earth for specific Brainiac technology and didn't find it. Their ship took quite a beating, as did Non, before they made a tactical retreat before more flowers grew on their bridge or Kryptonite was introduced in to their ecosystem.
The Amazon and the Assassin April 4th, 2021 Troia and Damian discuss teamwork, friendship, morality, prejudice and condiments. The important things.
Doppelgang: A Fortunate Setback April 1st, 2021 The Titans and allies help to put out a burning ship that belongs to the Doppelganger leader Il Mutante. The doppel leader himself puts in an appearance, and lets the heroes know that the warnings they have received about how dangerous he is were justified.
Welcome Home, Amazons March 29th, 2021 The Amazons return to the Tower
A Wonderful Birthday March 26th, 2021 The Amazons and Titans celebrate Diana's birthday on Themyscira, and it becomes a double celebration when Caitlin returns succesfully from her quest, an Amazon.
Hunting Manticores For Fun and Profit March 25th, 2021 During their Themysciran vacation, a group of Titans go on a manticore hunt. The Titans use spear, arrow, plasma and density. It's super-effective!
To Be an Amazon March 21st, 2021 It is time, at last. Diana and Donna accompany Caitlin to the edge of the Enchanted Forest of Themyscira, to see her off on a journey of self-discovery from which she will return a true Amazon.
Bizarro Destroys Metropolis March 19th, 2021 Manipulated by Mister Mxyzpltk, The Bizarro Superman confuses the Fifth Annual Giant Robot Appreciation Day Parade for an invasion! Sweeping in to help save the day, Bizarro must be stopped before he ruins the nice day out...or gets someone killed.
The Demon and the Queen March 17th, 2021 Raven meets Hippolyta. Troia attempts a mixture of return fire and distractions to survive the barrage.
Themysciran Vacation: The Second Day March 14th, 2021 Where the visitors to Themyscira learn that a traditional Themysciran breakfast involves swords and hammers, but not plankton.
Titans: A Question of Leadership March 10th, 2021 Dick and Donna have a meeting with Gar to discuss the way the Titans is run. Terry comes along to cause trouble.
There is No Crisis, but There is Pizza March 8th, 2021 A whole flock of speedsters descend on the tower, two thirds of them from the future. Bart, Wally and Irie talk about family with Donna and Kian.
Themyscira Vacation: Welcome to the Island March 5th, 2021 The ladies of the Titans ride the Invisible Plane to Themyscira, paradise home of the Amazons. They are met by Diana and Hippolyta, mount beasts, and ride on to the great city where feasting and celebration awaits!
Catching Arrows March 5th, 2021 Donna and Kate chat about teamwork, manticore hunting, gods and what it's like to be a regular human surrounded by tanks.
Another Talk at the Tower March 4th, 2021 Another talk helps Nightwing catch up on the Titans
Themyscirans Reunited March 4th, 2021 In the aftermath of BadCassie's capture and Diana's recovery, Cassie declares it's vacation time. Diana agrees. Donna fails to disagree succesfully.
A League of Their Own. March 2nd, 2021 Nightwing comes back to the tower to tell Donna he's planning on being around a bit more in future. She approves.
Healing Diana February 28th, 2021 Cassie, Caitlin, Donna and Toni accompany Phoebe to Diana's bedside to see if Phoebe's healing magic can wake Diana from her coma.
Bad Cassie: Finale February 26th, 2021 The Titans confront Cassie's extradimensional doppleganger in Cambodia. A prisoner exchange is attempted, with treachery on... both sides? Mooks are routed, or destroyed, depending on their degree of human-ness. The Silent Armor reacts violently to Raven's presence, launching a (very 1-sided) vendetta, but is met by Donna Troy. Terry spirits Helena Sandsmark to safety, among assorted hijinx. Toni shows her heroism, but learns the risks, with a timely save from Viv. And finally, as Diana Prince returns, healed from her injuries and with her true sidekick at her side, Raven is able to cleave the armor from its wearer, where it is bound, hammered down by Caitlin's strength, and ultimately banished. Bassie (the BAD Cassie) ends up bound and subdued, and bound for imprisonment in her own universe's Themyscira.
Two Bats with One Stone February 22nd, 2021 Batman, Robin and Troia discuss strained relationships, Kryptonian dangers, and a lack of sharing.
Balm for herself February 21st, 2021 Red Robin has made sure that the Outsiders have good digs. Donna visits Phoebe and updates her on Diana. Bart brings Phoebe Pad Thai and shows off that he's still her friend even after threatening to sic a giraffe on her.
A Bart Bearing News February 20th, 2021 Bart comes to the Tower to update the Titans on the Phoebe affair
Themyscira: Vigil for Diana February 8th, 2021 Donna, Caitlin, Terry, and Gar meet at Diana's bedside to discuss options for the Titans' next move.
And the cat came back... February 7th, 2021 Raven, Beast Boy, Troia, Flash and Kian ambush Manxsome and beat him over the head with the power of Friendship and a lesson is learned by all.

But especially Terry.

=With His Tail Between His Legs. February 6th, 2021 Terry delivers a plushy Cheshire to the bedside of Diana, and remembers he's in a team.
Winter Wonderland: A Way In February 6th, 2021 Winslow Schott's Dome finally comes down, but Schott escapes
Supergirl's Pilgrimage February 6th, 2021 Kara tells Troia of her impending journey off planet and that the world will surely notice the lack of Kryptonians in the skies.
Sweet Dreams are Made of This February 1st, 2021 The Themysciran royal family shares a dream. Even one who's dead.
Bad Cassie III, Titans Tower February 1st, 2021 DoppleCassie assaults Titan's Tower with the help of Diesel and an army of gross zombie things. Together, the team is able to rush the real Cassie to safety despite various attacks on her person, capture Diesel (armed with the this-universe copy of the Silent Armor) and drive off Cassie a second time. Now, with information from her apparent lover, and with a copy of the armor to study, they will surely be well-armed for the final confrontation and the rescue of Helena Sandsmark.
Bad Cassie, Part II January 29th, 2021 Caitlin and Donna rush to investigate the Invisible Jet's distress call, and locate an unconscious Diana. Cassie is discovered tied up in the trunk of her car. After verifying her identity, they scramble to take Diana for treatment, locate Helena Sandsmark, and gather whatever they need to fight her Silent Armor-powered doppleganger.
Bullish on Crime Fighting January 28th, 2021 Mary and Kate return to the tower to discuss bull-fighting. Wally, Donna, Terry and Kian show up, and drama ensues. Especially right at the end.
Terry and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day January 26th, 2021 TFW you feel you have your tail between your legs, but no longer have a tail? That's Terry as Donna and Wally are caught up on what exactly happened in his most recent encounter with his Doppelganger.
The Pride of Antiquity January 24th, 2021 Terry takes Evan to have a consultation with the Amazons.
Welcome to Ancient Modernity January 23rd, 2021 Statue vs Mexican Coca Cola. FATALITY! Cola wins!
This is the Way January 20th, 2021 Combat training time for Kara at the Tower as Troia teaches her more of the Way of the Amazon, and invites her to think about where it might lead.
The Jar, The Bell, and The Wheel January 20th, 2021 Felix Faust manages to acquire the Jar, the Bell and Wheel, summoning the Demons Three. While the heroes managed to deal with the demonic invasion of the Gotham Museum of History, the wizard and his new followers make their escape.
It Came from the Deep: Into the Abyss January 17th, 2021 A city is saved, a Simulacrum put to rest, and an Ancient Evil unleashed. Also Meggan is secretly a sparkly bright shining glitter princess.
Another You: Dealing With Yourself January 17th, 2021 Donna, Terry and Gar talk about the Titans, and how they are going to deal with the Doppelganger crisis.
TJ Phone Home January 14th, 2021 Pizza Party with X-men and Titans to hand off a Ragamuffin Waif Stray to them
Meeting the Sidekicks January 13th, 2021 Vorpal dumps Talia with the Titans for help. They learn a bit about her. She learns abit about them. They call the X-men. Pizza was had.
The Other Diana January 13th, 2021 Donna tells Diana and Cassie that there is no evil Diana Doppelganger - but DoppelCassie remains on the table. As does the bobble-head Cassie doll.
It Came from the Deep: Bazaar of the Bizarre January 12th, 2021 Maxima, Supergirl, and some of Supergirl's Titan allies follow a tip from one of Namor's agents about a possible lost city sighting. There they are confronted with more of the Lurkers that have been plaguing Atlantis before following a trail leading to the deepest of all oceanic abysses.
It's A Stone Cold World January 11th, 2021 Iason runs afoul of the law, but fortunately the Titans and Outsiders come to set him straight. The Themysciran Embassy is about to get a new statue, for now.
The Sacrifice January 9th, 2021 Donna and Terry (but mostly Donna) conspire to discover if Raven is really Raven, and blow up the basement of Titans Tower if she isn't.
All along the watchtower January 5th, 2021 Trying to get a handle on the Dopple Problems Kate seeks help from KAra and ends up being cleared by Donna
Double Damian January 5th, 2021 Donna puts Damian into an invisible box before checking he's no doppelganger, and lets him out again. Then she gives him a sword for being a good Robin.
Ganging up on the dopples. January 3rd, 2021 Donna, Kara, Vorpal and Nadia form a secret cabal of Titans Who Definitely Aren't Dopplegangers
The Fairest Child January 2nd, 2021 No description
Titans New Years Special December 31st, 2020 The Titans have their own New-Years party, with blackjack and plakous... and sbiten.
The Glory That Was Greece, And The Grandeur That Was Rome December 30th, 2020 We're not saying that Cassie Sandsmark is responsible for the unexpected animation of statues... but we're also not totally denying it.
Taking Wing December 29th, 2020 Troia returns to Themyscira to let Hippolyta know she's back on Earth - and to talk her into accepting Caitlin Fairchild into the ranks of the Amazons.
=The Amazon Conspiracy December 26th, 2020 No description
Titans Holiday Party - The Wintering December 23rd, 2020 The Titans Holiday party, where there was much merryment, good cheer.... and glitter. And drunk raccoons.
ZZGU: Themyscira December 21st, 2020 A new name, a new home, a new future. The fallen Kara Zor-El of another Earth has been granted the mercy of the Amazons. Zosime will learn to be a new person, one better suited to her name, one that honors the House of El instead of desecrates it. Themyscira on another world learns that the future of their entire world is in their hands.
The Arts of Themyscira December 16th, 2020 Diana kicks Donna's ass! (other things happen too, but they're not relevant).
ZZGU: Stronger Together December 13th, 2020 The Justice League, The Titans, SHIELD, and the DEO enter another Earth to fight a space horror named Zhed'Zhud'Ger'Uth before it can launch a full on assault against our Earth. One niggling detail, there's another Kara Zor-El and she's a bit insane in the membrane. The heroes fight on both fronts and win the day. For some measure of win. (kaboom x many)
Returning to Abnormal December 11th, 2020 In the aftermath of the return of the missing Titans, Raven and Donna get a little quiet time together where we learn that they both feel that getting back to normal is a /really good idea/ about now.
Amazons Reunited December 4th, 2020 Fresh off the spaceship, Donna seeks out her Amazon sisters and eventually finds them discussing failed romances. Much hugging ensues.
Close Encounters of the Guardian Kind December 4th, 2020 Ship repairs begin on the Milano and the Space Cops show up. Also there was pizza.
Return of the Titans, with a Guardians assist December 2nd, 2020 Titans and Guardians work out how to get the former home. The Universal Church of Truth has other plans. All escape. All narrowly avert disaster. The Titans return, with visitors from outer space.
Titans and Guardians. November 30th, 2020 The Guardians of the Galaxy meet the Titans, who seem to be really *angry* at pirates. Rocket seems to be really *angry* about everything.
The Unseen Labyrinth November 29th, 2020 The four lost Titans visit Endovar's final base and find the White Hole. Gatekeeper's gifts carry them through the rough ride back to Hyperspace, and the psychic beacon sent by the Titans left on Earth guides them back to the wormhole, and the way home. The four Titans know they have returned to normality at last when they are insulted by an angry raccoon.
(Intermezzo no 2. Adagio Ma Non Troppo) November 29th, 2020 Terry has some anxieties to air. He comes to Donna for comfort in what shall heretofore be called Mistake Number One.
Winter Wonderland: The Dome Appears November 27th, 2020 A dome separates the Suicide Slums from the rest of Metropolis, and a army of toys is fought.
Gombar and Gombar November 20th, 2020 The wreck of Endovar's ship The Beating Heart is located, and the descendants of the original navigators are charmed, bulldozer style, into helping access its navigation logs. Endovar's secret base - and the way home - has been found.
War Without End November 14th, 2020 The Titans visit a world of eternal warfare and decide to test out the age-old adage that it's hard to hate your enemy when you feel sorry for them. And yourself.
Flashback: Fugate's Time Crime November 6th, 2020 No description
The Secret of Nim November 1st, 2020 The Titans get into the business of rigging elections.
Broken Sky: Listening For the Echoes October 19th, 2020 The Titans follow a signal from the point of the collapsed wormhole to Jupiter, where they find a stand-off between two alien species. Much confusion ensues, but eventually the Titans find someone willing to help.
Let Me Not Die Ingloriously October 15th, 2020 Donna and Hippolyta discuss the different types of duty and attempt to apologize to each other.
Caminask October 14th, 2020 The Titans visit a world where social rank is a daily lottery. ALL HAIL QUEEN CAITLIN THE FIRST!
(Intermezzo) Cat on a Hot Titanium Spaceship. October 11th, 2020 Vorpal attempts to disappear, but it's Donna who ends up grinning.
Echon II October 2nd, 2020 How do you deal with a society that judges you by the standards of something called 'fisk'? Keep it simple but logical and sensible? Try to be the princessier-than-thou? Try to show that they may be able to talk the hind legs off a donkey but you can talk the front legs off too? No, apparently you just Caitlin Smash.
Flashback: A Less Formal Theymsciran Greeting September 28th, 2020 This one time, at bandcamp...
(Intermezzo) When in Rome September 27th, 2020 Donna comes clean to Terry and Caitlin about the problems of having a girlfriend who was designed to break reality.
Echon I September 22nd, 2020 The four lost Titans arrive on Echon, a world where everyone wants to distil their own essences or something. It's weird. They're weird. Someone ought to punch them.
What Dreams May Come September 21st, 2020 A conspiracy of Corvidae leads to a meeting in the Dreaming, and the Dreamlord takes a Raven to meet an Amazon in Fiddler's Green.
I Have Spoken, and I Shall Speak No More September 12th, 2020 Queen Hippolyta takes Diana, Kate and Cassie to consult with the Oracle of Themyscira. Strange words are spoken and the meaning is as obscure as any Oracle might wish, but one thing is clear: the missing Titans are alive.
Look Upon My Works September 11th, 2020 The four stranded Titans make first contact with the society of the Seven Worlds, and it's remarkably friendly. They even get gifts.
(Intermezzo) It's Cold Outside There's No Kind Of Atmosphere September 10th, 2020 Terry and Donna have some time to talk. Donna's already done all her freaking out, so Terry has to catch up!
(Intermezzo) Water, water, everywhere September 9th, 2020 Aboard the wrecked dreadnought and far away, Donna and Caitlin discuss priorities and supplies. Donna Donnas, Caitlin Caitlins.
The Farthest Shore September 7th, 2020 The missing Titans wake up aboard the trashed wreck of the Warzoon dreadnought and find themselves VERY far from home.
War of the Worlds Finale: Meanwhile, In Orbit September 5th, 2020 The Titans (and friends) implement the other half of the plan to deal with the Warzoon invasion. While forces battle the invaders on earth, a desperate plan goes into effect to force War World itself to retreat. The great battle station is infiltrated and Brainiac technology used to undermine it, while a fight takes place on the surface of War World itself to take out the shield generators. The mission is a success and War World flees - but not all the Titans return.
Lucy in the Tower with Titans September 5th, 2020 Karolina is brought back to Titans Tower by Donna, where she meets a Nadia who is desperate to give her a thorough sciencing!
It's Playtime!! September 5th, 2020 The Titan's bare witness to Toyman's return to America, and to crime.
Return from the Depths September 4th, 2020 Supergirl returns after being missing for a few days, and reveals her secret identity to the Titans.
Thesmophoria September 2nd, 2020 Diana makes an important announcement at a public event at the Embassy, and villains remarkably manage to somehow not show up.
Super Match Game Episode 03 August 31st, 2020 Super Match Game Episode 3. No spoilers.
Titan Memories 2012: Donna and Caitlin Meet August 29th, 2020 Donna Troy and Caitlin Fairchild meet for the first time!
20,000cm Beneath The Sea (With Added Lurkers) August 29th, 2020 No description
Behind the Curtain August 25th, 2020 Donna and Damian spar in the Titan's dojo and talk about things they couldn't talk about if anyone was there to enjoy the impressive display of swordsmanship.
Memory: Themysciran Healing VIII August 25th, 2020 Yes, the flashback is STILL GOING. In this week's episode, Donna tells Caitlin the secrets of how to become an Amazon, and explains why she'd make a terrible Disney princess.
In The Wake Of The Kingfisher August 23rd, 2020 Dawn gets introduced to a few more Titans, and Vorpal continues his never-ending feud with Bruce Monkeywrench.
Ethics In Superheroing August 22nd, 2020 Advice is precious. Advice is valuable. And sometimes Bruce Monkeywrench breaks you.
Taco Tuesday: Friday Edition August 22nd, 2020 Some of the Titans talk about the implications of a new 'Dove' rejoining them.
A New Dove Dawns August 22nd, 2020 Dawn Granger makes her first visit to the Titan's Tower. She confronts a destiny; the Titans confront a memory.
Escaping the Echo Chamber August 21st, 2020 Kara and Troia share in each other their struggles understanding Earth.
Watchtower Unveiling August 17th, 2020 A crowd of dignitaries, journalists, and superheroes gather at the Justice League's moon base to celebrate the inauguration of the Watchtower.
Flashback: Cassie in WONDERland. August 14th, 2020 2019: Just after learning she is Zeus' daughter, Cassie and Helen Sandsmark are taken to Themysicra by Diana. She meets with Queen Hippolyta and a pair of ex-Titans, Troia and Caitlin, who seem to be in residence. Cassie accepts the queen's offer to train and her mother reluctantly agrees - for now.
The Titans Take A Time Out August 7th, 2020 America comes back to the tower. Nadia comes back to the tower, and brings Hank. Kyle visits the tower. Everyone's at the tower! Supergirl and Nightwing geek out at lego. Mary geeks out at RPGs. Donna makes kerbals explode. Caitlin bakes the world's best pie, and they all lived happily ever after.
House Call August 6th, 2020 Donna and Samuel come to check up on a missing Nadia. The aftermath of Bushwick is discussed. Many cookies are eaten. Donna springs for Turkish food.
The Torch August 2nd, 2020 A group of Titans gather to discuss leadership and flick peanuts.
When a Banshee cries for help August 1st, 2020 Siobhan moves into the Titan's guest lodging while they try to help get a handle on her mysterious spiritual 'else'.
Sister Talk July 31st, 2020 Donna and Diana get together over photographs and tea to discuss heroism, history and Cassie.
Benefit for Bushwick July 27th, 2020 The benefit is a success. Funds raised, and everyone who shook Senator Kelly's hand should wash it immediately.
Memory: Themysciran Healing VII July 26th, 2020 Donna and Diana take Caitlin to a 'dive bar' on Themyscira. Caitlin tries wine for the first time and decides she doesn't hate it, and the two younger women talk more about the path of their lives-- the past, and the future.
Genosha Burns: Science Time July 24th, 2020 Various teams meet to discuss the process of sizing up the shrunken cities.
Amazons Assemble! July 23rd, 2020 An assortment of Amazons descend on the embassy to plot the downfall of America. Not really. Actually they just take Diana out to a cool new Asian-Latin fusion place, but a Themysciran can dream...
Talking Titans July 22nd, 2020 Planning to get more involved in the Titans again moving forwards, Dick meets up with Donna to discuss the future and reminisce about the past.
A Change of Pace July 20th, 2020 Donna and Sam take a walk, eat ice cream, and talk about turning points and problems resolved.
On Top of the World July 18th, 2020 Titans welcome Garth back to the tower. Exchange some childhood tales of strange days or normal ones. Also space rock.
Memory: Themysciran Healing VI July 18th, 2020 After Caitlin's VIOLENT and SAVAGE assault on Donna, the pair spend some quiet time in the Halls of Healing together, wondering whether it's time to grow up , and if so how to do it.
Titans: Well-Earned Rest July 16th, 2020 The Titans have a family meal.
Coming to Shore July 16th, 2020 Garth is welcomed back into the Titans fold
Quiet, At Last. July 15th, 2020 In the aftermath of the aftermath of the Brainiac invasion, Donna and Raven catch up to talk about leadership and think about pyramids.
Memory: Themyscirans in America July 14th, 2020 Retro scene. It's 2011 in New York at the gallery where Diana Prince works as an expert in ancient Greek artifacts. Suddenly: Wild TROIA appeared!
Bowyer of Paradise July 13th, 2020 The Titans make progress on building Kate a replacement weapon: the WonderBow!
Return to Base July 12th, 2020 Nobody told Nadia not to get into a stranger's jet, but luckily the strangers were the Titans. She comes to the tower to find the Titans gathering together after victory over Brainiac. Once the adrenaline come-down passes, the Titans start to party.
Genosha Burns: Revenge of the Brainiac Phobiacs July 11th, 2020 The Titans, X-Men, and more of Earth's heroes make Brainiac regret he ever chose to mess with Earth. But surely there are more threats out there aside from Brainiac...
Brainiac hates it when a plan comes together July 11th, 2020 The Titans celebrate victory with pizza, but console each other after a hard battle.
Memory: Themysciran Healing IV July 10th, 2020 Caitlin STABS Donna. Stabbily. She's sooo violent like that. Mean, BLOODTHIRSTY Caitlin. Donna almost DIES! (note: this precis utterly belies the tone of this scene because after a scene like that you need a giggle).
Titans: The Brute Squad July 8th, 2020 Donna and Caitlin drag Kara into the Danger Room for a session of Brainiac Drone combat training with the difficulty level turned up. Kara accidentally wrecks the danger room. Everyone point at her and laugh.
Memory: Themysciran Healing III July 7th, 2020 The further Retro-Adventures of Caitlin, Diana and Donna on Themyscira. Caitlin finds herself bullied by the sisters into trading her bruiser's ways for the finer arts of Amazonian combat.
War never changes July 5th, 2020 Donna and Vic sit down with Kian for a talk about the nature of their current conflict, and the nature of conflict in general.
Practice Makes Marginally Better July 2nd, 2020 Donna and Kate have a long talk about a lot of important things. Then they go into an interesting training simulation.
Memories: Themysciran Healing II July 1st, 2020 Caitlin and Donna on Themyscira! The retro scene continues as Caitlin and Donna struggle to find words to express their feelings in the wake of the loss of two team-mates.
Vic, You're So OLD! June 30th, 2020 Even when the end of the world is looming, the Titans do not forget to celebrate birthdays. There are gifts, an amazing cake, illicit drinks and puzzled Robins.
Zen and the Art of Killing Brainiac Drones. June 29th, 2020 Kate's Danger Room program is ready to show the Titans what they are facing with the Brainiac drones. It's not all doom and gloom, just mostly.
Genosha Burns, Titans Fiddle. June 25th, 2020 In the aftermath of the assault on DC and the capture of Mutant Town, the Titans get together for a planning session.
City in a Bottle June 19th, 2020 Sentinels attack Washington DC, Brainiac shows himself to the world through his drones, and his taking Mutant Town from NYC. Despite the valiant fight from our world's heroes, they had been defeated this time...but there is more to come.
Birthday Wonder Waffles June 11th, 2020 Birthday Wonder Waffles are had. A New Tradition Founded. Donna broke out the good stuff. Shh.
Titans Tower Social June 9th, 2020 A gathering of Titans where the drinks aren't poisoned, the Amazons don't do Sports Illustrated and swords are waved around but nobody's stabbed.
Hopes and Memories June 8th, 2020 Raven and Donna discuss dreams, immortality, death and love.
Memory: Themysciran Healing. June 3rd, 2020 Flasback: Donna brings Caitlin to Themyscira to meet Diana and Queen Hippolyta, and to help her heal from her injuries after fighting Doomsday.
War of Worlds pt 3 May 31st, 2020 The Worlds finest have come together to push Mongul's horde OUT of Metropolis and destroyed the weapon they were trying to construct in the country-side. Mongul was captured, but he's plenty of forces who eagerly attempt to free him from Green Lanterns traps... Zod faces off against Superman, Clea, and Zora on a mountain peak.

War of Worlds continues in HAM #1993

War of the Worlds - Part 2a May 31st, 2020 While the battle rages in Metropolis beyond, the Titans take the battle to the enemy, boarding one of the attacking Dreadnoughts and capturing it.
(Possible) Trouble in Paradise May 27th, 2020 Donna Troy and Robbie Reyes encounter an interesting situation and get to know each other in the middle of the chaos.
War of Worlds Pt 1 May 26th, 2020 Mongul's Warworld entered Sol at the far reaches of the solar system and a force of Earth's Mightest Heroes flew out to Jupiter to face him. The massive weapon on the plantoid station was destroyed, but at great cost to the heroes. General Zod, the Kryptonian warlord responsible for the first Alien Alliance that attacked Earth, revealed himself as the driving figure behind the invsaion. With Superman in their clutches, Power Girl lost in Warworld, and Thor unconscious, the heroes rush back to Earth to ready the planets defenses.

The War of Worlds has begun.

Titans Memorial Day barbecue and pool party May 26th, 2020 New faces and old friends alike meet on the Titans rooftop for summer fun and hero talk.
Introducing Robins and Donuts. May 18th, 2020 Donna takes short jokes are off the menu, Robin gets a sugar high, Cassie is introduced to the team, Kate is called an Amazon, Terry says things about mouth sizes he really shouldn't, and Gar eats ALL the donuts (that last part is totally true).
The birds, and the Titans May 17th, 2020 Damian and Dick visit Titans Tower, revealing Red X's trie identity, pep talks ensue, and language flexing. ;)
Titans of Tech May 17th, 2020 The Titans use tech recovered in the field to identify the next steps they'll have to take in their fight against HIVE.
A bird. A plane. You know the drill. May 15th, 2020 Raven's Coffe Brings All The Supers To The Tower
A change of plans, a change of direction May 11th, 2020 Techno and Red X meet the Titans proper. Words are exchanged, tempers flare, and things come together.
TITANS: The Spider-Maker's ArcHIVEs. May 7th, 2020 Kian, Vorpal, Starfire, Flash, Cyborg and Troia answer an emergency call. So does HIVE.
All The Wonders That They Do May 4th, 2020 The interview finally goes down. Terry manages not to faint this time.
Red Handed May 4th, 2020 Nightwing shows up looking for his missing T-Com, the day after it was used in a vandalism attack on Titans Tower. Vic and Donna come up with some suspects and the three formulate a plan of action.
Titans: From Old to New April 28th, 2020 Caitlin and Donna take Terry aside to see how things stand for him as a new Titan.
sThorytime April 27th, 2020 It is a lovely little after party at the Themysciran Embassy. Let your soul glo.
A Rae of Sunshine April 24th, 2020 Donna and Raven go for a pleasant walk in the sunshine. Even the clouds they bring themselves seem to clear up after a while.
Candygramm April 23rd, 2020 Kate invites Gwen over to meet Vorapl, Donna, and Caitlin. Sam party crashes the tower. Tensions ensue. Kate has pizza. Vorpal is nuts.
Homecoming April 22nd, 2020 Vic arrives at Titans Tower, meets a couple of new members in Kian and Naomi, and reconnects with old friends Gar and Donna (who, as Terry had promised, has some surprising truths to share)
Here's Wally. April 21st, 2020 Wally returns to Titans Tower, and the gang is almost all back.
Coffee Homeground April 19th, 2020 Two warrior princesses meet, and Terry learns that you should never try to tease an Amazonian.
Include the Weird Kid April 18th, 2020 Diana has told the Titans that they should let the wierd kid play. Miss America Chavez comes to the tower!
The Many Ways to String a Bow April 16th, 2020 Hawkeye and Troia meet up in the Titans' Gym and discuss the finer points of archery.
Troia Reporting In, or: I Wasn't Allowed to Tell Anyone, and YOU Get an Embassy April 15th, 2020 Donna reports to Diana at the Themysciran embassy, only a couple of days later than intended. Raven attends, purely to torment Donna in front of her sister.
Old Clothes, Old Feelings. April 14th, 2020 Donna and Raven determine that 1 does not equal 3, and this may be the cause of some tension - but apparently not enough to avoid the need for a fade to black.
Do you Know What We Did Last Evening April 12th, 2020 Titans + Rooftop = Unexepected Happenings. Amazons, Empaths and Aliens, oh my!
Mirror Mirror, Nevermore. April 11th, 2020 Old wounds heal.  New wounds are opened—and some of those heal too.  People start shipping unbidden, and that's probably going to the the worst part.
Outside Looking In April 9th, 2020 Terry meets Troia, and they agree to keep each other's secrets. Troia learns that things are worse than she thought, and Terry is a little freaked out by her 'intuition'.


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