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Avengers: Space Pod Problems
Date of Scene: 21 March 2020
Location: Avengers Mansion - Labs
Synopsis: Carol briefs a bunch of Avengers and Associates about the Space Pod before it has to go SHIELD so they can obsess over it.
Cast of Characters: Carol Danvers, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, T'Challa

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol sort of broke the rules probably telling Superman about the pod before the others, but she also needed to talk to him about how to handle the potential news and coordinate things. Also Fury wanted a meeting invite extended to him. So yeah there we are.

Saturday afternoon though finds her sitting on one of the workbenches in the lab waiting, spending the time on a SHIELD issued tablet as she considers how to respond to Fury's requests on Natasha's last report.

A message was fired off to Clint and Natasha though asking if they could join her in the Avengers Lab space.

Clint Barton has posed:
When the message comes in Clint was working a few floors above in the gym. Picking up his phone the archer fires back:

> On the way

Then goes and hits the showers.

Ten minutes later, Clint's walking into the lab in a tank-top track pants, a towel hung over his shoulders. "Hey Carol, what's up?" he greets with a wave as spots Danvers.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha has her knee dug in between a man's shoulderblades and his arm bent the wrong way by the wrist when she gets the message.
    'K' the message comes back back. 'Minute' comes another.
     Natasha arrives shortly after Clint, her hair slightly mussed, dressed for work in her usual black bodysuit. She gives a quick little rap on the doorframe before greeting, "Danvers. Barton." in slightly inexpressive fashion. Clint, she usually doesn't feel the need to put on much pretense of normal humanity for. SHIELD co-workers get a bit more, but not as much as the average Avenger.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol nods to Barton then tilts her head and looks over Natasha, mostly the slight muss.


She reaches down and pats the large spaceprobe laying on the worktable beside her. "So I'm sure you both saw Fury's request for me to drop this off at the Triskelion. I think it would be good for me to share what I learned about it with you two and eventually the others here in the Mansion though. I guess I should haul this thing over there though."

"So ... three possible sources for this thing, two of which the Bolivax and the people of Yod have been extinct and ..well unlikely. The problem is the tech in this thing looks for all the world like the Maltusians technology. It is pretty distinctive..."

Aliens whatcha going to do.

"The problem is the Maltusians are better known this eon as the Guardians, the people behind the Green Lantern Corps."

Clint Barton has posed:
"Nat," Clint says giving her a nod, he was used to Nat's way of doing thing and so her greeting only pings normal to his mind.

"Yeah, saw that directive," he says about the pod. And another one, which makes him glance towards Nat that suggests they may need to talk.

The alien stuff flies, heh, right over Clint's head for the most part. "Any of them part of the alliance-" then Carol gets to meat of the topic and he nods. "So, green like those beams right?"

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha furrows her brow slightly, and crosses her arms. There were... a lot of names just now that don't ring any bells in her head, but to look at her you'd think she understood perfectly. Rather than fake it, though, she simply grasps on the part she does understand.
    "That lines up what Strange told me about the Lantern." She says, refferring to theory - intel doesn't quite fit - that she had passed on to Carol a while back. Inferring from the mention of 'corps' Natasha asks, "There's more than one of these guys, then?"

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol backs up a little mentally. "Green Lantern Corps, they feel they are the galatic police, peace keepers. Honestly a lot of overlap with the Nova Corps from Xandar." yes Space Is Big and Full of Arrogant People.

"They are the ones who give the green rings and authority to people... with strong will. Not compassion or anything, strong will... anyhow Hal Jordan is the green Lantern for our sector of space, chosen of earth... goes by the title Green Lantern which is kinda simplification because there are a hundreds if not thousands of green lanterns out there in the galaxy. Space cops.

There is a touch of a shrug. "The green beams very much could have been from a lantern ring, and this probes technology is .. very much theres or appears to be. The problem is the spy sats were tampered with and we can't figure out if the beams were added or lantern troops removed. So either it is the green lanterns or it is someone who really wants to pin it on them."

"Thing is, the Guardians track record, if they thought they were saving the Galaxy by nuking some mutants from orbit, they would do it. They probably wouldn't tell our local Green Lantern because of his morals but... the Guardians themselves are not really about good or evil but about order and the Galaxy's safety as a whole. They have made bad decisions in the past."

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint takes that all in as he finds a piece of wall to lean on and crosses his arms. "Great, another set of 'all powerful' beings mucking around on Earth because they can," he says. Is someone still bitter about Loki, Odin et al. You bet your ass they are.

"So, is there a way to tell which it is, these Malt Teaser guys or someone try to frame them?" he asks looking to Carol for this one.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha files away the name 'Hal Jordan' for later, and closes her eyes. "Thousands." She repeats softly. At this point Natasha should be used to Earth being hilariously outgunned, but it never gets any less troubling when the gap widens. "It could make sense. If someone out there sees Mutants as iour future, they may not want us to get strong enough to actually be players out there... nevermind a threat." She says softly, and then looks to Clint, nodding her agreement in wanting to know the answer to that question. She'd like to at least pick a fight with the right people. "... Or or which one would be in a better position or have the knowledge to affect our sattellites like that?"

Carol Danvers has posed:
"I mean the Guardians could impact our satellites and anyone smart enough or resourced enough to fake their tech or set them up could do it." she frowns. "I sincerely doubt they would muster lots of troops against the earth even for a threat.. or at least could without Hal being able to learn of it. Superman and I are going to go talk to Hal about it and see if we can't sic him on a fact finding mission back to the Guardians base of operations. Even he and I would have trouble going to investigate that place at the source so I think Hal may be our best bet there."

She shrugs. "Sorry it isn't better news... I do think someone is probably trying to purposefully throw us off the trail because while the Guardians can be dicks according to the Kree database.. I can't see them nuking Genosha. Mutants aren't that dangerous."

Clint Barton has posed:
Thaaaat all made sense. Clint nods, the archer looking thoughtful as he says, "So not likely them because why would they care? Then if it's someone trying to set them up they'd need to lay their hands on the Maltusian tech, which, if they have thousands of guys like Green Lantern, can't be easy."

He considers the pod for a few moments. "Do we know if the tech used in this thing is new or old? Like did they break into a Green Lantern base?" if they had bases, "Or did they just rummage through the right space junkyard?"

There's a nod of agreement about sending Green Lantern on a fact finding mission. "Seems like the guy to send if we're sure his bosses aren't behind this."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Mutants aren't that dangerous YET, Natasha thinks, but doesn't say. Carol's judgement is reliably sound, and she knows more than anyone about these people, so she figures she can't usefully doubt anything she says right now. "We aren't in the business of good news." She says, which is more or less Nat for 'it's fine'. "Anything that narrows the list of suspects and brings us closer to them is appreciated. "Why set them up, though? Nobody's going to spark a war between Earth and the Lantern Corps, we don't even have the technology to reach them." She asks. "It couldn't be as simple as turning us against the one on Earth. There'd be more arrows pointing to him, surely."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda returns to the mansion, having had to attend to the sort of call that requires the presence of Avengers. A long shower was needed afterwards. Once that was out of the way, changed into jeans and a knit shirt, Wanda inquired of JARVIS after other members of the team. After a stop in the kitchen, she makes her way down the basement hallways towards the labs.

Reaching the one that JARVIS had pointed her to, Wanda gives a little awkward knock on the doorframe. Awkward because she has a tray with a pitcher of raspberry iced tea on it, and a number of glasses of full of ice. "If Nick Fury won't shoot me for walking in, thought maybe something to drink might be appreciated," Wanda offers before coming in further.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Well Carol smiles at Wanda's greeting at least from her perch sitting next to the space pod of doom. Like she isn't worried about it blowing up or anything next to her.

Well she isn't worried about herself at least, the rate things blow up next to her while being strange alien sciences is rather high.

"No worry Wanda. Just filling in people on what I was able to determine from our friendly red herring that lured Supes out to space during the Genosha assault."

She considers Wanda. "I guess it narrows it down. The confusing and most disturbing part is just like you said Wanda. Why would someone try to pin it on the Guardians. The earth isn't going to attack them. Hal isn't about to be mobbed and pitchforked. So few people or races would have access to their technology and the skill to fake this thing. I mean I guess it could be a standard if older SoS pod and someone just dropped it out there and set it going ... but.." she just sighs.

"The TLDR Wanda is the pod is Guardian technology, they formed the Green Lantern Corps... I plan to talk to our local sectors Green Lantern."

Clint Barton has posed:
"Drinks are always welcome," Clint says with a wave from where he's holding up a bit of wall.

"Yeah, trying to decide why someone would want us to think the guys behind the Green Lanterns would want to take out Genosha," he says.

Then it sort of hits him. "Wait, this pretty much means the odds are good its extra-terrestrial right? The attack? Unless there's people other than Hal Jordan who know about these Maltusians and could get their hands on their tech."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha nods solemnly as Carol. When Wanda shows up it's like a magic trick. Muscles engage, and Natasha suddenly has a normal, pleasant expression on her face, and a soft smile. "Ah, *thank* you Wanda." She says, affecting some relieve in her voice, "Much appreciated. Busy day." It's true, too, fifteen minutes ago she was beating the dog crap out of a crowded room.
     Her brow furrows when Clint speaks, her feelings suddenly readable on her face as she says. "That seems likely. Aliens familiar enough with us to go after an isolated nation people have mixed feelings on and wipe out the population with the most potential for growth in power. Probably could have done the same thing to New York, but chose not to." Natasha takes a deep breath. "... That doesn't necessarily explain Vertigo, though. Thor says he'd seen him on Earth before any of this started.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff walks in, eyes going to the pod briefly as she hears the discussion underway. Carol is given a nod of thanks as the woman reads Wanda in on the situation.

The tray is set down and Wanda fills the glasses, distributing them to anyone who wishes one. At the end of which, Wanda ends up with a glass herself, taking a sip as she leans against a clear spot on a table.

Her eyes go back to the probe, an intent green stare leveled on the apparatus as if it might shed answers under just the intensity of the look. Slowly she pulls her eyes away to look to the others. "Vertigo?" she asks. "Was she one of the ones taking bodies, or samples, in the aftermath?" Wanda asks to make sure she is up on the latest talk.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol nods an affirmative to Wanda then muses "The Vertigo crew could be a coincidence. The Morlock massacre and harvesting ...and then the same with Genosha. Well that could be related or could be opportunists. I think it is highly likely that Clint is right though. Most people on earth don't have a clue about the Guardian's existance let alone ability to get their hands on their technology. It seems really likely that the assault is alien in origin. Might not tbe the guardians but ... it is an odd choice of red herring to throw us at if you were from earth and thinking in earthly structures."

"Superman and I .. dd share a very uncomfortable realization that the alien attacks from a variety of sources.. invasions and assaults both.. seem to be speeding up over the last two decades. We are about due to for another fuckery."

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint gives Wanda a warm smile and a "Thanks," as he takes his drink, and moves off to join her when she's done handing them out.

"That's news to me," he says about Vertigo. "Who are those guys?" he asks before they move to the attack at large.

Despite the grim topic, Clint manages a bit of a smirk as he asks, "Please tell me it was Superman who called it 'fuckery'," he says trying to lighten the mood. "Yeah, what been two years since Loki?" he frowns. "Getting to be a thing. So we thinking this might be whoever's coming next's opening move? Take out Genosha?" he asks, giving a sympathetic look to Wanda.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    "The scavangers on the ground after the Genosha attack." Natasha remidns Clint, taking the drink with a gracious nod, but not bringing it to her lips just yet. "The witnesses at the Wakandan treatment camp told us. Three or four hostiles on the ground, collecting bodies and parts, taking samples. Thor recognized a description of one of them, a man called Vertigo who can create galeforce winds with his arms." Speaking of Mutants. Though not neccessarily.
    Natasha shakes her head after Clint theorizes about what comes next, "... We're still not ready for another invasion. Not really. We have people, but... Earth just doesn't have an infrastructure to deal with it globally." She laments softly and takes a sip of her drink, eyes closed.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda sips her raspberry iced tea, eyes on the pod and for the moment looking a little blank to where people might wonder if she's still listening. "Riptide," Wanda says quietly. "The spinner is Riptide. Vertigo is the woman who made the others disoriented, I think." Apparently she read up on them afterwards.

Wanda gives a little frown of her head. "They have focused on mutants before. But why would aliens?" she says. "It is not like mutants have been at the forefront of any of our resistance. Even the X-men, while they fought, and well, were not the tip of the spear against the invasion in Australia. Or Loki."

Carol Danvers has posed:
"It is a really good question but the technology in this probe is definitely alien in origin. From an alien race that is very isolated outside their galaxy cops the Lanterns." she frowns and shakes her head.

"But yeah we have more questions now and need to talk to Hal and figure out what he can find out next I think... short of me flying out and punching some green lanterns which would be counter productive."

She looks to the probe "We should also drop this off so Fury isn't consternipated about it."

Clint Barton has posed:
"Right," Clint says to Nat remembering the discussion.

As for Wanda, "Riptide and Vertigo, well at least they've got catchy names. shouldn't be too hard to dig up. I can put some words in a few disreputable ears, especially if they were here in New York after the Morlock Massacre."

He makes a face at that. So much wasted life.

"And no clue," he says to Wanda about why Mutants were chosen. "Guess a big population of powered people might make a natural target, but I dunno..."

As for the probe? "Sounds like your department Carol, unless you want to transport it there," that last is for Wanda.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha nods her head to Carol and says "We should turn it in, yes. Fury has... a backlog to get to, and I doubt he appreciates it." She says, pausing with a moment of trepidation, given recent events in Asgard.
    To Wanda, she regards her silently for a long moment, considering her worst and affecting an expression of sympathy. "They haven't been yet. But it's not a stretch to say they're..." she corrects yourself, "... you're a sign of the future. A significantly more powerful human race who aren't nearly as vulnerable to invasion or rule. I would feel intimidated if I had eyes on conquering or controlling this planet, even if just down the line." Ignoring the fact that she's technically second in line to rule the Earth. Natasha started out drinking the Russian kool-aid regarding the malignancy of Mutants. As her perspective matured she saw them more as simply a source of unpredictable trouble on the world stage. But after living through an invasion or two... she's honestly begun to think that, if nothing else, they might be an evolutionary response to the madness that's plagued this planet from within and without.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff gives a slow nod, her eyes staying away from everyone else for awhile still. "I suppose we could have just been viewed as a threat. And, just, congregated, were a choice target," she says quietly. "And with how the rest of the world views us, easy to assume the blame would be shunted off some other direction."

Wanda's fingers slide over the glass she's holding, rubbing across the beads of condensation on it. "Though someone like Trask would do this if he thought he could," she says. She notices her hand tightening on the glass and looks down at it, loosening her fingers and then looking around at her teammates.

"Thank you for continuing to look into it. With everything else, I've not had much time for investigations," she says. "Has anyone... scanned the debris. However Tony would do such things. The energies involved, tried to check for... something there that might be a clue?" she asks.

Carol Danvers has posed:
"That is the thing, there is no readings lingering worth anything that I could get wiht my suits sensors. Tony also said he couldn't really get any risiduals with his tech." she looks down at the probe. "Which is intensely strange if it was anything exotic like cosmic or other forces."

"The lanterns .. well they focus their will into energy from what I understand it but the closest proximity would be Hard Light... which doesn't leave signatures really...." she looks to Wanda "I really am skeptical of Trask... but the sentinels are also really advanced. More than I would have thought for earth so... not sure. Lots of questions."

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint steps to Wanda's side and puts his hand on her shoulder, just to let her feel that someone was there. "It makes sense," he says about why they picked Mutants, giving her shoulder a squeeze in apology but they couldn't tred around the subject.

"Too many questions," he agrees with Carol, letting go of Wanda's shoulder but standing close by all the same. "So energy readings are a no go, the tech is likely a plant to throw us off the scent..." he makes a face. "Anyhow, if people don't have something better for me to do, I'll see about finding out where these scavengers are hiding, doesn't sound like they did the job, but they might have heard or seen something, might be good to throw them around an interrogation room a bit to see what shakes out."

He gives it a bit of thought. "Trask too. Just to be sure."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha nods her head firmly, and looks to Clint. "I'll do the same. We'll ring each other if we find anything." She says, though it barely needs saying, the way the two work together. She smiles a little, "... Ideally before we're neck deep in it." Which is a tall order.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff reaches out when Clint comes over to her, resting her own hand upon his shoulder as if that touch helps her center herself. "We will figure it out in the end. And those responsible will be found," she says with a certainty, turning to look at each person in turn. Wanda's tone is certain. She's been through several stages of grief by now. Most of the disaster-Wanda is gone now. Replaced by something harder, though members of her team and family have perhaps stopped her from turning as hard as she might have over it.

One such, gets a pat of his shoulder from Wanda. "How is everything else faring?" she asks. "I took the call on Sandman's assault on the Federal Reserve. The places that sand ended up... were... rather disturbing," she says in her typically slow delivery.

T'Challa has posed:
T'Challa arrives at the mansion is directed down to the lab by JARVIS where, the AI says, several Avengers are gathered around some unknown device. The King pads down the elevator in his sandles, making next to no noise as he approaches, more out of habit and natural grace than any attempt to sneak around.. He's no reason to sneak, these are his comrades afterall. At the entrance he stops and regards the quartet assembled, tilting his head gently towards his right shoulder curiously, though he's not going out of his way to mask his appearance. Evne raising his hand in greeting. "What is going on? JARVIS says there is something of importance?"

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol is sitting on one of the workbenches still, next to a decently sized technological based space pod. She is leaning against it to be honest at this point and sipping some ice tea Wanda brought everyone.

"We will definitely be making sure whoever did that too Genosha is never in a position to do it again that much is for certain."

She looks to T'Challa. "discussing the origins of the pod that was used to lure a hitter away from earth during the Genosha assault... we think it is a red herring but we need to chase it down still."

Attention bounces back to Wanda. "Nothing dire recently. I'm usually only called if it is alien or something that needs to be hit.. reeeeally hard."

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint's standing by Wanda, a glass in his hand, rasberry iced tea if T'Challa can smell it, he takes a drink nodding to the royal arrival.

"Heya, TC," he says.

"Yeah, we think somebody is trying to blame the Green Lanterns. That's right apparently there's more of the guys and they take orders from someone called the Maltusians?" he looks to Carol. "Who's tech is in this pod," he nods at the pod in question.

"We're trying to figure out what to do about all of that, plus, get this thing back Fury, before he starts sizing up peoples asses for boots."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha greets T'Challa with a simple "T'Challa, welcome." as she listens to everyone else and ultimately nods her agreement in regards to stopping this from happening again and holding the perpetrators responsible. "Exactly. We have the best people in the world working on it, after all."
    Natasha is not an optimist by any means, but she feels like Wanda probably better off hearing that than a bunch of maybies.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda flashes a warm smile over to T'Challa when he comes in. "Hello T'Challa. Yes, trying to unravel more of this... Gordian knot around what happened," she says. She motions towards a tray where two extra glasses of ice sit beside a partially full pitcher. "Would you like some raspberry iced teas?" she asks him. Everyone else has a glass already.

The disembodied voice of JARVIS cuts into the conversation. "The mansion has a guest on my authorized list, who is on his way down to see you. Dr. Richards said it was a matter of some importance. He should be arriving shortly."

Wanda perks up at the mention of the member of the Fantastic Four arriving. "Thank you, JARVIS," she says aloud. Her glance goes around to the others in the room to see if they might have any idea what it is about.

It won't take them long to find out. Reed Richards arrives soon after. He's past 50 and on his way to 60, the Fantastic Four having been the original superhero team as far as worldwide acclaim went. "Avengers, nice to see you all," he says as he walks in. He motions towards the pod. "Is that part of the Genosha investigation?" he asks, his curiosity already peaked. "I came to see if I could lend a hand."

T'Challa has posed:
"Where was this found?" T'Challa asks, moving over towards the pod with a nod returning all greetings directed his way. At the workstation he leans forward and brings up one of the kimoyo beads around his wrist, tapping it with the end of his finger. Small blue lights illuminate the carved sphere and send out a light to brush over the pod with a sweep of his wrist.

Having worked with the Fantastic Four previously, T'Chall nods a genuine greeting to Reed and extends his hand once the scan of the device is complete, "It is good to see you, Doctor. It has been entirely too long." But with events in Wakanda, and the world really, being what they are right?

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol sips her tea and nods to Reed when he arrives and confirms for both him and T'Challa. "This pod was found in near space, it was set there to attempt to lure a heavy hitter away from earth so they wouldn't be able to respond to the Genosha crisis." she taps the pod lightly.

"I know what my analysis says as far as the origin but I'd be happy for you all to take a look first." she mmms "Pro-tip though it isn't from earth despite some tricky appearances on the surface."

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint nods when Reed enters the room, it was still a trip when the Four rolled into the mansion like the rest of the team didn't grow up with their faces on their lunch boxes growing up.

"We're about to return the thing, to SHEILD, doc, so anything you might be able to tell us would be a big help."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Reed shakes T'Challa's hand warmly. "Your Majesty, always good to see you. And my compliments and thanks to your nation for their efforts in these dark days." Reed moves over to greet Wanda then. "And the best wishes from Sue and the boys as well. We'll do what we can to help," he assures the Scarlet Witch.

But they can't keep Reed from the probe for long. He tells Clint, "Well, I guess I came just in time then." His neck extends, moving his head around the probe in a full circle to see all sides of it.

Meanwhile he pulls out some sort of portable scanner and begins taking readings. "So a decoy, you say? Fascinating. So really more than a brute force surprise attack then?" His little device whirrs softly as it takes reading, Reed's stretchy neck bringing his head back over to examine it. "Do you have any readings from Genosha itself as well?" he asks as he pulls some futuristic glasses out and puts them on. The lenses turn a greenish color and light up slightly as he looks over the probe.

T'Challa has posed:
Greetings extended, T'Challa falls quiet to watch the Doctor work his technological magic. "It was the least we could do." Of their aiding Genosha, nodding briskly as he turns back to the pod with a frown settling upon his face. Something thoughtful, but not distant, he crosses his arms and raises one hand to absently pick at th small tuft of hair beneath his bottom lip. "The energy signature is similar to that which was used to attack Genosha? I admit to knowing very little about the Green Lantarns, but is one of theirs not a member of the Justice League?"

Carol Danvers has posed:
"There were no really lingering energy signatures after the attack on Genosha, which is part of the mystery we are all trying to piece together." she clarifies that part. "The make of the pod, well it is definitely alien and interesting technology. I only know one species that uses this technology and it is the backers of the Lantern Corp T'Challa... which is why people have been kicking around them potentially being the source of the green beams."

She pauses "Most don't know about this pod.. the green beams are why there are people kicking around Lanterns as a source of the beams that devastated Genosha. They also don't leave lingering energy signatures. The pod just seems to layer into that."

"I fully believe Hal wasn't involved.. the JLA member you mention. But he can inquire with the Guardians about it.. may be able to get to the bottom of that angle. I think though this decoy is a decoy .. the mystery is why someone pointed us at the Guardians in the first place.. and who would even have access to the tech and knowledge to do that."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda moves back out of the way so Reed can move about the room more easily. Not that his elastic stretching seems to be having an problems moving around people to get him the vantage points he wants.

"Fascinating," Reed says of a reading. He lifts up the glasses to check his hand-held instrument. "Most energy leaves some kind of residue, or change. Especially if it affects matter. Of course, being able to pick it up, even knowing what to look for, can be another story."

His neck does a U-turn, taking his head over towards Carol, the rest of his body walking over to catch up. "Green Lantern you say? Seems like it would be unusual for them. Never gotten to study their energy constructs. I should try to arrange that," he says to himself before turning back to the pod and putting his hands on his hips.

"Yes, definitely not from Earth. I don't know that I'm finding much of use. I think it would be a good idea to take some more readings from Genosha though. Maybe compare them to the pod now you have it, can analyze it's power source?" Reed suggests.

The elder statements of the Fantastic Four glances to Wanda, who gives a nod of her head. "Please, Doctor Richards, proceed as you feel best." Reed looks to T'Challa, Carol and the rest. "Would you be up for another trip? Your Majesty, I don't know if you've had a chance to look things over as well?" he asks.

T'Challa has posed:
"I have not." T'Challa clarifies for Wanda, shaking his head where he stands quietly watching Reed stretch around the device to get his energy readings, "I have meant to do this, but with everything going on, it seemed inappropriate. Besides, there were others who were gathering as much data. Wakanda's long range scans gave us very little information, however." Because of course he was watching, just not going in to take a look around.

"I can arrange transportation." The offer hangs there in the open, obviously interesting in preforming an onsite investigation. Aside from curiosity, the kind of power necessary to destroy an entire nation is one of grave importance to the King... If they'd attack Genosha, they could, and might, attack Wakanda...

Carol Danvers has posed:
"I'm up for another trip, I didn't get useful readings last time but perhaps Reed or T'Challa can. Tony also kind of struck out last time as well I believe."

She considers "As I said earlier to some of the people here.. the lanterns kind of use a hard light .. at least that is the best way to describe it. It likely wouldn't leave much lingering readings. But I agree with Reed and others.. I don't see what the Lanterns gain by this unless the Guardians think they are stopping a grave threat from rising. Which seems unlikely."

She shrugs a bit.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Reed gives a quick nod of his head. "I'll put some equipment together to take with us. If you could provide the transportation, give me a bit and come by and I can install it in your jet and we can all take a trip over together. Perhaps with the wealth of different technologies available to us we might find some new breadcrumbs," he suggests.

Wanda moves over to touch Reed's shoulder. "Thank you, Reed. If there's anything we can do to help, let us know. I'll make sure our people there know that you're coming," she says.

Clint Barton has posed:
"Count me in," Clint says about the trip. He doesn't know what he can offer, but he'll be there.

"In the meantime, good to get the pod back to SHIELD? Not keen on finding out what Fury's boot polish tastes like," he asks looking around the room.

Carol Danvers has posed:
"Right... on that note I'll fly the thing over there then I guess." she smirks amushed at the mental image Clint just gave her.

"Though I think the Senior Agent should have to file the addendum to that AAR ...."

Yeah she just stuck that on Clint. Hah.