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Lord Rogers Assembles his First Legion
Date of Scene: 24 March 2020
Location: Avengers Mansion - Back Yard
Synopsis: The Avengers receive some unexpected guests: Seven Einherjar from Asgardia, pledging their services to Steve Rogers, Lord of Midgard!
Cast of Characters: Thor, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Wanda Maximoff, Janet van Dyne

Thor has posed:
    The day was dark and rainy, overcast throughout the morn and the afternoon. Clouds hung heavy in the sky, pregnant with showers that could make he day all the more downcast. Yet the lawn was recovering, due in large part to the efforts of Grounds-keeper William, tasked daily by the comings and goings of those worthy heroes. Though under his efforts he's able to bring forth the green, aided by the rain-showers in May.
    But simply because the weather is poorly does not make the days easier for the Avengers. There's the brief noisy chirp from JARVIS' systems that announces high levels of ambient energy activity in the area usually associated with several phenomenon. One such event being the gathering of power usually associated with translocational and interdimensional activity.
    Then the clouds above begin to swirl, a funnel beginning to form as JARVIS finally lifts its voice across the speakers.
    << I am getting inordinate high readings of multi-tiered quantum particles. Likely a portal or the Bifrost materializing in our atmosphere. >>

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    "Did Thor leave without us noticing?" Natasha asks curtly as she hastily pulls on a pair of heavy boots, with no time to change into her proper gear; heading towards the exit in jeans, a striped shirt and a tan leather jacket with a pistol in one hand. Just in case. "Could be coming back?"
    These transmats happen with relative frequency, but she usually knows when the Thunderer is *gone* so she can comfortably assume the world isn't ending.
    Granted it *could* be an innocent bunch of Asgardian. Technically. That's why she hides the gun under the back of her jacket for now, but she keeps her hand on it warily.
    But it usually doesn't seem this intense.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Grounds-keeper William has had an aide in his work throughout the morning and into the late afternoon. The concept of using his strength and endurance for something other than crime fighting deeply appeals to the humanitarian in Steve and, as such, when the alert comes from JARVIS, he's actually outside moving the umpteenth bag of beauty bark from one shed to the other. The Groundskeeper is expecting an order of gravel for the back end of the driveway, this space set up to avoid lawn damage from vehicles briskly arriving to the mansion. Room must be made!

The shift in the wind and the sudden smell of ozone has him pausing to set down the wheelbarrow. Dragging a forearm across his forehead leaves a damp streak of mud from one eyebrow to his temple. Hands go to his hips as he glances up and then goes more readied.

That looks...either like an incoming tornado or the...Bifrost...? Either way, in a teal-colored t-shirt darkened here and there with dirt and knees sporting damp spots where he'd knelt to yank a few weeds, the Captain isn't spic and span for this arrival.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda was on her way back to her room with a bowl of cereal in hand. She pauses as she hears JARVIS and sighs, looking down at the bowl. "Always, has to happen right after you add the milk," she says, "So it'll end up soggy by the time you get back to it."

The new addition to Murphy's Law created, Wanda retreats back to the kitchen, setting the bowl down there before getting a reading from JARVIS on where the portal, or Bifrost, is incoming to. She heads back out into the hallway and makes her way along it, heading for the doorway.

Thor has posed:
    Outside the swirl and rush of the clouds becomes heavier and heavier. The ozone smell becomes stronger, then there's that slow shifting of the clouds downward creating more and more of a funnel. It'd be a beautiful thing if it wasn't for the portent that it sometimes can bring.
    But then, over her shoulder, Natasha might well hear Thor's voice as he murmurs, "What's going on?" In a tone that's curious but also distracted as he has a can of ruffles and is reaching in with a small frown on his features, trying to get the last one.
    That's the moment when the Bifrost fires fully, the rainbow brilliance blasting downward half into the grass newly sod and half onto the driveway, bathing the area in light as the power seems to pulse downwards over and over...
    And then rocketing away just as quickly, leaving seven tall silhouettes in armor, seen in the after-image of that brilliant light.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha stares at Thor and takes a very deep breath. "Never mind, Jarvis." She says politely and then marches over to Thor, putting one hand on the can and BOPping the underside with the other to jar it loose, never breaking eye-contact. "If you're expecting company, you have until whatever *that* is happens to tell me, before I lecture you." She says very quickly. Unknown-Threat-Imminent Nat is not a Nat that bothers with pleasantries even with friends.
    And then the Bifrost fires, and Natasha turns around to look at it. She immediately has to shield her eyes with one arm held across her face until the light show ends, after which she marches back outside, hand back on her pistol as she eyes the new group outside.
    "... All active Avengers to the back yard. Now." she says very quickly into her wrist, watching the group and keeping a wary distance.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff comes out of the door to the mansion. Seeing that Thor is already here, one of her eyebrows goes up. She gathers a bit of her magic, the red aura flowing up out of the ground and around her hands, then swirling all about her to replace her civilian clothing with her costume as she walks forward a bit to the side of the other pair.

She watches the bifrost make it halfway onto the pavement. She looks at the newly scorched and comments softly. "So close," and then glances up towards the sky as if she could see all the long, long distance to Asgard, "And yet so far," she comments, sparing a thought for poor William, before she sees the figures who are forming there. She takes a stance which is ready, if not aggressive.

Steve Rogers has posed:
It looks like it is the Bifrost after all -- Steve recognizes the taste of lightning on his tongue -- and he takes a good number of quick, jogging steps back from the immediate area. Groundskeeper William isn't going to be pleased; the Captain knows that Thor is inside the mansion and not in Asgard itself, so whomever this is, they don't know about the 'landing pad' of cement designated for arrival.

He throws up an arm against the bright glare of prismatic light when the group arrives and then blinks overtop of it, still squinting. Oh. Oh geez.

He sees the others emerge from the mansion and throws out a hand in their direction, his palm scuffed with mud. "Stand down, Avengers." His voice carries well enough across the yard. With deliberation, the suit-less and shield-less man still moves to place himself between his companions and the arriving group. "State your business," he then calls out towards the arrivals.

Thor has posed:
    Natasha is greeted with a look of confusion as she rolls on up on him and his brow beetles together. Then she manhandles his Ruffles and he quirks an eyebrow, only to be gifted with the brilliance of her solution whose realization causes his face to shift into one of wonder as his lips part and his eyes widen a little. "Ah." He says succinctly.
    Claiming the last chip he puts it in between his lips... pauses, then shakes his head when she asks him if he's expecting company. The chip is crunched.
    Outside the light recedes fully and the newly come Asgardians stand there in their full military regalia. Tall spears stand high and gleam with the golden brilliance of weapons of the guard. The horned helms and plate armor of those seven men and women all shine with meticulous care.
    The oldest among them, however, advances forward, doffing his helm and looking around his surroundings curiously. Only then his eyes fall upon Captain Rogers and he quirks a bushy white eyebrow. "Gardener, summon your master."
    "Wait," Thor says as he steps around Natasha, "I know that man."
    And with no hesitation he moves to the door, pushing it open and spreading his arms as he shouts, "Bjarke!"

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha squints at Thor so hard with looks like she's trying to pop her eyeballs before she wheels around on her heel and moves outside.
    Steve's order is not taken with a great deal of enthusiasm, but Natasha releases the pistol. Still keeps her arm close to her back, but it's an improvement. Naturally well-meaning (in theory) Asgardians were on the LIST of possibilities, but she's not used to strangers turning up unannounced at the mansion with anything but ill intentions. And the fact that they're all in armor is... not helpful to an Earthling's perspective.
    But she shared a surprisingly merry day of revelry with these people and developed a seed of fondness for them, so she's at least willing to let them get a word in before she shoots them in the face.
    Discreetly she inclines her head to Wanda and says "... It may be a good idea to address Steve a little formally around these guys at first. Captain Rogers and whatnot. For appearances."
    Natasha straightens up, and then inclines her head again, "And if one of them asks you to marry them, say you're waiting for your loved one's return." And back to normal.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda seems like she's being cautious, but also isn't expecting there to be a problem from the arrival. Believing those serving Odin are in control of the Bifrost so it would be unlikely to deliver enemies.

Of course, he did send Loki here, so what does she know, really?

So she's precautious. But not so much that the comment about marriage from Natasha doesn't draw a curious look. "I hope it'll be a June wedding if not," she says. "The flowers that time of year are so lovely and you can have it outdoors," the woman says in her soft Eastern European accent.

Thor's recognition of one of the men further puts Wanda at ease. She moves over to where she can lean against a bit of ornamental fencing along one of the paved walkways as she waits to see what develops.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Gardener? One can see the dubious confusion practically exuding radioactively from Steve. He even rubs at the back of his neck briefly, no doubt further moving dirt there in the process.

"If you're looking for Groundskeeper William, he's over on the far side of the rose beds moving sod," the super-soldier replies to the spit-shined presence of Asgardian militia. Thor's appearance and joyous greeting has him looking over at the Prince and then back at this Bjarke. He relaxes a degree in the knowledge that Thor knows this particular gathering.

"'m Captain Steve Rogers, you're welcome to treat with me if you've got news to report or other business to attend to."

And yes, that's about the most Captain America-ish stance the man can take in his t-shirt and jeans, hands still on his hips. Somehow...it works.

Thor has posed:
    It must be such strength of duty, such strength of conviction, that when Steve declares himself, /all/ of the seven Asgardians there standing partially in line... they instantly fall to one knee, their spears snapping down upon the ground in unison with a resonant hum of sound coming from those curious weapons. It must be such a strength of duty, that they ignore Thor's words even though from that angle Steve might have seen a smile blossom briefly upon Bjarke's features.
    But that is unimportant for now. The Prince is secondary.
    For they have their new lord.
    "Lord Rogers of Midgard, I am Bjarke, Captain of the Einherjar and Leader of your Guard. We have been tasked by Odin himself to guarantee your rule and your life until your rein is ended and you join the annals of time." The helmet snaps down and the guards all hold that pose. Now in utter silence.
    Thor, for his part holds up and folds his arms over his chest. He looks over toward Natasha and Wanda, then shoots a glance to try and catch Cap's eye. Eventually he sort of bites his lower lip and gives a shrug as if in apology. Perhaps ready to leap to Steve's rescue if needs be... and yet... wanting to see what he does all the same.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    There is a very, very long moment of silence. And then Natasha inclines her head once more, and calmly, discreetly informs Wanda: "I'm going to throw up." before straightening up again, her expression composed.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda is glad she decided to slouch. Having something to lean on comes in handy. She glances over to Thor and Natasha. Her eyebrow is going on overtime with all the rising that it is being called on to do. "His rule?" she comments. Following are a few murmured comments about diplomacy and why it is left to diplomats.

She pushes off the bit of fencing she's leaning against, straightening and looking towards Steve. When she has his eye, she does a little by your leave sort of rolling motion thing with her hand before heading back towards the mansion.

Steve Rogers has posed:

Stunned silence from the blond who very quickly looks back over his shoulder at Thor before turning his attention back to the Einherjar gathered kneeling on the Bifrost-burnt grass. If he hears Natasha's words, there's no immediate reaction to them.

"I...thank you, Captain Bjarke of Asgard, you 'nd your fellow soldiers." His voice gains confidence after that slower start. "I am honored by your presence 'nd the All-Father's magnanimous decision. Please, allow me a moment to speak with my comrades on matters."

A hand pats in their direction as an unformal command to stay put, though Steve briefly pauses in turning away to add, "'nd at ease -- or you can stand. It's fine."

A few more steps and he turns to add yet, "Please stay there until I say otherwise."

With the Einherjar presumably and temporarily corraled, he continues towards the clot of Avengers. He nods towards Wanda at her departure and then winces a little, having caught her motion. Quickly enough, the man realizes that the team is playing along and gratitude flows cool across his skin. "So...by //your// expression, I don't think you knew that this would happen?" Steve gives Thor a look almost plaintive. "Did you?" Natasha gets that look by proxy.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha fixes Steve with a look that resembles the ominous photo they use on true crime documentaries, and then closes her eyes. "I didn't get the memo, no, Lord Rogers."
    She looks a little more composed when she turns to Thor. "Thor can we send these guys home without endangering the human race?" Her voice has that 'I'm not putting effort into human inflection right now' quality to it, but her face clearly doesn't carry a lot of hope for the answer.

Thor has posed:
    "As you would, my lord!" Bjarke says sharply and then as one the seven reform and rise. No hand signal has them assemble a particular way, or offer timing. They simply seem to move as one and take up their stance, standing tall like seven sentinels.
    Then when Cap makes his way over to them, Thor gives a nod, "You handled that well." He shakes his head, "But no, I was not expecting them. Lords usually have their own guard. This..."
    Thor's smile is a little gentle but clearly amused in a way. "This is a mark of honor, that my Father values your rule and backs you against your rivals."
    And with that Thor sort of laughs slightly, but then stops. "Forgive me. I am... I am simultaneously so pleased for you Steven. And yet I know the grief this causes our cause. Yet... in the greater scheme of things you are doing things no one has done in many many years."
    The Thunderer looks back at Natasha and he nods, "Aye, we could, it's a possibility." He gestures toward Bjarke and the others, "Though it again would give offense, but I could..." He lifts a hand to the back of his neck and murmurs, "I could perhaps mitigate it some. But. At least for the next fortnight, perhaps longer, we should accept them."

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve frowns right back at the Widow for the use of the title, but also manages to compose himself fairly quickly in the scheme of things. He glances to Thor, unknowing that he has his hands on his hips once more as he listens. Bjarke and his fellow Eniherjar get a furtive look from Steve.

When the Captain finds Thor's face again, he's wearing his own little smile, half rueful and half amused, complete with quirk of golden brow. "I get it. It's an honor, really, it's just...showy." Fingers are dragged down over his mouth as he briefly glances up at the stormy clouds, as if half-expecting another entourage from on high. "He's right though, Natasha. Can't send this group back. We don't have barracks, but there're a few guest rooms open they can house in."

A hard look at Thor complete with lifted brows. "They are //not// staying in my personal quarters. I draw the line there. Could you talk 'em down less in number? Maybe only...two or three instead of seven?"

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha sighs very softly. "Yeah. Okay. Yeah." She gives a very small shake of her head, briefly looking past Steve at the gathered Einherjar, and then back again. "Maybe... maybe this can be handled. We're... getting an embassy sooner or laer, right? We could... hold them up there. Have them guard it. Would they take an assignment like that?" She pauses briefly and says. "... They can take my room if there's no space. I'm- I have quarters on the Triskellion the mansion's just..." Nice? Comfortable? Cozy? Full of supportive friends she's supposed to be keeping tabs on? "Conveniant."

Thor has posed:
    As if he were chagrined that Cap would suggest as much Thor tells the man gently, "But Captain, seven is a /very/ lucky number." As if that weighed more upon the situation than the realities of it. But then he holds up a hand to stay the protests and he murmurs, "Here..."
    The Asgardian prince rests his hands on his hips and looks across the way to the soldiers, then back to Natasha and Cap. He murmurs levelly, "I'll take them, get them quartered. As your guard, however, they know they are somewhat ceremonial as they'll expect you to handle the majority of your own security. Yet it is appropriate for your chamberlain or... or vizier or major domo to provide them with a schedule and a set time during your courtly duties where they can be a visible presence. Beyond that they should be free to their own devices, with two of them on duty at all times."
    He shifts his weight to the other foot, "Beyond that..."
    But then Natasha comes up with the idea, "And indeed, then perhaps we can transfer them to the embassy, and allow them to have a strong presence there."

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet steps out from behind Steve, like she'd been there the whole time. Listening. Plotting. Lurking? No, Janet doesn't lurk; one of her social station wouldn't be caught dead. The dress she's in is definitely not something that the Wasp often wears; it's black and gold with a square-cut neckline, low without being provocative, and she's wearing an actual dress instead of a skirt. The boning and structure built into it makes the whole outfit look much more akin to something worn by the women of Asgard, though it's daringly fashion forward in a way that traditional courtly attire never is. Rulers set fashion trends; the rest just copy the monarchy.

She beams a brilliant smile at everyone, because she's more or less accustomed to everyone staring at her when she makes a fashion-forward entrance. "I just ducked in my room to powder my nose before meeting the Einherjar, but it sounds like you've all got the situation sorted," she remarks to everyone present. She rests a hand on Steve's arm a little possessively and drifts into his proximity. "So these are the new personal guard, huh? Prince Thor, I'm a little worried we're going to leave you undermanned at the Golden City if you leave all your best warriors with us, let alone seven of them."

Steve Rogers has posed:
A fleeting twitch of sheepishness visibly crosses Steve's face because, in the grand lore of things, seven is indeed a lucky and rather benevolent number. He looks away from Thor, towards the house, and nods. His mind thinks as fast as it can in the meantime.

"Good call on the Embassy," he says in quiet laud to the Widow. "That'll be a better place in the scheme of things than here at the mansion. Nobody's taking your room unless you're absolutely certain anyways." This is firmly noted in defense of Natasha's personal space and membership in the team.

"Seven's fine too, Thor, I hadn't factored the number in," he continues with a soothing gesture himself at the Prince. "It'll be fine if -- "

And then there's a Janet in her new mode of fashion and Steve blinks down at her a few times. "This's a temporary thing, Shortcakes, don't worry. I think the All-Father can defend himself."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha arches an eyebrow at Thor regarding the number, but when Janet appears, Natasha briefly stares at her as though Janet had just grown two boar tusks and Groucho-Marx glasses. Completely thrown off track for a moment, Natasha just says. "... Janet they've been here for two *minutes*." in utter disbelief that Janet could have been THIS ready for them with outfits and sass.
    How do you even CHANGE that quick?!
    "I- ... Mmm." She stops talking, presses her lips together very tightly and grunts. "... I travel light, it'd be fine." She says, more composed now regarding the inconveniance of moving. Though she'd really rather not, the inconveniance ranks lower than telling one of Odin's chosen blades to sleep outside.

Thor has posed:
    As Janet arrives, the Einherjar are stoic in their manner. Still on duty, still awaiting release from that duty, they are ready to serve their Lord instantly upon command. And that, unfortunately, means they show little sign of acknowledging the good Lady Van Dyne.
    But Thor, he seems entirely pleased, just smiling that wide smile of his as he shakes his head a little. "Let me take them and get them settled, release them to me Captain and I will get them set."
    He turns to include Natasha and Janet as he offers, "Perhaps put your heads together and create their schedule. Then we will figure out our options."
    With that said he claps his hands together and smiles, "Does that work for everyone?"

Janet van Dyne has posed:
The hem of Janet's dress shifts enough to disguise her putting a heel into the bridge of Steve's boots; she propels off of him a half-second later and gives Natasha's arm a reassuring squeeze. "You're not going /anywhere/. We've got plenty of rooms here, the Embassy is coming along nicely, and worst case we rent out the Astoria or something for a couple weeks and let these fine warriors enjoy some of the amenities while they get used to New York. Okay?"

"Prince Thor, don't give their schedules any mind at all. I'll make sure it's taken care of," Janet assures the blonde prince. "And accomodations also, we'll need to talk about that, but I'll have my people call your people and we'll get the nuts and bolts of room and board settled. Not something you or St-- Lord Rogers will need to bother with." The big fellow's arm is given a warmly reassuring pat and she beams up at him.

Steve Rogers has posed:
A twitch at the corner of one true-blue eye is reaction to that well-placed Wasp heel. Still, the man gives Natasha an even look, earnest in his next words:

"Nobody's taking your room." And by the deeper, iron-laced tone of Steve's voice, that's a command by the Lord of Midgard. Or at least, the Captain himself, who won't have his team members displaced over this. "Respectfully, they're soldiers. They're used to barracking up together. If it turns out we need three or four to a guest room, nobody's going to lose a head or a limb."

Janet's ebullience is earning her a mildly dubious look from the super-soldier at this point. "Thor 'nd I are still gonna go speak with them, Janet, to let 'em know what's going on. They don't know who you are yet, for example," he notes, dangling that tidbit almost carrot-like even as he turns. Thor gets a little directive tilt of his head in his direction, insinuating they should speak with the Einherjar patiently waiting for further word from Captain Lord Rogers.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha glances at Janet's arm when she touches her without comment, but does eventually smile a little as Janet talks. "... Right. Okay. I keep forgetting some of you have money." She says, and then turns that smile to Steve, giving him a deeply amused little salute in acquiescence to his first order as ruler of Earth.
    It suddenly occurs to Natasha that she hasn't checked her accounts lately. ... Are people buying that Black Widow shirt?
    She banishes that thought. She is too Russian to give into the lure of such naked capitalist greed.
    How much, though?
    Natasha sighs. She opens her mouth to speak up about scheduling, but closes it when Janet speaks. Hrm. Janet runs a business, Natasha has commanded ground operatives. Nat *may* be more qualified for the job on paper... but they're very specifically not sending these guys into war. In the end Natasha just folds her hands in front of her and agrees with this arrangement with a soft "Mmn."
    Janet's enjoying this way too much.
    Makes it feel a little less like armageddon, Nat supposes.
    "I'm not sure Thor has people."

Thor has posed:
    As this is all conducted together, Thor sort of smiles between all of them, eating up the moment. He nods at some parts of what Cap says about the Einherjar being soldiers and not needing large facilities, but he offers a chuckle to Janet at the pat upon his arm, "Certainly, Lady Van Dyne." Loud enough that the warriors will her him addressing her with respect.
    Then, just before he turns away with Cap, the Thunderer gives Natasha a quick wink and a click of his tongue, "Bide but a moment, Lady Romanoff!" As if to place her properly in the hierarchy for the Einherjar to treat them so.
    He turns away, nodding to Cap as they likely approach the soldiers standing tall and stern there. He walks on up a little ahead of Cap as he lifts his voice and suddenly those there will hear Thor's War Voice.
    They snap to attention with a thump of boots and spears.
    "Your lord will address you now." Rough, like a medieval drill instructor and more bombastic than they've likely heard him before.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet drifts back towards Steve and smiles up at him, squeezing his forearm and leaning against it for a half-beat of balance. Something's said that would escape the Asgardians and Thor-- it's meant for Steve, though Natasha probably would have heard it as well.

"So ix-nay on the ortcakes-shay," Janet says with a marvellous display of Perfectly Polite manners and impressive ventriloquism, said through a bright grin and clenched teeth.

Still, she moves around to stand on Steve's left side, a picture of the sort of regality one might expect to see from Thor's cohorts and allies on Midgard. There's no offsetting the sheer size and strength of the Asgardian warriors, but Janet will be damned if the Avengers look one iota less aristocratic than the Einherjar expect them to appear.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Janet's masterful ventruloquism gets her a quick sizing-up. Regardless, Steve barely nods: indeed, no Shortcakes.

This time.

A silent blow of full lungs' worth of air leaves the Captain as he separates from the brief conclave of Avengers. He again rubs his hand along his neck for a passing moment. What to tell these visitors from another world?

Thor beats him to any semblance of address. Steve's brows dance high at the sheer volume of the voice on display -- and he'd thought his own ability to project was impressive. Where she stand at his side, Janet gets another thoughtful glance. Then, the super-soldier brings his hands behind his back and straightens his spine; it brings his poise to enviously composed.

"Thank you, Prince Thor." A nod of respect towards the Asgardian before the Einherjar. His true-blues scan over them all with the practiced intensity of military experience and return to Bjarke in particular. "Einherjar. Again, I thank you for your presence 'nd for your patience. We were discussing where to house you during your stay here on Midgard. For the moment, there are empty rooms within the mansion itself. Expect to share with your fellow soldiers. No one currently living in the manor will be displaced. This is temporary; we intend to offer you housing off of the grounds to allow you your own personal rooms. Prince Thor mentioned a schedule: as of yet, this is undecided, though I don't intend to leave you without one for long. For now, I hand you off to Prince Thor as he has vouched for getting you all settled."

A moment's pause and Steve then gestures to Janet beside him, making a note of gathering up her hand and lifting it within his own. "This is Lady Janet Van Dyne, my gal. She is to be addressed with respect. Lady Natasha, some of you might already know. She is to be granted the same respect. Any questions?"

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha smiles a little despite herself as Thor makes sure to address her with respect in front of his kinsman, and, asthough taking a cue from Janet, stands a little taller, straightens out her jacket, and crosses her arms sternly.
    She manages not to smirk at the display of pig latin, and offers a brief wave of acknowledgement as she's mentioned. She... may or may not have danced with one of these guys, for all she knows. Best to keep things civil.

Thor has posed:
    Through it all the Einherjar remain unmoving, their eyes straight ahead, their attention locked on some distant area one thousand yards away. Though Bjarke has a brief hint of confusion in his eyes at the mention of them being housed off site. But it is only a bare moment, then gone.
    Then, when given the nod, Thor advances. "You are with me." He tells them with a single salute. The Thunderer then turns to the good nobles of Lord Rogers' court, "Ladies."
    He turns to Steve and bows again, "Lord Rogers."
    Then he starts to walk and as he moves the Einherjar fall out and follow along perfectly in sync and stepping into the depths of the mansion. Leaving the others there to reflect upon what has passed.