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Asking The Question
Date of Scene: 02 September 2021
Location: Main Kitchen
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Yukio, Negasonic, Laxmi Mallick

Yukio has posed:
Lately, Yukio and Ellie have been seeing much more of each other. Not because they've grown closer, or became roommates. But rather because Ellie has been blackmailing Yukio into doing her homework, so Yukio been regularly submitting her work to Ellie.

Being closer to Ellie, however, have sparked some inspiration in Yukio. So today, after finishing up tomorrow's homework for Ellie, she walked about the mansion to hunt down 'Yanki Girl' as she's been calling her. All tracks having pointed to the kitchen, she walks casually inside, waving a stack of paper, "yanki girl! How is you?"

Negasonic has posed:
Only so many places a Negasonic can be found in the wild. The rec room, but at this hour it's far too populated and the Kitchen. A few smatterings depending on the hour, but those are the safe bets. Specifically because that's where she's at... sitting on a stool eating a ham sandwich. No cheese or anything. Just meat and bread.

"I'm in here." She calls back at Yukio without glancing up. Periodically looking at her phone which sits nearby, but otherwise focused on food.

Laxmi Mallick has posed:
    Laxmi is humming to herself when she enters from the dinning room where she's spread out some sheet music she was working on. She still carries the pencil in her hand that she was using to mark it up, and is flicking it between her fingers rhythmically as if keeping time. She seems surprised to find the two students there - and smiles at them both in a slight distracted manner. "Oh, hello girls," she greets them both, before heading to the fridge.
    She pulls out a container of a thick, white liquid, pouring it into a glass as she asks, "Would either of you care for a little lassi? It's savory though - not the mango lassi most are used to."

Yukio has posed:
"Yanki Girl!" Yukio calls out again when she doesn't even get a glance her way, "I finishu the homework," she announces, extending the stack of papers in her hands towards Ellie. When Laxmi walks in, Yukio is caught holding out the stack of papers towards Ellie, and she looks terrified, as she freezes where she stands, as if standing very still would render her invisible. "Yes," she's quick to answer to the lassi question, not knowing what it is, but eager to distract the teacher from the foul act she's partaking in. Honor is quite important to her after all.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie glances up and over at Yukio holding a stack of papers out to her just as a teacher comes in. Without skipping a beat, she takes them and sets them down beside her plate. "Thanks. I'll spell check it for you, get rid of some of those extra Us at the end of all your sentences." Negasonic is being altruistic, you see? "Hey Ms. Mallick." Waving her sandwich, expression just as bland as the food she's eating.

Laxmi Mallick has posed:
    "That's kind of you to help Miss Momochi out with her homework," Laxmi replies warmly. Honestly, she's one of those people who always thinks the best of people, and accepts the explination without question as she pours two glasses of the yogurt drink which was salted, and spiced with fresh cilantro leaves and ground cumin. She slides this over to Yukio with a bright smile. "I hope you both of have been keeping up with your practice as well? It takes hard work to improve musical talents."

Negasonic has posed:
"Did you know there's a genetic trait found in a portion of the population that intepretes the flavor of cilantro as soap?" Ellie wonders of Laxmi, watching her add it to the yogurty beverage with a little frown on her pale face. "It makes me wonder how much more I'd love Pho if I didn't have it." That's besides the point, "Yes, I've been practicing. I plan to trounce Jubilee in the next talent show by being so much better than her at the instrument everyone apparently knows her for even though nobody has seen her play one in months, go figure."

Laxmi Mallick has posed:
    "I've heard of that," Laxmi remarks. "I'm unsure how common it is. This is a traditional drink my mother used to make for me growing up. I'm not much of a cook - but I can make this, at least," she says with a depricating smile. She takes a small sip, then lets out a satisfied sigh.
    "I suppose I shouldn't complain about what motivates you - as long as it helps you become a better musician. Music brightens the world, and there are times, after all, when that's badly needed." As the school had experienced itself - not too long ago.

Negasonic has posed:
"I have it. Tastes just like soap. Completely ruins mexican food." Ellie is sad, sad Ellie. Big frown. She eyes the drink around another bite of her sandwich, nodding agreement that at least there's that!

And pettiness motivating her.

"I'll be better than at least one person. The best... of two. I set my bar low so I'm never disappointed."

Yukio has posed:
Yukio is slowly starting to appreciate the quick wit and sharp action Ellie is always ready to take, she wasn't sure what to do in this situation, and Ellie already found a way to diffuse it. A bit insulting perhaps, but more importantly, a teacher wouldn't think twice about this scenario. If anything, Ellie might be commended for helping a classmate. Another thing Yukio noticed, Ellie is very good at garnering credit for perceived act that never take place. Cunning.

"I am get betteru," Yukio offers, an embarrassed look taking over her visage, as she tries to shy away from meeting the gaze of the teacher. "Yes," Yukio agrees when Laxmi overlooks what is really happening, for the very reasonable alternative offered by Ellie, "Eri is a good herpu!" Yukio's eyes shift to study the suspicious drink, as she reaches hesitantly to hold it, "...yesu, I practice very much. One day, I wirr be famous!"

Although despite her enthusiasm, Yukio is awfully quiet at the mention of the talent show. "Good ruck to you, Eri-chan."

"Sensei," Yukio finally addresses Laxmi, "do you pray Japanese instarumento?"

Laxmi Mallick has posed:
    "I think it might be safe to set your goals a little higher than that," Laxmi replies with amusement. "But we'll simply focus on getting you better than you are now - which honestly should ever be our goal."
    She shifts her attention to Yukio as she remarks, "Truthfully? No. And I know that the musical notation system is very different for Japanese musical instruments. But if you have a specific traditional instrument you wish to learn - I'd still be happy to help you with that process. We'll be learning together. Which instrument are you considering? Japan has so many fascinating musical traditions..."

Negasonic has posed:
ellie smirks, but rubs it away with the palm of her hand before anyone dares to see it, or at the very least, get proof that they have. "Yes, truly, just improve for the sake of it. Right you are, ma'am." Unto Laxmi, and then to Yukio, "Just keep at it. You'll get there eventually, I Have faith in your ability to actually do your own homework without my expert assistance."

Yukio has posed:
"No need to rearn, I pray koto, shamisen, and shakuhachi..." rather impressive for such a young girl to actually play these traditional instruments, but she states it flatly, like it wasn't even impressive. "I want rearn gitaru!! Yes!!" She beams with delight at the mention of the rock instrument, she absolutely doesn't know how to play.

That little verbal jab from Ellie does sting more than a little though, having to do Ellie's homework has cut down quite a bit on Yukio's free time, and the suggestion she one day will be able to do homework without Ellie's help angers her. She stares daggers at Ellie, but holds herself from saying or doing anything. To Laxmi it just might look like Yukio was offended at being reminded she needs help. Who knows.

Laxmi Mallick has posed:
    "Your English is already excellent - even if the pronunciation is challenging, I know," Laxmi reassurres Yukio - hoping to soothe tensions between the two girls without really understanding the issue at hand. "I'm surprised you know so many. I was under the impression that shakuhachi was normally only taught to young men. I would have thought you'd be instructed in yokobue instead," she remarks.
    "We'll work on your guitar skills - and perhaps you could show me a thing or two about traditional Japanese music? Did you bring a koto to school with you?" she asks curiously. The instrument is, after all, //massive//.

Yukio has posed:
Yukio beams with delight as Laxmi praises her for her English, "eigo ga muzukashii," she explains, for a moment forgetting herself, before blushing an immediately trying again. "Igirishu, so hardo!" She looks a little embarassed at her lapse, before lowering her head, "I try, by end of thishu yeaa, I speak fruent! Is me promise!" She then looks aside at Ellie, and quips, "maybe with Eri herpu...she can take me shoppingu, more practice in rife situ...aation!"

She looks surprised when Laxmi notes how shakuhachi is taught to young men, "very good, Sensei! You know! Wow!" She gives a thumbs up, "I onry rearn because I am..." she looks a bit sheepish, before eventually admitting, "make it hardo on grandfather. I...very like boy when young," albeit the thought is amusing she can speak of when she was young, when the girl is barely 16 years old.

Yukio shakes her head, "no, no koto, but I have shamisen in my roomo."