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Earned Rewards
Date of Scene: 27 March 2020
Location: Conference Rooms - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: The Hellfire Club gains an unexpected and unpredictable new VIP.
Cast of Characters: Sebastian Shaw, Tessa, Harley Quinn

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
It's been a hell (no pun intended) of a night and the better part of a day for Sebastian Shaw. Suffice to say no sleep was had, between partially watching over the virtually catatonic Emma, dealing with the press and the authorities, and having his "badly sunburned" back slathered with burn cream and a nice big bandage to keep it from driving him nuts rubbing against his clothes. Thankfully, he'll heal quickly...but not "in a day" quickly. So present company may have to forgive him if he's occasionally shifting uncomfortably.

Speaking of present company, Dr. Harleen Quinzel has been "summoned" and in truth it really was a politely worded request and not say, some goons kicking down her door and trying to drag her here which probably would have gone poorly for them.

The place is one of the VIP conference rooms, if a small one, and Shaw is already there, seated at the head of a small table with Tessa standing by his side. Amazingly he doesn't look particularly tired, but certainly not in his best of moods.

"Tell Ms. Potts not to worry about any charges for Stark's stunt. Given recent events it's unimportant now." Now is not a time to push away potential assets, however tenuous the relationship may be. And speaking of that, Tessa likely receives the message that Dr. Quinzel is on her way. A single security escort leads her to the appointed room. She didn't even have to come in the back or anything.

Tessa has posed:
    Tessa took as much of the burden of the fallout off of Shaw as she could - in addition to personally tending to his care - but it had still been a uniquely unpleasant day, and Tessa has not slept either. Though you would barely know it to look at her; her posture and composure typically immaculate as she nods her head. "Very good, Sir." She say, typing on her phone with remarkable speed to draft the email that will likely accompany a personal call as a courtesy for records sake; before it lights up with a notification.
    Tessa stuffs the phone into her pocket and says. "Doctor Quinzel has arrived, Sir. She will be with us shortly." as she folds her hands in front of her. "Shall I greet her at the door?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
Sendin' goons to pick up Harley would'a been excitin'! For her... less so for them. Thankfully, disgressions was valoured or howevah tha' sayin' goes. Harley gets the text message, cus surely she left her numbah right? She had money comin' to her, so leavin' a means to communicate was paramount.

Now she's here.. picking her way through some of the broken parts of the club what was the scene of a massive brawl! One in a millions.. Like if Ben Affleck an' Henry Cavill was to do battle in Metropolis'er suh'n nonsensical..

Ya think I could get a guest star on that production?

She's not dressed quite so scantly, more ... not Harley, though she's still all dolled up wearin' whatevah is in her desc which ya should read so I aint gotta type it. "'Scuse me.. ya boss was wan'n ta talk..." Stepping sideways over a broken chair or some other debrie... waiting to be taken to the conference room. "Y'all openin' tah-night?" Too soon.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"That won't be necessary." Shaw replies to Tessa, squaring himself to the table and resting his elbows atop it, fingers-interlaced in that classic contemplative bad guy sort of pose.

And while the Security guard just sort of barks a laugh at Harley's question, the tone of that laugh probably gives her the answer she may not actually have been seeking. He's otherwise silent until he opens the door and lets Harley pass through.

"Have a nice day, Doctor."

And when Harley steps inside, Shaw rises to his feet and actually manages a smile, "Dr. Quinzel, so glad you could make it. Please, have a seat. Would you care for something to drink?"

Tessa has posed:
    Tessa nods her head, then, and waits; her body turned to watch the door, already watching when Harley steps in, and giving this peculiar 'Hannibal Lector staring at the panning camera' vibe of prescience.
    It's up in the air whether Tessa means to give this impression to so many people. It's just little things like that.
    Tessa gives a short bow as Shaw offers refreshment, and Tessa says "I can get you anything you like, Ms. Quinzel."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Never one to leave herself out of a laugh, Harley barks a laugh right along side the bouncer, guffawing with both hands on her exposed middrift as she scampers on inside the open door into the little meetin' room wit' Sebastian an' Tessa. The latter of whom has hench-person and/or personal assistant written all ovah her. But who's Harls to judge? She was a henchperson once and she's currently a personal assistant!

"Thank ya Terry." To the guard, whose name probably aint Terry. "He looks like a Terry." Thumbing over her shoulder for Sebastian and Tessa's edification. Moving into the room properly with her teeth grinding out a bubble in her gum, "Oh, yeah.. can I have a cosmopolitan? Wit them little shave't orange peels on'ah side like a corkscrew.. an' a bendy straw..." Motioning at her lipstick, "Don't like kiss mahks on mah glass."

"Looks trashy." Dropping into a seat, looking about at ease beneath Tessa's Hannibal Lector stare as a person can be.. She shared space with the Joker. She's made of tougher stuff than that.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Shaw gives Tessa a brief, barely perceptible nod, indicating that she should fulfill Harley's request, though the bendy straw may need to be brought from elsewhere in the Club...he's not sure. Tessa attends to those kinds of details.

"I don't believe we were properly introduced last night. My name is Sebastian Shaw, and this is my assistant, Tessa Fox. I do recall, however, that I said I would make it worth your while if you found who was responsible for the incident, and in that, you were successful." Shaw muses, somewhere between amused and grumpy, "I might have preferred him in my own hands, but perhaps it's for the best that the authorities are dealing with him." He shakes his head, and smiles once more to Harley, "In any case, I have a wide array of possibilities in terms of a suitable reward, so perhaps we'll just get straight to the heart of it: Do you have anything in particular you need that is within my power and considerable resources to grant?"

Tessa has posed:
    Tessa almost imperceptably raises her eyebrows at the request. Regardless, she returns the nod, and looks to Harley. "Of course, Dr. Quinzel." she says, unfailingly polite, and moves to the service area while pulling out her phone. One hand grabs a glass and the materials neccessary, while the other digs out and dials her phone, seemingly operating independantly of each other with no clumsyness fromt he divided focus.
    Very softly she speaks into the phone. "We require a... 'bendy straw' in the Conference Room, immediately." A pause. "Yes, I am aware. No, you may not ask why. Do as you're told."
    As Shaw and Harley speak, she mixes the drink, then quietly walks towards the door, staring directly at it until there is a single knock on the door. She openins it before the man on the other side can get a second one, takes the straw, gives a ghost of a nod and a brief "Thank you.", and shuts it again without comment. She puts the straw in the glass, straightens her tie, and then approaches Harley from the side, offering it to her. "I hope it's to your liking."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"It weren't so hahd once I realized wha' was happenin'." Harley says, not downplaying what she done, but there aren't a large number of people who would know Crane by sight without his mask... and even few who happened to be in the club that night. "Really, it was jus' lucky I was theah." Shrugging, casual, grinning though.. She's always partially grinning. Not in that super weird way Jokah does, but in a whatevah comes mannah that's uniquely her.

"Sorry he got arrest't though.. I was gunna hand him ovah, but I don't like bein' call't dishonest an I promise't to put his head in the shitter... girl's gotta be true to huah wohd, ya know?" Glancing up at Tessa, shortly after the greeting, "I jus' staht't wohkin' as someone personal assistant too! Ya got any tips? Like foah keepin' track of schedules an' all tha'. Mistah J nevah had much of no schedule.. It was all surprise murder wit him. I sweah, if it wusn't foah me, tha' jack ass woulda been dead ages ago." Whatcha gonna do?

Rewards though, that requires thought, "I kinna wanna be paht of yer little club heah.. ya know, membahship, velvet rope treatment.. a drink named aftah me. I'm a simple girl, wit simple tastes." Shifting towards Tessa to accept the cosmo in both hands. "Oh, noice.. Thank ya."

Now the chase to capture the straw with her tongue without looking at it. Moving in a circle, always pushing it away as it circles the rim of the glass. "An' maybe some spendin' money foah clothes.." Back to the straw. Get ovah heah you.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"Membership?" Shaw's brows raise at that prospect, but he doesn't reject it out of hand, "That is not...out of the question." He leans back in his chair, winces as he remembers his back is all burnt up, and leans forward again, "Our VIP list is very exclusive. And while all available evidence seems to indicate you are attempting to turn over something of a new leaf, I'm sure you understand that it would be...controversial to put you on the VIP list." Shaw considers a few moments.

"That said, we often do not shy away from a little controversy here. But we do have a few simple rules. I get the impression you are not fond of being constrained, but I'm really going to have to insist in this case." He glances to Tessa, "Tessa, a VIP folder if you please."

Tessa has posed:
    Tessa looks at Harley evenly as she's questioned on the secrets of Personal Assistance, and says, simply, "Attentivness and discipline, Dr. Quinzel." and nods once the drink is accepted.
    Once Harley makes her desires known, an Shaw echos her request of membership, Tessa's eyes widen very slightly and she begins to slowly shake her head back and forth where Shaw can see, though she becomes instantly still and composed the instant Harley should look at her again.
    Shaw's decision makes Tessa very subtly deflate, but she bows her head and says, "At once, Mr. Shaw." before she moves to retrieve a VIP folder, and returns to present it with a soft "Here you are."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Yeah, I get tha' a lot... Ya know they wouldn't even issue me a library cahd? Can ya believe the cheek of them? A /library/ cahd... wha' am I gonna do? Run off wit a bunch of archaeic educational materials to peddle on tha blackmahket? Gimme a break.." Harley settles, finally getting the straw with her tongue and pulling it between her lips. After this lil first drink, "Mmm... this is good.." Holding it up to Tessa, "If ya don't make't as an assistant, I think ya got a fuchah as a bartendah. Like in Cocktails... Wit tha one guy in it."

"Bryan Brown. He's kinna cute foah an oldah fella... must be an Australian thing. Steve Irwin did it foah me too."

Setting aside her drink to take the VIP packet Tessa hands to her, she thumbs through it absently like a medical chart. Still smacking her lips, "Was tha' a lil hint of mint?" She grins and looks to Sebastian, "I unno, I like restraints in the right situation.. but less heah'em. Wha's a girl gotta do to get the curtains to Shangrila open't to'er?"

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"Well, first off, this is neutral ground. Outside, we might ruthlessly vie against each other in the boardroom and the stock exchanges, or the other country clubs and society gatherings, but in here...we may debate, even argue at times, but we don't inflict violence upon each other, nor the non-VIP guests." Shaw waves a hand, "Now obviously self-defense is perfectly acceptable, but we DO have extensive monitoring systems in the common areas. So we can usually tell when one is being less than truthful about an altercation." Shaw says, "In short, all we really require is that a member do not make the experience unpleasant or...overly disruptive for other guests. Particularly in the Restaurants, the Public House, and the VIP Lounge."

Tessa has posed:
    Tessa nods to Harley and replies "Thank you, Dr. Quinzel; I will take that under advisement." But otherwise lets Shaw handle the answer to Harley's questions.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Got't, don't be a douche. I can do tha'." Harley sums it all up in a neat package, laying the packet down on her, mostly, bare and tattooed thighs with both wrists crossed over top of it. "Tha's it? Jus' don't be a jizz nozzle?" looking back and forth from Sebastian to Tessa and back again, "I been doin' that! 'Sept the one time in Metropolis, but I was jus' figgehin' out how all this not killin' people foah giggles thing was gonna play out.. so tha' don't count." In her book.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"Understand that our Board members can revoke VIP membership at any time. We don't like doing so, but we do occasionally have to lean in the direction of the greater whole of our clientele." Shaw continues, "And there is a dress code that differs from section to section, though our VIPs do get a bit of leeway in that regard. However I believe you mentioned a...wardrobe fund?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Dress codes is impohtent, yeah.. Don't wanna come aroun' lookin' like some low brow hookuh. I get't.." Harls says with a beaming smile, lord knows she's been known to dress a little provocatively in her illustrious history, but her current mode of clothing is far more mundane.. if deliberately tacky. Sort of feeds her personality, really. "Wha' kinna dress code? Suits'n junk like tha? Fohmal ball gowns wit' heels? I think I'd look classy inna Oscar de la Renta A-Line Dress wit a smokin' jacket..." Holding the imaginary lapel with her pinky's extended. "So's don't skimp on tha wardrobe fund."

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"As I said, it varies from section-to-section, it's all in the brochure, along with the considerable benefits you will enjoy as a VIP member. I doubt you need the full sales pitch, and forgive me if I'm not in the mood to give it. There's a lot of work to be done and little time to achieve it in." Shaw doesn't let the smile completely leave his face, "I see you have some expensive tastes. Fortunately we're accustomed to that here." He gestures to Tessa, apparently in order for her to...present Harley with something?

Tessa has posed:
    Tessa nods to Shaw upon getting her cue, and produces an electronic card from her inner vest pocket. She looks to Harley and says, "Mr. Shaw has generously seen fit to gift you with a pre paid Black Card, at his own expense. It has an upward limit of precisely two hundred and fifty thousand American Dollars, that you may spend in whatever way you see fit. Once it is spent, it is spent, and will not be renewed; barring future acts of great heroism in the defense of our interests."
    Tessa takes the card in both hands and presents it to Harley to take. "We are extremely grateful for your courageous aid, Dr. Quinzel."
    This is said with zero expression, but a very polite voice.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"A diamond is a girls best friend-" Harley agrees with a clipped nod that sends her pig-tails swinging slowly back and forth across her shoulders. The tip of her tongue poking out through her teeth where she's smiling. Left brow arched, bouncing slightly as the eyes beneath turn to Tessa. Not expectantly, but... well kind of expectantly. She's use to get the fuck outta heah looks an' Shaw jus' gave'er one.

Which come sin the form of a black card.. Which Harley doesn't so much snatch, as snatch and hold to her chest like a new born baby needing skin time with mommy... There aren't dollar signs in her eyes because she don't got that kind of mutant powah to change the molecular appearance of her body, but there's definitely some floating around her head like little birds. "Oh, this'll do nicely, yeup.. Don't worry, Imma invest in muh fuchah." Not that either of them was worried... or possibly even cared. Fat chance that Harley gives a crap either. Popping up from her seat to tap out the Cosmo with a couple long gurgling swallows and a hand drawing backwards across her mouth that smears her precisely applied lipstick sideways across her cheek.

"Nevah let it be said there aint no rewahd foah heroism... completely altruistic.. selfless.. heroism.." The card disappears into her bra, "I got readin' an' shoppin' tah do... ya seem like ya got yer own work tah handle too, so's Imma jus see muhself out an' look fohwad to muh membahship cahd... an' tha drink named aftah me... I'll let you figgah out which one-" Pointing at Tessa, "Yer tha professional alcohol seamstress."

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"Indeed, thank you for coming, Dr. Quinzel, and thank you again for your assistance. We'll be sure to let you know when the drink is on the menu." Shaw rises from his seat and extends a hand to shake Harley's, assuming she accepts it. "We'll see you in the Club once we're open again. Like a few days for most sections...a bit longer for the Dungeon I'm afraid."

"Tessa, if you would see the good doctor out?"

Tessa has posed:
    Tessa takes a very deep, very slow breath, and adjusts her glasses as Harley revels in her acquired reward, blinking once at the smeared lipstick, and suddenly feeling a bit overwhelmed for perhaps the first time in her decade of service.
    She never forget a second of this. Her Mutant brain literally will not let her. Today, this fact weighs heavily on her shoulders.
    "Thank you very much, Dr. Quinzel." She says, a bit quietly.
    On Shaw's order, she nods, "Of course, Sir." Tessa gestures towards the door with one arm and says "Right this way, Dr. Quinzel." before HOPEFULLY being able to lead Harley to the door, and opening it for her and standing aside. "Thank you very much, again, Doctor."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley leans over the table to accept Shaw's hand, grinning from ear to ear, smeared makeup and all. She probably doesn't realize, but definitely wouldn't care. "Seeya then, Mistah S." Which is it's own can of worms once you start cracking it open and really looking inside.

Tessa, likewise, draws the hyenas attention as she's led out of the conference hall. Sharing with her a not so quiet lady to lady moment, "Ya needa loosin' up.. not tha' I ain't diggin' yer whole Slovic vibe..." Squaring her hands off like the lense of a camera as she backs out the open door, "Jus' think you't look bettah if ya smile't... even if on accident.. New life goal.." Pointing at Tessa.

"Yer gonna smile by the end of tha yeeh." A wink, a grin, and a pop of her gum as she turns towards the Guard, "Terry! Guess who's part of tha Hellfiah family?" It aint even the same guard.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Shaw doesn't bother sitting back down, mostly because his back is still uncomfortable, but he does go to pour himself some bourbon, garnishing it with a perfectly round ice stone, and sipping while he waits for Tessa to return from her...excursion.

Tessa has posed:
    Tessa feels a cold chill run down her spine as Harley speaks, but remains composed. "... I see. I look forward to it, Doctor Quinzel."
    Tessa quietly watches Harleen's antics. She looks from 'Terry', to 'Other Terry', to Harley. She does not correct her about any of this. She idly motions to a guard to approach her, and whispers in his ear. "Make sure she doesn't cause any trouble, but do not force her to leave unless necessary. Thank you." she tells him, "Goodbye, Doctor Quinzel." She says with a respectful bow of her head, before she turns on her heel and returns to the conference room.
    When Tessa returns, she approaches Shaw, and grabs the back of one of the chairs across the table from him. She kinda looks like she'd like to sit down for once. "... It's done sir. She's... still in the lobby, but security has orders to see to an orderly end to the matter, if possible."
    She doesn't complain. Tessa Does Not Complain. But hoo boy.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"You disapprove. I can't say I'm surprised." Shaw sips from his drink smiling a bit over the rim of his glass, "I think I could safely say that you and Dr. Quinzel are likely polar opposites in virtually every way that matters." He moves around the table to stand beside her, "She is, if you will pardon the expression, a wild card. And this may be a bit of a gamble, but for now it's one I'm willing to take. Her presence may keep certain other guests off-balance, and that is something we can use to our advantage..." Shaw reaches to tilt Tessa's chin up so she can meet his eyes, "Provided you do not let her antics drive you to distraction. We will treat her as though she is not a problem unless or until she becomes one. She is desperate for a degree of acceptance, and I suspect if we give that to her, she may be inclined to work in our favor, wild card or not."

"Besides, we've put up with the Kardashians this long. She may be more dangerous, but at least she isn't boring."

Tessa has posed:
    In private, Tessa is at least slightly less guarded. While naturally introverted due to her personality and her... unique mindset, she sees it as somewhat disrespectful to try to deceive Shaw in any minor sense. So she looks a little guilty, as if 'busted', when Shaw accurately declares her disapproval. "... Yes, Sir. On a surface level she's an open, book, but she is... chaotic. Difficult to analyze in any useful fashion. I believe her to be sincere, but it's difficult to guess where any given influence might steer her. I am... not accustomed to that level of uncertainty." She admits, listening quietly as Shaw continues to speak, and straightening up as he approaches her. She breaths in slowly as her head is tilted back.
    Regardless of her feelings, she nods her head as Shaw makes his feelings on the matter clear, and even manages a tiny smile when he finishes. "... Understood, Sir. I will see to it that Dr. Quinzel is made to feel welcome."

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"I know you will." Sebastian briefly caresses the side of Tessas face, and smiles, even mostly sincerely. "And now back to work. I do intend to sleep tonight, which means there's a great deal to be done between now and then." He throws back the remainder of the tumbler of bourbon and sets the empty on the side table, "So let's get back upstairs and start with seeing how things are coming along with the Insurance claims...."