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  Machine Man  
Aaron Stack (Scenesys ID: 2601)
Name: Prototype X-51
Superalias: Machine Man
Gender: Other
Species: Android
Occupation: Robot
Citizenship: Non-citizen
Residence: Mobile
Education: Programming
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: SHIELD
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 14 Feb 2001 Played By Jason Bateman
Height: 6' Weight: 334 lbs
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Black
Theme Song: "Machine Man" by Judas Priest

Character Info


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A rogue android that has at times been a hero and a menace, Aaron Stack, also known as Machine Man, has re-emerged as the property of SHIELD. He serves the group as a field agent and technical analyst. He looks almost human, but not quite, and has developed something of a sardonic and sour attitude towards the 'fleshy ones' with which he must constantly strive.


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* 2001: X-51 is the fifty-first in a line of experimental androids created for the U.S. government. All previous models suffered ego death and became psychotic. X-51 was taken home to live with his creator, Dr. Abel Stack, who treated him like a son and named him Aaron in the hopes that this humanization would counteract the AI's defects.
* 2003: Dr. Stack is killed by a bomb in an attempt to destroy the last of the X-model androids, putting Aaron on the run.
* 2005: Aaron temporarily settles in the suburbs, even taking a job as an insurance investigator and trying to romance a girl at his office. This is the peak of his 'wanting to be human', a period that lasts for three years.
* 2008 - 2012: Outed for his artificial self by corporate bounty hunters trying to steal his technology, Aaron becomes a travelling adventurer known as Machine Man, fighting crime and trying to help those in need. Along the way, he suffers several notable defeats leading to him being wiped, reprogrammed, restored and controlled by various scientists and rival artificial intelligences. His mind becomes increasingly unstalbe, leading to a radical break after he participated in fighting the alien invasion in 2012.
* 2013 - 2017: Machine Man's whereabouts unknown, even to him. He has no memory of this period, awakening once more after a four year gap. If he was active or involved in anything during this period, it is unknown.
* 2017: Aaron emerges as an agent for a group called H.A.T.E. He appears to have developed a cranky and contrary personality along the way, an attitude suited to the group's chaotic agenda and activities. SHIELD regards him as a rogue element and Agent Jack Kubrick is assigned to bring in the Machine Man.
* 2019: Conflict between Aaron and Kubrick leads to Kubrick being revealed to be a Life Model Decoy and having his consciousness absorbed into Aaron Stack's program. He now possesses Kubrick's memories and skills, including his experience as a SHIELD agent. Machine Man is taken into custody.
* 2021: After a full year's assessment, Aaron Stack is assigned as an agent of SHIELD as well as a technical analyst, after internal review determined that his programming had stabilized and that he could be trusted. Stack himself doesn't seem enthused about the idea, but he's going along with it. For now.

IC Journal

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Aaron has been through a lot, over the years. He's come full circle from admiring and wanting to be human to rejecting humanity and thinking he's better than them. Not that he's out to conquer or destroy them, he just finds them annoying and likes to talk trash to their faces. He can be a bit of a jerk and he's pretty negative in his general outlook.

Ghosts In the Machine:
There have been many versions of X-51 and they're all still in there, some of them just lingering lines of code or old applications still running in the deep background of his operating system. These manifest themselves now and then, causing occasional moodswings, tics or odd behaviors.

Like anyone would expect with a robot, Aaron Stack is eminently logical by nature. While he certainly has emotions and mood swings, his basic core remains artificial, machine, and tends to follow straightforward cause and effect lines and logical thinking. He often finds humans lack of logic frustrating and attributes to it many of the failings of the species.

Aaron has had people in his life in the past, those he's loved and cared for. They're all lost to him now, either dead or reprogrammed or wiped from his memory. He still feels the pangs of that loss greatly and they contribute a lot to his lingering existential depression. He doesn't know anyone quite like him.

X-51 values his free will. He doesn't like following orders or being told what to do. Now that he doesn't have to comply, he will often choose not to or, at the very least, take shortcuts where he can. He is not fond of authority, at all, and anyone who tries to pull rank on him will find it doesn't work very well to get compliance.

Character Sheet


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Aaron has anti-gravity generators installed allowing him to hover and fly at speed of up to 200 miles per hour.

Robot Body:
Machine Man's body is complex circuitry and motor servos encased within a titanium/polymer alloy shell. His surface is resistent to high level impacts up to several pounds of TNT, able to withstand blows reaching nearly 40 tons of superstrength without taking serious damage. He is fire-proofed and water-resistant, as well as insulated against casual shock and overload. His internal muscle-motors provide him with superhuman strength enabling him to lift-press around 2 tons. His limbs can telescope to a range of about 100 feet, enabling him to reach long distances or entangle others with tentacle-style crushing of similar strength.

Robot Brain:
Aaron has the capacity to think and process information ten times more quickly than a human, his digital circuits clean and efficient. He can perform complex calculations in milliseconds and store vast sums of data equivalent to several hundred terabytes. Combined with wireless access to the internet, he has a wealth of knowledge and information at his fingertips at all times. People who treat him like Siri, however, do not stay on his good side, insomuch as he has one.

Machine Man has a degree of self-repair technology, essentially a sort of built-in healing factor. He can effect minor repairs in a matter of an hour or two, while more major repairs can still take days but will perform automatically without outside intervention. He can reattach removed limbs by putting them back in place and willing an emergency re-attachment. Damage to his core processors will still require direct mechanical attention.

X-51's sensors include thermal, infrared, personal radar and sonar, radio and close circuit communications. He can analyze the material components of almost any form of simple matter, similar to a gas chromatograph, allowing him to provide forensic analysis on most anything he puts in his mouth. He's configured the sensors in his mouth to approximate taste, as well as having a matter converter in his 'stomach' that allows him to consume human food and even enjoy it, although his tastes can be unusual at times and he can always turn his taste off if he feels like it.

Machine Man has built in wireless communication as well as conventional plugs and jacks to connect to nearby computers. His AI is capable of overriding almost any non-sentient computer system, beyond the most advanced versions such as cutting edge combat armors. His wireless range is about fifty feet, provided communication can be established. He can easily download any information he pleases and bypass most forms of encryption or cybersecurity in short notice. (With other robot PCs or computers owned by other PCs, this will always require consent).

Weapons and Tools:
Machine Man has laser cutting tools in each of his index fingers. He can create an electric pulse shock with his hand, enough to stun an ordinary human unconscious with a touch. He has on- board guns that can either fire through his fingertips or as pop-ups from his wrist capable of firing high caliber automatic pistol ammunition. He can reconfigure his hands to form various weapons, including buzzsaws, hammers or pincers. He can create illumination from his eyes and examine things in microscopic or telescopic ways. He can hack or bypass most any electronic lock, duplicate swipe cards or imprinted identifications and can imitate any voice or noise he's ever heard with pinpoint soundwave accuracy.


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Aaron has become a skilled brewer of craft beer and microbrews. His taste sensors have become deeply attuned to such matters and he frequently indulges, especially since he altered his circuits in such a way as to imitate a drunken state.

Aaron at one point absorbed the persona of a SHIELD life model decoy of agent Jack Kubrick, serving as a field agent in charge of pursuing X-51 himself. He has Kubrick's memories, training and skills, making him a solid hand to hand combatant and marksman as well as knowing the basics of spycraft.

Aaron spent many of his years undercover working as an insurance investigator. He's good at gathering data and clues, interviewing witnesses and finding contradictions in evidence. He's astute and quick-thinking and was easily the best investigator that insurance company ever had.

Machine Man has frequently served as a pilot of aircraft, including advanced models such as the Avengers Quinjet or SHIELD flying transports.

Aaron can speak virtually all well-documented human dialects and languages.

Aaron, through necessity, has mastered the art of robotics, understanding creation, programming and maintaining artificial constructs. This allows him to both repair and deal with his own functions as well as to create simple robots of his own design, although he rarely does so unless required by necessity.


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After his most recent recapture by the government, Machine Man has been assigned as an agent of SHIELD. He provides primarily technical support, but also serves routinely in the field when necessary. He has access to SHIELD resources, personnel and equipment.

Aaron often wears a synthetic skin that approximates human appearance, although it isn't a full illusion and he'll still seem a little waxy and strange, nor does it disguise the inhuman nature of his optic sensors rather than normal eyes.

Top Bot:
Machine Man is one of the older functioning artificial intelligences and is considered a leader among the robot community, small though it may be. Other robots tend to regard him respectfully or at least know who he is.


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An electromagnetic pulse would cause a total temporary shutdown of all of Aaron's systems until a reboot was possible.

Aaron has been programmed and reprogrammed on multiple occasions, including invasions by several malevolent AIS and absorbing the history of a SHIELD LMD. His programming can be erratic and he has a tendency towards mood swings as a result. He has stray bits of code from many of his past versions and they can cause him to be anywhere from quirky to downright homicidal if the wrong bits get activated.

Aaron Stack is not a person. He doesn't have family or relatives. He is still legally regarded and treated as property, something about which he can be a little bit bitter when it gets brought up. Humans can be prejudiced towards him and some have a habit of treating him like an appliance.

Put simply, Machine Man is, in fact, a machine. Those with the skills can, if they gained access to his mainframe, reprogram and repurpose his memories, personality and behavior. He has internal cyberdefenses, but they are far from foolproof, especially against the kind of geniuses that take up programming AIs in the first place.

High level electrical attacks, such as a bolt of lightning, can overwhelm his circuits and cause a shutdown. He will also short-circuit if his external carapace is cracked and water is allowed to get into his internal systems. His body is largely made of metal and he can be affected easily by magnetic influence and abilities.



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Aaron Stack has 3 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Two-Fold Extraction: Part 2 April 2nd, 2021 X-51 and Agent 13 finally make it to the underground tunnels that lead to the safehouse. Worse for wear.
Two-Fold Extraction March 31st, 2021 X-51 and Agent 13 make a sudden getaway out of Russia. They've been compromised.
The Playground March 27th, 2021 The Agents of SHIELD start to gather in their new headquarters: The Playground. New lanyards. New tablets. New phones. New digs. Same old HYDRA; the weary SHIELD agents work is never done.


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Aaron Stack has 3 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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