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Amy Winston (Scenesys ID: 452)
Name: Amaya
Superalias: Amethyst
Gender: Female
Species: Homo Magi
Occupation: Princess of Gemworld
Citizenship: American/Gemworld
Residence: Mobile
Education: High school senior
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 02 Feb 2002 Played By Dove Cameron
Height: 5'8 Weight: 134
Hair Color: LtBlonde Eye Color: Violet
Twitter: @immacrystalgem
Theme Song: You Should See Me in a Crown by Billie Eilish

Character Info


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Amy Winston, born Amaya of House Amethyst, was born for greatness. The scion of two opposing Houses of Gemworld, she has been trained from birth to fulfill her destiny. She just has to score big on her SATs, first.


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* 2002: Princess Amaya is born in Nilaa, the realm known widely as Gemworld.
* 2006: The villain known as Dark Opal overthrows the royal house of Amethyst and kills Amaya's father. Her mother, Lady Graciel, takes Amaya to Earth to live as Amy Winston.
* 2007 - 2012: Amy Winston lives as a relatively normal girl in suburban America, even as her mother trains her in the arts of combat as an 'extracurricular' activity.
* 2013: Grace Winston reveals to Amy her true heritage, is introduced to other refugees of Gemworld and begins to visit her home dimension to train in magic and prepare to battle Dark Opal
* 2016: Amaya passes the final tests set by her mother and mentors, showing a mastery of both the sorcery of her blood and the combat skills in which she has been trained. The time has come.
* 2018: After an epic year long battle, Princess Amaya overthrows the reign of Dark Opal and restores the House of Amethyst to its rightful place.
* 2019: With Nilaa stabilized and revitalized, Amaya misses Earth and begins to split her time between Gemworld and her old home, returning to school and starting to live a dual life as an average everyday girl and a superheroic magical princess.

IC Journal

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As one might expect of a well-groomed Magic Princess, Amy's quite charming and socially capable. Comfortable in her own skin, she fits very well into the mold of the head cheerleader kind of girl, albeit without the Mean Girls aspect.

Amethyst's dark side comes in the form of her love of combat. She is ferocious in battle, unrelenting, and often even brutal in her attacks. She sees things very strongly in black and white and has trouble with shades of grey.

Amaya is an extremely bright and good natured young woman. She's kind and compassionate, dedicated to justice, and a hard worker. She looks out for others as much as she can and is often a leader.

When she fights somebody, Amethyst treats them as evil and only grants mercy as a mark of her grace and good nature. She enjoys fighting and never shies away from a conflict or a fight. She is extraordinarily brave and unlikely to back down even against long odds.

Character Sheet


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Blood Magic:
As the scion of the Royal House of Amethyst (and of Turquoise), Amy has an intrinsic connection to powerful magical forces. She has been trained how to wield this sorcerous might and use it for a wide variety of effects. Things she's capable of include, but are not limited to, the following examples: She can create magical energy blasts capable of destroying small vehicles or blasting through concrete walls. She can levitate, herself or other objects, up to a few thousand pounds. She can summon objects from thin air, teleport herself and others (though the fewer the people and the shorter the distance, the easier this is accomplished), or put people to sleep with enchantments. She can cause plants to grow and speak to animals. She can cast wardings of protection to keep out evil spirits and create weapons capable of harming supernatural creatures. Many of her magic skills will manifest crystal aspects or be charged through the use of specific crystals and charms. Simple effects can be done relatively instantaneously, while more complex spells require time, effort, and greater material sacrifice.

Citrine of Tongues:
A brand crafted by blood magic sealed into her skin, the Citrine-of-Tongues is a mark placed inside Amethyst's mouth that allows her to speak and understand all languages ever created.

Crystal Charging:
Amethyst is capable of enchanting simple effects into crystals from her homeworld, enabling these spells to be given to others as gifts and charms. The spells are always very simple and straightforward: healing, protection, rest, confidence -- things of that nature. Different gemstones hold different spells better. Rubies for healing, citrine for knowledge, emerald for plant-based charms, etc. They generally are not offensive in nature but are useful and utilitarian. The charges have limited amounts of power and usually last for up to three months before needing to be recharged.

Crystal Generation:
A fairly specific manifestation of her magic is her crafting of hard-light objects with crystalline aspects. These objects can be sharp enough to cut through leather armor and have a tensile strength equivalent to multi-layer carbon steel. She can craft shields, weapons and simple objects with these, albeit all with a purple tinge and a crystalline aspect to them. She often manifests her shield and primary weapons of sword, bow and arrow, and throwing daggers in this fashion. She can maintain these constructs at will, but they will disintegrate if her concentration is broken or she falls unconscious.

Magic Resistant:
Amaya is born of both the line of Amethyst and the line of Turquoise. As a result, she possesses the Turquoise gift of resistance to magic. Minor enchantments and spells will likely simply slough off her harmlessly. More powerful magics will have a reduced effect, about half. She's especially resistant to charms of mind control and influence and is extremely difficult to mesmerize.

Amethyst can create portals to Gemworld at a relative moment's notice. The portals are fairly stable and will last as long as she wills them.


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Amy has trained with the bow since she was only six years old. She's an expert shot with Olympic-caliber accuracy and speed, capable of shooting in even in combat situations. She often uses a crystalline construct bow and arrow created by her magic, but is just as capable with conventional material weapons.

Beauty and Grace:
Amethyst possesses an inherent degree of incredible beauty and grace as a result of her royal heritage. She's quite stunning in appearance and has great precision and dexterity in her movements that makes her every action seem effortless and visually appealing. She stands out in any crowd and naturally attracts attention and interest from others.

Amaya has been raised to be a princess (because she is one). She has impeccable manners, can be exceedingly charming to even the most heinous of individuals, and generally has an incredible gift for influencing others and earning their loyalty and trust. She is a skilled negotiator and has an intense sense of fairness and responsibility.

Amy is a skilled horsewoman and has been riding all her life. She can not only do basic riding, but can have her horse perform tricks and jumps. While she can ride any horse, she is, of course, most closely bonded to her pegacorn, Parker.

Amaya has received extensive training since childhood in the arts of combat. Gemworld combat is relatively medieval in nature. Amy's training has focused in sword, shield, bow, dagger, and hand-to-hand combat. She's skilled as an elite level knight, more than capable of holding her own in battle with even experienced and trained fighters.


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Blood of Two Houses:
Though the people of Nilaa consider the mixture of the blood of the Houses Amethyst and Turquoise to be a highly unstable combination and to be avoided, it has provided Amaya with multiple benefits that those of House Amethyst don't typically have. Some of these include, but are not limited to: the ability to control mist-silk, the ability to dispel Turquoise illusory disguises, and the ability to touch Turquoise illusions without destroying them if she is careful. The flip side of the coin is a bit more unpredictable in nature.

The mist-silk that Amaya wears as part of her super-costume, a purple train of fabric between her right shoulder to her left wrist, is intangible for almost everyone. However, for members of the House of Turquoise who can control mist-silk, it can be a highly durable fabric, something like kevlar-grade durability, and controlled with sentient-like precision. In the past, Amethyst has used it both as a whip and a rope-like weapon.

During an early adventure, Amethyst found and rescued a pegacorn from being trapped in Gemworld. Just a colt at the time, the horse she named Parker -- so named for a favored poet, Dorothy Parker, whom she was studying in school at that time -- grew up into a mighty steed with great loyalty and affinity for Amethyst. He is bright white in color, possessing both a unicorn's horn and the wide wings of a pegasus. He can carry her and up to two other people aloft easily and fly at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. While he tends to stay in Gemworld, Amethyst can easily summon him through a portal at a moment's notice.

Amaya is Princess of Gemworld. She has loyal subjects and great stature in her homeworld and is widely regarded as its greatest hero after liberating them from the wicked rule of Dark Opal. Being a princess, even of an alien dimension, always has benefits.


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There are many dark forces still lingering in Gemworld who wish to corrupt and conquer it. Amaya, as the dimension's princess and protector, will always be the primary target of these schemes and must routinely fend off assassination attempts and ambush attacks from these villains.

Amethyst's powers derive from her bloodline and her connection to Gemworld. While she doesn't have to be in Gemworld to use her magic, the underlying mystic connection she has to it, the resonance with her spirit, has to be intact. If that connection is cut off or blocked in some way, she'll lose her magical abilities.

Amaya's magic resistance can have negative side effects. Spells intended to help her will not be as effective or may not work at all.

As a princess, Amaya must help to rule over and take care of her home dimension. If there are problems there or threats, she has a responsibility to go back and take care of it, even if she has other things going on. Because of this dedication, her earthbound life sometimes suffers from neglect.

Split Heritage:
Because of her split bloodline between Turquoise and Amethyst, Amaya's magic is considered by the people of Gemworld to be volatile and unpredictable. As a result, at times, some magical artifacts and mystical energies may react to her in inexplicable ways.



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Title Date Scene Summary
Pastrami Time April 16th, 2020 Leonid and Amethyst deepen their relationship on their date
Walking After Midnight March 26th, 2020 Leonid and Amy go walking after a movie and move further in their connection.
Rubies and Amethysts March 4th, 2020 Amy and Leonid meet and get to know each other a little.


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