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Ash Williams (Scenesys ID: 2532)
Name: Ashley Williams
Superalias: Ash
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Stockboy/Monster Hunter
Citizenship: USA
Residence: Mobile Camper
Education: High School
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 41 Actual Age: 41
Date of Birth 17 Feb 1980 Played By Bruce Campbell
Height: 6'1" Weight: 240 lbs
Hair Color: Black and grey Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Supernatural monster hunter or scam artist depending on your take, and what day of the week it is. Works as a stockboy between gigs. Not afraid of violence.


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*1980 Born in Elk Grove, Michigan
*1986 Mother passes away, father who had always been tough turns alcoholic
*1994 Ash begins to act out more and more in school, him and his father rarely deal with one another with TV acting as Ash's surrogate parent
*1997 Ash begins dating a girl named Linda, the two fall deeply in love
*1999 Graduated from high school, Ash, Linda, and several other friends go on a Summer roadtrip. Part of this trip involves staying at a cabin in Tennessee where they discover the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis and accidentally summon evil spirits. All of Ash's friends and Linda are killed, many of them Ash forced to kill again as they're resurrected by the demonic entities. Ash's own right hand is possessed and he's forced to remove it. In a last ditch attempt to destroy the evil Ash opens a portal using the book and winds up throwing himself and the evil backwards in time some 700 years ago in England.
*1300 In the past Ash winds up banding with a local lord under siege by the evils released from the book. He battles the Armies of Darkness over several months and becomes a hero in the past before finally using the book again to travel forward to the future.
*2000 Ash emerges in the Winter of 2000, several months removed from when he left. His father and authorities suspect him for the murder of his dead friends. Oddities in the crime scene keep him from being convicted, but he is sent to an asylum for 6 months. When he's released he takes a job as a stockboy at S-Mart. But he also begins researching the occult and the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis.
*2002 Ash begins traveling the country as monster hunter/demonslayer...and what's more he's good at it. His exploits won't make him world famous but he becomes at least somewhat well known by those familiar with the supernatural.
*2005 Ash winds up saving the CEO of S-Mart itself from a werewolf, is granted a special dispensation to work at any store of his choosing at any time letting him travel the country from one to another for steady low pay along with a heavy store discount.
*2006 Ash begins trying to learn how to use the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis by studying with various 'experts' on the subject matter. While he's able to put together a few notes and learns a few incantations, he quickly learns letting others know he has the book is a bad idea. He hides it away, checking on it every few months to do a bit more study.
*2008 On a job Ash winds up meeting and befriending two real ghosts and binding them to him so they can follow him.
*2013 Ash's mental health begins to deterioriate after several bad demonic run-ins, drinking becomes heavier, he begins running scams to trick people out of their money rather than fighting real monsters and ghosts quite as often. Attempts to destroy the Necronomicon Ex- Mortis show it to be effectively invincible. It also begins to speak after these attempts which doesn't help his mental health and he starts studying it less.
*2017 Ash effectively 'retires' from monster-hunting and sequesters himself in Jacksonville, Florida working full-time at a local S- Mart and on the weekends at a beach bar.
*2020 A chance encounter leads to Ash collecting the Kandarian Dagger in December of 2020, a powerful occult tool used in the creation of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, and possibly a way to destroy it, reinvigorating him to head back on the road to do good again. Well. Sort of.

IC Journal

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Ash doesn't mince words or what he's thinking most of the time. He'll call someone a dumbass to their face, often even when it's a very bad idea.

While it's often a bit of a front, Ash is generally undeniably arrogant and self-centered, believing himself irresistible and often claiming capable of doing things or having done things beyond his ability.

Give him a chance to slack and Ash will take it every time. Most of his 'work' at S-Mart is finding a place to nap in whatever poor store he has foisted himself on, and once he found out scamming people for supernatural exterminations was easier than the real thing it became his method of choice.

Sometimes Heroic:
Despite his many flaws Ash will leap into action if someone is in trouble and has even been known on occasion to risk himself for the sake of another. However he won't necessarily do this for just anyone, while Batman might save Joker, Ash would happily wave bye bye at a murdering criminal getting eaten by a demon, or even to someone that pissed him off enough.

Character Sheet


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Chosen One:
Ash actually shows up in the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, foretold to be the one thing that can prevent its evils from overtaking the Earth. This serves as both blessing and curse, attracting such evils to him, but seeming to provide a certain level of 'dumb luck' on occasion when it comes to stopping such evils. Though often not without great pain or trouble on his part.


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Black Magic:
Ash has developed over the years SOME knowledge of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, able to use maybe a tenth of what it contains in a, somewhat safe manner. Researching the book has also led to him having some general knowledge of other black magic and occult practices out there in the world though he cannot perform magic off the top of his head.

Ash has become extremely familiar with firearms over the years, able to maintain and use them with lethal, and showy, proficiency.

First Aid:
Ash gets hurt. A lot. So it's no surprise he's developed a fairly comprehensive knowledge of first aid, though his anasthetic of choice is always liquor.

Ash has a strong knowledge of rudimentary mechanics. He can strip down and rebuild a car from scratch, add basic armaments, construct hodge-podge weapons, or his crowning achievement, construct a fully operational prosthetic hand with various gadgets.


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Ash keeps a collection of firearms on hand at all times. 90% of the time he falls back on his tried and trusted 'Boomstick' which is a 12 gauge double-barrel shotgun. The weapon has been enchanted to provide ludicrous Hollywood levels of power capable of blasting most things it hits backwards several feet or through the nearest window dramatically. A variety of shells tend to usually have a bit of silver, salt, or holy water mixed in them as well so he can usually deal some damage to the supernatural, though that's not always enough.

Ash's home on wheels, the camper doesn't have too much special about it other than a lot of alcohol/weed stashed inside, and lots of hidden compartments to hide his firearms and occult tools. There are a handful of charms to help ward off evil but being a mobile home limits the effectiveness he has found versus how well they'd work on a solid foundation.

Back when he fought the demons in that cabin in Tennesee so many years ago, Ash was forced to lop off his own hand with a chainsaw when the limb became possessed. He would wind up constructing a socket onto the end of that 20" gas-powered saw and attaching it to his own arm, using it to messily slice demons and undead apart. When attached to him he seems able to wield the massive saw like it weighs nothing more than his hand and it has been lovingly cared for, ensured to always start on the first pull. The chain like his bullets has been enchanted, blessed, and otherwise specially suited over time to better battle the supernatural and the saw itself seems incredibly durable against harm.

Ghostly Allies:
Ash has never heard of the movie The Frighteners and don't ask. But years ago he wound up befriending two more altruistic spirits and bound them to himself so they can follow him. Usually invisible to most people but able to move objects, communicate with him, move through walls, and do other ghostly deeds, they're not at all required to do what he says. In fact more often than not they don't unless it's a matter of life and death.

The two spirits in question are Zenobia, warrior queen of the Palmyrene Empire who not surprisingly is not fond of Ash's lifestyle but approves of his occasional heroics and prowess in battle and tries to steer him right. The other is Edward Teach, Blackbeard the Pirate. He approves of most things. Too many things. The two ghosts do not get along needless to say.

Kandarian Dagger:
Just recently Ash has come into possession of the Kandarian Dagger, the tool used to actually create, and supposedly able to destroy the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. He's still learning about the blade, but what he does know is that it seems capable of causing great pain and permanent death to many supernatural entities, even those normally immune to physical weapons. What's more it's rumored that a mortal stabbed by the blade can have their soul trapped within it, apparently part of how it was used to create the book. He knows it can do other things, but it took him years to learn what little he has of the book, there's no telling what it will take him to effectively learn to use the blade. This too then for now he usually keeps hidden, someplace DIFFERENT than the book lest one or the other get found.

Mechanical Prosthetics:
While known for the chainsaw on his arm, Ash knows he can't carry it everywhere. So he has built a surprisingly sophisticated if rather bulky metal prosthetic. It's solidly built giving his punches extra oomph and a stronger grip than a normal humand hand. In addition it has several Swiss army knife-like features, like extending knife-blade, screwdriver, and even a functional drill. All of which are surely used for pacifistic reasons.

Along with the hand though Ash has built two other attachments for his arm from scratch. One is a pneumatic harpoon gun, letting him spear and reel in a target. The other is no less than a flamethrower with a backpack fuel supply. Needless to say both these are rather bulky and not something he carries with him, kept in the camper for when he really needs them.

Necronomicon Ex-Mortis:
An ancient Sumerian Book of the Dead written by a group he only knows as the Dark Ones. Crafted from human flesh and blood, the book is full of ritualistic black magic meant to summon the forces of Hell upon Earth and end the reign of man. Ash has been learning to use some of its less destructive spells and if need be can certainly recite any of its passages, though he doesn't know what many of them do still and more often than not doing so winds up killing people. It's a LOT of demon summoning.

Making things more complicated, the book is invulnerable to most forms of harm. Making things BIZZARELY complicated, the book itself possesses an intelligence and is able to speak when it wants. More often than not insulting Ash, or tempting him with power depending on its mood in hopes he'll recite one of its nastier passages. For this reason he usually keeps it hidden away, only going to it when the need arises.

The Delta:
A mustard yellow 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88, it's Ash's car fitted with a trailer hitch to haul his camper. A few more hidden compartments for weapons, the Delta as he calls it has had some armor plating and wards put on it to make it more durable to attack by evil. It's a workhorse of a car, not liable to win any races but will keep on trucking long after it seems like it should have stopped.

While his shotgun is his primary tool of the trade, Ash does have several other firearms he keeps ready at his disposal. A Winchester .45 revolver is often on his hip. When called for he also has Remington 700 lever action rifle, an M-16 with bayonet, and even an old Tommy Gun outfitted for automatic fire with a drum mag. Because he couldn't pass up the chance to get it when he could. Silver and other enchanted ammo are more scarce for these weapons than his boomstick.


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Not just alcohol, Ash won't stick a needle in his arm but there are very few other drugs he won't at least try even if weed is his preferred choice. It's rare he doesn't have a few drinks each day and more than once he's found himself staggering while under attack by something nasty.

No matter how much experience he has in combat, if there's a low-hanging pipe he'll hit his head on it. If there's a nail sticking out of the floor, he'll step on it. While Ash's endurance is in some respects almost superhuman, the fact he gets hurt as much as he does is somehow more astounding than the fact he's still moving.

Ash isn't the brightest bulb. He's released demons on dares or because he was high from the book. His usual strategy in dealing with trouble is grab a gun and chainsaw and charge headlong. He couldn't find most countries or even states on a map, and if he makes the right choice on a test it's only because he guessed.

Survivor's guilt from living through the events at the cabin years ago combined with all the insane levels of violence he has borne witness to, Ash occasionally suffers bouts of paranoia, hallucinations, terrible nightmares, and mood swings related to it all.

While always a bit of an arrogant buffoon, things only get worse when Ash is around a pretty woman. Despite being a slightly overweight, greying, middle-aged man, Ash has no problem flirting with women half his age. If flirting is even the right word for it. While his 'charms' sometimes win out, 90% of the time he's more likely to be called sleazy or creepy. He also can recognize most brands of pepper spray by taste and can usually keep himself from hollering when hit by a tazer these days.



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Ash Williams has 5 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Reel Big Killer Fish June 5th, 2021 Ash meets up with Hellboy, Morrigan MacIntyre, and Jessica Drew at the aquarium...none of them are allowed back inside again. Ever.
You Donut Want to Go In There May 9th, 2021 Ash and James Rhode stop for donuts at a truckstop. The trucks try to stop them.
Hello, Fellow Youths! April 5th, 2021 Katsumi and Jennifer go shopping like normal people, but talk about very abnormal issues. Ash Williams, professional chainsaw-handed guy, makes a business pitch!
How To Save A Life March 7th, 2021 An informant with information about the Kandarian Dagger is murdered before he reveals his information. Mercenaries show up to silence Oletha. Ash is looking for information about how to use the knife and crashes the meeting. Batwoman tracks the mecenaries from Gothham. At the abandoned warehouse in the suburbs of Gotham and New York, a battle between all of these forces happen. A deadlite appears but is quickly dispatched. Batwoman and Oletha defeat the other mercenaries. Batwoman leaves a warning for them to stay out of Gotham.
Roar-EEEEEEEEK! February 28th, 2021 Ash arrives at Columbia University in search of a damsel in distress, a monster on the loose, and a kegger.


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Ash Williams has 5 finished logs.

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