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Bane (Scenesys ID: 786)
Name: Unknown
Superalias: Bane
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Professional Criminal, Mercenary
Citizenship: Santa Prisca
Residence: Mobile
Education: Self-Taught
Theme: DC (VFC)
Groups: Rogues Gallery
Apparent Age: 33 Actual Age: 33
Date of Birth 28 Feb 1987 Played By Tom Hardy
Height: 6'8" Weight: 350lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown/Green
Theme Song: Bane's Suite - Dark Knight Rises

Character Info


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Bane was born in PeÑa Duro prison on the island of Santa Prisca. There, he learned and waited until his chance for escape came. Since then, Bane has been a nightmare to many of his opposition, both hero and criminal alike. He has a rap sheet a mile wide of horrific murders and killings, yet known amongst the criminal underworld as a man of honor and high intelligence. In many ways, not many people know who the true Bane is, only that he is the Bane of many.


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* 1987 - A boy with no name given upon birth is born in PeÑa Duro, a prison in Santa Prisca. His mother died in childbirth and his father escaped, leaving the boy to serve his father's sentence.
* 1992 - The boy decides to take his life into his own hands, despite his horrific circumstance. He meets many individuals from all walks of life in Santa Prisca. Ranging from a hardened killer to a Jesuit Priest. He also begins learning many other languages and subjects.
* 1995 - The boy makes his first kill against a new prisoner who tried to bully and interrogate him into giving him information about the prison via a knife hidden in his teddy bear.
* 2000 - After years of building himself up and becoming stronger, The boy establishes himself as the 'King' of PeÑa Duro and begins to go simply by the name of 'Bane'. It is also during this time that the government of Santa Prisca took Bane and performed experiments on him, such as testing the drug Venom on him. It almost kills Bane, as it had done all others, but Bane's powerful will enables him to survive.
* 2007 - Bane escapes PeÑa Duro with several of his accomplices. After this, he travels the world in order to learn, though his sole ambition is to acquire power.
* 2011 - Bane visits Gotham and destroys a number of bridges being repaired in the aftermath of the tidal wave. As a result, he cuts off Gotham City once more from the world and takes over Bleak Island. During the chaos, he engineers the escape of many villains from Arkham Asylum.
* 2011 (Post No Man's Land) - Bruce Wayne effectively buys out Bane by bribing him to leave with information pertaining to his father. Bane agrees to a five-year reprieve for Gotham.
* 2013 - Bane manages to create and take control of his own crime network, including a developmental and operation department for the Superdrug Venom.
* 2016 - Bane returns to Gotham City for the first time. A more established crimelord, he begins by brutally taking over some of the existing drug-manufacturing outfits. He soon leaves again, attending to his growing criminal empire. Occasionally, he returns, and a few unnotable skirmishes occur with Batman and allies.
* 2020 - Bane's assets in Gotham have suffered without his direct intervention. Batman and his allies are partly to blame, but so are the efforts of other villains. As a result, Bane has decided to move his global headquarters to the city, to give it more of his very direct attention.

IC Journal

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Bane is a cruelly effective killer. He tends to toy with his more high-value targets before he ends them, or in Bane's preferred case, 'breaks' them. He is not above unnecessary cruelty, such as making someone watch their city burn or punishing his subordinates for great failures.

Despite Bane's cruelty, he's a respectful and honorable man. He honors his agreements and repays his debts. He is not above negotiations and if someone were to save his life, he would feel honor-bound to return the favor.

Its the Drug Talking:
Venom has had a profound effect on Bane's personality. Very few know the man before the drug. The drug exacerbates Bane's worse personality flaws. Without it, one might find a more reasonable human being.

In the end, Bane is a warrior. He needs the fight. He wants the fight. He desires the fight. He is El Jefe, and must constantly prove it.

Character Sheet


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Enhanced Speed:
While under the effects of Venom, Bane can run faster than the finest Olympic athlete. He tends to peak out at around 120mph.

Superhuman Durability:
With Venom, Bane's durability increases nearly ten-fold. He's survived a fall from the tallest buildings with naught but a scratch, bladed weapons break against his flesh (unless made of superior metals like vibranium, etc.), can withstand being electrocuted with high voltage whilst in water and was unfazed, has been hit by multiple high speed vehicles and was merely irritated, and has been thrown through concrete floor and got back up to continue the battle. Bane is a tough one by any standard.

Superhuman Stamina:
So long as he continues to pump Venom into his veins, Bane can practically fight at full capacity indefinitely. Just one dose of the Venom drug allowed Bane to fight multiple battles without signs of tiring.

Superhuman Strength:
When on the supersteroid known as Venom, Bane's physical strength receives a massive boost. He can most easily lift around 4 tons, but his absolute best is around 15 tons. Of course, the more venom he takes, the stronger he is capable of becoming.


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Bane's escape from Pena Duro was only the first in a long chain of escape. In truth, on earth, he is challenged only by the Dark Knight of Gotham in the art of escape, for Bane has yet to encounter any prison, bond, or trap that could hold him. He commonly escapes high security prisons meant to hold metahumans.

Genius-Level Intellect:
Despite Bane's hulking size and use of Venom, Bane is actually extremely intelligent. In another life, he could've been one of the greatest human superheroes. But alas, Bane is not so heroic. Instead, it is Bane's intellect that has allowed him to win so many times even if the odds are stacked against him. He is not the greatest mind in the world...but he's damn close.

Iron Willpower:
Bane has a strength of will that is nigh indomitable. Telepaths have a hard time conquering his mind and even neurotoxins like fear gas are powered through by sheer force of will. Truth serums have little effect on him and even under agonizing physical pain, Bane will still get up for more. The only way to ensure Bane stays down forever is to kill him.

Martial Arts:
One of the most dangerous men in the world, Bane is a master of martial arts thanks to his travels around the globe and the individuals he has met therein. He has mastered Boxing, kickboxing, judo, greco-roman wrestling, karate, kung Fu, and muay thai as well as invented several other martial arts. He is skilled enough to kill multiple skilled humans with only one strike and take on the world's greatest martial artists and not only hold his own, but often-times win.

Bane has taught himself at least fourteen languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Farsi, Urdu, Dhari, Latin, French, and German.

Peak Human Physique:
Even without Venom, Bane is a powerful human being. He is strong enough to rip steel doors apart with his bare hands, casually rip people limb from limb, and even hurt certain individuals with a level of durability that greatly exceeds his own, like the time he broke a demon's jaw. He is durable enough to fall from multi-story heights and emerge unscathed, withstand a bat breaking against the back of his neck unharmed, not even notice that he was shot and stabbed in multiple places on his body, and trade blows with beings of greater strength and keep up the fight. He's quick enough to dodge his head out of the way of an oncoming bullet, block bullets with a statue he was quick enough to uplift from the ground, and move quick enough to sometimes be seen as just a blur to the average eye in a quick burst.

Photographic Memory:
Bane is gifted with a photographic memory that essentially equates to absolute total-recall. Bane remembers everything he actively sees or hears, which has allowed him to memorize the fighting styles and tactics of certain individuals.

Despite growing up in PeÑa Duro prison, which had no primary education system to speak of aside from books of literature and knowledge of subjects, Bane memorized the knowledge of almost all of such subjects. He is knowledgeable in fields of mathematics, science, geography, medicine, history, aerospace, mechanics, and perhaps even more. Of these subjects, Bane is knowledgeable enough in them to likely earn degrees in each of the highest sort.

A tactical genius, Bane has fully memorized various war manuals such as 'Art of War' and 'On War'. Not only such, his cunning and clever mind has allowed him to craft highly complex plans of large and small varieties to completion. His mind essentially works like a supercomputer. He even managed to beat the seemingly immortal Ra's al Ghul in a game of chess, one of only two men to have ever done so. He is capable of intense psychological warfare and could fully lead an army into battle with extremely high chances of victory. Deception is not beyond him.


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League of Shadows:
Bane has a freelance relationship wit hthe League of Shadows and could call on at least some of their members for assistance.

Bane's posse, as it were. They have been with him since his escape from Santa Prisca and they are essentially a highly-equipped, well-trained militia group that assists Bane in his plots and provide the bulk of his manpower. They are also the ones who assist him with crafting venom.

The Venom:
Bane's precious superdrug. While Bane has mastered the art of creating it, this drug is still considered to be somewhat rare and tiring to make. Nonetheless, this drug needs to be taken consistently for its superhuman benefits to be fully experienced.

Bane is very wealthy from his previous conquests, whether it was taking out stubborn rich men who wouldn't give up their fortunes or just the spoils of war from hs enemies, Bane's coffers line up in the mid-millions.


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Despite Bane's cruelty, he does have an honor system. He has begrudging respect for those who best him and even honors his word. After all, he's a warrior, not a thug. If someone saves him, he'll feel compelled to save them in return, etc.

Mindless Beast:
If Bane uses too much Venom, his intelligence suffers a tremendous blow. He essentially because like that of a caged berserker with little independant thought other than killing everything in sight. It makes him as much a danger to his allies as it does his enemies.

Bane is an angry creature. He is angry that he served his father's sentence. He is angry that he was not supposed to live. He is angry that so many people considered him as less-than. So when Bane fights, its like a quiet rage is always burning in him. But when someone truly awakens that fury? God help them.

Venom Dependence:
Bane has an addiction to Venom. Even at times when he has no use for it, when against great odds, Bane will often overdose on Venom to make the fight that much more 'exciting' and challenging, also for a chance of an overwhelming victory. However, when the overdose ends, Bane suffers from intense withdrawal symptoms such as hallucinations, migraines, and other physically debilitating (temporary, but non-lethal) effects.



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Bane has 9 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Lucha underground March 21st, 2021 Bane shows off the full power of Venom
Could a fight club work March 15th, 2021 Bane demonstrates a brand new opportunity and Rose encourages him to punch some guy.
Fortune and Glory: Pandemonium March 14th, 2021 The treasure hunters start hunting the treasure hunt makers.
The Bane of her work March 12th, 2021 Madi makes a friend of Bane. And, she gets the promise of a little excitement in the not so distant future. Yay for villainy!
Fortune and Glory: Dont Shoot the Messenger March 7th, 2021 Several candidates for Lott's legacy are chosen. Three in particular; Bane, Cinque and Jovian investigate clues to what is going on and why they were chosen. News of the hunt leaks around the world and the focus on who is seeking it and what it is increases as does scruitiny of the Nazca cartel, drawing the attention of Lara Croft as Jovian asks her help which in turn draws the scruitiny of W.A.N.D.
Beginning Of The Month Dumplings March 3rd, 2021 Dick and Stephanie meet up at Hot Dumplings. A very large, as big as Bane, comes in and plays mahjong.
The Lending of Hands September 6th, 2020 Bane and Harley have a serendipitous meeting when they both target the Neon Dragon Triad for mutual reasons. Bane makes his intended example. Harley walks away with some cash. At least a few Triads die, but enough survive to tell the tale of why one should never... ever... steal from Bane.
A Violent Intervention September 5th, 2020 Captain Britain, Julie Yan, and Alexis Carr stumble across a gaggle of criminals auctioning illicit goods. All seems normal in Gotham until Bane arrives to reclaim his property. Goons are pummelled. Explosives explode. Braddock takes a nap in the ocean, though he's likely fortunate Alexis is nearby. Julie tenaciously apprehends one of the Militia. Bane rides off into the sunset with his venom secured.
The Bane of Bludhaven March 13th, 2020 Bane comes to Bludhaven to deliver a message to Batman. He uses Nightwing as his stationery.


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Bane has 9 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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