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David Alleyne (Scenesys ID: 1284)
Name: David Alleyne
Superalias: Prodigy
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Help Desk Support/Activist/Student
Citizenship: US Citizen
Residence: Xavier's School, Westchester
Education: High School/Some College Level Courses
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Academy X, Xavier's School
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 26 June 2001 Played By TBD
Height: 6'1" Weight: 187 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: Anything You Can Do - Howard Keel

Character Info


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David Alleyne or Prodigy, was reading before he could talk, and playing the piano before he started kindergarden. A genius prodigy, his intellect was only enhanced by the activation of his mutant gene, the ability to copy the skills of those around him and use them to their maximum potential. Instead of this giving him a smug better than you attitude, David is more down to earth, knowing that the skills that he copies are only temporary and life should be lived in the moment.


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* 2001 - David Alleyne is born to Christopher and Dorothy Alleyne.

* 2002 - David starts to read before he can talk.

* 2006 - David is already doing High School level math.

* 2010 - David's sister, Kimberly, is born. By this time, David could play the piano, violin and trumpet with some skill, danced ballet, and was a good gymanist. His parents, realizing he was a prodigy, made him stay at the same grade level as his age, afraid of what would happen to his social growth if he advanced ahead.

* 2015 - In the middle of a class, David suddenly starts realizing he has the knowledge to correctly answer every question on his finals correctly, even the information he didn't know before. He deduces that he was already a genius, but apparently had a mutant ability when he started to pick up on skills he didn't have before; but would forget them after a short time.

* 2016 - David is attending high school and is dual-enrolled in college at the University of Chicago. At the same time, with the Mutant Felon Resettlement Act, fervor is growing to locate and dox mutants. While he showed no signs of being a mutant, a local hate group assumed, correctly, that David was a mutant. After numerous threats against him, David's parents make the decision to accept an earlier offer to enroll David in Xavier's.

* 2019 - After graduating Xavier's, David returns to Chicago to asist local mutant Activists in trying to educate the public about mutants and that they aren't all dangerous menaces.

* 2020 - The attack on Genosha is felt by David, and he knows he can't be more than thoughts and prayers and information. He returns to Xavier's to join Academy X and start to use his abilities to help where he can.

IC Journal

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Give David a cause that he believes in strongly and watch him go. David is more than willing to champion those causes that he believes in and will gladly try to open doors where he can. He's young, but he's a force of nature.

David purposefully downplays himself. While he acknowledges himself to have more skills and knowledge than pretty much anybody around him he does not allow this to go to his head --- based on information he's been given, the result of allowing himself to believe he knows best could be deadly to himself and the people he loves.

David is friendly, outgoing, and gregarious. He enjoys sports and social activities and is generally as nice of a person as you can meet. He genuinely wants to help others and is rather humble about his abilities, preferring to downplay them rather than show off what he can do.

David tends to use rational thought over his emotions. He wants to think things through. This doesn't mean he doesn't have emotions, he does. He just tends to see things more logically than most.

Character Sheet


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Attack Prediction:
Prodigy is able to predict physical attacks directed at him, allowing him to easily avoid or counter them. This is because his mutant ability mimics the skill of the attacker and allows David to best predict the course of the attack. While Prodigy would not be able to defend against an energy attack, he is able to decipher where the attack would come from. However, the person that use the attack has to use a skill to aim it, which aids Prodigy in best how to defend against it.

Enhanced Skill Retention:
When David studies a skill he has absorbed through his powers he can learn the skill, though it requires time dependent on the complexity of the skill. Simple skills can be retained by spending about twenty minutes a day in cursory study of the subject or spending an hour siphoning the skill from somebody who has it. This takes about a week. By the age of two, David had learned to read, do basic math, and knew every episode of 'Family Matters' (up until it became the Urkel Show) by heart, because these were simple skills his parents had, and he was exposed to them nearly twenty-four hours a day, every day. He might have had these skills sooner, but simply didn't have the physical ability to manage them. More complicated skills, like algebra, learning a foreign language, or playing a musical instrument, take about an hour a day of study or two hours of exposure to the skill for a month. David was put into gymnastics lessons and started playing the piano as a child, and within a month he could tumble better than anybody else in his class and play some fairly complicated Joplin rags (not to mention Billy Joel and Elton John pieces) because he had regular exposure to his teachers. In the end, if David is exposed to any skill for a few hours a day for a year, he can learn it. He has set out to learn skills he feels will be useful and important, but knows he cannot learn everything.

David is skilled at hand-to-hand fighting and perfectly capable of handling a firearm, though he would rather avoid the latter if possible. To be fair, part of the reason he can hold his own against nearly any fighter with any close-range weapon (or no weapon at all) is that he is able to absorb the skills they have as they are fighting, and thus knows their moves and how to counter them, but he has spent plenty of time learning how to fight without his powers, you never know when you'll have to fight somebody who is immune to his band of psychic skill absorption. Those with fighting skills that are highly trained, however, could come to recognize that David is mimicking their skills and use their experience to overcome this attribute.

Prodigy's mutant ability allows him to telepathically gain/duplicate the knowledge, mental skills, and abilities (mental and physical). Not only does this make him incredibly skilled and even smarter depending on who's near him, but it gives him a better understanding of his teammates' skills and how to best have them work as a unit (each person's abilities complimenting another), making him a natural leader. He gains the skills knowledge within seconds (he can't take the skills that passes by him quickly in a car or a speedster running by him), and there is no limit on the amount of skills he can take. The range of this skill is usually around 100 feet and lasts while the person is in the sphere of influence. Once a person leaves the sphere, Prodigy usually maintains the skill learned for 30 minutes before gradually losing it before it's completely lost at 45 minutes.


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Even without his powers, David could easily have been valedictorian at his high school in Chicago. He got straight As, not merely because he knew the material but because he loved to learn. Wherever he winds up, he's likely to be in academia.

David has not spent a huge amount of time advancing his artistic skills --- while he appreciates art, he feels it is less important in his personal mission, even if he's not sure what that mission is. He plays the piano very well, the violin and trumpet with some skill, and other instruments with varying degrees of familiarity, but none better than your average high school band member. He can sketch a decent picture, but painting or sculpting are beyond him. He has written a number of short stories, but only for classes. These are not skills he exercises regularly, so they fade as any skill does if it isn't practiced.

David is a skilled athlete. He's not at the level of any professional, but would be an asset to any high school basketball, baseball or football team, can handle himself on a tennis or volleyball court, and knows how to pace himself for either a sprint or a long distance race.

David studied computer science for one very important reason: he knew he'd be able to get a job. And he has: he mans a help desk. Very exciting. Still, he's a good programmer and technician, and can fix pretty much any standard computer he comes across. Don't ask him to work on Cerebro unless somebody better than him is around, though.

David has learned from the best. He is skilled at hand-to-hand fighting and perfectly capable of handling a firearm, though he would rather avoid the latter if possible. To be fair, part of the reason he can hold his own against nearly any fighter with any close-range weapon (or no weapon at all) is that he is able to absorb the skills they have as they are fighting, and thus knows their moves and how to counter them, but he has spent plenty of time learning how to fight without his powers --- you never know when you'll have to fight somebody who is immune to his band of psychic skill absorption.

Genius Intellect:
Prodigy is naturally intelligent. He completed college level courses while in high school, operates complicated technology, and already knows several skills and studies, such as piloting, architecture, and culinary skills.

David has a particular interest in history and, in particular, the history of activism. He has studied the civil rights movement, the women's rights movement, gay rights, mutant rights, the struggle for equality of many peoples around the world. He has a wide and deep general knowledge of history, particularly that of the United States and Europe, but his understanding of inequality and attempts to balance such issues are first and foremost in his interests.

David has taken the time to study (in addition to his native English) Arabic, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and Swahili. Due to his powers, while in the presence of somebody who can speak a language, he is able to speak that language as well, but knowing languages on his own allows him to communicate at a distance, as well as translate vocal and written statements.

David's mother was a nurse and he's held most of her skills from the long term exposure to her. He would not attempt difficult surgery on a patient without being around somebody who has the skills, but knows emergency medicine very well, can set a bone or pull a tooth, and knows the sort of medicine that will help all manner of common ailments --- for all that he can't prescribe.


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David is active in the activist community. He knows the people who plan the rallies, has met a good few politicians who fight for similar causes to his own. He can call on friends in this group to come and wave signs and shout --- great to tell corporate bigwigs what you really think of them, or to distract guards while he slips in behind them.

Cyber Shades:
Prodigy wears a pair of custom-built Cyber Shades that function as a wireless broadband computer network. The shades provide an audio/video feed via an in-built computer system outfitted with miniaturized conventional microphones and cameras, and can also project a three-dimensional image into the visual field of the wearer that can be expanded to allow others to see with whom the wearer is communicating or information they are reviewing. The shades provide input by means of a virtual reality iconographic keyboard, and have an alternate visual input system for when a user's hands are otherwise occupied. The shades can be interfaced with any external data network whether terrestrial or alien in origin. The shades also possess various sensors for detecting telepathic resonance patterns, tracking energy trails, and analyzing electronic circuitry, amongst others.

David is not the smartest person he knows --- after all, he's met an awful lot of incredibly smart people living in New York and going to the Xavier School. However, he's definitely in the top two percent of intelligences he's personally encountered. He can think his way through an awful lot of problems that would leave other kids his age stumped. But that doesn't mean he's not willing to reach out to others that are smarter than him and make contacts.

David works at a computer helpdesk. He's good at what he does, so he makes a fair amount more than minimum wage --- but it's not exactly enough to be comfortable living in the city.

As a graduate of the Xavier School and a current college student there, David is generally welcome to visit and use the school's facilities. This gives him access to the knowledge and skills of the X-Men and their students, as well as great resources for research.


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David's always out there, telling people in power exactly what he thinks of them and their <insert whatever they're against here>-ist policies. Therefore, people in power know who David is, and recognize him as somebody who regularly challenges them. Not hard to make powerful enemies this way.

Mental Blocks:
David does not realize it, but he has placed the mental blocks on himself that prevents him from retaining knowledge. There's no telling what would happen should he remove those blocks - he may even be able to copy powers. And it's the fear of that which is causing him to keep himself in check and not go forward.

Skill Loss:
If David doesn't know how to do something himself, he needs proximity to somebody who can do that thing in order to do it. If that person moves out of his radius while he's at work, suddenly he can't do it anymore. And that's bad if you're performing heart surgery or sneaking through air ducts. Suddenly lives are on the line.



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Title Date Scene Summary
Lakeside Training April 18th, 2020 Megan comes across David practicing her self defense, he shows her a couple of moves, and she does the same.
Warm-Up to the Stark Expo April 18th, 2020 The lines cross for an agent provocateur, a princess, a prodigy, and a spider-geek. Tech, Tony, and tips.
Deep Dish Purity April 17th, 2020 A group of Xers save the University of Chicago's mutant populations from some anti-mutant jerks. Rogue does her 'Breakfast Club' impersonation.
Study Belles! April 17th, 2020 David goes to help Rogue with coursework, and finds out that mutants in Chicago are in trouble!
One on One on One... April 17th, 2020 David catches up with Kitty after a couple of years apart and discuss the situation in Chicago. Now if only their balling was as good as they're talking.


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David Alleyne has 5 finished logs.

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