15255/The Ohio Mutant Conspiracy

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The Ohio Mutant Conspiracy
Date of Scene: 14 July 2023
Location: Dining Room (Faculty)
Synopsis: Charles' 88th birthday almost goes off without a hitch. But Jean just had to go and jinx it, didn't she!
Cast of Characters: Charles Xavier, Emma Frost, Erik Lensherr, Marie-Ange Colbert, Tabitha Smith, David Alleyne, Jean Grey, Douglas Ramsey

Charles Xavier has posed:
With it being a special day here in the school, most of the kids still living at the mansion are having dinner in the Event Hall, while the faculty celebrating Charles' birthday dinner are gathering up inside the smaller, more intimate, dining room. It's been a active day around the school, even if it is still summer break for another month. With July 4th having come and gone recently, and now this, there is still quite a festive atmosphere within the denizens of Xaviers School, and this occasion is only fostering that even more.

Banners have been strung up in the main foyer, with party decorations strewn about in Charles' classroom and office just off the east wing hallway.

But here and now, the dining room is filling up with party goers, and Charles himself?

He's standing at the head of the table. Yes, standing. Dressed in a fine dark blue suit and tie, the Professor cuts a regal air as he speaks with some of the other faculty members in attendance tonight.

The serving staff are bringing in the carts with the dinner, a wide selection of food options being offered tonight that anyone can choose from to enjoy their own special dishes tonight, and a sizable chocolate cake rests in-wait just inside the kitchen, adorned by a cluster of nearly uncountable numbers of candles yet to be lit.

The atmosphere is lively, friendly, and everyone seems to be in good spirits.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost is currently among the attendees. Since when does Emma grace social events with her presence? But, Charles is a peer and one of the most respected people on the planet. As far as Emma is concerned, he is her better and he is well worth her attention. If only perhaps so some of his dignity rubs off on her. She's dressed rather conservatively given the occasion - it's impolite to draw attention to oneself during another person's event. So as she waits over and sees Charles' standing, she looks curious.

Well, that's a bit of a surprise but not necessarily anything very unusual - with the work they have with cybernetics, alien technology, and even the magic and healing abilities that numerous members of the faculty and student body have, it makes a great deal of sense that if it's wished, it is possible. She goes to look about at the others present, and moves to keep her head relatively bowed low. She's a guest here at the festivities, and is here to appreciate the collective celebration.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
"A celebration fit for a baroque dictator, Charles," Erik says with a faint curl upwards at the corner of his mouth, "I can't wait to see the students marching through the square. Perhaps a flyover with your expensive spacecraft?"

It's all in good fun. Though they have been enemies in the past - and may well be again someday - the tether of friendship has never been completely severed.

Magneto himself wears a tailored suit of his own. A shimmering silk with a dark brocade in varying hues of his favoured maroon. A magenta ascot sits neatly pinned in place at his throat, and his stark white hair has been combed back. For a man of his age, he doesn't look much older than fifty years. The joys of a life chaotically lived.

"Do I salute now or later?"

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Charles Xavier is a man who's had a profound impact on the life of one Marie-Ange Colbert (and many, many others!). He's responsible for plucking her out of a terrible life in the French convent, and helping her manage her visa issues to stay in the 'States after her high school graduation; she tries not to miss the important days for any of her found family, but the Professor may very well be at the very tip-top of that list.

So of course she's here. Wearing a classy but modest yellow dress, her hair carefully styled into flowing ringlets, with a yellow rose tucked into the scarlet locks as a minor garnish. She'd come in from off-campus for the occasion, but is nonetheless not only here, but promptly. Lateness is impolite, and Marie is anything but.

Seeing the Professor /standing/, though... that's a sight that brings some added joy to the young woman's eyes. Not that he ever truly seemed like he was limited by being bound to the chair.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
While not exactly 'Faculty', Tabby is still one of them X-men types. And even if she mostly just hangs about, doing chores around the place, and probably entertaining the kids with her explosive antics. Getting blown up for mutant rights since she was a kid does help a lot.

Dressed in an actual dress for a change, not that it's that out there. It's a minidress in in with pink at her sides, off and mid thigh. So it might have been made in the Shi'ar replicators down stairs to function as a uniform. Some pink ankle boots with a wedgeheel on her feet and her usual red framed yellow tinted cateyes on her nose while her hair is left wild and long to drape down her back.

Seeing the Professor on his feet as she makes an entrance gets her grinning bright. "So like Happy Birthday professor, No Comas this year!. Also, someone gonna have to make you dance. You can dance if you want to. You can leave your friends behind." she half sings and grins over at Magneto as she safety dances on the spot.

David Alleyne has posed:
While David has not been around as much as the rest, he saw Professor Xavier's party as an opprotunity. He really saw this event as to meet the mentor and namesake of the school and was well-aware that you only get one chance to make a first impression. After finding a small, hopefully suitable gift, David wrapped it and then dressed himself in a tailored suit. A British cut, it is a charcoal grey in color, with brown leather shoes. And sitting on his nose are his ever-present Cyber shades, feeding the young man information as he joins Tabitha and Marie in the greetings.

"Happy birthday, Professor. It is an honor to meet you." He sets the present down on the table before he dips his head in a short nod of greetings to Erik and Emma, eager to step back and let the others handle the hefty lifting, he's more than willing to play his support role, even as he borrows a smidge of Marie's etiquette skill so not to trip over his own tongue or feet.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean arrives (or better, returns) just ahead of some of the staff, having no doubt been busy with some last-minute details and preparations. Not very shockingly, she's wearing a green midi dress decorated with a gold waist-cinch and a few matching itemns of jewelry, along with a somewhat wavier hairdo. It's Charles' birthday, so she has to look nice!

Typically, the man of honor would be the target of a great deal more fussing from his protege, yet the newly revealed 'surprise' of his updated condition makes it somewhat unecessary. Jean knew about it, but that doesn't spare her a bit of adjusting to the whole thing. Ultimately, it means she has more freedom to enjoy herself, but for people like her that kind of freedom can be a little bit unwieldly. She's used to being busy, needed!

Helpfully, she has someone to make her relax and enjoy herself. Yep, Rogue is here too, she wouldn't miss it (the food). There's some reminder there that she can enjoy herself rather than worrying about others, for once, which makes her smile a little sheepishly, before looking back to Charles. "Mine's the one with- well, you can probably guess." Her usual colors apply even to the wrapping paper!

And after all of that, she looks back over at Erik. "Don't you have your own asteroid base?" The remark more playful than pointed, though: it IS a rather nice house and full of nice stuff

Charles Xavier has posed:
"I'm afraid I left my ribbon adorned military uniform at the dry cleaners." Charles responds to Erik, offering his friend a pleasant smirk at the joke. Charles then allows his eyes to scan over those who are arriving within the dining room, and a warm smile sets in across his features.

To each he offers a curt nod, and a respectful level of eye contact. To Emma he gives a simple smile, to Marie he offers a "It is good to see you, I hope your new home is feeling better and better. I heard about it on social media, but wasn't able to come to the house warming."

To Tabitha, Charles laughs very gently to her, including a shake of his head. "Your personality is beyond contain, Tabitha. I don't suppose you'd help see to it everyone gets their desired dinner for the evening?" He asks of the bombshell blonde.

David gets a offered hand to shake when the two come close enough to allow it. "You look quite dapper tonight, Mister Alleyne. The glasses really complete the attire." The Professor states with a sly grin before his eyes travel over to Jean and Rogue.

"Ah. You both look lovely. I trust the day hasn't been overly taxing on you, Jean?" He asks specifically of the Headmistress.

But to everyone, Charles motions to the table. "Come, have a seat, everyone. I wish to say a little something before we enjoy our fine supper."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would go to fold her hands together then as Charles would speak, glancing over at him curiously. Wondering if there was going to be any particular news of note with the address or that it was merely him giving thanks for everyone. So she would keep herself quiet in the matter, giving a low nod over to Jean and to the other teachers present.

Giving a smile over to Marie-Ange and a bobble of her head to the younger girl that had settled herself in so well here. Erik's presence was a good sign. The two seemed to be gettinga long which was always good with the ruler of Genosha.

And the presence of David at least has her wondering as to how long it will be until he ends up meeting with Douglas. Their abilities will lead to no doubt something very interesting occuring should they perform something together. But such considerations are for later - now there's a party. And hopefully the good wine out with the no doubt excellent food. Emma would smile over and then go to wait for the others to take a seat and slide down with them.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
"I am a man beholden to an unmatched view, doctor," Erik answers Jean with that same thin and mysterious smile before he brings a flute of champagne to his lips and takes a sip, "A pastoral lake and forest rather pale in comparison to the sun rising over the pale blue vault of heaven."

He lowers the champagne, laughing lightly to himself.

"You'll have to excuse me. I seem to be overcome with poeticism."

Tabby's mention of dancing draws a raised eyebrow from the old mutant, and when David nods to him he bows a little from the mid-torso.

"That said, one cannot surpass the opportunity to shape and influence young minds. And teach them to make birdhouses."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's a snappoint in greeting to Prodigy and his presence while Tabby beams a grin to Marie as well.

The dancing stops though as she adds a soft laugh. "The kids running the kitchen are pretty on the ball. So lemme go grab a pencil and notepad and an apron."

Sometimes she doesn't mind getting roped into stuff. "Just remember to tip your waitress!" she adds playfully. Not that she'll actually dish up anything. And with Jean seemingly having arranged a lot of it already, even the boss du jour needs a break.

David Alleyne has posed:
Accepting the offered hand-shake, David smiles toothily. "Thank you, Professor..." and then he gets busted for the glasses. Dark cheeks look a smidge darker. After all, the glasses are akin to bringing your phone to dinner - just without having to look down every few seconds or using thumbs! Reaching up, he removes the shades, folding them and putting them inside a Otter Box case to slip inside his jacket.

As he's stepping back to find a seat, he notices Emma looking at him and he smiles quickly, but looks confused as to why but brushes it aside. He's a new guy, course people will look at him! Catching site of the Headmistress, Jean gets a two-fingered wave from the young Mutant activist as he takes a seat.

Jean Grey has posed:
"Oh, you know me. I'm only anxious because things are going well," Jean answers Charles. "How often do we get to enjoy a nice gathering like this without aliens, robots, or psychic marauders coming to crash the party?" It's probably best not to seriously answer that, as the actual statistics would bode pretty poorly for things.

And thus, she pivots topics. Admittedly, what she ends up on is still pretty 'out there,' but at least it doesn't involve them getting blown up.

"It's funny you should say that, Erik." Turning to the other elder mutant statesman as she settles at the table, her eyes first meets his, but then drifts upward, as if imagining the view he's describing. "What with the Shi'ar in town again, for the ceremony next week. If everything goes well, maybe we'll be seeing that view - and more - a bit more often."

Rogue makes some kind of 'kill me now' expression in the background. SPACE! Who needs it. Jean rolls her eyes right back, but then glances briefly to Charles, as if he likely knows all about these Shi'ar goings on. Or maybe the two of them are conversing mentally - they tend to do that!

Then it's off to other topics, keeping the conversation social, and maybe finally getting away from doom, gloom, and cosmic nonsense. "What do you think of the school, David?"

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Marie can't help but offer a beaming smile, and a mild blush to go along with Charles' words. "Merci beaucoup, Professor. It most certainly is -- between Mary's presence and the pieces I was able to bring there," The various bits and pieces she's acquired over the years, "And you are always welcome to join us for dinner. You have always made me feel welcome in your home, you will always be welcome in mine."

Then Tabby is... well, Tabby, and Marie can't help but let out a demure giggle. "I will lend Mademoiselle Smith a hand as well, oui?" she suggests, offering a little wave of greeting to the other faces she knows but didn't quite arrive with, like Emma, Erik, Jean and Rogue. Doing things for others is pretty obviously part of the girl's nature, so if they need serving help, she's /all over/ that.

Charles Xavier has posed:
In the kitchen the staff of two asks Tabitha for help with lighting the birthday cake candles, whether or not they expect little bombs to do that assistance or not is unknown! In the dining room, however, the two other dining staff continue to set out dinner plates loaded up with the various selections made from the arranged menus that had been out for several days prior to this evening event.

Charles remains standing as he smiles softly to the conversations taking place, he waits for everyone to settle in to the table before he reaches out for a glass of red wine that was set down mere moments before. More wine is poured for those who desire it, and Charles raises up his glass once everyone is ready for a clear toast to be made.

"I obviously wish to thank you all for coming tonight. I didn't wish this to be a big affair, simply a small gathering. We are all very busy, many of us with lives that take us far from the campus of our fine home, and school. It has been my dream, as you all know, that this school becomes precisely... this. A place where we can all fall back on, for comfort and joy."

He trails off there then as he holds his glass of wine in front of his stomach, and a few moments later he speaks again, his voice sounding heartfelt and soft.

"I'm sure you've all noticed by now that I'm... no longer bound to a mobile chair." He says with a soft smile at the responses that might get. "It turns out that when you deal with advanced societies from far away star systems, that some of the friends you might make... might offer you assistance in ways you hadn't expected. Case in point... I'm lucky enough to be able to stand again, to walk again... To enjoy life a bit closer to how it is meant to be enjoyed, and to that end, you might think that such a gift would be the one I am most pleased to get..."

He motions to the wrapped presents that were set down upon the table. "And though I am beyond grateful for all of your generosity, I just wanted to say that my true gift, the gift that I yearn for more than any other... Is simply all of you. This... this gathering, these moments. These are what all of this is for. This is what we fight for, this is what we desperately must preserve. Happiness. You all provide me with happiness, and it is the greatest gift I could ever ask for."

Charles raises his glass up then, and holds it for a second before finishing.

"To Happiness." He says with a honest and sincere smile before toasting and sipping his drink.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
"It's interesting," Erik answers Jean, "But when I think back on how Homo sapiens handled the arrival of our kind, I am skeptical of the idea of long-lasting peace. When fear rears its head this time, they won't find an outnumbered and grudgingly sympathetic foe on the other side."

He takes another sip of champagne: "But, that's hardly birthday talk."

That said, Erik turns his attention to Charles and his birthday speech. When it finishes, he claps politely and with a gesture of his hand a small spoon lifts from the table and floats to chime against his glass. The Master of Magnetism raises his voice.

"A toast to the man of the hour and his singular resolve. Happy birthday, Charles."

He lifts his glass to signify the toast and takes a sip.

Emma Frost has posed:
At the toast, Emma Frost smiles, and goes to raise up her drink in a salute to the man, and then takes a sip of it. Ah, the wine is very good. Probably older than she is and far better aged, and definitely of a more pleasant temperament. Emma gives a light round of applause that would go along with anyone else over in the room. Now it's time to enjoy themselves and repast.

And Erik's remembering to drop politics for the night. Will wonders never cease? She can definitely appreciate this. Time with friends.. And faculty and studetns. There are worse ways to spend the evening than with everyone together.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
The moment of Magneto's toast is when Doug walks in, carrying a present. "Sorry, sorry I'm late!" He says, "I got held-up."

He sets the box down on a table, and he says, "But I got a present! No peeking, Professor!" He points to his own temple.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
From the kitchen there is help with the cake. "So next year maybe we can try convince the Majestrix to jump out of it for the professor." She might, someone will have to at least suggest the idea to the Majestrix.

She does at least light the candles.

Safely, little wisps of plasma doing a lap of the candle wicks and getting them glowing. It doesn't even explode either.

Having snuck back out briefly to join the toast, and the drinking she at least tries to appear well behaved. Which is probably the same thing.

David Alleyne has posed:
Jean's question catches David off-guard and he straightens up in his seat in thought, no longer able to retreat to help Marie and Tabitha; which is what he should have done! "It's the closest thing I've had to a home. And I appreciate the chance to learn and to help make a difference, even if I'm not the most showy of mutants or all that special. I have a roof over my head, a decent job. I just want to do my best."

Erik's words catch within the chest of the young activist. He takes in the man more attentively as he feels that pang of compassion and agreement.

As they talk of travels in space and the abilities of aliens that he has never met, his imagination runs wild. How he'd love to learn skills from those not of this world. To share in their unique talents and even know their languages. He sets these thoughts aside to join in the toast, however. "Here here, happy birthday!" he agrees happily with the lift of his glass.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean's banter with Erik continues, although she does seem to consider his evaluation, pausing as she gathers her thoughts. "I like to think that we're slowly growing up. All of us, here on Earth, mutant or otherwise. It's probably not going to exactly be easy or smooth, no. But that's how growing up works, isn't it? You stumble, and make some mistakes. You hit some of those hard realties that come with being an adult, and you... manage, somehow."

Leave it to her, to frame their discussion of Earth's journey into the wider universe in the language of youth and education. Charles' toast is well timed in the midst of that, something that is easier to seize on to than these more weighty topics. Her glass is raised, and Rogue's beside her. "To many more years together here."

After taking a sip, she sets it down, and turns on David again, seemingly caught in turn by his own reaction. "Sorry. I didn't-" she says, with a laugh. "I should have put that better, I didn't mean to put you on the spot. More like, since you're old enough to be here with us, I was curious about how you see things, going forward. Have you considered teaching?"

Aha. She's got an angle! As for Tabitha's remark, it makes her laugh a bit. Rather than commenting on it aloud, however, she transmits a thought back directly, sparing the general conversational levity: <<If she wasn't in the middle of a war, she probably would.>>

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Marie, also, will be joining in on that toast during a lull in the serving! Hey, she's French, and of drinking age now, too. Of course she's going to be where the wine is.

"Happy birthday, Professor! May it be but one of many, many more!" she chimes in with a bright smile, raising the glass that she'd just filled. Doug's arrival, late or not, also gets a friendly wave and smile from Marie; the grudge she'd held in the past is one hatchet she's glad to have left in the dirt, to be certain.

Charles Xavier has posed:
Erik's added words garner another light smile from Charles who nods softly once to it. With Doug's arrival, the Professor has to softly emit a light laugh too. "Worry not, Douglas. Dinner is only just beginning. Please, find a seat." He indicates to the table, while servers move to check on Doug's order, and deliver it to him should he sit down to dine with the rest of the party here tonight.

Within moments, everyone has been served and the food is both varied, and delectible like any fine dining restaurant in Manhattan itself. Charles, having ordered a filet steak, medium-well cooked, is setting down his wine, settling a cloth napkin upon his lap and reaching for a set of knives left for him by the hired serving staff tonight. He's about to make his first cut when someone steps in from the side doors.

It's Wendy Fleeb, for those in-the-know on who the young woman is... being the School Nurse, for lack of a more befitting title.

Wendy smiles to everyone, the young brunette stepping around the table to take a spot beside charles' chair at the table. She puts one hand on his shoulder and whispers in to his ear something. Staring ahead as he listens, Charles' expression changes from a soft smile to a more even-keeled flavor before he nods his head two small times to what the Nurse had told him. "Put it on the television, would you?" He asks her then as he sets his silverware back down beside his dinner plate.

Wendy strides over to the western wall and gathers up a small remote control from atop the cabinet resting against said wall. She has the television turned on within seconds, the wall itself becoming a screen set within the wall's wooden paneling.

Turning the channel from sports clips, to a cable news network, Wendy takes a step back and out of the way.

"My apologies for interrupting the dinner with a mild distraction, but Miss Fleeb has told me of something that I have been waiting to hear about. Seems some additional information from a genetics conference has come out a bit late, after a tussel within the conference broke out. Shouldn't take more than a minute to watch and we'll get back to the pleasantries."

On the television, a news reporter is speaking to the camera. The headline title beneath the News Reporter's form reads 'Massive Breakthrough in Mutant Genetics'

The News Reporter himself continues. "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We're coming to you live from the genetics conference event where we have just witnessed a major revelation from renowned scientist Dr. Arnold Bachland, who is part of the groundbreaking research team at the Center for Genetic Improvements. In a stunning announcement, Dr. Bachland has unveiled a significant breakthrough in human to mutant genetics. He has successfully identified a pair of twin genes that not only have the potential to prevent mutations in humans but also reverse them. This astounding discovery is sending shockwaves through the scientific community and is rumored to already have sparked discussions with the US Government and Mutant Rights groups. The prospect of a vaccine capable of preventing and reversing mutations raises profound questions about the future of our society and the complex dynamics of human diversity. We are at the precipice of a scientific revolution that may reshape our understanding of genetics and profoundly impact the lives of individuals with extraordinary abilities."

As the news returns to the live anchors at their desk, Charles leans back in his chair with one hand coming up to rub lightly at his chin.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug casually orders a cut of steak, cooked blue, with a side of cheesy noodles and some of whatever the green vegetable of the day is, and a glass of mineral water. He watches the news report, and then says, "That's all well and good, but how long, yet again, until they try to force people to undergo this treatment against their will?"

"And, have they identified what kind of genetic *damage* this treatment might do? Or are they just going to rush it out and start cramming it down people's throats without an understanding of what the long-term consequences might be?"

Doug waits to receive his steak, and when he gets it, he cuts into it and eats a piece. "Also... has this 'discovery' been vetted yet? We've dealt with monstrous quacks promising people dark miracles and unleashing horrors before."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost's attention is mostly over on the small goblet of wine over that she has as the news comes on. So she's not paying that strict attention over to what's playing on until there's a warning given out to look at it. She turns her attention over to the screen and goes to narrow her eyes ever, ever so slightly as she listens to it an dpurses her lips. Then she goes to take a quick breath and would glance over at Jean.

<<Darling, conference time if you're able? Later is fine, I don't want to distract from the event. But I'm hopeful that we can at least delay this.>> Emma's thoughts are focused over on amongst the personal fortunes of herself, Charles, Roberto, and Warren, that they can simply try and buy up as much of the subcontractors as they can. Slow it down with lawsuits. Try and get data on hte patents. Gum up the works..

ANd of course buy samples to figure out how to stop it. Emma's thoughts turn to business. What companies and research think tanks are involved in it. What the approval process is. Who would have the expertise to make such a thing and what laboratores would be involved. And what sorts of things she would have to do to completely tank thier stock price.

Some things called for proactive sabotage. Emma's thoughts swirl about her - Jean could pick them up - Emma's attempting to mostly keep them lightly veiled from Charles. Not out of any actual trying to keep it away, but letting the man enjoy his birthday without her going on an d disrupting things. She would nod over at Douglas and at David. And goes to speak to the two telepathically.

<<If I can get you two and Doctor McCoy some samples if this is legitimate..>> Douglas is capable of likely reading genetics data the same way as he can process ancient alien supercomputers. David can replicate skills adn talents. Between the two of them and Doctor McCoy.. <<And quiet, let's not make a mess of the festivities.>>

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Erik regards the news broadcast with an impassive stare. Blue eyes are cold and unblinking, the polite smile on his face turning into a grim and unreadable line. He is silent for a moment before his rises to his feet, placing a hand on Charles' shoulder and leaning to say something quietly into his ear.

That said, he gives one last baleful stare at the television and walks out of the room.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's somewhat of a giggle snort. <<I swear, you'd think being sisters she and Deathbird would just fight like normal siblings. Slap fights and hair pulling. Maybe some good old fashioned slut shaming. That was probably more D'Ken's speed though.>> she sends back telepathically.

The other psychics likely wouldn't have a problem picking that bit of banter up. Those wacky Nerimani girls.

When Wendy brings news to the Professor, and the television starts playing the news. The whole idea makes Tabby look decidedly nauseous. "Greaaat. So like beware of racists with tranq guns. Anyone wanna take bets this stuff is already on the black market working or not?" she says with a shrug.

looking around the room she hmms. "Something tells me I should make a run down to the X-Lounge and raid the bar for something a bit stronger than wine. We could all do with something with a bit more oomph. Shots?!" she suggests.

David Alleyne has posed:
"An instructor?" David asks Jean, lifting his brows. "I'm nearly done with my own studies, I wouldn't mind teaching if I knew what I want to teach." he offers as he turns his attention to the school nurse as she heads to Charles and then the television. As the story continues, and the explanation is made, David's expression sinks into disappointment. Any levity that he felt is drained immediately as he watches the story and hears a soft trill from his glasses case as he reaches for it. Setting his glasses on his nose, they power on and he can see -- but not read, the telepathic variance from Emma and others.

"Why don't they just force mutants to marry non-mutants and have non-mutant babies." he mutters to himself. It was a rhetorical question, which is interrupted by Emma's voice in his head. He gives a curt nod of his head in agreement as he looks over at Douglas. Sounds like they're being teamed up. Though he's worried about meeting the lofty goals that she seems to have for him.

Jean Grey has posed:
Like everyone else, Jean's attention follows the unfolding events, from Nurse Fleeb's arrival to her quiet conversation with Charles, and finally to the TV. There, she watches the unfolding story with a somewhat obscure look, concealing whatever stronger reaction she might have to it. "Well," she finally prefaces, putting down her fork after finishing the last bite of something, and lifting a napkin to wipe the corner of her mouth. "Isn't this something?"

Although Emma is quick to consider action, her own thoughts are a bit muted. <<We ought to investigate further, I think. The science is beyond the scope of my expertise, but yes, I imagine Hank would be able to get a better sense of it. If they're really looking to push this out to the public, it shouldn't be too hard to get our hands on a sample.>> She has no thought about coordinated financial domination, however. That's one she'll leave to the people who do that kind of thing. And in fact, despite the quick mental exchange, Jean does very much the opposite of switch to any kind of panic or crisis-management mode.

"Tabitha, would you check with them about bringing out the cake and the rest of the desserts?" Yep: her response, for the moment, is to push it aside. And while perhaps she at first tries to do so without comment, she ultimately gives in on that point. "I'm sure this is something we all have our worries about, but... let's try not to let it ruin the party. We'll have people look into it, and figure out where to go from there. For the moment there's too much we don't know."

Charles Xavier has posed:
Charles is lost in internal thought when Erik speaks to him next. This does draw a little nod from Charles, who mostly was just expecting that reaction from his oldest friend. He does glance after Erik though, and a look of worry momentarily crosses Charles' features.

His eyes are soon darting over to the rest of his dinner companions tonight, first going to Doug, then to Emma. With a breath, Charles' back straightens on his dining room chair, and his hands go to rest on either sides of his untouched dinner plate.

Lastly, he takes in what Jean says, and begins to softly nod to what the Headmistress of the school says.

"Lets... not worry about any of this tonight. This was something that I had heard rumors of, and I thought it would be presented several days ago. Unfortunately the timing placed it here and now... but, that does not mean we should disregard all the wonderful work put in to tonight."

He smiles then to everyone. "So please, we'll look in to it all in the morning and find a time to gather and speak on it soon. I will start---"

Charles is cut off then as some of the dining staff begins to wheel out the giant chocolate smothered cake that is adorned by a near countless number of now-lit candles. The tiny individual flames flicker in the motion of the cake being brought in to the dining room.

Charles simply smiles to the sight of it, a resolute expression conveying his happiness for this moment.

Outside in the hallway, the student known as 'Hambone' can be heard shouting to some of his friends down the hall. "Come check out this cake they got the Professor!"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
It was going to be on the way when Jean suggests heading to the kitchen again. "It is a truth universally acknowledged hat a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of tasty cake!" the blonde puts on a fake posh British accent as she nods to the redhead in green. And maybe cribs a little Hank McCoy in the referencing.

Sugary carbs makes everyone feel better. So just back inside she can be heard, "Save me some of everything. Imma be back!" after that the sound of a different serving cart can be heard being trundled out and Tabby pushing it past the main exit to the hallway can be seen. Her direction seeming to be the direction of the elevators to the sub-sub-levels. And the lounge where all the post mission booze is usually kept.

"Dude it's massive!" she encourages Hambone on the way past. "Go sing the song with everyone!" and with that she's headed for enabling the drowning of sorrows to fuel festivities instead.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost goes to hold her hands together, "We'll figure it out and then go to address it. Now is not hte time. Here we're enjoying your birthday, Charles, and everyone being together. This is time for us all to enjoy oureslves and to toast you and all you've done for the world, and for your family. So take a moment to bask in it and indulge yourself some with those who care about you. That's all. We'll work on the circumstance on the morrow." she doesn't call it a crisis. It may or it may not be.

But that's the thing that will be looked into tomorrow. In a world where they've dealt with the Brood, intergalactic invasions, time travel, and everything else.. There is always something around the corner as a threat. It means that they have to take what time they have for things that make them happy on the rare opportunities they have for it.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug casually cuts into his steak and takes a bite out of it, as he considers it thoughtfully. "Well, it wouldn't be the first time they've come for us, it certainly won't be the last."

"You know how we get refugees from so many crappy futures? It doesn't bother me." He cuts into his asparagus.

"Nobody'd flee from the futures where it all mostly works out. What kind of cake are we having today?"