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  The Unbelievable Gwenpool  
Gwendolyn Poole (Scenesys ID: 2093)
Name: Gwendolyn Poole
Superalias: The Unbelievable Gwenpool
Gender: Female
Species: Homo Superior
Occupation: Adventurer and Mercenary
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Mobile
Education: High School Dropout
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Mutants
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 2 Dec 2002 Played By Emma Myers
Height: 5'4" Weight: Dainty
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: @UnbelievableGwenPool
Theme Song: "Goosebumps Original Theme Song"

Character Info


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Gwenpool is related to neither Gwen Stacy, nor Deadpool. The lady who made her costume misread her name on the forms, and thus GWENPOOL was born! A reality-bending danger from another Earth, Gwen has 'retconned' herself into being a Mutant from this universe who simply cannot remember her life her. Confusing, huh? Also, she thinks this is all a comic book world, and thus she can get up to some insane stuff. She knows a CRAZY amount about the world around her, but doesn't seem to know secret identities, at least!


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2002: Gwendolyn is born on Earth-TRN565 to a normal middle-class family in the Midwest. Life could have been great for her, but she was kind of a loser. She didn't care.

2002 - 2017 : Gwen trudges through life. Her friends all end up moving away, and she quits high school. She dives into fantasy to find a fixation for herself and ignore her life. She doesn't work, doesn't pursue friends or relationships, and just reads comics and plays video games.

2018: She is finally convinced by her mom to get a job, and she finds one at a movie theater. It does not help help her obsessions.

2019 - 2020: Through unknown means (She has told twenty different stories, honestly), her and her brother Teddy are pulled into the Prime Marvel Universe. Her vast knowledge of comics helps her and she is overjoyed. However, the transfer wipes some of her knowledge, as well, muddling any knowledge she has of secret identities and some other things. She is seperated from her brother, and dives into being a costumed individual for the thrills. However, in late 2020 she begins to fear that she will be 'retconned', so she uses her reality alteration to retcon herself. She is 'retconned' into being Homo Superior, and always having lived in this universe, though her first use of powers had wiped her memories of that, and replaced them with memories of her other world.

Confused? Welcome to Gwenpool.

IC Journal

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One can never know what to expect from Gwen. She improvises a lot, and her thought process is not exactly what one would consider predictable.

"What's the big deal if you die? You've disappeared from publication for
months - years at a time. You'll just come back again eventually."

- The Unbelievable Gwenpool #0

Since deciding to become a proper hero, Gwen has tried to ease back on the homicidal tendencies, but it isn't easy. Imagine you're playing a video game. You don't really see the people in the game as 'real' do you? You don't much pay attention to their thoughts and feelings, their hopes and aspirations. Of course, you don't! It's more fun to just blast them or run them down in your stolen Rhino tank.

Well, that's how Gwen sees the world around her. It's all subject to the immutable laws of superhero media, one of which is that anyone who dies can come back. She has no qualms killing because, well, if that character were important then the writer will bring them back when they're needed. If not? Well, they're just a secondary character and who feels bad about the background extras? Not Gwen. She has absolutely zero problem gunning down the bad guys - they're just text on a screen (or ink on a page) after all.

Reckless Fun Lover:
Act now, Think never. Gwen didn't end up in a fictional escapist world to have as much fun as she can and avoid responsibilities. While, whether she will admit it or not, she will eventually grow to like and wish to protect people, she mostly is in for mindless, carefree fun.

Character Sheet


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This is the big one, really. Gwen hyper-fixated on comics back 'home'. She read them over and over, memorising little details. She can draw on that lore know, and knows things that nobody should know. Memories of actual secret identities are gone (Because, come on!) but all the rest is there. Like, she knows about Superman's battle with <insert alien here> even though it happened on Jupiter, because it happened in Action Comics #324. She knows powers, exploits, and all kinds of things. She knows who to go to for various things, and where to find folks or get things done...much to everyone elses annoyance.

Medium Awareness:
Gwen is aware that she is a character in a comic. And that the comic is a fictional construct of a text based game. Ok, yes, that sounds insane. That's why she doesn't bring it up often. And only in passing. Because explaining it never ends well. She has what she calls access to 'Gutter Space'; it generally boils down to minor awareness of recently transpired events, or the most probable outcome of near-future events, mostly for RP color and quick gags; anything more that shall be considered plot-only and would require staff approval.

The Protagonist:
"I'm very curious how I'm going to survive this. Ha! A pillow truck?"

> FWOOMPH < "My ducks!"


- The Unbelievable Gwenpool #0

Gwenpool is a firm believer (be it true or not) that she is the protagonist, heroine, and main character in a comic book. As such, she enjoys a certain sort of luck in all her exploits. Things generally have a habit of turning out for her. She can fling herself from the top of a tall building with no thought as to where she's going to land and somehow land on a mattress, or a trampoline, or a passing truck full of pillows (or very soft and squishable ducks). Generally speaking, things tend to go her way like they would in a story where she is the protagonist and she is expected to (eventually) come out on top. Is this reality manipulation? Is this a luck factor? Is she actually just a character in a work of fiction and you're all crazy thinking it's real? Who can know these things?!

Unfortunately for her, her role as the protagonist has a penchant for going squirrely at the worst possible moment. As such, while she may be confidant that things will work out for her, the universe is not making any such promises.


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She's surprisingly flippy! She could have actually done something in her life with her skills, but never pursued them out of apathy. She can flip and tumble with the best of them, which, when you add in blazing guns or twirling swords, is an 'UH OH'.

She isn't the best driver in the world, but boy, does she love her motorcycle. She can handle basic driving, and even some car chases, but she is far from a pro. Still, that hardly stops her.

"Yeah ... for someone who is so mysteriously capable of ruining a crime
boss's night ... you're kind of a terrible shot."

"Well, I haven't been a super hero for very long."

"Do you think you're acting like a super hero?!"

"I don't know if you saw me, but I just shrugged."

- The Unbelievable Gwenpool #0

Gwen really enjoys guns. Next to swords and explosives, they're her favorite tool in her super hero arsenal. Be it a pair of handheld pistols, a submachine gun, a rifle, a bazooka - you name, it she loves it. This is where you're expecting to hear about how she trains all the time and can shoot Biff Tannen's hat off his head or hit a target the size of a quarter from a mile away, right? Ha!

Gwen's skill with firearms is pretty much all enthusiasm. She has no real training in their use beyond what she's learned 'on the job'. She can reasonably hit things; she knows how to reload and maybe fix jams but that's about the extent of it. Trick shots and long-range marksmanship are kind of beyond her.

Then again, sometimes the luck of being the star of her very own story allows her to hit the mark when her (lack of) skill lets her down.

Much like her 'skills' with firearms, Gwen loves swords. She twirls and tosses them, flipping about like a maniac. She she actually great with them? No, but if you swing sharp implements are people, it tends to do the trick. Plus, her Protagonist abilities tend to mean she gets through the situation, often looking awesome while doing so.


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She's far from wealthy, but she's stolen or 'acquired' quite the armory over her time here. She has various firearms, knives, swords, grenades. Hell, she even has a rocket launcher that can be switched over to non-lethal! She's always on the look-out for more awesome things to add to her armory, of course.

Jeff - the Baby Landshark:
Jeff is a baby Landshark. What's a Landshark? A landshark is a shark that can breathe air and has legs. The big ones are nasty and voracious, but Jeff? Jeff is a baby, smarter than the average fish, and is far more like an intelligent dog. His combat potential exists in the comedic and is, honestly, just a pet. A four leged, dorsal finned, unusually expressive shark-dog-thing. Where did he come from? Where did he go? Where did he come from, Jeff the Baby Landshark?

Her costume doesn't really add any armor, and she doesn't really try to keep a secret identity...but her costume is cool!


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She had posters of various characters on her walls, and she can sometimes fangirl or freak out. She might throw herself unabashedly at Batgirl, or try and partner up with the X-Men, etc. It can distract her, or get her into big trouble. It usually does, in fact.

"This looks like a good time to stop you!"

"Waugh! No! Charging and yelling was the worst option! You have guns!
They work from far away!"

- The Unbelievable Gwenpool #0

The other side of the 'being the Protagonist' coin is that Gwen sometimes (most times) has absolutely no regard for her safety. So convinced is she that things will turn out for her that she will just put herself in mind-bendingly dangerous situations without considering how she will get out of them. Charge into a laboratory housing a highly fatal virus with guns blazing? Sure. Leap out of a plane without a parachute? You betcha. Tell Wolverine he's short? You better believe it, bub. Being a superhero means being in danger, and Gwen attracts danger like ... a ... like a ... person who ... gets in danger ... a lot. Like a real lot.



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Gwendolyn Poole has 21 finished logs.

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It's a social time in the 'center December 29th, 2023 Everyone is surprised at the arrival of Singularity
Two blondes walk into a gym... September 25th, 2023 Dinah Lance's workout is interrupted when Gwendolyn Poole washes up from torrential downpour outside. This girl knows things. Dinah, however, just rolls with it. That's Gotham, baby.
Coffee and Bubblegum May 31st, 2023 Three blondes meet in a coffee shop.
The Path of Progress: A Rock And A Hard Place April 4th, 2023 Cable and the team that he has assembled storm an island in the South Indian Ocean in the middle of a monsoon seeking out kidnapped mutants. Will they have anymore luck then on their last mission? Will they bring back any of the captives alive? And will they finally discover who is behind this all?
Walking The Shark March 19th, 2023 Gwenpool runs into Doreen. They talk business and Jeff and the Squirrels ruin someone's day.
Brain Meets Foot January 4th, 2023 Shredder fights MODOK and his legion of mind controlled ninjas when Carin Taylor joins the fight! With special guest star Gwenpool providing color commentary!
What are we going to do tonight Gwendy April 15th, 2022 Gwenpool and Emma meet at the music hall.
A Wild Gwenpool Appears! February 6th, 2022 They met, they drank, they flirted. Sort of?
Heroes Assemble Anniversary: The Watchers February 5th, 2022 The two year anniversary of Heroes Assemble Mush sees Uatu the Watcher showing three of his colleagues various moments from the last two years of Earth's history.
A chance meeting between Gwenpool and Storm on the roof of the Freedom Plaza January 22nd, 2022 Gwen listens to a drunk Storm complain about his life and then steals his phone.
Crazy meets Crazy - A Psycho Story January 20th, 2022 Gwen and Valerie both meeting someone arguably crazier than they are - and it's them!
Disorganized Crime November 20th, 2021 Two members of the Outsiders are dispatched to intercept a potential superpowered interlocutor in an ongoing turf war between the Italian mafia and Russian mob. While attempting to subdue the KGBeast, X-23 and Superboy encounter a zombie and Gwenpool. Hard to tell which was more confusing, to be honest!
Climb to the Top May 16th, 2021 Doreen goes rock climbing, Gwendolyn goes grappling hooking. And it all leads to a beautiful friendship! And future smoothies! I.e. Smoothies will be gotten, they don't come back from the future.
Opening With a Pair of Gwens April 2nd, 2021 No description
The Undeniable Poole of White Castle April 1st, 2021 Spider-Man grabs lunch and falls into the deep end of the Poole...
This Scene is Untitled March 19th, 2021 Carrie takes Gwen home. To sleep it off.
Webs, Guns, and Blades. December 30th, 2020 The Scarlet Spider and Gwenpool chase down a U-Haul hauling a stolen tiger from the Bronx Zoo. They soon discover their differing philosophies on
A Casual Date November 29th, 2020 Gwen and Karolina have a cute, but weird date!
A Quiet Walk in the Park November 28th, 2020 Karolina has a second encounter with the pantless arctic ninja. Her life is never going to be the same again. For Gwen, it's just another Tuesday.
Sing, sing, sing! November 25th, 2020 Fun at the Sing Sing! Koriand'r meets new friends, and learns that her brain is rotting.


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Gwendolyn Poole has 21 finished logs.

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