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Jason Wyngarde (Scenesys ID: 2465)
Name: Jason Wyngarde
Superalias: Mastermind
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Criminal
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Varies
Education: School of Hard Knocks
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Groups: Brotherhood, Mutants
Apparent Age: 36 Actual Age: 36
Date of Birth 20 Feb 1985 Played By David Dawson
Height: 6'2" Weight: 190 lb
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Grey (Illusion)
Theme Song: Tell me Lies, Tell me Sweet Little Lies

Character Info


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A master of powerful illusions who is a powerful and useful, albiet psychopathic ally of the mutant brotherhood and master criminal.


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*Born in 1975 in a traveling carnival

*Grew up learning the art of the con and becoming a master at it

*Gained his powers at 15 and expanded his ability to con others

*1995 Joins Mutant Brotherhood, officially becomes a supervillain

Late 1990s-early 2000s: Has three daughters, Martinique, Regan, and Megan.

*2015 Fought in the Genosha conflict and was active in its defense

*2017 Falling out with Genosha law enforcement for a side smuggling deal, leaves and lays low for two years running cons around the world and building up a contact network.

*2021 Rejoins the Mutant Brotherhood

IC Journal

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Corrupt Carny:
At heart, Mastermind is a carny who likes to put on a good show and con people. He likes to trick people, doesnt have the slightest problem playing unfair and enjoys a disadvantage of power in his favor. If he can achieve something by trickery or cheating that he can without a straight up fight he absolutely will.

Superficially Gregarious:
Mastermind likes people and forming bonds with them. The temporary associations provide validation for him and he actually enjoys these bonds, but he quickly tires of them and looks to affiliate with another group or bond of people; the exception being those who share a similar mindset as his.

Character Sheet


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Psychic Illusion:
Mastermind is able to create illusions that cover all physical senses (including sight, sound, touch, feel and taste) that cover a wide area as small city that adapt and interact with those who perceive them. Even master level telepaths can be fooled by these, and they feel completely immersive and real. Even KNOWING that they are an illusion does not end their effect for the physical expereince as if they were real; an illusionary wall will still act as an ACTUAL wall for anyone affected by it. These illusions can be INCREDIBLY complex such as an army of thousands of soldiers all doing their own thing with guns that feel real and cause a physiollgical reaction if shot by them. So long as Jason is devoting a portion of mental focus on them, they can last indefinitely. The experience is so immersive, that a physical camera would not record them, an affected individual looking at a computer screen 'recording' the effect would see the illusion of the created material. Mastermind can craft these illusions to cover a wide range of contingies and 'preprogram' them to interactwith people.

OOC Consent: Like anything that affects another character, consent is required for use of Jason's power on someone (as are all powers)


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Con Artist:
Jason is a master of the con, which means understanding what it is that motivates people and giving them what they want, especially if it is a quick and easy path that they might believe. It makes him a very convincing liar, and also very good at cold reading body language in a way that lets him understand what they are doing. He can convey this to his own vocal inflections and non verbal communication in a way that lets him say or, more importantly, not say whatever it is that he wants.

Jason, power or not, is a Renaissance man of crime from counter fitting to hot wiring a car. He is definitely not the BEST at any of these things but he knows how to pick locks, run a con, forge documents, case a joint, fence stolen goods, drive a get away car, stab a snitch, make friends in prison, make friends outside of prison in the underworld, move up (to the middle level) of almost any criminal organization you can name, commit arson, knock someone out, kidnap people, find and run a secret hangout, hire cheap henchmen etc.

Jason is actually VERY skilled at using his power and thus illusion itself and recreating reality. He captures small little details both in behavior, sights and smells that other people might miss. His power, by itself can specifically recreate all these things from memory or the memory of those experiencing it, but he can still twist it to have specific moods or emphasis to make the smallest details get the desired effect. It also means he is very good at recognizing other illusions and noticing small details in the world around him. It certainly doesnt make him a master detective but if someone is hiding something or concealing it from what it really is, Jason is going to notice.


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He is a long standing member of the Mutant Brotherhood and has serious credit with them. Yes, there rivalries and people with grudges just like he can hold grudges but at the end of the day he can count on them for some things and is known by mutant supremicists to be the real deal.

He has many stashes of cash in many places, all of it illegally gained. He can't claim real wealth because he hasnt really learned to launder his funds but if he needs to buy something or someone he has real money and with the use of his power he can get more on top of that. But there is no particular organization to it, more like a human squirrel placing vast amounts of cash in dozens of different places only he remembers.

He has contacts all over the world, but in the mutant and criminal underground and also knows carnys in dozens of different places. He knows how to find specialists for specific jobs and is owed and owes favors having deliberately built up a network.


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Area of Effect:
Without specific technological enhancement, he can only do one set of illusions at a time, and any individual who CAN be affected looking at the geological location of where he has placed the illusion will perceive and be affected by it unless they are immune or he is specifically concentrating to MAKE them not affected and he can only do that for a few at a time.

There are vengeful people, and then there is Jason. While he might not be someone who is an ELITE grudge holder (J Jonah, Lex, Dwarves etc) he is definitely an upper echelon one, and will hold on to some petty detail that is personal to him and no one else and go to elaborate lengths to deal with it including potentially lethal ones. Indeed, given his talent and brilliant mind, he would have advanced a lot farther in the organization and life if he didnt let his grudges dictate so many of his actions.

This is not a short term "I dont want to work" lazy but rather a long term "I dont want to do the long term hard work to do this when I can take the easy way" lazy. Its long term slot that leads to cut corners sloppy plans despite a mind that is more than capable of designing them and also letting someone else take the fall for a plan he knows isnt going to work rather than deal with it. Jason can be extremely passive agressive.

Psionic Shields:
High level Alpha and all Omega level telepaths can (with preparation) create shields that can bypass his illusions but they do have to be aware of the illusions in the first place to build such a shield.

Psychic Illusions:
Machines that are not perceptible to life sense or telepathy are utterly immune to his illusions. Certain advanced positronic brains that can be affected by 'regular' telepathy would definitely be affected by the illusions but your garden variety robot (Say....like a Sentinel) isnt going to be able to perceive his illusion at all much less be affected by it.

The Weakest Link:
This weakness rarely shows up if Jason programs his illusion well, but if he specifically tailors an illusion to someone who is say...stupid or particularly naive, the reactions of the illusionary components or characters might behave in a way that others might immediately find questionable.



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Jason Wyngarde has 5 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Not another teen Mutant! May 15th, 2021 Atrid finds himself in trouble with anti mutant folks and their hatred spills out causing his powers to flare up and developing some unlikely alliances.
So You Want a Pony March 10th, 2021 Jason stages a fake combat and fake tramau making it look like Mysterio did it and sneaks in to the city jail.
Old Times March 9th, 2021 Mystique recruits Mastermind for the new brotherhood
Sleight of Plans February 27th, 2021 Mastermind approaches Gambit in a seedy bar with an ominous take on the future, and an enigmatic promise of worthwhile jobs therein. Remy is characteristically oblique.
Talk to the Hand February 22nd, 2021 Creepy Amatur Carny Causes Chaos and Gets Away. No one Harmed.


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Jason Wyngarde has 5 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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