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  Jinny Hex  
Jinny Hex (Scenesys ID: 373)
Name: Jinny Hex
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Unemployed Texan
Citizenship: Republic of Texas
Residence: Mobile
Education: Dripping Spring High School
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 17 Jun 2001 Played By Unknown Model
Height: 5'7" Weight: 135
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Brown
Twitter: @HexAndTheCity
Theme Song: "How's It Gonna End?" by Tom Waits (Spotify Southern Gothic and you're good!)

Character Info


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Jinny is the great-great-granddaughter of the famous adventurer, Jonah Hex. She's only just recently left her tiny Texan town for the first time in her life. She carries the duty of protecting The Trunk, which is filled with insane items and relics passed down from her ancestor. She protects it, while also using it to fight evil and do what she can to make things better. Or, she will once she finds a place for herself and settles on that being her destiny.


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2001: Jinny is born in Texas. Her father, a deadbeat, is in prison already. She sees him a handful of times over her life and he never really makes much of an impression. He's out of prison by now, but she has never gone looking for him. That does not mean he is not looking for her.

2009: She gets picked on one too many times for being an only child. She ends up suspended for bloodying the boy's nose in question. After the fight her mother takes her to meet one of her old friends, a retired pro-boxer who lives on a farm outside of town. He spends years teaching her not only how to fight, but also how to stand-up for those that need it.

2015: Jinny is caught with one of her friends, the daughter of a local minister. It is a local scandal, and she loses some friends over it. Small towns gossip endlessly, so having a gay girl is the talk of the town. It doesn't last forever, but some bridges are burned. (Bridges that lead to bigots, but it's still sad to her) The people that matter don't care, however. The girl moves away with her father. Childhood love lost! It's a formative moment for Jinny.

2017: Her mother is diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. There is nothing they can do.

2019: Jinny graduates high school and gets a job as a mechanic. Her mother grows very ill, very fast. Before she dies she explains to Jinny that she is the descendant of Jonah Hex, and she bestows the 'Trunk' on her. After Jinny uses the contents to defeat a brief dimensional invasion in her tiny town, she takes to the road...figuring a place with more superpowered folks can explain what she should do!

IC Journal

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Even when overwhelmed, however, she does not back down. She's the kind of girl who will look a god in the eye and say something witty...even if she knows it means she is about to lose her head. She might yell and scream and curse...but she follows through. Sometimes to a stupid extent.

Where she comes from people are polite...even if talking behind your back. She tends to smile and do what she can to be friendly and warm to folks, because that is what southern hospitality is all about. She tries to give people the benefit of the doubt, and help folks when she is able...and sometimes when she is unable.

This is all insane. Not long ago she was a pretty normal girl in a very normal, if tiny, town. Now she is the protector of a chest of crazy things, trying to protect them while also using them to fight evil and...just survive. It can be a LOT sometimes, and she has a tendency to be overwhelmed.

She's a 'stand-up guy' as the guy who taught her to fight always said. She sticks up for the underdog, and protects those who need it. If she wandered into a robbery (Which she has), she would do what she could to stop it (And she did). She has a tendency to want to protect other people, even if she's complaining while doing it.

Character Sheet


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Jinny is a very skilled combatant. She's no Kung Fu Master or anything, but she can brawl with the best of them. She is a practiced boxer, with a bit of dirty street fighting mingled in. She can go toe-to-toe with boxers twice her size and keep them on their toes, if not defeat them.

She could compete as a professional racer, or be a stunt driver, if she wanted to. She can handle anything from motorcycles to very heavy trucks. She wouldn't know how to handle things like tanks or things without normal controls...but she could try!

She is not a sniper or anything, but she is a good shot. In the heat of battle she is more likely to wing somebody then hit them dead-on, but she is still a better shot then the average person. The shotgun gives a good kick, which is why she tends to wing shoulders or blow off hands or similar. With the ray guns she tends to head dead-on much more often.

Jinny is a very good mechanic. She souped up her truck herself, and it is how she made her living before leaving home. She can repair even the greatest damage to a vehicle, and she knows how to do everything from the most minor to major work on most vehicles.

She knows the basics about superheros and their culture. She can identify even the lesser-known heroes and villains with general accuracy. Jinny knows this from television, the internet, and the newspapers.


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Hex's Trunk:
Jinny has a trunk that comes with a lot of problems. It contains items collected by her ancestor, Jonah, over the course of his adventures. It has a LOT of things in it, and folks of power can sense the intense danger and power coming from many of the things inside. Jonah either collected these through his years of fighting evil, time-traveling, and dimension hopping, or confiscated them during the same. Some were gifts from friends and allies, while others were gained in other ways. Here are a few of her most used items, all of which feature fairly heavily in her comic series, Young Justice.

Adam Strange's Ray Guns: She has a pair of pulp sci-fi ray guns that are less stylized versions of Adam Strange's. They are powerful laser blasters that can melt steel and punch holes through thick concrete. She can change the power on them to simply knock people unconcious. They don't seem to run out of juice, as they run off of some kind of futuristic hoojoobattery. (She doesn't understand how it works, but it seems to!)

Atom Belt: She has one of the early prototypes of the Atom's belt, and who knows how Jonah got it. When worn she can do short bursts of size-changing. She can keep up changes for twenty minutes or so, but after that it needs to be plugged into some kind of power source to recharge. Generally it takes longer to recharge the weaker the power source. An outlet would take a few days, while a reactor would be moments. She can shrink to the size of an ant, or grow up to about twenty feet tall. She grows in strength when she shrinks, as well, able to lift cars at her tiniest.

H-E-R-O Dial: She has one of the Dials. It looks like an old rotary phone. If the word HERO is dialed, then she transforms into a randomly powered superhero for an hour or so. Her powers tend to cap out at B-Lister level, but they can be useful if used cleverly. She might end up with flight and superstrength, or perhaps speed, or metal control. The possibilities are endless...but brief! The ST of the scene, if there is one, must consent to what powers she gains. If it is just an STless scene with other players, they need to give the thumbs-up instead. If the folks want, three powers are chosen from https://www.randomlists.com/superpowers each time.

Neron's Candle: These candles once belonged to the demon Neron. They can each be melted down once, forcing a being to appear before her. Neron famously used them to summon Earth's supervillains to him for bargains. The person would vanish from where they are and appear before her. They are pulled through the ether and appear in front of her, though they are not bound. They could kill her if they wanted. The player, obviously, must consent to being summoned. (The character might not be so happy about it, though). Each candle can be used once, and she has an indeterminate, but low, number of them.

She has many, many, many other items in the trunk. Some could level cities, or summon powerful beings, or banish them. They might take lives, or steal souls. The trunk acts as a MacGuffin Creator. Plots can revolve around items being needed, or being sought, or stolen. Things to help plots or characters can all be found. Anything not mentioned above needs to be request on a case-by-case basis by staff, and are in use only for that scene or plot.

She is the descendant of Jonah Hex, a renowned adventurer. With people in the right set, that blood brings some merit. Those people are more likely to listen to her or help her, for starters. It opens doors that might, otherwise, remain closed.

Where she comes from you're the weird one if you DON'T have a shotgun in the cab of your truck. She has a well-maintained pump shotgun, along with buckshot, riot control rounds, and slugs. She had more guns back home, but she's far from Texas.

Jinny has a truck. It might not seem like much, but that red hunk of junk can take the kind of hits you would not expect a normal vehicle to take. She fixes it up constantly, and some of the internal parts likely should be in high-performance vehicles. It goes faster and longer then it should, and it is a tough old bird. The bulk of it is a 1980 Ford F150. It belonged to her grandfather.


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People want her dead, or broken, or corrupted. Some folks are ancient anemies of the Hex line, or they want something in the trunk. Perhaps it is something personal! Either way, she sometimes bumps into people who want to hurt her.

Hex's Legacy:
Jinny has responsibilities. She has to protect the trunk and it's contents, for one. She isn't willing to give it up to some other person to protect, or launch it into space or some nonesense. It is HER duty. Besides, the things inside need to either be hidden, or used to fight evil, depending. A weight rests on her shoulders to continue to job of her ancestor and fight evil, even if she doesn't understand that yet.

Only Human:
In the real world this wouldn't really be a weakness, but in a world with Magneto's and Superman's...it absolutely is. Bullets kill her. Knives gut her. Fists blacken and bruise and break her. She gets winded and tired. She gets scared, or angry, or sad, or lustful. She's just a human being.

Out of Water:
Until now, she had never left her tiny town in Texas. Everything is huge and overwhelming and crazy to her. Her town barely had three stop lights, and everybody knew everybody. Out here, however, is insanity. She might misunderstand people or situations, and it can make things awkward.



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Jinny Hex has 4 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Fallen into the Rocks June 28th, 2022 An escapee from Arkham falls into the rocky water off of Mercy Island. Two people see the accident, and two people are needed to save him!
Title later, RP now! May 19th, 2020 No description
New To Town April 28th, 2020 Jinny and Marie chat and get to know one another.
Picking The Wrong Truck February 19th, 2020 Carol and Jinny stop an ill-concieved carjacking.


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Jinny Hex has 4 finished logs.

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