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  Moon Knight  
Marc Spector (Scenesys ID: 1091)
Name: Marc Spector
Superalias: Moon Knight
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Financier
Citizenship: American
Residence: New York City
Education: High School
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Street Level
Apparent Age: 37 Actual Age: 37
Date of Birth 05 Aug 1982 Played By Michiel Huisman
Height: 6'2" Weight: 225 lb
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Dark
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Once a mercenary, Marc Spector was killed in the sands of Egypt in an ancient tomb. There, beneath the stony gaze of the Khonshu, God of the Moon and Vengeance, Spector was reborn. Now, afflicted with dissociative identity disorder and his own moral ambiguity, Marc Spector takes to the streets as the avenging vigilante, Moon Knight, the Fist of Khonshu.


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*1982 Born in Chicago, IL
*2000 Joined the Marine Corps.
*2005 Left the Marines and became a Mercenary
*2008 Betrayed by Bushman in Egypt, first heard Konshu
*2009 Returned to the States a wealthy man, began fighting crime as Moon Knight
*2018 Injured in Loki's assault on NYC, out of action.
2020 Returns to active vigilante action.

IC Journal

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Jake Lockley:
Jake Lockley is a bitter and angry man. He is cynical and desperate, having seen the worst sides of humanity, and having lived in the streets. A streetwise cabbie, Jake is a bundle of repressed anger and aggression, though he isn't an embodiment of mindless violence, and is capable of befriending those with whom he can identify, which typically are counted solely among the impoverished, homeless and working class peoples of the city. Of all of Marc's personalities, Jake Lockley is possibly the most dominant.

Khonshu, the God of the Moon is a creature of multiple facets, and his motivations are as mysterious as his very existence. It is arguable that Khonshu, as he exists within Marc Spector, is real at all, or just another manifestation of Spector's DID at play. This personality tends to "communicate" directly with Marc's other selves directly, as opposed to taking the wheel. It sometimes acts as a guide, others as a taunting nemesis. Khonshu's motivations and the way he presents himself are never clear, not even to Marc. After all, he is a God with as many faces as the moon itself.

Mark Spector's personality is that of a subdued introvert, plagued by demons and with a focused need for redemption and vengeance. His obsession with vengeance is that of vengeance as a concept, as a result of his bloody past. As a result of his long career in the military, CIA, and as a mercenary, he is driven, analytical and keen minded, focused on the mission at hand. He tends to avoid direct personal relationships, save for very few close associates, and only feels comfortable as "himself" when in the guise of the Moon Knight. When in "character" as Moon Knight, Marc Spector is more freely spoken and outwardly confident, more the man he was in his youth. Sometimes, he can be downright personable, even.

Steven Grant:
Steven Grant is a suave, wealthy tycoon playboy with a heart of gold. He's charming and personable, dedicated to uplifting causes and philanthropy. He's quick with the wit, easy with the smiles, and a consummate gentleman. He's highly intelligent and often seeks cooperation with others in order to achieve goals. He is, however, a bit decadent and narcissistic, with a sense of entitlement due to his position and the good that he does for others.

Character Sheet


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Fist of Khonshu:
As Khonshu's avatar on Earth, Moon Knight is gifted with enhanced physical capability, the potency of which is tied to the phases of the moon. At a baseline, Moon Knight is able to lift close to 1000 pounds, during a new moon. His speed and agility are heightened to the level of being able to predictively dodge point blank gunfire and perform inhuman feats of acrobatics and balance. His endurance is heightened to the point where he can take hits from super powered beings and stay standing, though he does feel it. Most strong impact and blunt force trauma only serves to stun him. These abilities increase during the height of the full moon, making Marc exponentially more powerful, and able to lift over 4000 pounds and withstand even greater damages.

Healing Factor:
As Khonshu's avatar of Justice, Moon Knight if gifted with an accelerated healing factor. While this is nowhere near the rapid regeneration of such heroes as Wolverine and Deadpool, it does work more strongly when his wounds are exposed to the light of the moon. Often, he is able to recover from severe wounds within a matter of hours, and is highly resistant to toxins, poisons, and disease.

Psychic Resistance:
Whether it be the protection of Khonshu upon his chosen avatar, or it be due to the splintered psyche of Marc Spector, the Moon Knight's mind is exceptionally resistant to psychic intrusion. This includes attempts to read his mind, as well as project mental illusions or other forms of mental control.

Marc Spector first became the champion of Khonshu when he died at the foot of a statue of the Moon God and was resurrected. Since then, Moon Knight has suffered mortal injuries and felt the cold embrace of death, only to be pulled from that embrace through the will of his patron.


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Through his years as a soldier, mercenary, spy and vigilante, Moon Knight has become an extremely skilled acrobat and gymnast, on an Olympian level. He is capable of performing extraordinary feats of flipping, tumbling and freerunning, as well as deftly swinging from grapple lines to traverse cityscapes and to aid him in his wild style of combat.

To say that the Moon Knight is truly among the world's most elite combatants in the world is an understatement. Before he ever entered military service, Marc Spector was a champion boxer. Over the years, he has refined his skills to include mastery of multiple martial arts forms including Jujitsu, Krav Maga, Pencak Silat, Dambe, Escrima, Kyokushin Karate, Savate, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, and Ninjitsu. His mastery over these fighting styles has made him extremely adaptable, and his fighting style is wild, and unpredictable, though a bit reckless, as he'd rather take a hit than to avoid it, so as to gain advantage with a counter.

In addition to this, Moon Knight is a master of weaponry, with a special focus on thrown weaponry, such as shuriken, boomerangs and bolas. His marksmanship is uncanny, including with other ranged weaponry such as guns and bows, due to his extensive military and spy training. Finally, he is intimately familiar with most forms of martial arts weaponry, from European style arms to those of the East. He prefers the baton or truncheon, bo staves, and nunchaku, and with these, his skill is nearly unrivaled.

Largely due to his time with the CIA, though refined through his vigilante career, Moon Knight is an expert, world class detective. He learned tracking skills in Africa, training with some of the most elite hunters in the world, and through his persona as Jake Lockely, he's come to know the criminal underworld very intimately over the last several years. His deductive reasoning is exemplary, and his eye for detail is uncanny, but all of it is supplemented by the simple fact that he has a very broad knowledge base, understanding, and miscellaneous skills to compliment it.

Perhaps it's Marc Spector's DID at play, but Moon Knight is a very, very skilled disguise artist. No one but the most skilled observers would ever be able to tell that Marc Spector, Steven Grant and Jake Lockley are one and the same person. Spector knows makeup and special effects techniques, as well as acting skills to change his body language, posture and appearance enough to pose as nearly anyone of his general size and shape.

Marc Spector is a highly trained infiltration specialist due to his time spent with the CIA. He's trained in counter surveillance methodology, lock picking, counter security measures and a host of other skills that allow him to bypass security measures and systems, pass unnoticed past security personnel and otherwise get himself into plenty of places (and situations) where he should not be.

Marc Spector is an expert interrogator, trained in secret military and police methods. These include such things as being able to read "tells", the use of leading and confusing language, and even torture, if need be. Whatever the means, if Moon Knight is trying to receive information from someone, they'd be hard pressed to keep it from him.

Moon Knight is no stranger to intimidation tactics. He even wears an all white costume for the express purpose of intimidating his foes. Using a combination of his physical presence, psychological training, his brutal reputation and other tactics, Moon Knight can be one of the most fearsome beings one could have the displeasure of encountering.

Pain Tolerance:
Be it through training, spiritual gifts, or just sheer madness, Moon Knight shows a nearly inhuman level of tolerance to pain, seeming to shrug off or ignore such painful injuries as having chunks of flesh bit off of his face, or being shot with bullets or arrows.

Moon Knight is well connected to the streets, and through his Jake Lockley persona, he has numerous ties to the criminal underworld in the seedy underbelly of NYC. Even outside of his hometown, however, Spector knows how to talk the talk, walk the walk, and fit himself in with the street culture of the world. He can tell a front when we sees one, easily find the places where dealers and addicts might gather, who might be the best informants, where the Black Markets might be operating and easily can deduce the breakdown of leadership after gathering a bit of information about any gang or other organized crime outfit.

Tactical Expert:
Years spent as a Marine, Commando, Mercenary and CIA Agent have given Marc Spector a very firm grasp of combat strategy and tactics. He's effortlessly able to assess a battlefield and formulate plans and strategies that take his environment, the situation, and even his targets' abilities and skills into consideration. He is extremely adaptable, able to change tactics and recalculate for rapidly changing situations. There are very few people in the world who might be able to rival Moon Knight's sheer tactical genius.

Vehicular Expert:
Moon Knight is truly a prodigy when he's behind a wheel. His time in the military made him an ace pilot, skilled in piloting most aircraft such as fighter jets and helicopters. He's an expert driver of land based vehicles, as well, from motorcycles to cars, trucks, vans, and etc. He can pilot most seafaring craft, especially small one man boats, such as speedboats or small military boats. Be it by land, sea, or air, chances are if it moves, Moon Knight can handle it.


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Arsenal of Khonshu:
After his resurrection in the tomb of Pharaoh Seti at the foot of the statue of Khonshu, Marc Spector returned to America with a number of ancient artifacts in his possession. These armaments of Khonshu are many and varied. Over the years, Marc and Frenchie have added modern weaponry and gadgets to this once ancient and mystic arsenal, rounding it out so that no matter the situation, Moon Knight has the right tool for the job. Primarily, Moon Knight operates with an adamantium truncheon that can extended to a staff. It also contains a gas propelled grapnel launcher, and can separate into a pair of nunchaku, or a three-sectional staff. He also carries a large assortment of adamantium crescent shaped "darts". Other items in his arsenal include silver shuriken, silver plated spiked cesti, a large golden ankh staff that can be used as a bludgeon and glows when Marc is in danger, bolas, and an ivory boomerang inscribed with protective Egyptian magic. Among his more ancient relics, alternative vestments and armor pieces can be found that allow Marc to see and interact with, as well as protect him from, the spirits of the dead.

Through Steven Grant, Moon Knight has ties to the upper crust of society, able to rub elbows with the elite, and keep up with the social life and ongoing ebbs and flows of the high business and political world. He knows all the best events and parties to attend, all the people one should know to get things done, and even gather information from the city's administration. Through his Jake Lockley persona, Moon Knight has ties to the streets and the criminal underbelly of the world. Through these connections he can easily find out about the happenings in the world of organized crime. The up and comers. The movers and shakers. Who is warring with who. Who is making moves, and who is suffering for it. Lastly, there is Marc himself. Marc has a long history with military, mercenary and special agents. Through these connections he can keep tabs on the worlds of war and espionage, and might be able to leverage for insights on current events and gain secret intelligence that otherwise would require security clearance.

Jean-Paul DuChamp, known as "Frenchie" is Marc Spector's most trusted friend and confidante. He's Marc's Guy Friday. The two met as mercenaries, and Jean-Paul was there when Marc first died and was resurrected by Khonshu under the light of the full moon. The two have been inseparable ever since, with Frenchie helping to create and maintain much of Moon Knight's gear, and also acting as Marc's pilot when Marc is on mission. Frenchie helps run intelligence, analysis, and other "guy in the chair" roles, but he is also a very skilled combatant and veteran, capable of holding his own when needed.

Moon Knight has a small number of vehicles that he uses in his crusade against crime. First, a bit of a misnomer, the Mooncopter is actually a very advanced VTOL aircraft that largely looks like a crescent moon, with a number of exceptional features. It features three undermounted rotors for propulsion, equipped with a noise free whisper capability that combines with white noise generators to make the rotos nearly silent. Unburdened, it can reach a maximum speed of 220 mph and reach a maximum altitude of 19,000 feet, with a maximum range of 1000 miles. It is armed with two forward mounted 20mm cannons, and through the onboard computer and commlink, Moon Knight is always in contact with the Mooncopter. Next, he has the Angel Wing, which is a crescent shaped glider that Moon Knight can ride on, similar to certain Goblins. He can remote control the Angel Wing from his suit, and it has room for two people to ride on it, if needed. For ground traversal, Moon Knight has a state of the art superbike that has armored plating and gyroscopic stabilizing so that it can maintain balance on its own. This motorcycle is transformable and can take the shape of a large white sphere, before unfurling to reveal the bike itself.

Vestments of Khonshu:
Originally a ceremonial garb used by the champions of Khonshu, over the years Marc Spector has modified and updated this suit into one of the most advanced pieces of armor out there today. The armored bodysuit is comprised of parts kevlar, carbonadium and adamantium. This protection can even stand up against large caliber firearms, and he can use a joint locking mechanism within the suit to support and sustain much greater weights than he could lift by himself. It also includes a number of advanced technological features, such as a magnetic recall device for his crescent darts and truncheon, jump boots, dart launchers in his gauntlets, and a deployable minidrone, which streams a video feed to a micro-HUD built into his cowl. The cowl itself is equipped with air filtration, a radio commlink and remote to control his glider and drone. His cape is a deployable glider, allowing him to glide safely from great heights to the ground when extended. Lastly, the suit itself can be remotely assembled and disassembled onto his body, similar to an Iron Man armor. While primarily Moon Knight prefers a gleaming white costume to help strike fear into his enemies, he can change the color of most of his armor to black for stealth missions when necessary.

Marc Spector invested all of his money from his mercenary years, playing the stock market as Steven Grant to great effect. Now, Grant is a bonafide multi-millionaire, and Marc has more than enough money to support his crusade against crime, and to let Steven have the occasional high society get together with other elites, celebutantes and other movers and shakers.


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Marc Spector doesn't simply take on different identities to perform certain tasks or gain certain advantages. His psyche has truly splintered into a few distinct and complete personalities. While, on the surface, this would appear to simply be the result of his traumatic experiences during his mercenary life, there are certain indications that this Dissociative Identity Disorder is actually the result of Khonshu's partial possession of Marc Spector. Unlike most sufferers of DID, Spector's various personas communicate with one another within his mindscape, and even come to odds against one another from time to time.

Lunar Influence:
Khonshu is a lunar god, and his influence and power waxes and wanes with the faces of the Moon. And, Khonshu's nature is often fickle and mercurial, which can manifest in fluctuations in the abilities he bestows upon Marc, even stripping him of some powers at times altogether. As a result, most of Marc's abilities, including his physical prowess, are affected by the phases of the moon, with him being demonstrably stronger and more powerful under the full moon, and noticeably weaker on nights of the new moon.

Marc Spector has seen some of the darkest that humanity has to offer. Worse still, he has seen and partaken of that darkness himself. A large part of why Marc does what he does is because he is mentally scarred by the things he has seen and done while living his life as a soldier and spy. The atrocities he has witnessed and inflicted come back to haunt him. Often. His only solace is being gifted by the powers of the moon, because he certainly doesn't have an easy time sleeping at night.

Perhaps due to a sense of self loathing, or madness, or arrogance brought about by having healing powers and a god that resurrects him upon death, Marc Spector is a reckless individual. This attitude extends to everything in his life, from his combat style, where he'd rather take a hit than to avoid it, all the way to his choices in lovers and business decisions. This sense of daring more often than not leads Marc into situations where he's set himself up for failure and he often seems to be his own worst enemy.

Secret Identity:
Marc Spector is not publically known as The Moon Knight. In fact, it's a large secret that Marc Spector is also Steven Grant and Jake Lockley, as well. Should any of this information ever come to light, his entire world would crumble around him. His enemies could seek him and his loved ones out to take vengeance against him, and that's only the start. His wealth would be stripped from him, as Steven Grant isn't a "real" person. His insider criminal ties and web of informants from the streets would vanish, as Jake Lockley would be revealed to be a fraud. As such, Moon Knight does all that he can to protect his identity.



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It came...from Warehouse 42...BH4335C December 28th, 2020 A giant wolf gets free, it is far bigger than thought...and the uh, heroes, stop it.
Whose impulsive November 30th, 2020 No description
The Falcon and the Moon November 2nd, 2020 Steven Grant has a conversation with Carmine Falcone
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Life is a ball September 16th, 2020 Champaign showers and Egyptian wishes at the Met during a charity ball


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