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Roxanne Spaulding (Scenesys ID: 2619)
Name: Roxanne "Roxy" Amethyst Spaulding
Superalias: Freefall
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Occupation: Drama Queen
Citizenship: USA
Residence: Varies
Education: Some High School, Lots Of Vagrancy.
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 03 July 2002 Played By Natalie Portman
Height: 5'6 Weight: 99 lbs
Hair Color: Black/Pink Eye Color: Purple
Twitter: GravityBites
Theme Song: "She's a Stallion", Bush

Character Info


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Roxanne's a great example of wasted potential. A high-school burnout and the product of a broken home, she's your typical wannabe, skater-groupie vagrant. While her frequent skirmishes with the law might label her as a typical rebellious teen, Roxy is a product of the Gen13 program, endowed with the ability to manipulate gravity as she sees fit.

Thing is, gravity's complicated when you don't care enough to crack open a book. Life's complicated when you're hunted by shadow organizations. Love's complicated when your Romeos are more rough than diamond.


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2002: Roxanne Amethyst Villanueva is born to Gloria Villanueva and a man she'd rather not remember. Yes, his name is Dick. Yes. He was.

2007: Roxanne gets very into the idea of hanging out at places Dick is not. This is mostly crappy skate parks, with crappy skate people.

2008-2010: Montage. Roxanne learns to skate! And to break into the convenience store because she's tiny and the bigger kids are hungry! She is NEVER HOME because DICK is a - YES, HE WAS.

- Roxanne invents a skateboarding move: the Pop Rox, which is where you start a FS 5-0 while you're yelling at Duane because he said you were a 'bitchy gremlin baby', and then faceplant, dislocate your shoulder, and cry like a bitchy gremlin baby.

2010: Roxanne is TAKEN BY THE COPS for ditching school, but also for breaking and entering. She attends a 'reform camp' that is in fact a CADMUS operation to screen for Gen-Active youths. She and a small group of other kids are rescued by Alex Fairchild and Team 7, whereupon they are returned to their homes and encouraged to live in hiding.

2011: Roxanne adopts the new identity of Roxanne Spaulding and relocates to La Jolla with her mother. Dick is out of the picture, finally. More importantly, Roxanne becomes obsessed with the 90s and grunge culture after meeting Edmund "Grunge" Chang at camp. He is like, the beefiest, princiest dude to ever wear pants. This is the first in a long series of terrible decisions that will affect the rest of Roxanne's life.

2013-2015: Roxanne is a latchkey kid with an enduring crush on an older boy - so she hangs out with the older kids. It's all bad news; parties and cigarettes, breaking curfew and experimenting with things that kids think are awesome and adults think are illegal.

2016: Roxanne winds up in Juvenille Hall for being a delinquent. This is not what Team 7 meant when they said 'keep a low profile.' Unfortunately, Roxanne is not very bright.

2017: Roxanne figures out what Team 7 meant when they said 'keep a low profile' after a close encounter with a guardsman. A subsequent escape attempt falls short when Roxanne successfully executes a Pop Rox on a stair railing.

2018: Roxanne escapes from the hospital instead of Juvenille Hall, because it's easier. Hitchhiking gets her as far as Riverside, where she works odd jobs but also steals a bunch of shit.

2019: Roxanne travels to New York City after receiving an anonymous tip on Snapchat as to her sister's location - Roxanne learned about her sister in Alex Fairchild's last moments. She travels to New York and meets Caitlin, explores a bit of her Gen-Active potential, and basically immediately gets in a huge dramatic shitfit of a fight with her.

--"Sure, but nobody even knows how gravity WORKS, Cait!! I'm not gonna run around getting shot at with weird up-down pow-- yes I went to school! Shut up! You're a fuddy-dud- .. Well FUC--"

2020: Roxanne moves into a ramshackle apartment with fellow bright bulb and good decisions person Leslie Willis. She works a bunch of temp jobs but cannot keep to any one in particular. It is arguable that she is doing this to keep from being too predictable and trackable. It is also arguable that she's an unreliable dumbass.

IC Journal

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Bad Love:
Roxanne's stepfather was violent and angry, and her familial experience rates somewhere below 'the pits'. She's never had a good model of what love and support look like - to her, shouting at somebody is the strongest indication of love you can show. Sure, she's seen the TV shows, Hallmark cards, and annoyingly cute couples at school. She's got *dreams*. She just knows that sometimes your man's gonna be real, real stupid and arguing's pretty OK and normal. God, she needs to figure out how much of a jerk Grunge is.

To build on point one, Roxy's developed an insurmountable wall of 'cool'. She's young, she's hot, she's sly, and she's got enough 'confidence' in herself to coast through most social interactions. She's the de-facto catalyst in any group, highly reactive, highly opinionated, and impossible to suppress. A psychologist would call the behavior 'histrionic', but all Roxy knows is that she's the queen of whatever she does right now... and that's good enough. She's running away from her own demons, her own insecurities, and her own responsibilities. Time spent frontin' means less time spent dwelling.

Some people like being alone or making a home out of their thoughts. Roxy's convinced that's for losers; incense and humming and sittin' cross-legged and that? Barf. She'd rather be out at the club than polishing her chakras or whatever - anything to keep away from the danger that introspection invites. Hey, what's that dude got in the brown paper bag? Mushrooms? She's -never done mushrooms and danced-. It's gonna be a wild night for SURE. The odds of this being a Gen13 plot are pretty high. It may actually already be one.

Hey Look At Me:
What happens when the only attention you get is bad, and the only stuff you're good at is illegal? If Roxy sees a chance to stir something up or make something happen, she'll take it. She's not one for worrying about consequences; she's got the natural talent to get out of most trouble, and she KNOWS she's got the 'damsel' part of 'damsel in distress' down. It's just the last bit she needs to drum up. Grunge'll look so DREAMY in that shining armor.

This is the core of Roxanne's character, and her most important quality. She's been an underdog her entire life, subjected to an endless battery of Bad News from day 1. Bad family, bad childhood, bad decisions that turned into bad escapes from the first two. The Gen13 experiment was her first chance to get away from it all... and pretty quickly, she found out she's hardly half the women that Sarah and Cait happen to be. Even on her own after their brief time together, Roxanne knows she's capable of so much more, should aspire to be better than she is... but reaching for the stars seems impossible when you're so very firmly rooted to the ground. NOTE: This is the primary reason she doesn't dive as hard into her gravity powers as she's able - what if she hurts somebody she cares about? What if she's a loser who isn't that strong?

Roxy's best quality is her devotion to the idea of passion. Swept up in the -now- as she is, she's prone to strong emotions with the right guy, and tends to dwell on their reciprocation to an extreme. In the comics, this is highlighted in her on-and-off relationship with Grunge - by and large a boneheaded, woman-chasing idiot with a heart of gold. While Roxy's by no means the perfect girlfriend and isn't above 'makin' her man jealous', she's ultimately trying to foster a secure, loving relationship with the object of her affections. She wants to have a good life and be a good wife, but the notes she's taken from her foster parents are *really* shitty.

Character Sheet


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Roxy's gen-active ability is to manipulate gravity. Project Genesis was terrified of the depth of her powers, theorizing that she could compress gravity to the point of creating singularities. Roxy's terrified of them, too - she's generally the last person to use her powers, and is still coming to understand what she's actually capable of. Some tricks she's learned thus far:

- Gravity Amp: Roxanne is capable of magnifying gravity to a notable extent, focusing on an area, individual, or highly precise point on an object or individual. Comfortably she's able to immobilize or stun a large individual, though this does take focus. With exhausting effort she can apply this same gravitic force to large areas, and has imploded a military tank. With unfamiliar applications, this power drains Roxanne's stamina and requires singular focus.

- Gravity Invert: As with Gravity Amp, Roxanne is capable of nullifying and reversing the gravity of an area, focusing on areas, individuals, or objects. Comfortably she can nullify gravity and 'float' targets, and with effort has been able to actively repel them as though they were 'falling' upwards. Roxanne has a small degree of lateral control over this ability - she has smashed floated opponents into one another, and ushered floated targets through narrow openings. With unfamiliar applications, this power drains Roxanne's stamina and requires singular focus.

- Flight: Through sustained nullification of gravity, Roxy is able to provide herself and a small group of companions the ability to fly. With effort she can sustain close to 50 mph, but is typically limited to using the ability to maneuver herself in three dimensions. Like everybody else, she'd almost always rather take a plane.

- Gravitic Field: By focusing on a field around a given area, Roxanne is able to divert most projectiles and objects through crushing gravitic displacement. This does not cause damage so much as it demands everything entering the field to go DOWN - the appreciable effect is limited to physical projectiles (bullets, knives), harmful fluids, and the like. This field is ultrathin due to its intensity. With enough force or mass, any given object can penetrate its effect.

Personal Gravity:
Naturally spritely, Roxy's control over gravity makes most gymnastic feats a cinch. With her history of manipulating weight, she's mastered the art of augmenting her own movement with either decreased or increased personal gravity. As a poor combatant and excellent streetrat, this ability typically merely makes her seem supremely nimble or supernaturally balanced -- but there's a potential for more, there.


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Closet Otaku:
"Ohmigod everybody's obsessed with Sailor Mercury but I think Sailor Saturn's the DOPEST. That scythe is FLY. Everybody talks about that laser scythe in Gundam but who CARES about lasers? Robots are basically wack. If you can swing a friggin' SCYTHE and look hella cute at the same time? That's wicked." Roxanne will never admit this to anybody, but she can hang. You should see her bedroom.

Creative Genius:
Roxy's a straight D student and cares as much about studying as Captain America does about Nazi sympathizers. This doesn't mean she's stupid - just distracted. When the chips are down and your back's to a wall, Roxanne's usually able to pull a solution out of her back pocket, be it through a novel application of her abilities or a good old-fashioned pair of rollerblades to the dome.

Roxy's got a head for clothes. She spends more time getting ready to go out than she spends being out. Shopping's a way of life, unless she doesn't have the cash - and then it's stealing. Wherever she goes, she's sure to be setting the trend, even if that trend happens to be adorably nineties focused. Call it a throwback, call her a fangirl, but if you say she's old-fashioned she'll rip your eyes out.

Miss Demeanor:
Roxanne's been a snatch-and-grab artist all her life. Before Project Genesis, it was for pleasure, to get nice clothes she couldn't afford and cigarettes to smoke; and she got caught a lot. Now that she's on the run, it's become a survival skill, and she's getting better at it. She'll never be a Black Cat, but she does her best to make ends meet.

She's also a much better liar than you'd expect from someone who can't help but wear her heart on her sleeve.

Tony Awk:
Yeah, Roxy isn't actually very good at skating. But she sure can pretend she is. If you need somebody to infiltrate a skate park or a hospital, she's your girl. This will come in handy eventually.


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Any Job Staffing Center:
Roxy's got friends in lame places. Mainly, she knows this guy - Alan? Have you met Alan? He's awesome. He gets her work despite her less-than-stellar (less-than-awful, really) resume.

Queelocke's a green-furred, red-eyed monkeycat from another dimension. Roxy found it out clubbing one night (she was NOT hallucinating), and was subsequently attacked by extradimensional bounty hunters (big yikes). Ever since the two have been close - Queelocke sleeps at the foot of Roxy's bed, hangs out in her jacket, and she'll feed it parts of her meals now and again. While Queelocke's certainly cute, it's a member of a poweful alien species capable of creating portals across vast distances and even dimensions - which explains why the bounty hunters were after him. So far as Roxy's concerned, the guy's basically a living stuffed animal and SO sweet.


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Roxy's been a smoker since she was 12, and hasn't been able to kick the habit. She's heard it all - it's bad for you, it's gross, it smells bad, it ruins your teeth... yadda, yadda, yadda. She blames the relaxation she gets from it, but it's the slightest bit more than that... she likes the thrill of breaking the rules, the individuality it gives her, the sense of fighting the establishment. That, and she's got a bit of an addictive personality. Let's just be glad it's smoking that she's chosen as a vice... it could be SO much worse!

Roxy's prone to responding to adversity by doubling-down on whatever front she's affecting. In her life, she's found that the best offense is a REALLY GOOD offense -- when the chips are down and the odds are called into question, you can bet that Roxy's going to be putting her life on the line, even if it's a bluff. She doesn't have the sense of self to withdraw from a disadvantaged scenario and maintain any sort of pride, and is a sucker for attacks on her character.

Flat Broke:
Roxy's broke as a joke. She doesn't know much about good money habits, doesn't see the value in keeping a wad of bills for a rainy day, and may actually have an addiction to eBay, Amazon, and thrift store treasure-hunting. Roxy keeps odd jobs here and there but can't hold any sort of an official job considering her status as a runaway - her pay's always in cash, and it's never quite enough to make ends meet.

Finding a sponsor, savior, or some other means of shelter from her pursuers is going to be an important first step in fixing this problem.

If the Gen13 experiments were a D&D adventuring party, Roxy would be the mage... despite everything else about her. While she's able to produce minor to moderate gravity-bending effects with no apparent struggle, anything that requires effort or is otherwise unfamiliar to her WILL demand her full attention and likely exhaust her. More than anything her abilities require practice and study, and Roxy doesn't have much of either to spare.

Major Investment:
Roxy is the product of countless years and billions of dollars of research and highly illegal experimentation by CADMUS. While her upbringing and way of life naturally provide her with a means of staying beneath the radar, by no means have they called off their search. Roxy must live under the constant threat of discovery, which means the utmost caution with regards to divulging her powers or identity. Unfortunately, Roxy is Roxy.

Roxy's spent her life in the gutter, surrounded by examples of women who are simply stronger, better, smarter, and prettier than her. Constant awareness of the likes of Sarah Rainmaker and Caitlin Fairchild don't do much to dispel that perception. You'd think the injection of gravity superpowers would help, but all it's really done is introduce an additional layer of self-doubt to the mix. What if she hurts herself? What if she hurts somebody she cares about? What if she isn't strong enough? Roxy's afraid of what she can do, and only dabbles in the shallowest reaches of her potential out of fear and a sense of personal worthlessness. She needs friends, she needs education, and she needs training. Unfortunately, none of those are in steady supply.



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-You're- an off-balanced load! April 8th, 2021 Leslie and Roxy do the laundry. And discuss the finer points of pop culture and whether being a diner carhop is more or less prestigious than working at a taco stand. But they don't eat the Tide Pods!
Flat Broke In Flatbush April 2nd, 2021 A punk and a goth walk into a barbell piercing. LMAO but seriously. That is exactly what happens, except by 'walk' we mean 'commit a felony'. Is it MURDER, TREASON, BURGLARY, or VANDALISM? Read on to find out. page Roxy or Ellie if you want to send us congratulations on being awesome.


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