Sorcerer Supreme

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The Sorcerer Supreme is a title bestowed upon Earth's mystical champion.

In the realms attached to the Demiurge, the primarchs of the [[[New Gods]]] holds absolute sway over the reality of their realm. Earth is unique among the worlds of Yggdrasil in that it is located in the larger universe, rather than a demesne. Moreover, Earth contains gateways to hundreds of itinerant dimensions, each a potent reservoir of cosmic energy and souls.

The Sorcerer Supreme is charged with protecting Earth from mystical threats. Particularly, eldritch creatures who are beyond mere mortal weapons and ability. The Sorcerer Supreme is required to maintain the balance of power between the worlds of Yggdrasil, including checking unjustified expansion, wars of aggression, or attempts to usurp power.

The Sorcerer Supreme is empowered thusly by a triumvirate of powerful entities: The Vishanti. These potent Elder Gods channel their energy and wisdom through the Sorcerer, making the person an avatar of their will. Even without the Vishanti's gifts, most Sorcerers Supreme are formidable spellcasters in their own right. One of the gifts granted to the Sorcerer Supreme is custodianship of the Eye of Agamotto, a secret relic that regulates the power of the Time Stone concealed inside its frame.

The current bearer of that mantle is Stephen Strange.