Infinity Stones

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The Infinity Stones are concentrated ingots of absolute ideologuic power. When the First Firmament shattered, many of the First Gods perished in the conflagration of reality undoing itself. Six of them, absolutely essential components of the mechanics of the universe itself, were trapped in a state of quantum flux between the First Firmament and the resulting universes. Infinity stones therefore exist in all realities in the multiverse but only function in their universe of origin, a permanent bridge between the multiverses and the First Firmament.

An entity in possession of all six of the stones can use them to fundamentally re-order the universe to shape it to suit their desires. The Stones appear many times through galactic history, often in the hands of warlords and desperate fools who do not understand their power. Relatively few creatures can channel the immense Power Cosmic that flows unhindered through the stones and the results of anything less than an ironclad will directing them can be dangerously unpredictable.

  • Soul Stone: Possibly the most powerful of all the stones, the Soul Stone influences the soul and can leverage the near-infinite power of the human spirit. Souls trapped by the stone spend eternity in an idyllic paradise, unaware of the passage of time.
  • Time Stone: The time stone provides unhindered access to the flow of time. It is capable of sustaining even major paradoxes and causal loops that would otherwise self-terminate in a closed spacetime environment. It is currently in the possession of the Sorcerer Supreme and closely monitored by Agamotto of the Vishanti.
  • Space Stone: By using the space stone, the user has unrestricted access to the warp of space itself. They can alter the spatial characteristics of virtually any object in the universe. The Space Stone is contained in a stable energy matrix called the Tesseract. It is currently in the custody of SHIELD. Very few beings are privileged with the knowledge that the Space Stone is what powers the Tesseract.
  • Mind Stone: The Mind Stone's history is better known than some. It contains the crystallized essence of an early incarnation of the ideologue known as Dream. By tapping into the power of the Astral plane, the bearer of the Mind Stone can access the collective consciousness of all intelligent life in the universe. No knowledge is hidden from such an individual. Darkseid attempted to obtain the Mind Stone to aid him in his quest for the Anti-Life Equation. It is now part of the synthetic life form known as Vision.
  • Reality Stone: The laws of reality and universal physics can be rewritten at will by the bearer of this stone. Even fundamental laws such as gravity and subatomic motion can be subverted or altered. It requires a particularly potent mind and resolute will to use this gem effectively or the result may cause localized spacetime to collapse.
  • Power Stone: A conduit to Hyperspace itself. All energy and force can serve the will of this stone's user and it imbues the carrier with awesome, even unchecked physical power. It is this stone that is the 'engine' of an assembled Infinity Gauntlet and increases the power of the others into levels impossible to contemplate.