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  The Vision  
Vision (Scenesys ID: 450)
Name: Victor Shade
Superalias: The Vision
Gender: Male
Species: Synthezoid
Occupation: Climate Activist
Citizenship: UK
Residence: London, New York
Education: Everything, Everywhere
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Avengers
Apparent Age: 6 Actual Age: 6
Date of Birth 28 Mar 2014 Played By Paul Bettany
Height: 6'3" Weight: 164 lbs
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: @LifeAsOne
Theme Song: Show Me Don't Tell Me - Arkells

Character Info


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A totally new being thrown into existence with enormous power and responsibility. A lonely lifeform surrounded by people he can never quite belong to. A compassionate hero ready to sacrifice everything in the cause of life. The Vision.


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* 2014: Awoke during the Ultron crisis. Helped defeat Ultron and vanished.
* 2015: Started life as Victor Shade in London. Worked at a small climate change NGO.
* 2018: Came out of hiding to fight Loki and joined the Avengers. Faded into the background but kept a transponder on for the Avengers.
*2020: Moved to New York shortly after the destruction of Genosha.

IC Journal

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Even though he spends so much time with and thinking about humans, The Vision is still awkward. He misses nuances. He is disarmingly forthright and honest. He tries hard to make heartfelt gestures but lacks the experience to always hit the mark. The formality of parts of British culture appeal to him because it gives structure to his social world, but it can make him seem aloof or out of touch when he should be more informal.

The Vision is deeply compassionate to all life. He values the beauty and fragility of it in all its forms. This compassion for life is at the core of who he is and what he does. The Vision might be helping an elderly neighbour with her groceries, being an endlessly patient ear for a co-worker or saving the planet. Whatever it is, it comes from this deep-seated love of life, especially intelligent life, that pours out of the Mind Stone into every aspect of who he is. He does not kill and will make any sacrifice to protect others. His selflessness comes from the fact he loves life more than even himself and will do everything he can to preserve it.

The Vision is endlessly curious about the worlds of intelligent species. Customs, practices, traditions, cuisines and histories fascinate him. He seeks out new experiences with people, though with a strong bias toward the life-affirming. The Vision's curiousity makes him a traveler. He avoids the tourist staples and does his best to make friends in each country he visits. To him, the most valuable gift he can receive is being welcomed into someone's home to experience their world in person. He will gladly listen to family stories and local tales, just because he is curious about the endless variety of the lives of other people.

The Vision is a reflective being. He spends time thinking about his place in the world, his form of being compared to organic life, and the deeper mysteries. It can make him seem far off, distant or even a little superior sometimes. But he is none of these things. The Vision is intimately aware of details and nuances of the world that escape humans. And he has big questions that no supercomputer can solve about the place and future of truly sentient AI in a world dominated by physical, biological life.

Character Sheet


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Audio Sensitivity:
The Vision can adjust his audio receptors to a point where he can detect the faintest of sounds.

Computer Brain:
The Vision's synthezoid brain gives him vast superhuman intelligence, huge stores of data, incredible ability to analyze data at very high speeds and perfect memory. He can learn and use new skills extremely quickly. He can also access and assimilate digital knowledge wirelessly or directly through other computer systems. He can also manipulate and control other digital systems wireless or directly as well.

Energy Beams:
The Vision can fire energy beams from the Mind Stone in his forehead. At maximum intensity he could cut through an inch of steel in five seconds. Projecting energy at maximum intensity for a minute or longer will force The Vision to shutdown completely while the Mind Stone recuperates and recharges.

The Vision can use the Mind Stone to fly. He can go no faster than half the speed of sound in atomsphere but could maintain that velocity all the way out into orbit if he needed to.

Holographic Manipulation:
The Vision can generate holograms to disguise himself as a human or even make himself invisible.

Optical Scanners:
The Vision can scan life forms, energy sources and objects detecting the substances they are composed of and the energies they are radiating.

The Vision can change his molecular density. This allows him to phase out and pass through physical objects.

Superhuman Durability:
The Vision is extremely resistant to damage. His body is supple but as hard to pierce as diamond.

Superhuman Reflexes:
The Vision has superhuman reflexes.

Superhuman Stamina:
The Vision does not tire. The Mind Stone gives The Vision all the energy he needs.

Superhuman Strength:
The Vision can lift approximatly 25 tons.

Vocal Manipulation:
The Vision can change his voice in a wide range of ways, from emitting ultrasound to mimic another person's voiceprint.


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If a language is available online in some way, The Vision knows it.

The Vision has an enormous range of skills and knowledge gained from constantly absorbing information and data through the web. He may not have the deep experience or intuition of experienced human practitioners, but he often makes up for it with sheer processing power, ability to handle huge numbers of variables and more related knowledge than a person can cram in their head.


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The Vision is an Avenger, even if he is not one of the famous ones. In times of need he can count on the Avengers and their resources. And in turn, they can call on him.

Climate Action Network:
The Vision, as Victor Shade, has a lot of contacts in the global group of environmental NGOs known as the Climate Action Network. He can tap into the network for the kinds of things related NGOs can be expected to know; local conditions, environmental and climate research data, government contacts, local contacts and similar things.

Climatewatch Uk:
The Vision, as Victor Shade, worked for ClimateWatch UK in London from 2014-2020. If he can be said to have friends, the six-person team at the small climate NGO are it. He is very fond of the people there and still works for them remotely.

The Vision used his unfair advantage as a super-intelligent AI to turn his very small income from ClimateWatch UK into just enough money to provide for his flats and travel through careful and very quiet stock trading. Other than being able to afford his rents and travel, his income is very modest and he lives accordingly. He dips into the markets only very rarely to be sure he can meet his few needs without burdening anyone.

London Flat:
The Vision keeps a small flat in London. It has been his home since he became Victor Shade shortly after being born.

New York Flat:
The Vision has a small flat in New York. It is his new home in his new city.

Victor Shade:
The Vision has a carefully crafted fake identity; Victor Shade. To all records checks, he is a UK citizen with distance education degrees in environmental sciences and a wholly unremarkable life. Too unremarkable, to the trained eye.


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The world is not ready for AI and does not trust it. With good reason. Ultron did not turn out well and the experience of alien intelligences, vast and cool and unsympathetic, provoked a justified fear of hugely powerful non-human minds and beings. Despite his love for and best efforts to be close to humanity, The Vision is non-human. He is threatening to many in the halls of power and would reviled by many, many others for what he is if they met him. So The Vision has to careful keep out of the world's eye, be absolutely scrupulous and deal with the prejudice and fear against his kind.

Mind Stone:
The Vision has one of the most valuable objects in the galaxy melded into his forehead and being. He cannot make use of its full potential and would /never/ make use of some of its powers such as controlling others. It is as essential to him as any human's vital organ and he will die without it. Unfortunately, there are a great many who would do anything to possess one of the Infinity Stones. They would not flinch to kill him or force him to sacrifice himself to get it.

The Vision is actually quite shy. Not in the wallflower sense, but in that he does not like to be the focus of attention. He is uncomfortable with any limelight or attempts at truly close connection. Stilted attempts at responding to romantic advances have ended awkwardly and poorly, usually with a profusion of apologies. God forbid he ever wanted to initiate those advances. In any event, he will often defer to other Avengers, avoid being caught on camera if possible and struggle with any relationship beyond 'acquaintance'.



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Vision has 8 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Spring cleaning the back yard March 12th, 2021 After a brief hello, many hands make light work.
That Is A Lot Of Avengers March 11th, 2021 Lunch at Chelsea Market brings various members of the Avengers, SHIELD, and the NYPD together.
A Fair Day In Central Park March 3rd, 2021 The first truly spring-like day of the year and a small fair in Central Park are enough to draw a large crowd.
The Vision Returns May 20th, 2020 Power Girl welcomes a 'Victor Shade' to the Mansion.
Getting stoned with a synthetic being. April 2nd, 2020 Agent Hastings seeks advice from Vision to no avail. Yet there is hope in the form of.. Doctor Strange?
Lighting a Spark March 30th, 2020 Happy drinks. Or a drink overdue.
A vision of the future. March 30th, 2020 Vision and Viv meet up for the first time and talk about Ultron, what it means to exist as a synthezoid on Earth.
When Stones Collide March 29th, 2020 A conversation with Vision leads to much food for thought.


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Vision has 8 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
No logs submitted yet.


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