Xandarian Worldmind

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The Xandarian Worldmind is a gestalt entity that is responsible for adminstering the government and civil defense forces of Xandar. It comprised of millions of brains extracted from Xandarians in the moments before their death. These brains are encased in a special crystal that provides energy and sensory input to keep the brain stimulated. Complex cybernetic systems sustain the brains biologically. It is considered a great honor for a Xandarian's mind to be accepted into the Worldmind's gestalt, generally reserved for Xandarians with special knowledge and unique experiences. The entity is directed by a complex AI module that regulates the entire system and maintains a rigid core personality to hedge against semantic drift from the various intelligences adapted into it.

The Worldmind's most well-guarded secret is the creation of the Nova Force, which is the signature ability of the Nova Corps. It is a fractional expression of the Power Cosmic, tapped into by hundreds of thousands of sentient brains interlinked in a massive battery of zero-point energy modules. The Worldmind distributes this power to the Nova Corps using scientific principles extrapolated from observations of the Green Lantern Corps.