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  Lady Blackhawk  
Zinda Blake (Scenesys ID: 644)
Name: Zinda Blake
Superalias: Lady Blackhawk
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: CEO/Pilot/moonshiner
Citizenship: American
Residence: Metropolis
Education: highschool drop out, on the job training.
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 35 Actual Age: 102
Date of Birth 7 nov 1917 Played By Ali Larter
Height: 5'11" Weight: 165 lbs
Hair Color: blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: https://youtu.be/yK0P1Bk8Cx4 (obviously)

Character Info


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A legendary world war 2 aviator recently returned to the modern world. As famous for her skill in the air as she is for her capacity for drink.


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1915:Reginald "Boozer" Blake becomes a flying ace with the French air force.
1916:Reginald is shot down, and loses his left leg. He is further awarded for his bravery, before being discharged to return to the US.
1917:Reginald meets Banu Fikri on the boat back to the US, they marry and have their only child within the year. Zinda Blake is born.
1920:The Blake family business immediately buckles under the weight of prohibition, the family takes things underground and become Alabama's most prolific moonshining operation.
1923:Reggie Blake buys a number of small aircraft companies, and begins flying his booze across the country. Zinda and Banu are frequent passengers.
1930:At just 13 years old, Zinda solos for the first time.
1933:Zinda drops out of highschool to work for Blake Aviation full time, helping in the shop by day and running booze by moonlight.
1935:Zinda steals a plane from her father, hires a forger to prepare her papers and enters in that year's Bendix air race as "Blake Zinder". She wins outright in the sportsman's category, and finishes third overall.
1936:With her father's approval this time, "Blake Zinder" returns to compete in the unlimited category. She wins the 1936 Air race, but her identity is revealed. A front page photo of her kissing the trophy girl causes an uproar.

1937:Another win in the Bendix and four smaller air races, Zinda has become the winningest Air racer in competition. Women are officially banned from competing in the unlimited category.
1938:Zinda returns with the "Blake Special", to compete in the "Light" category. The plane passes inspection under protest. She wins the overall by six minutes, but is later disqualified for "Unladylike conduct"
1939:Zinda flies to North Africa, and gets in contact with the Blackhawks. She's accepted as a provisional member, as they don't have enough machinery to equip her in the short term. Her North African Campaign with the Blackhawks is flown in a captured ME-109.
1940:Zinda scores twelve confirmed aerial victories, eighteen uncomfirmed and eight assists. Hendrickson becomes her wingman, and adoptive grandfather.
1941:The Blackhawks relocate under contract to the Pacific, and for the first time get modern hardware. They meet their first Zeroes over the pacific.
1942:Zinda finishes the year with a total of sixty five confirmed kills, making her briefly the deadliest living ace in the world. She's shot down for the second time, and again escapes capture after a four day running gun battle in the jungle.
1943:Zinda is shot down for the third time, and sent stateside for confirmation on her head injury. She poses for photographs, gives interviews and is soon emblazoned on navy recruiting posters.
1944:Zinda has her most active year, she flies an unbelievable four hundred fifty five sorties and shoots down one hundred three aircraft. This record for single year performance will remain unbroken.
1945: August 13nth Zinda undertakes a solo recon flight, She downs two fighters and damages a Japanese bomber. Her own plane is damaged, and fails to return to base.
1950:After exhaustive searches for Zinda or her plane, She is officially declared KIA.
1957:The Blackhawks formally retire from combat service, decide to award Zinda or her descendants equal share in the company if she is ever discovered.

2016:A damaged aircraft is spotted trailing smoke off the coast of Japan, JSDF scramble a rescue plane which confirms the presence of an F7F flying blackhawk colors. She attempts to enguage JSDF aircraft, Marines are scrambled to escort her down. Zinda Blake's return makes national headlines.
2017:A comprehensive series of tests confirms Zinda Blake's identity, She is awarded controlling shares in Blackhawk Transport, and settles near their corporate headquarters in Metropolis.
2018:Zinda Blake is ejected from the Blackhawk Transport's board meeting for not meeting dress reguluations, She restarts the Blackhawk's combat air division and has Blackhawk Island refurbished.
2019:Zinda Blake finally gets her new pilot's license, with full endorsements. She spends the rest of the year flying as much as she's able, and testing various aircraft.

IC Journal

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She isn't just Confident mind you, She's fighter pilot confident. That confidence is anything but fragile to boot, even when she fails hard she doesn't hesitate to pick herself back up and get back after it. It's where the short skirts come from, and some of the drinking, and most of her flying all comes out of. In Zinda's world her losses all come from bad luck, and cheating. No matter what the odds, she'll give it her best without hesitation.

The War ended quite suddenly for Zinda, and then her entire emotional support network vanished. She misses her comrades, she misses her family but most of all she's come to realize she misses the war. Now she's somewhat aimless, without a unit to fit into or a war to define herself with. Zinda struggles for some way to contextualize what she did in the war, and the world she finds herself in now.

Character Sheet


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Yeah no jokes. Maybe it's the genetics, god only knows really. Zinda is rightly famous for her ability to hold her liqour, and she's more than capable of drinking -way- more than a woman her size should be able to. She can drink most folks under the table without much worry, and generally remains fairly high functioning even once she's consumed a downright heroic amount of booze.

Zinda (and probably her father), exhibit a unique genetic abnormality. Zinda's cardiovascular system is substantially more robust than normal. Whilst this means she's a fairly good runner, she doesn't have the training to run marathons. More importantly for Zinda she can sustain dramatically more G's in the cockpit than a baseline human, and do this for dramatically longer before she begins to suffer for it. Zinda can -sustain- up to ten Gs in the cockpit for more than five minutes, and peak surges of up to fifteen for durations of about a minute. Outside of the cockpit, it's not doing an awful lot for her though.


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Zinda has never been formally trained, but she's got a fairly impressive amount of real world experience. She doesn't have any fancy moves really, but she's got a fighter pilot's sense of timing and a tolerance for pain usually bouyed by booze. Her right hook is rightly legendary all the same, and whilst it's hardly polished it's a pretty damned consistant "off button" all things considered. As she's used to bar brawling out numbered, she's particularly talented at making use of a pair of brass knuckles. Oh and she can zing a beer bottle with admirable accuracy.

Yeah no joke Zinda can cook like something else, like scary good. Whilst she specializes in southern staples, she can cook the hell out of just about anything if she's got a recipe. This does of course include her capacity as a brewer and a distiller, and theres really never been a point in her life when she wasn't brewing or distilling something or other.

Zinda can order a beer in thirty languages! She's fluent in English and Farsi however, and speaks a little German and Japanese to boot.

Legendary Pilot:
She's the deadliest female ace to ever live. She's an expert in aerial warfare, helped write the book on classical dogfighting and her gunnery skills are still sharp as a tack. She has an all but telepathic ability to read what her own aircraft is doing, and enough mechanical and aeronautical experience to understand why. She can navigate across vast swaths of ocean by sextant alone, or use a map and compass to navigate across vast deserts. She can plot a flight plan to the ounce of fuel burned, and read the weather with spooky accuracy. In short she's a full command of all the classical aeronautical skills, and she's finally been brought up to date on everything she missed out on. If it flies, she can fly the hell out of it.

She grew up wrenching on unreliable moonshiner hotrods, building aircraft and modifying her own racing planes. During the war she ended up splitting her time between being a mechanic and a pilot,and she's gotten pretty good. She can make use of a machine shop, she can rebuild an engine, she can bend, cut and rivet sheet metal, or make modifications without too much trouble. She's hardly an electrical engineer however, nor is she an engineer. If it's broke though, she can probably fix it.

She grew up playing with guns in the backyard with dad, and well like all great pilots Zinda is just something else with a proper shotgun. Zinda's capacity for eyeballing how much lead a shot needs, as well as a target's trajectory are rightly outstanding. With a suitably classic pistol, she's also quite the gunfighter when necessary. She's quick on the draw and accurate, but has a notable preference for "old school" platforms. With a rifle she's fine, and she has been making an effort to get more familiar with modern assault rifles.


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She's bought herself a brand new PC-24, which she's stealthily outfitted with some removable hardpoints, flare and chaff dispensers, and even plummed the fuselage for a minigun should it be required. She's also begun collecting last generation fighter aircraft, filling her personal Hangars with everything from P-51s and F7Fs to F-4 Phantoms, MiG-29s and whatever else has caught her eye. She can rely on Blackhawk maintainers to keep these birds all in tip top shape to boot.

Blackhawk Island:
There are infact -2- Blackhawk Islands, one in the Pacific and another in the Atlantic. Both of these Islands have basic repair facilities, basic amenaties and a functioning air strip. They're well hidden and have plenty of storage. It wouldn't take much effort to bring either of them back into operation, but Zinda can't do that alone.

Blackhawk Transport's Board of Directors, hates the hell out of Zinda. Everyone else in the company tends to adore Zinda however, especially it's pilots and mechanics. She can rely on the rank and file to score her a ride, or transport something for her. She has free use of their facilities the board be damned.

Zinda had a pretty incredible amount of backpay coming her way, and then wrote a popular book, and now gets a few million every year from Blackhawk just to stay out of their way. She's flush with cash, and doesn't own much beyond a hangar full of aircraft, a bunch of guns and a tiny little house outside of Metropolis.

Amongst Pilots Zinda might as well be royalty. She doesn't need to barge into commercial pilot lounges, snag a seat on a commercial flight or get onto a military base. Aircraft manufacturers are eager to get her flying their product, and there isn't a mechanic around who wouldn't drop what they're doing to get her back into the air again.


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Everyone knows Zinda, and she's not exactly easy to mistake for anyone else. People are particularly likely to remember seeing her, and they're gonna know exactly who she was most of the time. Even in the air her voice is distinctive over the radio, and her planes tend to have particularly notable liveries.

Old School:
She's never been able to score a ride in an F-22 or comparable, and modern stealth/network oriented planes are just totally alien to her. Sure she can fly them, but the moment it gets to managing EM signatures she's right out. That means she's likely not entirely clear on what the most bleeding edge radar/aircraft are even -truly- capable of. The whole BVR game is pretty new to her, and her "comfortable" tech level hasn't gotten past the 90s yet.

Yeah no Zinda's not too terribly difficult to provoke if you know where to prod. Call her piloting or her brewing trash, and she's going to start throwing fists. Boozed up she gets particularly easy to provoke, and she's -frequently- boozed up when not in the cockpit.



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Title Date Scene Summary
The Bombshell Bird Returns April 19th, 2020 Zatanna welcomes Zinda back to the Birds, and they have a short heart to heart.
BoP - Flying High with Lady Blackhawk March 7th, 2020 Zinda provides a kindness for a magician in need and gets benefits in turn.
A meeting of Birds. February 27th, 2020 Meeting between Zinda, Bobbi and Daisy.


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Zinda Blake has 3 finished logs.

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