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Happy Habor: Finals Week
Date of Scene: 23 May 2022
Location: Central Plaza - Happy Harbor High School
Synopsis: The teens are rewarded with pizza and ice cream during finals week. Clover takes a spill and Morgan comes to the rescue. Apologies are made and Maddie doesn't get her float...*dundundun!*
Cast of Characters: Morrigan MacIntyre, Morgan Finn, Vivian Vision, Madison Evans, Clover Sharp, Flash Thompson

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
It's Final's Week at Happy Harbor and everyone has been in some sort of 'oh gods it's here' stage at some point in the early hours. Morrigan hated testing week as much as the rest of the school due to the fact that it stressed the teens out when they didn't need to be. She was sure that everyone would pass their tests, but there were a few outliers that she knew would press their luck.

About lunch time there had been a message over the intercomms for people to gather in the Central Plaza for a surprise. That surprise was Pizza! And a lot of it. Testing Teens had to be properly fed and taken care of and a break from tests was probably needed.

"Everyone, just grab a plate, find a pizza you like and eat up. We've got soda, juices and water for drinks. We've got ice cream as well. So take this lunch break to destress and hang out with friends before we head back for things." Morrigan gives a smile to those gathered.

You didn't have to tell the twins twice when pizza is unveiled. Declan and Delia make a bee line for the plates and FOOD!

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan and Clover are walking side-by-side from the direction of the library. He is apparently in the process of telling Clover a joke. "...and after the rowboat finally sank, the sheep said to the robot 'Well there goes my favorite lunchbox." Morgan apparently is very pleased with this joke because he chuckles freely.

"Oh man, pizza! You smell that, Clover? That's the smell of good test grades." The teen demigod breaks into a small trot to head over toward the food. "Hey, everyone," the friendly young man says. "You guys save any for me?"

Vivian Vision has posed:
Well, not quite /everyone/ has been freaking out about tests.

Thanks to a combination of perfect recall and the ability to download entire libraries into her memory Vivian Vision has been pretty relaxed throughout the whole of testing time. It's perhaps a little unfair to the regular students, but in a world of superpowers and aliens it's also kind of unavoidable.

The synthezoid teenager is dressed, as she always is at school events, in her HHHS uniform and largely disinterested in pizza. Which makes her stand out even more than her red skin, green hair and glowing yellow eyes do.

Madison Evans has posed:
    "Ooo! Root beer floats?!" is Madison's immediate response to the existance of both //soda// and //ice cream.// "Here I come!" She hurries towards the coolers - planning on securing //that// treat before going after the pizza. After all - the root beer might run out, but really, who under-orders pizza? The worst thing that could happen would be getting stuck with olive pizza or something equally lame.
    "Ooo! Handy-dandy single-serves!" she says eagerly as she opens the ice cream cooler, and pulls out a vanilla.
    "WHO WANTS CHOCOLATE?" When a hand goes up - the ice cream is tossed with unerring accuracy.

Clover Sharp has posed:
Clover laughs and says "The lunch box!". Clover walks and sees Madison and waves yelling "Hey Madison." Clover looks at Morgan "Race you to the best slices" and then clover starts running.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Declan and Delia give a wave to the incoming people, "Pizza is still hot, come on!" they call to those that are in ear shot. Which is everyone. Tyler is taking it slow today, skulking up the back of the line and sorta looking dour at the pizza. "Tests have sucked so far." he murmurs to his twin besties.

Morrigan gives a look over to Tyler and there's a bit of a point to her eyes and then to him. He was going back into depression and it was no good. "You've got a few weeks left, you can make it." she states in her accented tone.

"There's plenty for everyone!" she calls out with a chuckle.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Hungry Morgan is hungry, so he grabs a plate and piles like four pieces on it. He tucks one can of orange soda in his front pants pocket and then grabs a can of grape soda. He grins wide and gives a head nod to Madison. "Hey, Madison, sup?" He gestures to Clover. "You remember Clover, right?"

He wants to take a bit of pizza, but both of his hands are full. He blinks and looks around, then he puts the can of grape soda in his *other* front pants pocket. He quickly shifts his weight back and forth from one leg to the other, laughing. "These are *coooooold*." Then he grabs a slice from his plate and takes a huge bite.

With his mouth full of pizza, he smiles warmly to Morrigan. "Hi, Doptor MapInpyre!

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision raises her hand to wave at the various other students as they gather. Staying well out of the competition for choice slices of pizza, icecream or sodas.

"Good day Doctor MacIntyre," she says cheerfully. "Are there any tasks I can assist with? I could help with serving things if required." She glances around. "Or perhaps I should offer some last minute study tips for people who are struggling."

Not that many people are all that keen on learning when faced with the dual temptations of pizza and icecream.

Madison Evans has posed:
    "Hey! Check it!" Madison says eagerly, showing Morgan her 'haul' of root beer and vanilla ice cream. "Root beer floats! We have to have cups, right?" she asks musingly. "Hi Clover! Stay here - I'mma find some cups, and get some pizza and-" Just like that, she's off, moving nimbly through the other teens. She manages to get a plate - putting two slices of sausage pizza on it - and goes indeed secure a cup, and a spoon. Success! Now she has everything she needs.

Clover Sharp has posed:
Clover being a bad runner to begin with is watching Morgan dance and laughing when she doesn't see the loose rocks an slips and begins falling face first into the stone path. As she is falling it appears like her shadow is grabbing the grass area and pulling her to fall that way. As Clover hits down she lands on the grass and only her knee hits the stone calling a scaping on her knee. Clover is more embeared then hurt. Behind her is a small line like a hand gripped the grass and pulled. Clover calls "Im alright just new sneakers." she tries to laugh it all off as she walks up to the food and grabs some pizza.

Flash Thompson has posed:
    "Alright people, stack'm up on the tables and join the party." came the raised voice of one Coach Thompson as he loped into sight at the head of another short procession of students that had the misfortune of making eye-contact when he needed 'volumteers'. One by one, more stacks of pizza was laid out because when it comes to teenagers, more is more.

The man himself is fit for class, a grey Tee and some sweats pulled up around his pair of prosthesis. All Happy Harbor High branded, of course.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan gives a smile as she looks over the gathered students. A nod of her head given to Morgan and others, "Hello all. I hope that today hasn't been too stressful?" she asks them all. She then gives a look to Clover as she trips and there is a wince, "Are you alright?" she asks her as she gives a look over the girl, making sure she's not in need of medical attention.

She then looks to Eugene when she hears him and there is a smile to the Teacher, "Thanks for the help with things." she tells him as she looks back to the teens.

Vivian's offer makes her smile, "If you'd like to give last minute tips I am more than happy for that, Vivian. It might help some of the teens that have been having it rough today." she tells her.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan's eyes light up at the mention of root beer floats despite the fact that he has both pockets loaded with cans of soda and a plate stacked with pizza. "Oh man that sounds ama..." When Clover trips, he quickly reaches out and grabs under one arm to steady her, but something surprising happens. He literally lifts her up off the ground as he steadies her. The expression on Morgan's face seems to indicate that he is as surprised by it as anyone else.

VERY quickly setting Clover back down, he blink-blink-blinks. "Oh my god, Clover, I'm so sorry. I didn't want..." He looks to Morrigan. "Dr. MacIntyre, I didn't mean...I was just afraid she was gonna fall. I've been having these..." His face turns totally beet red.

"Are you okay?" he says to Clover with concern. "I really am sorry."

Vivian Vision has posed:
It doesn't take all that long for Viv to put together a list of suitable candidates for help. After all anyone stressed enough to be studying at a social gathering like this is probably in big trouble. Or just not fond of social gatherings. Either way a quick scan of the area puts together her list and then allocating time based on individual needs.

"In order to be discreet I'll offer tuition virtually to anyone that wishes it," she says out loud. Giving Morrigan's suggestion a nod of acknowledgement. "That way no-one will feel embarrassed by having to ask for help in front of everyone."

Also it means she can fork off portions of her mind to help more people at once. Yay for multi-tasking!

Madison Evans has posed:
    Madison returns to the pair with her haul, nodding briefly to the coach, before she fixes her eyes on Morgan and Clover. "Gosh. Did something happen?" She asks with puzzled concern. "Man, Morgan, you look all red like you just ran a mile! You should get a root beer float. It'll make you feel better. I- uhhh... could give you mine and go get another, I guess?" she muses.
    But what if the root beer's all gone?!

Clover Sharp has posed:
Clover blushes forgetting where she is for a second looking into Morgan eyes. "Wow you should warn a girl before you take her flying" she says smiling. "Thank you Morgan for taking my secound time too both were good. Clover says she's alright" a little blood coming out of scrape. "How about a cream floats?" Clover says to Morgan and Madison.

Flash Thompson has posed:
    "Anytime." Coach Thompson offers with a warm smile as he seems to dust his hands off from whatever might have been beneath the boxes.

When Clover goes down, Thompson's lips purse and he draws a breath, a slight hiss of sympathy. "Oof." he utters, mirroring Dr. MacIntyre's path. And then... Morgan lifts her up.. with one hand. "Hoh, slow down there, Mr. Finn." he cautions as Morgan starts to rush into apology and explination all at once. But with Clover starting to bleed, his gears shift, "You too, Ms. Sharp. Grab a seat, I'll go grab a 'kit." the phys-ed teacher offers before he sets off towards one with a smart, little jog.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan's brows lift up when there is the lifting and things. "Morgan, you're fine. You didn't do anything wrong." she tells the teen. Morrigan definitely wasn't going to get after a teen who was just helping their friend. There's a bit of a smile at the two, "Clover, are you sure you're alright?" the Irish woman asks her. Just double checking on things as she doesn't want her to be hurting.

Then there's blood and Morrigan nods to Eugene, "Yeah, that's probably best." she tells him. "We'll get you all patched up in a second." she tells her. This wasn't a moment for magic healing. Too many teens around that might freak out.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan, too, is capable of magical healing. But he's so freaked out that he came so close to accidentally harming Clover that it doesn't even occur to him to do it. He silently mouths 'I'm so sorry!' to Clover as the adults crowd around to dress her injury.

With a sigh, he looks to Madison with a sheepish expression. "Did you say something about a root beer float? I could *really* use a drink right about now." Just to be safe, he stuffs a ton of pizza in his mouth.

Madison Evans has posed:
    "I, uhh... Might be able to help," Madison offers, taking a step closer, and eyeing the scrape on her knee. "At least - I've been able to heal up little scratches before. It doesn't look so bad. Does it hurt?" she asks with concern.
    Her attention shifts to Morgan next, offering him her cup, and spoon, and root beer, and ice cream. ...byebye, root beer float. There'll be another, I promise. "Here," she says brightly. "You really look like you need it."

Clover Sharp has posed:
Clovers says to Coach Thompson I might have failed gym but I remember what you said once " I think it was "one must always be prepaid if you get hurt have something to fix up that wound". clover reaches into her Prada bag that covered in stickers and patches of many superheroes. Clover pulls out a med kit and whispers to Madison " I have the kit but don't know how to use it will you help it hurts some but I don't want people to know " she sets the kit down in front of her. Clover then says "magic healing not like Morgan I hope I don't want others to get pain cause of me" Looks up at Madison with a help me please look.

Flash Thompson has posed:
    It's a short trot to the nearest first-aid station and soon enough Coach Thompson comes trotting back with a little, red satchel. By the time he gets back, Clover's borken out the Prada and one of the little secrets contained there-in.

A mildly bemused expression shifts across his features. Lips hooking up a little higher in one corner than the other. "Fair enough." he remarks to no one in particular. He lays the little satchel aside for now. It'll make it back to the station before all is said and done. This saved him a little bit of paper work anyway. If nothing else, he can supervise.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan gives a look over everyone and there is a nod to them, "If it starts hurting worse or feels like anything might have torn or fractured please let us know." she tells the group. She didn't want to make the kids uncomfortable. "I'm going to go make sure folks are eating and not getting into trouble." she muses to them after that.

She looks to the Coach when he returns, "I'll leave you with them if you've got it?" she asks him.

Morgan Finn has posed:
The teen demigod's eyes close blissfully as he drinks deep of the root beer float that Madison so kindly gave him. That's exactly what he needed to take his mind off of accidentally almost ripping poor Clover's arm off. He's going to have to have a talk with Diana about this one.

He moves to stand next to Coach Thompson. "She gonna be okay, Coach?" Morgan asks him. He flashes Clover a concerned look.

Madison Evans has posed:
    "Oh - umm, sure!" Madison says brightly. She sets her pizza down next to them, and smiles at Clover reassuringly. "Find the antibacerial ointment - that usually has a little topical pain killer in it, so it'll stop hurting," she reassures the teen. "Sometimes it's in a little yellow squeezie pack - almost like a ketchup packet!"
    While she has Clover doing that - she gently sets one hand next to the knee, and concentrates on that ability within her that she calls 'The Force.' She's categorically wrong about that - but really, just humor the girl. She takes a deep breath in, letting it out slowly as she concentrates on getting the blood flow to stop, and getting the miniscule blood vessels and skin cells to knit themselves back together... "I got this," she mumbles under her breath. Easy peasy. Right?

Clover Sharp has posed:
Clover digs into the bag and finds two squeezier pack one aloe the other a standard antibacterial ointment. Clover then says "that feels weird" her body is not just human but some more. Clover become light headed as she leans on her shadow some. It holds her up as her dizzy spell passes. Clover says maybe its hurt more then I thought. Shadows move under Clover but fade away as she opens her eyes" that cream must be working I feel much better" Looks back at Madison "it just need a ban aid now , right?"

Flash Thompson has posed:
    It took a moment of effort and restraint for Flash to keep his shoulders from bobbing up and downand grunting to the tune of 'I don't know.'

He was a gym teacher, yes a Gym Teacher but still a Teacher He had to have an answer when someone not even 10 years his junior had a sincere question. "I'm sure she'll be fine. You teens are pretty resilient..." and if not, they can do wonderful things with prosthetics these days. Clover could have a Prada leg to cover with super hero chotchkis.

Moving on, Coach Thompson gave Morgan a pat on the shoulder, "Hey, I've been meaning to talk to you for a minute, minde stepping aside with me and having a word?" he wondered as he swung his attention from Clover over to Finn.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan's making sure teens get more pizza and then packed up and headed back to classes before any can wander off or try to skip school. Looking at Mark here! The redhead gives a smile to a few of the students that wander by, "Good luck! Everyone is going to do great!" she tells them. She was excited for them.

She was also nervous given some of them were seniors and she was always sad to see them go. Leaving the nest as it were. "Hey Duncan, we can just store the ice cream in the cafeteria and pass it out through out the week for them. Morale boosts are good." she grins at that before she starts clean up.