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Mystery Danger Room Theater
Date of Scene: 10 January 2023
Location: Danger Room
Synopsis: The gang heads down to the Danger Room for some combat training only to discover a grisly scene. Rogue, Emma Frost, Tabitha Smith, and Noriko Ashida catch Jubilee running a program that simulates her tearing them to shreds, but not everything is as it seems...
Cast of Characters: Jubilation Lee, Emma Frost, Tabitha Smith, Noriko Ashida, Rogue

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    The Danger Room operates on a pretty strict schedule. It's early evening and time for active X-Men and trainees to report for Group Timing & Exercises. This is official business, so this won't be a mere simulation of a Victorian tea room for the Finer Things Club. Typical for these exercises, the doors slide open to reveal elaborate environments meant to mimic actual mission locations in order to provide a realistic experience. Tonight, though, that's not what happens.

    The Danger Room opens up, ready to accept the X-Men for their scheduled exercise, revealing... the Xavier's Mansion Recreation Room. It's the same wooden walls and ornate furniture. The same pool table. The same TV. It's a perfect recreation, right down to that one loose bit of hardwood floor. Except...

    Bodies. Blood. Everywhere. There has been a massacre. Tabitha Smith is slumped forward over the pool table, bleeding from her neck, eyes closed, body still. Rogue lies motionless under one of the widescreen televisions that has been ruined by a southern butt sized break in its picture. A surge of dark blood has already poured from her neck and dried into her clothing. Emma Frost's body, identified only by the elaborate outfit covering it, dangles lifelessly from the upper freezer in the snack area. The door has been slammed shut. There are other mutant students and teachers scattered around, of course, but... there's the worst one. Noriko Ashida, the blue-haired speedster, has been torn apart and left in the center of the main carpet, as though it was all done to send a message.

    When the door opens, Jubilation Lee turns around to face those coming in, her mouth hanging open, fangs out, eyebrows hiked up in surprise.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would just slowly enter in before glancing over at Jubilee. Then over at the bodies. And the blood over on the ground. And then go to cock her eye over at Jubilee, taking in the rather macabre scenario over..
    Then she immediately goes to hold out her hand in front of her, "Ms. Lee, I'm sure that there's quite a reasonable explanation for this. So I'm going to err on the side of being understanding in the matter rather than pulling it from your head. However, should you not be so forthcoming, I am more than happy to. So please, do feel free to explain." Her expression not quite acidic but definitely not sympathetic.
    The purse in her lips indicative of 'make it good'. HEr eyes reviewing over the massacre of mutants (virtual it was).

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Training time. Team sessions when they come up, Tabitha tries to not miss them but sometimes things happen. Chores, actual missions, time in the medbay because Tabby tends to go full tilt with her powers and walls can get in the way.

All uniformed up, climate controlled simulations mean she can bust out that two piecce black and yellow biker style jacket and leggings. Pads on the chest, shsoulders, arms, back and knees while shiny black faux leather covers most of her except her midriff.

Yellow boots carry her through the open door and into what is clearly a blood bath. Literarry as she looks around and sees the sudden gore filled display.

The reaction upon seeing herself dead, her friends dead.

She vomits.

Then slips on simulated blood, and fans arms to steady herself.

"Crap, crap, crap!" she yells and manages to at least not fall.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko knows of Jubilation's Danger Room jaunts, though whether she thinks Jubes is killing horses or just practicing vampire powers is left up to her imagination at this point.

Noriko also knows that Jubes told her never to come and play in the Danger Room alone or at all?  Which one was it?

Noriko also knows that if Jubes isn't in the Danger Room she couldn't possibly know Nori is screwing around in there right?  Right?!  Well today is the day to test that out, but first she has to-

The speedster stares at the carnage, not even really taking in the detail in that first sliver of a moment.  Then her eyes drop to the blue hair splattered with red in the center of the Danger Room.  "Oh shit."  Did she do something to piss Jubes off and just can't remember?  Gah, this morning feels like ages ago, she thinks rapidly, still in position to spring /back/ the way she came if needs be.  Her mouth hangs open though, lips parted slightly.  Then she finally realizes (thanks to Tabby's flailing balance recovery) other people are in front of her as if she had stared /through/ the group.


Rogue has posed:
Rogue is at the back of the group coming in the danger room open doors. She's wearing her green and gold bodysuit, but instead of a bomber jacket, she has a light weight leather trench coat with folded back lapels around her neck and chest. Her hands are inside the pockets of the long coat, and when the sight of the carnage within is revealed, Rogue pauses and just takes it all in with a slow sweeping motion of her head around the simulated rec room.

Finally though, like the others, Rogue rests her green eyed gaze upon Jubilee...

"Did I even put up a fight?" She asks her friend. "If not, then ... god, are you still mad at me for losin' your ALF lunchbox like 4 years ago?"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    The sound of the door is surprising, the faces even more. There she is, standing in the center of the blood bath, the only one alive. Uh, sort of. Jubilation's look of shock turns to a glare. No effort is made to hide her fangs from Emma Frost. "What's that supposed to mean?" Jubilee fires back. The moment is brief -- here comes Tabby! Jubilee spins to avoid colliding with Tabby, managing to keep her own balance despite the chaos. "Tabby, hey, I..." Jubes tries in vain. Sometimes a girl just has to puke it out.

    "What... " is Jubilee's response to Rogue. "No!" She didn't put up a fight. Pause. "...I mean, yes!" She did!

    "I mean I don't know!" Jubilee cries out. Her head is on a swivel. Rogue, Tabby, Emma. Jubilation takes a step back, not allowing any of them to leave her view. "...Look, I know...I know what you're thinking..." Her eyes narrow in Emma's direction. "Especially /you/... " Jubilation holds up both of her hands to show her empty palms. Her blood-covered palms. "...But I didn't do this."

    Her gaze eventually falls to Noriko. The one with all her limbs. "Nori... I-I didn't do this. You..."

    "You guys gotta believe me!"

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would just look over at Jubilee then and cross her arms over her chest, "Well then, Ms. Lee, I'll admit that often up front the obvious is rather plain. So.. Tabitha.." Then seeing that Tabitha was busy emptying her stomach, she would sigh, "Never mind. Just get some water." Emma would look over at Jubilee calmly.
    "Ms. Lee, before I go into your brain I'll review the security records of the program. I'll give you that much of a chance." She would then glance over at Jubilee's hands.
    "But in the face of things the obvious does seem rather much what occured." Emma's normal inclination is to simply barge over into the girl's mind and take it out.. But she's trying here. Trying very much. "And I must say you have a rather -interesting- taste in lunchboxes as well, Ms. Lee." ALF, really?

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The recovery against inadvertant falling in blood and puke is less than graceful, especially as she has to avoid bumping against Jubilee. Stevie Hunter would probably complain she taught Tabitha better. She did, and Tabby is actually a decent dancer. Not Kitty level but she can roll those hips.

She's just somewhat startled and maybe trying to not be grossed out.

To do that she kind of stares ar the simulation of herself bent over the pool table and the confused Vapire girl.

"Uhh, okay. Now, I think maybe I kinda get it. Urges, feels really, really good? But you know letting them out can hurt people if not careful." she states.

Sounds familiar. "So like if anyone asks, Jubes is running a defense sim, against another vampire home invasion like last year before we got us a Duchess." she states and smiles weekly. "We could run the sim in instant replay mode? Cause not gonna lie. I feel kinda punked I didn't seem to put up a fight. Unnless I got stealthed first. And the sim doesn't realise I'm a telepath."

She's allowed to have some ego.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Those with the ability to would know Noriko's heart is thumping out a drumroll with no end.  She knows why Jubes comes down here but, "I thought...it was people you didn't know," she says, almost sounding hurt.

Normally Noriko might jump all over someone intruding upon her or Jubilation's mind, but she doesn't even seem to be registering what's about to happen, or maybe she just doesn't care.  It's not clear by Nori's expression, which is still flabbergasted, a little wrinkle in her forehead.

"Replay it." Nori says to no one in particular after Tabby reveals there's a replay function.  her voice sounds lower and a little gravely.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    In spite the chaos, Jubilee manages to find time to give Rogue a look. It's a classic 'why did you have to tell her about the ALF lunchbox?' kind of look. A silent exchange that can only be made between two friends who are just that familiar with each other. "I didn't do this, but... /if I did it/.... Jeez, I sound like OJ right now..." Jubilation rolls her eyes at her own foible. ".../If/ I did it... Let me remind you that you lost the Thermos," Jubilee points out, pointing her index finger in Rogue's direction. A drop of blood falls from her nail and onto the floor at her feet.

    "Tabby, you sure you're really a telepath? No one hates you," Jubilee replies, unable to help herself. She glances over at Emma Frost to make sure she heard it. It was a barb clearly intended for the White Queen. "Look, I didn't do this. No one needs you to go get the tapes or whatever they are, right guys?" Jubilee announces with oh-so-much confidence. She looks around. Her confidence disappears with just two words from Noriko. Replay it.

    "Nori..." Jubilee manages. If her heart could beat, it just broke.

Emma Frost has posed:
And Emma Frsot glances over at Jubilee for a moment, "Well, on one hand, there is some evidence that might imply this was someone else. Those studetns you particularly loathe,w ahtever the fat one's name is.. I don't see thier bodies here nor are they torn into small parts. So that gives some minor credence that there's more than here but what it seems directly."
    Emma doesn't pay attention to those sorts of whelps in the school after all. So she's giving Jubilee at least a little credit up front? And isn't moving ot pull things from Jubilee's mind. Yet. At Noriko's words she gives a low nod.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just listens to the others as she starts to wander the rec room with her hands still stuffed in to the pockets of her long coat. She looks over the dead bodies, she looks over the ripped up parts of dead bodies, and finally ends up at the foot of the broken tv where her own body is laying.

She nudges it, with a booted foot.

"Grim." She quietly says.

Her eyes go up, to the left, and she looks back at the others, past her white bangs that are laying straight down the left side of her face. "I don't see any dog parts, and thus, if this were a Jubilee fever dream... I'd expect at least some dead Jeepers around here somewhere. But, if you didn't do this, Jubes, then who the hell did? I mean, you're our ownly Vampire, that I'm aware of..."

She looks back down at her own dead body, then crouches down and removes her hands from her coat to go through her own pockets... of course, her dead self is dressed differently.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"No Jeepers, that's a stroke a luck. If it was Jerome there'd be no bodies." She might be joking but there is a definite sense of anxiety coming from Boom-Boom. It's understandable. Still that donkey is pretty bad ass an ass.

"Then you can yell us who did it. Look whatever the shit happened. This is still the danger room. You ain't technically done shit wrong. I come here to boom the crap outta everything on my own. That's part a what this set up is for. Playback is like just here to helps all of us help you deal with what caused this." she reassures. <<Really am a Telepath. Didn't ask for it.>> she adds. It just also happens to be a coincidence or a conspiracy, maybe, that she only ever seems to also be around other telepaths. Are they in on it.

Sadly, no. Tabby brain wiring messed up cause of the Shadow King.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Jubes words are like a flurry of sounds blurring around her without meaning, as if someone needs to rearrange them for her to make sense.  If she had half a brain or half a heart left, maybe she'd point out that Jubes isn't telling them who /did/ do it.  Luckily Rogue exists, and all the others, to do the interrogations she cannot.

"There's blood on your hands," literally.  Nori says it like a simple observation, not an accusation or a piece of evidence.  She hasn't moved from her spot in the doorway.  She does not look inclined to hemoplaning.  "Why?"  She keeps her words simple.  They have to slide out between the barrage of horrific terror rampaging through her brain like a squall.

Finally, well for Nori finally, but it doesn't seem like she even gives Jubes a chance to answer since she just starts to futz around, trying to find the replay feature.  Last time Nori screwed around with this system she ended up a mega tree in a mega bird's nest.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue fishes a few things out of her doppleganger's clothing. She stands up then, with a metal click and twist sound following. When she turns around, the Belle has a cigarette between her smoky pink painted lips. She lights it with a silver zippo, then takes a drag before plucking it out from between said lips.

Danger Room cigarettes aren't real, so they don't actually hurt you.

Rogue puffs out a stream of smoke, then starts to wander the room again, letting her eyes roam over the carnage from this different angle.

"Yeah... Jubes, this is pretty damning. I mean, unless this is the trainin' you were lookin' for..." She says, eyeing her friend again. "Coverin' your own ass incase of a total breakdown." She says with a grin chasing her words there, the cigarette getting put back between her lips once more as she wanders... casual pace to her strutting motion, her long coat gently flowing around her ankles as she goes to step over a body here, a leg there....

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Fleeb," Jubilee answers Emma quickly, easily, about the one she hates. "Tracy Fleeb." She lowers her eyes and remembers. "Wendy too." Jubilation's eyes scan the room. A Fleeb among the bodies would be particularly damning. "...And their brother," she adds quietly, naturally,

    "What, so I'm just supposed to know what happened in here?" Jubilee almost shouts. Her back is against the wall on this one. "Why's it even... Why are you so sure a vampire did this?" Jubilation answers Rogue's question with a question. Indignation.

    Jubilation's attention snaps to Tabby. "Yeah! Tabby's right!" Jubes announces. Her expression sours as she hears her own words. Just briefly. "It's the /Danger Room/... So, like, no harm done, right?" She turns to check each of their reactions to that point. It's a distracting thread to pull on because it distracts from the foundation of Jubilation's argument, which happens to be...

    "I didn't do it, Nori!" she insists, shuffling in the speedster's direction, passing by the mayhem and carnage with standard vampire trappings. Noriko gets her full attention here. Rogue's attempt to give her an easy way out, a reasonable motivation, gets ignored. Each step that Jubilation takes, each squish squish squish from the deep red puddles flowing from each body, it's all ignored. "Nori!" Jubilee repeats again. "You gotta believe me! See? Listen to Rogue! I didn't kill her dog!" Pause. "I mean... her dog didn't get killed. By... whoever!" She reaches out with both hands, accidentally flicking a couple drops of blood in the speedster's direction. Probably her own blood. The tiny blobs never reach Noriko.

    The Danger Room holograms abruptly rewind as Noriko starts to yeet commands at the central computer. Reality blips forward and backward in response to each of the speedster's sloppy keypresses. The blob of blood flung from Jubilee's fingers arcs forward and backward, inching closer and closer, further and further, back and forth, dangling in mid-air as the constructs rewind and fast forward. Rogue's smoke plume retracts back into her cigarette and then rubber-bands back out. Eventually it pauses right there in front of her face.

    Tabitha's puke remains, unfortunately, where it is.

    "Fine. Let's see it then. Since none of you believe me," Jubes finally declares stubbornly. She sounds mad but she looks... worried.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would glance over at Jubilee. "Ms. Lee, while I can't particularly blame you if you do need something to work out some of your.. Stress upon.. Doing so upon others at the Institute is not particularly healthy emotionally or mentally. So I'm going to hope that if this was, in fact, not you that we're not going to have -separate- things to look into for how you're handling some of your stressors." She goes to watch over at the way the settings go over for Noriko. Things are quickly evaluated. She would have presumed that if the girl was going to truly indulge herself in some stress relief that those.. WHatevers.. Would be here.
    Their lack of presence does make something interesting. As well as the bodies most prominently displayed being the ones of themselves. She would muse over <<Rogue, Tabitha, please do confirm with me that Ms. Lee wasn't part of this little exercise we were joining? And whom was the one that set it up for the schedule?>> She's reviewing things. TElepathic message sent to the other two..
    Then Emma goes over to one of the separate consoles, seeing whom would have been the one to arrange it (if anyone). The fact the bodies were displayed so blatantly of them just as they arrived did, in fact, stand out at least a little bit.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"If there's like something in the mansion or at least down here with us now that we just let loose. We kinda need to know. If you weren't driving the Jubilee expression when you did this, that's okay too. Not like there isn't precedens and stuff for that. When Jean wears red tights. I mean yeah, hot but that's scary." Tabby points out as an example.

"Case in point again. Rogue's letting traces of Gambit out!" she says with a nod at the trenchcoat wearing Belle lighting up. "As weed smoker, you know even I gotta admit tobacco is just nasty girl." she states and makes as much of an eww face as she did after just emptying her stomach. There's probably just as bad a breath on the blonde as the green clad powerhouse.

Emma gets a nod while Nori is rewinding the simulation. Flitting bespectacled eyes over at where her body is left at the pool table. At least they captured her best side.

<<Ain't our usual sessions for whomever is free, sometimes stuff upstairs causes conflicts. Feeding the kids more important that throwing bombs>> she answers telepathically. <<We're still not at start time for that so this is pure Jubes time.>> she answers. "So like, snagging free Dee Arr time when it ain't schedules ain't uncommon. I do it all the time to let loose. You beat me in here a few times. Then I gotta ugh, hit the weight rooms to burn off the energy. It's like being blue... Anyway. Figured you were like tearing up racists, assholes and other things need tearing up. I do Sentinels. Yes, phobia I know. But wow, what sparked a sim of us I dunno? I wanna bet you're being messed with." she states and nods, hands on hips.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko is too busy trying to press the buttons without alt+F4ing or something.  She doesn't really know electronics or software, but she's good at experimentation, and her clunky metal fingers figure it out eventually.  "I didn't say I didn't believe you, but you're not offering anything else!  Not even a story about how you found this," she huffs out in less than 3 seconds, more huffed because she's having to slow herself down than speed herself up.  Her heartbeat is no longer a rhythmic roll, but a steady stream when Jubes arrives right next to her.

Then Noriko finds the /back/ back button, which puts them at the beginning of the session recording.  "Aren't you curious who did this?"  Noriko sounds almost desperate and there's a slight hint of anger edging her inquiry, butting up against Jubes' stubbornness.  "Who just ripped your friends to shreds?!"  But of course she doesn't say 'me' or 'your fiance.'  Instead she swallows a lump in her throat and jams the play button.  "Is this system hooked up to a network?" It's at this moment that there is a rapid CLICKING noise.  Those who look fast enough will see Nori's gauntlets vibrating against the console, but they retract with a little woosh, but they are still little tremor blurs that she holds tight to her stomach to try and quell.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue reaches the corner of the pool table and casts her coat flap back away from her hip. She then sits down upon it, with her right leg up now on the table's edge, her left extended down to the hardwood floor covered in a bath of blood. She just listens to everyone, doing her best dramatic Bruce Willis 'squinty eyed' facial expression. Everyone jibber jabbers, but Rogue just looks around, slowly, smooth as butter put in the microwave for 10 whole seconds...

"Jubilee isn't on the X-Men roster, she doesn't come to the assigned team training sessions. This one was ordered by Jean, she was supposed t'be here, but had t'head inta the city for a bit..."

The cigarette is moved again after the smoke is pulled back inside it. She repeats the process of drawing from it, and puffing it back out.

More Bruce Willis squinty eyed staring around the room, and Rogue stands up again. She walks around the table and chairs beside the pool area. She squats down then, her coat pooling around her on the floor.

"Son of a bitch..." The Belle says in a breathy voice as she stands up then, brandishing a broken ukulele that had been resting beside one of the dead's bashed-in heads.

"Look at what we have here." She says, turning it around. "Looks a lot like one'a yours, Mis Lee." She lets the dramatics build after that. She shares a look at the instrument, then back over at the others.

"Cept this one has five strings... Pretty sure yours only have four. Am I right? Think hard now, Lee, or you and your Good Time Pals might be goin' away for a long time..."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "I found it same as you!" Jubilee fires back at Noriko. The emotion has swung in the other direction. Anger. The point about why she's not more curious about this seems to stop Jubilee in her tracks. She lowers her eyes for a moment, thinking about that perhaps, and perks up. "Of course I wanna know, but, like, I've seen how this goes! Couple of juice boxes get left out on the counter and everyone in town suddenly owns a torch and a pitchfork," Jubilation replies. She folds her arms across her chest and turns to walk away from Noriko, avoiding any physical contact with her. Not now, not yet.

    Jubilation shrugs her shoulder and shifts her weight over one hip as Rogue continues her investigation. The point Rogue might be making about the ukulele doesn't seem to stir anything in Jubes. "Yeah, Rogue," she answers with a touch of sarcasm. "Ukulele's aren't supposed to have six. You're thinking guitars." She totally missed the point being made here... Odd.

    Jubilee's eyes follow Emma's path through the room but she doesn't say anything else. Instead, the vampire finds a spot near the door, all by her lonesome, to watch the show...

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost goes to read for a moment. A pause over then as she would go, "Ms. Lee.. I know that you're not necessarily the brightest, but if anyone here were to be empty between the ears, I'd presume that it would be Robert or Quire. And you're definitely not that dull." She would muse over while then going on.
    "I do sort of wonder, however.. IF I were to brush back your hair, might I find a shem?" She would pronounce the letter over in accurate Hebrew.
    "There's an old story about the Golem of Prague. Made as a guardian of one of the synagogues there. Depending on what version you read, it may have gone mad, gone on a rampage.." Cue Jubilee stopping to get in one snark over at her, hopefully, and cue for one of the others to stop her..

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would send a telepathic alert to the others <<I'm not picking up anything from her psionically. EIther she's somehow come into totally immense psychic power and can block me completely, or there's no form of consciousness in there whatsoever.>>

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "I don't know what that is, Emma Frost, but you keep your hands offa me," Jubilee warns, brows hiked and head tilted forward. She's serious.

    The Danger Room's playback scrubs to the beginning of it all. The Recreation Room is as pristine as ever. Students milling about, enjoying snacks, playing video games. It's pretty typical. Notably, Emma Frost is holding court in front of a small group of students near the fridge, apparently settling a dispute about who gets the last of the root beer. Rogue is standing in front of the television shaking her butt at a group of boys who might've just discovered something they like more than video games. Noriko Ashida is there, right in the center of the room, looking like she's had better nights. Her hair is tussled, her shirt has a hole near the bottom. Her parachute shorts might actually be a garbage bag. Tabby, strangely, is just... present. She's not doing anything of note, as though she might be a late addition to the festivities.

    The door opens and Playback Jubilation walks in /especially/ vampire-y. Her hips swing seductively, legs extend luxuriously.

    The real Jubilee steps out of the playback's path.

    The playback continues. Playback Jubilee slips right past Playback Noriko like she isn't there... and then it begins. One by one, holographic students and teachers get viciously murdered. There's no doubt about who did it. It was Jubilee. And she loved doing it. Each of the deaths was brutal... But what happened to Noriko was horrific. The door opens and the playback shows Jubilee turn around in surprise, presumably now looking at the X-Men that just walked in.

    Playback ends.

    Jubilee folds her arms across her chest from her spot near the door. "This is bullshit. I'm being /set/ /up/... I gotta find Kitty," Jubes declares. The local computer expert will be able to explain this. She turns to leave...

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The blonde looks at the broken instrument, Tabby's lips widen into a grin "Four stings? You play bass?" she has no idea about how the instruments work.

There's a frown and as Jubilee head for the door, Tabby steps in the way. It's suddenly very warm around her.

"Look, yeah. My money is on like you're not driving? I'm still disappointed though. Think we could put up a way better fight. " she states.

She's trained a lot and is pretty sure a vampire, even a duchess couldn't stand a chance. "Surprise and shock is one thing but like, wow and one thing. Someone doesn't think much of what we can do." she states and lets a bunch of plasma bombs start forming from that heat and being orbiting the door out of the danger room.

This lets her step up and get up in the Vampiress' grill. "So we gotta see what set you off. Mind control, innate bloodlust. You ain't done shit wrong and I could probably do to watch more of that shaking. Rogue too, but we gotta make sure what happens in herte don't happen out there!" she states and throwsn athumb back over her shoulder. "So you don't get stuck in this position again but with actual mess. You wanna shred someone you know in a sim, fine. I'm cool with it. At least get the damn combat diff to match." Tabitha Smith, is not that kind of easy.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Nori wanted to see someone else, wanted to see some kind of glitch in the playback that evidenced tampering, but either she is too shellshocked to see such things or she never does.  Either way, her experience is the ladder.  Jubilation, her beloved, the one she is to marry and spend the rest of her life with...did-wants to-Noriko can't even finish the thought.  Fractured images of viscera and terror flash before her mind like corrupted signals, electrical signals shorting out and jumping between her neural pathways to roads less traveled.  Tangled signals fire up old sectors and memories as if her entire mind is on fire; thoughts of her father, thoughts of danger, fear.

A primal fear suddenly haunts the girl's gaze.  Her frame tightens and the sound of squeaky metal rings as her fists tighten reflexively.  Small trickles of electricity begin to arc out of her arms to be pulled violently back in as if they are diving under her skin, weaving their way up her arm.  She stands stock still, trapped in an aimless stare at the pile of holo-her.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is taking a puff on that cigarette again, since it didn't rewind with everything else because she's USING it!, but she plucks it from her lips again. "Six strings is what ukulele's have?" She asks in confusion. "Huh..."

And then the sim is tracking back to the point where Sim Rogue is still alive and, putting on a show for a bunch of students?

Real Rogue narrows her eyes again like Bruce Willis at this. "Girl... at least get their lunch money." The friggin teacher says, jokingly of course.

When she sees the murders unfold, she has to just sit down on the pool table's corner again, and watch. "Uh, Jubilee... this isn't lookin good for ya on a plethora of levels..." She tells her now fleeing friend.

"I believe in ya though! I don't think you'd get this mad over a lunchbox years later!"

The cig is put back between her lips once more, and Rogue reaches for her phone out of her pocket. She talks no around the cig. "I'mm gonna text Jean, see if we can get outta the scheduled session, cause this is weird. People shouldn't be able t'program stuff like this... or we'll end up with way worse shit goin' on in this place..."

Tappity tap tap tap, her thumbs work on her phone's screen to shoot off a message to Mean Jean Like You Never Seen....

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    As Tabby steps forward to block Jubilation from leaving the Danger Room, she doesn't move at all. Not even a centimeter. It's not until the plasma starts up that the vampire reacts at all. Her mouth curls upwards, razor sharp fangs proudly on display. They still have traces of blood caked in where the fang meets the gums. No fear of Tabitha Smith, none whatsoever, but... those orbs are fire adjacent and vampires, well, we all know how they feel about fire. "Put those away. I'm finding Ki---"

    Something happened. One of them moved, maybe, but... For just a moment, Jubilee and Tabby make contact.

    And Jubilee glitches.

    At first, she derezzes into a low resolution shape made of appropriately colored pixels, but then... she just disappears like a Danger Room construct that got too close to the threshold. She's gone.



    "Hey, you guys using this still?" A cheery voice can be heard. Jubilation Lee stands just outside the danger room in a pair of sweatpants and a tanktop, Jansport bag loosely held over one shoulder.

    "...Jeez, you guys really go all out for these training thingies.." she says, staring past Tabby facing off against nothing. Jubilee finds her spot next to Noriko and looks down at whatever she's looking at. "...Weird, that one looks like you!" she announces before giving the speedster a tug. "C'mon, Nori. Danger Room is ... well, dangerous."