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The Hellfire Club is the happening place on a Tuesday
Date of Scene: 03 May 2023
Location: The Public House - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: A delayed meeting by Amazonians brings them into the cross-fire of a meeting of mutants. And did the Black King just ask Wonder Woman out to dinner?
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw, Gabby Kinney, Diana Prince, Cassie Sandsmark

Emma Frost has posed:
The public area of the Hellfire Club. Not somewhere that Emma normally prefers to go.. But in any case, Emma's had to go to share some information with. And someone otherwise that she's ambivalent over. Emma has a purse slung over her shoulder, and she's called ahead to ask Shaw.. To meet with her and thats he has something to giv ehim.
    Something that's actualy curious enough to have hopefully had a positive response on the end of things.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
A message from Emma usually is taken with a certain degree of seriousness by Sebastian Shaw. He does not exactly come at her beck and call, but he retains a certain element of loyalty to his former colleague, and so he replies tht he will come as soon as he can. Which is roughly fifteen minutes, which is old told not bad when you are the one summoning a king.

While it has been mere weeks since shaving them off, Sebastian has already regrown most of his trademark muttonchops, and is wearing one of his typical Victorian era jackets, this one in purple. He makes his way into the room from a side, nearly hidden doorway, and then starts to make his way over in Emma's direction.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Everyone needed backup now and then, and Emma was no exception to that rule. It was happenstance that Gabby was visiting at the time so she fell into that role easily. Besides that she hadn't been to the club since her 18th birthday when she was treated to a most excellent dinner at the steakhouse.

With some quickly borrowed bits of attire to disguise herself (not that she really NEEDED it, but the club did have a dresscode) she follows along just a step or two behind Emma to the right like a proper bodyguard.

A black pencil skirt, combat boots, and a tanktop with buckles make her look properly Gothy. The black lipstick helps, too, and she's even put on some 'fashion glasses' because why not.

Diana Prince has posed:
Sometimes invitations are given to attend social gatherings in places one might normally not be found at. Not that this place has a bad reputation, but it does have 'a' reputation.

Diana had come here to speak with a former colleague from Europe who was in New York on business related to his art foundation. She knew of this place, though didn't know a lot. Since the invite had come to her while she was at the Embassy, she'd caught her sister along the way and asked her to tag along.

Thus, here and now, the two 'Wonder Women' are stepping in to the Hellfire Club's Public area. Diana is dressed all in blac, with her hair tied up in a bun on the crown of her head. Wearing a black leather jacket, zipped up to mid chest level, black slacks and two inch heeled black shoes, the Princess of Themyscira stands just over 6 feet in height. She trails her eyes over the people within the room, and leans over to her sister to quietly speak to her. "Seems nice." She actually says, though says it in a low whisper, showing a faint smirk to the other woman before she starts to move deeper within.

The tall Amazonian Princess makes for the bar, her phone held in her left hand down at her side.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Everyone gets a sidekick!

Whatever business Diana has, Cassie has decided to tag along. If this is out of genuine concern for Hellfire Club shadiness is unclear. The danger profile isn't precisely high, by their usual 'Gods & monsters of Myth' standards, so she might just be using it as an excuse to convert a 'mission' into a fun ladies night. Not that most of their nights aren't ladies nights...

Since they're heading out into trendy territory, she demonstrates her ability to dress in something better than in her usual athleticwear. Not intending to outshine Diana's own ensemble, her own is also somewhat muted or more street-chic. It's an interesting look, with slim-fit jeans, chonky boots, and a light cornflower blue blouse - worn with a brown leather sort of corset-vest.

The last one automatically qualifies as formal dress at the HFC, right?

"I came to a party here a while back... was that for Mardis Gras maybe? It wasn't up here, but. Kind of a crazy place." A grin spreads across her face. "I think if Hippolyta saw some of it, it'd be the last straw for declaring war on Man's World." Another glance around. "This is kind of mild by comparison, though."

Emma Frost has posed:
It's good to have backup at the club. Particularly when said backup is as.. Intimidating as the smaller Ms. Kinney is is quite useful. The contrast makes for a quite pleasant dichotomy. Emma goes to smile over at Gabby as the two would enter.

"Sebastian, thank you for seeing me on somewhat short notice. I'm not sure as to how closely you're.. Tracking things over in the Savage Land?" Alien parasites infecting dinosaurs, ancient unknown supercomputers..

Then she goes to glance over and blink at the sight of the Amazons. It takes her a moment to actually confirm that it is them; the idea of Diana in casual wear hasn't quite ever struck her. Turning her attention back to Shaw. "And I'm sure you know what the Brood are capable of."

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
The Black King does not need backup. At least, he does not think he does. So Sebastian is alone as he approaches Emma and Gabby, offering a polite nod to each of them. "Passingly," he replies, with a bit of a distracted tone in his voice. Because how could one (man or woman) not be distracted when in the presence of Wonder Woman? His gaze lingers on the Amazons as they enter, reducing his responds to Emma to be suitably vacant of much focus. "I am sure someone is attending to it properly," he says, not taking his eyes from the progress that Diana and Cassie are making into the public area.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
The last time Gabby was here was different. She hadn't developed her secondary mutations at that point, which allowed her the enhanced senses her relatives had always had. It was still at times a bit overwhelming being in large crowds like this. Under the smell of perfume, and cologne, and alcohol and people was food though. Delicious, delicious bar food that was thoroughly distracting as a waiter scoots by with a tray of french fries that smelled WONDERFUL and oily and ...

The conversation that Emma brings up instantly snaps her back to attention. While she knew of the Savage Land and many of the things Emma spoke of, she had been 'out of the loop' more than she'd like to all things considered. Her work aimed her in a different direction these days.

Speaking of direction her gaze sweeps over toward the Amazons as well. Hard to mistake them for anyone other than who they were in her eyes, and she findds herself grinning broadly in spite of herself.

Ah, but she was here to play the role of assistant/bodyguard/etc.

"Would you like a drink, Ms. Frost? Or some... french fries?" She's trying to be the good here but man that smelled good.

Diana Prince has posed:
"I refuse to celebrate that outside of New Orleans." Diana quietly replies back to Cassie with a sideways cast grin. "You should have seen the time back in the eighties..." She trails off when her phone beeps with a message.

Sidling up to the bar, Diana places her free hand upon it's edge as her other hand activates her device. She takes a second to read it before she looks up then to Cassie. "Pierre is running late. He said to have a few drinks and he'd meet us as soon as possible..." She trails off then, and flashes Cassie a grin. "He's bringing a friend. Someone your age, no less." She adds that with a mischievous smile for her young protege.

The talk of the Brood from a nearby source draws Diana's attention, she looks toward Emma then, her hoop earrings gently swaying at the sides of her head. "I see a familiar face." She states, raising her free hand up to offer a wave to Emma, along with a soft smile upon her deep crimson hued lips. Sebastian, and Gabrielle are faces she doesn't recognize though.

When the Bartender speaks up to Di and Cass, the Princess looks back to him. "Oh. I'll have a rum and coke?" She asks in her naturally sultry toned voice, getting a nod from the tender who then regards Cassie with the same question of drink.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"My -mom- might have enjoyed it. I wasn't even close to born yet!" Not that Diana isn't well aware. But it wouldn't be a conversation between them without back-and-forth reminders that Diana is ancient and Cassie is a relative baby. "That's not a bad idea though. Next year maybe? Give your mom somewhere new to declare war on."

While the _senior_ Amazon fiddles with her phone, Cassie bellies up to the bar and tries to wave down the tender, although there's likely no surprise in the fact that while she fails to get his attention right away, Diana succeeds. SHE'S USED TO THIS, really. "Sure, make it two."

This is before rounding back to the topic of their would-be contact. "Oh, he's bringing a friend, is he? Di, you realize, I... am literally surrounded by people my age at school, right? I'm not the one who needs a leg-up here." Their dating woes is another popular topic for lighthearted bickering.

When Diana spots someone more familiar, she glances over in their direction. "Mm. Yeah, couple of them. Sir Humphrey Oswalt Choppington, Earl of Mutton over there is the guy who runs the place. Saw him around at the party."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would smile, "Princess, a pleasure!" She doesn't say anything particularly snarky - not a 'what's brought you here'. That would be rude over in front of the host, after all that had set aside his time over to come and meet her. " AH.. Thank you Gabrielle, that will be fine. Please, get some of your own. Put it on my tab and order whatever you would like. And feel free to get some to take home with you as well." She would smile. "And I do hope that your.. Discussion.. If it's happened went as smootha s could be hoped for."

Turning her attention back over to Diana and a smile at what bits of that conversation she had picked up with. The files are given over to Shaw ithout further commentary or interruption. Let the man have his fun.

And thanks to her vague, distracted reply over to Gabby she's now going to have a bunch of battered duck fries, isn't she?

Looking over at Cassie with amusement. to Emma, it does look like Diana is trying to set the girl up..

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Not one to pass up a Golden opportunity, Sebastian uses the casual greeting offered towards Diana and Cassie by his former colleague as a bridge into a formal introduction for himself, drifting along with Emma (and Gabby in tow, perhaps) towards Diana and Cassie. He waits for a natural pause in the conversation to incline his head to each of the Amazonians in turn before speaking. "Welcome to the Hellfire Club," he extends to them. "I am Sebastian Shaw, and happy to host two individuals of such fine standing and reputation as yourselves." Again, a slight bow of his head. He catches the bartender's eye and give the subtlest of nods. "Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to make your visit here at all more enjoyable."

The files provided by Emma are secreted away. They will be reviewed later. Maybe by Tessa. She is the mind for these things.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney clasps her hands behind her back as she stands stoically--Did she just bounce on the balls of her feet? A bright grin emerges at Emma's response, which just earns a quick single nod in response. "Thank you!" No sooner is it said than she's already taken a step aside to catch a passing waitstaff to pass off a quick order to. Sure she COULD have gone up to the bar, but there was that whole matter of staying within close proximity and all that jazz. By the time Shaw is giving a proper introduction she's stepped back resuming her prior place.

The taller Amazons are given a rather warm smile in greeting from the dark haired girl. No snootiness here even if she was being more serious than she usually tended to be. "A pleasure. I'm Gabrielle Kinney. I love the work that you've done with the Spaceport."

Oh, right. "A pleasure to meet you as well, officially, Mr. Shaw." Manners. He is the host.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana's mischievous grin yet remains through Cassie's response to her. "I have heard rumors of such things... but this person, is one you might remember. Jacque Dunic?" She asks, hoping the name rings a bell for Cassie's ears, a bell like that one in that small town where she and Diana practiced Cassie's Aegis training, and where Cassie may have met a young man in the military during said training!

But then the others are approaching, and the Princess lets her smile fade from her ruby red lips. She regards Emma, Sebastian and Gabrielle with a warm expression all the same though. Her hand is offered to each of them, and she speaks to Sebastian first. "I thank you for your hospitality, Mister Shaw." She says with a cheery disposition clear upon her Themysciran accented English. Her eyes are quickly cast about before they fall upon him again. "My first time here, but I like what I see so far." She notes, skips a beat, then adds. "I like your lovely jacket too." She says of Shaw's purple coat!

To Gabby, Diana offers a hand and an expression of pleasure. "You are familiar with the Starport? I am glad.. It has been... quite a project. One sadly stricken with no small amount of drama as well. But we are striving forward, and I believe it is finally calming down... at least a little. Hopefully a lot..." She finishes those words a slight smirk then. "I like your hair." She adds to Gabby too.

Finally, Diana regards Emma and nods two small times to her. "You have been helping in the Antarctic affairs. I thank you for that, Miss Frost. You and the rest of your team... the help is essential, to be sure."

The bartender sets down both drinks for Diana, and Cassie, which causes Di to look between the others. "Everyone having a drink? I heard your order, Miss Gabrielle. It sounded extensive, and delicious." She states with a little grin and a small laugh.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Oh." One, two, three... "Yeah, uh, I remember him." Cassie's delayed, and then slightly clipped response here, followed by a sip from a soon-delivered drink, may indicate that Diana has hit closer to the mark than her student would give her credit for!

Sip, sip.

The fact that some other people come over provides a nice distraction from such discussions. Perhaps most surprisingly, Cassie behaves herself! There's no further snarkery to be heard as Shaw joins them. A small miracle.

Admittedly, its easier because she doesn't really say a whole lot back at first, letting Diana do the introductions. She's every bit as famous for her charisma and negotiating skills, so there's no reason for the sidekick to butt in here!

Though one might perhaps note the briefest of looks when the purple frock coat gets such a ringing endorsement. It's not even directed at Shaw. It's directed at Diana. REALLY DI?

Fortunately, ther talk of the Starport is something a little more unifying, as topics go. "By drama, she means that it basically gets attacked by one race of alien conquerors or another every other week. Shi'ar, Dark Elves, you name it. Who'd have thought space would be just as full of colonialist dipshits as our rock?" Wait, was that a little less polite chit-chat? SIP.

"Oh, have you been in Antarctica too?" she then wonders, looking from the others toward Emma. "Like we didn't have enough alien menaces already. We're gonna need all the help we can get down there." The considerable Amazon forces, she no doubt means.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would nod over at Diana, "And unfortunately it will likely be the site of a good bit more ruckus." She meant of the Starport. Which kept all the chaos and aliens at least mostly in one central location, which in Emma's mind helped prevent a great deal of collateral damage. Emma bows her head. "I'm sorry again for the sacrifice of your sisters. They gave their lives so that we all could live." Her tone is quiet over and somber.

Quickly changing the subject. "Yes, the situation in Antarctica is.. Going to get far, far worse before it gets better." Q Quick glance at the folder given to Shaw and then back to Diana. A low chuckle given over at the itneractions between the Princess and the Pint-Size. "Something to drink would be lovely. I'll cover the price of things.." A smirk going oer her face at the rest of Cassie's analysis.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Dipping his head towards Gabby as well, in turn now, Sebastian offers her a smile. "Ah, a pleasure, Miss Kinney. Any friend of Ms. Frost's..." He allows his voice to trail off for a moment, as if lost in a thought, and turns his attention back towards Diana.

His smile broadens, which for those familiar with Sebastian is saying something, as Diana compliments him on his jacket. "Thank you," he says, with a certain warmth unaccustomed to leaving his lips. "It is something of a tradition here, as we are a somewhat traditional club, and there are many who find it odd." Sebastian shrugs slightly. "I, myself, rather enjoy it. I have slightly different tastes than most, I most confess." As the drinks arrived and were distributed swiftly by the bartender, he refuses any effort to actually add them to a tab. And a brandy for Sebastian, despite no order actually being placed. It's good to be the King.

He looks over at Emma as she speaks of the troubles, and nods slightly, his face also looking troubled. Empathy, compassion. The things that are usually on Sebastian's face. Although he does shake his head a bit at Emma's offer. "Please, you are all guests of the Hellfire Club this evening. I am happy to cover all of your refreshments."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Oh of course! I've always been curious about space, so a Starport is a great thing. I mean, attacks aside," Gabby has to admit with a nod of agreement toward the pair. Even if Cassie's remarks were a bit more on the crass side it doesn't seem to bother her at all. They were of similar age, no doubt this was usually how she spoke, too.

As the handshake with Diana ends her expression clouds over a bit. It was Emma's own remark that reminded her of the loss that had come with such events. "I'm sorry for the loss of your sisters, too. I know what it's like to lose sisters." Her head rolls away to glance down the bar at just about the time that some servers start to come out with the order she had placed. It's a welcome distraction for her at the moment. "Ah, yes! You're welcome to try some if you'd like," she offers while she steps over to take the drinks from the tray to pause and sniff at each a single time. Then a wine flute is offered to Emma with the explanation of, "Peach Bellini." Champagne and peach, she figured it was up Emma's alley. Her own was a larger drink, and she tips her head to it with a broadening grin. "And I'm having Ernest Hemingway's Death in the Afternoon." ... Champagne and absinthe. She might regret this.

As for the food? Two plates. One of 'standard' fries, delightfully crisp with some varied dipping sauces gathered in neat little dishes in the middle of the large plate. And another with poutine. Fries coated in delectable beef gravy with melty curds of soft cheese.

Diana Prince has posed:
Between both Emma and Gabrielle speaking on the passing of the ten Amazonian warriors who defended the Starport from the Dark Elven invasion force, Diana offers a slight nod and a faint smile at their kind words. To Gabby relating it to her own losses, the Princess tilts her head quite softly to the right. "I am so sorry to hear that..." She quietly says back before glancing between the two women when the food and drinks arrive for them. "My sisters fought for what they believed in. Their deaths are to be heralded as a moment to be forever remembered, along with their lives, their hearts, and souls. We celebrate their lives now, and fight that much harder to honor their legacies..."

She shows another quick smile before her eyes go back to Shaw, who garners another growing little grin from the Princess. "Fear not... Mister Shaw, for from where I come from, there are many traditions... and outfits, that many would find odd here too." She says back to him, letting her grin grow a little larger before she indulges in a sip of her drink.

Her phone buzzes again though, and with a slight apology she takes a moment to read it. When she looks up again, she regards Cassie. "It seems they are here, but unsure of where we are. Would you wish to retrieve them?" She asks of their intended companions for the evening.

She does eye Gabby's fries though, and with a smile spreading over her lips she glances to Gabby, then to the fries, and plucks one up that is summarily placed between her lips... and thoroughly enjoyed!

"Mmmh. I approve of this." She announces there-after. Her eyes returning to Shaw then. "This is your place?" She inquires. "I am curious to learn more about it, should you ever have the time to tell me of it's history. I know some... but, third hand knowledge gained is often blurry at best."

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Since Sebastian is willing to actually address the topic of the coat (and, shall we say, general aesthetic) in greater detail, Cassie can't quite help herself but poke in. "So what, you're like... cosplayers? Oh no wait, you prefer 'historical re-enactors,' right? I guess that tracks. I think I saw some of you guys down in Greenwood. It was pretty cool." Whether she is actually confused or intentionally making fun is hard to tell, though she's likely referring to real Revolutionary War re-ennactments performed at a large cemetary in Brooklyn, commemorating a famous battle there. "Or maybe at the Stone House? You know I saw them do Sweeney Todd there."

Also, Cassie will definitely help herself to a fancy fry or three!

Which means some of the next bit is actually spoken around one of said fries, slightly muffling her speech. "Yeah, we do some crazy costume parties too. You should see the deer-" The next bit is a bit garbled, and then further interrupted by the arrival of their apparent contacts, who Diana clues her in on. She pauses to swallow, and takes another sip from her drink. "Yeah, I'll go get them!" She's rather enthusiastic, in saying so.

After that, Cassie quickly detaches from the group, veering off to try and find the pair of Frenchmen as they make their own way through the unique club. Who knows. Those HFC types are terribly British, they might be in danger! On the way, she has her phone out, no doubt to try and text them to try and coordinate. Which means she has at least one of their numbers! Regardless, she's soon lost in the crowd, only returning a few minutes later, and then to lead them to a less conspicuous table. Diana gets a text to let her know:

found them :french flag:

take ur time!!! :wineglass::vampire:

Presumably Diana is well-versed in Cassie emoji-speak by now! Regardless, it sounds as if she has things under control with their guests. Yep. No ulterior motives at all there.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would smile, "Gabrielle is a.. Very unique girl that has quite a versatile range of.. Skills and experiences." she goes to keep this phrased as carefully as she can. Gabby's story is her own, after all. And Gabby's being paid for this escort in food. A fully fed assassin is a happy assassin, after all. The comment from Sebastian on 'taste' has Emma consider a 'different strokes for different folks' comment by the quick shifts in her face, but she decides against it. "Thank you, your offer is gladly accepted." Emma's more than happy to cover the expense for this, but if Sebastian's offering to she's more than happy to let him.

Glancing over at the plates. "And Ms. Kinney, you continue to astound me when it comes to your selections. Something that the rest of your relatives that I've met seem to completely lack." Laura would likely be amused at that. Logan.. Probably would be annoyed.

Emma goes to quickly pluck one of the fries and makes a go of eating it, keeping her expression pleasant and looking at the others over it. Cassandra gets a quick wave from Emma at the blonde's quick departure, even as Emma goes to look more relaxed. And then as Diana goes to ask about the history, Emma goes to keep her expression blank.. But, her body language still readable as quite highly amused at seeing which parts get included and which will be edited..

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
The solemn talk of the losses at the Spaceport earns some silence from Sebastian, and a slightly downward turn of his expression. He nods along as they speak of it, but does not offer much additional commentary. It was not his sisters that fell, and he would not cheapen their moment with his own dialogue.

Instead, he waits until the food has arrived, an expression of pride and satisfaction on his face as it is met with approval. He nods again to Diana. "It is, indeed, my place. I own and operate the Hellfire Club, but in a way, I consider myself more a servant to its members, in the sense that it is my responsibility to insure that we are properly hosting everyone." His eyes twinkle for a moment as Diana speaks of the history, and he nods slowly in agreement. "There is actually quite a lot of history within these walls. The Club itself was built over two centuries ago, and much of it, the interior, non-public areas, have remain unchanged in all that time. I suppose in many respects, it is like a step back in time..." He looks at Diana, thinking for a moment. "If you would care to join me some evening here for dinner, Your Highness, I would be most grateful for the opportunity to show you around. Anyone who appreciates history and tradition to a similar extent to how I do is someone I would greatly appreciate sharing the Hellfire Club's story with."

There may not be any history lessons forthcoming at the moment, but far be it for Sebastian Shaw to pass up a chance to shoot his shot.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney lifts her drink not to sip immediately but to inhale the aroma. It was particularily deep, with many levels, which was a bit unexpected for alcohol in her opinion. This wasn't a drink she had ever had but one she'd read about on a list of cocktails on some webpage or another. It was something that had stuck out enough she noted it mentally that she ought to try it one day. "I like to try new things. How else am I going to learn what I do and don't like?" is her best explanation as to how her tastes are so different from her relatives.

While the others indulge in the plates of fancy fries she finally takes a sip of the cocktail. The smile on her face freezes in place, a single deep breath being drawn, and then she exhales slowly. "This is fucking awful," she declares with a laugh as it was her own selection after all. It also doesn't stop her from tiping it back to just chug the rest of the overly alcoholic cocktail as if it were a shot instead of a proper sipping drink.

"Boy that has a kick though."

Diana Prince has posed:
The absence of knowing is often filled in with assumptions as one tries to build a story around the unknown before them. In the case of Emma and Gabby, Diana is already making the assumption... based partly on what they've said of Gabby... that she's a member of the X-Men too, as is Emma.

Diana is watching Cassie going, offering her some soft parting words of thanks for going to help their intended companions for the evening when Gabby voices her feelings on her drink. this draws Diana's eyes back, and she has a large smile appear on her visage. "Well, at least you are adventurous enough to branch out with your culinary explorations." She tells the young dark haired mutant seemingly assigned to Emma's protection this evening.

Diana is taking another sip of her drink when she regards Shaw again, and when she lowers it down she shows him a softer smile, and a simple nod. "I would be interested in that." She replies to his offer of food and a history lesson of this place. "I... first left my home near the end of World War I, but I did not come to the United States for many decades there-after. I did visit New York once in the 1930s, but only very briefly, thus it doesn't count." She adds with a sly grin. "But yes, much of New York's history is fascinating to me, and being that I spent the past century largely involved in antiquities, I've a deep rooted love for such things in all forms. Be it a small statuette, or an..." She swirls her free hand around in the air, directed at their surroundings. "Entire building..."

The Princess smirks lightly then at herself before she draws in a light breath and regards Emma once more. "The X-Men, are they regulars here too then?" She inquires, glancing between all three of them, since she'd assume they could answer it collectively.

Emma Frost has posed:
Since this is a somewhat more of an official conversation now over as it is, with Diana making inquiries of the status, Emma Frost goes to say, "There.. Is somewhat of a mutual understanding and degree of cross-association." She glances over at Gabby for a moment as the girl has her drink. "Then you're supposed to make it stronger until you can't tell the way it tastes, and just appreciate the kick it has." How fast does Gabby's healing factor let her process such things anyways?

The back and forth between Sebastian and Diana is almost adorable. He sounds like he has a bit of a crush. Then again, don't they all? Diana's story does have her interested, even as she goes quiet and pays rapt attention..

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"If you are not fond of its creation, I am sure we could have a replacement made more to your liking," offers Sebastian, almost taking his eyes away from Diana enough to address Gabby fully. Almost. He manages to get some of a glance in towards her though. Not entirely rude. "But indeed, such adventure should be rewarded with a drink that you enjoy." There is another nod, and within a minute a new version, slightly weaker, and significantly tastier, will find its way to Gabby's side.

His attention returned to Diana, Sebastian nods. "Indeed, I would say that a lot of the furnishings within this Club would predate that visit." He waves his free hand around to indicate the club. "The inner corridors are mostly unchanged since the building's construction, which began in the 18th century," he says, an expression of pride on his face. "However, there were some rooms which were redecorated in the early 20th century, adopting the art deco style of the era that seems to have lingered here in New York. I, personally, find it fascinating - all of the angles, designed to converge at particular points." He looks at Diana as he speaks of it, watching her reaction as he discuses the history of the club. "Truly, your interests align with mine in that regard. The history and tradition is what drew me to the Hellfire Club in the first place." He finishes his glass of brandy and sets it on the counter. "I know that you have a considerably busy schedule, but rest assured if you could find the time to return, and give me advance notice, I can have prepared an exquisite meal, and a thoroughly insightful tour."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney places her emptied glass on the bartop only to fish up a few of the fries to chase away the flavor. "Oh, it doesn't matter one way to me if it's strong or not, but I probably would do better with a different drink," she reasons. Shaw's ordering of another earns a little shrug from her along with a lazy grin that states perhaps, just perhaps, the alcohol was having a bit of an effect on her. It *was* absinthe in that after all. Even if modern versions didn't contain the wormwood that would cause one to hallucinate it was still rather potent. "Thank you," she murmers taking the other regardless.

Diana's question of the XMen causes her to simply grow quiet with a glance cast toward Emma to allow her to answer THAT loaded question. All she can do is shrug. "Some of my family work with them. I run in other circles. I got tired of waiting for them to think I was old enough or skilled enough when I was trained all my life to begin with."

Another fry is nibbled on. "So I can't say what they do or don't do. I've my own teams to be concerned with."

Diana Prince has posed:
The talk of the alcoholic beverages has the Princess smiling sweetly toward Emma and Gabby in-turn. "I should have a bottle of wine from my homeland sent over, if it would reach you here." She offers to the young woman. "It is... dangerous in that you cannot really taste that it's alcoholic at all, rather it merely tastes like the berries that it is blended from. So it is easy to drink, and easy to forget rapidly how much you have had." She states with an affectionate expression for her home brewed adult beverages.

At Gabby speaking of her skills, and teams, Diana nods between she and Emma. "Well, I admire young women who have earned a wealth of experience in trained skills of protection. I applaud you for your dedication to your arts, and hope that you keep it up." She adds, ever the supporter of young women taking life by the reigns.

To Sebastian then, Diana offers him a little grin. "Yes, you know... the first city I came to when I first uprooted myself from Europe, was Metropolis. Then a brief stint in Washington DC before finally settling here in New York in the 2000s. What I learned is that New York is the best example of a 'melting pot' of architectual styles. Metropolis... or even say Gotham City, tend to keep a similar aesthetic throughout their districts, streets and neighborhoods. But New York? Mmm... it is a flowing river of all manner of different worldly stylings."

She grins then, and nods her head once. "I'll reach out with a time. I look forward to hearing more of the place."

Diana's phone goes off again, this time a ring. She sighs. "I should probably take this, and make sure that all three of them are not lost now." She offers before smiling to those with her here at the bar.

"It was a pleasure to get to spend a few moments with you all. I'll send that wine, if interested, and perhaps drop in here a bit more frequently now?" She asks that question with a lightly playful tone before she takes her drink, and turns to step after wherever Cassie and her foreign boyfriend had gotten off to.