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Xaviers Senior Graduation Party
Date of Scene: 22 May 2023
Location: Breakstone Lake
Synopsis: The cast of characaters of Xaviers School for Gifted Youngsters enjoy another successful graduation of a class of students. Hopefully they all grow up to be pillars of their respective communities, and not you know... Youtubers.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Lorna Dane, Kitty Pryde, Jean Grey, Ororo Munroe, Douglas Ramsey, Quentin Quire

Rogue has posed:

The interior of Xaviers School is quiet on this Saturday afternoon. Sunlight shines through the windows bathing the interior rooms in the warm glow of a calm afternoon outside. The sounds of Charles Xavier's voice can be heard muffled through the windows, the voice carried by an ampliefied microphone to those seated before the stage setup near the patio and walking paths amongst the verdent green lawn.

"Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed graduates, and cherished families gathered here today, I stand before you as a proud mentor and guide, witnessing the remarkable journey of these exceptional individuals who have flourished under our care. It is with immense joy that I extend my heartfelt congratulations to each and every one of you, the graduating Senior Class of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters."

Charles paused for a moment, looking across each of the faces of the handful of Seniors dressed up for this ceremony. He smiled contently to them, and to the other onlookers gathered around within the audience respectively.

"Throughout your time here, you have not only acquired knowledge and honed your extraordinary abilities, but you have also become part of a vibrant community, bound by a shared commitment to justice and compassion. Today, as you step forward into the wider world, remember the values that have shaped you: empathy, courage, and the unwavering belief in the power of unity. Embrace your uniqueness and let it shine as a beacon of hope in a world that desperately needs it. Be the voice for those whose voices are silenced, the guardians of peace amidst chaos, and the advocates for equality and understanding. Your paths may diverge, but the spirit of this school will forever reside within you, inspiring you to make a positive difference in the lives of others."

Charles takes a moment to draw in a breath before he gently motions with a hand toward the Senior class. "As you embark on this new chapter, remember that your abilities are not merely gifts, but responsibilities to be wielded with wisdom and humility. Congratulations, graduates, and may you continue to soar, always guided by the indomitable spirit of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. And please do remember, for those of you who are to head out, on your exciting new paths, that we will... we will always be here for you."

A round of applause begins to come from the audience that mixes in with the gentle sounds of afternoon nature all around the property.


Music plays up by the house where a number of parents, family and friends of the students gather around the pool, and tables setup. While down by the lake the more adventurous graduation party goers are gathering where more food is made at the outdoor barbecue grill beside the boathouse on the docks that encircle it. Boats of all variety are out on the waters, including all manner of fun lake activities from a volleyball net to a big floating waterslide island that some of the younger kids who have yet to finishes classes until the end of the upcoming week are happily sliding, screaming, and splashing in to.

The Boat House has served as a great place to change out of one's formal attire in to bathing suits for the lake too, and many are streaming out of the interior doors from the 3 bedroom upper apartments of the boat house to do just so.

Kids of all ages are running around the lake, the smell of food is thick in the air, with music piping out across the speakers setup around the boat house docks.

It's a lively affair, and all associated with the school were invited to attend!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is standing on the docks wearing a loose fit shirt of a dark green mesh that shows she's in the spirit of the afternoon party, wearing a either black bikini top or a dark shade of green... but it's hard to tell since the mesh top is covering her save for a fair bit of opacity to the material. It hangs loosely over a pair of denim cut off shorts that leave her legs fully exposed down to the pair of sandals she's wearing on her feet. With sunglasses on over her eyes, Rogue stands near the food prep area, she's been doing most of the cooking since the grill was fired up, the Southern Belle was happily assigned to Lake Food Duty for this part of the party. It had the side responsibility of watching over the younger kids who were gleefully sliding down that island waterslide that had been setup primarily to keep them busy. It's two stories tall, and actively spraying water in all directions as fat kids, skinny kids, ugly kids, and the cool kids alike all move up the ladders on the various sides of the island to get to the top to slide down the twisting craziness of it.

Already Rogue has had to call out to some of the bigger kids to be nice to the smaller kids as she'd already gotten annoyed at some of the behavior thus far...

Lorna Dane has posed:
     Already in the water, with an 'ugly kid' on her shoulder, Lorna wearing a two piece swim suit is playing Chicken with a gaggle of students. "Get him Get him!" She shouts trying to get the kids into the game while she's giggling, "Hey! No powers, not fair!!!" The green haired woman says with a gurgle falling backwards into the water and being submerged.

     The Queen resurfaces a few moments later without a spawnling on her shoulder. "Alright! I'm out this round but who's next?!"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Over near the water, Kitty Pryde is stretched out on a chair in the sun. Though she has on a bikini, it's covered by a wrap around her hips, and a cropped tee. Kitty's head is back on the lounge chair, and her lips hang slightly open as if in a silent snore.

She was up all night working on some deployment at work, but made it for the graduation ceremony. Now that things are more relaxed, and she's gotten one drink in her, she's passed out to the world.

A fact that has been noticed by James "Hambone" Harrison. He's standing gazing at the part-time guidance counselor with a marker in hand. Meanwhile, Lockheed is standing on Kitty, staring Hambone down.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean had a speech too, to go with all her official duties for the commencement. It was probably really heartfelt and inspiring!

After all the pomp and ceremony is done with, she's... well, not quite done. Still in her own academic regalia (this is a real school, yo!), she spends some time doing meet and greet with the parents, playing a practiced second to Charles. Of course, he's verrrry good at schmoozing the top most schmoozables, a little more their old-money type. But Jean knows a lot of - if not all? - of the parents (of those who still have parents...), and so while Xavier handles the whales, she makes sure to get in a little time with everyone. And it's not that she doesn't have plenty to say to them, heartfelt pride in the accomplishment of their children!


All of this means she gets down to the lake a little late. For starters, she wasn't going to just put on a bikini under her cap and gown, even if you could maybe get away with that kind of thing. Plus, the occasion is a little too solemn, and the robes too, well, real, to do one of her transformative 'quick changes' with. So, no, she goes inside to get changed like a normal person. Inside the pool house. Because that's where she's currently living while her room is still getting repaired from helicopter-related damage!

At least it's a shorter trip?

When she does make her way down to join everyone, it's in a familiar look, green bikini with a gold sarong skirt. Very on brand.

And she arrives...

"What's cooking, good looking?" Next to Rogue at the grill. No surprise there!

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Like the rest of the faculty, Ororo's donned the requisite formalwear. Though she eschews the traditional black robes in favor of a sleeveless, single-piece white dress accented at her neck and hip by subtly engraved brass pendants. The stole has also been repurposed, no doubt a victim of Ororo's sewing kit; she wears it backwards so it forms a loose cowl. Much like her mortarboard, it's marked with beautifully intricate gold lettering. She stands up with Charles and Jean to express her congratulations to the graduates, and there are plenty of congratulatory hugs and well-wishes exchanged.

"Well there are one or two groups out running amok in Westchester county," she bids Jean without preamble as she joins her and Rogue. The towering weather-shaper removes her mortarboard carefully and extracts the bobby pins that hold it in place. With her un-shorn hair straightened and flying free, it dances against her dark skin like a horse's mane. "But they've all got the DD cards and strict orders to avoid bar fights, Sentinels, and the bad part of New Jersey. So I think they'll survive the night." A grin spreads across Ororo's fine features, amused at the implicit presumptuousness of the graduates.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
    Doug is currently standing on the dock in his boat shoes and a "Philosaraptor" t-shirt he got in honor of his time in the Savage Land, khaki shorts and sunglasses. He's drinking a beer, some kind of craft beer that claims to taste like key lime pie. The wind ruffles his hair as he enjoys the sunshine, and being able to relax and let the techno-organic filigree on his right arm exist unhidden.
    He takes a pull off his drink, and then says "Well, if they're anything like we were, they'll end up on another planet, in another historical era, or they'll encounter the universe's most annoying space alien and ruin Wimbledon. God bless 'em." He stands there and drinks.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is pushing the sleeves of her baggy shirt up to her elbows again, thankfully they only go down to her mid forearms anyway though, while her eyes look out at the water from behind her sunglasses. "Be careful! One at a time up there!" Rogue shouts to a gaggle of students at the apex of the slide.

One of them says something back at that shout, but only to his friends, which gets a big round of laughter.

Rogue mutters something, and as she's looking back to the grill she sees Hambone staring at Kitty with what looks like lecherous intentions, at first, but then she sees the marker and Lockheed. "James, mind yourself. She can take you down to the center'a theEarth an' leave you there if she wants to. Remember that..." She warns the prankster of the school.

When she is looking back to the food, taking care of some of the preparation and loading up a plate to turn around to put on one of the serving tables where a couple of kids are already moving in to take some of what she's serving, Rogue sees Jean's arrival. She shows the redhead a big smile, "Oh, you know... the usual... Seven different types of everythin, cause everybody's gotta have a special damn way'a eatin'." She casually bemoans the life of the grill master.

She looks the Headmistress over and nods approvingly. "How many'a the dads followed you down here?' She asks, craning her head to look around to see about three men in suits who hadn't known of the lake party coming down to watch the water slide hijinx.

Rogue notes Lorna having fun, and calls out to her. "Ya feelin' better, Green Peace?"

The Belle reaches for her drink when she sees Ororo arriving too, which gets her to bypass her drink and reach for the ice-filled cabinet beside the grill. She plucks out a lovely icy bottle of a lightly alcoholic beverage. She offers it to Ororo with a grin, waving it ever so gently so the condensation on its glassy bottle surface trickles off in droplets. "Stormah.... you look like you need a drinkah." The southern gal tells one of her favorite people at the school.

Another of the bigger boned kids splashes down in to the lake after rocketing down the twisting water slide, some of the older kids at the top chuckling nefariously... the 'up to no good' meter likely pinging on many of the faculty should they notice the boys.

Lorna Dane has posed:
    "Not at all, but for the moment- hrglrbrgle! - I'm good for now!" Lorna says after she was picked up by a black haired young man and dunked into the lake while she was off guard.

     Taking a deep breath she finishes her thought with Rogue, "I at least know why!" She says with a wave and then a splash to the young man again. Stepping back to the dock, Lorna waits for the next kiddo to get on her shoulders to continue the war in the lake.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde snoozes on, unaware of the attempted negotiation that is underway.

"I thought he liked Cheetos?" Hambone calls towards Rogue as he offers a bag of the brand name cheese-like flavored snacks in Lockheed's direction, the bag open so the orange coloring on the powder can clearly be seen.

Lockheed doesn't seem to be having anything to do with it though. Little wisps of smoke drift out of his nostrils and curl upwards, causing Hambone to take a step back.

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire has on a lime green European swimsuit, the snug kind, the slingshot kind, the OH GOD DON'T GO BEHIND HIM kind. He's shirtless, showing off a relatively fit if compact build, with the words MAGNETO WAS RIGHT tatted just above his shoulder blades on his back. He has a pair of earbuds in and is sitting criss-cross applesauce while floating a few feet in the air, drifting through the party lazily on the waves of his own TK.

He has reflective pink sunglasses on, his multi-colored hair grown long enough to tie into a manbun but shaved on the sides. He tilts the glasses down and looks at the water, "Anybody scan this thing for life forms? Loch ness monsters? Swamp things? Leeches?"

Jean Grey has posed:
"Ooh. Well, -everything- sure does sound good," and Jean leans a little closer to the grill, "and smells it, too. I'll take a bit of number three when they're done." Whether there is actually some sort of numerical order to all the different varieties of 'everything' that Rogue is cooking up or not? Who knows!

Distracted by Rogue's stern warning, she briefly looks over to ponder whatever exactly is going on in this standoff Kitty is having, before her attention falls back to those nearby.

"Well, they deserve to let off a little steam after getting through all of this," she remarks back to Ororo. "'Sides, the opportunities for mischief up here are mostly... surprisingly, often disappointingly tame. A little cow tipping is just about tradition." NY State gets rural fast, and Xaviers is definitely past that border into the relative boonies. Unless they do, as the weather woman portents, wander into the dark horrors of _New Jersey_.

As for the dads? Jean checks behind her, as if on the lookout that they might be lurking in the bushes. "Clear for now... But yes! We could all use some drinks, I think!" As Quentin floats by, wondering about the water, she tosses over: "If you want sterile, try the pool. It's a lake. Fish do their business in there. All their business."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo accepts the drink from Rogue and uncaps it with her bare fingers to take a sip. After that, it mostly lingers in her hand for wont of somewhere to set it down. "It is an interesting time, watching kids graduate," Ororo observes with a sagacious tone. "They are adults now, or something close to it. Not quite children anymore. Every year we do this, I see the same expressions." She gestures vaguely with her fingertips at some of the parents observing the festivities. "They don't know how to play with the children anymore. Not ready to address them as equals but, I think unprepared to give up the last gasps of childhood."

Ororo's palm slides over her drink to collect a few dollops of condensation, and she holds her upturned palm out over Kitty's bare back. Then lets the ice-cold droplets rain down on Kitty's bare spine.

"Of course it helps when some of us continue to -act- as children," Ororo observes, and grins at Doug's estimation of the latest batch of graduates.

Rogue has posed:
It is somewhat interesting how it clearly is the kids who don't have parents that all seem to be down here at the lake, while those with family in attendance seem to be primarily congregating up by the mansion itself. Though there are a trickling of well dressed people coming down to the edge of the lake to watch some of the shenanigans unfold. Another member of the faculty is actually waiting for them too to offer boat rides to those who wish to get in on a bit of speed boat tours of the lake and surrounding forest.

Rogue looks over to Quentin with a grin. "I hear the Breakstone Slasher goes under the water when he needs to regenerate, so I dunno about any Swamp Things, but there definitely is at least one terror in the deep down there."

She glances to Douglas and offers him a plate full of food. From hot dogs, to hamburgers, hot dogs, turkey burgers and more. "Douglas, my dear ... dear Savage Lands savior... will you set this over there?" She asks him, pointing to one of the tables with the food laid out.

Rogue steps back from the grill then, and finally gathers up her own drink to take a swig from it. She steps over to Jean and bumps hips with her. "I liked your speech, it was very inspiring." She says in that way that is a little hard to tell if she's being serious or not, but she does glimmer a hint of a smile to the redhead before her eyes look back out to the lake.

That speed boat fills up with a handful of brave passengers and starts to make its way out past the two -story tall water slide island, before its engines kick on sending a wake of white water waves up!

The waves from the boat's wake roll past the water slide island, and wash over Lorna's head, and the student she's holding up in the air on her shoulders.

"Hambone, why don't you go tell the others t'come get some food and stop pushin each other down the slide. They're goin' fast enough already. Once they load up with food, they'll only go faster." That's definitely how southern physics works.

Another sip of her fruity alcoholic beverage is sipped by Rogue before she watches Ororo letting droplets of cold water fall down on Kitty, which undoubtedly will please Hambone to see some measure of a 'prank' getting performed on the sleeping beauty.

"I think only three or four'a these graduatin' Seniors are goin' to enroll in college here too. Several'a them are goin' back to their own towns, right?" She asked over to Jean then.

The music blaring out over the lake turns to some classic rock song about being born on a bayou. Clearly someone left Rogue in charge of the tunes down here too...

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire wrinkles his nose at Jean and listens to Rogue's explanation, "Oh, I don't mind a bit of biological infestation, I just like to know what I'm in for. I've never met a slasher before. I hope he has a good mask. You can't beat a good mask. I've thought about wearing one on adventuring but, like, I just don't want to deprive the world of this," he says, gesturing to his face, giving his septum ring a playful tug at the end.

He has his own drink, floating alongside with him, taking a sip. Hard to tell what's in the concoction, but, suffice to say, it's potent. Quentin's pupils are unevenly dilated, one almost fully swallowing his iris with black, and his skin is a little flushed. Wouldn't be a party otherwise.

He smiles at one of the younger students walking by, "Remember, higher education is a lie. Drop out. Everything you need to know is already on the internet."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Hambone seems to decide that discretion is the better part of valor. That, or the smell of the food is enough of a distraction for him to give up on the attempt to draw a pencil-thin moustache on the guidance counselor. It probably also saves him being set on fire, as Lockheed only lies back down once Hambone heads over to grab a sausage from the table of food. He proceeds to call over to the kids in the slide, while eating, so that nothing he says is intelligible.

Kitty, however, wakes with a start as the cold droplets dribble down on her. "Bobby Drake I swear I'm going to phase all of the clothing your closet into one big interconnected ball!" she says without yet looking to see who it is.1

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug takes the plate in one hand, and then he casually fixes himself a turkey dog, as he takes the plate of food and waltzes it over to a table.

He watches Kitty wake up with a startle, and then he whistles. "Lockheed." He offers the dragon a hamburger. "These kids are rank amateurs." He says to the Dragon, though he isn't really making any effort to subvocalize so the other non-students don't hear it. "Let's show 'em some real mischief..."

Lorna Dane has posed:
     There's a tightness signaling hunger in her belly but Lorna just allowed a student on her shoulders to wage Chicken War. It would be remise of a monarch to not battle to their fullest in any field of battle. Lorna looks at the kids fighting them and with a smirk, Lorna summons a 'wave' of metal to push the combatants into the water, claiming an easy and 'cheated' victory.

     "I'll be back, and we can fight these weiners then. Okay?" Lorna helps the young man off her shoulders with a kiss to his cheek so he can brag to his friends while she's gone.

     The green hair stuck to the side of her face and back of her head, Lorna walks the long walk up to the grill area. "Heya Kitty, and Ororo." She says on the way past. "Quentin... tell me that tattoo is legit... Heya Doug!" She notes while staring at him without blinking or shame. Then she's with Jean, and Rogue, a hand refusing an offered drink before she's pulling out a bottle of water to take a sip from that. "Y'all doing okay? I seem to recall graduation being a tearful time for some."

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire turns around in mid-float, taking a long sip of his Psychosonic Post-Modern Cocktail Spritzer (patent pending) and waggles his pink eyebrows at Lorna.

"Of course it's legit. Your Dad's the OG. So's Big C, but he's more of, like, the gangster who got shot in a drive by and now tries to get the kids into community programs and your dad's like the old gangster who's enjoying the grandkids after a short stint in the joint, but he's still got a bunch of money stashed where the pigs could't get at it."

"I got in a lot of trouble when I wore that on a t-shirt here once upon a time. A couple of kids tried to fight me."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean finds a moment to snag a drink once Rogue steps back to the grill, and the criss-cross enables that playful hipcheck en route. For ease of portability, she grabs a canned cocktail, which gives a satisfying hiss as she pops the top. As for the speech? "Yeah?" She looks relieved. "Good. Those things still make me nervous, somehow."

While Ororo meditates a little more seriously on the process of growing up, the cultural milestones involved, Jean raises the can for a sip and looks like she's definitely thinking about it, her attention sweeping around at the students down here playing around. Maybe she notices it too, how the ones that can ONLY call Xaviers home treat it very diffferently than the rest.

That said, she does have a ready bit of an answer: "Well, that indecisive time is pretty much what college is for. The culturally accepted method of delaying full adulthood." Reflexively, Jean looks back toward the general direction of the newest building in the compound. "We're complicit, now. Some of these not-quite-kids are going to be moving a grand total of a couple hundred feet. The rest?" She has to pause and think. "A couple aren't going far. NYU, Columbia. My dad's getting another." He teaches at Bard! "Then another to MIT, and one out to UCLA." Of course she can rattle these off. "But yeah, two more deferred, another's planning to help with his family business. Or maybe Quentin's right. Not gonna pretend we don't tend toward the unique thinkers with unique needs."

And everyone is cut out to be an X-Man!

With Lorna joining them, even as she's listing off where all the students are going, she half-smiles. "Oh, I've come close a couple times. But it's a good feeling right now, thinking about what they've got in front of them."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo lays a palm on Lorna's upper arm in silent greeting as the monarch passes. "Some graduations are more bittersweet than others," Ororo allows with a nod. "There was a cohort a few years ago that seemed like everyone was moving to the other side of the country. This year, we have a good mix," she acknowledges, and moves her hand in deferential support of Jean's remark.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue takes another swig of her drink, still watching Kitty and Storm with a grin on her lips at Kitty's reaction. "ya better be careful with those threats, Katherine. This version'a Bobby might not take kindly...." She'd added in to that little bit of fun.

Her sunglasses-covered eyes went to the arriving Lorna. "You were commandin' the winnin' army out there." She tells her before stepping over to the edge of the docks to peer down in the water. "Someone said they dropped their phone in earlier, Lorna. One'a the parents. Ya might have to find it with that metal thing ya do... Think it was Olivia's mother."

She steps back then, offering a pat to the head of Lockheed as she walks on past him toward the food again to make herself a hotdog with a napkin wrapped around it.

She finds a spot to perch herself then, her two-toned hair waving out in the wind rushing over the dock as she looks out at the water where that speed boat is out far off in the wider lake area where it can really get going fast.

"We should make a plate for Logan, have someone take it down to him. I dunno if he's awake yet, but I imagine he should be by now."

She looks over to Jean and Ororo then, hearing the rundown of where the Senior class is dispersing two after leaving here. "Really, I just hope their mutations are at a place of comfort. I mean, like Quentin said... they can get basic stuff done on their phones. But nothin' on the internet will teach ya how t'deal with your crazy mutation. That's the point'a this place, right? We're supposed t'get these kids ready for prime time, the rest of their lives, so on and so forth."

One of the Juniors at the top of the slide shouts something profane and does a backflip as he comes flying off the water slide in to the water, splashing some of the kids playing volleyball in the more shallow part of the lake's edge.

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire shouts out, "You hear that eveyrbody? I'm right! I've always been right! Glad to have it official, though."

He unfolds his legs and touches ground at last, sprinting through the group and heading towards the bounce house.

"Nobody come in here with me if you've eaten in the last hour. No pukies! No pukies!" he cries.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde rolls over slowly onto her back. Lockheed just rises and walks as she rolls beneath him. Kind of like a skilled contestant in a log rolling competition, he just stays upright, and with a bit of a saunter in his step. One can almost hear "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees as he does.

Once she's comfortable on her back, Kitty looks around and sees there's no Bobby Drake around her to be responsible for the cold dribble. "My kingdom for a polish sausage," she comments in a mumble.

Lorna Dane has posed:
    "I'll take something down to him." Lorna says with a frown and a hint of a flush in her cheeks, as she grows pale yet again.

    Standing by but patiently waiting for a spare plate, Lorna will carry whatever is put into the paper plate is what Logan will have to deal with. Poor schmuck.

Jean Grey has posed:
"Oh right, and one to Arizona State." Can't leave anyone out! Go Sun Devils!

"Make that a plate and a six-pack." Jean suggests to Lorna, smirking a bit even as she joins those hovering around the grill for their chance at food, grabbing the fixings for a hamburger as she can. "He'll appreciate that more than the food, I suspect." However bad shape they might have brought Logan back in, she knows better than to bet against his recovery.

"All the ones going away are pretty solid on it," she then goes on, in that running conversation with Rogue. "That or their mutations were pretty readily controlled to begin with." While it's the 'might destroy the world' types that draw attention, the school has a lot more Beaks and Hambones.

And those that stay? Well, sometimes needing ongoing work can be a motivation, too.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
Doug watches the kids, and then he just shakes his head. He clears his throat, and then he takes out his cell phone.

He begins to play around with it, absently, like he's working on an app. What is he doing? Well, it's a mystery. He takes another drink from his can of Key Lime-flavored beer, and then muses, "Let's see, on a scale of one to 'Midnight and there's a thunderstorm' how absolutely malevolent I can be."

Rogue has posed:
It doesn't take long for the various groups of kids to make it out of the water, once they all realized the bulk of the food was sitting out waiting to be scavenged. Rogue ended up sitting down on the edge of Kitty's chair, and offering her the requested sausage on a plate with a bun, and a bit of side selections, along with a tasty icy drink to go with it.

The party continues on. Volley ball games break out in the water, and frisbe matches take place on the lawn, the bouncy castle enjoys the escapades of one Quentin Quire, while the actibities on the water calm down as the sun lowers behind the trees around the lake.

Eventually lanterns come on to light up the lake, the yard, and the school to the south, the party continues on in to the night as the Seniors of Xaviers enjoy the last night at the place they've called home for potentially several years now, while the rest enjoy a bit of relaxation away from the troubles that always seem to plague the people of this quality educational facility tucked away in to the boonies of Westchester, New York.

Kitty eventually gets a mustache drawn on her face by one James 'Hambone' Hamilton too. The guy always gets his mark.