15365/UN: Shi'ar Treaty Signing Ceremony & Reception

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UN: Shi'ar Treaty Signing Ceremony & Reception
Date of Scene: 22 July 2023
Location: United Nations
Synopsis: The Shi'ar formalize peace with Earth, and no one is assassinated. Some back channel diplomacy provides information about the war, while unfortunate strains of human xenophobia show through.
Cast of Characters: Jean Grey, Emma Frost, Franklin Richards, Diana Prince, Logan Howlett, Desmond mac Morna, Spiral, Steve Rogers
Tinyplot: Pax Imperium: the Shi'ar

Jean Grey has posed:
The invitation received by various members of the press, government, scientific community, and various super-organizations had outlined events throughout the historic day, many of which were covered on live television broadcast around the world, for those not able to attend any (or all) of the various locations in person.

The Shi'ar were not arriving directly in New York: a provision of the treaty restricted all general public off-world transit through the Atlantic Starport - it was now effectively Earth's customs port to the rest of the universe. From the Shi'ar Cruiser B'rynal located in high orbit, a diplomatic shuttle had been dispatched to land at this new vital port of call. There, the Shi'ar party was received by the Starport Signatories: Atlantis, Themyscira and Wakanda, along with UNOOSA representives.

After brief ceremonies, they were transferred into Wakandan shuttles and flown to New York. Closing the entire FDR drive, a hellipad on the East Side was specially cleared as a landing zone, followed by a formal processional down 1st Avenue toward the UN. The latter was a grand spectacle of NYPD, Wakandan security, and ceremonial honor guards for both the Amazons, and the Shi'ar themselves, represented by a small unit of their own Imperial Guard; in their shining metal uniforms with head feather-crest helmets, but not visibly armed (as little or much as that may matter).

It turns out, all the security is not without good cause.

While the police had barricaded off the street for twenty blocks in both directions, as people show up to watch history be made. The US Constitution is still what it is, people have also shown up to protest. Near the UN, large crowds have gathered, bearing signs and chanting slogans. "Earth First!" "Aliens Go Home!" and others are prominent among the displays. There are many direct appeals to President Luthor - viewed as a strong voice in the 'alien question' - for the US to invalidate or withdraw from the treaty.

Despite the crowds, guests are arriving all the time, registered through the security gates on 43rd, while the motorcade arrives two blocks up. Inside, there is a grandiose reception, as representatives gather for the official signing ceremony and remarks by the UN and Shi'ar representatives. The press is gathering just outside the main council chamber, ready for the diplomatic reception to follow the official culmination of the treaty.

Emma Frost has posed:
Hopefully this goes better than the last diplomatic function that Emma was present for. She's about and keeping an eye on things. Over at the United Nations, she's over and amongst some of the VIPs - amazing what some 'donations' can get one to various charities. Some of them actually might serve the purpose that they're intended! But, Emma's managed to get herself present over to an area that gives access, and is watching very dressed up. Waiting to see if there's a way for her to get in a little deeper, and watching who shows up. She wonders idly if the Empress will show up - unlikely, but still. She's still new to the throne and can't be seen as doing something to cater to Earth. But again, being openly seen as allied with the planet that was able to hold back the Shi'Ar Empire. . WEll, who is she to say what Imperial politics are like? Emma goes to track things along as they happen, occasionally skimming the minds of protestors and guards, and getting an idea as to where the security is. And where the electronics are - the things they'd normally use to keep out busy-body telepaths. SHe's going to of course not let such a thing get in her way. As 'aliens go home' chants go off she would murmur..

"The Native Americans would like a word with you.." To herself.

Franklin Richards has posed:
Arriving in an old-school limo, Franklin looked a bit uncomfortable in his suit, complaining that it made him look younger. He turned to Spiral and expressed his gratitude for her agreeing to accompany him, mentioning a bonus prize if she followed what they had discussed earlier. With a smile, he showed her a DVD of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

As they arrived at the event, Franklin opened the door for Spiral, offering his hand and saying, "When you are ready, let the game begin. Remember the rules." He had already shared some limits on how to handle the situation without being aggressive and assured her that he would protect her from harm.

Suddenly, someone threw a can in their direction, but Franklin quickly caught with his free hand using his powers, turning it into a Silver Iris, and handed it to Spiral with a grin. He was confident that the person responsible would be dealt with.

As they walked towards the entrance, Franklin smiled, impressed by the notes Johnny had given him. He wondered if Spiral knew the setup, as Franklin would bail out the man who threw the can later, but he knew she would use it against him if she could. Nevertheless, he was prepared to face whatever challenges lay ahead as they embarked on this mysterious game together.

Diana Prince has posed:
With the number of Amazon women being permitted to leave the island of Themyscira seemingly growing exponentially every few months, there is a wide array of warrior women on display during the grand ceremonial parade. The Amazons light up a lot of eyes too, when it becomes seen that the 100 warrior women are mounted upon 100 Kanga creatures. The Kanga are a sight to behold, their fame growing quite rapidly in the past year as their numbers too have begun to rise within the United States. Hailing ffrom Themyscira, the Kanga are a massive Battle-trained Marsupial employed by the Amazon to be a more versatile mount than your average horse, and much like their riders, both Kanga and Amazon are adorned in shining ceremonial armors of their homeland.

Themysciran flags fly high on the edges of the parade line, crimson flags adorned by golden eagles with their wings apart and their threatening beaks wide open invoking the sense of a mighty scream emanating from the majestic symbol of the Themysciran culture.

Diana is one of the mounted Amazons at the front of her people's presence within the parade, adorning her classical styled armor that has become famous around the world from her exploits in helping protect mankind from unjustices both foreign and domestic.

With a regal navy blue 'Eagle themed' cloak adorning Diana's shoulders, the Princess lead her people through the parade with pride and a clear sense of strength within her form atop her own shining armored Kanga.

It had been a great sight, the Amazon contingent, and now they've dispersed amongst the crowds, with some still present in formation to perform for the audiences, showing their military trained precision, skill and experience.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Contrary to popular belief, there are suits that fit Logan and he's been politely instructed to wear one for the event. A security lanyard is strung about his neck, he stands on the authorized side of a barricade with his arms crossed over his chest.

He'd followed this whole thing, albeit from a support perspective. To him, it was just another wrinkle in a world that was getting noticably more and more full of the things as the weeks peeled by.

God, he could use a smoke right now.

He's here with Jean, officially, but she doesn't have much need for security and he's trying to keep himself out of her way. He turns his attention to the amazons, whistling under his breath.

Desmond mac Morna has posed:
Desmond mac Morna steps out of a limo, like many other luminaries that grace the event of the year, thus far. Of course, it isn't /his/ limousine. No, he opens the door on the front passenger's side, stepping out onto the street first like the employee he is. He looks around the area observantly, and it is pretty clear he's a security guard of some variety.

Seemingly satisfied with what he sees (and, really, given the security why wouldn't he?) he opens the rear door. A hunched, bespectacled man in his late 40's or early 50's, balding, bespectacled, and dressed in an ill-fitting tux, steps out. On his arm is an absolutely /stunning/ black-haired woman, so far out of the man's league that it is a walking joke. The woman takes the slight man's arm. Alas, Mr. Bald starts walking the wrong way. He's stopped quickly by Desmond.

"Doctor San Angelo. It's just this way, sir. Up the carpet, there." He points up the obvious path lined with photographers, and the balding, tiny, hunched man and his stunning date begin making their way in. Desmond has the good grace to wait until they are turned away before sighing, and following.

Spiral has posed:
Spiral's attendance has necessitated formal dress. The black dress, sleeveless, silken, flowing down to end about her ankles. The fabric has a subtle sheen if the light catches at the right angle, rippling with her stride alongside Franklin. Her staring eyes are obscured by a chique pair of sunglasses.

While her companion is agreeable smiles, she portrays a kind of resting-Witch-face. There are a lot of people here, and the situation has a lot of eyeballs and lenses gazing here and there. Spiral knows about audiences due to her past employer. So it's more the venue than anything else. Feeling like a crab out of water, she has a salty expression.

Her lips set in a thin line when the projectile comes, but then is neatly handled by Franklin. This is nodded to, along to other negotiations made beforehand. "Not to worry. Playing games is one of my specialties. When the rules or obvious or not." she says sweetly through a Poker face.

Jean Grey has posed:
Unsurprisingly, the actual ceremony is lengthy. There are procedural details, opening and closing remarks, and lengthy speeches by various members of each delegation. However, for most of Earth, the event will be remembered by the most often-printed quotes from the represenatives of two sides:

"On this day the people of Earth, represented as one by this body, undertake a remarkable new endeavor: mutual understanding with a civilization not from our world. It is a watershed, a moment that marks a new stage of human progress, as we look beyond our birthplace and outward to the stars. It is my sincerest hope that this new era will be one marked by friendship and mutual cooperation, as we set forth beyond our own world."
                                        - UN Undersecretary for the OOSA Njeri

"The Universe was born in chaos, but civilization forged from harmony. As Sharra and K'ythri set aside their differences, so too do we. Although Earth is young, its people are remarkable, and the Shi'ar hope that they may enter this new stage with confidence, as if fledgling to wing."
                                     - Chancellor Araki of the Shi'ar Imperium

Not long after that, it's party time.

There are receiving lines, for those in the mind for such things: Aside from Chancellor Araki himself, several members of the Imperial Guard may be known to some of their guests, such as the the pale-skinned Oracle, who wears a flowing gown of her own native fashion, or Vril Rokk who is wearing an Earth style suith with his big red goggles, and looking damn good in it. Of course, the world-famous and ultra popular WONDER WOMAN will be around meeting guests herself, as will various UN diplomats.

Jean is in fact here, and at some point, shows up at Logan's side, having snagged them both drinks. "It's a shame Lilandra couldn't make it, I'm sure she'd have loved the chance to see Charles in person again. And I figured I better clear the air myself." The treaty made no demands of 'turn over the Phal'kon or die!' like the last time the Shi'ar showed up, so... they've worked something out. "Want to go say hello?"

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma knows the telepathic signs of Oracle - she's come to mental scraps with the woman before. There almost might be some level of respect between the two - well, at least that Emma would admit if pressed. But for now, seh's going to scan along the way of the diplomats,t he attendees.. Quickly mentally chekcing in on Logan, passing along <<If you pick something up, inform me and I'll pass along. I'd rather not us have another interstellar incident if someone goes to try and kill the diplomat again>> She trusts Logan more than she does all the rest of security here - the Amazons, the Wakandans, SHIELD..

For now, Emma goes to look over and heads towards some of the diplomats - with the SHi'Ar side of the assembly. All's the good to see what sorts of gossip she can get.. And also possibly whatever sorts of off-planet business tips one might get. THere were always things.. So all the best to scry and see what she could glean. Oracle couldn't protect /all/ of them..

Steve Rogers has posed:
During the ceremony, Steve Roger is standing over with a number of government dignitaries, as if perhaps they'd asked him if he would attend. Steve is wearing a dark suit as he stands listening to the ceremony. Beside him stands Pete Ross, the recently confirmed Vice President appointed to fill the vacancy by President Luthor.

Steve mostly listens quietly. He meets eyes with a few people during the ceremony. Logan gets a soft grin appropriate for an old war buddy, both from days long past and more recent happenings. Diana Prince gets a little bow of his head in greeting when he sees her across the room.

Later as the receiving lines start, Steve makes his way through at Pete Ross' side. Once the various dignitaries, Earth and otherwise have been greeted, Steve seems to excuse himself, leaving Vice President Ross with his Secret Service detail as he moves to wander through the crowd. He makes his way over to Jean and Logan. "Miss Grey, a pleasure to see you, as always. Excellent work, you and your colleagues," he comments with a glance towards the alien delegation. "Logan," Steve adds, giving another nod to him now they are within speaking distance.

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin chuckled at Spiral's reaction, reminding her that this kind of social interaction would be part of her responsibilities if she took on the position he mentioned. He led the way, looking for some drinks for both of them before the speeches began.

As the delegates finished speaking, Franklin asked Spiral if there was anyone specific she would like to meet at the event, mentioning the presence of an Oracle. He seemed genuinely interested in learning if the Oracle's ability was to predict the future.

Navigating through the crowd, Franklin spotted Emma Frost and approached her. "Miss Frost this is my friend Spiral. Good to see a friendly face with all these politicians." he greets with a smile. "I wondered who you were here for? So many groups working together here it is good to see." he then turns to Spiral, "Have you even ran into the Shi'ar before?" he realises though after he asked he should not of.

Desmond mac Morna has posed:
Desmond mac Morna seems to understand his role, and to understand it well. He's tall, broad-shouldered, and dressed to the nines. Seeing as how there are powerhouses of the superhero world running around, his only job appears to be 'get the really hot woman drinks' and 'make his clients look good.'

He follows his two charges -- the balding, hunched, middle-aged Dr. San Angelo, and his date, a woman 6 inches taller, half his age, and so far out of his league that they play different sports. Desmond glides along without interaction, staying out of the way as his clients walk through the receiving line. And, then, they are off to mingle, and he is stands off to watch them do so from a discreet distance, probably unnoticed.

Diana Prince has posed:
Along with the Kanga attraction outside, is yet another Wonder Woman staple that has taken a lot of attention, and been giving a lot of entertainment. The 'Invisible Jet' is parked outside near to the Kanga contingent, and in its current state the Lansinarian 'alien technology' is very visible. A cloud-hued transport vehicle, in the shape of a elegantly designed dagger, the world-wide famous vehicle is offering tours to the crowds outside. Amazonian guards bring people aboard the luxury yacht-styled transport, allowing them to experience a bit of the Wonder Woman mythos first-hand.

This is where Diana had briefly stopped off at with her personal Kanga, Jumpa. But now? Now the Princess has arrived, her dark blue cloak waving around her tall form, her wedge-heeled armored boots carrying her over six feet in height, she truly stands out in the crowd as she moves through the throngs of people, smiling happily, greeting warmly, with hands being shook, words being exchanged, and wishes of positivity being given to those who speak to her.

Diana meets gazes of those she knows, such as Steve, Logan and Jean, and others, light waves offered along with them.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan has his head cocked to one side, fingertips pressed to his ear and his jaw partly buried in his lapel. He murmurs low, something inaudible before he looks up to focus his full attention on Jean. Her question gets a rumble of a laugh from the Canadian and a shrugging roll of his broad shoulders.

"I ain't much of a diplomat," he answers, "Bet if I could read your mind you'd be hopin' I don't start an intergalactic incident."

Emma's quick transmission into his brain prompts a furrowed brow from him. Ever since his loss of his adamantium, telepathy had become a much easier prospect for use on him. He wasn't sure he liked it. All the same, he nods his head slightly.

Steve, for his part, gets a tilt of Logan's chin. He's not about to interpose himself in the conversation beyond the greetings. Jean is the dignitary here.

Spiral has posed:
"I've run through a few." Spiral answers, her tone verging on being in obvious jest. One hand raising to her glasses, delicately propping them up to rest on her forhead. The act helps comb back her silver hair, pulling her bangs up and away. She looks upon Franklin, but there's no wry blink, more a kind of Stepford Wife stare. To the question of if she has anyone to Meet on her bucket-list, she shakes her head in the negative very slowly.

Drink in hand, she gives it a subtle swirl as they make their way between this notable and that nobody. The lipstick she wears is dark and in great contrast to her complexion. Her lips purse as her gaze travels over X-men, X-women and Heroes of multiple ages. Her teeth show and she exhales in a slow and measured manner.

Franklin has made his way over to Emma Frost, so Spiral directs her seemingly pupil-absent glance her way. "So many friendly faces." she comments wryly and tilts her head, her posture counter-balancing from even this minimal change. A pair of hands on hips, one cradling the elbow of the limb that's got drink-duty. The others, they shift by degrees, not extended to shake or offer, but drift gently as if on an unseen current. "Hello Emma."

Jean Grey has posed:
As much as Emma can make of the general ambient psychic-scape, there is no cause for alarm. The Imperial Guard members are alert, as one might expect, but not overtly treacherous. The same can be said of the Amazons and Wakandans, of course, resolute as they are in their duties. The whole protest outside IS intense enough that some of the jumbled thoughts, too chaotic to make out individually at a distance or in such numbers, nonetheless combine together into something disturbing. Much like some of the recent and renewed anti-mutant sentiment, the xenophobia is palpable without, while simultaneously, strangely, mixed with the near-euphoric elation of some of the crowds who've shown up to see the something that was once impossible, to welcome the future with open arms.

There was probably at least one "Abduct me!" sign out there, too.

Otherwise, it is much more sedate inside. The ambient chamber music blends easily into the background (supplied by no less than the section leads of the New York Philharmonic), gentle and relaxed. There is some brief turbulence as the Vice President moves about and various security accomodates. At some point, they'll find an opportunity to get him in front of the Chancellor, who is likewise a 'vice' ruler of a sort, second only to the Majestrix. Granted, the galaxy-spanning Imperium is a little different in scale than the United States, but even the Shi'ar have learned better than to tell an American that. Araki, survivor of many Shi'ar regimes, knows his business.

Elsewhere, Oracle appears beside Richard and his date, just as they join Emma. "Mostly, I don't," she answers his stray thought, without him voicing it. "See the future that is. I'm a telepath, and the name, translated of course, is somewhat just... a flourish. Much like your people's heroes use. Sometimes I can expand my mind to see larger things, but it is... unpredictable." And of course, Emma gets a very fond smile. "Hello Miss Frost." Which seems to answer the young man's curiousity as well. "Oh we've had... brushes, she and I." Then a quick look toward Spiral. "Introduce me to your date? She seems fun." This seems dangerous!

Elsewhere, when Steve joins them, Jean is all smiles herself. "Oh, I'm glad you could make it. Working, or?" she glances off to where Ross is doing his thing. Then she shakes her head. "I'm probably the person least worthy of credit for making this happen, although many of the others..." A glance to Logan, but then she quickly moves on. "A lot of the credit here goes to the Startport folks, as well, some of your friends at SHIELD, and UNOOSA of course. And-" There's a movement in the crowd beyond. "-Diana?"

Back in line, Dr. San Angelo eventually reaches some of the dignitaries. Meanwhile, Vril comes up and starts introducing himself to the man's date. "Why hello. You from around this planet?"

Emma Frost has posed:
The presence over of Spiral and Franklin Richards approaching her has Emma Frost's face harden. She would speak, "Mister Richards.. Your associate and I have met." Emma goes to keep her barbs to herself now instead of doing what comes naturally. "I hope that you're enjoying your time here. Your experiences must lend themselves over to some rather interesting notes on what's going on."

Emma does a rather good job of seeming sincere rather thang rating her teeth, even as she keeps track of things giong on. <<Thank you Logan.>> Not that she expects anything to happen, but it's best to have a great many things on hand to dealw tih them. Among hte Amazons, Captain America, Logan.. She trusts that last one the most out of everything.

She goes to sweep her mind along, even as she keeps a polite eye contact over with Spiral and Franklin and cotninues to make small talk. "How often have you seen the establishment of pan-stellar communications? Well, Is uppose that formal diplomatic engageemnts aren't quite the same. . Is this exchanging embassies?"

And then there's Oracle, right at the time to -save- Emma from having to make small talk. "A pleasure. I hope that your.. Associates are doing well on the security end." Then she goes to speak to Oracle telepathically <<And no signs of the brattier sister I would hope?>> Hopefully Deathbird was too busy having her wings picked clean in a cell but that would be too much to hope for. At the commentary of Oracle to Spiral Emma might -almost- do the unseemly thing of telepathically titter.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve Rogers replies to Jean, "Working I suppose. Got a request from the government to attend," Steve explains. "I figure helping out where I can will only build some goodwill," she tells her with a shrug of his shoulders and a small smile that suggests it's only doing his duty.

He looks across the room, noting the smiles that break out on people's faces when Diana Prince gives them her attention. An understandable reaction. "I was wondering if they would be serving any Shi'ar beverages. Though I wasn't able to reach Thor so he could compare them to Asgardian ones," Steve comments in making small talk.

He sees Pete Ross shaking hands with people. There's a bit more genuineness to him than many politicians. He makes his way over towards Diana Prince, greeting her with a warm smile. "Miss Prince. I already owe you enough for your help in saving me," he tells her. "Now helping bring us peaceful coexistence with our neighbors in space," he says. "You set a pretty hard act to follow. I'm afraid President Luthor is going to try to send me on an intergalactic goodwill tour soon," he jokes.

Desmond mac Morna has posed:
The statuesque, poem-inducing ginger on San Angelo's arm wears a green dress that perfectly matches her eyes and probably costs more than a lot of cars. She offers a positively scintillating smile, one worthy of the dress, to Vril. Sadly, Dr. San Angelo is forgotten in that moment. He must be a giant in his field to have rated an invitation, but it's pretty clear that the woman isn't his wife, and it /is/ Vril, after all. The short bald man looks on with a bit of flop sweat forming on his brow, clearly unsure of what to do here.

Desmond, standing back a ways, can't quite keep the little smirk off his face. He controls it quickly enough, and he is very careful to make sure that Dr. San Angelo doesn't catch wind of it, but the clear, bright amusement on his face lights up his blue eyes with dancing humor.

San Angelo looks to Desmond just then, his irritatingly nasal voice carrying unpleasantly, "Are you going to just stand there? Do something?" And Desmond just...blinks. "Uh...sir?" The little sidebar probably causes a few looks from the muckity-mucks while the beautiful woman chats up Vril, so the tall, dark-haired, almost certainly-a-bodyguard lowers his voice, leaning down to say, "Doctor, what exactly am I supposed to do? The deal was that she's your date, not your property."

Franklin Richards has posed:
Looking back, Franklin sighs a bit, observing the interaction between Emma and Spiral. He realizes that he should have seen this coming, given their history. However, before he can say anything, the Oracle appears, and he turns to her with surprise. He communicates with her through a mental whisper, expressing his concerns about those who can see the future and the burden it may carry. Franklin compliments the Oracle's impressive voice and quickly introduces Spiral as his friend and former associate of Mojo, now their greatest asset against him.

Turning to Spiral with a grin, Franklin playfully remarks on her serious demeanor, assuring the Oracle that deep down, Spiral is not as bad as she might appear. He then looks at Spiral "Spiral, check it out.. The Oracle of a whole empire. And she gets what fun is, so it can't be that bad to have it once in a while right?" playfully suggesting that it can't be all bad to have some fun once in a while. Franklin nods to the Oracle with a smile, acknowledging if she could do it anyone could.

However, he doesn't want to create any tension, so he mouths 'Sorry' to Emma, knowing she would understand his gesture. Despite any issues some might have with Spiral, Franklin believes they all need to work together at times to face their common enemies. It was better to get some things over with, and running into people who were on the other side is one of them.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana is shaking hands with a small group of people who she has been speaking with for the past two minutes, but are seemingly separating from now. This is when the Vice President appears before her, and receives a warm smile from the Princess of Themyscira.

Several months back, Pete Ross had been under the protection of the Amazons, when he'd been captured via some mysterious teleportation device. It had taken some time, but his location had been discovered, and Mr. Ross had been saved. Now here he is, the new VP.

"It is good to see you, Peter." Diana says with a kindness etched in to her tone. "I hope that the new job has been treating you well." She adds before a sliver of a grin graces her red hued lips. "If you are sent in to space, I assure you that we will find the best guardians possible to care for you." She adds, her Themysciran accent flavoring her words with a foreign appeal to the norms around here.

"You have been through too much, of late, to have anything else undesired threaten your safety. As for space... well... I have traversed it a bit. It is just as intimidating as you might think. But, it is also exciting, and beyond beautiful in so many ways too." Is she trying to encourage the VP to prepare for a long distance diplomatic assignment?

Logan Howlett has posed:
"Yeah, don't look at me," Logan says with a shakes of his head, "I'm still tryin' to process the fact that the Greek gods exist and then Red hits me with a good, ol' fashioned space empire."

The Wolverine glances to Cap now: "Remember War of the Worlds? Folks were reachin' for their shotguns at the idea of little green men. You got a lot of credit for gettin' people on board with all this, Jeanie."

The movement draws his attention away, focusing on Diana.

Spiral has posed:
Issues with Spiral are totally legit. And there's no apologetic bowing or scraping to be had of the multi-limbed woman. She's tense, like someone would be if there were a lot of unlit firecrackers being under the same roof. Maybe the building itself has a kind of superpower with such a history of diplomats having walked the hauls, shouted up and down them, and wheelings and dealings. Maybe it's a safe zone, so to speak. Her fingers itch, fingernails flicking against one another like the flint in a Bic lighter.

Spiral offers a hint of a smile to Emma, her eyes narrowing, as if trying to read her thoughts. If anyone snoops, a cavalcade of memories flow chaotically through the twists and turns of her heavily warped mind: X-babies, pay-per-views, dances and performances that almost give the owner vertigo, dreadful knock-off Heroes made to caper and fight one another for Mojo's amusement. The memories come and go like cards shuffled in a casino before it becomes 52-pickup and Spiral has to drop it all in order to converse and nod like the Guest she is. The Oracle gets her attention as she's pointed out. "I heard whispers in my ear comparing them to a Magic 8-ball that walks and talks. Annoying buzzes, but thankfully ears are easy to plug. Such a burden, it's a wonder anyone can have fun. Can you imagine the amount of times someone begs for Lotto numbers? I think, it would almost be as bad as the waterfall of thoughts, cascading, thundering, pounding down, if one drank from the saturation of stupid thoughts outside these walls. Each of my hands would reach for pain relief, or a razor." Spiral takes a small sip and toasts, "To having fun and working towards Order."

Steve Rogers has posed:
Pete Ross lets out an easy-going laugh. "Well, I won't lie and say the thought isn't intimidating. Traveling all that distance," he tells her. "Though I suppose there was a time that voyaging to the other side of the ocean was just as daunting. Something we'll need to overcome as we continue to grow as a species," he replies to Diana. "But I wouldn't be here with you and your sisters, and you have my gratitude for that," he tells her warmly.

One of his attendance murmurs something in his ear. "A pleasure to see you," he finishes with Diana, giving her a smile before moving on towards whoever it is that he's being directed to go speak with.

Meanwhile, Steve gives a soft chuckle back to Logan. "Oh do I ever remember. There were a few people in the neighborhood who didn't know it was a radio play. I heard shouting from out in the street, and a few people were running around gathering weapons," he says with a soft laugh and a shake of his head. "Well, I'm glad that the truth of Mars and elsewhere has been... at least a little better. Maybe there have also been a few moments that H.G. Wells might have felt prescient for."

Jean Grey has posed:
Standing and speaking with them, Emma is no doubt aware of how Oracle's own thoughts reach and expand to track of the goings-on around her, bouncing between some of the members of her own entourage in an assortment of connections. Very likely, the same kind of psi-linked communication that Emma and her friends are so fond of using. It's not hard to realize it's happening, although cracking it is another matter. But as they speak, that communication shifts, and a 'larger' presence seems to join that collective, too strong for her to fully shield from notice. And despite the mental communication, Oracle is polite enough to carry most of it on aloud, so that everyone knows what is going on. "Franklin, - there is someone in my party who would like to meet you."

And Emma's question? "The Shi'ar have made contact with thousands of species, just like my own. Most of which have eventually gone on to eventually join. Your people do have an intense independent streak, so it will be curious to see the course this takes." Oh wait, was that question NOT for her? This spying goes both ways! But as Deathbird goes: "Her large forces are concentrated far from here, although we are happy to know her attempt at 'despoiling' Earth for the use of her allies was not successful."

Spiral's rather unusual speech, for all its twists, leaves the pale Oracle not in disagreement. Nor in apparent agony from telepathic feedback, so maybe she's keen enough not to dig around in drawers full of razorblades. "It can be a burden, having abilities of such value to others. But for the most part, we all serve, no?"


Speaking of Steve's interest in the Shi'ar cultural offerings (or beverages, at least)... When the prior song finally ends, the last soft string notes fading away, silence pervades only for a few moments before the next performance begins. While the music is still soft, made to be appreciated in the background more than consumed in full focus as a proper concert, it's fundamental alien nature is likely to make it stand out to the human audience, all the same.

A row of Shi'ar singers, in long feather-covered robes and with elaborate decorations built into their head-crests, begin singing in an ethereal, multi-part and layered melody. The performance is airy and obscure, hardly intrusive and yet... there are elements of the sound which must simply sound different to human ears than to the Shi'ar. At points, they seem in harmony, and yet at others they drift apart, finding the shape of chords unknown (or at least, avoided) in human music. Threre is really no other word for it, but 'alien.'

As for food and drinks? They have those too! And in this case, while there are off-world offerings, a greater care has been taken to guarantee anything that is offered has been thoroughly tested for biological compatability. So in theory, it's all edible! Try a krz'x cake? A tall flute-glass of slir, anyone?

"Do try the slir," Jean insists to Steve, grinning.


On the diplomatic front, one of the Shi'ar appears beside Steve and Diana. He is not one that they know. In fact, he's not Shi'ar, species-wise, and thus presumably another member of the Guard, although not one who has ever appeared in any of the battles. Not in person. AND HE'S GREEN.

"If you pardon my intrusion. The two of you are both important war-leaders, cultural heroes, and political intermediaries of your planet. Particularly 'Captain Rogers,'" and the name is repeated with a certain odd formality, "in regards to the United States of America and its representatives, as represented here by Mister Ross, and generally by President Luthor. And Diana of Themyscira, you are a more... global figure, despite ties to your own cultural-political group. I am curious of your analysis of the disruption outside this facility, vis-a-vis the views of the President, who has a notable history of relations with extra-terrestrials, and other major influential figures."

He really does speak strangely, fast but monotone.

Jean Grey has posed:
And finally, att the receiving line:

Vril Rokk is famous, yeah! Well, probably not on Earth. But this random Earth lady knowing who he is? Or just pretending? Maybe she's one of those alien abduction enthusiasts. Whatever it is, it works for him! But he's not a bad dude. "Hey there, fella, didn't mean to blow up your spot. Just saying hello. Peace between all species and worlds, you know? But this dame's a real knockout, I'll tell you. Maybe she wants bigger things. Maybe she wants to see the universe. Would you say no to that?" It seems plausible some of these Guardsmen learned English in... other decades.

"You wanna blow this place, doll? See the stars?" What is even happening.

Emma Frost has posed:
It's always a pain to sort through the thoughts of Spiral. For Emma, it's like the woman is having to sort herself out to be conscious enough on one plane of existence to put out a reply then and sorting her mind out to parse it. It makes for Emma having rather reinforced mental shielding and bracing just in case something does happen. But, on this event at least there's no historionics, and no showings of Spiral's.. Infamous employer, current or not.

Emma picks up the tempos that the Shi'Ar are talking to one another in much the same way that the cadre of Xavier's are, and she muses <<A rather nice trick.>> That's sent over in light joviality over and she goes to passively watch the crowd. who is reacting, who is maneuvering.. Is Oracle checking in? Tasking orders? Or maneuvering through things? Always best to keep an eye on just what exactly your opposite number is doing. And then Oracle goes to say that someone wants to talk to Franklin.. Oh, this is going to be interesting.

"So, Deathbird's still about and for now no one can pin her down. A shame. I suppose there's a bit of a long line for each one that wants a piece of her, however." Earth will have to go rather far down the block for it. But still.. Emma goes to remind herself that this is a social event - lodging a complaint with the Shi'Ar that they were sloppy enough to let Deathbird dump Brood en masse on Earth can come later.

Speaking back and forth to the group, then her attention is over to Logan and Steve.. And then to the song that's starting up. The entertainment is rather lovely to take in on. And then Emma goes to glance over the food for a moment. Just in case something along the tray is attempting to crawl off and make a getaway from it. She doesn't like ehr food -that- fast, after all. Well done.. Well, perhaps. But still, time to enjoy herself.

Desmond mac Morna has posed:
The absurdly attractive woman offers Vril a laugh that could make a Catholic priest reconsider his vows. In fact, something about seems, frankly, a little unnaturally appealing, really. She waves hand at the alien, fetching even in that expression of denial. Her accent is a soft, archaic Irish lilt, "I'm afraid I'm otherwise engaged for the rest of the evening. But come sunrise, we can definitely talk....." With a practiced motion, she reaches into her clutch, withdrawing what looks like a small enameled metal simulacrum of a leaf. "My contact information, should you wish to talk about our future endeavors on the morrow?" The device is held out to Vril on one slim hand, a pleasant smile on her face.

The short fat man watches this interaction with growing perturbation. His eyes flash to Desmond. "Aoife will hear of this. We had a deal!" Desmond, for his part, raises both hands, palms towards the much smaller man in the universal sign of peace. "Doctor, you're making a scene. Rest assured, the Lady Maeve will be at your side, per the agreement." He pauses, adding with something that sounds vaguely like annoyance, "As will I."

Dr. San Angelo, alas, seems to lack social graces, and his voice raises to a volume loud enough to be overheard nearby. "You're cheating me! You and your little whore!" And, at that, Desmond's teeth click shut, the polite smile you see on a cop or a diplomat fading to a thin line. "Okay. That's enough, Doctor." Several people in the immediate area take interest in the scene.

Diana Prince has posed:
A polite smile was offered to VP Ross as he separated from Diana. The Princess turned and continued on her progress through the mingling attendees this evening. Her dark blue cloak sweeps gently around her tall body as she walks, the glimpses of her armor beneath visible now and then as the lapels of the cloak open up enough here and there as she moves. She ends up stopping again near to Captain Rogers, about to speak to her good friend in Steve... when the green-skinned connoisseur of words appears to address them both.

A light smile touches Diana's lips then, as she exchanges a look with Steve, before regarding him again. To the green skinned individual, Diana bows her head just once. "The situation outside is quite good, all things considered... The people of this world take a long time to come around to change, but the change always continues onward, no matter what. They will become more and more comfortable with change, so long as their personal needs are met, cared for, and safety is preserved. Everyone on this planet wants simply to live the best life they possibly can, and unless the change threatens that desire... things will be okay." She states, not attempting to be as flowery with her words in this moment, electing to instead just simply speak on a casual bend.

Diana is about to speak again when she notices Logan out of the corner of her eyes. She does a slight double-take at his face, seemingly recognizing him. Ultimately though, she looks back to the green man and speaks further.

"President Luthor will be advised by the best he has surrounded himself with. I an comfident he will make good choices, and continue to aid all of this further. It is our duty to help make this easier, wherever we see chances to help."

Steve Rogers has posed:
The nod that Steve Rogers gives to Wonder Woman's words seems to convey his agreement. "It can take people awhile to get used to the world changing around them. And out interaction with other species from elsewhere in the galaxy is a degree of change beyond what most people are used to experiencing," Steve says, building on what Diana had said.

"But we look forward to having peaceful and prosper relations with others. That's something that I hope everyone has in common, regardless of what planet they inhabit," he tells the green-skinned being before looking over to Diana to give her a soft smile of greeting. "Diana, I know how much you were involved in making this happen. A job very well done, all around," he comments to her.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan doesn't have much of a global reputation. At least, not in a way that would be known outside of very specific circles. When the Shi'ar starts talking, he politely takes a step away and presses two fingers to his ear with a thoughtful but implacable expression on his face.

As Steve recounts the experience, he grows silent. There's not a great deal of recollection on his features. Like most of his memories, it is an island in a blurry and unknowable sea. He wouldn't even know when it was from if it weren't a pop-culture event.

When Diana looks at him, he's alert enough to note the look on her face. He returns it with a blank expression. Of course, he knows who Wonder Woman is. There are few people on the planet who don't. But he's not a household name.

Then again, he's unusual looking.

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin directs a smile towards Spiral, his eyes expressing his confidence in her acting abilities. "You're doing great, Just remember to stay calm." He offers her words of encouragement, hoping to ease any tension she might be feeling in a situation like this.

Turning his attention back to the Oracle, Franklin listens intently as she mentions that someone wants to meet him. He's genuinely surprised by the request, as he tends to keep a low profile. Nevertheless, he nods in agreement, showing his willingness to meet this individual.

As the powerful presence approaches, Franklin feels a mixture of awe and curiosity. He's no stranger to encountering extraordinary beings, but this one seems particularly significant. He glances at Spiral, silently indicating that they should tread carefully in this interaction.

Facing the Oracle once more, Franklin extends his hand with a warm smile. "I'm ready to meet your friend. Lead the way." He trusts the Oracle's judgment and looks forward to this intriguing encounter.

Spiral has posed:
The Oracle's offered comment, of how all must serve, strikes a nerve in Spiral. It's a deft and poignant comment, and causes her drink-holding-hand to make its contents tip precariously towards the rim. Another hand comes in to save the day, and her footwear. Her glass is rebalanced and Spiral's chin lifts, her gaze peering towards the pale figure as she's already moved onto another matter. The banished henchwoman takes a longer sip of her drink.

There's some real urges to become a living fidget spinner here. Taking a cue from whatever Franklin is sensing with his own bag of tricks, she buttons her lip and folds her arms. She's ready to cool her heels or accompany Franklin if he wants company.

Jean Grey has posed:
"Far out."

Vril Rokk seems happy with the token he receives, and unbothered by t he idea of waiting around. "I got a business thing I gotta do anyway, babe." He makes his way back toward the main group of Shi'ar.


"The war between Lilandra and her brother exposed various fractures in the Guard, and elsewhere," Oracle tells Emma. "So yes, there is division, and Deathbird is stronger, now, than she might once have any right to be. Some of this, in a way, is your fault." A quick pause here, and a smile, allows her to refine that meaning: "Not you personally, of course. And not without our part in it. Still, a lingering thread. You see, she has a pet. One of... well, one of _you_. A human-variant, mutant, homo superior." Why this gossip is being delivered to Emma, and not via some more formal connection is anyone's guess. But there is such a thing as back-channel diplomacy. Why not just have the two frienemy psychics have a chat?

"I believe they will be announcing it shortly, but if any of you or your colleagues wish to explore the matter, certain allowances have been agreed to." Then she looks over toward Franklin, and starts to move off. "Just this way. Although we could just as easily do all of it," and she gestures at her temple, "'up here.'"


The strange man listens to both Diana and Steve for the full length of their answers. "Thank you for thoughtful and detailed personal analysis." And... then he leaves. That was a lot easier than the question part.

His departure, however, coincides with a discussion on the other side of the room. So when Oracle has led Franklin off from Emma (Spiral... can do what Spiral wants to do!), it is right into the path of the strange green-skinned alien. "This is Mentor. Another Guardmember and our team hyperintellect." Well, there's a term. "He is aware of your work and curious about discussing it. I suspect it might require more time than the present circumstances make comfortable, but arrangements can be made, if you would like."


Things continue apace, for some time. There are more interviews by news figures. It's only through the Vice President's secret service communications, which reach Steve, that anyone here would be aware of the situation beyond the room being anything but tranquil. All day, they've beem monitoring the crowds, and watching for other threats. And for a brief moment, there's an alert code. Radio communication goes back and forth. But they do not move the VP. "Incident on northern perimeter, but compound remains secure. Remain in place."

Right now, the building they're in is probably the safest in the world. For all they know, Superman is up there watching. The Shi'ar don't brag about it, for the sake of upsetting anyone, but Gladiator definitely is.

The only other sign of the incident comes as someone comes up behind Logan. Weirdly, and we emphasise because this is LOGAN, he doesn't notice that he's crept up on.

"Psst. Need you downstairs." The man who appears behind him is also wearing a suit. He also... does not look like the sort of person who normally wears a suit. Partly, this is because he is an alien. But also, because he's a very... shaggy looking alien. There's an odd resemblence between these two. He crooks a claw back over his shoulder, toward a service entrance.

Jean, off wherever she is, thinks back: "Go."