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Suicide Squad: The Plot to Kill THANOS!
Date of Scene: 26 October 2023
Location: Suicide Squad HQ!
Synopsis: Having defeated the Harbingers from Outer Space, Wade and his teammates launch their next plan!
Cast of Characters: Wade Wilson, Harley Quinn, Jennifer Stavros, Melissa Gold, Felicia Hardy

Wade Wilson has posed:
    In the depths of the former Rutherford B. Hayes Middle School in Southeast Jersey a slideshow glowed in the dark of what had once been a classroom and only now was instead a crisis center for a crack fighting force. The steady yellow light of the Kodak Carousel 4400 cast all the rest of the room in deep shadow, hiding the faces of those in attendance while illuminating the pale white canvas of the pull down movie screen. A small wisp of smoke was seen wending its way upwards from just off the side of the framed illuminated space and the scent of burning cheap tobacco was strong in the room even though nobody there actually smoked. That often.
    There was a metallic 'KA-CHuNK!' as the first slide slid into view. "This, is the target."
    An image of a goateed Josh Brolin appears, standing on a red carpet, smiling toward the camera with those smouldering good looks. But in that way of his that calmly bespeaks of a man who has had enough of you, world.
    "International Superstar. Famed actor. Ranked #17 in Teenbeat's hottest men of the late 1800s. Timeless. Ageless. Who even in his early career looked like he was only thirty days from retirement. But there is a darker side to Joshy boy."
    Another *CLICK* and a second photo comes into view with a metal KAChUNK from the carousel. This time of a man standing in a leisure suit on a beach. Four men in black and white uniforms standing around him, one trying to shield him with the lapel of his coat and holding out a hand as if trying to block the photographer from taking a picture. If one were to perhaps squint, it _could_ be Josh Brolin, but the image is too hurried and blurred to be sure.
    "In this photo, Josh Brolin's security guards quickly protect their charge and then swiftly execute the reporter. Execution of reporter not shown." That is when a silhouette stands up, hands behind its back, red and black masked facial features in screen.
    "It has come to my attention that the target leads a secret life, and over the course of these last six weeks has been on a tremendous shopping spree, using his considerable wealth to buy up relics and items of power. These items can represent a considerable threat to the status quo and are our main objective. We have no other photos. Little data. And even headquarters is dragging its feet on realizing the Josh Brolin connection. So we must operate solely on the one piece of good data we have. A time. And a place. Two pieces of good data. Two."
    There's another /KACHuNK!/ and an image flickers up on screen of a brick building storefront with large painted letters across its side and a sign that declares proudly, 'Brady District.' A wooden baton slaps against the screen as Wade points toward the front door. "The Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa Oklahoma. And the 4th of November."

Harley Quinn has posed:
A loud pop of a bubble gum is heard when Wade is done with his presentation. Harley's gum of course. It's also Harley's feet up on the table as well. And the clownette herself dressed right out of a Korean drama with a school uniform that would probably make many boys bleed out of their noses. As it stands she's mostly just frowning.

"Awhe we suwah this is a sanctioned op?" she looks around the group. "I mean, isn't that guy just some actor? Have you been going down some youtube rabbit hole and listenin' to all the conspiracy theories abound?!"

Because if he did she will just have to get her tinfoil hat for this!

"Also, I wondah if I can get him to sign up an autograph..."

Jennifer Stavros has posed:
That authentic classroom smell gags Jennifer. I mean hasn't Wade heard of Zoom meetings? She impatiently crosses her legs exposing a pink knee stretched against the slit in her denim maxi skirt and flips back her shoulder-length blonde hair which tangles in her fashionable hoop earrings. It's all cover because who would suspect some rich college kid of committing crimes or whatever they are doing- especially with smoky purple eyes. Right?

The next flash of light earns a groan from her. "Not the booonies again! Are we anthropologists? Come on!. Seriously? And who is this dude?"

Melissa Gold has posed:
Melissa is sitting at one of the tables in the old plastic chairs that came with the school. She's dressed casually in a pair of jeans with sneakers, and a simple blue hoodie over her t-shirt. She is slumped down in her seat, feet stretched out beneath the table and legs crossed at the ankles. As Wade wraps up the presentation, she has to take a moment. She pinches the bridge of her nose. Applies a little extra pressure. Counts to ten. Then twenty. Then gives up and puts both her hands over her face as she draws in a slow breath. Thirty.

Obviously counting wasn't going to work.

"Wade, when you came to me with this, you said it was a world level threat." She pointed at the slide being displayed on the screen, even though it didn't show their alleged suspect. "Josh Brolin is not a world level threat. At least not by what you just showed us."

She glanced over to Harley and shook her head negatively about this being a sanctioned op. Then she looked back to Wade. "We're gonna need more than this before we can act. Otherwise, we'll just all end up in Belle Reve with no chance to work off sentences."

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia is many things but foremost among them, a thief. Right up near the top, possibly a film buff. She looks over the rims of her stylish and totally unnecessary glasses at the screen pulled down for them. "What? You make it sound like he's some kind of time-travelling crime lord pulling off a tremendously exciting heist under your noses." A curl of snow-white hair around her finger comes as relaxed, even as she sounds perpetually amused by this whole business.
    She watches Harley from the corner of her eye ponder about autographs, and then huffs out a laugh into the creaky school. She didn't attend a school like this in her life, and it shows with the idle fascination to the desks welded in pieces or the ensembles of weird technology that was out of date a few decades ago. "We'll want receipts at least. To edit later, or to sell to TMZ. I'm sure they would be delighted for this quality scoop."
    She's with the program, of course. Mostly out of sheer entertainment value.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    "It's sanctioned, Harley! Gawl!" Wade's voice is heard from that silhouette as he then makes with the lights and slaps the switch up and suddenly the room is illuminated. He starts to walk around the room then, his shoes squeaking on the tile floor as he hands out the manila folders with the actual assignment which as people begin to dig into it can likely find not a single mention of a Josh Brolin anywhere. Though in the one photo of the target, he has been code-named 'Thanatos', there is a certain... way one could perhaps squint at the photo and see a man who looks a bit... /like/ Josh Brolin.
    Yet if the team is good at perusing the file quickly, they'll see that indeed there are marks and insight about a figure in the underworld who has been making well-funded purchases of supposed items that could be considered dangerous in the wrong or mystically gifted hands. Several pages of a study on possible future acquisitions are included, but also a detailing of the operatives that other agencies have come into contact with. There is a 'there' there. But Wade has perhaps... misinterpreted.
    "And learning that Josh Brolin is an international crimelord certainly upended my world, MEL." He finishes distributing the files, even as Skullface grumbles and takes his copy, not even bothering to open it up.
    Wade sits then on the edge of Roulette's desk and says, "Okay, I might be wrong. BUT, our marching orders would be to acquire something that we can use to gain access to a private selling session. Something this Josh Brolin guy totally wants to buy. Something with story to it, something with possibilities! We get a thing, we meet his peoples, they vet our thingy. Bingo-bango-bongo, we go in there and steal all the stuffs."
    He gives a nod toward Felicia. "That's the spirit. See. I can count on Cat."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley makes her best narrator Morgan Freeman voice, "Turns out, it wasn't sanctioned." she rasps with a slow shake of her head. Disbelieving all Wade is telling them! She flicks some hair out of her face, then squints at the pics inside the folders before listening to Wade's 'plan'.

"Ooooh, I like where this is goin!" She says excitedly, "We gonna steal something reaaaaal important to call the attention of this Thanatos guy and then set a trap?" she grins, "Maybe some invaluable Themysciran artifact. I am sure Didi would love to be involved." she states with an eager tone to it, "I mean, she's sort of a honorary suicide squad member now anyways!"

Yea, she is starting to visualize this plan already! Nothing could go wrong.

Jennifer Stavros has posed:
Scowling at the open file in front of her, Jennifer glances to Harley and Melissa, then turns her frown on Wade who reminds her of the home room teacher from Hell. Head down, still focused on the file, she twirls a lock of blonde hair around one finger, muttering, "Sounds like you need a magician or some luck. Or both." She grimaces at Wade who she'd like to push to the floor if it didn't require touching him.

"So like what? Harry Potter's wand or a Buffy's book of spells? Or," a slow smile crosses her lips as she nods to Harley, "Maybe our fave Didi would lend us her whip or something."

Melissa Gold has posed:
"I mean they are considering if it is approvable," Melissa corrected as the folders were passed out. There was actual credible seeming information in there, though she'd be confirming with Rick Flag at the very least. Before they went too far down this particular rabbit hole. Yet, it seemed to be valid info.

She carefully scanned each page, figuring she would do the deep dive later when she had the time. "So we need a way into a private auction. Then go in and either buy or steal the item in question?" She wanted to make sure she had this right.

"Sounds to me like we send in a couple of people undercover to the sale and let Felicia just do her thing while we keep everyone occupied. At a glance at least."

Felicia Hardy has posed:
     Maybe taking Wade at face value isn't the smartest move, but that makes the more interesting move altogether. He produced a slideshow for them and who goes to that level of effort without having a fantastic game plan? Felicia crosses her arms, sounding more than a little amused as she breaks into a rich laugh that ripples across the room. She will go through the file in time, but paying attention to the other members of this posse of prowess matters more first.
    "A private selling session? Say no more. That's rather straightforward. Something he wants to buy? Look at his previous purchases to see what he goes for. Is it art? Signed 1940s baseball cards, supercars, orange plants grown in one spot in the Amazon that takes three weeks to trek to?" These questions linger in the air while she hooks her heel around the metal leg of the chair that currently has the fortune of hosting her. "Once we get a decent idea of his peccadillos, baiting him shouldn't be too hard. I have some contacts."
    Code name Thanatos, meet the mortal Hermes. Mercury. Long as there's no Apollo around, all is well. "See, the whip would be too obvious I think. Most people like this don't want something that comes attached to Diana's ever so lovely and very accurate arm. Eventually attached to it. Are we committed to hunting down magical relics? I know of a couple though I'm not going to say if they *are* magical relics from an ancient time or not. I'm sure you would be just the people to go find them. Teamwork makes the dream work!"
    Aww, Melissa offered theft. It's love at first offer.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Wade flares his hands, "Something cool, something neato. Doesn't have to be mystical, the dude's on record trying to buy some StarkTech stuff too." He leeeeans back across the desk in front of Roulette, affecting a beautiful siren's sprawl over it as he bats his white eyelets at the blond.
    Then promptly falls over onto the floor with a thud.
    Only to _hop_ back up to his feet, bouncing in place as if nothing had happened. "But I dunno! I mean we have people here with some pull. Maybe Songbirdy can get us a cool luchador mask. Or Cat, think you could hook us up with some of Spider-Man's 'fluid'. Huh? Huh? Some of his fluid? His 'web' fluid? Huh?" This time his mask is doing something else, like he's... trying to wink?
    He then hops over onto the top of one of those desks, boots thumping on the particle board desktop. Standing on it he points at Mel, "I was thinking more like. We steal the whole kit and kaboodle! And if we catch the guy, and it turns out to be Josh Brolin, we kill two birds with one stone. No more skybeams, no more universe crossovers. Just peace and love and killing ourselves for the Military Industrial Complex."
    "Diana with a whip..." Of course then he's distracted as his head tilts back while standing on the desk, the image of Diana with a whip in hand causing his eyes to close and the gurgling sound of Homer Simpson desiring a donut can be heard from him ever so faintly.
    "So anyways!" He hops down with a thump.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Right when Wade is trying to wink and be all creepy towards Felicia he gets what he deserves. And that is a heavy book that *THUMPS* right on his head to take his mind out of the gutter. "Yo, behave. Or the collar goes on again." she threatens him. Or is it a tease? Who knows where those two are concerned?!

"Well, I already gave my two cents about this whole shindig. So when you guys get a plan just let me know." She takes her feet off the table and starts getting up to her feet with a big ol' stretch.

Jennifer Stavros has posed:
Jennifer doesn't move a muscle except to hide her smile when Wade hits the tiles, grey with the grunge of a million bored students. Eyes narrowed she watches the wheels turn behind Felicia's beautiful face.

"Fine with me if she steals it all. I just want some cash. These government stipends suck big time. You all steal or sneak or whatever and I will grease the wheels. And just ewwww, Wade. Gnarly gross, ewww."

Melissa Gold has posed:
"I'm pretty sure that Diana would be against assisting us to steal things," Melissa points out gently toward Harley, since she seems to think that Diana is now a member of their squad. Which it would be awesome if she was but she was all morally upstanding and stuff. A total downer for a Squad such as this.

"We'll read up a bit more, wait for the word from Flag or Waller that this is a definitely go on that date. We'll meet again and see if we can hammer out some more details. I still think Felicia is our best bet, probably should take lead on all the infiltration details. The backup being the people on the inside as a just-in-case everything goes to shit." WHo is she kidding. This isn't an if situation. This is a when with their team.

Though if they still get the job done despite the shit-storm, it was a win in her book. As long as everyone kept their heads.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
     Felicia goes quiet after proposing her idea, happy to listen instead of robbing everyone of the oxygen in the room. Her smile curls, lazy and happy to hear the ideas spread out like cards in front of a magician. She winks at Jennifer. "Oh, I won't complain about that, if you want me to sneak through. I wouldn't mind if you want to make things easier for us in some way."
    Her shoulders lift in a twitch, laughter hidden under her voice. "Oh, Melissa, you think beautifully."

Wade Wilson has posed:
    A Harley boot /thumps!/ hard into the side of Wade's head sending him tumbling into two of those desks, hitting the ground with a thud. He starts to pull himself back up to his feet, the clatter of the plastic and metal seats lending itself to the chaos in the room as several other of the team members raise their voices.
    "I don't steal stuff. I kill it." Skullface growls and casually adds another boot into Wade's ribs, sending him sprawling across the aisle a bit. "Can I sit this one out? I don't do subtle."
    Pistolero lifts a hand, "I mean, I kinda like it, but I'm with Skull. You guys gonna need me on this one?" He looks back and forth between the others.
    Deadpool _finally_ gets fully back to his feet and shoots a baleful look sidelong towards Harley before he straightens. "We gotta get something for the thing before the thing. But then the thing should be a go. So we do the first thing, before the second thing."
    He turns around one of the chairs and straddles it with his chest against the back, resting his arms on it and looking between the others. "So yeah."

Jennifer Stavros has posed:
Jennifer's hidden smile blooms like a flower in spring or the lucky token winking black between her fingers as Wade receives several deserved thumps from different quarters. But like one of those Japanese daruma dolls he bounces back upright and the disc spins out of existence. Mildly disappointed there wasn't more mayhem, she straightens in the uncomfortable seat.

"Oh, that really sounds like a plan. Do the first thing, first before the second thing." She shoots a glance at Melissa who has never been anything but level-headed then questions Felicia with an arched eyebrow and pursed lips.

Melissa Gold has posed:
At the response from Felicia, Melissa glances her way with a shrug. "It's what makes the most sense. We all have our strengths. For some of us, that isn't burglary. Or stealth."

Which brings her attention over to Skullface and Pistolero. "I'm not going to say yes until we have more information but I will give a probably will be fine if you guys sit it out." A glance over at Vlad and Peter as well. Since Vlad didn't exactly blend and Peter, bless his lil heart, hadn't done so well on the last undercover mission.

Though really, did he do any worse than the rest of them? Something to think about.

"We'll see what happens when we plan the first thing if it is approved after the second thing." Then she blinks slowly and looks to the squad before settling her gaze on Wade. "Fuck, I'm starting to talk like you now. That's it. Unless there is something else?"

Wade Wilson has posed:
    "We got this." Wade says and then steps forward holding his gloved hand up for a high-five. "Alright everyone in. Bring it in. A little prayer. Bless this mess, Lord. Amen. Ok now Suicide Squad on three."
    He looks around, "One. Two. Three. Suicide Squa... aww c'mon guys?"

Jennifer Stavros has posed:
Jennifer unwinds herself from the desk with a moue of disbelief. "Ewwww, Wade."

Melissa Gold has posed:
Melissa sighs audibly. But then she puts her hand in to give Wade that encouragement. Even if she should just walk away. "On three. Well after three. One. Two. Three. Suicide Squad!" Which didn't sound nearly as energetic as it probably should but she tried.